Parks and landmarks[edit§

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Tsaritsyno Park§
and palace
Novodevichy onvent§ is one of the!orld "erita#e Sites§
$scension church in%olomenskoye§& a
'N(S) !orld "erita#e Site
)stankino Palace
*+riendship of Nations* fountain in$ll,-ussia (.hi/ition enter§
There are 01 parks and 23 #ardens in Moscow& includin# 4 /otanical #ardens5 There are
also 467 s8uare kilometres 92:7 s8 mi; of #reen <ones /esides 277 s8uare kilometres 9=0
s8 mi; of forests5[12] Moscow is a very #reen city& if compared to other cities of
compara/le si<e in !estern (urope and North $merica> this is partly due to a history of
havin# #reen *yards* with trees and #rass& /etween residential /uildin#s5 There are on
avera#e ?: s8uare meters 9?07 s8 ft; of parks per person in Moscow compared with 1 for
Paris§& :56 in London§ and 351 in New @ork5[1?]
Aorky Park 9officially the entral Park of ulture and -est§ named after
Aorky§;& was founded in 20?35 The main part 9130&777 s8uare meters B 2:7 acres§;[1?]
alon# the Moskva river contains estrades§& childrenCs attractions 9includin# the
)/servation !heel water ponds with /oats and water /icycles;& dancin#& tennis courts
and other sports facilities5 Dt /orders the Neskuchny Aarden§ 9473&777 s8uare meters B
272 acres;& the oldest park in Moscow and a former imperial residence& created as a result
of the inte#ration of three estates in the 23th century5 The Aarden features the Areen
Theater& one of the lar#est open amphitheaters in (urope& a/le to hold up to 26 thousand
Several parks include a section known as a *Park of ulture and -est*& sometimes
alon#side a much wilder area 9this includes parks such as D<maylovsky& +ili and
Sokolniki5 Some parks are desi#nated as +orest Parks 9lesopark;5
D<maylovsky Park§& created in 20=2& is one of the lar#est ur/an parks in the world alon#
with -ichmond Park§ in London5 Dts area of 265=4 s8uare kilometres 9650? s8 mi; is si.
times #reater than that of entral Park§ in New @ork5[1?]
Sokolniki Park§& named after the falcon§ huntin# that occurred there in the past& is one of
the oldest parks in Moscow and has an area of 1 s8uare kilometres 9?5= s8 mi;5 $ central
circle with a lar#e fountain is surrounded /y /irch& maple and elm tree alleys5 $ la/yrinth
composed of #reen paths lies /eyond the parkCs ponds5
Losiny )strov National Park§ 9*(lk Dsland* National Park;& with a total area of more than
221 s8uare kilometres 946 s8 mi;& /orders Sokolniki Park and was -ussiaCs first national
park5 Dt is 8uite wild& and is also known as the *city tai#a* E elk can /e seen there5
Tsytsin Main Fotanical Aarden of $cademy of Sciences§& founded in 2046 is the lar#est
in (urope5[14] Dt covers territory of =512 s8uare kilometres 925=0 s8 mi; /orderin# the $ll,
-ussia (.hi/ition enter and contains a live e.hi/ition of more than ?7 thousand
different species of plants from different parts of the world& as well as a la/ for scientific
research5 Dt also contains a rosarium with ?7 thousand rose /ushes& a dendrarium& and an
oak forest& with the avera#e a#e of trees e.ceedin# 277 years5 There is also a #reenhouse
takin# up more than 6777 s8uare meters of land5[1?]
The $ll,-ussian (.hi/ition enter 9GHIJKHHLMHNLM OPHQROKSTPM UITQJ;& formerly
known as the $ll,'nion $#ricultural (.hi/ition 9VS%hV; and later (.hi/ition of
$chievements of the National (conomy 9VWN%h;& thou#h officially named a *permanent
trade show*& is in fact one of the most prominent e.amples of Stalinist,era monumental
architecture5 $mon# the lar#e spans of recreational park areas are scores of ela/orate
pavilions& each representin# either a /ranch of Soviet industry and science or one of
'SS-Cs repu/lics5 (ven thou#h& durin# the 2007s& it was& and for some part still is&
misused as a #i#antic shoppin# center 9most of the pavilions are rented out for small
/usinesses;& it still retains the /ulk of its architectural landmarks& includin# two
monumental fountains 9Stone +lower and +riendship of Nations; and a =17 de#rees
panoramic cinema5
Lilac Park& founded in 2063& is known for its permanent sculpture display and a lar#e
Moscow has always /een a popular destination for tourists5 Some of the more famous
attractions include the cityCs 'N(S) !orld "erita#e Site& Moscow %remlin and -ed
S8uare&[16] which was /uilt /etween the 24th and 2:th centuries5[11] The hurch of the
$scension§ at %olomenskoye& which dates from 26=?& is also a 'N(S) !orld "erita#e
Site and another popular attraction5[1:]
Near the new Tretyakov Aallery§ there is a sculpture #arden& Museon& often called *the
#raveyard of fallen monuments§* that displays statues of the former Soviet 'nion that
were removed from their place after its dissolution5
)ther popular attractions include the Moscow Xoo§& a <oolo#ical #arden in two sections
9the valleys of two streams; linked /y a /rid#e& with nearly a thousand species and more
than 1&677 specimens5[13] (ach year& the <oo attracts more than 25? million visitors5[13]
Many of MoscowCs parks and landscaped #ardens are protected natural environments5

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