A] The importance of dei!er" for retention
#$ Get the a%t mie ri&ht
Delivery can be a pain for online retailers. They may sell great products, provide an excellent online
experience, yet the final step in the process is in the hands of third parties who don't
necessarily share the company's values.
Here, a reliable courier and close monitoring of service levels helps, but you can also keep customers
informed on the progress of their delivery, and make the process as convenient as possible.
Kiddicare's ! service is an excellent example of this. "ustomers can be kept informed of despatch
and delivery by text, and also have the option to rearrange delivery if they want to.
'$ Get the pac(a&in& ri&ht
#ot all retailers have complete control over the delivery process, but they can ensure that the packaging
has that 'wow factor', as in this example from $urberry%
&ou could also add little extras and surprises, a tactic used by 'lasses Direct. (ccording to its founder
)amie !urray *ells%
*e have always relied upon word of mouth recommendations from customers, so we add little gifts to
orders, provide a little extra service, and try to surprise and delight our customers. This is the best form
of marketing for us.
)$ Offer fa%t dei!er" option%
+etailers should never underestimate the 'want it now' mentality. ,f customers know that they will
receive goods -uickly when they order, they'll keep coming back.
*$ Set and +eat c,%tomer e-pectation%
There's something to be said for underpromising and over.delivering. /or example, )ohn 0ewis will
state that a delivery will take three or four working days but, in my experience, they fre-uently arrive
sooner then that.
.] Re&i%tration and repeat p,rcha%e%
#$ /er%onai%ation
0earn about your customers and present relevant products to them based on their preferences and
buying history.
'$ /er%,ade c,%tomer% to re&i%ter
+egistration can be a pain, but if retailers can persuade customers to register without making it a barrier
to purchase, then there are huge benefits in terms of retention.
They can track orders, receive special offers and, most importantly, repeat purchases are easier if
delivery and payment details are saved.
)$ Ea%" repeat p,rcha%e%
(ma1on2s payments are a big part of its success online, as it makes purchases incredibly
simple so encourages shoppers to keep coming back. ,n combination with next day delivery via 3rime,
it makes it almost too easy to buy from the site.
,t works by saving the customers card details and delivery address so they only have to enter a
username and password.
,t's also especially valuable on mobile as consumers don2t want to waste time trying to enter credit card
details on a smart phone.
*$ Ea%" pa%%0ord1acco,nt retrie!a
!ost web users have so many passwords that remembering them all is almost impossible. This means
that, if they haven't purchased from a site for a while, then a forgotten password can be a real barrier.
/or example, , was unable to create an account on H!4 as , had previously set one up with my email
address. This meant a long reset procedure which could have been avoided with a simple security
5r, as (ma1on does, allowing users to create a new account with that email address can skip this
2$ Retar&etin& !ia di%pa" ad%
+etargeting can be a pain for web users, but when used effectively, it is a valuable tactic for retaining
( well timed and well executed offer can be enough to tempt customers back to a website to purchase
items they were looking at.
C] C,%tomer %er!ice%
#$ Socia media c,%tomer %er!ice
5ffering great customer service via social media can help customers to avoid the pain of the call centre
-ueue, and offer a more personal touch.
/or example, $lackberry offers the personal touch by including pictures of the people 6manning2 the
'$ Impro!e emai c,%tomer %er!ice
(ccording to recent stats, email is the preferred customer service channel for 778 of consumers.
However, email customer service is often poor, or non.existent.
)$ An%0er c,%tomer ca%
"all centres are massive sources of pain for customers. ,ndeed, 798 of consumers say it's the most
frustrating customer service channel.
This can be due to poor service offered by agents :and ,'ve experienced plenty of that; but also because
it takes so long to get your call answered at times.
$rands like first direct, which often answers calls instantly, and normally within a minute, have a clear
advantage over competitors <ust because they avoid pissing customers off by making them wait.
*$ Offer free and ea%" ret,rn%
5ffering free and convenient returns is a great way to persuade first.time customers to buy, but is also a
great retention tactic.
,f customers know they can return items easily if they change their minds, they are more likely to come
back again. 5n the flipside, charging for returns
(ccording to "raig (dkins of =appos%
5ur best customers have the highest returns rates,but they are also the ones that spend the most money
with us and are our most profitable customers. =appos' modus operandi is not to give its purchasers the
cheapest footwear on the block, but to give them the best service% hence, a >? returns policy, and
free two.way shipping.
5n the flipside, charging for returns, though retailers have costs to cover, can deter customers from
returning to a website. The co%t of the ret,rn need% to +e 0ei&hed a&ain%t the ri%( of o%in& repeat
DA Bmail marketing
#$ Offer acce%%orie% for pre!io,% p,rcha%e
This is a useful tactic for post.purchase emails. ,f customers have bought an i3ad, why not offer them
relevant accessories, covers etcC
'$ /o%t4p,rcha%e emai%
,f a customer has <ust made their first purchase, this is a good time to follow up with a welcome email
and some up and cross sell suggestions.
)$ .irthda" 1 e!ent emai%
Bmails triggered by specific events, such as a customer's birthday, abandoned checkouts etc can be a
very effective retention tactic. "heck out these stats from Bmail !arketing +eports.
*$ Reminder emai%
,f a customer hasn't made a purchase for a while, then a gentle nudge may be enough to tempt them
back. ,t also helps to sweeten the email with a discount.
E] Re0ard%
#$ Re0ard "o,r mo%t !a,a+e c,%tomer%
(t last year's )D!3, #BT.(.35+TB+ head of marketing #eil $ridgeman talked about the attention it
gives to its most valuable customers, it's B,3 :extremely important people;.
These B,3s Erepresent an inordinate amount of revenueF, and as such they2re very well taken care of.
Here2s how%
• 5rders from B,3s are picked, packed and despatched first.
• They are assigned personal shoppers and invited into the 0ondon office for wardrobe
• They get first choice of new products :some of which are very limited;.
• They receive personalised look books and see exclusive previews and presentations.
• B,3s have personal shoppers.
• B,3s have products bought specifically for them by the buying team.
'$ Offer re0ard% for o"at"
, was pleasantly surprised to receive a text from 5G recently, offering me a free gift for being a
customer for four years. ,t was a HI@ voucher :no strings attached; for the retailers mentioned.
#ot a massive amount, but a nice gesture nevertheless.
)$ Refer a friend for &ift !o,cher% 1 mone" off
This is a common tactic for financial sites. /or example, first direct will credit your account with HIJJ
for every friend you refer.
#aked *ines uses a similar tactic, offering a H7J voucher for friends, and crediting customers'
accounts for their efforts.
5ffer exclusive deals for social followers
0uxury site 'ilt 'roupe has been offering exclusive sales to /acebook fans. This gives
people a real reason to keep coming back, and to use the brand's /acebook store.
K tart with a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.
K 'et ranked at the top in ma<or search engines, and practice good earch 5ptimi1ation Techni-ues.
K 0earn to use Bmail !arketing Bffectively.
K Dominate your marketing niche with affiliate, reseller, and associate programs.
K +e-uest an analysis from an ,nternet marketing coach or ,nternet marketing consultant.
K $uild a responsive email list.
K 3ublish articles or get listed in news stories.
K *rite and publish online press releases.
K /acilitate and run contests and giveaways via your web site.
K $log and interact with your visitors.
Director" Ad!erti%in&
5ne of the distinguishing characteristics of directory advertising is that the publication usually contains
emergency and public service information relative to the community it is distributed in. ,n most cases,
the local phone company takes the responsibility of producing and distributing the directories on an
annual basis. The company's sales representatives solicit local and regional businesses to take out or
renew display ads and basic listings.
6irt,a ma%
,nternet site that mimics a department store or shopping center, enabling customers to access a variety
of retailers using a shared site or site linksL also called on.line mall. *hereas physical shopping malls
reduce the travel and parking time re-uired to visit different stores, virtual malls may reduce the time
needed to search for various goods and establish multiple payment accounts. ,n some cases, there is a
shared shopping cart, a single payment transaction, and centrali1ed customer service provided by the
mall host. The concept of a virtual mall is in transition, with many variations being tested, from fully
integrated sites as already described to completely independent sites only offering links to other sites.
!any retailers prefer independent sites in order to control their brand image and the -uality of the
customer relationship. See also on.line catalog.
Search En&ine Optimi7ation 8SEO$
B5 stands for Esearch engine optimi1ation.F ,t is the process of getting traffic from the Efree,F
Eorganic,F EeditorialF or EnaturalF listings on search engines. (ll ma<or search engines such as 'oogle,
&ahoo and $ing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings
are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. 3ayment isn2t
involved, as it is with paid search ads.
/eatures of eo
I. SEO A,dit Score M there is no room for beginner.level softwareL you need an B5 (udit
score which measures the B5 health of a page (#D the entire B5 program. This is critical
pathL you must ensure your platform and your vendor provide a legitimate and authentic B5
(udit core.
G. Internationa Capa+iit" M support for ,nternational search engines including non.D market
leaders such as $aidu, +ambler, &andex, (D! and #aver are critical path for a successful
B5 program at an enterprise level.
>. Scaa+iit" M you must have transparency into the full B5 lifecycle such as planning,
execution and tracking. This is where a lot of platforms fall shortL centrali1ed planning,
execution and tracking are critical path.
7. Cient Referra% M talk to several of the vendor2s clients. D, demos may in fact appear to
work wellL however, they can also break down -uickly in practice. D, and custom
dashboard capabilities must have a robust configuration screen. (void platforms with
multiple.step process for setting up a dashboard. 0ook for a platform dashboard which can be
far easier configured with drag and drop capabilities.
@. .e"ond Reportin& M a reporting solution with some ability to audit pages and make
recommendations is not ade-uate. Having several reports running ad.hoc such as page audits,
rank checking, competitive comparisons and link analysis is a must. (dditionally, focusing on
weekly reporting will not suffice.
?. E-ec,tion of SEO M the ability to help you execute on your B5 strategy includes !obile,
0ocal and ocial. This is probably the single, most important feature you need. &ou must have
a platform to help you execute on the complete B5 life cycle. !obile, 0ocal and ocial have
become huge working parts of the B5 life cycle.
N. 6i%ion and Opport,nit" Foreca%tin& M be aligned with the future of the industry.
5pportunity forecasting includes the feasibility of how easy or difficult will it be to actually
go after your top terms. Tip9 generali1ing "T+ 8 overstates opportunity, presenting a good
concept, but impractical in reality.
9. :e"0ord Di%co!er" with landing page mapping M looking at competitive terms without the
ability to monitor and track social input or to help you map keywords to the best targeted
landing page will leave you hanging dry. The result is a very manual and time.consuming
process. &ou must have keyword discovery with landing page mapping capabilities and be
able to include social influence.
O. Trac(in& Chan&e% M it is extremely important to track and identify known :and unknown;
page changes that were made which may negatively impact your B5 program. Tracking
changes is another that will save you enormous amounts of time and allow you to
catch things you would otherwise miss.
IJ. /a&e Le!e Competiti!e Ana"%i% M the ability to see at the page level, a
comparison of where your competitive pages are better optimi1ed vs. your targeted landing
page for a given keyword is super important and extremely valuable
Seo Too% ; techni<,e
#3 Tite Ta&
#ear the very top of a web site2s source code you2ll find various meta tags P the standard ones being
the Title, Description and Keyword tags. The title tag is technically not a meta tag, though it is
commonly associated with them. The title tag plays such a large role in the indexing of your web site,
that it is considered the most important of the three.
( page title is the first thing a search engine will look at when determining <ust what the particular page
is about. ,t is also the first thing potential visitors will see when looking at your search engine listing.
,t2s important to include a keyword or two in the title tag P but don2t go overboard M you don2t want to
do what2s known as Ekeyword stuffingF which does nothing but make your web site look like spam.
!ost people will include either the company name, or title of the particular page here, as well.
'3 Meta Ta&%
There are two primary meta tags in terms of B5 P the description and the keyword tag. ,t2s debatable
whether the search engines use the description tag as far as ranking your results. However it is
one of the more important tags because it is listed in your search result P it is what users read
when your link comes up and what makes them decide whether or not to click on your link.
$e sure to include a few relevant keywords in this tag, but don2t stuff it with keywords either. The
description tag should read like a sentence P not a keyword list.
Due to Ekeyword stuffingF many search engines now completely disregard the keyword tag. ,t is no
longer nearly as important as it was years ago, however it doesn2t hurt to include them in your source
*hen creating your keyword list, you2ll want to think of the specific terms people will type in when
searching for a site like yours. )ust don2t go overboard P too many duplicates are not a good thing :as
in Eweb designerF Eweb designersF Ecustom web designerF Ehtml web designerF Eyour state here web
designerF M you get the idea;. Those are all basically the same, so pick one or two variations at the most
and move onto the next keyword.
)3 /roper U%e of =eadin& Ta&%
This is a very important element to consider when writing out your site copy. Dse of heading tags helps
users, web browsers and search engines alike know where the ma<or key points of your copy are.
&our main page title should use the QhIR tag P this shows what your page is about. Dse of additional
tags, such as QhGR and Qh>R are e-ually important by helping to break down your copy. /or one, you2ll
see a visual break in the text. $ut as far as the search engines are concerned, it will automatically know
what your topics are on a page. The various heading tags give a priority to the content and help index
your site properly.
*3 At Attri+,te% on Ima&e%
3utting alt attributes on your images actually serves two purposes. ,n terms of B5, putting a brief yet
descriptive alt attribute along with your image, places additional relevant text to your source
code that the search engines can see when indexing your site. The more relevant text on your
page the better chance you have of achieving higher search engine rankings.
,n addition, including image alt attributes help the visually impaired who access web sites using a
screen reader. They can2t see the image, but with a descriptive alt attribute, they will be able to know
what your image is.
23 Tite Attri+,te% on Lin(%
,ncluding title attributes on links is another important step that any good web site will have. That2s the
little Etool tipF that pops up when you place your mouse over a link. These are especially important for
image links, but e-ually useful for text links.
(s a note, you should use descriptive text for your links. E"lick hereF doesn2t really tell a person M or
more importantly, the search engines P what the link is. (t the very least put a title tag that will
explain that E"lick HereF really means E*eb Design 3ortfolioF for example. $etter yet M make the
main link text something like E4iew my web design portfolioF P this will give some value to the link
showing that the resulting page is relevant to searches for portfolio2s.
>3 ?ML Sitemap
!y last post referenced the sitemaps used by web visitors to help them navigate through your site
themselves. However, there2s another version P S!0 sitemaps P that are used by the search engines
in order to index through your site, as well.
This list of (00 pages T posts T etc. of your site also includes information such as the date the page was
last modified, as well as a priority number of what you feel the most important pages of your sites are.
(ll elements that help the search engines properly find and link to all content of your site.
@3 Ree!ant Content
Having content relevant to your main page or site topic is perhaps the most important B5 aspect of a
page. &ou can put all the keywords you want in the meta tags and alt image tags, etc P but if the
actual readable text on the page is not relevant to the target keywords, it ends up basically being a futile
*hile it is important to include as many keywords in your page copy as possible, it is e-ually as
important for it to read well and make sense. ,2m sure we2ve all seen keyword stuffed pages written by
B5 companies that honestly don2t make much sense from the reader2s point of view.
*hen creating your site copy, <ust write naturally, explaining whatever information you2re discussing.
The key is to make it relevant, and to have it make sense to the reader. Bven if you trick the search
engines into thinking your page is great P when a potential customer arrives at the site and can2t make
heads or tails of your information and it <ust feels spammy to them P you can bet they2ll be clicking
on the next web site within a matter of seconds.
A3 Lin( .,idin&
*e2ve probably all heard of 'oogle 3age +ank P it seems to be every web site owner2s dream to have
as high a page rank as possible. *hile the algorithm for determining page rank encompasses many
elements, and is constantly changing, one item is the number of links pointing to your web site.
#ow, you2ll want to steer clear of link farms and other spammy attempts at getting links to your site.
However there are many reputable and niche directory sites that you can use to submit your web site, or
specific blog articles to.
*ith genuine content P especially if you have a blog P you2ll be able to generate links with other
web sites and blogs, as well. ,t2s somewhat of a give and take, in that if you link out to other sites,
you2ll find sites linking back to you P and hopefully see your page rank going up, as wellU
B3 Socia Media
(lthough technically not B5, ocial !edia is such a growing factor in getting your web site noticed,
that it2s an important element to include in your plan.
ocial media ranges from social networks like Twitter, /acebook and 0inked,n P to social
bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg, tumbleDpon and many more. There is a lot of relationship
building involved, but as you build your own networks and build -uality content on your web site or
blog, you2ll see traffic to your web site increasing, as well.
(s with any relationship, it is a give and take. Don2t <ust expect to <oin a site like Twitter for the pure
sake of pushing your content. That <ust won2t fly P your true intentions will stick out like a sore thumb
and do nothing but turn people off.
Bven if you are on the site purely for networking reasons, the key is to make friends. Help out members
of your network if they ask for a EretweetF or Digg, give helpful advice if asked, etc. &ou2ll see the
same in return.
,f you write a great post and have built meaningful relationships with peers in your niche, you2ll often
find that friends will submit your posts and give you votes on the social bookmarking sites. The more
votes you receive, the more likely your post is to be noticed by others and shared around, often
resulting in additional link backs from other blogs, etc.
##3 A Fe0 SEO DonCt% D Fa%h and Spa%h
(long with any list of Do2s come the Don2ts. (s far as B5 is concerned, two of these items are
splash pages :often consisting of a flash animation; and all flash web sites.
&es, flash is prettyU /ull flash web sites can actually be ama1ing to look at P their own bit of
interactive artwork. $ut unfortunately the search engines don2t get along well with /lash. (lthough
there is talk of possible advancement in this area, for the most part the search engines cannot read
Co%t per mie :"3!;, also called co%t E and co%t per tho,%and :"3T; :in 0atin mille means
thousand;, is a commonly used measurement in advertising. +adio, television, newspaper, maga1ine,
out.of.home advertising, and online advertising can be purchased on the basis of showing the ad to one
thousand viewers. ,t is used in marketing as a benchmark to calculate the relative cost of an advertising
campaign or an ad message in a given medium.
The Ecost per thousand advertising impressionsF metric :"3!; is calculated by dividing the cost of an
advertising placement by the number of impressions :expressed in thousands; that it generates. "3! is
useful in comparing the relative efficiency of different advertising opportunities or media and in
evaluating the costs of overall campaigns.
The purpose of the "3! metric is to compare costs of advertising campaigns within and across
different media. ( typical advertising campaign might try to reach potential consumers in multiple
locations and through various media. The cost per thousand impressions :"3!; metric enables
marketers to make cost comparisons between these media, both at the planning stage and during
reviews of past campaigns.
!arketers calculate "3! by dividing advertising campaign costs by the number of impressions :or; that are delivered by each part of the campaign. Thus, "3! is the cost of a media
campaign, relative to its success in generating impressions to see. (s the impression counts are
generally si1eable, marketers customarily work with the "3! impressions. Dividing by I,JJJ is an
industry standard.
To calculate "3!, marketers first state the results of a media campaign :gross impressions;. econd,
they divide that result into the relevant media cost%
(dvertising "ost :V; T ,mpressions 'enerated
/or example%
I. Total cost for running the ad is VI@,JJJ.
G. The total estimated audience is G,7JJ,JJJ people.
7. "3! is calculated as% VJ.JJ?G@ x IJJJ :meaning per thousand views; W V?.G@
the link mentioned is the answer for the -uestion :designing parameters of website;
5e+ /orta Standard Feat,re%
Genera Na!i&ation
The features discussed in this section are available throughout the *eb portal. (fter login, you can
navigate through the *eb portal using the left navigation bar or the text hyperlinks found at the top and
bottom of the *eb pages.
(n example of the left navigation pane for a provider is provided below%

3lease note that the F.i Entr"F hyperlink is only available to /ield #urses :provider type 7I; and
4ocational +ehabilitation "ounselors :provider types @@.@?; enrolled in the /B"( program.
Top navigation bar%
$ottom navigation bar%
Common O+Gect Feat,re%
( variety of ob<ects are used to support the display and entry of information on the *eb portal pages.
(n ob<ect is a single controllable entity that has definable characteristics. These ob<ects have similar
functionality wherever they appear. 5b<ects include drop down list boxes, radio buttons, check boxes,

Name Definition
and U%a&e
="perin( ( link, or
hypertext, is
a selectable
from one
picture, or
ob<ect to
Do0n Li%t
( drop.down
list box is a
field with a
down arrow
at the far
right edge.
"licking the
presents a list
of items. To
make a
click the
down arrow.
/rom the list,
on the item
you wish to
select. *hen
a value is
selected, the
list box
closes. &ou
can also close
a drop.down
list box

ome drop.down list boxes have scroll bars to access additional
selecting an
item by
outside the
list box.
Te-t .o- ( text box is
a rectangular
box in which
you enter
Text boxes
allow entry
of data in any
format .
etc. ( text
box is also
referred to as
a free.form
text field.

buttons are
used to select
one option.
( radio
button is a
small circle
that contains
a dot when
the option is
selected, and
is blank when
the option is
not selected.
To change
from not
selected to
selected, or
from selected
to not
simply click
inside the
small circle.

Refer to the Ta++in& %ection of thi% chapter for +ro0%er %pecific
( check box
is a s-uare
box that is
selected or
cleared to
turn on or off

an option.
*hen the
contains a
checkmark, it
indicates a
EtrueF or
condition for
label name.
*hen the
checkbox is
blank, it
indicates a
EfalseF, EnoF,
or EoffF
condition for
label name.
check boxes
can be

Refer to the Ta++in& %ection of thi% chapter for +ro0%er %pecific
$uttons are
buttons that
are clicked to
initiate the
indicated on
the label of
the button.
The following buttons are fre-uently used throughout the *eb portal.

The Cance button allows you to abort an action without
saving any data.

The Contin,e button allows you to advance to the next page
or step in a process.

The S,+mit button allows you to post entered data.

The Update button allows you to complete the edit of
previously saved data on the page.
Ta+% Tabs are
groups of
options used
for similar

"lick a tab to
display the

*hen a
displays, it is
the active
window and
no other
window in
the *eb
portal is
until you
respond to it.

( response
window is
also referred
to as a 3op.

/or example, if you enter an incorrect date, the response window shown
above displays. 3op.up windows serve a messaging or warning purpose,
with information about a particular function. 'enerally, to close a response
window, click the Ye% or O:H No or Cance button.

To facilitate
files are in
this free
software by
clicking any
of the (dobe
image icons
on the *eb

( confirmation message prompts you to leave the *eb portal and
download the software to your 3".

.ro0%er Re<,irement%
To be compatible with the *eb portal2s security features, we re-uire that you use one of the browsers
listed below.
• !icrosoft ,nternet Bxplorer ?.J with IG9.bit encryption
• #etscape #avigator N.J with IG9.bit encryption

3lease note that both !icrosoft and #etscape currently only support their most current versions of
browsers, which are ,B ? and # N.JI. To determine which browser version you are using, click 6Help,2
then 6(bout2 on your browser2s file menu.

Internet E-porer
To upgrade your !icrosoft ,nternet Bxplorer browser go to the following address%
Net%cape Na!i&ator
To upgrade your #etscape #avigator browser go to the following address%
Determinin& and Up&radin& Yo,r .ro0%er Encr"ption Stren&th
The *eb portal encrypts confidential information. Bncryption is a means of scrambling data for
transmission or storage such that the data is unintelligible without unscrambling it with a specific key.
To determine your browser2s encryption strength, follow the instructions below.
Internet E-porer U%er%
I. /rom the menu bar choose 6Help.2
G. Then choose 6(bout ,nternet Bxplorer.2
>. 0ook for the 6"ipher trength2 information, as shown below%
7.,f your "ypher trength is IG9.bit, you are able to access this site's secure pages. However, if
your "ypher trength is less than IG9.bit, download and install !icrosoft's ,nternet
Bxplorer encryption strength upgrade from the following address%
Net%cape Na!i&ator U%er%
I. /rom the menu bar choose 6Help.2
G. Then choose 6(bout #etscape.2
>. 0ook for the 6security2 information, as shown below.

*ith security strength of IG9.bit, you should be able to access secure pages.
Ena+in& Scriptin&
,n addition to making sure browser version and encryption strength are correct, you must ensure that
)avacript is enabled on your browser. ,f scripting is disabled on your browser, an alert message
appears on the web page, as seen below.

,f your browser is not set up to allow scripting and you would like to enable this capability, you may
click on the link to access directions to turn scripting on in your browser.
&ou can move from field to field on a page either by single.clicking with your mouse inside a field to
position your cursor there or by pressing the Tab key. 3ressing the Tab key moves you in a pre.
determined se-uence, called the tabbing se-uence or order. This se-uence is normally left to right, top
to bottom, but may vary depending on the business needs of the window and the browser. 3ressing the
hift key and the Tab key simultaneously initiates backward tabbing in the tabbing se-uence.
Tabbing to checkboxes, radio buttons, and the actual tab at the top of a tab page window causes the
cursor to disappear or to lose focus. The cursor is actually there in the field and you can enter data,
although the field does not have focus. This action can be misleading at times, so be careful when
tabbing through checkboxes, radio buttons, and the tabs at the top of the tab page windows.
.ro0%er .eha!ior% 4 Acce%%i+iit" Difference% of Chec(+o-e% and Radio .,tton% thro,&h
Chec( .o-e%
*hen you tab to a checkbox on ,nternet Bxplorer, a small dotted rectangle appears around the box
itself. This is an indication of focus. 3ressing the pace $ar toggles the setting, from unchecked to
checked or from checked to unchecked.
5n some versions of #etscape, there might be a dotted rectangle as a visual indication of focus, but it
appears around the associated text, which might be empty, in which case there would be <ust a fairly
small empty rectangle on the right of the checkbox. The selection of a checkbox can be toggled using
the pace $ar or Bnter key.
Radio .,tton%
5n ,nternet Bxplorer, when a radio button group is reached via tabbing, the initially selected button is
focused on, indicated by the dotted rectangle. &ou can use Arro0 (e"% to move between the buttons
inside the groupL both [down[ and [right[ arrow move forward inside the group, and both [up[ and
[left[ arrow move backward. Dpon moving to a button, that button gets checked :and the button in the
group that was checked gets unchecked;.
5n #etscape, when a set of radio buttons is reached via tabbing, the first button receives focus. !ove
forward inside the group by tabbing. !oving to a button that way does not change the setting. Dse the
pace $ar or Bnter key to check a button.

Error Me%%a&in&
The *eb portal edits all data that is entered into the system. Data that fails system edits causes an error
message to be generated. Brror messages appear in a response window with an icon indicating the
severity of the error, and an O: button to click to return to the window to correct the error.
Bdits are processed in the following fashion%
• (s data is initially entered, invalid formats for dates, dollar amounts, and other fields generate
an error message immediately upon leaving the field.
• *hen saving, exiting, or moving to another page, the following groups of edits are applied in
the se-uence listed%
• +e-uired fields M a consolidated error message is presented to identify all re-uired fields
missing data. /ollowing error corrections are data validation edits. ee example below%
• Data validation edits are performed within each separate data window. (n example of
these edits is validating that the 6Bnd Date is not prior to the 6$egin Date.2 ( separate
consolidated error message list is presented for each data window. (ll errors for one data
window must be corrected before the system proceeds to the next data window.
• *hen saving or exiting :not changing tabs; a third set of edits is performed. These are
cross.field validation edits. These edits compare data entered on one window against data
entered on a separate window. The resulting error messages may or may not be

U%a&e1Data Entr" Con!ention%
Enterin& Date%
(ll dates are entered in the numeric form MM1DD1CCYY, explained below.
• MM is the two.digit month :)anuary is J#, /ebruary is J', and so on;. 0eading 1eros do have
to be entered as part of the format.
• DD is the day within the month :Bnter the first through the ninth days of the month as J#, J',
etc.; 0eading 1eros do have to be entered as part of the format.
• CCYY indicates the year :#BBA is in CCYY format;.

Enterin& Socia Sec,rit" N,m+er
ocial ecurity #umber must be entered as nine numeric digits. ,t must be entered with no separators
such as dashes. 5nce the # is entered and saved, the system automatically displays the field
contents in an edited format, i.e., with dashes.
/or example, a 3rovider2s ocial ecurity #umber must be entered as EIG>7@?N9OF, but it will be
displayed back as EIG>.7@.?N9OF.

Enterin& Teephone N,m+er%
Telephone numbers must be entered as ten numeric digits. They must be entered with no separators
such as dashes or parenthesis. 5nce the telephone number is entered and saved, the *eb portal
automatically displays the field contents in an edited format, i.e., with dashes. /or example, a
3rovider2s telephone number must be entered as EIG>7@?N9OJF, but it will be displayed back as E:IG>;

Enterin& Doar Amo,nt%
*hen entering a dollar amount, do not enter a dollar sign or a comma. Dse dollars decimal cents
format when cents are involved. /or example, to indicate seventy.five dollars and eighty.three cents,
enter N@.9> into the field. ,f you were to enter simply N@9>, the system would interpret this as
/or whole dollar amounts, the entry of the decimal and two 1eros to the right of the decimal are
optional. /or example, seventy.five dollars can be entered as N@ or N@.JJ.