Submitted to : Zohaib khan

Submitted by: Syed Touseef Haider

Market penetration:
Market penetration is the expansion in the existing market with the identical products already present
in the market.
 Zong is the example of market penetration when it entered market it offered low prices and
discounts and achieved a reasonable market share despite the strong competition.
 Metro motorcycle penetrated the market with low price and achieved large market share and
forced the existing brands to lower their prices.
 Omore entered market with dairy ice cream and captured reasonable market share from walls
and other market brands.
 Village restaurant was launched on m.m.alam road which was already flooded with the
restaurants but village with unique desi services was able to capture large market share.
Product development:
It is the addition of new customer or increasing the loyalty of confidence of the existing customer by
introducing new product or improving existing products.
 Ufone introduced best packages like uth package to increase market share and to boost the
loyalty of existing customers.
 Samsung is now placed among world’s top tem brands as it works hard to improve the features
the its products and introducing new products like galaxy s4.
 Suzuki launched cultus with the wider interior and innovative design that captured large market
 Nestle first introduced fruit nector and broke the monopoly of shezan in juices. That launch
captured large market share.
Market development:
It is improving the existing product in such a way that it take a total new dimensions and new market is
being created.
 Mobilink jazz which was first considered as targeting business class but later it introduced such
packages like ladies first that created market for youth because overnight calls were free.
 Coca cola introduced coke diet to give its drinks new dimensions. It helped coke to capture
those customers who wanted sugar free coke or considered coke as health hazard.
 Levis introduced a jean pent that retained temperature. That pent maintained 3 degree lower
temperature as compared to outside temperature. In this way levis introduced its products in
total new hot environment market.
 Many cigarettes brands introduced menthol flavor and introduced new market of women and
those people who want to enjoy smoking with soothing effects.
It is the introduction of new product for the new market generation so that new customers could be
added to portfolio.
 Launch of pamper was totally new product introduction and it generated totally new product.
 Launch of cellular services in Pakistan was itself a new concept that created a big new market.
 Ubl omni is a new concept to grab the unidentified market and it helped to bring the electronic
transaction at the customer’s doorstep.
 Nestle introduced mineral water in pakistan and generated a total new market.