... through Bertha Dudde
Conclusion of earthly progress
only with Jesus Christ ....
ou ha!e co"e a long way already #ut the fact that you are still
wal$ing on earth is proof that you ha!e not yet concluded your
path of de!elop"ent .... with e%ception of those who incarnated
on earth for the purpose of a spiritual "ission and whose souls
thus had pre!iously co!ered this progress of de!elop"ent and
had found ad"ission in the real" of light ....
But & spea$ to you hu"ans who are not yet perfect' who once
had deserted (e and had to wal$ this long path of de!elop"ent
so that you can now' at the hu"an stage' !oluntarily ta$e the
last test of will' the passing of which ensures your entry into the
real" of light. )ence you are not yet perfect #ut you ha!e
ascended fro" the deepest depth to the height' if only #y law of
co"pulsion ....
*he depth had to release you #ecause (y will had intended this
long path for you which pulled you away fro" the force of (y
ad!ersary' or your ascent would ha!e #een i"possi#le .... But
now he is gi!en his rights once again #ecause you are still his
property since you for"erly had followed hi" into the depths
!oluntarily and this free will has not yet "ade the new decision+
for hi" or against (e' Who longs for your return #ut will not
force you if you willingly want to stay with hi".
*hus' at the hu"an stage (y ad!ersary once again applies his
power #y influencing your will #ut he is una#le to force it as you
ha!e to decide of your own accord which ,ord you choose.
)owe!er' & cannot stop hi" using all his persuasions to chain you
to hi"self .... & cannot stop hi" fro" using ploys and to te"pt
you' only to $eep your soul or to regain it if he has already lost it
ou now ha!e to face hi" !oluntarily yoursel!es and fight against
hi" if you want to free yoursel!es fro" hi". -nd you really need
not fear his strength #ecause you ha!e a strong )elper #y your
side Who" you only need to as$ to win the #attle with )i"+
.esus Christ' your Redee"er fro" sin and death ....
/!en though you' as hu"an #eing' ha!e already o!erco"e the
deepest a#yss' e!en though you' due to (y help' ha!e also co"e
considera#ly closer to (e during the infinitely long period of
de!elop"ent .... yet the #urden of your original sin due to your
desertion fro" (e constantly pushes you down again and you
would ne!er #e a#le to resist the will of (y ad!ersary if .esus
Christ would not help you' if )e would not gi!e you an intensified
will which )e )i"self had ac0uired for you #y )is death on the
(y ad!ersary1s power o!er you is too great that you could resist
it with your own strength .... But you are guaranteed a supply of
strength #y 2ust gi!ing yoursel!es to .esus Christ and re0uesting
)i" to ta$e upon )i"self the guilt of which you are not yet
released and which therefore inescapa#ly chains you to (y
ad!ersary ....
.esus Christ' in Who" & "anifested (yself' will now ta$e on the
guilt #ecause with )is death on the cross )e has paid the
purchase price for all souls to the ad!ersary who now has to
release the souls' if they the"sel!es want it ....
-nd with )is help you can conclude the path of your earthly life'
with )is help you can #eco"e free of all guilt and enter through
the gate into the real" of light' which otherwise is closed to you'
#ut which will #e opened #y .esus Christ for all souls who
!oluntarily ha!e decided to ta$e the way to the cross to li#erate
the"sel!es fro" the #urden of sin.
-s hu"an #eing on earth you only ha!e a short ti"e at your
disposal #ut it is sufficient to co"pletely release yoursel!es fro"
e!ery for"' howe!er' this always depends on the hu"an #eing1s
attitude towards the Di!ine Redee"er .esus Christ .... #ecause
your for"er sin consisted of your re2ection of (e and in the
resistance of (y strength of lo!e .... &n Jesus Christ' howe!er'
you shall $now and ac$nowledge Me Myself' then you will also
consciously accept (y strength of lo!e again and then nothing
stands in the way of your unity with (e ....
*hen the infinite long wal$ through the creations of earth and as
earthly hu"an #eing has led to the right goal .... it resulted in
your li#eration and you are once again candidates for (y
$ingdo" which will ad"it you and offer you #lessings as it was in
the #eginning ....
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