... through Bertha Dudde
‘Eye has not seen ....’
I have no other goal ut to !a"e you ha##y$ to esto% the
glor&es o' (y "&ngdo! u#on you$ to let you see %hat no eye has
ever seen$ to g&ve you &n'&n&te #leasure .... and to dra% you to (y
heart as (y )h&ldren$ e)ause (y love 'or you &s eyond !easure
.... *nd one day I %&ll )erta&nly a)h&eve th&s goal. +evertheless$
&n'&n&tely long #er&ods o' t&!e )an st&ll #ass y$ e)ause &t &s
ne)essary .... that you$ too$ grant (e your love$ that you
voluntar&ly des&re to return to (e 'ro! Who! you on)e or&g&nated
*nd there'ore I )onstantly see" to attra)t your love as %ell$ I try
to &n'or! you o' (y nature$ %h&)h &s #ro'oundly #er'e)t$ so that I
%&ll also ga&n your love %hen you re)ogn&se (y nature
)orre)tly .... ,h&s &s %hy I reveal (ysel' to you .... I #rov&de you
%&th the ev&den)e that I e-&st$ and I g&ve you an e-#lanat&on
aout (y nature$ (y re&gn and a)t&v&ty$ (y eternal #lan o'
.alvat&on .... I unve&l a #&)ture e'ore your eyes %h&)h you )an$
and &ndeed %&ll$ love &' only you o#en your eyes and a))e#t th&s
&!age &n your heart .... *nd so that you )an re)ogn&se (e
)orre)tly$ I s#ea" to you ....
/ou hu!ans are st&ll s#&r&tually l&nd and there'ore unale to 'or!
an a))urate )on)e#t o' (e$ your God and 0reator$ Who %ants to
e your Father .... *s a result o' your #ast 'all 'ro! (e &nto the
ayss you lost all real&sat&on and at the start o' your hu!an
e-&sten)e you are st&ll &n th&s dar" s#&r&tual state ....
.o &' I %ant to ga&n your love I !ust enl&ghten your s#&r&t$ I !ust
grant you a s!all l&ght %h&)h &llu!&nates the &!age o' your God
and 0reator 'or you$ so that you %&ll learn to re)ogn&se (e ....
I !ust g&ve you an e-#lanat&on aout your )reat&on$ your or&g&n
'ro! a su#re!ely #er'e)t Be&ng Wh&)h$ although you %ere unale
to ehold It$ nevertheless !ade you &!!ensely ha##y .... I !ust
&n'or! you o' %hat you had een$ %hat you are and %hat you
shall e)o!e aga&n .... ,h&s "no%ledge shall there'ore )ontr&ute
that you %&ll learn to re)ogn&se and love (e$ that you %&ll str&ve
to%ards (e and %ould l&"e to e un&ted %&th (e aga&n ....
,he goal dur&ng your l&'e on earth &s to e-)hange your state o'
dar"ness %&th a state o' r&ghtest l&ght$ &n %h&)h the s#&r&t &n you$
e&ng a #art o' (e$ )an s#ea" to you and enl&ghten you ever
!ore r&ghtly .... ,hen you %&ll )o!e ever )loser to your God and
0reator and %&ll e ale to atta&n the goal dur&ng your l&'et&!e on
earth1 total un&'&)at&on %&th (e and thus also the l&ss$ %h&)h I
%ant to esto% u#on you &n the aundan)e o' (y love ....
In that )ase your '&nal return has ta"en #la)e2 (y )ourtsh&# 'or
your love %as su))ess'ul and (y love )an no% !a"e you ha##y$
and you %&ll e ale to ehold (e 'a)e to 'a)e .... For no% I have
e)o!e a v&s&le God &n 3esus 0hr&st 'or you and your des&re$
%h&)h on)e #ersuaded you to turn a%ay 'ro! (e to the one
%ho! you a)"no%ledged as a v&s&le God ut %ho e)a!e (y
adversary e)ause he revolted aga&nst (e$ has een granted.
Due to your a#ostasy 'ro! (e you %ere se#arated 'ro! (e 'or
an &n'&n&tely long t&!e &n a state o' %ret)hedness .... But no% you
)an ehold (e (ysel' &n all #o%er and glory$ 'or &n Jesus Christ
I e)a!e a v&s&le God 'or you .... *nd your l&ss %&ll e %&thout
end$ you %&ll )onstantly yearn 'or (e and (y #resen)e and your
des&re %&ll al%ays e granted .... *nd %hat no eye has seen and
no ear has heard$ that &s %hat I have #re#ared 'or those %ho
love (e .... e)ause (y &n'&n&te love &s 'or you$ (y )h&ldren$ 'or
all etern&ty ....
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