Locations- 1

Scene “the House”

In this portion of the planning stages, I
have been assigned to photography a shot-
by-shot reconstruction of the first scene.
Going from left to right the series of
images show the beginning stages of the
film opening by show casing the main
character getting out of bed and then
leaving the house. The reason why we as a
group have chosen to do the first scene of
our film in a bedroom is because it is a
highly relatable environment to our chosen
target audience which is mid teens. To
most teens it is a place of solitude as well
as self expression which is one of the
focuses of this scene in which the main
character shows of his inner self which in
his case is a “nerd”
In total our film has three scenes, a
bedroom, outside on the streets and to
finish with at a school. The shot-by-shot
reconstructions will be show cased in
future entries.