Diana Vasquez
Dr. Griffin
English Communication 12
Video Games, Hero or Foe?
When we were kids all we had was a jump rope or a box of crayons. All of the sudden
video games started coming out, taking over our childhood and finally stopping us from going
outside and play. There was a lot of debate whether video games were good or bad for us. Video
games have both a positive and negative affect on children and teenagers. They can take away
free time, relationships, and more. However, they can also let creativity flow in the person whom
is playing the game. As well as gain “hand-eye coordination” and help boost self-esteem.
According to the research facility on gaming it was said, “These rich virtual worlds are
what make games such powerful contexts for learning.” (Williamson 4). Meaning that these
games have a purpose and they will help educate students who play them. There are some people
who trade with others through games and some that exchange different types of currency. Also
you can learn about other cultures and become more sociable. Creativity becomes more effective
during these games and it can grow as you play along.
However, not all games are for educational purposes and may be violent. It was stated,
“Evidence suggests that playing video games may have a more dramatic influence on the
behavior of children and adolescents” (Norcia 1). Violent games can drastically effect the
player’s behavior. Every video game is rated at how much inappropriate content it has or doesn’t
have. The safest is rated EC, which is for children, while the most inappropriate is rated AO,

which is only for adults. The people who buy video games must be responsible for what they are
buying because it could affect them.
In addition, a study was shown stating, “Playing violent video games leads children to
engage in real-world violence or, at the very least, to become more aggressive” (Kutner, Olson
5). There are statistics that show, kids become more aggressive then they play video games.
There have been numerous cases where a teenager or an adult try to kill people. Everyone would
state that they were good people but once they find out they were playing violent video games
that teach them how to stab and shoot a gun everything changes. However, if it’s a non-violent
video game then it will not affect the player’s behavior.
Overall, video games can be both violent and a good for teenagers and children.
Depending on the game it could be educational or aggressive. Video games are meant to be fun,
however, some people don’t see it that way.


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