How to Make Cake in a Pressure Cooker - Step by Step Pictures

"How do I bake a cake in a pressure cooker?" This is the most often asked question in
comments emai!s and messa"es on this b!o"# I postponed bakin" in a pressure cooker
because frank!y I was scared to try it# I $a"ue!y remember my aunt cautionin" me
a"ainst it when I was a chi!d and I ha$e read on quite a few b!o"s that yes you can
definite!y bake a cake in the pressure cooker but it%s not $ery "ood for your cooker and it
may compromise its safety#
pressure cooker cake-how to make cake in pressure cooker &no o$en cake'
(""!ess )ani!!a Cake with Tutti *rutti - made in a Pressure Cooker
Technica!!y I didn%t see what the issue was but I did ha$e this &probab!y' irrationa! fear of
makin" a cake in a pressure cooker especia!!y since I had a perfect!y functionin" and
"ood o$en# +ut I $entured forth !ast weekend and made a cake from scratch in a
pressure cooker and !et me te!! you there%s rea!!y nothin" to fear ,ust a few thin"s to
remember# So here "oes#
H-. T- +/0( C/0( I1 / P2(SS32( C--0(2
4# 5ecide on a "ood uncomp!icated recipe for your pressure cooker cake# I wi!! share
the recipe of the cake in the picture abo$e $ery soon but I wou!d "uess that pretty much
a!! cake recipes wi!! work we!! in a pressure cooker too# Prepare the batter and set aside#
6# 3se a pressure cooker that%s at !east 7 !itres but 8 !itres is a "ood si9e and what I
wou!d recommend#
7# 2emo$e the "asket &the rubber insu!ation thin"' on the !id of your pressure cooker#
This is an important step# :ou a!so do 1-T need the whist!e#
pressure cooker cake-how to make cake in a pressure cooker
;# My pressure cooker came with this stand that "oes at the bottom of the cooker pan# It
distributes heat more e$en!y and is especia!!y usefu! when bakin" in the pressure
cooker# If you don%t ha$e try to find a substitute# Maybe a sma!! thick stee! p!ate wou!d
do the ,ob as we!!#
pressure cooker cake-how to make cake in a pressure cooker &no o$en cake recipe'
It%s better not to ha$e the cake pan touch the bottom of the pressure cooker direct!y
since that may cause the bottom of the cake to cook more rapid!y# /nother option is to
p!ace the pressure cooker on a f!at "ridd!e or tawa and cook the cake# It%s ,ust an
insu!ation between the f!ame and the bottom of the cooker to protect the cake#
pressure cooker cake-how to make cake in a pressure cooker &no o$en cake recipe'
8# /nother important thin" to remember is do 1-T add any water to the pressure cooker
pan for bakin" a cake# If you do you wi!! be steamin" the cake &which is fine to do -
here%s my method of steamin" a cake' but here we are tryin" to create an o$en-!ike
en$ironment usin" a pressure cooker as much as possib!e# The heat "enerated in the
pressure cooker wi! be enou"h to cook<bake the cake#
=# +efore startin" to bake the cake you need to pre-heat the pressure cooker# *or this
,ust p!ace the !id &without "asket' on the pressure cooker &which shou!d contain no
water' and cook on hi"h heat for 6 mins#
># 1ow you can put the cake batter in# Make sure to use a cake pan that fits comfortab!y
in the pressure cooker without the sides touchin"# 3se a pot-ho!der since the cooker wi!!
be hot because of the pre-heatin"#
pressure cooker cake-how to make cake in a pressure cooker &no o$en cake recipe'
/fter p!acin" the batter in c!ose the !id and cook on medium heat for 8 minutes and then
!ower the f!ame to ,ust a simmer# The cake dependin" on the si9e of your cake pan and
pressure cooker wi!! take anywhere between ;8 minutes to 4 hour to bake#
pressure cooker cake-how to make cake in a pressure cooker &no o$en cake recipe'
IMP-2T/1T 1-T(S?
/ pressure cooker is not meant for bakin" or usin" in the manner described abo$e so
consider that before usin" it to make a cake#
I don%t e@pect it wi!! burst into pieces whi!e cookin" &I was $ery worried about this thou"h
without reason' but it may compromise the qua!ity of the safety $a!$e on the !id and the
hi"h heat may cause the hand!e and other parts to deteriorate a bit#
3sin" your pressure cooker to bake once or twice a year is probab!y okay but not
re"u!ar!y# If you bake anythin" more than once a month I recommend buyin" an o$en# It
wi!! be worth it and your options are much wider than usin" a pressure cooker to bake#
/!ways check manufacturers instructions to make sure your make and mode! of
pressure cooker can hand!e this# I am not sure how a stee! pressure cooker wi!! beha$e
mine is a basic 8 !itre a!uminium one# It%s probab!y best not to do this in a non-stick
pressure cooker since dry-heatin" a non-stick surface without water or oi! is not ad$ised#
Maida < /!! purpose f!our - 7 tbsp
Coco powder - 4#8 tbsp &unsweetened'
Su"ar - 7tbsp &I used powdered su"ar'
+akin" Soda - 4<A tsp
Sa!t - 4<A tsp
Cookin" oi! - 7 tbsp
Mi!k - 7 tbsp
)ani!!a (ssence - 4<; tsp
Choco chips - 4 tsp&optiona!'
/dd maidacoco powder su"ar bakin" soda and sa!t in the mu" mi@ we!!# /dd oi! mi!k
and $ani!!a essence#Mi@ we!! and make sure there are no !umps#
How to make microwa$e choco!ate cake - Step4
The batter shou!d be creamy and in f!owin" consistency# Then top it with choco!ate
chips#Microwa$e at =BB. for 4 minute# Then switch the microwa$e to hi"hest power and
microwa$e 4 more minute# The cake rised o$er the top but went down a bit when the
microwa$e turned off#
How to make microwa$e choco!ate cake - Step6
I ha$e tried the same cake in -TC too#####so if you want to bake the same cake in -TC ?
Preheat o$en to 4A8 de" C and bake the cake for4B-46mins at the same temperature# It
may take e$en 48mins so check it after 46mins and then bake accordin"!y#
Instant Microwa$e Cake