English Language Lesson Plan for the Primary School

Date : 23th July 2012
Time : 8.10 – 9.10 am
Class : 5 Delima
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Inventions
Learning Outcomes : 1.3 – Acquire vocabulary and understand meaning of words.

2.1 – Speak clearly by pronouncing words correctly.

3.8 – Read and understand simple factual text.

4.4 – Construct simple and compound sentences with
guidance and independently.

Focus skills : Writing
Integrated skills : Listening, Speaking and Reading
Educational Emphases: 1) Thinking skills

2) Multiple Intelligences – linguistic, spatial, interpersonal

Moral values : decision making, teamwork, cooperation
Behavioural objectives: By the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:
a) understand and follow 4 out of 5 procedures correctly.
b) write at least 3 out of 5 procedures correctly.
c) say 2 out of 3 directions in simple sentences.

Teaching aids : picture cards

Word list : firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally, then, next

Sentence patterns : 1) Secondly, view the images.
2) Then, pump air into the tube.

Grammar : Simple present tense

English Language Lesson Plan for the Primary School
Steps / Time Content, EE, Values Teacher’s activity Teaching Aids / Comments
Set induction
( +5 mins )

Skills: listening, speaking

 Teacher asks pupils if they remember
what they have learnt in the previous
 Teacher takes out the digital camera.
 Teacher asks what the purpose of
digital camera.
 Teacher activates pupils’ prior
knowledge by asking:

E.g: 1) Do you love taking pictures?
2) Do you have an album full of
pictures at home?
3) Do you know
how to print the pictures for a

- To refresh pupils’
prior knowledge
about previous

( +20 mins )

M.I. : Linguistic and

- reading

Content :
- firstly, secondly,
thirdly, finally, then,

Suggested sentence

 Teacher puts up the pictures series of
how to print a picture from computer
on the board.
 Teacher asks pupils which one comes
first, next and last.
 Teacher explains about sequencing,
how and when to use them.
 Teacher asks pupils to read the
dialogue in textbook pg. 95.
 Pupils do silent reading.
 Teacher asks pupils to underline words
that they do not know.
 Teacher asks few students to read the

English Language Lesson Plan for the Primary School

Secondly, view the

dialogue and role play.
 Teacher discusses the text with pupils.

( +10 mins )

Role play

M.I. : Interpersonal

reading, writing

 Teamwork
 Cooperation

 Teacher asks pupils to find for
sequence words.
 Teacher guide pupils to take out
important information from the text.
 Teacher teaches how to write with
 Teacher asks pupils to find a partner.
 Teacher asks pupils to role play the
dialogue and replace it with sequence.
 Teacher checks and corrects the
pronunciation of the pupils by moving
around the class.
 Teacher randomly picks pupils to role

To give pupils practice in
asking and responding to

Practice dialogue.

Meaningful drill.

( + 20 mins )

M.I. : Linguistic, Spatial

 Teacher puts up picture cards on
 Teacher asks pupils to write simple
sentences using the sequencing.
 Teacher provides words to make the
 Teacher asks pupils to share their
answer with a person sit next to them.
 Teacher discusses the answer with
English Language Lesson Plan for the Primary School
( + 5 mins )

M.I. : Linguistic, Spatial
and Musical

 Teacher reviews the lesson.
 Teacher highlights the moral values
seen in the activities such as teamwork
and cooperation in learning makes it