Corrupt jurist Graham Lang up to his old

tricks – protecting lawyer mates again
We at LF have to laugh when we see the corruption being reported by New
Zealand’s mainstream media but the mainstream media either being too stupid to
see the corruption or being part of it in not calling a spade a spade with the exception
of just one observant opinion piece; „Reasonable doubt‟ view beggars belief„ in
the Dompost:
The court’s judgments on finance company cases are often fascinating
for their dispassionate descriptions of downright dodgy practices. True
to form, the Dominion ruling unfolds a sequence of disgraceful
behaviour through more than 100 pages.
But as Chalkie ploughed through it, a sense of incredulity sneaked into
his cerebral cortex and fattened into gobsmacked amazement that
Whale escaped conviction.
doubt-view-beggars-belief [retrieved May 29th, 2013, o7:23 hrs, (AEST)]
Last week former Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Finance Group, and its
subsidiary North South Finance, Paul William Cropp, was sentenced to 2 years 7
months in prison by Justice Graham Lang. The two companies were subsidiaries of
the NZX listed Dominion Finance Holdings.

“Paul William Cropp sent to the big house as Corrupt Jurist Graham “the Wis”
Lang acquits a man that was three time as guilty as Cropp”
Justice Lang had presided over the Judge alone hearing where Cropp and co –
alleged Robert Barry Whale faced charges laid by the SFO that they both had
willfully breached the finance companies trust deeds. Whale was a director.
In an amazing finding Justice Lang found that Whale could not be convicted on any
count as he had satisfied the Judge that “he had not looked at the trust deed” and so
did not know that his decisions to approve lending of $13.4m to his mates [that was
subsequently not repaid in full] could be excused.
Now fuck us inside out, what the fuck is this cock smoker Justice Graham Lang on
about. For a start a director has to know the Companies Act 1993, and all related
legislation to the commercial enterprise that the legal person is involved with.
A professional director, which Whale was, is in a completely different area of liability;
– especially where he would be expected to approve lending insuring that the trust
deed was adhered too.
Trust deeds are the sacrosanct terms by which investors monies can be lent to the
public. Whale was a partner in commercial specialist law firm Jones Young where
this serious criminal advertised himself as being the bees fucking knees “advising a
wide range of leading corporates”.

“Robert “Robber” Whale – as slippery as Whale shit in the money flow –
$13.4m to be exact. Found innocent by corrupt Justice Graham “my mates
aren‟t guilty” Lang”
It is clear to LF that poor old CEO Paul Cropp was the fall guy for Justice Lang to
hang, getting rail roaded to the big house, whilst wholly corrupt Justice Graham Lang
did the wink wink, special reference to the architect in the sky shit, and came up with
what is an impossible verdict of not guilty for his bum buddy “Robber”
Whale. Related party lending is a specific NO NO since the mid 70’s, and which
activity at that time led to the Securities Act 1978.
It is impossible that Whale did not know that such lending would have been against
any trust deed involving funds obtained by prospectus. Did Whale not design, read,
and approve, the fucking prospectus as director along with the Trustee company,
you corrupt fucktard Lang. The prospectus would have to inform the public as to the
trust deeds governance including the ability to lend to directors mates.
In separate proceedings brought by financial market watchdog the FMA [Financial
Markets Authority], Whale did plead guilty to seven charges of making untrue
statements in the Dominion Finance Group Prospectuses, which would have likely
included that the company did not lend to related parties, when that was a clear
Additionally the FMA charges would have included Whale being party to signing
monthly statements to the trustee company also omitting to report the related lending
[which would be needed to be reported].
But hey those charges were brought by the FMA, and not the SFO. But two different
outcomes involving the same, or similar, facts brings the Courts into disrepute. What
the corruption by Justice Lang and Whale achieved was that he was not found guilty
on two sets of criminal prosecutions, but particularly one that involved lending to
related parties.
Maybe Justice Sarah Katz [who was presiding over the FMA prosecution of Whale]
is squeaky clean [for now] and would not have a bar of “handling” the
FMA. However she has indicated that Whale should expect a sentence of home
detention in his luxury pad, where he will be visited by the likes of Justice Lang for a
chortle over a bottle or two of [investors paid for] champagne. Maybe she not so
clean after all. These charges involved losses to investors of around $165m given a
mil or two. Meanwhile Maori who steal $10,000.00 are sent to prison for three
More importantly, as it relates to Justice Langs clear involvement in corruption Lang
was a Crown Prosecutor and should have known what all trust deeds contain as it
relates to related lending, and that it would be extremely unlikely that Whale would
have approved related lending without first checking that it was legal. This is the act
of willful blindness, and at the end of the day not knowing the law is not an excuse to
breaking it. “Gee judge I didn’t read the Crimes Act and I thought corporate fraud
was legit.”
It is interesting to look at Justice Graham Langs full background and it will become
obvious that he is corrupt through and fucking through. For a start, as already
stated, Lang was a Crown Prosecutor and so would have been embroiled in corrupt
practices for the full period that he enjoyed the ability to fuck over any innocent New
Zealander he picked on. But the fact that he was a Crown Prosecutor in the Napier
District on the completely corrupt East Coast of New Zealand puts an extra certainty
to his trait of being a corrupt fucktard.
But hey, theres more –much, much more to this little story. Justice Lang also
specialized in being an insolvency practitioner when with Napier law firm Elvidge and
partners [as a partner], and so would have been involved with virtually all large
financial institutions such as first and second tier finance institutions, and as well as
banks. As Whale advised such corporates, surely their pathsmust have crossed.
But hey, there’s more – much, much more to this story than meets the eye that
winks. Justice Lang has quite the reputation for corruption and we mean this fuckers
so bent that he makes the hind leg of a dingo look straight as a death adder at full
speed over red hot rocks.

The real face of Lang J; watch out Kiwi‟s if you cross paths and swords with
corrupt Jurist and snake Graham Lang; according to reliable sources he bites
well above his intellectual weight aided by a constant stream of venomous
LF’s research into Justice Lang took us to Vince Seimers accurate Kiwisfirst website
whichcorrupt Supreme Court Justice Ted Thomas, absolutely loathes, largely
because Seimer gets the facts right. Seimer uses Judges judgments and the
satisfaction or otherwise, of those that appear before him to make conclusions as to
the judges integrity. This is what Seimer had to say about Justice Lang-
“In short order he was personally hampered by the good-old boys
network that has aided him in his career path and – at the same time –
found that no one questioned his judicial actions. Lang J found that he
could say anything occurred in a hearing and he enjoyed the
tremendous power this gave him. Hence, Lang J has become
extraordinary adept at claiming the less favoured party agreed to
something in a hearing “by consent” in order to ring-fence the claim
before him or prevent discovery. An indicative example is this, taken
from Northland mans claim against the Attorney General; “he
confirmed to me that he was prepared to be bound by the reformulation
of his claims as set out in those two documents”.
New Zealand lawyers are simply too afraid to challenge any judicial
ruling which states thet agreed to something they had not agreed too at
the hearing; and Lang J is acutely aware of this……His propensity to
limit proceedings and transparency in his courtroom – restricting
accurate recording of proceedings is one certain indication – often
happens too late to counter. Again, it is only by preventing accurate
recording of proceedings that Justice Graeme Lang is able to get by
with distorting the Court record in his judgments”
Now come on Kiwis – this fucker needs to be thrown off the bench – and NOW!

“Corrupt Jurist Graham Lang – makes corrupt jurist Ted Thomas look like a
saint – more to come about corrupt New Zealand judges – don‟t get us wrong
there are some straight judges, but they are very rare indeed”