English Language Institute is well known as ELI located at Bumi Tamalanrea Permai
(BTP) Blok L no. 24 ELI has been established since 2006 and has a number of
programs to offer like TOEFL Course, TOEFL ITP, TOEFL Try Out, General English
Course for Children, Teenager, youth and Adult, In-House Training English Course, and
now establishing Malino English Village. As ELI’s commitment to take an important step
and become role model for other institutions to improve the quality, professionalism, and
development not only in the local, but also national or even international level, we do
open a wide door to those common people who have dreams and passions to become
outstanding one, either to become local, national or even International citizen through
some training.

Teaching methodology that has been applied in ELI is TEFL Methodology. It is “PPP“
(Presentation, Practice, and Production) and Through Intensive courses students are
expected to acquire the knowledge of English for some purposes, like English for
General purposes, English for Professional,

1. Regular TOEFL
English Language Institute (ELI) Makassar, as an institute which has been being
focused on development and improvement generation of Indonesia particularly East of
Indonesia, is now challenging the agent of change to proof him/herself in taking a one
step forward to develop Indonesia by acquiring TOEFL score as it is well known as one
of main measurement skills that should be owned to proof the eligibility of him/herself in
facing Global Society. Thus, as we do care on the development and improvement, we
are providing regularly of:
a. TOEFL prediction and try out
c. TOEFL Class Preparation
2. General English Course
In this program, we are not only offering a qualified and outstanding instructors to
transfer the knowledge of English for the students but also we do provide best book for
the students published by PEARSON. For this program, we open a class regularly for
different ages:
a. English for Children
b. English for Teenager
c. English for Youth
d. English for Adult
e. English for Professional
3. In-House Training
In-House Training is a program provided for the professional who do not have enough
time to sit in the classes to learn speak English. Instead of sitting in the class, we are
offering our Instructors to be aboard at the office and teach on sight.
4. Malino English Village
The idea of establishing this program is the demand of people, university students,
senior high students and particularly the current circumstances forced us to learn

E-mail : malino_englishvillage@yahoo.co.id
Facebook : Malino_EnglishVillage
Twitter : @the_Eng_Village
Phone : 0411-588488
Address : Kompleks BTP Blok L No. 24 Makassar, 90245

MEV Rules:
1. Deadline of submitting the application form is every 29
of the month
2. No other languages are allowed, but English
3. No drugs and alcoholic drinks
1. Rp 500,- per word of Bahasa