Be a Monarch, Not a Beggar

True self is without a boundary, all pervasive.
In terms of existence, there isn’t any boundary,
but on the level of mind, body and speech,
we divide the existence into me, you and them.
I have relationship with body, senses, mind, intellect – these are so close but so far from the
self. Entwined with one another and yet so very much separate. Can you see the line of
demarcation where body ends and mind begins or mind ends and self begins? Mind is a
subtle form of matter and body is a gross form of subtle or the mind. Mind and matter
are not different from one another. A uantum physicist would say that matter and energy are
not two different entities. !he source of matter is energy and matter "eeps on moving from
being matter and energy, now visible and now invisible.
Mind is invisible but the body is very much visible. #ence we perceive ourselves as body
alone because our identification and association with the body is deep. !he reality is that this
self is not $ust a sum total of body, mind, feelings, thoughts and consciousness. !he %I& with
whom we are associated is illusionary. !he %I& we "now has more to do with mind or body
and the reality is that our real %I& remains very much obscure. 'ow, this is funny indeed – if I
don(t "now who this %I& is, then how can I have a sound relationship with others around this
Man hides his own emotional needs, desires, and weanesses from his own self. )nly if
he could ac"nowledge his fallacies and begin to wor" with wisdom, he wouldn(t be throwing
dirt on others. *hen you are angry, then whosoever is in front of you will be in the line of
your fire. +ou(ll shoot him with the bullets of anger, frustrations and hatred. !he other person
will obviously be baffled. ,efore we yell in desperation that no one understands you, the
uestion arises- !"o you understand yourself#$
Man is so blinded that never registers his own emotional baggage which he is always
carrying with him.
% tree which is firm in its roots can withstand winds and floods. The tree which is wea
in its roots can be easily uprooted even by frail &olt. 'ou can’t be a better husband,
mother, friend, wife, brother, business partner to any one if you aren’t rooted in self.
Every relationship is different from the other but most of the time basic problems are the
same. I am a pauper – the other is a pauper. but we wish to be rich by $oining together. *e all
wish that the other should fulfill you, but the uestion is that can anyone really do it.
(veryone in society is moving around with empty bowls, and everyone wants to be rich.
Know this as the truth: no one can make you rich, no one can fulfill you, and no one can
give meaning to your life. The fact remains that no one but YOU can do this for yourself.
So sto hankering for areciation from others.
/earn to e0plore your inner core, your untapped energy source and re$oice in it. )ove
yourself, respect yourself and every one will send the same vibes to you. *nbelievable,
but true+ !his is called the )aw of %ttraction. *hat you thin" will begin to happen to you,
whatever you as" for is given to you. If you will "eep on thin"ing no one loves you or cares
for you, or needs you, it will surely begin to happen. 1o, even if you don’t have a single
person who loves you, don’t worry. 1tand in front of the mirror, loo" at yourself, and see
that you have your own divine self. 'ou are divine , touch your face, feel your body ,
inhale deeply and see the spar in your eyes.
!han" this body, breath and life. 2ive than"s for every little $oy which life brings to you,
and smile. And smile li"e you have never smiled before and move into deeper recesses of
your heart to find yourself. !he search for yourself will bring you &oy and love.
1oa" yourself in the goodness of this moment and let every day begin and end with it. 1oon
you will love this new way of living and glow. +es3 !he glow which will come on your face
will ma"e other people wonder what you have found. 4rom where is this $oy, this spar"
coming? +ou aren(t going to worry about others at all, "eep on living in this fashion and life
will open up new possibilities for you.
!hen you are strong, vibrant, energetic, then you will begin to function as a magnet and
eole will get attracted to you. This is ironic: when you are a beggar, you are shunned but
when you are rich with true wisdom, you become the real monarch.
Mind the Mischievous Mind , "on’t
Mind is a marvelous melodramatic entity. It cannot live without its glamour, controversies
and frustrations. In fact it can(t do without creating and spinning new ones. !he mind should
be awarded a 'oble pri5e for the best inventions, for creating hell and heaven successfully
and continuously3 )ne moment you are in heaven and the ne0t moment you are in hell3 !hat
is the power of your mind.
1o, we need to mind our mind, but we do not mind our mind. !he need is to understand the
mechanism of mind – and for those who do not know the mechanism of this mind, it becomes
their worst enemy. And once you understand the mechanism of your mind, then this mind
becomes your best secretary and best friend – one who never goes on sic" leave3 )ne who is
always in service, %+es, boss3&
4or an ordinary person, mind is the master. then you begin to live according to the way your
mind has been trained, the way your mind has been conditioned. +our dress sense, your hair
style, the perfume you use, the ornaments you wear, the accessories you choose to have6all
are decided by others3
*hat is real for you? Actually this 7you( too is a fa"e one.
And that is the reason we find people $ust fa"ing. 1miles, orgasms – they fa"e everything,
because they do not "now what their being is in reality. !hat is the reason the smiles are
artificial – they are not spirited smiles.
)nce, I was in a shop and we were loo"ing for something. A beautiful girl was at the counter.
1he gave me a very nice smile, but I could see what was there deep down within. In ten
minutes her smile went away. My companion said, %I need help&. 1he gave a stern, cold loo"
and said, %My duty is over, so the ne0t person will serve you&. !here was no smile – smiling
was $ust a $ob, part of the $ob – that warmth was artificial, the smile was artificial.
!hus, friendships are artificial, relationships are artificial.
.hat is real# *e live in a very artificial world. *e have artificial selves, we have artificial
things around and that is the reason people feel so discontented and de$ected. !hey cannot put
their finger on what is the reason for that emptiness which they feel in their mind. Everyone
is being victimi5ed because of this emptiness and loo"ing for something to fill that, but
cannot find it.
1o, religion, spiritualism, meditation and reading boos – these are all the props with
which we are trying to fill up the emptiness, which many people fail to recogni5e that they
have. Many people do not "now this. !hey say, %*e are the happiest3 *hat is wrong with
us? *e are the happiest3& And one little tiny, up8down happening in their life, one little loss –
financial or emotional – and there they are, crumpled up on the ground. !he happiness is
fa"e, the recession is fa"e and the so8called profits are fa"e too3 1uch a fa"e life is being
lived that people tend to believe this fa"e as natural and they do not "now what natural is.
9eople have forgotten how to sleep naturally – they need candles, perfumes, oils, C:s, boo"s
and pills. !hey cannot even sleep naturally. And I say, you are the biggest pauper living on
the earth if you cannot even sleep naturally. #ow does it matter how many billions you have
in your ban" accounts? #ow does it matter how comfortable you are in your opulent houses,
in your apartments, if you cannot even sleep naturally? A poor person, who can sleep
naturally, is then richer than you!
9eople are more obsessed with outer attainments. !hey do not want to loo" into their own
mind. !hey are happy with these fa"e identities, fa"e reality, fa"e lifestyles and it is such a
mind8boggling thing even to listen to this, that what we are living is a fa"e life. !hen people
get angry. they become very frustrated and sometimes they begin to hate me for saying these
words. I do not fear anyone, so I say it, because I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain
from anyone. I have to state what the truth is – I have to say that.
!hus, these conditionings are putting us down. 1o, in one way or another, until and unless we
do not begin to face this reality of 7fa"eness(, nothing is going to happen. *e can live in our
fools( paradise for as long as we want. ,ut some fortunate, blessed ones, luc"y ones get this
final $olt on their heads. !hen they begin to thin", 7*hat(s wrong?( And the day, the moment
you begin to think about your mind, about your consciousness, about the level of your
emotions, about the way you are living your life – that is the turning point. 4rom that point
onwards, no one can hold you and you will $ust grow and grow and grow6and finally reach
the point where enlightenment happens.
+ou do not grab enlightenment. +ou do not buy enlightenment. It cannot be gifted to you.
+ou need to evolve to reach that point. #owever, this 7fa"e8ness( is so big, and no one is
ready to uestion that. 'o one is ready to "now – what do I really have with me? *e are
happy to have things with us. *e are happy to have friends with us. !a"e away all friends,
ta"e away all e0pensive precious things, ta"e away all the riches, cars, homes, ban"s, this and
that – *ho are you then? *hat are you then? #ow would you e0ist? #ow would you feel?
#ow would you be? Mentally star" na"ed, with no crutch to hold you – it seems a very
dangerous "ind of situation. +ou have no idea what it would actually be, but I have to say
that, that is the point where the real search begins, minus these fa"e identities, minus these
%*ho am I?& should be the uestion to haunt you day and night. And that can be a great
transforming moment when we begin to address this issue. *e do not want to address this
issue. !hat is the reason we have all these consolations. *e have things, we have people, we
have club memberships, we have spa memberships, and we have great memberships of great
places. And then we have some gurus and some good boo"s lying on our coffee table.
!hen we have another consolation – because I give good charity to the church or the
synagogue or the temple or the ashram – now I thin" that 2od is very happy with me, so
nothing can go wrong. I have bought even the blessings of 2od. I have ensured my entry into
paradise and that the best suite will be given to me. *hy should I worry? I have the best here,
I will have the best there too and that is what ma"es people happy. !he uestion is- Are they
really happy? *ill they really remain happy? !hese things are meant to be pondered upon.
*e should not hide behind our scriptures. *e have to face what we really have – is it
)ur mind is so mischievous, so smart and so intelligent. It has a great power and that is to
create $ustification for everything. *e can $ustify anything, any situation. anything can be
easily $ustified. And with this tool or with this power of $ustification, we are happy even if we
are sitting in a sewer, because we will $ustify that, %*ho has lived in a sewer? I have. *ho
can match me? *ho can match me?&
In sociology, human beings are called social animals. I say, %'o3 Men and women are
&ustifying animals+$ !hey $ustify everything. If they are non8believers, they $ustify that. If
they are believers, they $ustify that. If they meditate, they $ustify that, and if they do not
meditate they $ustify that too. If they are vegetarian, they $ustify that. If they eat stea", they
$ustify that. ;ight? If they can sleep, they will $ustify that and if they cannot sleep, they will
$ustify that too. 1o, men and women are $ustifying animals. #ave I $ustified?333 (Gurumaa
(ight Things for Balanced )iving
/. .ae up early
Early morning is the time when ambrosia is showered by nature. *hen you wa"e up at that
time, you get to drin" this nectar and receive a boon of living long and healthy life. 'ature
wor"s systematically – all animals, mammals, birds, and insects, wa"e up early morning and
go to sweet sleep by late evening. Aren(t we humans, part of Mother 'ature(s system? +es,
we are – so rise and shine early morning and derive all health benefits by following simple
thing – sleep on time and wae up early.
0. 1lear your bowel
If you wish to live long and healthy, do not store faeces in your intestines8 clear it every day.
2olden rule is – if you eat twice then clear bowel twice. !his will "eep your colon clear and
when colon is clean8 body is disease free. +our <= feet long intestines can store ten to twenty
pounds of faeces easily. 1o loose all the odorous bad smelling weight by simply ma"ing sure
that you go to bathroom regularly. As a result8 your s"in, stomach, even your swinging
moods, all will settle very well.
2. "o asana
'ogic %sana is not e0ercise3 E0ercises wor" on your s"eleton and muscles where as asana
wor"s on your cardiovascular, endocronological, circulatory, glandular, eliminatory and
lymphatic system. *hen you do forward, bac"ward bending and spinal twists, you are
energi5ing your spine, ma"ing it fle0ible. +ogic masters have said, %you are as young as
your sine is& – so "eep your spine young and remain young for a longer time.
3. "ivine tonic , pranayam
4ranayam is not $ust deep breathing. ,ut pranayam is a process, which energi5es your whole
body. :aily practice of pranayam can connect you to the source of divine cosmic energy from
where everything has come from. :o it every day and you will never need any tonic ever to
increase your strength, immunity and energy.
5. "rin ten glasses of water and eat more fibers
.ater is life , so drin enough water to remain hydrated. :rin"ing water will clear up all
to0ic wastes from your body. as a result it will save you from various diseases. :rin" water
slowly, consciously and you will see that magically simple water will begin to taste li"e wine.
(ating fibrous food adds bul" to food, which gives e0tra bounce to health, and results in
good bowel movement, healthy shiny s"in and lower levels of cholesterol. best part is that
right amount of nutrition absorption will begin to happen in the body.
6. "o chanting
9ower of mantra can solve your biggest problems. Mantra gives your mind power and it
balances your brain. *hen our left and right hemispheres are balanced, we ma"e right
decisions8 uic" decisions. Mantra chanting maes us emotionally strong. :on(t you need
to be strong to deal with day8to8day challenges of life? !han" god and en$oy mantra chanting
– those who do this will never be lonesome, frustrated or wea".
7. Never leave the room in anger
%nger is carcinogenic. %nger ills you, not on whom or what you were angry about.
*hen you become angry, you waste your energy and your precious time. Be cool8headed,
solve the problems and encounter difficult individuals with wisdom. Anger is $ust
wastage of energy. anger means you are not capable to handle situations. ,e wise – be cool –
deal with it8 do not run away from it.
9. (n&oy every moment
)ife is a real time drama. Everyday it offers new scenes. *atch every scene and en$oy. 'o
drama is complete without a villain or vamp. :on(t be one of villains3 If you can be a
witness to life then every single moment will become an enthralling experience. ,e a
receiver but never hoard anything. /et it pass.
"on’t )oo for a Master, Be a :ood ;eeer
I read the story of a man who was loo"ing for a guru , master. #e saw an ascetic sitting
under a tree and went close to him. %Can you tell me who is the best guru as I am loo"ing for
one.& !he mahatma – sage replied, %*ell, what can I say3 +ou can search and maybe you
will find the best guru.& !he man started his $ourney from there and went to many distant
places. months changed to years. *here ever he went, whomsoever he met, he was never
satisfied. Every guru he met said that it was not easy to find a perfect Master. *ho can define
a perfect guru, a complete Master? Maybe one who does not want to ma"e anyone his
disciple. And even if you find such a person – one who is not even ready to accept you as a
disciple, will he show you the path? And if the guru will not, then who will?
!here are many uestions related to this. It is uite a tric"y thing. It is very easy to go into
deep silence after enlightenment. I believe many Masters have chosen to remain silent and
never spea" about their attainment.
(nlightenment is not a toy and you are not a child to boast and show it off to others.
!ruly spea"ing, no one li"es to ma"e a show of their real treasure. 1o even if I came to your
house, would you ta"e me to your safety vault where you "eep your money and $ewellery?
+ou might show me your drawing room, bedroom or "itchen, but definitely not the vault.
*ell, I am not even interested3 It is $ust for the sa"e of e0plaining how protectively you guard
your so called treasures. It has been seen that often the husband does not share even the
number of ban" accounts he has with his wife. #e fears that the moment the wife gets to
"now how much money he has, she will go on a shopping spree and will use all possible
means to e0tract money from him. 1o husbands hide their money from their wives.
If you are so protective of your $ewellery and money that you are not willing to share it with
your husband or your wife, then what to say of the treasure of the master3 <is true wisdom is
his treasure and so is his enlightenment. *ould a person ma"e a moc"ery of it or show it
off? :efinitely not3 1o for years this man "ept on searching in vain for a true master. 4inally,
he came bac" to his village and saw the tree beneath which the ascetic was still sitting, as he
had been a long time ago. 1omehow, when he saw his face today, something moved his heart
and he said, %+ou are the true master. ,ut I wish to hear this from you. 7Are you the true
Master?(& #e was still in doubt, his mind was still as"ing for reassurance from the master.
!he sage said, %*ell, if I would say yes, then it would be a wrong answer and if I say no even
then it will be a wrong answer. If I say yes, then this will be a statement of ego and if I say
no, it will be an untrue statement. because only I "now what I "now. 1o I would neither say
yes nor no.& ;eceiving this riddle as a response, the man was now fully assured that this sage
was indeed the true master he was searching for. !he see"er said, %*hy did you not say
earlier that you are the master? 'ow that it is confirmed beyond any doubt that you are a
perfect master, I as" you this uestion- %*ill you be my Master?&
!he Master said, %*ell, all these years you were loo"ing for a perfect master. 'ow that you
found one, you still dare to as" whether or not I am a true master3 /et me give you my
answer, %If you were loo"ing for a true master, then I am loo"ing for a true disciple. %re you
a true disciple#& !he see"er was shell8shoc"ed. he could not believe his ears. In all these
years, he had never given a thought to whether he himself was a true disciple3
The moral of the story is= "o not loo for a master> be a
good seeer and the master will noc at your door.
9lease understand, I am using a metaphor, do not begin to wait for the day when the master
will come on his own and "noc" on your door3
!he guru said, !I will only accept a person who is a true disciple and who surrenders
himself to me. I will not accept an imperfect disciple. If it too" you twenty years to recogni5e
me, then maybe for the ne0t twenty years I will test, analy5e and chec" you. )nly then will I
let you "now whether I accept you or not.
Is it not strange that our mind always wonders about other things, but never that before you
see" a true master, you have to be true to yourself? A person who has gained enlightenment
can never say that he is enlightened, because the one who is enlightened can not ma"e that
claim. !here is a saying of ?abir- 7The one who nows will never say I now. %nd the
one who says I now definitely does not now.’
Truth is beyond words, truth is beyond epression and truth is beyond the comprehension of
the mind!
!he glory of :od is limitless. /anguage has its limitations. !hrough words we cannot e0plain
the divinity or the ma$esty of the divine. *ho can sing, who can rightfully and appropriately
praise 2od? Indeed no one can3
:od means existence , existence which is present in every atom. And when you believe
that 2od is in a temple, synagogue, church or in a mosue, then you are $ust saying that you
do not "now who or what god is. !he one who is all pervasive cannot be cornered or
imprisoned by man8made walls. :od is beyond definition of time and space> time and
space exist as long as mind exists. @nce you transgress the mind, there is no time and
there is no space.
4or a so called religious person, god e0ists only in the places his belief has taught him. "or a
sikh god is in the Golden temple# for a vaishnavite god is in $rindavan# for a devotee of
%ama god lives in Ayodhya# a devotee of &hiva sees &hiva in 'edarnath, 'ashi and
(mkareshwar! !hey have all imprisoned their gods in these places. ,ut the god who can be
imprisoned by man, can that god be called a god?
*hen a child is admitted to a school, his education begins with the alphabet – A for apple, ,
for bat, C for cat, : for dog. !hen slowly and gradually he moves from the alphabet to small
words, to sentences, from sentences to passages and so on and so forth. 4inally a day comes
when the child is grown up and reads all "ind of boo"s, the difficult poetry of ,ach,
*ordsworth, *illiam ,la"e and 1ha"espeare. ,ut it will not happen on the day he first goes
to school. (n day one in school, the child is not ready for &hakespeare! #e begins with the
basic letters and even for that he has to be coa0ed, ca$oled and pampered. Matthew came
bac" from school and said to his mother, %Mom, from tomorrow I am not going to school.&
Mother said, %*hat happened dear, why you are not interested in going to school, you always
loved your school?& Matthew said. %Mom, my teacher is such an idiot. she does not "now
that A stands for apple and , stands for bat. 1he is so big and yet everyday she "eeps on
repeating A for apple, , for bat. I "now it all by heart and she does not "now this much to
this day. I am not going to waste my time with such a teacher.& ,ut is this true? 'o, the
teacher is trying to teach all the children so that slowly they understand and learn the
alphabets. 1imilarly, when it comes to religion, you start from somewhere. 1o for someone
the $ourney begins from a temple, for others from a mosue and for yet others from a church.
In school the teacher leads the child from letters to words to sentences. !hereafter the child
advances to poetry and prose, but this does not happen with religion. Those who tae their
children to religious places forget that this is the beginning and not the end. 4or a hindu
child where is god? 2od remains limited to the periphery of the temple. 4or a muslim where
is god? 2od remains limited within the four walls of Mecca. And even when a hindu says that
god is in the temple, then it will not be any or every temple but the temple of his preference,
where his chosen istha devta is. And in hindu religion there are << thousand demi8gods and
goddesses and there are three ma$or male gods – Brahma, Aishnu and Mahesh. one female
goddess, "urga, who has eight forms.
4eople do not now who god is. !o recogni5e god, you will have to go where god is. +ou
will have to move in the direction of god. +ou will have to underta"e a $ourney, not outside,
but an inward $ourney. If you wish to see the Ta) *ahal, you will have to ta"e the highway
which ta"es you to Agra. If you wish to see the Gateway of +ndia, you have to go to Mumbai.
If you wish to see the >utab Minar, you have to go to :elhi. *hichever building you wish to
see, you will have to move in that direction. !he ,utab *inar will not come wal"ing towards
you and call you to come see it. 'o, this will never happen. +ou have to go. things cannot
move. man can move. 1o man has to move and go to the particular spot where the ob$ect of
his desire is. If you wish to see the Eiffel !ower, you have to go to 9aris. If you wish to see
the statue of /iberty, you have to go to 'ew +or". If you wish to see the ,uc"ingham palace,
you will have to go to /ondon. If you wish to see the 2reat *all, you will have to go to
China. *herever the building or ob$ect is, you have to reach that place. !he uestion arises-
.here is god#
4irst we have to understand what we mean by the word god. *hen I use the word god I am
not satisfied with the word as it not appropriate word for god. !he word for god in sans"rit is
brahman. If I have to e0plain the meaning of the word brahman, I would say it means that
which is beyond neither one nor two. that which is truth, ever conscious, ever blissful and all
pervasive. ;ather than use these four different words, the seers use one single word i.e.
brahman. It means the e0istence which is everywhere. 1o wherever you are, brahman is, truth
is. !his means that you do not have to wal" even one step to see" god. :od is present in all
times, this means you do not have to wait for one single minute to now god. ,ut the one
who wants to "now god, does he "now who he is? *ho is the see"er, what is his identity?
)nce a man as"ed 1anta, %I wish to meet ,anta, where does he live.& 1anta said, %,anta lives
in front of 1anta(s house.& !he man said, %)", then give me the address of 1anta.& #e said,
%*ell 1anta lives opposite ,anta(s house3&
*hen you say I wish to meet god, then loo" deep in this I. *here does this I stand. ,ecause I
and god, I and brahman cannot be in two different places, cannot e0ist in two different
spaces. Truth is omniscient and omnipresent , this means that where ever you are, truth
is there. ;ight there – within you and outside of you. To now the truth you do not have to
travel outwards, away from yourself or far from yourself. "o you need to go anywhere
to meet that existence which is right there with you# The answer is no. 'ou &ust have to
turn inwards> you &ust have to tae the &ourney to where the final destination, truth is.
The ;elf Is 4ure 1onsciousness
!he 1elf is pure consciousness. +our true self is the purest of pure. It is the witness. #ow is
the self a witness and when is it that? *hen are you aware of your pure self? If you are not
aware of the 7self(, and although the self cannot and will not lose its identity in anyway. ,ut
when identification of the 7self( happens with the body and mind then the self is in a state of
delusion, and this false identification and delusion ma"es you suffer.
If you go to a shop to do your shopping and having bought what you need. you then reali5e
that you forgot your wallet at home, so you $ust wal" out without buying what you need.
#owever, when you get to the car and whilst getting the "eys of the car out of your poc"et
some monies also drop out, and which would have been sufficient for what you bought, how
would you feel? !hat money was there all the time – $ust that you were not aware that money
was there and therefore you could not buy what you wished to buy.
1imilarly, 7I( – 7the self( is sashi, pure witness. #owever, if I am not aware of it, I cannot be
rich and blissful. To be truly happy the awaening of the self is reBuired. !his "nowledge
of the self gives you the understanding that you are pure consciousness – the witness. It is
only through Brahmgyan, the pure "nowledge that you come to "now about your own true
+our body is always changing – in childhood it loo"ed different from what it loo"s li"e
today. It is only through pure "nowledge that you will understand how many different bodies
you have had and yet you are the very same e0istence. how many births you too" and all
those bodies died but you always remained untouched by death. +ou may not be able to
recall one single body out of those thousands of bodies that you too", but yet you are the
same unchangeable purity. 1imilarly, the mind too is in flux> it is always changing with
plenty of good and bad thoughts luring in the mind, all the time. *ho "nows all this? It
is you and you only are the one who is witnessing these changes that are happening in the
body and the mind continuously. !he intellect too behaves differently- sometimes the
intellect ?buddhi@ goes cra5y and at other times it acts intelligently.
*hen I say that 7the self is a witness – sashi swaroop( can you grasp what I am e0plaining?
!he answer can be both 7yes( and 7no(. "nowing it with your mind is not enough, the
e0perience has to be there. is that not strange- "nowing and yet not "nowing. !hose who do
not reali5e their self, does their self die along with the body? 'o, even the Cself’ of ignorant
people is immortal but they suffer from the fear of death due to their ignorance. #owever, the
one who has reali5ed the purity of the self simply laughs away when heAshe encounters death.
'ou are consciousness, pure existence and this body is mortal, &adh , dead. The ;elf is
pure existence and a witness. In awareness of the self there is immense &oy and in not
nowing the self there is a lot of pain and suffering.
1o for whom does a person reuire to have this reali5ation of the self? Is it for the sa"e of
others or for his own sa"e. *hen the self has this shell of the body, mind and senses in front
of it, then false "nowledge arises that I am the body, mind, and we are one.
!he self is chetana – super consciousness, the one who "nows, pure e0istence, truth, ever
conscious and in one word "nown as 7satchitanand. !hat anand or bliss and &oy will only
come to you not by verbali5ing and repeating 7I am satchitanand( but only through
e0perience, and that too your very own e0perience of your 1E/4. *hen would your pain,
suffering, $ealousy, hatred ta"e leave of your mind? !his will happen only when you
understand and reali5e that the mind also is different from you. 'o doubt it is close to you but
still it is not you.
+ou $ust be a watcher, a seer. be aloof from all this paraphernalia of the world and the body.
!hen only can you really en$oy otherwise you will suffer as no scenario is ever going to
remain unchanged. 1hange is bound to happen as it is the very nature of the mind and
this whole world. An enlightened being would say- if it is birth that is fine even if it is death
that is also fine – as nothing can happen to the 1elf.
The realiDed ones would say=
!.hat can death tae away
from me ,nothing+
.hat can life give to me , nothing+
%ll the dramas of this world
is happening in front of me,
)et it happen whatever
has to happen, Therefore
why worry.$
The ?ey to )ifelong <appiness
!.henever your mind becomes
still there is happiness and
en&oyment, and each time the
mind is shaen then sorrow,
tensions and worries surround you$
I will give you the "ey to lifelong happiness and if you can "eep it carefully, then please do
so. !he "ey is- whenever your mind becomes still there is happiness and en$oyment, and each
time the mind is sha"en then sorrow, tensions and worries surround you. +ou begin to go
from one place to another loo"ing for ob$ects that would give you pleasure. *hen you get
them, then suddenly the mind becomes still. once the mind is still, you en$oy yourself. After a
while that ob$ect is lying around in the same place but the mind has run away to another
place. 'ow, it wants something else. ,ut at the moment that you found happiness, it was
because the mind was still.
!he s"y was cloudy and the rain had $ust stopped. *hen the sun came out a person said %see
there is a rainbow there.& As soon as you heard the word 7see(, you became curious and
began to scan the s"y to loo" at the rainbow. *hen you saw the rainbow, then your mind
became still and you were delighted. !he delight of the 7first time( ma"es the mind still. but
then though the same rainbow is still there, the same delight is not felt li"e the first time you
set your eyes on it.
(very moment that the mind becomes still, you experience happiness within. The
techniBue for maing the mind still is contained in your breath. 1alm down your
breathing , the mind will become still> when the mind becomes still you will find
happiness within. .e have become slaves of the ob&ects and persons that give us
happiness in the external world. *e become happy when we get that particular ob$ect or
person. and if do not then we are unhappy. #owever, the happiness you get out of ma"ing
your breathing still is immeasurable – imagine what great freedom that would be3
,y the uietude of your breathing, the mind becomes still then and there, as the mind
becomes still inner happiness is yours3 *e do not need liberation from any other person or
from this world. we only need to be liberated from our own minds. As soon as you are
liberated, the divine light of 2od appears before you. ,ut, how can you see this light of
consciousness that is within you? !his can be seen through "nowledge. !he truth is that the
day you are able to see within yourself, you begin to see outside yourself very soon. ,ut you
cannot see this light without "nowledge. !hen the uestion arises that 7why should I be
thirsty when +ou ?2od@ are sitting in my heart. !his blissful manifestation of 2od was
nothing but the base of your mind. it was the essence of your own mind. +et, your mind was
thirsty yearning for it.
Babir said- %what "ind of fish is this – it longs for water even though it stays in water.& !he
essence of your mind, its basis of consciousness which is the embodiment of 2od, yet your
mind feels deprived, feels unhappy and you entangle yourself in troubles of a thousand "ind.
#e further said- %when your love rained on us – where does this love fall as rain? *hen does
the benediction of that beloved one rain down on the garden of your heart? *hen the mind
becomes still. And when does the mind become still? !he mind can be made still by
practicing different breathing e0ercises and techniues and this is the point where love begins
to shower down that splash of rain for the garden of my heart.
.hat is Mind E .here is It )ocated
!he whole world is perceived through five senses – seeing, hearing, taste, smell and touch
and there cannot be any ob$ect which is beyond the periphery of these senses. !hin" of
anything which you have never seen, never heard, never tasted, never smelled and never
touched. +ou may run the horses of your mind day in8day out, but you will not get any
answer. 1o, we can say that all thoughts in our mind or simply 7the mind( is nothing but the
permutation8combination of the inputs through these senses and these all inputs which are
being perceived in the present or have already been perceived in the past or past lives are
stored in our sub conscious mind or the C1hitta’.
Chitta is the store house of all the perceptions in the form of e0periences and these
impressions of e0periences, whether good or bad, are called samsaras.
!hese sams"aras once made remain there forever till this mind e0ists not for one life but till
the salvation happens. (very individual on this earth comes with this baggage of
samsaras8Cimpressions of past lives’ which is the root of the different thought
processes amongst all. !herefore, this whole thought process in any individual is because of
relation of sensory inputs and the sams"aras and that is the reason why all individuals thin"
different on seeing the same ob$ect. 4or e0ample, by seeing roses in the flower pot, a teenager
may thin" of presenting a rose to his girlfriend and to have a "iss in return. *hereas, a painter
may thin" of its colours, the depth, the petals, the beauty and would $ust get engrossed in its
contouring. A horticulturist, on the other hand, may thin" of its species, the genetic
engineering behind and how it was nurtured while for a devotee, it would only remind him of
his deity or 2uru to whom he may offer these.
I hope now it is clear to you that this whole world is perceived through mind. 1o, anything
related with this world is created by your mind or to say 7you(.
'ow if I relate this to your daily life then this me, mine, attachment, greed, anger, hatred,
pride, egotism, passions, desires are all because of this mind. 1o this whole garbage of lust,
anger, passions to say a few is created by you.
'ow people as" – how to come out of anger# <ow to remove attachments# And this list
goes on and on and on.
*ell, if you have created something, then only you can come out of it.
!his is in the habit of mind that it creates a web, then gets entangled in it and then starts
trembling to come out of it and when it fails then it loo"s for help. And most of the time it
loo"s for help in its own created web and gets more entangled.
It(s only the enlightened master who has the power to rescue. Master gives the sword of
wisdom by which you can cut this web and come out of it.
)ur scriptures say that mind is the cause of pain and this mind itself will be the cause of
liberation. It is because of the ignorance of this mind that it gets entangled in this world
which is created by it self. )n the contrary, by understanding it, "nowing it and transcending
it, one can attain salvation. *henever there is a "not, the "not can be opened in the same
place but the only problem is that this "not does not "now that it is a "not.
!hat is the reason why a living master is needed in this life to un"not this "not of ego,
entanglements and pain.
Mind divides itself into three things= the observer, the ob&ect and the observation. It
identifies itself with the observer first i.e. the body> then perceives ob&ects as different
from itself and due to the process of observation it creates different relationships with
those ob&ects.
Mind is lie a money. A mon"ey may sit idle but a mon"ey bitten by a serpent can never
sit idle and that is the condition of the human mind which is bitten by the serpent of desires. It
"eeps on moving here and there loo"ing for the worldly pleasures, it always "eeps munching
on one thing for long thus, creating lust, greed, attachments etc, it "eeps on $umping from one
branch to another i.e. changing relationships, shifting from one mood to another. Mon"ey
also has a uniue habit of mimic"ing. It tries to mimic others no matter good or bad and the
same goes for the mind. If other has a lu0ury car then it has to have a lu0ury car. If other has
a big bric" house then it has to have a similar house no matter how hard it is to get there. And
the list is endless. +ou "now it better.
'ow the uestion arises where this bitten mon"ey – 7the mind( located anatomically?
Is it in the brain? +ou dissect it and try to find out. Is it in the heart? *hat happens when one
goes through an open heart surgery? If it was located in the heart, the surgeon would have
come to "now everything in that mind. 1o where the hell is it located?
If mind was an organ, then its infections would have been – attachment, desire, greed, anger,
lust, pride, egotism, I8ness etc and any such infection could have been easily treated through
right medication or surgery.
!his proves that mind is not an organ either. And, it is surely not something which a normal
human being perceives.
Mind is very subtle and is located in the whole body in each and every cell and atom of this
body and also outside the body. Mind is that invisible power that eeps on doing its wor
uninterruptedly and we can certainly gain command over this power , through
awareness and consciousness which leads to an ever blissful state. The ey for which is
given by a true master.
Fight .ay of )iving )ife
It(s so bla5ing with lights on my face. I can hardly see your faces. I hope, even your eyes are
spirited up C spar"ed up for this moment. It(s an E0po of life positive but sometimes if you
really try to delve into the meaning of the word, it gives you a very wondrous e0perience. 4or
e0ample, I would say, /ife C 9ositive. Aren(t they two words synonym of one another?
Aren(t we repeating it? As if it is to say water C #=). )ne or the same thing but because I
was not as"ed to name this maga5ine, ?smiling@ so I cannot comment now, that what I felt
li"e saying it, so I am saying it. /ife in itself is complete and the moment we say spirituality,
it has everything to do with your each moment of life. !his is as I see it, this very life is there
only because the spirit is there. !his very moment which is pulsating, throbbing, why?
,ecause there e0ists is a spirit in life. ;eligion has named this e0istence in all different "ind
of words and all sort of symbolic languages have been used. ,ut the !ruth is this- none of the
words can sufficiently e0plain what e0istence is? ,ecause it is beyond words and periphery
of the mind to perceive what e0actly is truth. !hat(s the reason all enlightened masters have
always felt this sheer helplessness, that even they have spo"en so much yet the truth remains
Buddha once was as"ed by one of the great philosopher of that time. #e was D= years old at
that time, rela0ing under a tree in a $ungle. It was autumn time. All dried leaves were
scattered on the ground. )ne could hardly see the face of the ground. 1o many leaves were
there as if a lush carpet of dry leaves has been laid down by the nature for the ,uddha only.
,ecause I thin", the nature is wor"ing for the enlightened ones and it is also wor"ing for
those who are not enlightened yet those who are unenlightened will be enlightened one day.
!his philosopher as"ed ,uddha, %+ou had been spea"ing since your enlightenment for forty
years or so. :on(t you thin" so, you have said whatever you wanted to say.& ,uddha held
leaves in his hands and said, %My dear friend, the leaves in my hand denominate that much
which I have spo"en and the leaves in this forest you are seeing on this ground, this is the
amount which is yet unsaid.& Mind you, ,uddha has been spea"ing for more than forty years
and it was not li"e as today we people are doing. *e have very organi5ed programs which
are too short to e0plain everything.
I go on the invitation of the people. I spea" for, say, two hours and come bac". ,uddha was
always, surrounded by see"ers, day and night. !here is always someone, with uestions,
see"ing answers from this great master. 1ee this continuous spea"ing of forty years and yet
,uddha is saying that what he has spo"en amounts to be a handful of the leaves and what is
yet to be spo"en is the leaves in the garden. 9hilosopher was totally ama5ed and as"ed, %*hy
aren(t you saying that is yet not said?& ,uddha smiled and he said, %I cannot because no one
can do that. It is impossible. !he vast magnitude of the truth cannot be put into the small
vessel of the words. I am trying my best, whatever I can do, in whatever way, whatever
e0pression, in whatever $ester. I am using everything to pouring my compassion C love. And
when I am spea"ing with the earnest prayer that whosoever comes to me becomes a
,odhisattva, becomes a see"er and becomes enlightened does not die with the ignorance with
which we all born.& !he scriptures are the words collected by the disciples and later being
compiled to be given a shape of a boo", to be "nown as a holy boo".
Every religion has its own holy boo". 'o doubt every boo" is tal"ing about the truth but it
cannot be compared to a master spea"ing to pour the truth. )ne can feel the freshness of a
dew drop during this. A boo" will always be a boo" as a recipe boo" cannot satisfy ones
hunger. It cannot be one of the famous chefs of the world. Although, it can carry the most
delicious recipe and beautiful pictures with e0uberant colors, but seeing these pictures,
reading the recipes, "nowing the method to prepare a dish cannot offer you to satisfy your
hunger. +our hunger doesn(t go away. +ou have to coo" it or someone else does for you,
only then you can eat it. !hat(s the only way with which your hunger can go. 1imilarly, every
mind is carrying that hunger- to "now, to see"61ome time people are not aware. !hey do not
"now at their conscious level they are see"ing the truth only. !hey have different names for
it. In most cases they give name to this see"ing as searching for happiness. *hether you are a
theist or an atheist, a believer or non8believer, each C every individual who is wal"ing on this
earth has a brain and heart and is loo"ing for happiness. And I say happiness is the other
name of the %!ruth&. It can be called an immature name of the truth. ,ut yet it is another
name of truth.
;o there is one stage in every human beings life, one is looing for this happiness, in
carnal pleasure, in sensuality, in food, in eating well, in merriment, in dance, in
copulation. %fter all this wonderment, still one remains unsatisfied with the outcomes.
)ne remains unhappy even after pursuing what one thin"s is right and can provide happiness.
,ut man is cunning and now he reali5es that what if he is not happy today. #e thin"s, 7I will
be happy tomorrow(. 1o, one thing remains and that is hope. #ope that tomorrow definitely, I
will be happy. If the circumstances change, then definitely, I will be happy. !hen he plans
and thin"s that if things go according to what he has planned and if his strategy wor"s, no one
can stop him to be happy. 1o here we associate certain conditions which we apply to our
happiness. 1o there is no need to worry for our today which is unhappy. 1ince we have great
dreamy plans for our tomorrow and we always have this hope, it never dies. It never leaves
us. It is a constant friend which is wal"ing with us every step since our birth. !he religion,
practiced by the masses is being fed upon this edifice of hope. And everyone is being told,
everyone is being educated that a day will come when you will be really happy. And if you
want that day to arrive soon, do something. 4or e0ample, go on a pilgrimage or do some
charity or chant mantras or see" an astrologer who will let you "now when your good time is
coming. #ave a great hope3 I respect astrology as a science, but there are very few of the
practitioners who are doing it with scientific temper. 1o one of the naEf astrologer was
approached by a man and was as"ed, %9lease loo" into my horoscope and let me "now what(s
going to happen in my life, when will I be happy.& !he astrologer went through his chart,
gave him predictions and as"ed him to wear some gem stones, do this and do that.
!his gentle man had another friend along with him. !he astrologer intriguingly as"ed his
friend, %*ouldn(t you li"e to "now that what is there for you in your future?& Man said, %'o
than" you very much, I am happy with whatever I have. I am ).B. with that.& Astrologer
would not let him go and said, %'o, 'o, you have to do it. 1ince you are claiming to be
happy, I will loo" for your future with reducing my fee to fifty percent.& Man said, %).B. I
don(t mind.& 1o he as"ed his date of birth, did his calculations and said whatever he wanted
to say. ,oth of them stood up to leave and the man said, %).B., we will leave.& )n this
astrologer enuired,& *hat about my fees?& !he man said, %1o didn(t you chec" your own
horoscope that this man will not pay me. It could have been that simple because, I was
already saying that I am not interested but you were pushing me into it. +ou should have
better chec"ed before, you could have seen my forehead line or my hand lines or my
horoscope but my horoscope has turned out to be horror scope for you now.& !he beauty of
the spirituality is thus, %As long as you are hoping to be happy in your future, that future will
never be your present because the present will always remain a present and the future will
always remain a future and we cannot change the future into the present.& Can you? :o you
have any magic, do you have any mantra or do you have any 1I::#I to do that? :o you
have miraculous power to change the future into the present if your present is unhappy? :o
not fool yourself with the hope that one day in future, by chanting mantras, by going to the
pilgrimage, my stars will be favorable. !hese are nothing but the lame e0cuses.
)et me remind you one thing= the religion being practiced by the masses turns out to be
shallow. !hey tend to depend too much on the belief system which is been offered by their
respective religions. It turns out to be more of a ritualistic $amboree, whereby one is assigned
to be a #indu, a 1i"h, a ,uddhist, a Christian. Each and every person has a typical way of
doing things which their religion and their scripture has as"ed them. And in some cases, they
are being told by the priest who as"s them to do this and do that. I have found in my
e0perience that thousands of people even don(t even really read their scriptures, but they $ust
carry it as a trophy in their homes. 1o they may have a picture of a great painter which hangs
in one of the corners of the wall decorating their home. !hey may have a scripture which
might be decorating a boo"shelf or a room by which they can claim themselves to be
religious. !hey really don(t delve into that, they really don(t dig deep into that. *ho has the
time? !he strangest of the strange thing is that they are loo"ing for the happiness. Each and
every one is loo"ing for happiness and yet they don(t "now where to loo" for. I am reminded
of a story. A beggar, day in and day out, would be seen on the same place begging in his
worn8out clothes, disorderly beard, famished body and with wea" physiue. And one day he
died. 1ince everyone saw him daily sitting and begging at the same place, they decided to
form a graveyard right there. 1o they dug up the earth and to their astonishment on reaching
three feet down, they found a bo0 full of treasure. Fust see that he "ept on sitting on the
treasure bo0 whole of his life yet he remained a beggar. *hy? #e didn(t have any clue. 'o
one even had a clue that a beggar is sitting on a treasure worth millions and still he is a
.hy are we unhappy#
In a way, man cannot live without a relationship because this human being comes to this
earth from a relationship. Man and woman meet to give birth to a child. And your
relationship starts right from very early days. !he moment you come out of the mother(s
womb, you are nurtured, you are given all the love and affection and the care and from here
the whole story of relationship starts. ,ut the basic issue on which I want to emphasi5e is
that the man and the woman who brought you on this earth, who became a vehicle for you to
come to this earth, they themselves had no training. !hus they never gave you the training.
+ou have always seen them as"ing, e0pecting from others and that is what you have got and
now this is what you are practicing.
The best relationships in your life are always the ones in which you are not expecting
anything. )n the contrary, you are ready to deliver something to others. Even when we begin
a spiritual life, this relationship with :od again is established on the basis of some ulterior
motive. *e want 2od to bless us. we want 2od to fulfill our desires. It is again not on the
basis of love.
Sufis say, C"od will never aear to those who will seek #im, and for those who will not
seek, "od will be never available to them.’ !he moral of the story is that as long as you are
desperate to "now 2od, you will not "now #im because you have an ulterior motive and 2od
is allergic to it. 1o, as long as you have a desire to get enlightened, FinDai, the famous Gen
master says, you will never be. 1o as long as you wish to get awa"ened, your wish will be an
obstacle. )ne of the mon"s wrote that for twenty years he "ept on meditating, serving his
master and wor"ing on the "oans which ;in5ai would give. #e would spend sleepless nights,
meditate for more than fifteen hours a day and constantly as"ed the master, when he would
get awa"ened? And as the Gen masters are "nown for giving spontaneous weird answers,
every time ;in5ai would whac" him. And after twenty years, a day came when he became
rela0ed and meditated for the sa"e of meditating and not for the sa"e of getting enlightened.
:ays passed, spring came and the trees were laden with flowers. )ne night while meditating
under these blossoming trees when there was fragrance in the air, he was en$oying every
moment of his meditation. #e was not see"ing anything, not even enlightenment and he got
'e0t day, he went to his master, bowed and he had $ust one uestion- %*hen I was desperate,
when I would bother you with my uestions, to teach me the way, let me "now which is the
tric", what should I do to brea" my slumber of ignorance and you would $ust whac" me and
last night I was blessed. *hat was the reason? I don(t "now. +ou were the reason, I don(t
"now. I was the reason, I don(t "now, but something happened, something dawned upon me.&
;in5ai said to his dear disciple that last night when you were meditating, that was the time
when truly you could meditate without thin"ing of enlightenment, without worrying about
even master. *hy I am not blessing you and opening those gates for you, the gateless gates
of enlightenment for you – and being in that moment, the magic happened.
The relationship with your own spirituality is also laced with selfishness as you want to
be happy, you want peace, and you want to have those ecstatic moments which you are
reading in the boos and scriptures. +ou become greedy and you want all those good
things happening to you, and you want ;amadhi too.
Femember, beggars cannot be the givers. %nd in any sound relationship you have to be
a giver. *hen it is the uestion of children, then parent(s should accept that they have been
blessed by nature, by 2od, to e0perience, how this human body comes into being, the wonder
of seeing the baby, the wonder of seeing the baby growing from a toddler to an adult, from a
child who is always pestering his mother and father for toys and mil", growing up to be an
adult. 9arents should be than"ful for being given opportunity. And I thin" it is an important
$ob which should be handed over only to sensible people, not to those who say that children
happen because of an accident or we $ust got pregnant. I don(t thin" that every man and
woman should be given a right to be a parent until and unless they are trained to become one.
(very parent should be trained, well8eBuipped to live their life in a better and balanced
manner. *hen they bring forth a child in their family, they should be able to guide this child
on how to develop a sound and healthy relationship.
!he mother has to learn to be a mother. the father has to learn to be a father. *e have great
e0amples. ;hwetaetu goes to his father and tells him that since he is a Brahmin he should
have the right to sit with him, when the latter goes out to the assemblies. And when his father
informs him that he is not a ,rahmin but a 1hudra, he is shoc"ed3 !he father e0plains that
$ust because he is born of him, the son doesn(t become a ,rahmin. !he day 1hweta"etu will
reali5e ,rahmina, will be the day when he will be given the legitimate certificate to be called
as a ,rahmin. 4or now, he is $ust a 1hudra. And a 1hudra is the one whose attachment is with
this body of flesh and bones. If you identify $ust with this mortal human body, if you don(t
"now who you really are, then you cannot be called a ,rahmin, and you(ll have to wor" hard
to get to the point when you can actually be called a ,rahmin. #ere, the father is giving an
opportunity and the right guidelines to his son to be an able, an independent, and a sound
!he relationships become wondrous when you are already happy with yourself, when you are
not see"ing something from anyone, when you are there to share your insight, when you are
there to share your limelight with others. !hen you yourself become a beacon of great
"nowledge. !hat(s the time when you can be perfect in any relationship, as a husband, a
wife, a child, a mother, a father, a friend. and even as an enemy.
I would li"e to give an e0ample of ;ri ?rishna. *hen ;hishupal was abusing him in the
royal court, 1ri Brishna was listening to every abuse attentively as if 1hishupal was giving a
great discourse. Ar$un and other 9andavas were, however, getting upset and furious. !hey
wanted to "ill 1hishupal right at that spot but 1ri Brishna was simply smiling. !hen 1ri
Brishna said that he had told his aunt that he would pardon hundred mista"es done by
1hishupal. !hese are the hundred mista"es which he has allowed 1hishupal and had even
warned him about them. #e "ept counting them, en$oying every bit of those abuses. #ow can
anyone en$oy the abuses? 1ee the life of 1ri Brishna, who is en$oying abuses as well.
Bulleh ;hah comes very close to this. )ne day, someone approached ,ulleh 1hah and said,
7your 2uru is a thief(. ,ulleh 1hah agreed with that person, saying that his 2uru is a thief
because he stole his heart +es3 Indeed, he is a thief and its good for you that you have "nown
it. 4or this "ind of a person, an abuse is really not an abuse. ,ut this man who approached
,ulleh 1hah became angrier. 1o he abused ,ulleh 1hah, saying that he was eual to a dog.
,ulleh 1hah replied that that too was true. %!his is what I am trying to be with my master, a
dog at his door,& he said. %9ray for me that one day I successfully become a dog. +ou don(t
"now what greatness a dog has. !he dog sits at his master(s door, and even if the master "ic"s
him, he still lic"s his master(s feet and I have to learn this tolerance and this love from the
dog that even if my master "ic"s me, punches me, I have to be still there, right there at the
door because master is the way and will be the gate for me and the master will be the reason
for me to dissolve my false ego and recogni5e my own true self.& And the day you have
recogniDed your own true self, then that will be the day when you can live any
relationship with the best means, modes and tools.
In reality, the day you learn to be successful in any relationship is the day when you actually
get your graduation and you reach the upper level where you come out of all relationships
and transcend even the boundaries of being in a relationship. !hat is the day when you
become a perfect human being.
;top Thining, (n&oy )iving
The mind means thoughts and, the existence of this mind
is a mere illusion. It is very easy to understand the
concrete thing, but how can one understand the
functioning of the mind which is &ust a mirage.
Thining is a continuous process to an e0tent that we don(t need liberation from any e0ternal
entity but our own mind. .hat is the meaning of mind? !he mind means thoughts and, the
e0istence of this mind is a mere illusion. It is very easy to understand the concrete thing, but
how can one understand the functioning of the mind which is $ust a mirage, and yet rules
our world and our actions.
*nderstanding mind is more of an inward study than an outward discovery. And once you
get to "now it completely, you $ust move beyond it because "nowing is moving beyond. !o
be able to understand your mind, it is important to begin discovering your mind,
searching within your mind.
*e are always engrossed in our activities, but the essential nature of mind is to be detached.
!he temperament of this mind is such that no matter how hard we try to bind it to this world,
it refuses to be bound. This mind does not belong to anyone> it is dispassionate and
remains so.
+ou can discover this nature of mind by being determined in your spiritual practice.
;epeated practice brings its own maturity into the performance and you cannot practice
anything without possessing an element of persistence.
If you are not persistent, then you cannot attain excellence in your spiritual practice. I
will get up in the morning at four, do my meditation, if this tenacity is not within you, then
your mind will find hundreds of reasons, thousands of e0cuses saying, !.here is the need
for me to wae up early in the morning# #ow does it matter if I do my meditation a little
later? And anyway, I practice these things everyday, so even if I don(t do it one day, it will
not really ma"e a difference.& !he mind will grope for numerous reasons to disrupt you. ,ut,
spiritual pursuit is not possible without firm determination.
Another important thing is that you should not be stubborn while living out your role in
society. It is not advisable to be stubborn in your interactions and behavior with others. ,ut
the same stubbornness becomes a good thing when an aspirant brings it within the realm of
his spiritual pursuit. :on(t be stubborn with others. ?eep your stubbornness to yourself
but that too, should be within a limit. *hat "ind of limit? ,e adamant but only from the
point of view of spiritual pursuit. *ithout this stubbornness, devoid of this determination, we
cannot move much ahead in spiritual practice.
'ow, we want to practice spirituality, we want to be solely devoted to :od. but in our
thoughts, in our conversations, the topics are generally neither those relating to :od or to
spiritual practice. *henever you tal", whom do you tal" about? +ou always tal" about
others. !hose others can be your relatives, friends, or anyone else or any other topic of
!houghts of others are crowds. *hen we begin thin"ing about others, we move away from
meditation. .hen we tal about others, whether good things or bad things, then our
concentration shifts from ourselves to the person that we are taling about. As long as
we are attached to 7others( in our mind and in our thoughts, we will not be able to develop
longing for 2od.
Mind is the only barrier between you and :od. !he one, who "nows this mind, can move
beyond it. !o discover mind, two things are important- first is your resolve and the second is
ridding your mind of the thoughts of others.
$ust do
.atch your mind to see what inds of thoughts come in it. "o not pass &udgment on
these thoughts saying that this is a good thought or this is a bad thought. 'our mind is a
showman> it brings so many shows in front of you, &ust watch these shows of your own
mind. %dopting an approach of a witness, watch your mind and its activities lie an
observer, unattached. "on’t get carried away by those activities. .hen you view your
mind as an observer, the mind will cease to be a problem and instead, will become a free
%arry out this e&eriment
Mae a resolve, !I am not going to discuss others$. ;it with someone thining that !I
will surely tal, but today I will not tal about others.$ @ther means anybody other
than the two of you. (ven :od E :uru come in the category of others. "o tal but the
topic of your conversation must not be Cothers’. Then there will be nothing to tal
about. .hen there remains nothing to tal about, you will become Buiet and when you
become Buiet, only then will you be able to investigate your own mind. %nd what is
reBuired to observe one’s own mind# ;ilence is reBuired. %s long as your mind is noisy,
as long as it goes on thining about other people, you can not hear even the words of
*hen you sit for meditation, you say, 'Numerous thoughts eep crossing my mind$ All
this thin"ing that you are doing, whatever you are contemplating, who are all these thoughts
about? About others3 *hen you begin thin"ing about others, you move away from
meditation. 'ou sat down with the intention of praying to :od and are actually thining
of others. *hether this thin"ing is good or bad is immaterial. the fact is that your goal is not
1top thin"ing about others, stop discussing others and stop tal"ing about others. *henever
thoughts of others begin to arise in your mind then use the sword of "nowledge to chop off
the heads of those thoughts, saying, %I am not going to thin" about others.& .hen you Buit
thining about others, when you set your mind absolutely free from others, then you
become an aspirant, a seeer in real sense.
'(e a witness to your mind
and only then will you come to know that you
and your mind are two different entities.)
The Infinite ;pectrum of 1reativity
.ith the limitations of the mind, we tend to believe that Ccreativity’ means art, literature, dance or music.
But once we transcend the mind then we realiDe that right from the smallest spec of dust to the largest
volumptuous siDed planet in cosmos, each and every area is part of creativity
!he infinite spectrum of creativity has often been perceived as limited to the fields li"e art
and literature. It is because when we thin" from limited mind, things loo" in a very small
brac"et, as our conscious mind is not bigger than a bubble. !he scientists have proved that the
capacity of human brain is immense but we are using only <H of our brain. this means even
Einstein used $ust close to IH of his capacity.
.ith the limitations of the mind, we tend to believe that Ccreativity’ means art,
literature, dance or music. ,ut once we transcend the mind then we reali5e that right from
the smallest spec" of dust to the largest volumptuous si5ed planet in cosmos, each and every
area is part of creativity> even a glade of grass is so immaculately designed and shaped, has
been given a specific color, identity, and consciousness, but which is in sleep mode. *hen
we say 7creativity( then whatever our senses can perceive and whatever is beyond the
perception, whatever we can thin" about and whatever is beyond thin"ing comes in the
region of creativity. 1o, we cannot use a mar"er and boldly say that this is a part of the
creativity, and rest is not.
Nothing in this universe is mundane. The flawless beauty of trees and plants, the
blossoming of flowers, the chirping of birds, all is happening because of creativity. Fust
have a loo" at your hands. they are so intricately, beautifully, and creatively aligned. Can this
be compared with something lesser than an art? !he way your eyes and ears are wor"ing. the
way the dance of the blood is happening in your body. it(s more of a %dance& as it is going
against the gravity, rushing all towards the head and it(s coming bac" down. 1o, we cannot
limit creativity to art, literature, music or dance. 1reativity is much bigger and we need to
broaden up our vision to really understand this.
In Mythology, we say that the creator has created this creation, the world, which we are
seeing, but if you go more into the depth, then there is no creator but creativity is happening.
It(s a constant process. the nature is wor"ing constantly C persistently.
1reativity is a continuous process and you cannot put it in a brac"et that these things alone
fit into the label of creativity and rest does not. Creativity is something which is an 7integral
part( of us. !he only thing is that we have to open8up our eyes to see, admire and en&oy the
Every human being is born with great capacities- capacity to thin, to create, to admire
beauty, to write beautiful poetry, painting, dancing, cooing, mothering, fathering.
!here are scores of people who are painters but they don(t "now that they have this capacity
or ability in them.
;ociety at large is more concerned for pleasing the senses. 1o, there is a non8ending list of
materials which people long and dream to possess, including the hunger to get recognition,
name and fame. !hey go on praying to 2od for fulfillment of their wants and wishes. 'ow
actually it(s not what they want, it is what they are seeing that people have it and now they
too want to have what others have.
*e can say that creativity e0ists in every person. 1ooing is an expression of creativity>
eeping your boos neatly on the boo8shelf is creativity. (eauty too is an e0pression of
creativity. Move into the tribal areas where there is no reach of any cosmetic industries and
neither do they have money to spend on products, but yet all these women have innovative
ways to beautify their bodies. !hey might use the chal" or mi0 ash or use some dye made by
crushing some plant leaves, and ma"e a paste to then beautify her body. !his too is creativity.
'ow, creativity is being lost in these mundane activities. ;ight from the tribal woman, to that
upscale 'ew +or" cosmopolitan educated woman who has loads of money to spend and buy
those e0pensive things from J=nd Avenue, both these women have their own versions of
creativity but both of them are concerned with their body alone. !heir e0pression of creativity
is too much limited to the matter, their body, which is mortal. 1o we can say that it is not the
optimum or real creativity. ,ut everyone has it, in one proportion or degree.
)ove brings out all 1reativity
*e need to relate and spend more time with our own self. ;elating with one self means
relating with breath, mind, brain and then consciousness. !he more you bring this !pranic
energy$ in your body, higher will be the degree of your consciousness.
The higher the degree of consciousness, there will be more ossibilities for the higher
intuitions to haen to you. *nd when you are in the range where mind has been
uncluttered, body has been energi+ed with ',rana -nergy), with the '%osmic -nergy),
you are more at an receiving end, where you.ll be able to imbibe the knowledge, the
wisdom from your own higher regions.
!his is the best thing which one can do and this means you need to learn %yoga&. +ou need to
learn to meditate. +ou need to learn the value and the celebration of 7singing(, the 7"irtan7.
+ou need to learn to be in 7love(. /ove brings out all creativity. 'ou need to be in love with
your own true self, your own Chigher self’ and those who will begin to move in this
direction, their personalities get shaped up.
!here is a long list of mystic masters vi5 ;ant ?abir, Baba ;heih Harid, and more, who
never went to any school or university, but a mystical thing happened to them, and that(s their
master happened to them. !his one meeting with the master inspired divine love in their
hearts, and this small light of divine love grew so big that their personalities were
transformed. !hen this love pushed them to such a state where poetry began to flow through.
not any ordinary poetry, but the poetry in which the truth was being depicted. If the master
wouldn(t have come in their life, they would have ended up being $ust a very ordinary person.
Meditation inspires 1reativity
Every meditator is definitely a creator because he or she is creating the higher levels of
consciousness within, and with this higher level of consciousness, all beautiful things will
!here is a profound relationship between meditation and creativity. A non8meditative
person cannot be really a creative person. 'ow sometimes people are allergic to the word
!Meditation$. *hat they don(t understand is that the real ob$ective of meditation is to be in
the right state of mind where concentration, contemplation and awareness manifest in the
,ut what is meditation – it(s a state of mind where thoughts are not clattering, you are not
being bombarded with your memories of past life time, where you are not wasting your time
in speculations, about your uncertain future. Meditation is when you are in a state where
mind is uiet but you are not sleeping. you are fully awa"e, very vigilant, and very agile.
!here the level of the awareness is high and this is the time where all inventions happen.
*hen a painter is painting, he gets so absorbed that he is lost for whole world and the whole
world is lost to him. *hen a potter is wor"ing on his wheel, and shaping up things from the
loose earth C mud8then for him the world doesn(t e0ist. !hey are very much involved in the
wor" and this involvement shows the optimum level of their concentration.
!he matured level of the concentration changes into C"harana’, the nearest word in English
can be 7Contemplative and the mature contemplation changes into CMeditation7. 'o painter
or a writer or dancer or scientist can wor" minus the concentration, can they? Can anyone?
'o, even if a doctor wishes to e0amine his patient and he is holding the pulse, he has to
concentrate or else he will miss the beats. #ow can concentration be achieved? ,y
C4ranayama7 as it consolidates the scattered mind. !his will further result in higher level of
awareness, and creativity will happen to you.
Be @pen to Feceive
All great revolutions that happen through artists, poets, painters, dancers, writers, and even
scientists happen when they are in a state of sheer rela0ation. ;ela0ation doesn(t mean $ust
physical rela0ation but encompasses psychological, emotional, and spiritual relaxation.
!hey are in that state of meditativeness when the super sub8conscious mind which is part of
the macro8cosmic mind starts functioning and creativity dawns upon.
Fabindra Nath Tagore, the noble pri5e winner from India, was as"ed how and what did he
do to write C:itan&ali(. !agore gave a very beautiful answer. #e said, 7I never wrote
2itan$ali(, it got written through me. I am not the writer. I am the one who received it. ,ut
this capacity to receive is missing in many people. Ironically, it(s there for everyone but we
are not prepared to receive. because all of our energies are being wasted in the false pursuits-
#ow good I loo"? #ow much money do I have? #ow many club memberships do I have?
In any field from science, to art, to philosophy, one tends to put all energy in understanding,
wor"ing, and thin"ing incessantly but nothing comes up. !he time comes when thin"ing
stops and when thin"ing stops, real "nowledge is received. .hy is meditation important#
*ell for this very reason, that it helps you to reach that stage, where you don(t have to ma"e
any e0tra effort but where you are in such a wavelength that the "nowledge begins to open up
all of its charms to you.
1o, every creative person is a meditator, even if that person is not doing traditional
meditations. Every scientist comes close to that moment, very close to that moment where a
'ogi is, but he never en$oys that state because he was not loo"ing for that. *hatever the
problem or whatever the sub$ect, he or she was focused upon, they are thin"ing on those
lines, the mind gets e0hausted 8mind becomes still, and revelation happens. !hen they come
bac" to their normal state of mind. !hey go very close to that door, so close that if they
would have opened the door, the whole spiritual world would have sprung up in front of
them. ,ut they go only for the specific thing and $ust come bac". 1o, these doors remain close
for them. ,ut for a mystic, these doors open8up.
1reative Intelligence
Intelligence is &ust one faculty and creativity is far another one. !hey have no relationship
at all. .as (instein intelligent# .as (dison intelligent# .as Newton intelligent# !he
answer is 7yes( and 7no(. 7+es(, because in their respective fields, they did a lot of deep wor"
and gave great inventions to the world. 7'o(, because they "new so much about the matter
but they were absolutely ignorant about their own real8self.
1reativity is very different from intelligence. +ou can be a high I> person, but a very
clumsy one when it comes to creativity, and vice8a8versa. +ou can be intelligent but not
creative. ,ut you cannot be a fool and yet creative. #owever, when we tal" about the
complete person, who is living with higher level of consciousness, will be intelligent and
creative also. And this is the perfect harmony of intelligence and creativity, which can occur
to an individual but only to that individual who has lost its individuality and has merged with
the infinity.
*hen you are one with the infinity, your source of intelligence and your source of creativity
will never wither away. It(s an %everyday evolution&, which is happening and this evolution
happens to those who are e0periencing the evolution.
C1reativity’ and CTrue Intelligence’ go hand in hand. ,ut the intelligence which is being
accepted by people as intelligence will not go hand in hand with the creativity. Intelligence
and creativity should be an integral part of your life and both should be in harmony, which
can be brought by %meditativeness&. Meditativeness will give you both, creativity and
intelligence. 7'ot meditation, but Meditativeness.(
;par of 1reativity
*e should learn to live our life in appreciating everything, which is done with precision. ,ut
never measure creativity with a scale *hen a child ma"es a house of sand on the river ban",
and gives the finishing touches, there is a beaming smile and a proud feeling that brightens
his face, and he goes yelling 7see what I have made(. 'ow, if an architect has made a hundred
storey building, he too feels very proud and says, 7see my building(. *hat(s the difference
between the sand8house made by the child and a spectacular building built by an architect?
Creativity can not be measured on these levels because this "ind of comparison is too worldly
and creativity is beyond all this.
!here are not any pea"s or lows, we can only say that sometimes the spar" of creativity is
small and sometimes the spar" is very big but every spar" has the capacity to burn8out.
Even a match8stic" is very thin and all, but little flame on the head of this etch stic" can burn
the whole city. Creativity is $ust li"e that. it is $ust a spar" which has the capacity to ignite
1reativity E Negativity
)ne can be a great painter, a great dancer and yet be filled with all negativities. !he biggest
negativity which most of these artists, who are not real artists, have is that they are always
dying for name C fame. 1ometimes when they are not bothered about money, they have
another added value i.e. their Chuge egos.( !he biggest pitfall for artists is their ego. 1o,
negativity can e0ist even if you are a creative person. !hese are very dramatically opposite
It(s only the master who can really "ic" them and straighten them up. And if the master is
real, humble and a true master in every way, heAshe will ma"e sure that hisAher disciple does
not end up being only a perfect artist but also becomes a perfect human being.
A real artist has to be a real human being and you cannot be a real human being if you don(t
have passion, love, and prayer in your heart. prayerfulness completes you as a human being.
And once you are a complete human being then you can be a perfect artist.
)nly a real human being, who has humbleness, love, nobility, purity can be really called an
Cartist’. A real artist should have all of the humane ualities li"e love, compassion, egoless
ness, no competitiveness, not being over8ambitious, not dying to get recognition or name or
fame or money or credits. !hose who don(t have these attributes, and those who don(t give
credit of their all achievements to the divinity, can not be called real artists. If you are a
meditator, a real meditator, negativities $ust vanish. they $ust melt away from you. And when
these melt, true creativity happens to you.
Balanced living
+ou must e0cel in your fields, be rich, but don(t remain a pauper in spiritual world. ,e a
software engineer or a doctor but never loose your grip on your awareness. ,e rich both
ways. live your life in abundance, not only in possessions but also in spirituality.
Money, fame and success are not adversaries to spiritual life, they are not enemies but if we
have the insight, the wisdom, then we can use all the success, all the money, all the prosperity
in uplifting not only our state but also the state of the world, the state of the people.
+ou and then only you can really ma"e a difference in life of other people. !o gift
something, to donate something, or to do a charity, you first have to have money. if you
don(t have it, you can(t do all these things.
!o bring some meaning in life of other people, you have to be in a position to do that. +ou
cannot be a failure and claim that you can bring some good change in someone(s life. ,e
successful, be rich, live in abundance, but remember, all these outer things are not eternal.
1o, be focused and bring harmony in your inner and outer pursuits. There should be this
right balance, where you are focused inwards and outwards. !his will be the real
definition of true creativity, that you are not living lop8sided. *e should not be living in
e0tremes. we should be living with great balance and create harmony in our inner C outer
.ho or .hat is :od#
!his is an interesting uestion because more than half of the humanity is a believer in :od,
and every religion has its own definition which is uite different from the definition given by
the other religion. !his earth is having more than <JK religions, so we can say there are more
than 25I inds of :od. And in this whole $amboree of so many plural 2ods, one is
seemingly so different from the one. It really confuses the mind. !hen sometimes one tends
to say that there isn(t any 2od and it(s $ust the fabrication of the human mind. 1ome
sociologists come out with their own definitions that :od is an idea which has been
concocted by the priests and by the politicians for selfish interests. 4or some ulterior motive,
2od has been created, because 2od is never going to come up and say 7I am :od(. I(m
saying this because 2od in most of the religions is seen as a person, as a gracious, superman,
who sits on his golden thrown. And on whim creates the world and on whim destroys the
world. Most of the religions tend to accept this notion of :od. 1o they have their own one
"ind of idol or an image of :od and then they have their own set of rituals, which they
believe in with die8hard conviction.
!he most important thing which is to be understood is that mind which is already over loaded
with information about :ods. It seems so unreal to e0perience or to now really what :od
is. And truly spea"ing, most of the beautiful things in our life and in this world are beyond
the category of defining in words li"e the scent of the best perfume – someone may as" you
to describe. +ou may fill up volumes but in the end you would say please ta"e a whiff from
the bottle and that(s the only way to "now the smell, the fragrance. !hese are very small
things and yet the things which we have been e0periencing since day one in this physical
body, we find it difficult to describe because all words have limitations. 1o have the mind and
the things which are beyond the mind that words cannot e0press.
!he moment we say, who is :od, so many answers are given, readymade answers, by the
scriptures, by the boo"s, by the rabbis, by the priests. And yet the human mind is still
han"ering for what it really means. I would say this is something which cannot be e0plained
by any enlightened master ?living or not living@. It is something which one has to delve
within and "now it what it is. 4or e0ample, pain is something which you "now. *hat if
someone as"s you to measure pain, in inches or centimeters? +ou can(t measure it in inches.
*e say I have a deep pain, but if someone as"s how deep? LKK feet, JKK feet? +ou say you
"now what pain is when you e0perience it.
1imilarly, one thing which I can definitely say is that :od is not a person, :od is not a
supreme human being or li"e a human being sitting somewhere up there on his golden
thrown. :od is beyond the limitations of the body, of the mind. :od is a reality. and reality
is something which can be much closer to the phenomenon or the relativity of how we
perceive things. *hat we are seeing in this world is so different from what it really is.
1imilarly, when I say 2od is reality, this reality is the essence. And the essence is of the truth
and truth over here is not that truth which we use in our day8to8day life. .hen I say truth, it
means existence.
1o, if I have to put this in words, then I say :od is the existential truth which can be "nown
only by e0perience. And this e0perience will only happen to those who have a scientific
aptitude and wor" li"e an e0plorer, who e0plores the depth and the breadth of the mind and
e0plores these layers of mind. )ne ends up with that oceanic feeling of consciousness.
Initially, it is sleeping and slowly it begins to rise and in those moments of gaps which come
in between of the waves of the mind, these waves of the consciousness, something peeps up
and that gives the first glimpse of what truth is or what :od is but that definitely is not a
form. It is not imaginative. It is as much real as you or I. *e can deny the e0istence of
everything but we can never deny the e0istence of our own self. 1o we need to "now what
this self is. *e need to understand not $ust by mind, not $ust by words, not $ust by scriptures
but with e0perience. And this e0perience comes from meditation.
.hy are we in this world and with what purpose#
*e are here because we are here3 !here can(t be any cause and there can(t be any purpose.
,ecause all purposes are very calculative, selfish modes of the mind and when this
selfishness creeps in, it is not higher thining. Fust loo" at the world around you, so
beautiful, beauty in abundance. it is so luminous, so colorful, full of rainbows. It is $ust li"e a
dance of a dancer, not of that dancer who is a professional because a professional dancer
wants fee. It is more li"e a dance of a child who is $ust $umping around and if you as" a child
what(s the purpose of your $umping? *hat(s the purpose of your dancing? #e(ll $ust give a
very aw"ward loo" and would li"e to as" you, can(t you see that I(m dancing because I(m
en$oying dancing.
1o, this life is here and this world is here because it is the dance of the divine, without any
purpose, without any ulterior motive. !he scriptures provide us with many fascinating
answers that :od was alone and was lonely and he said o"ay let me do something. #e got so
bored of his loneliness, he created this world. 1o he created first %dam, and then out of
Adam came (ve and so on. Most of the religions say so and they always say there is a
purpose of our coming here. 4or e0ample, they(ll say the purpose is to "now who our creator
is. I find this strange. Imagine, first the creator creates us, then he separates us from himself
and now wants us to go bac" to him. I say, why start this in the first place? ;ather I would
say that there isn(t any purpose.
*e can say life is because life should be li"e this. In these very moments of beauty, of
grandeur, of purity we are able to e0perience all this, then we will never as" this uestion,
why? *e never as" any one why you are happy. If someone is happy, you $ust $oin him. ,ut
if someone is sad, then you as" him, why are you unhappy? I believe those who have
e0perienced beauty and truth never as" the purpose of life. !hey are already en$oying it,
celebrating life.
!hose who are sad have loads of unfulfilled desires always as" .hy I am here. #ave you
ever met anyone who is happy and who would why I am happy? 9eople always say why they
are sad but never why they are happy. !his life, this world is a celebration, a celebration of
happiness. It is a sheer irony that out of all the animals, only human beings are the most
sorrowful. 1ee the birds, they are always chirping and dancing and fluffing around. 1ee the
peacoc"s, the cows, see the whole animal world. !hey are all happy, they have there
innocence and somewhere their ignorance is wor"ing in their favor. !hey are calmer, uieter
and peaceful. a human being is not. <uman beings are not happy because they as" too
many uestions. A day when all these uestions simply drop and we drop all the facades, we
drop all of these blindfolds, then we(ll open up for the first time and see this world. !hen we
never as" this uestion. #ere I would uote Fabindranath Tagore who said- !.hy
shouldn’t I be here#$
एएएएएएएए एएएएए एए एएएए
एएएएएएएए एएएएएएए एए एएए , एएए एएएएए एएएए एए एएएए एएएएए एएएएएए एएएएए ।
एए एएएए एएएए एए एएएए। एएएए एएए एएए , एएएएए, एएएएए, एएएए , एएएए, एएए , एएए,
एएएएए, एएएएएए, एएएए, एएएए> एए एएएए एएएएएएएए एए , एएए एएएएए एएए एएएए एए। एएए एएए,
एएएएए एएए एएएएएएएए एएएएए एएएए एएए, एए एएएए एएएएए एएएएएए एए एएएए एएएएए एएएए एएएएएए,
एएएएए एएएएएए एए एएएएए एएएएएएएए एएएए एएएएए। एए एएएएए एए एएए एए एए एएए एएए एएए एए
एएएए एएए एएएएए एए एएएएएए एएए एएएएए, एए एएएए एए एए एए एएएएए एएएएए एएएए एएए, एए एए एएए एएएएए
एएए एएएएएएए एएएएए। एएएएएएएए एएएए एए एएएएए एएएए एएएएए एए एएएए एए एएएए, एएएए एए एएए , एए एएए।
%पपपपपपपप पपपपपपप पप पपप – पपप पपपपप पपपप पप पपपप पपपपप पपपपपप पपपपप । पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप। पपपप पपप पपप – पपपपप, पपपपप, पपपप – पपपप, पपप
– पपप, पपपपप, पपपपपप, पपपप, पपपप. पप पपपप पपपपपपपप पप – पपप पपपपप पपप पपपप पप। पपप पपप,पपपपप पपप पपपपपपपप पपपपप पपपप पपप, पप पपपप पपपपप
पपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपपपप, पपपपप पपपपपप पप पपपपप पपपपपपपप पपपप पपपपप। पप पपपपप पप पपप पप पप पपप पपप पपप पप पपपप पपप पपपपप पप
पपपपपप पपप पपपपप, पप पपपप पप पप पप पपपपप पपपपप पपपप पपप, पप पप पपप पपपपप पपप पपपपपपप पपपपप। पपपपपपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पपपपप पप पपपप
पप पपपप, पपपप पप पपप – पप पपप।&
पपपपप पपप पपप पप पपपपप पपप पपपपपपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपप। पपप पपपपपपप प पपपपप पपप, पप पपपपप पपपप पपपपपप पपपपप पप। पपप पप पपपप, पपपपप पपप पप
पप, पप पप – पप पपपप पपप पपप – पपप पप पपपप पप। पप पपपप पपपपप पप पप पप पपपपप पपप पपप पपपपपपप प पप पपप पप, पप पप पपपपप पपप पपप पपपप पपप ।
पप पपप पपप पपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपप पप 7 पपपप पपपपपपप पपपपप पपप पपप? पपप पपप पप पप पपपपपपपप पपपप पपपप।(
पपप पपपपपपप पप पपपप पपप प पपप पप, पप पप पपपपपपपप पपपपपपपप पपपप पपप। पपपपपपप पप पप पपप पपपपपप पपपपप पप 7 पपपपपपप पपपप पप पपपप पप पप
पपपप पप? पपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पपपप? पपपपपप पपप पपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपपप ? पप पपपपपपप, पप पपपपप पपपपप? 7 पपप पपप पप पपपपप पपप पपपपप पपप पप
पप पपपपपपप पप पपप पप पपप पप, पपपपपपपप पपप पप पपपप पप पपप।
पपपपपपपप पप पपपप पप पप पपपपपप पप पपप पपपपपप प पपपप, पपपपपप पप पपपप पपप पपप पप पपपप पपपपप। पपपपपप पप पपप पप पपप पप प पप। पपपपपप पप
पपपप पप पपपप पपप पपप पप प पपपपप। पपपप पपप पपपप पपपपप पप पपपप पप पपपपपपपप पप। पपपपपपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पप पप पपप पपपप पपप, पप पप पपप
पपप पपपप पप पपपपपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पप पपपप पपपप ।
पपपपप पपपपपपपपप पप पप पप पपपप पप पप पपप पपप पपपपपपप LL पपप पप पपपप पपपपप पपप पपप पपप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पपप, पपपपप पप पपप पपप पपपपप पप
पपपपपपपपपप पप पप पपपपप पपपप पप। पप पपपपपप पपपपपपप पपपप पप पपप पप पपप पपप – पपपपपप LL पपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप पपप पपप
पप पपप, पप पपप पप पपप पपप पप पपपपप पपप पपपप पप पपप पपपपपपप पपपप। पपपपपप पपप पपप – पपप पप पपपप पपपपप पप पपपपप। पपपप पप पपपपप पप पप पप
पप पपप पपप पपपप पप, पपपपप पप पपपपपपप. पप पप पप पपपप पप पप पपपपपपप पप पपपप पपप। पपप पपपपप, पप पप पपप पपप, पपप पपपप पपपप। पपपपपपपप पप,
पपप पप पपपप पपपप। पपप पपप – प- पपपपप पपप पप पपप पपपपपप पपपप पपपपप – पप पपप पप पपपप पपपपप पपप पपपप पपपपप पप पप पप। पपपपपपप पप पप पपप
पपपपपपप पपपप , पपपपपपप पपपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप पपपपप पप पपपप, पप पपपपप पपपप पपप पपपपपप पपपप ।
पपपपपपपप पपप पप पप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पप पपप पपप पप पपपप, पप पप पपप पप पप पप पप पपपपप पपपपप। पपपपप पपप पप पप पपपपप, पप पप पप पपप पपपपपप
पपपपप पप पप पप पपपपप पपप पपपप पपपप पपप पप। पपप पप पप पपपप पप 7पपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप 7 पपप पप पपपपप पपपपप पप । पपप पपपपप पपप पप
पपपप पप पपप – पपपपप पपपपप पप । पपप – पपपपप पपपप पप पपपप पपप पप, पप पपपपप पप पपप पपपपप पप पपप पपपपप पपपपप ।
पपपपपप पपपपपपपप पपपपपपप पपपपपपपप पपपपप पप । पपपपपपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप पपप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पप पप पप पपपप पप पप , पप पपपप पप पपपपप पप
पपपपप पपप पपपपपपप पप पप पपप पप पपप पपप – पपपपपप पपपप पपपप पपपपपपपपप पप पपप पपप पप। पपपप पपपप पपप पप 7 पपप पपपप पपपपपप, पप पपपपप पपपप
पपपप पप पपप पप 7पपपपप पपप पप, पप पप । 7 पपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप पप पप पपप पपपप पपपप, पपपपपप पपपप पपपप, पप पपपपपप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पप
पपपपप पप पपपपप पपप।
पप पपप पपपपपपप पप पपपप – 7 पप पपप पपपप पप पप पपपप पप? 7पप पपपपपपपप पपपपप पप पप पप पप पपपपप पप पपप पपपप पप। पप पपप पपपपपपपपप पप पपप पप
7 पपप पपप पपपपप पपप, पपप पपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप, पपपपपपप पप पप पप पपपपपप, पपपपप पप पपपप पप, पपप पपपप पपपप पपप पपपप पप, पप पपपप
पपप पपपप? पपप पप पपप पप पपपपप पप पप पपप पप। पपपपप पपप पपपप पपप पपप पप पपप, पपप पपप पप पप पपप।(
पपपप पपपप पपप पप पपपपप पपप पप पपपपप पप । पप पपप पप पप पपपपप पपपप पपपपपप, पपपप पपपपपप। पपपपप पपप पप पपप पपप पप पपपपपपप पपपप पपपप। पप –
पप पपप पप पपप। पपप पप पपप पप पपप पप, पप पपपपप पप पपपप पपप। पपप पप पपप पपपपप पपप पप पपप पपपप पपप पपपप पपपपप पपपपपपपप पपपपप पपपपप पपपप
पपपप, पपपप पपप पपप पपपप पपपप पपपप। पपपपपपप पप पप पप पपप पपपप पप, पप पपपपपप पप, पपपपप पपप पपप पप पपपप पप पप पप पप प पप पप। पप प पप पप, पप
पपपप पप पपपप पप पपपप पप पप पपपप – पपपप पपपप पपपपपप पपपप पप।
पपपपप पपपप पपप पप पपपप पप पप पपप पप पप पपप पप, पप पपपप पपप पप। पप पपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप – पपपप पप पपप पपप। पपपप पप पप पपप. पपपप,
पपपप पप पपपपप पप पपप पपप । पपपपप पपपपप पप पपपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पप। पपपपप पपप, पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपपप पप पपपप,
पप पप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपप पपपपप पप। पप पपपप पपपप, पपपप पपपप पपपप पप । पपपप पप पपप पपप पपप पप। पप पपपप पपपपप, पपपप पपपप पप
पपपप पपपपप?
पप पपप पप पपपपप प पपप पप पपप पपप पप पपपपप पप, पप पपपप पपपपप । पपपपप पपप पप पप पपप पप पपप, पप पपप पपप पपपप पप, पप पप पप पप पपपप पप पपप पप
पप पपप पपप पपप। पप पप पप, पपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप पप, पप पपपप पपपप। पपप पपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप । पपप पपपप पप पपप पपपप पप पपपपप
पपपप पपपप पप पप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप पपप?
पपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपप, पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप, पपपपप पपपप, पप पपपप पपपपपपपपप पपपप पपपपप? पप पप पपपपप पपप पप पपपप। पप पप पप पपपपप पप पपप पप पप
पपपप पपप पपपपप पपपप पपपप, पप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप पपपपपप पपपप पप पपपप। पप पप पप पपप पपप – पपपपप।
पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पपपपपपप पपप पप पपपपप पप पपप, पपपप पप पपप, पप पपपप पप पपपपप पपप पपप पपपप, पपपपप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप पप, पप पप
पपपपप पपप पप पपपपप पपप पपपप पपप, पपपप पप पप पप पपपप पप पप। पपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पपप पप पपपप पपपप – पपपप पपपपपपपप पपप पपपपपप पपप पप पपपप
पपप पपप। पपपपप पपप पप पपपपप पपप पप। पपप पपपप पपपप – पपपप पप पपपपपपप पपपप पप पपपपपप पपप पपप, पप पपपपप पपपप पप पपपप पप पपपप पप, पप पपपप
पप पपपपपपपप पपपप पपपपपपप पपप पपप पपप पप। पप पपपपप , पपपपपपपप पप पपप पप पपपपपपपपपपप पपप पपपप पपप पप पप पपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पपप पपप पपप – 7पप
पपपप पपपप पप, पप पपपप पपपप पप।( पप पपपप पप पपपप – पपपपपप पपपप पपप पपप पप। पप पपपप पपपपपप , पपपपप पपपप पप पपपप पप पपपप पप, पप पपपपपपपप
पपपपपपपप पपपप पपप पपप? प पपप पपपप, प पपप पपपपपप, प पपपपपपप, पपपपप पप पपप पपपप।
पपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप पप पप पपपपपपप पपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप, पप पप पपप पप पपपप पपप? पपप पपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पप पप पपपपप पपप पप पपपप पपपप
पप, पप पपपपप पप पप पपपपप पप पपप पपपप पप पप पपपप पपपपप पप? पपपपप पपपपपपपपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपपपपप पपपप पप, पपपप पपपप पपपप पपपपपपपप पपपप पपप पपप
पप पपपपप पपप पपपप पप।&
पपपप पपपपपप पपपप पपप एएएएएएएएएए पप पपपप पपपपपपपप पप, पपपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पपपपप पपपपपप पपप पपपपपपपपपपप पप पपप पप। पपप
पपपपपपपप पप पपपपपप पपप पपपपपपपप पपप पप पप। पपपप पपपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पपपप पपपपपप पपपप पप पप पपपप पपपप पपप ।
पप पप पपप पपपपपपपप पप पपपपपपपपपपप पपपप – एएएएए पप पप पपपपप पपपपप पप । पपपपपप पप पप पपपपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप, पपपप पप पपपपप पपप पपप पपपप पपपप
एए एए एए एएएएएएएए एए एए एए एएएएएएएएएए, एएएएएएएएएएएएए ए एएएएएएए एएएएए एए एएए एए । पप पप पपपप पप पप पपपप पपपप। पप पप पपपप पप पपपपपपपप पप पपपप पपप।
पप पपपप पपपपपपपपपप पप पपप पप पप पपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पपप। पप पपपप पप पपप पप पपपपप, पप पपप, पप पपपपपप, पप पपपपप, पप पपपपपप प पप पपपप पप।
पप पपप पपपप पपपप पप, पपपपप पप पप पपपप पप।
पपप पपपप पप पप पपपप पपपपपपपप – एएएएए एए एएएए एएएएएएएए एएए एएए एए। पपपपपप पपपपपप पप पपपप पपप पपपपप पपपपप पप। पप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपपपपप पप
पपपपपपप पपपप पप पप पप पपपप पपपपप पप पपपपपपपपपप पपपप पपपप पप, पपपपप पपपप पपप एएएए , एएएए , एएएपप पप पपप पपप पपपपपप पपपप पप।
Cएएए’ पप पप पपप पपपप – पपपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपपपप पप, पप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपप, पपपप पपपपप पप पप पपपपपप पपपप पपपपपपपपप पप पपप
पपपपपप पपपप पपप पपपपपप पपपपपप पपपप पप।
Cएएएए’ पपपप पप पप Cएएएए’ पप पपपपपपपपपप – पपपपप पप पपपपप पप पप पपपप पप पपपप पप। पपपप पपपपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पप पपपप पप पपप पप पपपपप पप पप पप
पपप पपपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप पप पपपपपप पपपपपप पपप। पपप पप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपप पप पपपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपपपप पपप पप पपप पपपपप पप
पपपपपपपप पप पपपपपपप।
पप पपप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पपप प पपपप पपपप पप। पपप पपपप पपपप पपपपप पपप पप पपपपपप प पपपपप पप पपपपपप पपपप – पपपप पपपप पप।
पपपप पपपपपप पपपपपपप पपप पपपपप पप, पपपप पपप MK पपपप पपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पप पपपपपप पपपपप पप पपपपपप पपपपपपपप पपपप पप। पप पपपप पपप पपपपपप
पपपपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपप पप पप पपपप पपप। पप पपपपपपपप पप पपपप पपप पपपप पपपप पपपप पपपपपपप पपप पप पप पपप पपपपप पप
पपपपपप पपपपपपपप पप। पप पप पपपप पपपपपपपपप पपपपपप पपपप पप। पप पप पपपप पपपप पपप पप पपपपपपप पपपपपपपपपप पपपप पपपप पप। एए एएएए एएए एए एएएएएए एएए
एएएएएएएए एएएएएएएएए एए एएएए एए एएएएएएएए एएएएएएए एए एएएए एए। पपपपपप पप पप पपपप पप पपपपपपपप पपपप पप।
पप पपपपपप पपप – पपपपपपपपप पप पप पपप पप पप पप पपपपपपपप पप LK – =K पपपप पपपप पपप पपपपपपपप पप पपपप – पपपपपप पपप पपपपपपप पपप पप पप पपपपप
पपपपपपपप पपपप पप पप पपपपप पपपप पपपपपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप पपपप पप, पप पपपपप पपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपपपप पपपप पप। पपपपप पपपप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपप
पपपप पप पप पपपप पप। पपपपप पपपप प पप पप पपपपपपपपप पपपपपप पपपपपपप पप पपपप पप। पप पपपप पप, पपपप पपप पपप पपपपप पपपपपपप पप पपपपपपपप पपपप पप पपपप
पपप पप पप पपप पपप पप पपपपप पपपप प पप पप पपपप पपप पपपपपप पपप। पपपपपप पप पपपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपपप पप पपपप पप पप पप पपपप पपपपपपपप पप पप
पप पप NJ पपपप पपपप पपपपप पपप। पपपपपपपप पप LK पपपप पपपप पपपपप पपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप। पपप पप पप पप पप पपप पपपपप पपपप पप पपप पपपपप पपप
पपपप प पपप, पपपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पप। पप पपपपप पपपपप पपपप पप पप पप पप पप पपपपप पप पपपपपप पपपप पप पपप पपपपप पपपप
एएएए एए एएएएए एएएए , एएएए एएए एएएए एएएएएए एए एएएए ए एए एएएए एएएएएएएए ए एएएएए एएए एएए एए एएएए एएए। पपपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपप पपप पपपपपपपप
पपपपपप पपप पपपपप पपप पपप पप पपपप पप, पप पप पपपप पप – पपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पपप पपपपपप पपपप पपपपपप पप पपप पपपप पप। पपप पपप पपपप पप पपप पपपप
पप पपप, पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पप पपपप पप पपप पपप पप, पप पप पपपपप पपपप पपप पप पप पपपपप पप पपपपपपपपपपपप पपप पपपप। पपप पपप
पपपप, पपपप पपप पप पपप पपपप, पप पपपपप पप पपपपपप पप पपपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप पप, पप पप पप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप पपप पपप पपपप पप पपपप पपपप ?
पपपपपप एएएएएए पप पप पपपप पपपपप पप पप पपपप पपप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपपप पप पपप पपप पपपप प पप पप पप पपप पप पपपपपप पप पपप पपपप पप। एएएएए 8
पपपपपपप पप पपपपपप पपपपपप पप LN पपपपपपपप पपप पप पप पपपपपप – पपपप पपपपप पपपपप पपपपप प पपपप पप पपपप पप।
पपपप पप पपपपपप पपपपपपप पप पप पपपपपप पपप पपपप पप पप पपपप पप पप पपपपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप पप पपप पप पप पपपप पपपपपपपप पप LK पपपप पपपप पपपप पपप
पपपप पप पपपपप। पपपपपपप पपपपपपप पपप पप पपप पप 7पपपपपपपपपपपपप( पपपप 7पपपपपपपप( पपप पपप पप। एएएएएएएएएएएएए एए एएएए एए एएएएएएए एए एए एएए एएएएएए एएएएए
एएएएएएएए, एएएएएए एएएएए एए एएए।’ अअअअअअअअ / पपपप पप पपपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पपपपपप पप।
पप पपपपपपपप पपपपपप पपप पपपपपपप पपपपपपपपप पप पप पप पप पपप पपपपपपप पप पप पप पपपपप पपपपपपप एएएएए प पप पप पपपपपपपप पप पपपपपपपपप पपपप पप। पपप
एएएएए पप पपप पपपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपपप पप पपप पप पपपपपपप पप पप पपपप पप पपपपप प पपपपपपपप पपपप पप। पप पपप पप पपपप पपपप पपप पपप पप पपपपप पपपपपपप पप
पपपप पपपप पप। पपप पप पपप पपपपपपपपप, पपपपपप पपपप पपपपपप पपपप पपपपपपप पपपपप पपपप पपपप पपपप पप, पप पप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पपप। पप पपप पपपपप –
पपपपप पप पपप पपप पपपप पप। पपपप पप पप पपपपप पपपपपपप पप, पप पप पपपपप पपपपपप पपपप पपप पप, पप पपपप पप पप पपपपप पपपप पपप पपपप प पपपपप पपप
पपपप पपप पपप पपपप पपप पप पपप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पपप।
पपपप पप पप पपपप पपपपप, पप पप पप पपपपपपपपप पपप पपप, पपप पप पपपप पपपपप पपपपप पप पपपप – पपपपप पपपप पपप पप। पप पपप पप पपपप पपप पपपपपप पपपपपपपप
पप पप पप 7 पपपपपपप , पपपपप पप पपपपपपप, पपपप पप पपपप पपपप पपपप पप पप पपपपपपपपप, पपपपपप पपपपप पपप पपपपपप पपपपपपपप पपप पप। 7
पपपपपप पपपप पप पपपप पपपपप पपपप पप पपपपप पप पपपपप पपपपप । पप पपपप पपपप प पप पप पपपपपपप पप पपपप पपपप पप पपपपपप पप पपप पपपप पप। पप पप पप पपप
पपप पप पप पप पपपप पप पप पपप पप पपपपपप पप। पपप पपपप पपपपप पप पपपप पप पप पपपपपपप पपप पपपपपप पपपप पप पप पप पपप पप पपपप पपप?
पपपप पपपपप पपप पप पप पपपपपपपप पप पपपपप पप पप पपपपपप पपप पपप पप पपपपपपपपपपप पपपप पपप प पपपप पपप। पपपप पप पपप पपप पप पपपपप पप पपपपप पपपप
पपप। पपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपपपप पप पपपप पपपपपप पपप पपपपप। पपपपपपप पपपपपप पप पपपपपपपप पपपपप पपप पप पपपपपपप पप पपपप पपप पप। पपपपपपपपप पपप पप
पपपप पपप पपप 7पपप – पप( पपपप पपप, पपपप पपप पप पपपपपपप पपपपपपपप पप पपपपप पपप पपपप पपप पपपपप पपपपप पपपपप। पपपप पपपपपपपप पपपप पपपपप पप
पपपप पपपप पप पपपप पप पपपपपपप पपपपपपपप पप पपपप पपप पपपपप पप पपपप पपपप? पपपप पप पपप पपप पपपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप – पपपप प पपपप पप पपपपप
पपपपप। पप पपपप पपपपपपप प पपपप पपपपपपप पपपपपपपप पप पपपपपप पपपप पपप, पपपपप पपपपपपपप पपप पप पपपप पपपपपप पप पपपप पपप पपपपप पपपप पपपप पप पपपप
पप पपपप पप।
पपपपप एएएए एएएएएएएए एए एएएएए एएएएए ए एए एएए एए एएएएएएए एएएएएए एएएएएए एएएए ए एएएएएए एए एएएए एएएए एएएएएए ए एएएएएएएएएएएए