In E/// for 1 cell: we have 6 TRX with concentrated signaling and we have 11 TS for speech (16K) and 4TS

for EDGE (RES64K). we have the cell with numreqegprs=4. Is this configuration good enough?
- If the configuration is good, then you should not have any alarm (INSUFFICIENT EGPRS
EQUIPMENT if you do RXCDP or ABIS PATH UNAVAIL when do RXASP). The abis resources are
shared among all the cells on a site. So if you don’t provide the information about the other
cells, it will be impossible to judge whether the configuration is correct or not.
Please confirm if the alarm “INSUFFICIENT EGPRS EQUIPMENT” comes up when there is no free TS in
allocated E1 for that site? Suppose we have 6/6/6 site configured with 3SDCCHs in each cell and Confact
is 2. What is going to be the suitable configuration in terms of E1?
- INSUFFICIENT EGPRS EQUIPMENT will pop up when one of the following is true: (1) You have not
defined the required number of Abis timeslots. (2) you have not opened the required DCP2s (8
on the EDGE TRX). Here is the calculation for 6/6/6 site
- Total number of Radio TRXs = 18
- Total number of Timeslots = 18*8 = 144
- Total number of TCHs = 144- 3SDCCHs per sector x 3 – 3BCCHs = 132
- Total number of Abis timeslots required for Voice (TCHs) = 132x1/4 = 33 (Remember that each
TCH requires 16kbps on the Abis which is ¼ of the abis Timeslot).
- Total number of Abis timeslots for signaling = 18/2 = 9 (18 being the total number of TRXs, 2
being the CONFACTOR)
- Total number of Abis Timeslots required = 33+9 = 42. Remember that this excludes the EGPRS
timeslots which was not provided 
We are using 4 EDGE TSs. So if we add these to the calculation what will be the results?
- 4 EDGE timeslots per cell gives a total of 12 Extra Abis timeslots
- But then you will have to subtract 12 from Step (3) (before you calculate the number of Abis
timeslots required for TCHs).
- Total number of TCHs = 132-12 = 120.
- Total number of Abis Timeslots for voice = 120x ¼ = 30
- Therefore, the total number of Abis timeslots required = 30 + 9 + 12 = 51.
- The BCCH and the SDCCH do not require a separate resource on the Abis. They form part of the
signaling which was included in the calculation.
A simple method:
- Abis TS = Total TRXs x 2 + Total TRXs/CONFACT + Total EDGE TS (64k)
- For your example: Total TRX = 6x3 = 18
- Confact =2
- EDGE TS = 12
- Abis TS = 18*2 + 18/2 +12 = 57. So you need at least 2E1 (2x32)
There is a conflict between the 2 calculations. What was done earlier, looks logical. Each TCH Requires ¼
Abis TS. So with that in mind the total number of Abis TS = 51. While the second formula is good and
precise, but it includes SDCCHs in the calculation and hence requires a few more Abis TS.
- There is a major difference between the 2 computations. The second method assumes that 1
TRX uses 2 Full Abis TSs (=8 Abis nibbles). The first computation assumes that 1 TRX uses only as
many Abis nibbles as the number of TCH on that TRX. For example: 1 TRX with 1 BCCH + 1
SDCCH+ 6 TCH would use only 6 Abis nibbles = 1.5 Abis TS. Both could be true because it only
depends on E/// implementation. In ALU case, the second method is right. In E/// case I don’t
In ericsson, all the signaling (BCCH, SDCCH, Paging, FACCH, SACCH) go through separate timeslots on
Abis. That is why concentration is done. In that sense, it would be incorrect to assume that each TRX
uses 2 abis timeslots. In my network, each site is typically 4/4/4. We have 2 EDGE TSs per cell, 2 SDCCHs
per cell and a CONFACTOR of 4. Yet we use only 1 E1 per site. As per the 2
method, it would be
impossible 