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February 2011
Western Alberta Transmission Line
At all structure locatons, AltaLink will be seeking
workspace area in additon to the transmission line

Optonal temporary workspace and additonal required
right-of-way are needed for the safe constructon of
the transmission line including structure assembly,
installaton and stringing.

The pictures on this page show various stages of
constructon of AltaLink’s Southwest 240 kV project.
The Western Alberta Transmission Line will follow a
similar constructon process.
Installaton Stringing
Printed on 100% recycled paper.

There are fve diferent structure types for the proposed project. To determine the structure type(s) proposed on your
property, please refer to the strip mosaic maps included in this package. Each structure type is represented by a diferent
colour on the map. The diagrams in this booklet are also colour-coded and show the workspace area required for each


Optonal temporary workspace: This is an area beyond the transmission line right-of-way that will help us build the line
more efciently. We would like optonal temporary workspace for the Tangent, Light Angle and Heavy Angle structures.
Additonal required right-of-way: A right-of-way is a strip of land required for the constructon and operaton of a
transmission line. Additonal required right-of-way is area beyond the transmission line right-of-way that we use to build
the structures and operate the line. We will be seeking additonal required right-of-way for the Heavy Deadend and Light
Deadend structures. We may not require all the additonal right-of-way shown on the diagrams in this booklet. These
diagrams show the maximum amount of space we may need.
Landowners will receive compensaton for both optonal temporary workspace and the additonal required right-of-way.
Discussions regarding these spaces will occur on an individual basis with landowners.

We will include all workspace requirements in our Facilites Applicaton to the Alberta Utlites Commission.

In additon to the required right-of-way and optonal temporary workspace, the diagrams included in this booklet also
identfy the:
• crane footprint: the work area required for a crane to lif the structure into place
• foundaton area: the approximate area of a typical structure foundaton
• right-of-way: the strip of land required for the constructon and operaton of the transmission line
Tangent structure
Light Angle structure
Heavy Angle structure
Light Deadend structure
Heavy Deadend structure
This booklet includes diagrams of the workspace area required for each type of structure for the proposed
Western Alberta Transmission Line.
Structure details and diagrams
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