*+,('#)-, /'001$2
Banana Boat Sunscreen is among the top brands in the sunscreen industry. As the concern for the hazardous
effects of the sun increases, sunscreen companies are striving to differentiate themselves from the competition.
They are doing this by placing an enormous emphasis on high SPF products and protection. However, most
young adult females are more concerned with their long-lasting tans than with the warnings from dermatologists.
This segment of the market needs to understand that they can still acquire the tan they desire with sunscreen
and eliminate the consequence of the sun's harmful rays. They need to be informed, yet persuaded. Banana
Boat Sunscreen has an entire line of tanning products to help enrich and protect your skin. By placing an em-
phasis on this product line, promoting the benefts of sunscreen, and demoting the disadvantages of leaving your
skin vulnerable, Banana Boat can create brand awareness, and ultimately brand loyalty with the 18-24 year old
female market. Banana Boat is healthy, fun, and hot--not in the uncomfortable, sticky way!
An individual's choice in sunscreen is usually based on the location of the product and what is most convenient
to fnd or reach. Banana Boat needs to position itself among the 18-24 year old female demographic to create
brand preference and loyalty. Our agency has developed an elaborate, detailed, and thorough advertising plan
that shows exactly how to reposition Banana Boat tanning products in the minds of young female consumers and
in the long-run, increase overall sales in this product category. Ìt presents our careful research, industry analysis,
goals, and complete campaign strategy execution. Our creative strategy is the heart of our plan. Ìt gives life and
a positive, upbeat vibe to a subject that is overlooked in the eyes of our target audience. Ìn order for
our plan to be exceedingly successful, we will utilize multiple media vehicles, including print,
television, billboards, and Ìnternet. We will also implement brand activation on spring break
vacations to directly reach our target audience.
67,"(2 8$1"& /#$1#,72
Here at Spin Advertising, we are known for
our creative team. We believe the only way to
promote a product or organization is through
a creative light that inspires and captivates the
eyes of onlookers. Creativity fosters diversity,
and diversity is needed for success in a com-
petitive market. Creativity encompasses value,
intelligence, insight, innovation and passion.
We are creative. We are intelligent, insightful,
innovative and passionate. Our sales, advertis-
ing, and marketing strategies include a prized
value that never fails to impress our clients.
Here at Spin Advertising, we don't search for
creativity, we invent it.
91:;, %< =%"#,"#>
Ìntroduction 1-2
Situation Analysis 3-4
Competitor Analysis 5
SWOT Analysis 6
Objectives 7
Research Objectives 8
Primary Research 9
Secondary Research 10
Brand Value 11
Target Market 12
Campaign Strategy 13
Creative 14-15
Executions 16-21
Testing Results 22
Media Plan 23
Media Choices 24-26
Media Scheduling 27
Media Budget 28
Brand Activation 29-30
Evaluation 31
Creative Brief 32
Meet Your Team 33-34
/)#'1#)%" 6"1;2>)>
@)>#%$)(1; =%"#,+#
The sunscreen industry was frst created in the 1960's. Ìn the 1970's, SPF was introduced to help reduce
burning and other issues related to skin care and protection. Banana Boat started as a corporation in 1983
by Randy Pegram. Pegram began researching the sun care industry in the early 1970's. Thereafter, he estab-
lished a goal to create a product that would protect people who participated in the water sports business that
he and his wife owned. Ìn its frst ten years, Banana Boat became a multimillion-dollar corporation and today
is one of the most famous and reputable suncare products in the nation.
A,71;/B,7';1#%$2 C%$(,>
The suncare industry is regulated by the FDA. The FDA is constantly testing and guiding the sunscreen cre-
ation process to enhance overall production and protection. The FDA regulations allow consumers to know
the active ingredients in sunscreens and tanning oils. Ìn 2011, the FDA re-evaluated sunscreen labeling and
testing requirements. They now regulate labels "waterproof¨, "prevents skin cancer¨ and "sunblock¨ in an effort
to ensure that the consumer is guaranteed accurate protection and information on their suncare product.
=%0D,#)#)-, C%$(,>
The suncare industry is extremely competitive, and has many successful brands including Cop-
pertone, Hawaiian Tropic and Neutrogena. Generic and store name brands offer lower prices
than these national manufactured brands which increases the already tough competition Ba-
nana Boat faces.
/)#'1#)%" 6"1;2>)>
*(%"%0)( C%$(,>
/%()%(';#'$1; C%$(,>
A "healthy glow¨ is often looked at as a staple of attractiveness in the United States. The popularity of the
tanning salon industry has increased female desire to maintain a year-round tan. With skin care as a priority
as well, many women aim to fnd products that will protect their skin. The warnings from dermatologists and
the FDA have also made consumers more aware of the consequences of the sun. However, many young
women are more concerned with their self-image than with the warnings from these experts; so maintaining
this "healthy glow¨ has taken precedence.
With the recession affecting the economy as a whole for the past few years, pricing has become an increas-
ingly important factor in consumer purchasing behavior. Consumers are less willing to splurge on national
brand sunscreens, and are more willing to buy less expensive, generic and store name brands.
=%0D,#)#%$ 6"1;2>)>
Strengths: Hawaiian Tropic is sold all over the world, making it a very successful product. Ha-
waiian Tropic is also more affordable than other suncare products in the industry. The brand
does an excellent job reaching the young female demographic through their focus on tanning.

Weaknesses: Hawaiian Tropic's advertisements focus primarily on sex appeal. This eliminates
other target audiences and markets, which may be crucial to the sales of the product.
Strengths: Neutrogena focuses on skin care as well as skin protection. They are known for us-
ing moisturizers and skin protectors in all of their products and are also known as the #1 derma-
tologist recommended suncare product line.

Weaknesses: While Neutrogena produces a safer product, they are not appealing to a younger
niche audience who focuses on tanning. Neutrogena products are also the most expensive,
which discourages impulse purchasing.
Strengths: Coppertone is the original brand name sunscreen. Therefore, it resonates as rec-
ognizable and reliable to the average consumer. Ìn addition, they created many "frsts¨ in the
sunscreen industry; including the frst suncare product, sunless tanner, sunscreen with SPF and
sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Weaknesses: Ìn the past few years, Coppertone has had a lack of consistency in
packaging and brand recognition on the shelf. Therefore, people may not have the
same reaction to the product. The change in package image is arguably
unrecognizable from the original image.
/#$,"7#H> %DD%$#'")#),>
I,1J",>>,> 9H$,1#>
Wide product selection ft for various lifestyles
Targets key markets and audiences well
Widely recognized/known brand
Affliated with and recommended by Skin Cancer
No consistency in product packaging
Limited product advertising
No recognizable slogan, campaign or tag line
Ìncreased awareness of sun's drastic effects
Ìncreased utilization of social media and technology
Society's preoccupation with being tan
Strong competitors
Target market's strong brand loyalty with Hawaiian
Recent FDA warnings on effectiveness of
/I%9 6"1;2>)>
M1$J,#)"7 1"& 6&-,$#)>)"7
By targeting women ages 18-24, we believe we can reach a large demographic of users who do not have a
strong brand allegiance to a particular sunscreen. Ìnforming young women that they can still get a tan while
protecting their skin from the harms of the sun will truly resonate with their values. Our campaign strives to
make 70% of the women in this age demographic aware of Banana Boat sunscreen, and 60% of those women
understand the product message by increasing overall comprehension. Ultimately, we hope this campaign will
increase sales of Banana Boat by 6%.
9)0, C$10,
8'&7,# /'001$2
Out of Home $ 1,718,820
Website $ 1,600,000
Magazine $ 5,322,380
Television $ 4,410,000
Ad Production $ 700,000
Total Campaign $ 13,751,200

Our campaign will run for a period of nine
months from January 1, 2013 to Septem-
ber 31, 2013.
B,>,1$(H %:L,(#)-,>
Through primary and secondary research, we examined the
target market, competitors and the suncare industry in general
to better understand the values of our target audience and the
Banana Boat brand. This research was performed in order to
How to differentiate the Banana Boat brand
from competitors
Determine consumer buying patterns con-
cerning sunscreen
Understand the target market's concerns
with the effects of the sun
Determine the 18-24 female demographic
media vehicle and channel preferences
P$)01$2 B,>,1$(H
Through an online survey, we collected key, insightful statistics from our target audience. The survey
gathered information based on physiological, emotional and functional questions. The survey inquired
about sunscreen use in general, including SPF strength used, preferred type of sunscreen, and con-
cerns regarding the effects of the sun and tanning in general.
37% of women who took the survey wear sunscreen
Majority who do not wear it do so in order to get tan
51% wear 15-30 SPF sunscreen
49% wear SPF sunscreen 10 and lower
37% said Banana Boat is their brand of choice
62.5% of the target audience is less than concerned with the dangerous effects of the sun
63% are more likely to wear sunscreen if it is a spray or oil
63% buy sunscreen once at the beginning of summer
67% of our target audience demonstrates a concern with being tan
SPF ranked the highest in terms of importance in factors relating to sunscreen purchasing
83% said they would be more likely to recall a sunscreen ad if it were in a magazine
/,(%"&1$2 B,>,1$(H
“R%'"7 6&';#> B,-,1;,&”
We also utilized a study on the 18-24 demographic by Microsoft Advertising to better understand
our target market. The study surveyed and anaylzed over 12,000 males and females in the
18-24 age range. This study helped us further understand the values of our target market, and
helped us further understand what media vehicles they use most. Through this study, we found
several key statistics:
45% of time online is spent on social media sites
47% have clicked on an ad in the past month
92% ownership of mobile phones
We analyzed MRÌ data to better understand the media channels most frequently utilized by our target audi-
ence. We were able to determine the magazine, television channels and Ìnternet sites that women ages 18-
24 typically use.
8$1"& T1;',
C'"(#)%"1; 8,",<)#>
*0%#)%"1; 8,",<)#>
/,;<U*+D$,>>)-, 8,",<)#>
Banana Boat tanning products provide our target market segment with ways to hydrate their skin and promote
a long-lasting tan while protecting skin from short and long term sun damage.
When consumers think of Banana Boat, they imagine the physical form of a Banana Boat. This image incorpo-
rates the fun, relaxing memories of summer. Therefore, the brand produces memories of free and easy fun in
the sun while still giving the skin the protection it needs.
Consumers buy Banana Boat tanning products because they believe the products will ehance their self im-
age by providing them with a desired tan. By enhancing their self image, they will be more accepted by their
peers. They are expressing that personal appearance is something of importance and Banana Boat will help
them achieve their desired look.
91$7,# M1$J,#
M,,# M1$)1
The primary target market for
our campaign are 18-24 year old women who are extremely
concerned with self image. These women are graduating high
school, pursuing a college education, or beginning their lives in
the outside world as a young professional. We are looking to tar-
get women nationally, with a primary focus in the southern half of
the United States because of the year round consumer purchas-
ing behavior for sunscreen.
M,,# V$)>#) M,,# W,""
Maria is a dark skinned, Ìtalian, 18
year old high school senior from
the sunshine state, Florida. She is
preparing for her prom next month
and her goal is to look naturally
sun-kissed. She is looking for an
alternative to the harmful fake tan-
ning that most of her friends partake
in. Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil
Spray SPF 4 will provide her with a
safe method to acquire the tan she
desires for the time she needs it
Jenn is a senior in college and is
planning a spring break trip with
her entire sorority. They have
chosen to go to Cancun, Mexico
for the entire week and do not
plan on coming back looking like
tomatoes. Jenn has decided to
stock up on Banana Boat Dry Oil
Spray SPF 15 to get her ideal tan,
but is also staying sun-safe while
on spring break.
Kristi is a fair skinned, young profes-
sional who has recently been trans-
ferred from her job in Seattle, WA to
a location in Dallas, TX. She is very
concerned with adjusting to the in-
tense sun in the south but plans on
taking advantage of it. While making
her move she has decided to pick up
a bottle of Banana Boat Protective
Tanning Oil SPF 25 in order to get a
radiant tan, all while protecting her
skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
=10D1)7" /#$1#,72
After conducting primary research and analyzing secondary data, it was
found that many consumers in our target audience do not wear a suncare
product. They also generally show no concern for the consequences of
exposed, vulnerable skin since 62.5% of the target audience is less than
concerned with the dangerous effects of the sun. They believe that they
cannot get tan if they are wearing a sunscreen product. This is not the
case. Therefore, the target audience has not developed a brand prefer-
ence for a sunscreen brand.
As a result, we want to position Banana Boat as a go-to tanning product
that will not only provide our target market with a desired natural glow, but
will also help them eliminate the ugly consequences they may obtain when
they do not wear sunscreen, such as burning, peeling and aging. The
target market needs to be informed that they can still maintain a bronzed
glow when sunscreen is applied. The campaign will also only focus on the
Banana Boat tanning product line, since 63% of our target market
surveyed are more likely to wear sunscreen if it is a spray or oil
and since more than 50% wear SPF 15 or lower.
9H, P$%:;,0
9H, /%;'#)%"
With the previous information in mind, we have created a campaign slogan...
Through creative execution, our target audience ultimately needs to be informed two things; they can still
maintain their desired tan while wearing Banana Boat tanning products, and that by wearing a Banana Boat
tanning product, it will eliminate the consequences they subject themselves to when they do not wear sun-
screen. Our target audience's lack of concern for sunscreen and lack of desire to spend any amount of time
researching to fnd the best sunscreen brand reveal that the main goal of the ads is to be persuasive, yet infor-
mative in a visually appealing manner. Since our campaign objectives place a high emphasis on brand aware-
ness and comprehension, the ultimate goal of our ads is to create stimulus, interest, desire, credibility and
action in that order. The ads will create humor and ingenuity by relating the characteristics of the "banana¨ to
the tanning lifestyle, all while maintaining Banana Boat's consistent tropical visuals. We believe this
will increase consumer attentiveness and recall. This strategy also allows for all ads to show and
contrast the benefts and the consequences of the sun.
*;)0)"1#, #H, =%">,X',"(,Y
Banana Boat tanning products will help you maintain a tan without damaging your skin.
=$,1#)-, /#$1#,72
6$# Z)$,(#)%"
The beneft of the sun, which is the tan, will be shown through consistent tropical images. The images will
consist of tan, young females in desired, sunny exotic locations. The consequences of the sun will be shown
through the banana and linked and illustrated by the headline copy. A large, yellow headline and yellow
backdrop behind the body copy will be utilized to catch the consumer's eye and emphasize a sunny, happy,
tropical theme. The headline and image will take up a majority of the space in each ad, ultimately leading
the consumer's eye to the body copy where credibility and action are accentuated. Each ad will also picture
a Banana Boat tanning product to help increase awareness and visibility in the consumer buying process.
Billboards and internet ads will emphasize the banana boat tanning product and the headline. The campaign
slogan "eliminate the consequence¨ and the Banana Boat logo are a mandatory.
Humor and ingenuity will be executed through each ad's headline and copy. Each headline will place an em-
phasis on a consequence of tanning in relation to the banana. The three headlines in the campaign include,
"we peel, so you don't have to¨, "bananas don't turn red for a reason¨ and "don't age quicker than your ba-
nanas¨. The consequence in each headline will be further explored and depicted in the body copy. The copy
of each ad will include a fact to instill fear and credibility. To further instill credibility, every copy will reveal the
nutrients in the Banana Boat product and compare the nutrients to those in bananas. Bananas have a pletho-
ra of antioxidants, and so does the Banana Boat product.
!"#,$",# 81"",$
The goal of the Ìnternet banner ad is to be simple, eye catching, and to ultimately lead users to the Face-
book page where Banana Boat can receive more "likes¨ and become more popular through social media, a
very successful advertising and word-of-mouth vehicle for the 18-24 female demographic, as revealed in our
secondary research. The banner ad should incorporate the same art direction as the print advertisements. Ìt
should incorporate the Banana Boat product, a yellow theme, and a young woman tanning. As with the print
and billboard advertisements, the campaign slogan and Banana Boat logo are a mandatory.
All Ìnternet banner ads will be directly related to the Banana Boat Facebook page. As most women in our tar-
get demographic are avid Facebook users, when they are already on the Ìnternet, accessing the Banana Boat
Facebook page will be easy for them to do. With one effortless click users can be easily redirected to the cam-
paign via Facebook. The banner ad also advertises the Banana Boat website, where users can learn more
about the campaign as well. The banner ad will also help create buzz during the "Who Makes Banana Boat
Most Apeeling?¨ contest, which will be introduced in the brand activation section.
6$# &)$,(#)%"
/#%$2 8%1$&
Shot 1
Bryan looks as though he
has been laying out in the
sun for hours. He is tired
and dazed by the heat.
Shot 2
Dave, Bryans close bro who is very at-
tractive, walks over to check on Bryan.
Dave says, “Hey man, what’s up?”
Bryan replies, “just catchin’ some rays
bro, but check out that girl over there!”
Shot 3
Te camera is now focused
on the girl. She is lathering on
generic brand suntan lotion
while looking relatively pale
and slightly burnt.
Shot 4
Te camera is back on Dave and
Bryan. Dave exclaims, “nah dude,
you’ve been out in the sun too long,
but THAT CHICK is gorgeous!”
Bryan, weary and dazed by the sun,
rubs his eyes to get a better look.
Shot 5
Camera focus is now on the girl Dave
pointed out. Tis girl is somewhat ex-
otic looking with bronze skin and she
is spraying on Banana Boat Tanning
Oil Spray. Part of this shot will focus
directly on the bottle of Banana Boat.
Shot 6
Bryan notices how beautiful and sexy
she is and goes to say something to
Dave. As he goes to say something,
he sees that Dave has already made
his way over to the girl and is starting
to talk to her.
9,>#)"7 B,>';#>
To test our creative concepts, we showed our advertisements to various females in our target market
throughout the Ìthaca College community. By doing so, we were able to gain valuable feedback. The females
were frst attracted to the advertisements, and then became intrigued. They thought that the ads were warm
and inviting and were attracted to the overall visual theme. They thought the headlines were clever, but were
somewhat mystifed by their meaning, which forced them to further explore the ad. Numerous females men-
tioned they liked the incorporation of the banana fruit. This reveals the ads create resonance among many
females in the target audience.
M,&)1 P;1"
M,&)1 %:L,(#)-,>
M,&)1 /#$1#,7),>
The target audience we plan to reach is women, 18-24. More specifcally, we wish to reach women who enjoy
spending time outside and are under the impression that tanning is not possible with sunscreen.
Our geographic market will be national, with heavier saturation in warmer climates where sunscreen is gener-
ally used year round. Therefore, California and Florida will be particularly important to our campaign, as many
people spend a large portion of time on each state's beaches during spring break and the summer season.
The southern half of the United States will be targeted more heavily as well. Especially when it comes to out of
home advertisements, like billboard ads, southern states will be our geographic focus.
By the end of our campaign, we wish to achieve an
effective frequency of 70% and an effective reach of six. Ìf a
woman in our target sees our campaign six times, we believe
she will be able to effectively recall it.
Ìn northern states, we plan to run a fighting schedule. During
the winter months, using an excessive amount of advertising
dollars would not lead to a gain in sales. However, during the
spring and summer months as well as during spring break, running ads in the northern states is es-
sential. Ìn the southern half of the United States the need for sunscreen is year round, so running
a pulsing schedule throughout the year would be effective. Since the spring and summer months
see a heavy increase in the need for suncare products, increasing advertising during those
months is crucial.
Media Type Length/Dimensions
Television :30 Second Ad
Print 3 Magazine Flat Page Ads
Ìnternet Banner Ads
Billboards 10'H X 40'W

M,&)1 =H%)(,>
CosmopoIitan (3,001,894 Paid and Veriñed CircuIation)
Cosmopolitan reaches a signifcant number of women in our target market it is "the lifestylist
for the millions of fun fearless females who want to be the best in every area of their lives.¨
Cosmo includes health and beauty tips, so its readers are conscious of their skin care.
Vogue (1,240,800 Paid and Veriñed CircuIation)
Vogue appeals to women ages 18-24 because it gives fashion advice to young adult women.
Through use of celebrities, Vogue helps women stay with the trends of their time.
GIamour (2,320,325 Paid and Veriñed CircuIation)
For young women who are interested in fashion, beauty, and a contemporary lifestyle, Glam-
our magazine is the perfect companion for our target market. Banana Boat's products will
appeal to its readers because they value and trust Glamour overall.
AIIure (1,080,545 Paid and Veriñed CircuIation)
Allure's magazine readers get tips on skin care and beauty products, and is an
excellent source for women ages 18-24 who are in search of healthy, beautiful skin.
The magazine appeals to our readers and our product message, as Banana
Boat's products make for healthy, beautiful skin.

M,&)1 =H%)(,>
%'# %< @%0,\ 8);;:%1$&>
Our out of home advertisements will utilize a bulletin billboard format. Each city listed below has beaches within its
proximity that are a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. As a result there is an absolute need for the Banana Boat
product, so reaching our target market is guaranteed. Each billboard will be strategically placed to be viewed by
both those headed towards each cities beautiful beaches.
Miami, FL Santa Barbara, CA
Tampa, FL San Diego, CA
Panama City, FL Los Angeles, CA
Clearwater, FL
MTV's online presence augments all of it's television programming with extra content, special fea-
tures, and show backgrounds. For women 18-24, it is the place to go to develop a real connection
with their favorite reality stars.
The perfect website to share yourself, friends, and family through online video. YouTube remains
one of the most popular sites for women in our target demographic.
The best weather service in the industry is now able to predict up to 25 days worth
of weather in the city of your choosing. For women who are conscious of their
everyday appearance, knowing the weather is a crucial step of their morning.
M,&)1 (H%)(,>
E! is the television source for entertainment news, gossip, and pictures. Women in our tar-
get demographic are heavy consumers of E!'s programming because it gives them insight
into celebrity fashion and appearance.
MTV currently boasts the most successful line of reality television, a big hit with women 18-
24. Coupled with their focus on modern pop music, MTV reaches our target demographic
on a regular basis.
With shows such as What Not to Wear and Say Yes to the Dress, TLC is rapidly becoming
one of the most popular television channels for our target market. Ìt's variety of program-
ming appeals to all types of women in our demographic.
ABC remains one of the most prestigious network programmers on television
today. With shows such as Modern Family, Dancing with the Stars, and Revenge,
ABC is one of the best media channels to reach our target market directly.
M,&)1 >(H,&';)"7
M,&)1 8'&7,#)"7
%'# %< @%0,
8$1"& 6(#)-1#)%"
Who Makes Banana Boat the Most ApeeIing?
Description: This public relations tactic will be a promotional contest for college aged students attending spring
break. While on spring break at locations such as Panama City, Daytona Beach, Miami, Punta Cana, and Cabo
San Lucas, Banana Boat will have multiple tents where free samples of the tanning products will be handed
out. The contest will consist of a photo competition to show and determine who wears Banana Boat best, or
"Who Makes Banana Boat the Most Apeeling?¨. Contest participants will have the opportunity to have their
picture taken, whether its alone or among friends, with a professional photographer. The participants will be
holding the Banana Boat product, and the top 35 photos chosen by the Banana Boat staff will be uploaded to
the Banana Boat spring break Facebook page. Whichever photo generates the most Facebook "likes¨ will win
the contest. Awareness for the Banana Boat spring break Facebook page will be created by advertisements for
the Facebook page during the events and through the Ìnternet banner ads previously explored in our execu-
tions. Banana Boat will also collaborate with college event management committees who package and organize
spring break trips for college students. The photo that wins will be turned into the next Banana Boat print adver-
tisement as the reward.
Objective: By holding this event, the target market will become more engaged with the Banana Boat brand. By
having tables and handing out free samples, Banana Boat can build a relationship with the target market. This
will also create future brand loyalty.
Strategy: Our target market is driven by incentives. Ìf you offer them something for free they will
gladly accept. This spring break tactic will create a memorable experience for many consumers in
our target market. Ìn the future, we are hoping they will think back to this brand activiation
experience, and remember that the Banana Boat brand worked for them.
/D$)"7 8$,1J 91(#)(
8$1"& 6(#)-1#)%"
Promote the iPhone appIication in America
Description: Australia already does a great job of advertising the Banana
Boat brand through an iPhone application that has many features. By ad-
vertising and editing the ÌPhone app for the United States, Banana Boat can
further promote their name. The application can have the same features as
the Australian application: Beach and Park allocator, Maps to fnd your way,
National event schedules, Weather across The United States, UV Rating,
Sun Protection Tips, Sunscreen reapplication timer, and Beach checklist. All
of these specifc parts of the app offer a one-stop-shop for all the answers
about beach going and sun safety.
Objective: To better reach the target audience and create an enhanced
relationship with our audience through repeitive application use.
Strategy: Through our secondary research we found that 92% of our tar-
get market are owners of mobile devices. This number is so signifcant that
implementing an iPhone app would be extremely benefcial. Not only would
it raise awareness to the consumer, but it would be a constant reminder of
the Banana Boat brand.
!PH%", 91(#)(
We plan to test the effectiveness of the campaign through a multitude of post campaign testing and research.
We will administer surveys and questionnaires to our target demographic, both during and after the campaign
runs. We will also conduct focus groups to make sure our target demographic comprehends the purpose of our
campaign. The breakdown of the awareness, comprehension and sales goals associated with our campaign are
shown below. Months highlighted in yellow signify periods of intense campaigning when we will be fighting our
campaign in accordance with spring break or the summer months.

=%00'")(1#)%"> ]%1; /1;,> ]%1;
=$,1#)-, 8$),<
What business probIem is this communication trying to soIve?
Many consumers in our target audience do not wear a sun care product and are more concerned with being tan then facing the major conse-
quences of exposed skin. The target audience is unaware that they can still gain a tan while using sunscreen.
What is the roIe for advertising?
Advertising needs to build brand awareness for Banana Boat products, and ultimately brand preference to increase overall Banana Boat sales.
Through advertising, the benefts of the Banana Boat product and the consequences of the sun's harmful rays need to be made known.
Who are we taIking to?
The target audience is young females, ages 18 through 24. They do not have a brand preference for a particular sunscreen brand and do not
have the desire to spend time researching the suncare industry. They show a high interest in gaining and maintaining an even tan. They are
more focused on short-term benefts than long-term consequences. They enjoy vacationing and warm weather, especially during the summer
What insight do we need to know about them that can cause a strong reaction?
To ultimately grasp the target audience's attention, we must thoroughly understand their values surrounding suncare and what they use sun-
screen for, whether it's for protection, for tanning purposes, or for both.
What's the key message we need to deIiver to achieve this reaction?
Banana Boat Tanning products will not only give the target audience the natural glow they desire, but they will protect the skin. Banana Boat
delivers a beneft, and removes all consequences.
How do we know we're right?
Through primary research, we found that 62.5 percent of our target audience is less than concerned with the dangerous effects of the sun. We
also found that 67 percent of our target audience shows a concern with being tan.
What shouId be the tonaIity?
The advertisements should be simple, inviting and warm. Simplicity is extremely important due to the fact that our target
audience has a short attention span when researching and buying suncare products. The ads should have a tropical theme,
and show young, tan women enjoying themselves in beautiful, sunny weather.
M,,# R%'$ #,10
Kristin Somin is a Sophomore, Ìntegrated Marketing Communications major, with Sociology
and Legal Studies minors. She is an active member of the Public Relations Society of America
at Ìthaca College and is also an intern for the Cayuga Radio Group Hits 103.3 Street Team.
Over the summer she spends her time working as a lifeguard and swim instructor for spe-
cial needs children in her hometown, Easton, Connecticut. This summer she will be interning
for MPG's Media Planning and Media Buying department in New York City. Ìn the future she
hopes to work in event management and promotions for a sports team or in the fashion indus-
try. Kristin's twin brother Eric is also a sophomore at Ìthaca College.
Hailey Brent is a sophomore Ìntegrated Marketing Communications major in the Roy H. Park
School at Ìthaca College in Ìthaca, NY. She is currently working towards her minor as an
Ìnternational Business Studies student. She has been on the dean's list since her freshman
year at Ìthaca College. This previous summer, Hailey worked as an administrative assistant
and worked on online marketing and communications at Chatham Real Estate in Chatham,
Massachusetts. Here, Hailey was responsible for email marketing, where she designed and
sent out monthly newsletters. She was also in charge of Chatham Real Estates online mar-
keting, such as updating their website, Facebook page and blog. Hailey also helped design
their new brochure and designed many promotional materials for homes on the market.
M,,# R%'$ #,10
Julia Wagner is currently a sophomore at Ìthaca College, majoring in Ìntegrated Marketing
Communications with a minor in Journalism. She is from Rochester, NY. Julia is currently the
Co-Chair of Events in the Public Relations Society and is studying abroad in the Los Angeles
Program over the summer of 2012. Over winter break she interned at the advertising agency
Martino Flynn's Greenhouse Program in her hometown of Pittsford, NY, which is a the full-
service advertising, public relations and digital media agency. Julia's interests and skills in-
clude event planning, social media and writing.
Nathaniel Schacht is a senior Sport Media major and Legal Studies minor at Ìthaca College.
Nathaniel has been honored on the dean's list every semester during his time at Ìthaca Col-
lege, and currently holds a 3.6 GPA as a senior. He spent the past semester living and studying
abroad in Barcelona, Spain, where he was able to improve Spanish as his second language
and experience Catalan culture. After college Nathaniel hopes to get a job working for a non-
proft organization in his native city, Seattle, Washington. He also works for Ìthaca College's
ftness center, and sat on committees as a student representative for the both the Athletic and
Events Center and Hill Center renovations.
Alex Preefer, a sophomore at Ìthaca College with an Ìntegrated Marketing Com-
munications major and is considering a minor in Sociology. Ìn the summer to
come, he is planning on completing an internship with CNN. As a member of
the Ìthaca College chapter of the American Marketing Association, Alex has as-
sisted in making arrangements for a food drive to help those in need. He is cur-
rently working as a sales associate at Urban Outftters, in which he helps with
the marketing and selling of their products. Ìn his time off from school,
Alex enjoys helping out with the junior wrestling program in his hometown.