Joe Oliver

Graph Analysis

In our survey, we wanted a reasonably even split between genders as the Rock genre
of music is generally popular with both genders. However, as the majority of artists in
the industry are male, we felt that having a slim majority would reflect this in our
survey. There are few female artists in the rock genre, Hayley Williams and Avril
Lavigne are noticeable exceptions to the rule in which bands such as Green Day,
System of a Down and Biffy Clyro are dominant. For the song that we are covering,
all band members are male and we felt that having a majority male audience would
give us a more faithful survey in regards to what we should include in our video.

We gave surveys to those who have a working knowledge of music videos and knows
what they should include. Music videos are a generally modern concept, only coming
into mainstream use during the 1980s and therefore we felt that those aged 16-21
would have a better knowledge of what is included in modern music videos,
regardless of genre. Those aged 16-21 have had the most exposure to music videos
with the introduction of Youtube and VEVO in 2005; this is clear with videos like
Justin Bieber’s Baby and PSY’s Gangnam Style with a combined viewing audience of
over two billion views.
16-21 22-35 36+
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis

We included these questions in the questionnaire, as we wanted to know the most
popular genre of music and this is generally reflected in the radio station choices.
Choice, Kiss and Capital are the most popular choices of radio station; this is due to
the fact that they play R’n’B and Hip Hop, which are the most popular genres
amongst our audience. This may be due to the exposure that these genres recieve in
mainstream media through the mass marketing of these products on the internet, TV
and radio stations. Classical and Dubstep are not generally marketed, and therefore
they are not played on mainstream radio stations and have a more specific target
audience. There are very few popular Dubstep artists as it is a relatively new genre of
music, only coming to fruition in the 2000s; the most popular of these artists are
Skrillex and Knife Party, mostly as they are the artists who have received the most
exposure. For example, Bonfire by Knife Party was included in an episode of
Breaking Bad, one of the most popular TV shows in American history and this is
reflected in the Youtube comments and is hence one of their most popular tracks.
Rock is a timeless genre and has always been popular. Although its popularity has
declined to an extent, shown in our survey, it is because there are few commercial
rock stations on the radio, Kerrang the most notable, and the genre’s marketing relies
on magazines such as Kerrang, Q and Mojo; one of the few genres that markets
through this medium to a hardcore fanbase.
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Kiss 100
Radio 1
What Radio Stations do you listen to?
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hip Hop
What Genre of Music do you listen to?
Please order, 1 being your favourite and
6 your least.
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis
One of our ancillary tasks is a magazine advertisement and would be included in such
a magazine as well as the music video itself, which would be posted on Youtube for
free in order to promote the song and the band, who are unknown to a mainstream

This reflects the fact that music videos are an extremely important part in the
marketing of a song. Gangnam Style’s success is as a result of the success of its music
video, the view count of which stands at 1,788,532,468 views (10/10/13). Robin
Thicke stated on The Graham Norton Show that the song Blurred Lines’ success is
mostly down to its controversial music video and Miley Cyrus’ re-emergence into the
public eye has seen her cause no end of controversy with her new music videos We
Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball. However clichéd, all press is good press and this is
reflected in their sales- A press release from Interscope said as of the last week in July
2013, Blurred Lines reached more than 242.65 million listeners. Furthermore, the fact
that posting a video on Youtube is free allows up and coming bands such as
Obsession to reach a mass audience and promote themselves for free. If an audience
likes the song and its music video they are likely to purchase the song. This means
that Music Videos are a vital piece of the music industry today.

Music Videos are marketed on two main platforms: the Internet and TV stations.
Notable examples of these respective platforms are Youtube, who provide their user
statistics on their website.
 More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
As well as listening to an artist's
music, do you watch the
corresponding music video?
Internet TV Stations Other
If so on what medium?
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis
• Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost
an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year
• 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
• 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
• YouTube is localized in 56 countries and across 61 languages
• According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable
• Millions of subscriptions happen each day, and the number of people subscribing
has more than doubled since last year
The viewing of Music videos makes up a major percentage of these viewing statistics
and hence this shows the benefits of posting a music video to Youtube.
TV stations such as 4Music, Viva and Kerrang also play music videos to a wide
audience. However, with the emergence of Youtube, viewing on TV stations has
declined as audiences can search music videos directly rather than waiting for its
appearance on a chart show or such like programmes. TV stations are advantageous to
artists as they are often genre specific and therefore shown to their target audiences.
Furthermore, stations will pay artists for the circulation of their music videos and this
helps artists to make money and therefore continue to make music.

A narrative in music videos is a reasonably modern concept, the first and most notable
of which is Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which was widely circulated and helped the
success of that song and album to no end. Those that we surveyed felt that it was
important for the narrative to relate to the song as if lyrics are ambiguous it helps
viewers to understand the song and therefore enjoy it more. For the song we are
producing a video for, the lyrics tell of a man who wakes up in the middle of nowhere
and doesn’t realise where he is or how he got there. We interpreted this as the man
took a drug and the trip is how he wakes up with no recollection of what happened.
We felt that this would help us to express a message as well as relating to the song
and producing an enjoyable narrative. Furthermore, as drug use is quite a
controversial topic, we felt that this would increase traffic to our product and help to
promote the band to mainstream attention.
How important do you think it is for a
music video's narrative to correspond
with its song?
Not Very
Not at All
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis

This was surprising to me as from my research of past rock videos, the majority were
fully performance based and there are a number of videos that today in our genre are
fully performance based, for example The Vaccines’ If You Wanna and Mumford &
Sons’ Little Lion Man. However, I concluded that as the majority of modern music
videos are either fully narrative or a mixture of narrative and performance that this
was the expectation of our audience. We are going to pursue a half performance/ half
narrative video as this allows the audience to put faces to the song as well as convey a
worthwhile message and engaging narrative.

We felt that by producing a list of the most common camera shots, angles and
movements that we could allow those who answered our questionnaire to fully
Performance Based
What type of music video would you
expect to see for a song in the rock
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Extreme Close-Ups
Medium-Long Shot
Establishing Shot
Long Shot
Over-the shoulder shot
Low Angle
High Angle
Eye Level
Canted Angle
Dolly Shots
Handheld shots
What sort of camera shots would you like
to see in our work?
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis
express their views as to what should be included in our video. Unsurprisingly, close-
ups, long shots, midshots and low angle shots were the most popular as they are
conventional of the rock genre and the most commonly used in videos of the genre. In
our video we wanted to be conventional of the genre and the most popular shots in the
survey are generally the most used in the video. However we also wanted to use an
array of shots and have decided to use Crane shots and an Arc shot in addition to
establishing shots, over the shoulder shots, extreme close ups and POV shots.

We included a variety of effects for those surveyed, the most popular of which are
Dark lighting, the use of strobe lighting, spotlights and black and white. These are all
conventional effects used in videos in our genre. We have decided to create a contrast
between the narrative and performance, by having the prologue, epilogue and
performance in black and white and the main body of the narrative in bright colours in
order to fully express the effects of the trip on our protagonist. This contrast will make
the difference clearer to our audience and should make the video more enjoyable as
well as relating to our narrative.


What variation of lighting and filters would
you like to see in our music video?
Black and White
Would you expect a picture of
the band on a digipack?
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis
It is conventional of a digipack in the rock genre to have a picture of the band on it,
especially for a first release. This in reflected in the results of this question. More
prominent bands in the genre e.g. Arctic Monkeys and Coldplay don’t need their
image on the cover as they’re established in the industry and people can link their
image to their music subconsciously. New artists such as Obsession require their
audience to link their image to the music. The idea we’re going to pursue draws
inspiration from Gorillaz’s Demon Days album.

A band’s image is paramount to a band’s success. Green Day have a very distinct
image in terms of their hairstyles and clothing e.g. jet black hair, mostly black
clothing and tattoos. Kiss wears Face Paint and leather. Gorillaz stand out as their
image is cartoon. We are going to make the picture on the digipack large to emphasise
that the band are new and are up and coming-hence will grow to be big in the
industry. The picture will take up the majority of the digipack. We feel that although
this goes against the majority of those surveyed, we have justifiable reasons to do so.

The size of the typography is quite important as it links the music to a name and then
the name to an image. As our image will be the more prominent on the digipack, we
will make our typography medium sized as it is similar to that of Demon Days and
satisfies the majority of our audience.
Large Medium Small
If so, how prominent should the
picture be in reference to the
scale of the digipack?
Large Medium Small Very Small
What size typography would you
expect on the digipack?
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis

The three most popular options as to where the titles (Band Name and Song Name)
should be placed are Central and then at the top and bottom of the digipack. This is
similar to Demon Days as the band name is at the top and album name at the bottom.
We will take inspiration from this and have the band’s name at the top and song name
at the bottom. This satisfies the majority of our audience bar one person who was

It is vital that the digipack should represent the genre, especially for a new band as
they are unknown to audiences and therefore the digipack will tell them what genre
their music is before listening to it. The more prominent a band is in the industry the
more abstract they can be with their digipacks as their names will sell copies e.g.
Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto and Muse’s The Resistance. This is reflected in our survey.

Where do you believe the title
should be placed on the cover?
0 2 4 6 8 10
Not So Important
Not at all Important
How well should the digipack
represent the genre?
Should the digipack relate to the
magazine advert?
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis
We want our ancillary products to link to create a recognisable image for our band.
We will use the same image on the front of our digipack and for our magazine advert.
The only difference between the two would be the background colour scheme as the
background of the advert would reflect the interior of the digipack. Those surveyed
share our view and this is positive as they can see our vision for promoting the artists.

We allowed our audience to list colour schemes as this allowed them to fully express
what they would expect for a colour scheme in our genre. Red and Black are
conventional colours in our genre hence its popularity as well as Dark Colours being
listed, similarly due to the style of lighting often used in rock videos. However, the
majority felt, like us, that the colour scheme should match that of our video. In our
video, the band will be in black and white, in addition to the prologue and epilogue.
However, during the trip we are going to use a variety of bright colours; this will be
reflected in our ancillary products. The front and back covers of our digipack will be
in black and white to provide a sense of continuity for our audience. The interior will
reflect the trip and be bright colours. The magazine advert will be the same image as
the front cover but the background like the interior panes colourful. This creates a link
between products.

We allowed our audience to list popular publications, and unsurprisingly many music
magazines, particularly rock ones rose to the forefront. In my opinion, our advert
could reside in all these publications as they all advertise rock bands and as Time Out
is a regional magazine, and our band is from London they could advertise our artists
Red and Black Same as music
Dark Colours Green Light pastel
colours e.g. sky
What Colour Scheme would you
expect our digipack/advert to have?
NME Kerrang Q Mojo Time Out
What type of magazine would
you expect our advert to reside?
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis

The majority of magazine adverts are a full A4 page to make it stand out to an
audience. Our advert will be A4 as we need to make our band stand out to audiences,
as they’re new to the industry and therefore need to make people take notice of them.
The fact that our advert is different colour-wise should increase our chances of
standing out amongst the rest of the bands and this can be achieved with an A4 page.

We want a link between our products and with a text orientated advert I don’t think
we could promote our band to the best of our ability and therefore the band would
suffer. This is a view shared with the majority of our audience.

Picture Text
Should our advert be more
picture or text orientated?
How big should our advertisement be?
Full Page
Half Page
Less than half a page
Joe Oliver
Graph Analysis
 Our video will be half narrative based and half performance based.
 The performance half will be in black and white and the majority of the narrative
in colour
 The colour scheme will continue from the video into our ancillary products; the
digipack’s exterior will be in black and white, taking inspiration from the design
of Gorillaz’ Demon Days whereas the interior will take inspiration from Maroon
5’s Overexposed. On the advert, the layout will be the same as the front cover of
the digipack, however the background will be in colour rather than black and
white to reflect the interior of the digipack.
 The band name will be at the top of the digipack and the album name at the
bottom, both centrally and medium sized.
 The pictures will be the main subjects of the digipack’s exterior panes
 The advert will be picture rather than text orientated, on a full page and in a rock
magazine such as Kerrang.
 Our song, as it comes in the pop rock genre, could be played on mainstream radio
stations such as Magic, Heart and possibly Kerrang but wouldn’t be suitable for
Choice or Kiss.
 The video will be distributed to Youtube as that’s where the majority of music
videos receive their traffic.
 Camerawork will be conventional of the genre.