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3 About Us: Spin Marketing
4 SWOT Analysis
5 Competitor Analysis
6-8 Target Market Research
9 Target Consumer Profiles
10 Re-branding Objective &
Measured Goals
11-12 Strategies and Tactics
13 Retailers
14-15 Consumer Promotion
16 Trade Promotion
17-21 Sales Promotion
22-23 Alternative Marketing
24-25 Budget
26 Evaluation & The Future
27 Thank You

Spin Marketing is dedicated to making
comprehensive plans for our clients to fulfill re-
branding and promotional techniques. We pride
ourselves on combining the use of strategy, creativity
and collaboration to ensure the satisfaction of our
clients requests. Unlike our competitors we are
experts in creating unique changes to products that
are sure to put a spin on things.
Spin Marketing
SWOT Analysis
Previous brand recognition from
initial release (was once successful)

Reasonably priced

Simple packaging
Low purchase volume

Not first choice of consumer

Low brand recognition from target
Revitalize brand and brand

Celebrity endorsement

Expand to secondary market
Strong competitors

Retail store acceptance

Large product category

Competitor Analysis
Tommy Girl is manufactured by Tommy Hilfiger and is priced around
$25 per bottle. The box is very simple and plain, and so it seems to be
targeted toward young to middle aged successful women.
Curve Women is manufactured by Liz Claiborne, and is available
for about $20 per bottle. The box features a bright purple color and
seems to be targeted toward younger women.
Paris Hilton Women is about $27 per bottle. The box is very loud,
and focuses specifically on Paris Hilton herself. Many people will buy
this product if they see her as a celebrity role model. Consumers
want to be like her if they wear the perfume.

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond is priced around $30 a bottle.
The box is gold, with simple labeling, and so it seems to be targeted
toward older, sophisticated women.

Target Market Research
Target Market Research
Target Market
For retargeting Charlie the primary target market is women ages 34 to 49. The secondary
market is women ages 25 to 34.
Buying Motives
Charlies target market is household incomes of $75,000 to $149,000 because they are the
largest group willing to spend. Sales and office occupations also have the highest number of
perfume users, professional and related occupations are second to that. These two groups
would be an asset to us to target to because they are majority of the customer base and
could bring in a lot of profit.
Our target market considers their perfume purchase to be an emotional buy, expecting that
their choice will not only make them smell desirable, but also makes them powerful,
beautiful, and confident. With this, woman in our target market hope to find this emotional
connection with a product that they can routinely purchase and rely on.
Target Consumer Profiles
Meet Gina
Meet Samantha
Meet Rachel
Gina is a 36 year old young
mother always on the run.
Bringing the kids to school,
grocery shopping and cooking are
a few of her daily tasks. Since she
is usually stressed, she finds it
hard to feel confident and
powerful in her own skin. Charlie
can help her be beautiful, smell
great and still accomplish
everything she needs to.
Samantha is a 47 year
law office assistant
and she is always
dressed to impress for
her clients. She is on a
constant search to
find a strong, yet
beautiful scent that
will keep her smelling
fresh all day long.
Rachel is a 28 year old young
professional in the advertising
industry. She is searching for a
fragrance that will make her
smell mature and feel
important in the workplace.
Charlie can do this for her so
that she can feel great and
smell great in a setting where
she is the young underdog.
Rebranding Objective
Measured Goals
Overall, reaching a new target that desires to feel confident and beautiful, that wants a long
lasting scent, that will go with their busy lifestyle.

Increase Sales by 35% for the calendar year 2014-2015

Increase Brand Awareness by 25% for the calendar year 2014-2015

Strategies and Tactics
New Tagline:
Currently our product is priced differently at various retailers for the 3.4 oz bottle:
Amazon $10, Kohl's $25, Target $9. However, we would like to maintain a consistent
price to be comparable to the rest of the perfume industry. We are proposing the set
price of $26.99 for the 3.4 oz bottle.
Be Powerful. Be Beautiful. Be Confident
As far as a spokesperson, we would like to have Drew Barrymore represent the
new image of Charlie. She has not recently been featured in any films, yet she is
still adored and respected by her fans. She starred alongside Cameron Diaz in
the remake of the classic movie Charlies Angels and therefore she fits well as the
face of Charlie. We believe she will fall within budget because of the fact that she
has dedicated herself to helping brands by endorsing products she swears by.
Adding Charlie to the mix of products she represents will improve sales because
she is a trusted face and name. We would launch the reposition with Drew under
the new tagline: Be powerful. Be Beautiful. Be Confident.
Strategies and Tactics
We chose Kohls, Target, Walmart, CVS, and Macys as our retailers because they will be able
to satisfy the correct target market that we are looking for. Our target market primarily
shops at those stores and to sell our product there would make it easily accessible to them
and hopefully increase sales. These choices would allow us to keep the price where it needs
to be, and will be able to take advantage of bargain buyers. We added Macys, although a
more expensive retailer, into the mix because it will allow us to hit that small niche of our
target market that wouldnt be willing to shop in some of the lower end retailer choices.
Consumer Promotion
For Consumer Promotion, we will be using utilizing an On-Shelf Coupon that givesa
discounted price offered immediately at the point of purchase. All store locations will be
given a coupon of 15% off the purchase. This wont be a large part of our budget because
all that is required is print costs and dispenser fees.
On-Shelf Coupon
Consumer Promotion
For the premium component, every person who purchases a bottle of Charlie will receive
a free travel sized stick of the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain at the time of
purchase. We believe that since this product is new and is in high demand, they will work
off each other perfectly. Charlie will support the sales of the new Revlon balm stain by
giving the free travel size after the purchase of the Charlie bottle. The popularity of the
Just Bitten Kissable lip stain will help make Charlie more desirable. Offering a premium of
a popular new Revlon product not only makes consumers want to buy Charlie for the free
extra product, but also helps Revlon as a whole by exposing the consumer to new

Trade Promotion
Buy-Back Allowance
We will be utilizing a buy-back allowance in order to ensure that the resellers will be
willing to take a chance on our re-launch of this old product. Buy-back allowance will
reduce the risk for retailers who are afraid of losing profit from wasted shelf space on a
product that may not sell.
We also will make interesting and innovative display cases for Charlie. These will hopefully
change from season to season, in order to show that we are listening to our target market
and what is important to them. For example, on Valentines Day we will be creating a heart-
shaped display, alternating red and special edition pink bottles of Charlie.

Sales Force Promotion
Our sales force will be in charge of getting Charlie into stores. This contest will reward
top performers, but will also ensure everyone gets something for their hard work. Based
off our $100,000 budget for sales force promotions:

-Top sales performer (based off percentage of quotas made for each specific sales
person in their specific location) = A $550 gift card to department store of choice (one
where the perfume is sold)

-Top 2-4 performers $300 gift card department of choice

-Top 5-10 performers $100 gift card

- Everyone else gets gift bags of Revlon products (Men and Women)
Sales Force Promotion
Sales Trip: Punta Cana Resort & Club
We are going to bring our sales team on an exotic sales trip about three months into our
re-launch in order to retrain and go over aspects of the new Charlie campaign that are
succeeding and not succeeding. This will hopefully give more inspiration to the sales
force and lead them to care more about the project that they are working on.
Sales Force Promotion
Sales Trip: Key Questions
What are goals of the meeting? To create inspiration and motivation among sales
force. We hope to have a more in depth training session as well, once we are able to
assess what is going well in our campaign and what is not.

What is the budget? Since Sales Force Promotions were budgeted $100,000 I think
that we will spend $95,000 on the Sales Trip. This way that saves money for the contest
portion of the department, while still being able to treat about 40 of our sales team
members to a 5 day long weekend in an exotic location.

Who is invited? We will invite approximately 40 of our sales team members, those
who seem to be doing the best and succeeding in getting contracts. Hopefully that will
encourage motivation and maintain their success.

Sales Force Promotion
Sales Trip: Key Questions Continued

What is the Timing? We will go about three months into the launch, in order to
revamp or award those that are being successful. We will leave on a Wednesday and
come back on a Sunday for a total of 4 nights, 5 days.

What is the Right Location? We will go to the Punta Cana Resort and Club. This is in
Dominican Republic. This hotel has two championship golf courses, an award winning
spa, and its 15,000 acre property has an ecological reserve with 15 natural springs, a full
service marina, and several restaurants and bars, with its own shopping village. This is
optimal, because the resort has enough on it that our salespeople will not have to leave
the resort and go into what could be tricky territory outside.

Sales Force Promotion
Sales Trip: Key Questions Continued
What can I do to take it over the top? We plan on having over the top audio visual
presentations every time we have a group meeting. We think that is necessary in order to
keep the salespeople coming back to each meeting. I will also make sure to keep the
number of meetings per day low, so we do not bore the sales force members. We need to
make sure that they are getting as much out of the meetings as possible. We will also
invite Drew Barrymore (our spokesperson) to come with us on this trip, so she can give a
speech, and encourage more motivation.

Alternative Marketing
Lifestyle Marketing: Fashion Show
We think it is crucial to pair the consumers hobby of fashion with Charlie. We hope to
do this by sponsoring a Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show: Catwalk for a Cure, for
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer awareness. Members of the local community strut their
stuff on the runway in support for this charity. Tickets are $10, with all proceeds going
to the charity. Charlie will sponsor the events by creating and distributing gift bags with
Drew Barrymores Fashion Tips, and a few of her favorite beauty products including a
sample of Charlie Perfume with a coupon for the next purchase of Charlie 15% off.

Drew will be a guest speaker at the fashion show. We assume this will be done for free
because she would like positive public publicity being a supporter for fighting breast
cancer, and we would put in the endorsement contract that she would be obligated to
speak at this event.
Alternative Marketing
Charlie for Catwalk for a Cure Banner Advertisement
The Future
If all goes well with Drew Barrymore and she renews her contract with Charlie
she can continue to further the brand and brand image. She can continue to make
the brand stronger beyond the original contract. In order to make Charlie a more
well known and purchased fragrance, we can have Drew come up with her own
Charlie scent and fragrance edition. We can price her line as a bit more expensive,
at $40 per bottle and $5 dollars of every bottle can go back to Susan G. Komen,
continuing her partnership with Revlon and the battle for Breast Cancer.

We will measure and evaluate the success of this campaign by sales numbers, but
also by customer satisfaction surveys. We can also contact salespeople and
interview for their opinions to help determine future decisions about Charlie.