Choose the right answer.

1. Encik Putra is a lecturer. ____ teaches in a university.
A. She
B. He
C. Her

2. Mia and I are cousins. _____ go to the same school.
A. We
B. They
C. Them

3. Mr Lim plants grapes and strawberries. What is Mr Lim’s
A. Farmer
B. Carpenter
C. Butcher

4. Mr Sammy works in hospital. What is Mr Sammy’s
A. Doctor
B. Police
C. Fireman

5. I like ________ football.
A. play
B. playing
C. plays

6. My brother loves __________.
A. cycling
B. cycle
C. cycles

7. I like riding my bicycle. The bicycle is _________.
A. mine
B. hers
C. his

8. Zara reads her storybook. The book is _________.
A. hers
B. his
C. ours

9. My mother ________ fish curry.
A. cooks
B. boils
C. bakes

10. Chef Aris _________ fish yesterday.
A. cried
B. fried
C. buried

11. My mother __________ yesterday.
A. cooks
B. cooked
C. cook

12. Mr. Lim _________ to office everyday.
A. drive
B. drived
C. drives

13. My mother wears ________ new scarf.
A. his
B. her
C. she

14. My grandmother ________ chicken in the kitchen.
A. fry
B. fried
C. frys

15. Pak Abu likes __________.
A. gardening
B. garden
C. gardened

Change the words below into past tense:

1. like : _______________
2. kick : _______________
3. lie : _______________
4. pluck : _______________
5. fry : _______________
6. cook : _______________
8. look : _______________
9. drive : _______________
10. bake : _______________

Determine the possesive pronouns:

1. my : ______________
2. his : ______________
3. yours : ______________
4. her : ______________
5. our : ______________

Choose the answer base on the story below.

Once upon a time, there were three bears. They lived
in a house in the forest. One morning, Mama Bear made
porridge. She put it into three bowls for breakfast. While
waiting the porridge get cooled, Papa Bear, Mama Bear and
Baby Bear.
Soon, Goldilocks passed by the bears’ house. The front
door was ajar. She could smell something good. She walked
into the house. She saw three bowls of porridge on the
table. She tasted the porridge.
She ate all the porridge in Baby Bear’s bowl. After a
while, she started to feel sleepy and wanted to lie down.
She went upstairs. After an hour, the bears came home.

1. Where did the story take place?

2. Name the characters in the story?

3. What did Mama Bear make for breakfast?

4. Why did the bears go for a walk?

5. What did Goldilocks do at the bears’ house?