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1) Solution Documentation Assistance SoDocA) in SAP Solution Manager!
#o suppo"t comple$ SA% Solutions and c"itical p"ocesses, it is absolute necessa"y to
identify, map and document up&to&date info"mation on System 'andscape, (usiness
%"ocesses, )omponents, *nte"faces, )ustom )ode and %a"tne" Solutions+ SA% is t"uly
awa"e about this challenin task and the"efo"e, delive"ed a tool within SA% Solution
,anae" called -Solution .ocumentation Assistance- o" in sho"t -So.ocA-+ *t enables SA%
)ustome"s to athe" usae data of (usiness %"ocesses, /b0ects, )omponents, *nte"faces,
)ustom )ode f"om SA% Solution landscape+ *t assists them in analy1in usae data fo"
comp"ehensive documentation and definin bluep"int fo" *mplementation, 2p"ade
p"o0ects and settin up c"itical (usiness and *nte"face ,onito"in+
2) "mportant Prere#uisite "n$ormation!
1+ *n SA% Solution ,anae" all systems landscape info"mation need to be up&to&date with
successful 34) connections and "unnin 5a"ly 6atch Ale"ts fo" So.ocA analysis+
2+#o athe" usae histo"y of you" c"itical (usiness p"ocesses and othe" ob0ects, So.ocA
has to be setup well in advance+ So.ocA "e7ui"es minimum of one month data
3+ A %"o0ect has to be c"eated and the list of all the (usiness Scena"ios, %"ocesses and
%"ocess Steps have to be defined in the p"o0ect+
%) &echnical Prere#uisites!
• #o %"ovide the necessa"y additional data fo" the Solution .ocumentation
Assistant, SA% enhanced the SA% softwa"e component S#&%*+
• ,anaed systems must have "elease 8+9) o" hihe"+
• A "unnin 5a"ly 6atch Ale"t se"vice fo" a manaed system is "e7ui"ed to p"ovide
wo"kload statistics data fo" the Solution .ocumentation Assistant to analy1e+
• Analysis is dependent on:
• #he wo"kload statistic settins in each manaed system that shall be analy1ed
with Solution
.ocumentation Assistant+
• #he availability of data fo" manaed system that is collected and sto"ed in the
Solution ,anae"
dete"mines the numbe" of months that can be analy1ed+
• 5a"ly 6atch Ale"t must delive" data a minimum of one month befo"e the fi"st
analysis "un sta"ts+ #he Solution .ocumentation Assistant takes into account data
of a full month, meanin the latest month available fo" a cu""ent Analysis is the
last month+
• System 'andscape info"mation needs to be up&to&date fo" the maned systems,
34) connections need to be c"eated and accessible+ #his is necessa"y fo"
collection of 56A"epo"ts as well as fo" S;' statement analysis+

') (oles an) Authori*ation!
(elow 3oles must be iven to the Solution ,anae" )onsultant on the ,anaed System
(Solution ,anae"!+
• SA%<A.A<A''
• SA%<S.A<.*S
• SA%<S,6/3=<(AS*)
• SA%<S,6/3=<S.A
• SA%<S/'<%3/J<A.,*><A''
• (SA%<S,6/3=<*,%'!
Go to the #"ansaction S201 to check the above "oles, pleas e see sc"een shot below+
Autho"i1ation to the below /b0ect should be iven on the ,anaed System fo" 5++ SA%
5)), )3,, S3,
1! S<A.,*<4). with all the values+
(AS*S team o" Autho"i1ations team will p"ovide you the above+
+) Acti,ation o$ Ser,ices!
(efo"e you sta"t "unnin Solution .ocument Assistance please if the below se"vices a"e
• sap?bc?webdynp"o?sap?AGS<3(5<A.
• sap?bc?webdynp"o?sap?AGS<3(5<A3
• sap?bc?webdynp"o?sap?AGS#6(<)5

-) (.C Connections!
5$ecute #code@ S,SA @ )lick #ab 'andscape )omponents @ %"oduct Systems
2nde" %"oduct Systems you need t o select you" system on which you want to "un the
Analysis+ 4o" e++ we a"e "unnin Analysis on *dio and the %"oduct System has to be
selected unde" SA% 5))+ See below sc"een shot+
Select the )lient >ame @ Select the )lient @ )lick on the 34) button on top of the pae@
you will et sc"een below @ Aain click on the )heck button+
%lease see the sc"een below
#he display los should have all "een t"affic lihts+
>ote: *f you see 3ed #"affic liht then you do not have access to the System you want to
connect to "un analysis, in this case please send an email to the (AS*S team "e7uestin

/) Assignment o$ Business Scenarios!
Selection of a %"o0ect
5$ecute #code @ S/'A301@ Select the %"o0ect @ )lick the /the" %"o0ect button see
sc"een below
Select the "e7ui"ed %"o0ect f"om the displayed selection and p"ess the tick ma"k

Selection of a (usinesss Scena"io:

2nde" St"ucutu"e tab you can assin the "e7ui"ed (usiness Scena"ios+
#o Assin a (usiness Scena"io f"om a Standa"d (%3 %"ess 48 fo" selction, see sc"een
0ote! At the Sou"ce Selection you need to select (usiness %"ocess 3eposito"y fo"
assinin f"om a Standa"d (%3 on S/'A301+
4"om the below Selection list you can select you" "e7ui"ed (usiness Scena"ios
#o ,anually )"eate a Scena"io:
2nde" the st"uctu"e tab you can 5nte" the Scena"io >ame and SAB5+ Aou can see the
newly c"eated scena"io unde" the (usiness Scena"ios 4olde"+
1) Creation o$ Business Processes!
6hen you assin a (usiness Scena"io by selectin f"om the Standa"d (%3 you will also
have all the (usiness %"ocesses which falls unde" that scena"io+
6e can Add o" delete the (usiness Scena"ios, (usiness %"ocesses o" %"ocess Steps as pe"
ou" "e7ui"ement+
Aou can "epeat the same p"ocess you have
Aou can also manually c"eate a (usiness %"ocess unde" the st"uctu"e tab, type you"
(usniess %"ocess >ame and SAB5 you will see it unde" list of you" (usiness
%"ocesses,see sc"een below

2) Creation o$ Business Process Steps!
5$ecute #code S/'A301@ Select the 3e7ui"ed (usiness %"ocess unde" which you want
to a new p"ocess step to be added, ente" the %"ocess step name and Assin the 'oical
)omponent and SAB5, you will see the newly c"eated %"ocess Step unde" the (usiness
p"ocess,see sc"een below
>ote: *f you want to adda new (usiness Scena"io, %"ocess o" %"ocess Step you need to
"un S/'A301 t"ansaction Select the p"o0ect you want to add and 2nde" St"uctu"e tab you
can Assin the "e7ui"ed f"om the Standa"d (%3 o" can manulay c"eate them+

13) Assignment o$ 4ogical Components!
/nce the )"eated %"o0ect St"uctu"e is "eady with the list of all the (usiness Scena"ios,
(uniess %"ocesses and p"ocess Steps you need to assin the 'oical )omponent to the
%"o0ect+ See sc"een below
5$ecute@ solar5pro6ect5a)min 7 Select the %"o0ect @ %"ess the #ick ma"k
Go to System 'andscape tab @ p"ess 48 @ Select the "e7ui"ed 'oical component f"om the
displayed window @ SAB5+
Assinment of 'oical )omponents fo" (usiness Scena"ios:
/nce you finish assinin the 'oical )omponent at the %"o0ect level you need to assin
the 'oical )omponent at the (usiness %"ocess 'evel+
Go to S84A(31 7 Select the %"o0ect @ Select (usiness %"ocess @ 2nde" St"ucut"e tab @
Aou can select 'oical )omponent @ SAB5+
3epeat the same fo" all the (usiness %"ocesses in the %"o0ect St"uctu"e+
0ote! *f the"e a"e t"ansactions at the (usiness %"ocess 'evel please ensu"e that the
'oical )omponent is assined to it+ As it will not chane when you assin at business
p"ocess level+
Go to #"ansactions tab in the same window and chane, see sc"een below
11) Creation o$ Analysis Pro6ect!
Go to #code solman<wo"kcente" @ )lick the #ab Solution .ocumentation Assistant
(elow Sc"een dsiplays
)lick on )"eate Analysis %"o0ect
(elow Sc"een .isplays
At %"o0ect *.C @ )lick the selection+
(elow sc"een displays @ %lace the cu"so" at %"o0ect *.: @ )lick on Sta"t Sea"ch (utton
(elow Sc"een displays @ Select the )"eated %"o0ect+
4o" e++ we want to select the .ocumentation #ake D /n %"o0ect fo" *ndio @ %"ess /=
(elow Sc"een displays with the %"o0ect *. and .esc"iption of the selected %"o0ect @ click
on >e$t
(elow Sc"een displays @ Aou can >ame the %"o0ect as pe" you" standa"ds o" can also
keep the same as it is with the c"eated p"o0ect in S/'A301+ @ Select the #ic$ bo$es as
shown below @ )lick on >e$t
(elow Sc"een displays @ )heck if the (usiness %"ocesses a"e selected @ )lick on )"eate
0ote! we can also select and unselect the business p"ocesses at this step, if you click the
e$pand button you can see the list of all the (usiness %"ocesses and steps fo" the c"eated
(elow Sc"een displays
Aou have successfully c"eated an Analysis %"o0ect+

12) Create Analyses base) on Analysis Pro6ect!
Go to #code solman<wo"kcente" @ )lick Solution .ocumentation Assistant tab @ Select
the )"eated Analysis %"o0ect fo" e++ we have selected *ndio<Analysis %"o0ect @ )lick on
)"eate 2nde" Analyses based on Analysis %"o0ect E*ndio<AnalysisF
(elow Sc"een dispalys
5nte" the >ame as pe" you" standa"ds @ Select the Schedule ,ode D *mmediate @ )lick
(elow Sc"een displays
Aou need to chane the System 3ole to %"oduction System, #he Status should be "een,
afte" you chane the system "ole+
(elow Sc"een displays
)lcik on >e$t
>ote: #he status should be "een fo" us to move ahead to "un the Analysis+#his will only
be "een if the 5a"ly 6atch Ale"t 3epo"ts a"e ene"ated fo" a minimum of one months on
the system you want to "un analysis on+
(elow Sc"een displays
)lick >e$t
0ote! #he Analysis will be based on last th"ee months f"om the date we a"e "unnin+
(elow Sc"een displays
)lick >e$t
(elow Sc"een displays
Select the below %a"amete"s
#o et all the )ustome" /b0ects Select the #ick bo$ Get All )ustome" /b0ects @ #ask
#ype: A'' @ )"eate
(elow Sc"een displays
Aou have successfully c"eated Analyses based on Analysis %"o0ect fo" *ndio+
Go back to the Analysis %"o0ects 6indow you will see the sc"een below, the status of
Analyses will be 3unnin+ 6ait till you see 4inished
Afte" it finishes 3unnin you will see a Status Savin
4inally you will see the 3esult as 4inished+
Aou" Analyses based on Analysis %"o0ect is Succesfully c"eated+
1%) 9eri$ying Analysis (esults!
/nce Aou see the Status 4inished @ )lick on the )"eated Analyses @ >ew window will
(elow Sc"een displays
#o view the 3esults
#o Biew 3esults @ )lick on 2sed @ All 2sed #"ansactions G %"o"ams a"e displayed+
3epeat the same p"ocess to view the "esults fo" >ot 2sed, Analy1ed, >ot Analy1ed unde"
th"ei" "espective a"eas ( All #"ansactions G 3epo"ts, SA% #"ansactions G 3epo"ts and
)utom #"ansactions G 3epo"ts!+
/nce you finish Analy1in the 3esults
a! Aou can 2pdate the e$istin p"o0ect with the "esults o"
b! Aou can )"eate a new p"o0ect with the "esults+
1') :p)ating the Pro6ect with the (esults!
Afte" you )lick 2pdate Solution ,anae" %"o0ect @ (elow sc"een displays @ 2pdate
Actions as pe" you" "e7ui"ement @ )lick /=+
/nce you )hane the 2pdate Actions and )lick /= the below sc"een displays @ )lick
#he %"o0ect is updated as pe" the Actions you choose to 2pdate+
Go to S/'A301 @ )hoose you" %"o0ect @ See sc"een below
Aou have successfully update the Analyses "esults to the cu""ent Solution ,anae"
%"o0ect+ >ow you can
e$pand the (usiness Scena"ios, (usiness %"ocesses and %"ocess Steps to see what is in
Scope and >ot in Scope+
0ote! Aou can also select the "e7ui"ed #"ansaction o" %"o"am to put in Scope f"om the
st"uctu"e if you think it is necessa"y which will be confi"med by the business consultant
o" the "espective pe"son+
1+) Documentation ; Documentation &ypes!
*n Solution ,anae" we have kinds of .ocumentation types available+
Doc. &ype Description
A)) Accele"ato"
A. Additional .ocumentation
(( (usiness (luep"int
(%% (usiness %"ocess %"ocedu"e
)4G )onfiu"ation Guide
)/4G )onfiu"ation 3efe"ence
*## i#uto" .ocument
%)./ %"ocess documentatn
S./ Scena"io .ocumentation
S'. Solution .esin .ocumentation
S>/ SA% >ote
S# #est >ote fo" #est )ase
#.1 #est )ase .esc"iption
#3 #"ainin
6e have two types of document tabs
1! Gene"al .ocumentation tab
2! %"o0ect .ocumentation tab
Gene"al .ocumentation:
All the documentation delive"ed by SA% is in the fo"m of ene"al documentation, which
cannot be chaned by the custome"+ #hese documents take i+e+ fo"m of Scena"io
desc"iptions on *nstallation uides+

6o"kin with Gene"al .ocumentation:

4o" template p"o0ect types, the ene"al .ocumentation tab p"ovides the same functions of
the Project Documentation tab+ 4o" *mplementation p"o0ects , the Gene"al
.ocumentation tab has limited functions to display, e$po"t and so"t documents+
#o copy ene"al documents fo" fu"the" p"ocessin and use in p"o0ect documentation, you
need to click the )opy .ocuments to %"o0ect .ocumentation icon+
0ote! Any chanes made to copied documents will not affect the o"iinal te$ts+
• #o )opy a document f"om the Gene"al .ocumentation to the %"o0ect
.ocumentation tab:
• )hoose one o" mo"e documents by selectin the co""espondin "ow(s!+
• )lick the )opy .ocuments icon to %"o0ect .ocumentation icon+
• 5nte" a documentation type fo" the document+
• )lick )opy to t"ansfe" you" ent"ies to the st"uctu"e+ #he documents a"e copied to
the %"o0ect .ocumentation tab, whe"e you can access and edit them+
%"o0ect .ocumentation:

All the documents specific to the p"o0ect can be assined in the %"o0ect .ocumentation
tab+ Aou can c"eate the new p"o0ect docuemntation in this tab+ 4o" e++, 4unctional
Specification, (usiness (luep"int document etc+
6o"kin with %"o0ect .ocumentation:

Aou can use the %"o0ect .ocumentation tab to ceate, add, display, o" delete specific
p"o0ect documentation on individual st"uctu"e items fo" the implementation p"o0ect+ Aou
can also display the document att"ibutes o" e$po"t documents+
1-) <ow to attach 0ew Documents!
#o )"eate a >ew .ocument
*n %"o0ect .ocumentation #ab Select the /ption )"eate >ew .ocument +
(elow Sc"een displays
*n the #itle 4ield ente" the title name of the document and select the document type and
choose ente"+
Select the documentation type which is "elevant fo" you" p"o0ect+ ,o"e details on
document types available in Solution ,anae" please "efe" point 1H of this document+
>ew .ocument is )"eated, See sc"een below
/nce you c"eated a >ew .ocument @ )lick on Save+
Aou have successfully c"eated a >ew .ocument unde" %"o0ect .ocumentation tab+

#o 2pload a document f"om a 'ocal System:
#o 2pload a 4ile f"om 'ocal ."ive Select 2pload 4ile /ption @ )hane the
.ocumenttation #ype as 3e7ui"ed @ )hane Status as "e7ui"ed @ )lick )ontinue+
(elow Sc"een displays
'ink to a Solution ,anae" .ocument o" )opy of a Solution ,ane" .ocument:
#his 4unction is to add a document p"ovides a fle$ible sea"ch featu"e to locate an
e$istin document in the =nowlede wa"ehouse+
*t is not possible to link to e$te"nal documents (=6 )onst"aint! unless they a"e accessible
f"om an 23'+ *t is "ecommended to check in those doscuments that you wish to link to
the st"uctu"e element+
5nte" all the "e7ui"ed att"ibutes on the sc"een and click Save, see sc"een below
#o 2pload a .ocument usin 6eb 'ink:
5nte" the #itle >ame @ )hoose the .ocumentation #ype @ )hoose the Status @ )lick
1/) Manage Document 9ersions in Solution Manager!
%"o0ect .ocumentation?.ocument Att"ibutes:
Go to S/'A301 @Select a (usiness Scena"io you want to 2pload?5dit the document @
Select %"o0ect .ocumentation tab @ Select .ocument
Displaying Document Details!
#he Iisto"y tab displays technical details such as who c"eated o" chaned the document,
when it was c"eated, when it was last chaned, and the o"iinal lanuae of the
Displaying Document 9ersions!
)u""ent and olde" document ve"sions can be displayed via the histo"y tab+ ,a"k a
"espective line and select the .isplay icon to display the selected document ve"sion+
*n addition to document ve"sions Solman offe"s a chane histo"y on tabs (which can be
deactivated in S/'A3<%3/J5)#<A.,*>! based )hane .ocuments+ And additionally
you can compa"e a copy of any st"uctu"e element in a p"o0ect aainst it-s o"iinal usin
the J)ompa"e and Ad0ustJ functionality on tabs+ #his is documented in 5$tended Ielp in
Aou can select the any ve"sion of the document he"e and click display+ Aou can see the
chanes in the document since you have uploaded+
11) Creation o$ Business Blueprint!
Afte" c"eatin the (usiness (luep"int ( p"o0ect st"uctu"e, p"o0ect documentation and
t"ansaction assinments!, you can ene"ate the (usiness (luep"int document fo" app"oval
and use+
#he (usiness (luep"int .ocument typically "eflects a consolidated bi pictu"e of all
thewo"k we have done in the bluep"int phase and includes the defined p"ocess st"cutu"e
with documented business p"ocesses as well as thei" "aphical "ep"esentation+ *t also
contains all othe" kinds of documentation+ Such as functional "e7ui"ements+
Go to S/'A301 o" *mplementation and 2p"ade 6o"kcente" @ %lan @ .efine (usiness
Select (usiness (luep"int @ Gene"ate (usiness (luep"int @ A selection sc"een with th"ee
tabs will pop up+
Aou can specify a sha"ed "eposito"y o" d""ive fo" the ene"ated bluep"int document, unde"
.i"ecto"y, to make the bluep"int document available to othe" p"o0ect team membe"s+
*n the Gene"al tab, select the check& bo$es beside which G"aphics should be included in
the (luep"int+
Aou can leave the default di"ecto"y location fo" sto"in the document+
4la which "aphics to include in the ene"ated document (Scena"ios and o" (usiness
%"ocesses! unde" the Gene"al #ab+
*n the Scope tab specify what St"uctu"e 5lements and .ocuments to conside" in the
(usiness (luep"int ene"ation and decide how much you want to include in the (luep"int+
*n the .isplay /ptions #ab which st"ucut"e 5lements and .ocument Att"ibutes to include
in the (usiness (luep"int can be selected+
*n ,S 6o"d choose the menu #ools @ ,ac"o @Biew ,ac"os+ #hen select the mac"o
SA%<(2S*>5SS<('25%3*># f"om the list and choose "un+
#he (luep"int document will now appea"+

(usiness (luep"int ene"ation will download all "elevant documents to you" local ha"d
disk fi"st+ Select c"itie"ia to minimi1e ene"ation time+
>ot all the documents linked in the Solution ,anae" will be embedded in the (luep"int
/nly those documents with the docu att"ibute E(usiness (luep"int "elevantK set will be
included in the (usiness (luep"int .ocument+
12) Creating a Con$iguration =ui)e!
6e can ene"ate a )onfiu"ation Guideout of ou" %"o0ect+ 6e can select which pa"ts of
the St"uctu"e and which document types with which status, pe"son "esponsible and
keywo"ds should be included to the uide+ #hen the documents a"e downloaded to the
specified di"ecto"y+ Afte"wa"ds you sta"t
Go to S/'A302
%lease "efe" point11 to "epeat the steps fo" the displayed window with th"ee tabs
(Gene"al, Scope, .isplay /ptions!+
Go to the path whe"e you saved the .ocument and "epeat the below step+
,ic"osoft 6o"d o to Biew @ ,ac"os @ Biew ,ac"os @ 3un the
#he )onfiu"ation Guide is successfully c"eated+

23) (eporting!
6e can save info"mation about a p"o0ect by phase o" p"o0ect activity, fo" e$ample, status,
deaadlines, and team membe"s+ %"o0ect analysis is based on this info"mation+
#he mo"e details you "eco"d, the mo"e p"o0ect analysis options the"e a"e+ Aou can analy1e
a p"o0ect, a p"o0ect view (only fo" customi1in p"o0ects!, o" seve"al p"o0ects
simultaneously, based on the selected p"o0ect type+
#he %"o0ect analysis and analysis "esults display options a"e ve"y fle$ible+ Aou can use
selection c"ite"ia to "est"ict the scope of the analysis+
Aou can use the followin analyses in p"o0ect analysis based on the selection c"ite"ia you
%"o0ect *nfo"mation: Status *nfo"mation and documentation type analyses
%"o"ess ,onito"in: 4o" e$ample, by linkin va"ious status info"mation, such as
p"o0ect team memebe"s and a iven status, o" by a"eatin p"o0ect info"mation+
Gene"al analyses: 4o" e$ample, daily analyses
Administ"ation: Analysis of administ"ative info"mation st"uctu"ed by ene"al status
analysis and wo"klists, which can be assined to one o" mo"e p"o0ect membe"s+ *n
analysis by wo"klists, you can focus the analysis on specific data such as the status
planned end+
Assinments: Analysis of assinments in the p"o0ect st"uctu"e, i+e+ documentation,
t"ansactions o" issues?messaes that we added du"in the p"o0ect+

21) Mo,e Pro6ect "nto Solution!
Go to Sola"<p"o0ect<admin @ Select as #emplate %"o0ect @ )lick on Save
)"eate an *mplementation p"o0ect based on SA% implementation content sto"ed in the
(usiness %"ocess 3eposito"y ((%3! o" with you" 'ist of (usiness %"ocesses and
alte"natively c"eate and e$ecute a template p"o0ect with templates containin standa"di1ed
business p"ocess e++, fo" use in lobal "ollouts+ #he template p"o0ect may also be based
on SA% p"e&defined implementation content+
*mplemet the Solution in the *mplementation p"o0ect +
#"ansfe" the implemented solution into a p"oductive solution by copyin the p"o0ect
content into the solution+
%e"fo"m onoin chanes?co""ections to the solution in a maintenance p"o0ect (ideally
usin check&in?out functionality!
Go to #code dswp @ Select 'andscape @ Select Solution 'andscape @ Solution Settins
Selectin 'andscape @ .ouble )lick the 'andscape @ f"om the ne$t sc"een select
Solution landscape
(elow Sc"een displays @ )lick on Solution Settins
(elow Sc"een is displayed
Select the 'andscape @ 5$pand @ Select (usiness Scena"ios @ 2nde" St"uctu"e tab
@)hane Sou"ce f"om whe"e you want to copy @ Select )oloumn and %"ess 48
(elow Sc"een displays afte" you" selection
Select the %"o0ect @ 5$pand the (usiness Scena"ios @ )lick )opy
Aou have successfully moved you" %"o0ect into Solution+
L>56 *nitial .ocument is initially c"eated
L6*% 6o"k in %"o"ess .ocument is cu""ently wo"ked on
L*;3 in ;A 3eview
.ocument has been sent out to the "eviewe"s and is cu""ently unde" "eview+
#o p"ovide mo"e detail about the "eview status, the "espective key wo"ds needs to
be maintained
L3A3 3ewo"k afte" 3eview .ocument has to be wo"ked on
L34A 3eady fo" App"oval .ocument is finali1ed and "eady fo" app"oval
L*A3 in App"oval 3eview .ocument is in final app"oval "eview
L36> 3ewo"k >eeded .ocument has to be "ewo"ked
LA%% App"oved .ocument finally app"oved
L35/ 3eopen document .ocument has to be "eopened aain
L>56 *nitial .ocument is initially c"eated
L6*% 6o"k in %"o"ess .ocument is cu""ently wo"ked on
L*;3 in ;A 3eview
.ocument has been sent out to the "eviewe"s and is cu""ently unde" "eview+
#o p"ovide mo"e detail about the "eview status, the "espective key wo"ds needs to
be maintained
L3A3 3ewo"k afte" 3eview .ocument has to be wo"ked on
L34A 3eady fo" App"oval .ocument is finali1ed and "eady fo" app"oval
L*A3 in App"oval 3eview .ocument is in final app"oval "eview
L36> 3ewo"k >eeded .ocument has to be "ewo"ked
LA%% App"oved .ocument finally app"oved
L35/ 3eopen document .ocument has to be "eopened aain