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Title: Obsession-One Word
Design Concept: Our magazine advert will be reflective of our digipack design, which is black
and white, with all band members looking contrastingly at each other in the shape of a
square. The squares that home each band member will be filled with a collection of bright
and extravagant colours which carries similar traits to the digipacks of Gorillaz’ Demon Days
and Maroon 5’s Overexposed.
Target Audience: Our main target audience for our magazine advert ranges from B to E on
the socio-economic scale; this is quite wide as our genre, pop rock, is attractive to lots of
people. A typical character profile of a member of our target audience is a male in his early
20s, fitting into the c1 category on the socio-economic scale. He likes various genres of
music, from Bastille to the Beatles. His favourite films are often Hollywood blockbusters,
such as The Dark Knight and The Godfather and he enjoys comedy shows on TV, whether
sitcoms or panel shows like The Big Bang Theory or 8 out of 10 Cats. He reads ‘I’ by The
Independent and purchases music magazines occasionally, such as Q and Mojo. We’ve
targeted these specific magazines as we perceive them to be slightly more upmarket and
refined compared to our publications like Kerrang. By issuing our magazine advert in these
magazines we feel that we will effectively reach our target audience.
Context: In regards to our advertising campaign for our product, the ad should be successful
in reflecting the band and its chosen genre. This will be done by the use of respective colour
schemes e.g. the black and white which will be emulated throughout all our work. In regards
to a release date for our products in order to create a successful campaign, the magazine ad
will be released at the same time as our music video as the band are unknown so therefore
if they see the ad in a magazine, they could look the video up on Youtube or see it on music
channels like 4Music or Viva. This builds up hype for the release of the album and hence
digipack. The design of the digipack however can be released earlier but in different stages
over social media. Although not an artist in our genre, Eminem’s twitter account did this in
order to release the front cover of the digipack for The Marshall Mathers LP 2:
JAT Productions
This occurred on the 20
September and the tracklisting was released on October 11
the album was released on 5
November. This created interaction and built more hype for
the album and we believe we could do something similar, despite our band not having quite
the stature that Eminem possesses in the music industry.
Competitive Market: Our campaign would start in around September time for a November
release, similar to Eminem as it means that although not Christmas music, the album can be
purchased as a Christmas present in order to maximise sales.