Good morning, Mdm. Hilary and my fellow classmates.

For my eng oral test today, I’m
going to present you a little information about the Greek gods. So basically, the Greek gods can
be divided into 3 types, Olympian gods, Titans gods and the Primeval gods. I chose The Olmypian
gods as my topic today. Actually, there are 12 great gods of Olympian, but I chose only 3 of them.
So firstly, ZEUS, the god of sky & thunder. ZEUS was the king of the gods and the ruler of Mount
Olympus, which was the home of the Olmypian gods. He was the youngest child of Titans
Cronus & Rhea. Although he was the youngest in the family, but he had the most previleges
among his brothers and sisters. ZEUS was most famous for his many love affairs. He was first
married to Memphis, then Themis. He was interested in Demeter, but she resisted him. ZEUS’S
third wife was Mnemosyna. He also involved with Leto shortly before his marriage to Hera. SO
basically, Hera was the latest wife of ZEUS. Even after his marriage to Hera, ZEUS was involved
with a lot of nymphs and godesses, which means he had a lot of girlfriends even after he was
married. They even produced a lot of offsprings. Zeus had involved with godesses like Europa, Io,
Callisto, Semela and Ganymede.
Next, will be a goddess. Hera, who was the goddess of marriage and family. As I
mentioned earlier, she was the latest wife of Zeus, and also the queen of the gods. Hera was
actually the sister of Zeus, which means they both have the same parents but it is not an unsual
thing that the greek gods dated their own sisters or brothers. So typically, Hera was the wife and
sister of Zeus. Hera was well known for her jealous and vengeful nature. Being the goddess of
marriage, she often tried to get revenge on her husband’s lovers and their illegitimate off-
springs. There are a few legends of Hera’s revenges on Zeus’s girlfriends, like, she punished Leto
by promising her to curse any land that gave the pregnant goddess refuge, She also turned Io
into a cow to deter Zeus’s advances. Hera then tricked Semela by asking Zeus to reveal himself
in all his godly splendor and the sight immediately destroyed her. She even turned Casllisto into
a bear, Zeus, in pity, turned her into a constellation, namely the Bear.
The last one is Poseidon, the god of the sea & earthquakes. Poseidon was the second
son of Titans Cronus and Rhea, which means he was the brother of Zeus and Hera. As the sea
god, he was often described as gathering clouds, calling forth storms and shake the Earth. He
might sound like a destructive god, but he was able to grant a successful voyage and save those
who are in danger. He had a trident or a spear with 3 points which he used to call forth storms,
shake the earth and gather the clouds. Like any other male Greek gods, Poseidon had a lot of
girlfriends and wives and children too. Like Zeus, he was once interested with Demeter too. To
put him off, Demeter asked Poseidon to create the most beautiful animal the world had ever
seen. In order to impress Demeter and make her his wife, Poseidon created a variety of animals.
But in some accounts, his first attempts wasn’t successful. So he tried harder and harder. By the
time he created the first horse in the world, his passion towards Demeter had cooled down. So
this is how Poseidon was regarded as the creator of horse, as well as the protector of horse