Date: May 6, 2014

PROGRAM WORKER, !""#$%ty !$$e&t%!$' Me$t!(')%* P(!+(a"
!$t(a&t P!'%t%!$ ,(!" M%-.May t! Se*te"/e( 00, 2014 102 )!#('/3ee45
I$te($a6 7 E8te($a6 P!'t%$+
Opening #6

#6t#(eL%$4, a non-profit, community-based organization committed to the settlement and
integration of newcomers in the Toronto Area, is seeking a contract program worker for the
Community Connections entorship !rogram for appro"imately #$% months$ The !""#$%ty
!$$e&t%!$' Me$t!(')%* P(!+(a" assumes a holistic and multipronged approach to integrate
newcomers not only economically but also socio-culturally, and to empower newcomers to
become our program partners rather than ser&ice recipients$ This is done by matching newcomers
with trained and e"perienced &olunteer mentors in a &ariety of group mentoring circles and
enabling them to recei&e ongoing guidance and support from the mentors and peers$
#6t#(eL%$4 3!(4' 3%t)%$ a$ a$t%.!**(e''%!$ ,(a"e3!(4 a$- %' &!""%tte- t! e9#%ty:
Me$t!(')%* !!(-%$at%!$
Responsibilities Qualification and Requirements
•'ecruit participants, newcomer mentees and
&olunteer mentors, for a &ariety of group mentoring
•("cellent people skills with sensiti&ity to different
cultures ) e"perience working with a &ery di&erse
clientele is re*uired and fluency in a second
language is an asset$
•+creen potential mentor candidates for suitability to
the program by conducting inter&iews, reference
check and police background check$
•,amiliarity with &olunteer screening process in
non-profit sector, ability to follow policy and
procedures and good inter&iew skills are re*uired$
•,acilitate the formation of a specified number of
mentoring circles$ Coach and assist entors with
setting the workplan the circles and coordination of
mentoring circle acti&ity$ +uper&ise, support and
moti&ate the mentors throughout their mentorship
• !ostsecondary degree in a rele&ant social
ser&ice discipline$ O&er two years of e"perience
with &olunteer management or mentorship
facilitation is re*uired. Or a combination of
e*ui&alent education and-or e"perience$
•A good grasp of the Canadian Code for .olunteer
/n&ol&ement is a must$ !re&ious training and
e"periences in professional coaching and
mentoring is highly desired$
• Attend the first circle meetings and conduct
check-ins &ia phone or email with the circle
members at least three times regularly during the
circle0s 1-6 month life cycle$ onitor the process
and outcome of the matches and collect necessary
data for further e&aluation analysis$ !ro&ide
feedbacks to the circle members especially the
•("cellent organizational skills with keen attention
to details2 adapt to a habit of documenting key
programming details and record keeping2
e"cellent time management, ability to prioritize
and multitask is key$ !re&ious e"perience and
formal training in group facilitation and group
works are e"tremely &alued$
• 3e the contact point for both mentors and
mentees 4past, current and prospecti&e participants5
•("cellent attendance and the ability to maintain
constant contact are crucial$
• Coach and assist entors with relationship
building, problem-sol&ing and conflict resolution$
•+trong skills in relationship building, problem-
sol&ing and conflict resolution are re*uired$
• !articipate in and acti&ely contribute to the team
efforts in program modeling, promotion,
participants recruiting and training$ The worker will
be e"pected to work at least one +aturday or one
weekday e&ening per month which is designated as
training day$
•A dynamic team player able to work effecti&ely
with di&erse work force and bring in positi&e
energy to the team$ ,le"ible with team work
scheduling, considerate and collaborati&e with
tasks distribution$
• !articipate in and acti&ely contribute to the
de&elopment of mentors0 training sessions and
•("perience with training and workshop design
and facilitation, good presentation skills and
mentees0 orientation sessions$ !repare for and
facilitate the training sessions as designated by the
familiarity with adult learning are re*uired$
("pertise in curriculum design for adult learning
is highly preferred$
• Conduct needs assessment inter&iew with
mentees and refer them to ser&ices suitable for
them to accelerate their settlement and integration
•,amiliar with &arious ser&ices a&ailable to address
newcomers0 needs and challenges, and able to
make meaningful referrals$ Certification in
/nformation and 'eferral 4C/'+5 is a great asset$
!""#$%ty O#t(ea&), P(!"!t%!$ a$- O$e.T%"e G(!#* A&t%>%t%e' =a&%6%tat%!$
Responsibilities Qualification and Requirements
• Collaborate with team members and other
Culture6ink teams to capitalize our resources for
newcomers by cross-referring clients and co-
organize e&ents$
•Always put clients0 interests first and ha&e
genuine passion for the people we ser&e$ Able to
apply logic model to design acti&ities for desired
• 3uild effecti&e connections with settlement
organizations and organizations outside the sector
to promote our ser&ices to a broader population$
•7ood stakeholder management skills$ Able to
identify opportunities for fruitful partnership and
proacti&e in relationship building$
• /dentify effecti&e ways to promote our ser&ices$
8e&elop *uality promotional materials and
distribute them through di&erse channels$
•+a&&y with &arious + Office applications, such
as 9ord, Outlook, !ower!oint, !ublisher etc$
("perience with social media marketing is a
strong asset$
• !lan and organize a specified number of one-time
irregular 7roup Acti&ities, such as networking
e&ents, cultural celebration and trips$
•8emonstrated e"pertise in e&ent planning and
pro:ect management ) sensiti&e to budget and
timeline, creati&e and resourceful, and safety-first$
• Contribute to web contents and the program0s
•7ood sense of marketing and able to identify,
collect and present facts of program success$
P(!+(a" A-"%$%'t(at%>e a$- A+e$&y D#t%e'
Responsibilities Qualification and Requirements
• 'eport to the !rogram anager on a regular
basis$ Complete the onthly 'eport in a timely
•("cellent written and oral (nglish communication
skills and basic analytical skills are re*uired$
• !articipate in the !rogram0s e&aluation acti&ities
and pro&ide insightful and constructi&e inputs for
program de&elopment$
•;nderstand the basic methodologies of C/C
odernization and the 6ogic odel$
• Contribute to the agency0s growth by :oining
&arious +trategic 8irection Committees and task
forces$ Take on practical tasks for tangible results$
•Committed to the agency0s ission, .ision and
.alues$ Able to take initiati&es and reliable for
• Open to new tasks and willing to e"periment new
programming direction$ 'eady to take any rele&ant
duties pertinent to the odernized Approach$
•,le"ible, adapti&e and committed to life-long
learning$ +trong change management skills and
professional de&elopment are essential to ha&e$
This position is remunerated at <=#$=% - <=%$>? per hour based upon seniority$ The deadline for
internal-e"ternal applicants is ay ?=, =@?#, by %A@@ p$m$ 9e thank all applicants for their
interest in the position, howe&er, only candidates selected for an inter&iew will be contacted$
/f you are interested in this position, please submit a co&er letter and resume to 9ilson Bu,
!rogram and !ersonnel 8irector toA
#6t#(eL%$4 Sett6e"e$t Se(>%&e'
=1#@ 8undas +t$ 9est$ +uite 1@?
Toronto, Ontario 6! #AC
(-mailA :obsDculturelink$ca
,a"A #?6-%EE-=#1%
,or more information &isit www$culturelink$ca
Thank you to all applicants for their interest in the position$ Fowe&er, only candidates selected
for an inter&iew will be contacted$
T)%' %' a /a(+a%$%$+ #$%t *!'%t%!$