Electronic Mentoring System For Women

Developing an online mentoring system to promote more women to splurge into
the field of Science and technology breaking the myths and taboo's society imposes.
Also, to give them a platform to be on power with a working woman.
User of the System:
 Students
 Working Women (entors!
 Data anager
 aster entor
"he system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following
"he odules involved are
$. Students
%. Working Women (entor!
&. Data anager
'. aster entor (Advisor!
(. Web )egistration
*. Search
+. )eports
,. Authentication
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Electronic Mentoring System For Women
A profile should be maintained for each and every registered student. /rofile
matching should give results of best suited mentor for each student based on the profile.
An interface is created like a form for the student to interact with the mentors and
Student can take up emotional 4uotient tests and various other tests which help
the student to reali5e her in built talent for various fields. "he system provides to the
students various tutorials and tests to be accessed by the mentor, who would make it
available to the student. Student has a responsibility to send his progress should be sent to
the respective mentor.
-or.)n/ -omen 0Mentor1
A wise and trusted counselor or teacher is called a mentor. "o serve as a trusted
counselor or teacher to another person. 6niversities that provide mentoring programs
assign a veteran faculty to act as adviser, faculty, and coach to beginning faculty within
their universities. Some have defined mentoring as 7a formali5ed relationship between a
beginning teacher and a master teacher (mentor! that provides support and assesses
teaching skills7.
A mentor aims to teach by e8ample, helping the women3s to achieve a task that
they have recently been trained to do, but with which they lack e8perience. Sometimes a
mentor leads by e8ample, demonstrating his9her skills in a practical manner by
performing real work as the women observe and learn. Sometimes he acts as a partner#
asking 4uestions of the women3s, helping where needed and building confidence. 2n
other occasions he acts as a coach, encouraging client staff to improve their performance,
but intervening only when needed.
Data Mana/er
:n this system Data anager is tread as an administrator. ;e can have all the
privileges in this system, like he can register students, mentors, 0123s in this system.
;e can insert necessary data into the system using his administrative user interface.
Contact: 04040!"4#4$% &'$$(&4!&(
Ema)* )+: academiclivepro-ects.gmail.com, www.logicsystems.org.in
Electronic Mentoring System For Women
Master Mentor 0A+2)ser1
entor could suggest certain students who according to them re4uire assistance in
non<technical matters to members of the registered 0123s thus enabling a private
communication between the student and the 012.
"his could also be a platform for conducting various e<conferences on gender
4uality and related issues. "he participation of 012 working towards the cause of
empowerment would be a great positive. A regular news letter should be sent to various
universities to make them aware of the e<mentoring system.
-e3 Re/)strat)on
"he system has a process of registration. =very citi5en need to submit his
complete details in the form of registration. Whenever a user registration completed
automatically user can get a user id and password. >y using that user id and password
member can log into the system. :f registration process is completed successfully an
email remainder is generated and sends to the citi5en.
Different kind of reports is generated by the system.
• Student wise reports for each mentor for various tests.
• ?ollective report of all students under a mentor.
• "utorial utili5ation reports.
• ?entrali5ed database accessed by various users in different locations.
• ?onfigure the permissible functionality on modules based on different rights
and roles granted to users as per the policies.
• )estrict access to users for modules, which are not in their operations scope.
• :nstantaneous reporting which aids decision<making.
• >etter control on recovery.
• Auick information of financial organi5ation9loans etc.
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Electronic Mentoring System For Women
Soft7are Re8,)rements
2/=)A":01 SBS"= : W:0D2WS C/
DA"A >AS= : SADS=)E=) %FF(
/)21)A:01 DA016A1= : ?G.0="
"=?;02D21B : AS/.0="
S=)E=) : ::S *.F
5ar+7are Re8,)rements
/)2?=SS2) : /<::: or Above
)A : ($%>
;A)D D:SH : 'F 1>
Contact: 04040!"4#4$% &'$$(&4!&(
Ema)* )+: academiclivepro-ects.gmail.com, www.logicsystems.org.in