Our Lady's Loving Plan for Our Enemies

The whole basis of the intellectual error of militant atheists (the Communist of the East and
the Masons of the West), is the theory that individuals, families, groups, cities and nations and
even the whole world can function in peace, prosperity, and happiness, without the Creator of All
being involved. These enemies erroneously hold that Grace and Revelation and the Church and
the Sacraments are not necessary. They organize themselves and try to organize the whole
world, including each one of us, to live our lives according to these heretical and apostate
theories. Where they can, they impose their Marxism and Secularism by subversion and by open
military might. They try to control our lives in all its various aspects (private, family,
educational, civic, political, and economic aspects of our life). They seek to cut us off from the
help of God. They fight to cut us off from the Church and the Sacraments, so that we will be
without the Grace of Jesus Christ, who died and shed all His Precious Blood to give us this Grace,
without which, no man or woman or child can keep all the commandments of God.
Remember that the Grace of God has been won for us by Christ, our Redeemer, with the
help of Mary, our Co-Redemptrix. It is passed on to us from Christ reigning in Heaven, through
Our Lady, Mediatrix and Dispensatrix of all Graces, and it is given to us through the Roman
Catholic Church, through the seven Sacraments which are necessary means for salvation.
"Unless you be Baptized you shall not be saved. Unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man you
shall not enter eternal life - Without Me you can do nothing." Without the Grace of God, we
cannot live in peace with ourselves, with our family, our neighbors. Without the Grace of God,
the foundation of our civic and national society is undermined. Without the Grace of God, the
whole of mankind and of society will be submerged in violence, death and anarchy in this world
and eternal death in hell after this life is over.
Thus, the socialist and the Communist hold out that society will be saved by the Socialist
System - but this is false as can be seen in practice. St. Paul, himself, in Sacred Scripture, points
out that if salvation comes through law or any other thing, then Christ died in vain. In other
words, if individuals or societies can be saved by some mundane thing, then it was useless for
Christ to offer up His life for us on the Cross. But Christ, who is the Eternal Wisdom, did nothing
We must reject the errors of the Militant Atheists - the Communists, the Masons and the
Salvation to individual souls comes to us only through the Grace of God, won for us by the
death of Christ on the Cross. It is only through Grace that every man, woman and child can do
his daily duty. It is only by the fulfillment of very many members of society doing their God-
appointed duty that mankind can live in peace as God intended. Therefore, it is only through
Grace that society will achieve freedom from hunger, war, oppression and injustice.
So the Militant Atheist, by attacking the means of Grace, is an enemy of your soul. He is
also the enemy of your earthly peace, happiness, and freedom. We must love him enough to
pray for his conversion. Overcome evil by good. Overcome hatred by charity, pray for all those
who are persecuting you today. Heed the message of Fatima - "Pray for sinners and make
sacrifices for them because many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them."