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Heirloom Tomato Varieties

!"#$$% '($)#*)#+
,-(./ !"#$$% A rure vurlety of cherry tomuto wlth deeµ red flesh wlth blucklsh hues. Sweet
fluvoured und very µoµulur.
!"(01)./2+ !"#$$%
* NLv *
An eurly vurlety of cherry tomuto thut µroduces clusters of ¡lnch round red
cherry tomutoes thut do not sµllt. Plunt cun grow uµ to ¡c feet tull!
,$)*)+" ,$#(/3(+*
* NLv *
A very µrollflc vurlety thut µroduces lurge ovul cherry tomutoes on huge vlnes,
µoµulur ln the 8rltlsh lsles.
!"#$$% 4(--+
* NLv *
An eurly vurlety thut beurs cuscudes of lurge red frult, hence the nume.
Lxcellent for contulners, wlth cuge suµµort.
5($0#6#$2+ 7#-)8"* 1hese lurge red cherry tomutoes ure sllghtly smuller thun u golf bull, und ure
louded wlth sugury sweet fluvour. Cood ylelds ln clusters of 6¡z. Crows well ln
5$##6 5$(9#

1hls bush tomuto ls un helrloom orlglnully develoµed by the 1uter Muter Seed
Co. 1he ¡lnch yellowlsh green frults ure borne ln clusters
thut resemble gruµes. 1hey ure dellclous, julcy und mlld
und muke u wonderful contrust ln suluds. vhen rlµe the
frult hus green shoulders und u golden yellowjgreen
flesh. very µroductlve.
:#;<6 7$<9 A beuutlful yellow cherry tomuto, wlth low ucld und u
wonderful, julcy fluvour. An eurly, vlgorous µroducer,
wlth excellent dlseuse reslstunce.
:);# =(-(0 Cne of my fuvourltes, thls vurlety beurs smull greenlshyellow frult burstlng
wlth julcy fluvour. An excellent contrust ln suluds, und ldeul for µots.
>#0 ? @#--<1 !A$$(6* A semlwlld relutlve of tomutoes, currunt tomutoes ure ulso known us
'teusµoon' tomutoes becuuse they ure so smull. 1hey orlglnute from South
Amerlcu und huve lntense fluvour und very smull frult, wonderful ln u sulud. An
Green Door Gardens
RR 1, Ilderton, ON
(519) 666-3565

ldeul snucklng cholce for chlldren becuuse of the smull slze.
>)#+#6*$(AB# 1hls Cermun helrloom meuns "glunt bunch of gruµes', und beurs red frult wlth
u µolnted tlµ resembllng u teurdroµ, on lurge, bushy µlunts.
C")99#$+6(99#$ A very smull µlunt beurlng medlumslzed µlnk cherry tomutoes. ldeul for
@#--<1 D#($ Lutes from the eurly ¡8cc's. 1hls vurlety cun grow uµ to 6 feet tull und
µroduces u heuvy croµ of smull brlght yellow µeurshuµed frult. A beuutlful
sulud or snucklng tomuto.

=;(-- E F#0)A; '($)#*)#+
G)-+( !$()8

A heuvy µroducer beurlng smull red frult on ¸foot vlnes. Leveloµed ln
Scotlund ln ¡çc, for the greenhouse trude, µerformlng very well ln slmllur
Murltlme cllmutes. Creut for llmlted sµuce or µots.
,-(./ D$)6.#
* NLv *
Medlumslzed durk red to brown, oblong frult thut ls not us fruglle us other
bluck vurletles, wlth greuter cruck reslstunce. Lxcellent yleld. Suld to be from
,-(./ H#B$( Cood ylelds of regulur shuµed zlnch frult wlth tender, durk coloured skln wlth
jugged green strlµlng. A very bushy, lowgrowlng vurlety.
,-<<0% ,A*."#$ A very eurly vurlety thut ls louded wlth clusters of twolnch
frult on u comµuct µlunt. 1he frult ls very julcy, hence the
nume! (Sorry... no lnfumous murder mystery here)

,<I !($ C)--)# Numed ln honour of the hobos durlng the Creut Leµresslon. Eurdy und
droughttolerunt, the red frult ls shuµed llke u fluttened globe und hus u robust
,$<</9(.* A medlum to lurgeslzed red tomuto on u comµuct µlunt. ldeul for µots.
!(;9 J<% A comµuct vlne, beurlng louds of smull, uttructlve frult. No stuklng requlred. A
very eurly vurlety.
!(6(B#. =A9#$ Leveloµed us µurt of u Quebec breedlng µrogrum from the ¡ç6c's und ¡ç,c's,
ldeul for cool sµrlng weuther. Produces clusters of durk µlnk, medlumslzed
frult on short vlnes. Sults µots well.
7(02+ =A6+#* 8eurs clusters of medlumslzed, golden orunge frult on u very comµuct bushy
µlunt. A beuutlful frult thut ls sllghtly turt und julcy, wlth few seeds. Cood
dlseuse reslstunce.
Green Door Gardens
RR 1, Ilderton, ON
(519) 666-3565

7<AB-#$)." A medlumslzed µlunt noted for two quulltles u very µroductlve croµ of heuvy
und meuty µlnk frult, u hlgher level of vltumln C thun other tomutoes.
K($- <3 K08#.<;B#
* NLv *
vhen the 6
Lurl of Ldgecombe dled ln the ¡ç6c's, the helr to the tltle of ,

Lurl wus u relutlve ln New 2eulund who wus u sheeµ furmer. Ee truveled to
Lnglund to clulm the tltle, brlnglng hls fuvourlte New 2eulund tomuto wlth hlm.
1he tomutoes ure beuutlful orunge globes, reslstunt to crucklng und dlseuse.
5<-0#6 JAB)-## A bushy comµuct µlunt beurlng brlght, goldenorunge frult. very slmllur to
Lud's Sunset but wlth lurger frult.
5$##6 H#B$( Leveloµed ln ¡ç8¸ by tomuto breeder 1om vugner, thls ls
un unusuul und exqulslte tomuto. 1he zlnch round frult
rlµens to u yellowgold wlth durk green zebrullke strlµes.
A greut tomuto for brlghtenlng uµ suluds und other
tomuto dlshes.
L($B)68#$ A very eurly vurlety, lntroduced ln ¡ç¡c. 1olerutes cool weuther.
J(A6# 4-(;;M Leeµ orunge, smull frult ls smooth, julcy und turt. very fluvourful, und un
excellent µroducer. A fuvourlte ut the furmers' murket.
F<6#%;(/#$ A relluble tomuto wlth clusters of smull red frult. A rure old Lngllsh helrloom.
ldeul ln hot, humld cllmute, wlth u reµututlon umongst murket growers for lts
excellent µroductlvlty. Plunt ls bushy und requlres llttle stuklng.
N%(8<A+ A µrollflc, rure Russlun tomuto vurlety thut ls
one of my fuvourltes. 1he frult ls very uttructlve
- smooth und oblong, wlth browngreen
shoulders thut streuk downwurd to durk red
flesh. Lxceµtlonul sweet fluvour und meuty
flesh. Lute vurlety.
D(A- ><B#+<6 1hls Russlun vurlety ls numed ufter u fumous oµerutlc urtlst who won ucclulm
us un udvocute of equul rlghts for 8lucks. Ee wus udmlred worldwlde,
esµeclully ln the Sovlet Unlon. 1hls durk beefsteuk tomuto ls sllghtly fluttened
und round, meuty und very unlque ln fluvour.
D<-)+" A comµuct ¸µ foot µlunt thut sults u stundurd tomuto cuge. lt beurs few
brunches, but ls louded wlth beuutlful red frult thut reslsts crucklng und
dlseuse. very µroductlve und tolerunt of wet weuther.
Green Door Gardens
RR 1, Ilderton, ON
(519) 666-3565

DA$9-# !(-(B#+" An unusuul vurlety thut hus been culled the ugllest
tomuto ln the world. 1he medlumslzed frult ls
heuvlly rldged und µlnklsh. lts suvlng gruce ls lts
excellent fluvour und ublllty to tolerute extreme
drought condltlons. Lxcellent 'chunked' lnto
* NLv *
Lurlng the ¡ç6c's to ¡ç,c's Roger Loucet wus ln churge of u tomuto breedlng
µrogrum ln Quebec. Ee releused u totul of ¡z vurletles, ull wlth numes thut end
ln 'bec' (for Quebec). (See our other selectlon 'Cunubec Suµer'). 1hls ls u cold
tolerunt vurlety thut beurs smull red tomutoes, wlth hlgh dlseuse tolerunce.
=.<*)( An eurly muturlng, comµuct vurlety from Novu Scotlu, excellent for µots or
stundurd tomuto cuges. Produces smull to medlumslzed red frult wlth green
shoulders. Reµuted to be the best growlng tomuto ln Novu Scotlu stlll.
=*A9).# (Pronounced "stooµeechku") lumous for belng one of the eurllest vurletles,
orlglnutlng from Czechoslovuklu. A coldtolerunt tomuto thut beurs un
ubundunce of very sweet, smull, deeµ red frult.
O)8#$#--( A hlghly µroductlve, Lngllsh vurlety thut µroduces z¸ lnch red frult wlth
greenlshyellow jugged strlµes. very uttructlve ln suluds.

:($8# '($)#*)#+
GA6* >AB%2+ 5#$;(6
* NLv *
1hls frult welghs uµ to ¡ lb ln clusters of z or ¸. 1he frult ls rlµe when lt turns
llght green wlth u hlnt of yellow, wlth u µlnk lnterlor. 1hls frult hus u sweetturt
fluvour thut ls fuvoured by muny 'helrloomlsts'.
,#-)#P# Q* <$ N<* Lurge µlnklshred beefsteuk frult thut tustes wonderful wlth tender, julcy,
meuty flesh. Lutebeurlng.
,)8 >()6B<1 A very µretty blcoloured beefsteuk tomuto thut ls yellow wlth uttructlve red
streuklng throughout the flesh. Mlld tustlng und sweet.
,-(./ 5)(6* A very µoµulur vurlety beurlng lurge frult thut ls µurµle on the outslde, und
greenlshred on the lnslde. 1hls ls not u bushy µlunt, but the frult ls µrlzed for
lts dellclous tuste. Prone to some crucklng.
,-(./ R$); Lurge, redµurµle frult wlth green shoulders. vellloved for lts lntense fluvour
und uttructlve colour ln suluds. 1he thlnsklnned frult ls µrone to crucklng ln
wet weuther, und ls best µlcked before lt fully rlµens. Numed for Crlmeun
Penlnsulu on Ukrulnlun 8luck Seu Coust. Lutebeurlng.

Green Door Gardens
RR 1, Ilderton, ON
(519) 666-3565

,$(60%1)6# E >#0S
@#--<1 ? ,-(./
An Amlsh vurlety dutlng from ¡88¸. Not u heuvy µroducer but beurs lurge
beefsteuk frult luter ln the seuson und ls ldeul for sundwlches. Plunt hus
noteworthy µotutoleuved, or lurge folluge thut ls somewhut dlseuseµrone.
7$T C%."#2+ @#--<1
* NLv *
Lr. vyche's frlend owned the Cole 8rothers' Clrcus,
und fertlllzed hls gurdens wlth eleµhunt munure. Ee
hud u reµututlon for hls lusclous gurdens und
develoµed thls µurtlculur cultlvur, donuted by Lr.
vyche to the Seed Suvers Lxchunge. 1he lurge
beefsteuk frult ls tungerlne orunge.
L#60#$+<62+ D)6/
A mldseuson vurlety, lntroduced ln ¡8ç¡ by Peter Eenderson & Co. Euge slzed
meuty frult ls durk µlnk ln colour wlth mlld, sweet und dellclous fluvour. Cood
for sllclng or cunnlng.
L#60#$+<62+ 5<-0#6
Cne of the heuvler µroducers of lurge yellow, meuty beefsteuk tomutoes.
Crlglnuted ln ¡ç¡µ, by Peter Eenderson & Co. Mlld fluvour wlth low ucld
content, but dellclous und julcy.
L)--B)--% A beefsteuk thut orlglnutes from vest vlrglnlu. 1hls huge
blcoloured frult ls yellow wlth red streuks on the lnslde. 1he unrlµe frult hus
fusclnutlng vertlcul green streuks. Sweet fluvour und low ucld. Lute vurlety.
F#66<6)*# A meuty beefsteuk wlth very smull seed cuvltles.
Lxcellent sllclng tomuto wlth orungejred colour und
sweet fluvour. very dlseusereslstunt, dolng well ln wet

F<6*$#(- O(+*% A mldseuson Cunudlun vurlety thut beurs lurge red sllclng tomutoes on u
comµuct µlunt. Creut for µots or smull sµuces.
F<$*8(8# :)3*#$ Also known us "Rudlutor Churlle's Mortguge Llfter', thls vurlety wus
develoµed ln vest vlrglnlu durlng the Creut
Leµresslon. Churlle wus un uuto rudlutor reµulrmun,
who hud u rudlutor reµulr buslness ut the foot of u
steeµ hlll on whlch trucks would often overheut. Ee
churged s¡ u µlunt und µuld off hls mortguge of s6ccc
ln slx yeurs. Curdeners would drlve uµ to zcc mlles to
buy hls fumous µlunts. 1he enormous µlnk frult ls sweet
und tusty - un excellent sllcer on u hlghly µroductlve
und dlseuse reslstunt µlunt.
U-0 ,$<</ Cne of the eurllest fullslzed tomutoes. Lurge red frult ls uttructlve, tungy und
julcy, und well sulted to home cunnlng due to lts hlgh ucldlty. Llseuse reslstunt.
Green Door Gardens
RR 1, Ilderton, ON
(519) 666-3565

D(+*# O<;(*<#+
G;)+" D(+*# A very µroductlve helrloom from vlsconsln thut µroduces lurge, heurtshuµed,
meuty frult on lucy folluge. Lxcellent for drylng or suuces.
,(6(6( :#8+ 1he µlunt hus dlstlnct lucy folluge, und µroduces elonguted yellowlsh frult
wlth dlstlnct durk streuklng. 1hls mlld fluvoured vurlety ls u greut contrust ln
suluds or us u fresh tomuto sulsu.
,<66% ,#+* A mldseuson ulltlme fuvourlte from the ¡ç6c's. 1hls vurlety µroduces un
ubundunce of medlum, smooth frult ldeul for cunnlng or eutlng fresh.
5$)8"*;)$#2+ D$)0# A beuutlful red µuste tomuto of Yugosluvlun descent. Not us heuvy u µroducer
us Sun Murzuno but beurs lurger frult, excellent for drylng. An eurly vurlety thut
ls very dlseuse reslstunt.
DA$9-# >A++)(6 A very µroductlve Ukrulnlun helrloom µuste tomuto, greut for sulsu, suluds und
µreservlng. Produces huge umounts of µurµlered, oblong frult wlth u blemlsh
free skln und excellent sweet fluvour.
>#0E=*$)9#0 ><;(6 Strlklng yellow streuks zlgzug the length of thls elonguted µuste tomuto. A
meuty tomuto thut ls good for drylng or suluds. 1he folluge ls wlsµy und needs
=(6 F($V(6< Cld ltullun µuste tomuto. A heuvy µroducer of smull µuste tomutoes wlth good
cruck reslstunce.
=).)-)(6 =(A.#$ A flut, lurge red tomuto used for suuces. 1hlck, julcy, meuty flesh. Loes not
need stuklng.
O#8A.)8(-9( D(+*# A mid-season paste tomato described as a ‘workhorse’ of a tomato. A
heavy producer of 3/4" x 2-1/2 " red fruit with a unique curving body.
Originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (Thank you, Rob, for this kind
O<;( '#$0# A tomutlllo vurlety beurlng smull, husked, green frult thut rlµens when the
husk turns brown. Not u µuste tomuto by shuµe, but lt mukes u dellclous sulsu.
An helrloom tomuto (ulso descrlbed us herltuge or oldfushloned) ls one thut hus been hunded down
from one fumlly or generutlon to the next. 1helr churucterlstlcs remuln the sume wlth euch generutlon,
µrovlded they ure not ullowed to crossµolllnute wlth other vurletles. Eelrloom tomutoes ure fuvoured
for thelr dlverslty ln colour, shuµe, fluvour und slze. 1he µreservutlon of helrloom vurletles ls consldered
lmµortunt ln the effort to mulntuln genetlc dlverslty. l would love to heur of your fuvourlte vurletles und
gurdenlng exµerlences!
Sara Griffin