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Contact us todav - to reserve vour spot

at the next Recoverv Coach Academv.
Call us at 721-51OO or email
hcekala_provctr.or, and see how we
can make a difference in vour life. Organizing and advocating for the
Rhode Island Recover, Communit,
219 Main Street
Pawtucket, Rl
ln addition to recoverv coachin,
academics, we are pleased to be able to
brin, to the communitv a wide varietv of
activities includin, educational seminars,
overdose forums, public awareness, town
meetin,s, Rallv for Recoverv, 1he
Anonvmous People, le,islative Dav and
manv other public forums for the Recoverv
Communitv, those thev love, those thev
have lost and the hope for a new life
throu,h recoverv.
Recover, Coach Academ,
Recover, Coach 101

Communit, for Addiction

Recover, fforts
nsuring that the integrit, of peer to peer
services remain intact.
learn the steps needed to become a State
Certified Recoverv Coach for the State of
Rhode lsland.
Anchor Recovery
Community Centers
Anchor Recoverv Communitv Centers don't just
help people maintain recoverv, thev help rebuild
lives one dav at a time in a safe, supportive
environment anchored in the heart of the
communitv for people in all sta,es of recoverv.
Use the skills learned at the Recoverv Coach
Academv. Be directlv involved with the
communitv bv sharin, vour own life experiences
to support those in recoverv.
Course Information
Recoverv Coachin, is a peer to peer form of
support for people with addictions of all kinds,
alcohol, dru,s, codependencv, cancer,
anvthin,. We work with people in recoverv and
those still active in addiction. We help clients
find a wav to stop the addictive behavior and
reduce harm. We are full of resources for detox,
harm reduction, treatment, familv support,
education, housin,, just about anvthin, vou can
think of. Join us for this powerful curriculum and
have the opportunitv to examine vour personal
beliefs and biases in a safe environment. learn
throu,h practical exercises self-awareness required
to support one's path of recoverv. 1his course also
provides scientific information describin, the
sta,es of chan,e and sta,es of
recoverv. Stren,then vour awareness of sti,ma,
labels and learn how to help others in recoverv.
Recover, Coach Academ,
A live-Dav Course
Mondav 1hrou,h lridav 9:OO - 1:OO
lunch ls lncluded
Complete Pro,ram Binder
3O ClU's from Rhode lsland Colle,e
Certificate of Completion
P1lNAl lthics Class offered on Saturdav
Additional 6 ClU's
Wh, a Recover, Coach!
It makes ,ou feel good...
]ob growth rate of 30%...
Helping a communit,...
Where can ,ou work!
Hospitals, treatment centers,
recover, support services,
communit, centers and recover,
houses. $375.OO
Pavment must be made prior to Mav 15 and made
pavable to RlCares
Recover, Coach 101
ne Dav Course
lncludes Pro,ram lnformation
7 ClU's from Rhode lsland Colle,e
Certificate of Completion
Please call 721-51OO for the next 1O1 class.
Jim Oillen
]im is a person in long term recover, and is the
Director of Recover, Support Services at The
Providence Center. His most treasured
endeavor was the communit, collaboration that
made the Anchor Recover, Communit,
Centers in Pawtucket, Warwick and Cranston,
RI possible. He serves as Vice Chair on the
RICares Board and several other communit,
agenc, boards. He is a leader in Recover,
Support Services.
Hollv Cekala
CRC, CRC 1rainer
Holl, is a person in long term recover,. After
volunteering at Anchor Recover, Communit,
Centers she became Manager of Operations of all
three Centers. She is a student at Rhode Island
College and serves on man, communit,
boards. She is currentl, the Lead Recover, Coach
at the Rhode Island Department of corrections and
has trained man, people in recover, coaching