"Give your health a chance

"You never know what does health feel like until you are not healthy anymore"
This quote made me wonder if we do anything in this way. I answered myself and I
decided to fix that!
Last year, during the eleventh grade, I realied that we are thought mathematics,
!hysics, literature, "ut we are not taught what should we eat in order to "e healthy. #s a
result, together with $rs. %imona &avaloiu ' (nglish Teacher and )anina *urlacu' history
teacher, I organied a "health seminar", !resented "y the !rotagonists of the T+ show
"#,utor, vreau sa sla"esc!". -ornelia $arin, nutritionist and owner of a restaurant with
the healthiest food in town, %telian Tufaru ' cham!ion in athletics and .avan &o!escu '
radio man, acce!ted our invitation to talk to "#l. I. -ua" Theoretical /igh %chool0s
students a"out the way to a healthier lifestyle.
This event had two !ur!oses. 1n the one hand, we learned what ste!s should we take to
"e healthier. 1n the other hand, it turned out to "e a charity event. The money collected
"y selling tickets for the event, were given to one of our teachers, whose son has some
serious medical issues.
$rs. -ornelia $arin, "eing a nutritionist, talked, first of all, a"out healthy food. $ost
!eo!le think healthy diet food is quite "ad in taste and there is no variety availa"le to eat
from. 1ily and ,unk food is not a !art of healthy food. These food items are likely to
cause many diseases and illnesses. 2or having a healthy diet one needs to avoid them.
&eo!le who en,oy unhealthy diet food are likely to suffer from dangerous diseases such
as cancer, hy!er'tension, heart diseases and dia"etes.3e should definitely consume4
5 2resh fruits67ry fruits' They have a great su!!ly of energy, vitamins and minerals.
#lso !rovide refreshment to the "ody.
5 +egeta"les' (ssential for !roviding !roteins and car"ohydrates, +egeta"les are the
main constituent of any dietary meal.
5 7airy !roducts' 2or su!!lying the energy and !roviding certain nutrients.
5 8rain !roducts' .ich sources of !roteins and nutrients.
In the second !art of the event, $r. %telian Tufaru and $r. .avan &o!escu talked a"out
the im!ortance of an active lifestyle with !hysical activity.
%tudents and teachers, as well, were given !ieces of advices and ti!s, highly needed to
start a healthy lifestyle.
/ealthy diet food is the key to having a !ros!erous lifestyle and staying away from
diseases. It is difficult to achieve a healthy lifestyle if we do not consume healthy food.