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Overview of Key 3

Consumers Behavior
Group 1 : Effects on the
current consumers behavior
common attitude of the major part of the consumers
( Illusion?!): increases the quality of our lifes, without affecting
other people and the environment.

Average mode of life in industrialized countries => contrast to
developing countries, exploitation of workers in the Middle East, burden
for our limited resources.

sustainable usage of our resources => Awareness of the consequences
for future generations prevents our planet earth from further damage.

Group 2 : Production
aroduction conditions (transport, shop conditions,price informations)

what the European Union should do

animal & human treatment

example for a website that informs about production conditions of
Group 3 : Influence the people
in each way
Types of consumers
-bargain buyer
-damage aware
-habit buyer
-dynamic price conscious

How are people influenced
-status in society
-less money
-too much offer

What can we do?
-cheap is not always the best
-people should invest

-e.g. alcohol and foods
-show only the good side of
-hide bad aspects like injuries
and addictions
Group 4: Consumption in the
future - concrete example
One day in the life of Bob:
When Bob wakes up, he turns on his eco-friendly lights, with energy saving light bulbs. While
he is brushing his teeth, he turns off the water while he does not need it. He only uses rain
water from his own rain barrel.
For breakfast he takes only products from an area with a radius of 20 kilometer.
Then he decides to wear a sweater made out of recycled plastic and jeans out of eco-friendly
For his way to work he is using his eco-friendly produced bicycle.
At his working place, they are using an air-condition from solar-energy.
For vacation he either driving with his e-car to make a tour with his bicycle for example in Italy
or goes sailing around the world.

This presentation was supposed to deliver you insight into the
nowadays consumer behavior and its negative impact on the planet

By giving you ideas and concrete examples about what a
sustainable mode of life might consist of we intended to sensitize
you inasmuch, as making you realize that the present consumer
behavior in industrialized countries has to be changed.

In order to preserve and provide a condign life for the entire
humankind such as for future generations
The Groups
Group 1: Bianca, Claudia, Tobias, Kai, Julian, Timo, Caterina and
Group 2: Yara, Maria, Maria Luisa and Filitsa
Group 3: Leon, Sharon, Giulia, Jessica, Nico, Nicol and Federica
Group 4: Judith, Melissa, Allessandra, Giorgia, Christopher, Sheryl,
Andry and Jessica
The End
Thanks for your attention we hope youve enjoyed our presentation.