"11 Facts about HIV in Africa." Accessed April !" #1$.

)his has 11 facts about HIV patients and ho* this affects their human rights. )his
is a recent updated facts

"+. )he ,conomic Impact of HIV&AIDS." )he Impact of HIV&AIDS on -ural Households
and .and Issues in Southern and ,astern Africa. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his *ebsite sho*ed me the effects of HIV&AIDS on the economy" unli1e other
sources this sho*ed effects on the local" national" and international le(els.

"About 2,2FA-." About 2,2FA-. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his *ebsite helps *ith seeing *hat people are actually doing to ma1e mo(es
to*ards finding a cure.

"AF-I3A." 4ut'of'the'Bo5 Solutions for HIV&AIDS )reatment in 6ganda. Accessed
April /" #1$. https%&&***'from'

.ocal solutions for HIV& helping those *ith HIV

"AIDS and HIV Health 3enter ' 7eb8D." 7eb8D. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his source ga(e me good information on some of the symptoms and a couple
medical solutions.

"AIDS in Africa." ' =lobal Issues. Accessed April >" #1$.

)his site ga(e me good information about the go(ernment action and good ?uotes.
Also ga(e strategies to help the economic impact shrin1.

"AIDS in Africa ' Statistics and Facts about HIV in Africa @ 8ed*iser." 8ed*iser.
Accessed April A#" #1$. http%&&***.med*'aids&around'the'

)al1s about *hat countries are better than others" also e5plains *hat is the *orst.

"AIDS in Africa." 7i1ipedia. April 10" #1$. Accessed April !" #1$.

)his has a map that sho*s ho* HIV&AIDS rates are (ery different from countries
in Africa

"AIDS&HIV 2re(ention )ips for 2regnancy" Safe Se5" Drug 6se" and 8ore." 7eb8D.
Accessed April /" #1$. http%&&***.*'aids&guide&understanding'

An article on the pre(ention of HIV.

"AIDS)reatment." AIDS )reatment. Accessed April !" #1$.

)his is about solutions that ha(e been tried to *or1 out. And there are facts about

"Bill C 8elinda =ates Foundation." HIV. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his is a foundationDs *ebsite and they tal1 about *hat they ha(e to offer.

Bonsor" ;e(in. "Ho* AIDS 7or1s." Ho*Stuff7or1s. Euly $" ##1. Accessed April /"
#1$. http%&&science.ho*stuff*

De(elopment of the HIV cell.

"3linical Infectious Diseases." 6pdate on Human Immunodeficiency Virus FHIVG'
Infection. Accessed April /" #1$.

HereDs *here I found my info on HIV'

"3ountry 3omparison %% HIV&AIDS ' Adult 2re(alence -ate." 3entral Intelligence
Agency. Accessed April /" #1$. https%&&***.cia.go(&library&publications&the'

-ates of infection of HIV by country

Di5on" Simon" Scott 8cDonald" and Eennifer -oberts. "Summary 2oints." Iational
3enter for Biotechnology Information. Eanuary 0" ##. Accessed April /"
#1$. http%&&***.ncbi.nlm.nih.go(&pmc&articles&283111A!&.

)his source helped me learn about the macroeconomy of South Africa. Ho*e(er
8ost of the information on this page *as centered on South Africa rather than Africa as a

")he ,ffect of HIV&AIDs on Society." Do Something. Accessed April /" #1$.

=reat site for information on this proHect. Had info on nearly e(ery topic that *e
*ere loo1ing for.

")he ,ffects of HIV on the Body ' HIV 3enter ' ,("
,( Accessed April /" #1$.

A more in depth loo1 at ho* HIV *or1s in the body.

",thical and Human -ights Dimensions in 2renatal HIV&AIDS )esting% Bots*ana in
=lobal 2erspecti(e @ ;umar @ South African Eournal of Bioethics and .a*."
,thical and Human -ights Dimensions in 2renatal HIV&AIDS )esting% Bots*ana
in =lobal 2erspecti(e @ ;umar @ South African Eournal of Bioethics and .a*.
Accessed April !" #1$.

)his tells ,thical and human rights dimensions in prenatal HIV&AIDS testing%
Bots*ana in global perspecti(e

"Family." Family. Accessed April !" #1$.

/AL of deaths from Aids ha(e happened in Sub'Saharan Africa *orld *ide

"=lobal AIDS 4(er(ie*." =lobal AIDS 4(er(ie*. Accessed April !" #1$.

spea1s about goals of stopping HIV

"=lobal HIV&AIDS 4rganiJations." =lobal HIV&AIDS 4rganiJations. Accessed April !"
#1$. http%&&aids.go(&federal'resources&around'the'*orld&global'hi('aids'

)his tal1s about ho* HIV&AIDS difference from the other *orld*ide 1iller

"HIV C AIDS." HIV. Accessed April 0" #1$.

)his source ga(e me a good amount on basic info of HIV and AIDS

"HIV C AIDS Home'based 3are." HIV and AIDS Information and -esources. Accessed
April /" #1$. http%&&***.a('aids'home'based'care.htm.

=ood info on home based care

"HIV and AIDS Facts." HIV and AIDS Facts. Accessed April A#" #1$.

)al1s about informing the youth about unsafe se5

"HIV and AIDS in Africa." HIV and AIDS Information and -esources. Accessed April
>" #1$. http%&&***.a('and'aids'africa.htm.

)his is about facts about the percentages *ith HIV in Africa

"HIV and AIDS% )reatment C 3are." 7eb8D. Accessed April /" #1$.

Information on the treatment of HIV

"HIV Around the 7orld ' South Africa." AIDS & HIV. Accessed April /"
#1$. http%&&

4(er half of AfricaMs children are orphans due to their parents dying of HIV or
them being sic1

"HIV 3A-, A) 8334-D H4S2I)A." D6-BAI" S46)H AF-I3A." HIV 3are at
8c3ord Hospital" Durbin" South Africa. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his is a hospital in africa that says *hat they ha(e to offer.

"HIV 2rotection =el Da Step 3loserD" BB3 Ie*s. Accessed April !" #1$.

=i(es good information on ne* gel for *omen

"Hi( Ouotes." BrainyOuote. Accessed April !" #1$.

)his a site *ith ?uotes about HIV&AIDS. A lot of important people.

"HIV% )he 6ltimate ,(ol(er." HIV% )he 6ltimate ,(ol(er. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his is ho* HIV has e(ol(ed o(er time.

"HIV )reatment Is Also HIV 2re(ention." 8SF 6SA. Accessed April /" #1$.

2re(ention and ne* methods for possible treatment of Human Immunodeficiency

"HIV&AIDS and Human -ights." HIV&AIDS and Human -ights. Accessed April !"
#1$. http%&&***,I&Issues&HIV&2ages&HIVInde5.asp5.

)his tells all about ho* HIV&AIDS and ho* this ma1es Human rights go do*n
*ith their health

"HIV&AIDS Basics." HIV&AIDS Basics. Accessed April 0" #1$. http%&&aids.go(&hi('

)his source ga(e me a lot of information on the basics of AIDS and HIV.

"HIV&AIDS." 3linton Foundation. Accessed April /" #1$.

Another foundation that tal1s about themsel(es and gi(es out information.

"HIV&AIDS." History of HIV Vaccine -esearch" IIAID" IIH. Accessed April /" #1$.

History of HIV (accine research.

"HIV&AIDS." Ho* Is HIV Spread9 '. Accessed April /" #1$.

Basic information on the transmission of HIV.

"HIV&AIDS in South Africa% A Sanctuary of Support." 45fam International. Accessed
April !" #1$. http%&&***'africa&hi('aids'

good info li1e 1 out of A girls aged A#'A$ ha(e HIV

"HIV&AIDS in South Africa." AIDS Foundation of South Africa. Accessed April !"
#1$. http%&&***'in'south'africa&.

)here *ere >#"### deaths in #11" and thatMs one year alone

"HIV&AIDS." 7H4. Accessed April /" #1$. http%&&***.*>1&en&.

8ore statistics on the HIV (irus

"Ho* Does HIV Affect the Body9" Ho* Does HIV Affect the Body9 Accessed April /"

HIVDs effects on the immune system.

"Ho* Is HIV )ransmitted9" Ho* Is HIV )ransmitted9 Accessed April /" #1$.

=ood start of the research. =a(e good info on ho* HIV spreads" great *ay to start
loo1ing for problem sol(ers.

"Ho* Is HIV&AIDS a Human -ights Issue9" Ho* Is HIV&AIDS a Human -ights Issue9
Accessed April !" #1$.

"Human -ights and HIV&AIDS% Io* 8ore )han ,(er." 4pen Society Foundations
F4SFG. Accessed April !" #1$.

)his is about the foundations that try to help pre(ent or 1ill HIV&AIDS

"Human -ights Is ,ssential in Fight against HIV&AIDS @ Africa -ene*al 4nline." 6I
Ie*s 3enter. Accessed April !" #1$. http%&&****al&*eb'

)his is more about the more recent problems of HIV and ho* others try harder to
1ill it than others.

"Impact of HIV C AIDS in Africa." HIV and AIDS Information and -esources. Accessed
April /" #1$. http%&&***.a('hi('aids'africa.htm.

)his source *as a great introduction to the *hole topic of HIV in Africa" also lead
into different research research topics of the economical effect.

"Impact of HIV&AIDS on 4lder 2eople in Africa." 7H4. Accessed April A#" #1$.

HIV happens more *ith the youth

")he Impact of HIV&Aids on the South African ,conomy" South Africa 4ffice." -SS.
Accessed April /" #1$. http%&&***$/&.

)his source helped me learn about the effect of HIV&AIDS on *or1ers" *hich
*ould lead to a change in the *hole economy of Africa.

"International Atomic ,nergy Agency FIA,AGIA,A Home." Iuclear )echni?ues Help
Find Solutions in Fight Against HIV&AIDS and )uberculosis. Accessed April /"
#1$. http%&&****scenter&ne*s&#1$&tbBhi(.html.

International solutions for HIV

".i(ing *ith Families Affected by HIV and Aids P Video." ) Euly #"
#1. Accessed April !" #1$. http%&&***'

Had good info on *hoDd more li1ely to get HIV

"8ay #1$." Disco(er 8agaJine. Accessed April /" #1$.

)he comparison bet*een HIV in the 6nited states in comparison to Africa.

"2rotect the =oal." 6IAIDS. Accessed April /" #1$. http%&&***

)his *ebsite *as about another foundation. 7hich helps us learn *hat can be
done to ma1e mo(es to*ards finding a cure.

"-ationing Antiretro(iral )herapy for HIV&AIDS in Africa% 3hoices and 3onse?uences."
2.4S 8edicine%. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his source tal1s about antiretro(iral therapy. Ho* it *or1s and the

"F-,DG." F-,DG. Accessed April /" #1$. http%&&***

)his site *as a fund for a foundation fighting AIDS. )his site *as helpful to learn
about *hat goals *e should aim for in fighting HIV and seeing *hat people are doing to

"-esult Filters." Iational 3enter for Biotechnology Information. Accessed April /"
#1$. http%&&***.ncbi.nlm.nih.go(&pubmed&!!/!$1#.

)his pro(ided me *ith information on *here HIV'1 originated and info on the
original carriers of the disease.

"Some South African 3linics -unning Short of HIV&AIDS Drugs% 8SF." -euters.
Io(ember /" #1A. Accessed April /" #1$.

)al1s about medications

"South Africa ' Family Impact." Family Impact. Accessed April !" #1$.

,5plains amount of people are infected

")he 8olecules 4f HIV." 8olecules of HIV. Accessed April /" #1$.

8olecular structure of HIV

"A )imeline of AIDS." A )imeline of AIDS. Accessed April >" #1$. http%&&aids.go(&hi('

)his is a site *here you can find the timeline of *hen aids started and *here *e
are right no* in the de(elopment

")racing the 4rigin and History of the HIV' ,pidemic." )racing the 4rigin and History
of the HIV' ,pidemic. Accessed April /" #1$.

HereDs *here I found the origin of HIV'.

")reating HIV&AIDS in South Africa @ 2roHect 8." )reating HIV&AIDS in South Africa @
2roHect 8. Accessed April /" #1$. http%&&'proHect'm&9

)his source gi(es a solution or t*o and has good information.

"6buntu Africa." 6buntu Africa. Accessed April /" #1$. http%&&'

tal1s about the history of AIDs in Africa

"6se of Antiretro(irals for )reatment and 2re(ention of HIV Infection." 7H4. Accessed
April !" #1$. http%&&***.*

)his source gi(es a lot of information on medicines

Victoria" Hosegood. "Abstract." Iational 3enter for Biotechnology Information.
September 10" ##!. Accessed April !" #1$.

Aids&HIV.... tal1s about the mo(ement and families

"7e 7ant to See a 7orld Free from AIDS." =oals. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his site *as great for learning more about *hat goals to go for in sol(ing a cure
for HIV.

"7here Did HIV 3ome From9" )he AIDS Institute. Accessed April /" #1$.

)his pro(ided me information on the origins of HIV'1 and *hen doctors first
disco(ered it.