Ravinder Boparai

79D, Park Road, Freemantle, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 3DD
!o"ile# $7515533553 %mail# R"oparai&hotmail'ouk
DOB# (()1()19*9 +Female,
Personal Pro-ile .
/ Marital Status: Sin0le
/ Nationality: British
- Full UK Driving License
%du'ation)1uali-i'ations .
University – September 13 – urrent
Sout!ampton Solent
Business !ana0ement
University – September "# – $uly 11
Sout!ampton Solent
Business 2n-ormation S3stems . 4erti-i'ate o- Hi0her %du'ation
ollege – September "% – $uly "#
&'U( )ea*ing
B5%4 25 Pra'titioner / PP!
Secon*ary Sc!ool – September "1 – $uly "%
+lt,oo* o- .( Mai*en!ea*
1$ 64S% +2n'ludin0 !ath7s 8 %n0lish,

%mplo3ment Histor3 .
Sainsbury/s( Sout!ampton - Nig!t S!i-t
$une 0( 1"11 - urrent
)esponsibilities - Replenishin0 sto'k 9ithin the Health and Beaut3 Department in the :ordshill
store 2 am responsi"le -or ensurin0 the shelves are -ull3 sto'ked and all ;overs7 are 'orre'tl3
identi-ied and ta00ed 2 am also re<uired to se'urit3 ta0 spe'i-i' produ'ts !3 aisles must "e
'lear o- an3 ru""ish and all produ'ts must "e -a'in0 -or9ards +dressed, "e-ore the store is open
&!e 2ayne 3o,ar* &rust( Sout!ampton - 'olunteer
Sept 14( 1"11 – Marc! 15( 1"11
)esponsibilities / Dealin0 9ith and servin0 'ustomers, handlin0 'ash, 9orkin0 on the till,
'he'kin0 and preparin0 items -or sale 2 also re'entl3 helped out at a -ashion event held on
"ehal- o- the 'harit3, 9hilst there 2 9as responsi"le -or sellin0 'lothes and providin0 details to
the audien'e 9hen ne'essar3
)oyal Mail Sorting 6--ice( Sout!ampton – !ristmas asual( Nig!t S!i-t
Dec 7( 1"11 – Dec 13( 1"11
)esponsibilities / Sortin0 mail into 1st and (nd 'lass and ensurin0 all mail is stamped 2 9as
then re<uired to sort the mail a0ain "ut into the 'orre't post'odes read3 -or deliver3 2 also had
to sort par'els and pa'ka0es into the 'orre't postal 'ode areas and take them into the allo'ated
areas in the 9arehouse . so that the3 9ere read3 to "e loaded into the vans
8ay &ra*ing( Mai*en!ea* - Supervisor
6ct 1( 1""% – $une 1"( 1""#
)esponsibilities / Dealin0 9ith and servin0 'ustomers, 'he'kin0 and markin0 o-- deliveries
=npa'kin0, ta00in0 and 'u"in0 'lothes read3 -or the shop -loor, 2 also helped out 9ith the
stores> sto'k take a num"er o- times 2 also till trained ne9 mem"ers o- sta-- and 9as
responsi"le -or doin0 the dail3 "ankin0
9ositive Solutions( 3ig! 2ycombe - :eneral +ssistant
$an 11( 1""% – Nov 1"( 1""%
)esponsibilities / Dealin0 9ith 'ustomers, makin0 appointments -or the Finan'ial ?dvisors and
rin0in0 'lients -or updates
'eena/s Kitc!en( Mai*en!ea* - :eneral +ssistant
Feb 11( 1""7 – $an 1( 1""%
)esponsibilities - 5akin0 orders and servin0 'ustomers in the restaurant 2 also helped 9ith
ans9erin0 the telephone and makin0 "ookin0s Pa'ked orders -or deliveries and also handlin0
the till

Re-eren'es /
?vaila"le upon re<uest