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Weekly special announcements
• ANG ATING PANININDIGAN: Hear the Good News from the Bible
through this program on (Armed Forces Radio) DWDD !" #h$% A&
band% e'er( &onda( at )*++ , -*++ pm.
• SUNDAY S!""# $"% !I#D%EN: #ids ages /,0 (ears old%
we in'ite (ou to attend 1unda( 1chool at - to *!+ am.
• Y"UT! IN &INIST%Y: We are in'iting all the (outh to participate
in this acti'it( and this will happen e'er( 1aturda( (2outh Da() 0,3pm.
• SUNDAY W"%S!IP: 4et5s celebrate God5s lo'e% gi'e praise and
glor( to His Name e'er( 1unda( - 6 *!+ am.
• $%IDAY 'I'#E STUDY: Be blessed7 8oin us e'er( Frida( 9*!+ to
)*!+ pm at Better 4i'ing :hurch of :hrist.
• !"&E 'I'#E STUDY: " 6 3pm e'er( ;uesda( (1is. 4eoning)%
;hursda( (1is. Gloria<1is. =sing).
• !"&E 'I'#E STUDY S!EDU#E: #indl( inform us of (our
willingness to ha'e a scheduled bible stud( at (our house.
• (AATI"N 'I'#E S!""# )('S*: We are >noc>ing again at
(our >ind heart to gi'e and support this acti'it(. We are as>ing to put
(our lo'e offerings at the church5s donation bo?.
• "UP#ES’ NIG!T: ;his will be held on Februar( 0/% 0+0 and will
start at /pm.
• E## G%"UP #EADE%S’ DE("TI"N: ;his will happen e'er(

Wednesda( of e'er( month% 9*!+ 6 )*!+pm.
P%AYE% WA%%I"%S:
We are encouraging e'er(one to pra( e'er( Wednesda( in our
@uite time and our pra(er concerns will be the* :ouples5 Night% :ell Group
4eaders5 De'otion% Aacation Bible 1chool (AB1)% Bible 1tudies% 2outh
Fellowships7 B'angelism Crospects (relati'es% neighbors% friends and
others)7 church building7 church leaders and the continues guidance and
blessings of our 4ord in our families.
'i+th,ay cele-+ants:
Rafael Neil Gasco – 4, Janus Unida – 10, Anthony Roguel – 11, Ruby
Ann Gasco – 15, Richmond Unida – 17, Joelin !anogaling – "7,
#ma$ie %n&encion – "', Ja$y #ufemio – "'(

.anua+y /01 /23/
1tewardship* ;ithes and
(e+se to &emo+i4e:
ERemember this* Whoe'er sows sparingl( will also reap
sparingl(% and whoe'er sows generousl( will also reap
generousl(. Bach of (ou should gi'e what (ou ha'e decided in
(our heart to gi'e% not reluctantl( or under compulsion% for
God lo'es a cheerful gi'er.F (0 :orinthians -*/% 9)
Church of Christ
G 9) 6 B Dona 1oledad%
Better 4i'ing 1ubdi'ision% Carana@ue :it(
You can e-mail us at blsHcocI(ahoo.com
&ESSAGE TIT#E: 1tewardship* ;ithes and Dffering
WEE5: 3
Wee> of Januar(
DATE: Januar( 0-% 0+0
TI&E: -*++ ,*!+A&
A## T" W"%S!IP:
"PENING S"NG: Hear Dur Craises (p. !9)
Gi'e Ks :lean Hands (p. !0)

SUNDAY S!""#: Bro. Will( Bufemio
Now that 2ou5re Near (p./0)
4ord = 4ift 2our Name on High (p. 3/)
All for 4o'e (p. 3)
From the =nside Dut (p. !+)
S%IPTU%E %EADING 6 P%AYE%: Bro. Genesis Almacen
&ESSAGE $%"& T!E W"%D: Bro. Genesis Almacen
IN(ITATI"N S"NG: Draw &e :lose (p. ))
"&&UNI"N S"NG: Ama$ing 4o'e (p. ))
DIST%I'UTI"N "$ E&'#E&: Bro. Ros'er 1.7 Bro Jeric> B.
"$$E%T"%Y S"NG: ;he 1teadfast 4o'e (p. )+)
#"SING S"NG: Glor( (p. !!)
A&EN: ;hreefold Amen
"-7ect o8 E9istence is
. ;o restore New ;estament :hristianit( and the :onse@uent
union of all followers of :hrist in Dne Bod(. ;o B?alt :hrist
abo'e part( and His Word abo'e human creeds.
0. ;o build a church of :hrist without denominational name% man
written creed or other barriers to :hristian unit(% whose terms of
fellowship shall be as broad as the conditions of sal'ation and
identical with them.
!. ;o lead sinners to :hrist in the clear light of New ;estament
The hu+ch Thus Teach an, Plea, 8o+
. ;he Bible as the onl( rule of faith and practice (== ;imoth( !*/,
0. :hristian as the name of :hrist followers (Acts *0/,0)).
!. :hurch Knit( (John 9*0+,07 :orinthians. *+).
". Baptism of Belie'ers (&ar> /*3% /7 Acts 0*!)% "7 /*!0,!").
3. =mmersion as Baptism (&ar> *3,+7 John !*0!7 Acts )*!)).
/. 4i'ing the :hristian 4ife% wor>ing as if all depended on us%
trusting as if all depends on :hrist (Hebrew 0*,0).
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