Hyerim Lee

PROV 502
April 25, 2014
Academic Advising Research and Plan of Study
Planning ahead for my graduate study is so effective that I can see the big picture of my
course of study and clarify my academic goal, and I was lucky enough to talk about my courses
for summer semester and fall semester with my academic advisors. As I am majoring in Sport
and Recreation studies with International Sports Management concentration, I am required to
take a set of core foundation courses for 15 credits and concentration courses including Master’s
Project or Master’s Thesis for 15 credits. The core foundation courses are divided into several
sections: historical and socio-cultural foundation, ethical and legal issues, social-psychological
perspectives, management and administration, and research methods and statistics. Depending on
my interest and concentration, I need to take one course from the each section. In 2013 fall, I
took one of the core classes, SRST 606: Foundations of Sport and Recreation Studies. In addition,
I took the other core courses in 2014 spring, SPMT 614: Legal Issues in Sport, and SRST 623:
Research Design and Statistical Reasoning as a suggestion of my academic advisors. I might take
a course EFHP 618: Exercise and Sport Psychology in 2015 spring or PRLS 611: Social
Psychology of Leisure for the core course requirement. In summer semester, the department
offers my concentration courses which are: SPMT 556: Global Soccer Industry, SPMT 551:
Sport in Global Marketplace, and SRST 598: Professional Sport Leadership. I was not sure if I
could handle three classes in summer semester while taking my first class in 2013 fall at George
Mason University, however; I gained confidence that I can manage those classes successfully at
this moment. After summer, I will have taken three concentration courses and three core courses.
Thus, I will need to take EFHP 616: Exercise and Sport Psychology or PRLS 611: Social
Psychology of Leisure and SPMT 612: Economics and Financial Management in the Sport
Industry for the core course requirement. In 2014 fall, I will be taking two core courses or one
core courses but there will be some changes in fall depending on what the school offers in 2014
fall and 2015 spring. Then, I will probably be working on my thesis for my Master degree.
Actually, my academic advisors mentioned that for either Master’s Project or Master’s Thesis, it
was always good to start thinking of topic I wanted to work on now in the last meeting and in my
Research Design and Statistical Reasoning class, I have developed my topic and method which I
will be working on this topic for my next SRST 799: Master’s Thesis class.
Talking with my academic advisors was very helpful because I can anticipate what I am
learning as time goes on, and how the courses can affect my future plan after graduating.
Planning my graduate course study allowed me to mentally prepare for this semester, and
motivated me to work harder. Also, as finishing my Bridge classes in this spring, I am feeling
more confident about my study skill and time management skill. I am still worried but also
excited to takes other classes, and I am ready to learn more knowledge in my discipline in
upcoming summer and fall. It would be intense to take my all the concentration courses in
summer since the schedule is quite tight, but I will be able to manage the schedule for my
graduation. I will be carefully considering what courses I must to take for developing my
knowledge instead of considering what courses are easy to get a good grade. It will be also fun to
meet new professors and new people in class.

 Required courses
CRN Course Code Title Credit Semester
42368 SRST 598 (x) Professional
Sport Leadership
3 Summer
41890 SRST 551(a) Sport in Global
3 Summer
41973 SRST 556(b) The Global
Soccer Industry
3 Summer
72830 SPMT 612 Economics and
Management in
the Sport
3 Fall