WEEK 1 Lesson Plan (KPR 3974


Teaching and Learning Model :ASSURE Model
Subject :English Language Year 3
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : People Around You (Occupation)
Date : 11th March 2014 Time: 9.15-1015
Year :3 Mutiara
Number of pupils :26 pupils
Learning Standards : 3.2.1 Able to complete
(a) linear texts
Content Standards : 3.2 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to write using appropriate language, form and style for a
range of purposes.
Specific Objectives : By the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:

Moral Values : Co-operation
Education Emphasis : Interaction, Writing, Thinking skills, Constructivism.
Background knowledge : Pupils have learnt about occupations in the previous lessons.
They might also be aware of the jobs that their families and
neighbours have.
Teaching/Learning Aids : Song Chart, Envelopes, Cut Sentence Strips, Colourful Papers,


Set Induction
( 7 Minutes )

1. Put up the song lyrics.

2. Read the song lyrics
loudly so that the students
could listen and read

2. Sing the song and let
the pupils sing along if they
are able.

( Whole Class Activity)

(Tune: Where is Thumbkin)
I’m a doctor
I’m a doctor
What are you? What are you?
I work in a hospital
I work in a hospital
What about you? What about you?

I’m a policeman

WEEK 1 Lesson Plan (KPR 3974)

I’m a policeman
What are you? What are you?
I catch criminals
I catch criminals
What about you? What about you?

I fight enemies

I send letters

I teach pupils

I sell meat

Pre-Writing Stage
(15 Minutes)

1. Group the pupils. 5-6
pupils in each group.

2. Each group are given
phrases strips in an
envelope and a piece of

3. Pupils discuss within
their groups and paste the
phrases on an A4 paper to
make full sentences

4. Paste the A4 papers on
the back for all to see.

5. Discussion

(Group Activity)

While-Writing Stage
(15 Minutes)

1. Pupils are given a
worksheet. They are
required to match the jobs
to the places or tools of

2. Pupils are to re-write the
sentences in their exercise

( Individual Activity)

WEEK 1 Lesson Plan (KPR 3974)

Post-Writing Stage
(15 Minutes)

1. Pupils are asked to work
in pairs to come up with
more jobs and their work
place or tools of work as
the song lyrics.

2. Ask the fastest groups
to write they ’lyric’ on the

( Pair work Activity)

I’m a carpenter
I’m a carpenter
What are you? What are you?
I make furniture, I make furniture
What about you? What about you?

( 8 Minutes)

1. Divide the class into 2
groups, A and B.

2. Appoint group A to sing
and act selected verses
from the song from Set
Induction stage and group
B will sing the other

3. Change the verses for
each groups.

( Singing Competition Activity)


B2 DT2 E1
Able to complete
a) linear texts.


The pupils were very happy and they enjoyed every stage of the lesson.
They were especially ecstatic during the group activity and the singing
competition activity.
Some weaker pupils had problems during the While-Writing Stage but they
managed to do match and write with guidance. Overall, I think this lesson
was a success.
Therefore, I conclude that 26/26 pupils were able to do all the tasks given
with minimal guidance.

WEEK 1 Lesson Plan (KPR 3974)