Riviere’s Constitution


In Riviere we are determined
to use our taxes appropriately so we provide you with your deserved amount of money to
benefit your everyday life. Our total tax revenue is $125,125. Our taxes are: Property Tax
- 15% Individual Income Tax - 9%; Fish Tax - 4%; Grains Tax - 4%; General Sales Tax -
10% ;Services Tax - 13%. We will use the tax revenue money to hire pollution managers
who will try to limit the amount of pollution that enters the river, an army, a fire
department, a police
department, schools, road building and management, factories for money production, and
gas stations.
Riviere Rights
-A single family can only can only catch up to 15 fish a week
This law is appropriate because it keeps the fish from being depleted in our river.
-A fisherman can only catch up to 100 fish a week.
This is appropriate because this law also keeps fish from becoming extinct.
-If a person is caught swimming past the buoys in the water they will be fined.
This law is important because the buoys are in the water to keep people safe from boats and
other water traffic that could be dangerous.
-If a person is caught intentionally polluting the river they will be fined 200$
This law is appropriate because it keeps the river clean for drinking water and fishing.
-A farmer can only own up to 200 animals and every animal over 200 will be taxed for.
This law is appropriate because it keeps from there being too much product in the
market other types of structures.
-Logging companies can only cut down 60 trees a year and must replant half of the trees they
cut down.
This law helps the environment and will prevent deforestation around our city-state leading
to waste.
-A family can only own up to 2 acres of residential land.
This law is important because it saves space for agricultural land, other residential land and
-A ship can only be kept in the dock for a max. of 3 days.
This law keeps the dock uncrowded and makes sure there is room for more ships and easy
navigation of the area.
-A family can only hunt up to 2-3 big animals and 5-6 small animals a month.
This keeps from animal species from becoming extinct and over hunting leading to waste.
- If an animal is killed for food it has to be taken to a butcher to be examined.
This is important because it helps prevent disease spread from animals to or population.
Government Aspects
Our government is a Presidential Democracy. The leaders are citizens over the age of 30
years old and must have at least 3 years of leadership experience. The leaders are elected by
citizens over the age of 18. Our branches of our government consist of the judicial, the
legislative, and the executive branches. The legislative branch deals with making laws for the
city. The judicial branch takes the laws and makes sure they are fair to all people and follow
our rights and laws.The executive branch enforces the laws and make sure people follow