Ashley Thompson

Teaching Resources
1) Identify at least five useful web sites with useful information about reading and/or
teaching children’s books.
 Title: Children’s Literature Database
o URL:
o Organization: McGraw-Hill
o This is a helpful database in which you can search by a variety of categories including
reading level, illustrator/author, ethnicity, topic, etc. When you type in a word or phrase,
a large list pops up with titles and any other categories you selected. It is very useful if
you have a child with a specific interest and you would like to find a few different books
on that topic. It could also be helpful if you have forgotten the title, but remember the
 Title: Discovery Education
o URL:
o Organization: Discovery Education
o This site offers lesson plans for any grade level or specific genre or topic of literature one
could focus on such as Brothers Grimm, Cowboys, War Literature, Railroads, etc. You
can also make puzzles, play games, and there are resources for students and teachers in
every subject.
 Title: International Research Society for Children’s Literature
o URL:
o Organization: International Research Society for Children's Literature
o I believe this would be an excellent resource to use when searching for information about
children’s literature, as it provides weekly updates from the president of this organization
about what’s going on around the world. It provides helpful links that anyone can use to
look further into their topic, and reviews of books. They also have archive journal
articles, and you have the opportunity to become a member for a small fee to grant access
to other parts of the site.
 Title: Teaching Literature to Children
o URL:
o Instructor: Chi-Fen Emily Chen, Ph.D.
o This site provides a ton of resources for teachers and is very easy to use. It is a personal
page created by a professor, so it is relatable to the information we are learning in our
own course. I think this can be very helpful to provide tips to those who are just
beginning to explore the elements of Children’s Literature.
 Title: Harper Collins Children’s
o URL:
o Organization: HarperCollins Publishers
o This website has a book finder, list of children’s authors and illustrators in alphabetical
order, games and activities, etc. It is a lot of fun to explore and very informative. There
are resources available to students, teachers, and parents.
Ashley Thompson
2) Identify at least five characteristics of or ways of distinguishing reliable web sites.
 Pay attention to the suffix on the domain name.
o „ .edu = educational
o „ .com = commercial
o „ .mil = military
o „ .gov = government
o „ .org = nonprofit
 Does the website have any form of bias in the writing, or is the author relatively objective when it
comes to providing information.
 The design and organization of a site is important to keep in mind when checking for reliable
sources, as well as help the user find what they need more efficiently.
 “Writing Style – Poor spelling and grammar are an indication that the site may not be credible. In
an effort to make the information presented easy to understand, credible sites watch writing style
 Never use web sites where an author cannot be determined, unless the site is associated with a
reputable institution such as a respected university, a credible media outlet, government program
or department, or well-known non-governmental organizations.