Sustainability is more than just being “green” and preserving the environment.

about responsible development in the present so that future generations will have the
resources they need to meet their needs.
The concept of sustainability centers on a balance of society, economy and environment
for current and future health. Sustainability is the intersection of people, planet and
profit, commonly referred to as the “three-legged stool.”

Sustainable evelopment is only possible if it is environmentally and socially just and
when permanently integrated.
!genda "# is the program of !ction ,of the $onference on %nvironment and
evelopment of the &nited 'ations (&'$%) which addresses all *ey policy areas of
environmental and sustainable development. It contains important provisions between
the industrial developing countries, including+
,overty reduction
Trade and environment
$limate and energy policy
!gricultural policy
.inancial and technological cooperation

The %& Sustainable evelopment Strategy
/n #0th 1ay "22# the %uropean $ommission adopted a strategy for sustainable
development. The goal is to combine social justice, environmental protection and
economic development and thus to allow a lasting sustainable development.
Transport is necessary for us, but it also has many serious negative conse3uences.
There have been many developments to reduce the negativity.
'ew alternative fuels
efinition+ alternative fuels are those fuels, e4cept gasoline and diesel, which are used
to drive motor vehicles and often distinguished by improved energy efficiency and
reduced environmental impact.

efinition+ Solar energy is considered a renewable energy as long as the sun is there.
-ithout the sun there is no life on %arth. Solar energy is therefore fundamental for
human beings. Sunlight can be converted into heat energy (solar heat cells) or
electricity (photovoltaics).

,hotovoltaic systems can provide an additional energy source for many different means
of transport+
 Satellites and spacecrafts
 ,lanes
 5oad vehicles
 %lectric boats
 5ail vehicles
efinition+ ! biofuel is a gaseous, li3uid or solid biological substance, which is used as
6ydrogen is one of the most interesting and perhaps most promising fuel for transport.
$urrently, however, almost all of the hydrogen is produced by reforming natural gas. It
does not usually emit $/" emissions, and anyway they are fewer than the burning of
natural gas. 6ydrogen is used to generate electricity in fuel cells. 6ydrogen cars are
driven by an electric motor, which has no gear ratio. 6ydrogen can also be used in
special engines.
7,8 is li3uefied petroleum gas, it is a colorless gas.
'atural gas is a combustible gas that can be found in fields deep in the ground. It is
found mostly in petroleum deposits. -e get it mostly as a by product of oil drilling.

In this part, we’ll show you an idea of a future city, with technology in mind.
-e are trying to thin* of new ways of living in %urope, such as energy-saving houses and
such, because energy resources are getting low in %urope, and they could run out within
this or the ne4t century because of the high energy demand and population growth.
This way, we are wor*ing for the future of %urope

-e were thin*ing about tomorrow demands and how we could meet them.
In times of uncertainty of future finance and demographic change, our cities will need
to be both efficient concerning energy resources and supportive of young students.
%ducation can be improved by connecting every “Intelligent 6ome” and the local school
or university, so that ill students will not miss a lot of lessons for e4ample.
!s it is already done at some schools, we want every school to offer its pupils live
streams, in which they can follow their courses without really being there. It gives
every student the opportunity to catch up, if a disease hinders them to ta*e part in
their lessons.
6owever, we do not want students to miss lessons on purpose, as it is certainly
considered to be more comfortable to stay at home. 5easons for that is the social
interaction between students, which enhances one’s individual development increases
s*ills such as teamwor*, leadership, self-responsibility and self esteem.
If a student is fre3uently missing without having proved reasons, the course should not
be considered to have been attended.
The house shapes are chosen for optimal energy-efficiency within one comple4. !s our
main source for energy is the Sun, each house has a curved surface, with solar cells.
The curved shape refers to the earth9s orbit around the sun, so that energy can be
produced throughout the whole day. In order not to waste any energy, all houses are
configured with most energy saving isolation.
/ur aim is that the houses do not waste much energy on !ir $onditioning, so that the
energy can be fed into the whole city, if necessary.
The outside in mainly made up of glass, which can easily can be turned from transparent
into light impermeable. This is for reasons li*e privacy and !ir conditioning. :y
preventing the sun to heat up the whole house, we ensure a nice temperature in the
The solar cells are fre3uently rinsed for optimal efficiency. This happens through
wipers and water no;;les attached to each line of solar cells. -ater that flows down
the house is collected under the comple4 and serves the lavatories and irrigation
system for the garden.
%very house comes with a garage with integrated charging station
for electric cars. The whole house can be connected to your
computer or smart-phone, so that it is always possible to activate
the blinds or shut down electricity.

The cars of the future will drive on highly efficient roads. %nergy for the cars will be
supplied through induction instead of gas, which reduces emission gases in the air. This
can be achieved by using electric cars, though there also has to be public transport to
get people from ! to :.

:esides being electric, the cars also have to be of a conventional si;e so that charging
stations and par*ing lots can be built with a standard si;e. This increases the efficiency
of used space in our city.

The current way of charging cars using a wire is unconventional because there are not
that much charging points, so we want to integrate wireless charging in par*ing lots so
that cars can be charged anytime, whether you are using it or not.

This inductive charging, also called wireless energy, consists of two metal coils which
create an electromagnetic field in which energy is transferred to the charger to the
car. The advantages of this method are that the ris*s of potential electric shoc*s are
much lower, and that there is no corrosion because the coils are covered in plastic. It’s
also more convenient and much easier to use for disabled people.

rawbac*s are the amount of heat that this method creates and the slower charging
,ublic transport in the city will consist of special eco-buses, metros, water buses (hydro
mobility) and anything else that is clean and efficient.
!nother idea of us is that we can order food and drin*s from the fridge. This seems
irrelevant to the subject mobility, but this idea will contribute to cleaner transport. !n
e4ample+ the current situation of "2 people driving with their own car to the shops in
comparison to one bus that brings all their groceries to those twenty people. That is
more efficient, because less energy is used.
:earing in mind, that every object has a shade, we put the houses in an order that
allows optimal energy-production to occur. Thus, we ensured a sufficient distance
between the houses within a comple4, and si;ed the houses in the inside bigger than the
ones in the outside, so that the sun is used most economically.
The bigger houses in the middle are supposed to be the only ones, that are not run by
private, but serve space for enterprises and their offices and is place for local
authorities to administer the city.
The spare energy produced during the day is ought to run a pumped storage hydro
power station, that produces energy, if there is no sun for the solar cells. .urthermore,
we want the surrounding industry to donate their waste products li*e surplus heat, to
the city for more energy supply. -e do not want the city to be absolute autonomously,
as there should be a regular energy supply in times of need.
.or more comfort concerning buying, we thought about a business model that already
e4ists. In addition to the already spread online shopping, it serves the customer to buy
their food and hygiene articles per smart-phone and computer. %ither buy just ordering
it via internet, or scanning it with your phone on a *ind of menu at every bodies home. It
is then automatically stored in your online trolley and delivered within a few hours. !
positive side effect is that it becomes unnecessary to drive by car to the local shop, as
it again saves energy and therefore resources.