RIO+ Centre Newsletter - No.3 - December -


RIO+ to work with Itamaraty in the post-2015 agenda

The first joint initiative with Brazil's Foreing Relations Ministry, the Itamaraty, was a high level
debate about the SDGs in a meeting with representatives of 22 Brazilian ministries, including
seven vice-ministers, and a presentation by Dr. Diana Alarcón, senior economics officer at the
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Desa), in Brasilia. Click here to

RIO+ discusses SDGs in the

municipal level

- In mid-November, the RIO+ Centre was invited to
discuss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in
the National Movement for Citizenship and Solidarity,
a movement that aggregates 360 social organizations
and regional entities, in Brasilia. Read more here.

RIO+ opens debate on Health and
Sustainable Development

- The RIO+ Centre opened, in November 25, an
international event to discuss health issues related to
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the
Post-2015 agenda, tying together the effects of social
protection policies on public health indicators. Read
the full article here.

RIO+ receives contributions
for strategic planning

- The RIO+ Centre held, in December 3, a consultation
workshop to get inputs and recommendations to further
refine its mandate, mission and future mode of
operation. Read more by clicking here.

- World Forum on Human
Rights: RIO+ Centre director Dr.
Romulo Paes de Sousa debated
SDGs and the post-2015 agenda, in
Brasilia, in December 11, 2013.
Click on the image to access the
events website

RIO+ and the social
engagement for change

- RIO+ Centre policy specialist, Ms.
Leisa Perch, participated on
November 29, in a debate entitled
"Municipalizations of the Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs) and
building the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs)", during an event with
Brazilian NGOs and government
officials in Sao Paulo - the "ONG Brasil

The event hosted by the General
Secretariat of the Office of the
President is one of a series of events
on the post-2015 Agenda.

For the RIO+, this engagement and
the other activities mentioned in this
newsletter are part of our
contribution to the global SDG agenda
and reflect our approach of expanding
voice and dialogue within and around
the sustainable development
agenda. Read more.

In the media
- UN Desa's Diana Alarcón and RIO+ Director Rômulo Paes de Sousa were interviewed by Associated Press'
reporter Renata Brito on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) debate and the preparations for the
Post-2015 agenda, in Rio de Janeiro. The interviews will be used to compose and subsidise upcoming news
reports about the SDGs.

- The RIO+ Centre was mentioned in two Christian Science Monitor stories, on a series of analytical
reports the magazine made on Brazil’s cash transfer programme Bolsa Família. Rômulo Paes de Sousa,
director of the RIO+ Centre, was interviewed by the correspondent Stephen Kurzcy on the effects and
results of the programme. To read the news features, click here and here.

- IPC-IG video mentions RIO+ Centre Leisa Perch's research on inclusive green growth research projects.
Watch the video here.
The World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+ Centre) is a legacy of the Rio+20 Conference on
Sustainable Development and was set up to inspire and inform policies and practices that lead to
greater social, environmental and economic justice. It works with governments, civil society and the
private sector to stimulate dialogue and action on alternative development pathways. As a global
centre based in the south, RIO+ aims to bolster South-South Cooperation and facilitate the
participation of the global south in international efforts on sustainable development.

RIO+ Centre team:
Director: Romulo Paes de Sousa
Deputy Director: Layla Saad
Policy Specialist: Leisa Perch
Laura Hildebrandt: Rio Dialogues, on assignment
Program Associate: Ione Nascimento
Administrative Clerk: Wilians Alves

Sérgio Spagnuolo