1) Which of this are examples of networks?

a) ring, mesh
b) star
c) bus
d) All the above
2) Which of the following is responsible for coordinating various operations using timing signals?
a) arithmetic-logic unit
b) control unit
c) memor unit
d) input!output unit
") #icroprocessors can be used to make
a) computers
b) calculators
c) digital sstems
d) all the above
$) An ideal compiler should
a) be a smaller in si%e
b) produce ob&ect code that is smaller in si%e and executes faster
c) take less time of compiling
d) All the above
') (n a computer sstem )*#+
a) contains boot software
b) is permanent
c) ,oth of the above
d) -one of the above
.) What tpe of interface does /*0 have?
a) 1raphical interface
b) 2haracter interface
c) 0mbolic interface
d) -one the above
3) What is the abbreviation of 245?
a) 2ontrol processing unit
b) 2entral processing unit
c) 2entral programming unit
d) 2ontrol programming unit
6) 7ortran is used as a
a) 0cientific 8anguage
b) ,usiness 8anguage
c) 8anguage used in 8A-s
d) Applications 8anguage
9) :he total number of characters in the A02(( code?
a) 12.
b) 2'.
c) 2'6
d) 126
1;) (n Windows -:-What -: stands for?
a) -etwork :echni<ues
b) -ew :echnolog
c) -etwork :ransmission
d) -one of the above
11) Which is not an input device?
a) =eboard
b) /isk
c) #ouse
d) 8ightpen
12) Who is the 2>* of #icrosoft?
a) ,ill 1ates
b) 0teve ?obs
c) 0teve ,almer
d) And 1rove
1") Which of them is *b&ect *riented 8anguage?
a) ,asic
b) 2
c) 2@@
d) 7ortran
1$) 7irst 0uper 2omputer built in (ndiaA
a) 2ra
b) 4aram
c) Arabhatta
d) Ar&un
1') Which of the following companies do not manufacture chips?
a) #icrosoft
b) #otorola
c) (ntel
d) B4
1.) What is the full of 8A-
a) 8ocal Area -etwork
b) 8ocal Arial -etworking
c) 8oop Around -etwork
d) 8oop Area -etwork
13) What is the full form of WA-
a) Wireless Application -etworking
b) Wireless Access -etwork
c) Wired Access -etwork
d) Wide Area -etwork
16) What is a #odem?
a) #odulator >mulator
b) #odulator demodulator
c) #ode #odulator
d) -one of the above
19) What is the full form 7//
a) 7lopp /rive /etector
b) 7lopp /rive /emodulator
c) 7lopp /isk /rive
d) -one of the above
2;) What is the full form ,(:
a) ,inar (nteger
b) ,inar :erm
c) ,inar /igit
d) -one of the above
21) Which of the following is not )/,#0?
a) 0base
b) 0C8
c) Access
d) -one
22) #icrosoft Access is?
a) B88
b) *0
c) /atabase
d) Cuer 8anguage
2") /#A D abbreviation
a) /irect #emor Access
b) /iscrete #emor Access
c) /isk #emor Access
d) -one of the above
2$) which is not storage device?
a) 7lopp /isk
b) 2/ )om
c) /isk
d) -one
2') What is the full of (0*
a) (nternational 0oftware *rgani%ation
b) (nternational 0tandard *rgani%ation
c) (nternational 0olutions *rgani%ation
d) -one of the above
1A (n a class, except 16 all are above '; EearsA 1' are below '; Eears of ageA Bow man people are there?
a) ";
b) ""
c) ".
d) -one
2A 0elect the alternative that 8ogicall follow from the two given statementsA
• All toffees are chocolates
• some toffees not good for health
a) some chocolate are not good for health
b) some toffees not good for health
c) no toffees are good for health
d) ,othFa) andFb)
Cuestions " D 3
F1) Ashland is north of >ast 8iverpool and west of 2oshocton
F2) ,owling 1reen is north of Ashland and West of 7redericktown
F") /over is 0outh and east of Ashland
F$) >ast 8iverpool is -orth of 7redericktown and east of /over
F') 7redericktown is north of /over and West of Ashland
F.) 2oshocton is south of 7redericktown and West of /over
"A Which of the :own mentioned is furthest to the northwest?
a) Ashland
b) ,owling 1reen
c) 2oshocton
d) >ast 8iverpool
e) 7redericktown
$A Which of the following must be both north and east of 7redericktown?
F() Ashland
F(() 2oshocton
F((() >ast 8iverpool
Fa) ( onl
Fb) (( onl
Fc) ((( onl
Fd) ( and ((
Fe) ( and (((
'A Which of the following towns must be situated both south and west of at least one other town?
Fa) Ashland
Fb) Ashland and 7redericktown
Fc) /over and 7redericktown
Fd) /over, 2oshocton and 7redericktown
Fe) /over, 2oshocton and east 8iverpool
.A Which of the following statements, if true, would make the information in the numbered statements more
Fa) 2oshocton is north of /over
Fb) >ast 8iverpool is north of /over
Fc) Ashland is east of ,owling 1reen
Fd) 2oshocton is east of 7redericktown
Fe) ,owling 1reen is north of 7redericktown
3A which of the numbered statements gives information that can be deuced from one or more of the other
Fa) F1)
Fb) F2)
Fc) F")
Fd) F$)
Fe) F.)
6A GHs fatherHs WifeHs fatherHs granddaughter uncle will be related to G as
Fa) 0on
Fb) -ephew
Fc) 5ncle
Fd) 1randfather
:he <uestion 9 D 1; are based on the following data
. people A,,,2,/,> and 7 sit around a table for dinnerA 0ince A does not like 2, he doesnHt sit either opposite or
beside 2, , and 7 alwas like to sit opposite to each otherA
9A (f A is beside 7 then who is Fare) the two neighbours of ,?
Fa) / and 2
Fb) > and A
Fc) / and >
Fd) >ither Fa) or Fb)
1;A (f / is ad&acent to 7 then who is ad&acent to 2?
Fa) > and ,
Fb) / and A
Fc) / and >
Fd) >ither Fa) or Fc)
SECTION # 3 Sentence Construction.
1) :he indicted now flatl disavows have admitted his misdemeanor at the
legal recourseA
a) have been admitted
b) had admitted
c) having admitted
d) having been admitted
e) -o correction re<uired
2) >xcept for ou I (, everone delivered a harangue and graced the
convocation ceremonA
a) ?ust ou I (
b) -either ou, nor ( delivered
c) -ot even ou I ( delivered
d) -o correction re<uired
") ,eing negligent insincerit I being inefficient are the rudimentar rationale
of this backlogA
a) -egligent, insincerit I inefficient
b) ,eing negligent, being insincerit I inefficient
c) -egligent insincerit I being inefficient
d) ,eing negligent, insincerit I being inefficient
e) -o correction re<uired
$) >ach and ever apprentice of the college are invited at the annual
congregation of the college on the eve of its 1olden ?ubilee celebrationA
a) as of the college are invited at
b) of the college is invited at
c) of the college re<uires invitation at
d) of the college needed to be invited at
e) -o correction re<uired
') :he public administrations approach of discarding of peddlers on the
pavements met with obstreperous ob&ections from themA
a) (n discardingA
b) of discarding
c) to discard
d) used in discarding
e) -o correction re<uired
.) 0outh Africa has alread given a clear picture of there involvement in
the match-fixing case where as (ndia et hasnHt proved itHs stand
a) hasnHt et proved
b) et have not proved
c) et will have to prove
d) have not et
e) -o correction re<uired
3) /evising a career in dotcom industr is often facile than to pursue it
a) :o devising a career in dotcom industr is often facile than to pursue
b) :he devising of a dotcom industr career is often facile than its
c) A dot industr career is often facile than a dotcom industr
d) /evising a career in a dotcom industr is often facile than pursuing it
e) -o correction re<uiredA
6) A combat took place when the foreign emissar took place serious I
&abbed the prankster hardlA
a) took a prank seriousl I &abbed the prankster hardlA
b) took a prank seriousl I &abbed the prankster hardA
c) took a prank ver seriousl I &abHs the prankster hardlA
d) took a prank ver seriousl I &abHs the prankster hardA
e) -o correction re<uired
9) investigation shows that while simultaneousl accomplishing
sublunar or even topographic supremac a countr normall
capitulates to social substructureA
a) investigation would shows that while accomplishingA
b) investigation might shows simultaneousl while accomplishingA
c) (nvestigation bears out that in course of accomplishingA
d) (nvestigation, while simultaneousl accomplishing shoes that
e) -o correction re<uiredA
1;) :he principle reason for our failure was <uiet apparent to those
whom we had brought into the ventureA
a) to those whom we had brought
b) to them whom we had brought
c) to the one whom we had brought
d) to those who we had brought
e) to those who we had brung
Section 3 4 Internet Awareness

1) (n order to send email to someone ou need to know their --------------------------
2) An address for a webpage is called a -------------------
") Which search engines have ou used?
$) Which is our favorite search engine?
') Bow are search engines like Altavista and ahoo different?
Section # 5 – Grammar
(n each of the following <uestions, there are four sentencesA *ne of the four sentences contains some tpe of
grammatical errorA Eou are to find the incorrect sentences
1A AA # brother advised me to remain silentA
,A :he oung recruiter deserted their posts as <uick as possible
2A *nl part of the speech was deliveredA
/A =anwer said that he would investigate the matter thoroughlA
2A AA :hough he said the were all generous contributors, the tone in his voice implied the were notA
,A :he sleeper could not have laid in bed much longer than he did
2A (t is generall held that >nglish is one of the poorest taught sub&ects in high school toda A
/A :ake m bookJ if ou use )enuHs ou will find itHs different from mineA
"A AA 2ome home with me fro dinner, and ( shall make ou fish and potatoesA
,A *ur oungest son graduated form a militar school last earA
2A Bow does weather affect retail salesA
/A We sell goods received from both government and non Dgovernmental sourcesA
$A AA :he athlete found that his fatigue was noticeable after a few hoursA
,A As executive, ouHll probabl lose less time from work this earA
2A *ur union considers it imperative that Kno strikeL laws be repeatedA
/A :he sales manager wanted to know what was the customer complaining aboutA
'A AA We shall report the accident to the policeman upon his arrivalA
,A *nl one of the rooms which is vacant is on the fourth floorA
2A #an up-to-date plans, some of which were immediatel adoptedA Were submitted b the staff of
/A We find it is to be a sheer waste of time to discuss matters in committeeA
.A AA ( saw two of them, and one waved his handA
,A /onHt use the word MpostedH when ou mean informedA
2A Be was extremel kind to meA
/A -o one was there onl swarthA
3A AA :he line on the map are finel dawnA
,A Be spoke ver slowlA
2A :he lad looked attractivel in her new suitA
/A :he cream tasted sourA
6A AA 0chool activities are not limited onl to booksA
,A :o sa this often is worth whileA
2A Be thought )andhir to be meA
/A )ising, she opened the windowA
9A AA Be does not seem able to present a logical and convincing argumentA
,A >ach of the goalkeepers was tring to pro&ect his respective cageA
2A Be said, K( shall go there directlLA
/A :he reason he was late was on account of the dela in transportationA
1;A AA ( bought this set of dishes at the local dealerA
,A Be was extremel kind to me during m last illnessA
2A ( have no hope of seeing him again after the case is closedA
/A :he memorandum must be here some place in these filesA