Pre University exams 2011, B.Com Part-I
Paper: Functional Engli! Ma"i#u# Mar$: %&&
Ti#e Allo'e(: ) Hour Paing #ar$: *&
Atte#pt +i,e -uetion in all. electing T!ree -uetion +ro# Part /A an( T'o -uetion
+ro# Part 0 /All -uetion carr1 e-ual #ar$/ O,er atte#pt 'ill 2e ignore( altoget!er/
3No/% i co#pulor1 +or 4OS tu(ent/
3/No/%5a6 Gi,e !ort an'er to t!e +ollo'ing -uetion: 5%&6
(i) What is emphatic pronoun? Give at least one example
(ii) What is Abstract noun? Exemplify.
(iii) Define Gerund with example.
(iv) What is a clause? Give one example
(v) Explain finite form of verb with example.
526 Do a (irecte( 5%&6
(i) Write collective nouns used to describe
(a) ud!es (b) "ees
(ii) Give the past and past participle form of
(a) #ast (b) $end
(iii) What are you tal%in! about?
(point out the mood)
(iv) &his is my room
('ame the underlined pronoun)
(v) (e missed the bus (#han!e into interro!ative)
3/No/75a6 C!ange t!e ,oice o+ t!e +ollo'ing 5%&6
(i) $et this matter be resolved amicably
(ii) )y shoes were covered with mud.
(iii) *he was bein! examined by her family doctor.
(iv) Do not ne!lect the poor.
(v) What ma%es these holes in the wooden table?
526 Fill in t!e 2lan$ 'it! uita2le prepoition 8
(i) (e is addicted +++++++++++ !amblin!.
(ii) , am sic% ++++++++++ the whole business.
(iii) (e always boasts ++++++++++ his !ood connections.
(iv) &his wor% has been entrusted +++++++++++ me.
(v) &he !irl persists ++++++++++ stealin! money.
5c6 For# t!e a(9ecti,e +or# t!e +ollo'ing 8
(i) -rudence +++++++++++++
(ii) (eat +++++++++++++++++
(iii) *olitude ++++++++++++++
(iv) "readth ++++++++++++++
(v) -overty ++++++++++++++

3/No/) 5a6 Correct t!e +ollo'ing entence %&
(i) (e is more clever than ,.
(ii) , made him to stand under a tree.
(iii) (e would rather to die than to be!.
(iv) Everyone that see you love you.
(v) .pen the %not
(vi) Who do you want to see in the afternoon?
(vii) )a/ority of the members is absent today.
(viii) ,t is between you and ,.
(ix) A blac% and a white do! is bar%in! at the be!!ars.
(x) ,f , were him0 , would not do it.
526 Suppl1 t!e correct +or# o+ ,er2 gi,en in 2rac$et 586
(i) Why have you (not return) the boo% (borrow) from the library?
(ii) (e (wor%) hard with a view to (!et) !ood mar%s.
(iii) Good boys (!ive) pri1es.
(iv) &he li!ht (!o) out when , (ta%e) meal.
(v) &he patient (die) before the doctor (reach)
5c6 C!ange t!e nu#2er o+ +ollo'ing 5)6
(i) #ar!o (ii) &ornado (iii) Elf
5(6 C!ange t!e gen(er o+ t!e +ollo'ing: 576
(i) Emperor (ii) (ind
3/No/*5a6 C!ange t!e narration o+ t!e +ollo'ing: %&
(i) *he said0 2$et3s move to another place4.
(ii) , said to her0 2 What happened?4
(iii) )other forbade me to sleep on the floor.
(iv) )y mother said0 2)ay you pass the examination4.
(v) (e said 2will you remember me4?
526 Point out t!e :Moo(; o+ ,er2 in t!e +ollo'ing entence 8
(i) ,f she calls me0 , shall !ive response.
(ii) Do not ta%e a bath ri!ht now.
(iii) *he will coo% food0 but ,3 ll sleep.
(iv) &he teacher ordered me to complete my assi!nment.
(v) ,f we started now we would be in time.
5c6 Gi,e one 'or( +or t!e +ollo'ing e"preion 8
(i) .ne who always loo%s on the bri!ht side of thin!s.
(ii) .ne who offers his services of his own free will.
(iii) .ne who has %nowled!e of everythin!.
(iv) .ne who travels on foot.
(v) Domination of sin!le business party in the mar%et. .
3/No/85a6 Ma$e entence uing t!e +ollo'ing i(io#atic e"preion: 5%&6
(i) At da!!ers drawn (ii) A bolt from the blue (iii) "y and by
(iv) #arry the day (v) End in smo%e.
526 Fill in t!e 2lan$ c!ooing t!e correct 'or( +ro# t!e pair 586
(i) (e did not cross the +++++++++ !ate. (main0 mane)
(ii) +++++++++ this cloth on the floor (lay0 lie)
(iii) *he has ++++++++++ eyes. (lovable 0 lovely)
(iv) *weat was comin! out of every +++++++. (pore0 pour)
(v) ++++++++ prices have been reduced. (patrol0 petrol)
5c6 Na#e t!e part o+ peec! to '!ic! eac! 'or( 2elong in t!e +ollo'ing entence/
He gre' a trange ,egeta2le/ 586
Part -0
3/No/< 5a6 Gi,e :1non1#; o+ eac! o+ t!e +ollo'ing an( #a$e one entence eac! 'it! ne'
(i) )ore (ii) su!!est (iii) (i!h
(iv)Ea!er (v) Ac5uire
526 Gi,e :Anton1#; o+ eac! o+ t!e +ollo'ing an( #a$e one entence 'it! t!e ne' 'or(/ 5%&6
(i) #hoose (ii) Accept 5iii) simple
(iv))ea!re (v) ,nitial
3/No/= 5Rea( t!e +ollo'ing paage an( an'er t!e -uetion gi,en at t!e en(/ 7&
Amon! the manifold misfortunes that may befall a human bein!0 the loss of health is the severest.
All the /oys that life can !ive are nothin! before the sufferin! of the sic%. Give the sic% man
everythin!6 land0 riches and worldly comforts0 but leave his sic%ness uncured and he will feel that
half the world is lost to him. $ay him on a soft sil%en sofa0 he will still feel restless under the
pressure of his sic%ness. .n the other hand0 a homeless be!!ar0 who is blessed with !ood health0
will sleep peacefully on the hard !round. Give the sic% man dainty dishes and choice drin%s0 he
will thrust away the hand that offers them. &he poor man who en/oys his dry bread is in a happier
state than. (e rich invalid. $et the sic% man be a %in!. $et him sit on a throne with a crown on his
head0 he will still loo% on !old and rich dresses with contempt0 but will consider himself happy in
a mud house if he had the !ood health of the poor man.
I. Which is the severest of all the misfortunes?(2)
II. What will a wealthy human being feel if he is deprived of health?(2)
III. How does a healthy beggar feel despite poverty?(2)
IV. How will a sic man behave if he is given dainty dishes and choice drins? (!)
V. "ae a pr#cis of the above passage and suggest a suitable title.($%2)
3/No/>/ ?rite an ea1 o+ a2out )&& 'or( on one o+ t!e +ollo'ing 5'it! outline6 7&
i. 7nemployment
ii. &he importance of #ommerce Education
iii. Di!nity of labour
iv. #ash crops of -a%istan