72 Gerrtr\ Avruur, Stttru Isttuc, NY 10306
Update of April Meeting
May Meeting Preview
After our several month, winter-weather and scheduling conflict, hiatus, we
were happy to resume tending to the business of our community.
Our Treasurer, Luisa DelPriore, announced that our account stands at
$770.16. Due to a monthly surcharge of $10, we will again change our
bank to avoid this cost.
Community Council Liaison, Judy Clarke attended Councilman Matteo’s
“Civic Roundtable Meeting” and was able to submit, directly to the D.O.T.
Commissioner, the ponding issues along Husson Street and the sorely
needed paving of Clawson Street.
Our Guest speaker was Richmond County District Attorney Daniel
Donovan—along with Bronxy, the agency’s therapy dog. Statistically speak-
ing, Staten Island is “the safest community in the safest city” with the
lowest crime rates in NYC and of other comparatively sized cities
nationwide. Domestic violence incidents comprise a high percentage of
overall rates. The new courthouse will include a Family Justice Center.
Vice President, Tom Kuras reminded us about the ongoing “Coups For
Troops” collection, and that he will be stepping down from his position at
the end of the civic season in June.

Annual Dine-Out Event at The Corner House Restaurant

Grant City Civic Association Board Members
President Vice President Treasurer Secretary
Elena Brady Thomas Kuras Louisa DelPriore Daniel Kennedy
CB2 Liaison Sergeant At Arms 122nd Pct. CC Liaison
Cathyann Hennessey Peter Giunta Judith Clarke
Dates To Remember
 Wed., 5/7: Midland Beach Civic
Meeting, 8:00PM
 Thurs, 5/8: Our Meeting, 7:30PM
 Sun., 5/11: Mother’s Day
 Mon., 5/19: Dongan Hills Civic
Meeting, 7:00PM
 Wed., 5/21: 122 Pct. Community
Council Meeting, 8:00PM
 Tues., 4/27: Community Board 2
Meeting, 7:30PM
 Thur., 6/12: Our Next Meeting

May 2014
Volume 104
Upcoming Events and Services
Insi de St or y Headlin e

 Our next meeting: May 8, 2014

 GCCA is online! Please review our blog at

 Free “411”: 1-800-373-3411

 For a free credit report call: 1-877-322-8228

 E-Z Pass Discounts: call 1-800-333-TOLL or
$6.36 Staten Island resident discount
$4.25 Staten Island resident carpool

 National “Do Not Call” Registry: 1-888-382-1222

Please promote the Grant City Civic Association to your neighbors and friends.
Invite guests to attend the meetings to discuss our community.

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