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Generally I've seen alot of things as trends with guys in the community & outside.

I will no be talking about specifics in PU, 1) I don't care, 2) Rather than pointing to the
moon & seeing only your finger thats pointing, the goal is for you to see the moon.


As much as people want techniques to fix x, my view is thats great initially however
growing one needs to understand oneself on a deeper level. In that one does this by
contemplating certain philosophies be them Buddhist, Daoist, Greek, Roman etc. It's
by contemplating & reflecting how these ways of thought can influence you directly in
an applicable everyday way.

Morales & Ethics

This naturally leads one to be aware of his morales & ethics in reflection to the world.
Whatever standard you hold is whatever standard the world shines back. Constantly
work to raise your standards- no matter how hard & difficult it gets. Here are some:

[Integrity: When you commit something, you commit no matter the circumstances,
no excuses- essentially giving your word. This also means, showing up on time or
earlier. And doing seemingly retarded small things. Or calling someone when you
said you would or texting them. why? You gave your word- its that simple.

Honor/Chivalry: Linking with integrity this is more physical, in the sense of respect
to others of who they are. Further though it goes into protecting others on a scale
such as "I would take a bullet for you no questions asked"- that being with ANYONE
you interact with. Why? Well, your giving them enough time to be with you- that
means they get full rights when their with you. Even a complete stranger.

In female terms; its making sure she's taken care of- doesn't mean you have to pay
everything- just means she feels safe & you give her the space to be herself fully.
Have some class to- such as making sure she's on the inside part of the street
constantly- opening doors-pulling out chairs. Meaningless and stupid? Hardly...its the
details dudes. Always the finest details which make the greatest differences which
are consistent.

Honesty: Whats really there for you? Are you pissed? Are you angry? Are you sad?
By not telling the other person- they won't know- the most they'll get is guessing what
it is. Further this also applies in telling something to someone they don't want to hear
for their own good- no matter what the consequences. (This needs to be tampered
with awareness for it could just be a judgement your projecting).

Non-judgement: I know most of you are going be like why not judge we do it
everyday- true, that a PU sense to say she's ugly, HB #, she's hot- your
missing out on a whole world- you don't need to do ANYTHING with her or anyone,
however don't close the door- you could be missing a great person to be hanging
with on a regular basis. 2nd) Judgement in the sense of I'm better than you, that
limits you EXTRAORDINARILY, sure your better, your point? No one cares to be
around that. Get over yourself

Universal/Unconditional Love: Yes this is airey fairy to most people however,
accept people for who they are; it doesn't need to be a harlequin romance ideal-
Love comes in many forms, such as hanging with your friends, family, or even talking
to a stranger & being kind just cause or just relaxing in nature with a smile. By Loving
others unconditionally you'll find others doing that to you also.

Being Present

This is ONE of the biggest things which it comes down to ethics & morales- it doesn't
seem it'd fit in here. However reality is you can't do ANY of the above without being
present & aware of your surroundings. Everything above takes place in real time-
meaning your present constantly or just about 98.9% everyday. Being present to how
you feel, your body, your breathing, THE OTHER PERSON (meaning not worried
about what your saying in your head BUT what their saying---
> LISTENING.) Also...Thoughts are not you, stop thinking they are: Actually try to
remember every thought you've had for the last 10 minutes- its impossible. The only
time a thought is remembered is when you give it importance. Just note that.

Faith: This doesn't have to be god, this doesn't have to deities or religions, it can be
as simple as having faith in the universe or whatever that you'll get through whatever
you have to. "Time & place for everything" Further having faith in yourself & others,
no matter what their outlook is. You can see the "treasure" & best in people. Never
giving up no matter what.


[youtube] ... re=related[/youtube]


Note: This exercises need to be done daily, or its useless. Further...the development
curve for these exercises EASILY last 1 yr under constant practice.


It is the best exercise for awareness training. It helps you see your thoughts. "Be
careful of your thoughts, for your thought become your words. Be careful of your
words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your
actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your
character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny."

1) Get a candle, lite it & sit far enough back that it doesn't make your eyes hurt
though you can see it clearly. From there just focus on the candle flame & nothing
else in your minds eye. If thoughts pop up, discard them & just keep focusing with all
your intent on ONLY the candle flame. A good time limit is building up to 10 minutes
initially & then later pushing it to 40 minutes or more- depending on your time. Do this
when you get up in the morning & before you sleep.

2) Focus on absolutely nothing. Nothing goes in your mind. If anything pops up,
discard it & just focus on nothingness, no matter how many thoughts pop up. Same
format as above- build up to 10 min then go more if you like- 10 being bare minimum.
Practice when you get up in morning & before you sleep.

(Feel free again to increase the time, the more time you put in the more effects will
be seen-->10 min daily bare minimum & when you increase the time by intervals-->
keep it steady).

Observation of self: Be absolutely brutal & don't hold punches, observe all your
habits, faults, passions, instincts, failures & other ugly characteristic traits. Start a
journal for 2 weeks & write down whatever comes down. Meditate & go into past
events, how you behaved & what failures occurred in various punches. Nothing must
remain hidden, everything must be unturned. The more you put down the better.
However insignificant or small. While reflecting experiences- take 2 pages or
more...and split it between your positive & negative traits.

Yes & Exercise: Say Yes & to everything. If your angry: Yes &, then keep looping it
till the emotional is desensitized from the thought. This goes to any situation. Say
Yes &, redirect it. Doesn't mean you HAVE to do it their way- however its accepting
(remember morales & ethics?). Could be as "Do you want to go out tonight", "Yes & I
have other priorities which are important, so I'm staying in tonight". Accept &

Join a dance & martial arts class regularly:

Dance will teach you female dynamics to the finest minute detail- how to lead, how to
flirt, how to communicate with your body language, how to give her space etc. (Learn
from a female instructor if possible). Traditional Martial arts (like okinawan karate,
kungfu etc.- NOT MMA) will teach everything on the masculine side of things
(Discipline, Commitment, Integrity etc.), look for a male instructor if possible. These 2
activities are possibly the best thing to speed you through EVERYTHING in the
above and make it real. Why? Though everything above sounds can't just
work on the mental- "the issues are in the tissues". Physically you need to do it. This
literally brings everything together: Don't make the excuse you can't afford it etc. Its
your life, if you really want it- I just told you the golden pill. You can do it if you want.

Find your purpose:

Another HUGE thing, find your purpose what drives you & what could you do forever-
in not relating to females or finances or anything- its what would you do for free, no
matter what circumstances. Reflect back on your childhood & think of all the careers
you wanted to do as a kid. Write them down & see what drew you to them, after that
step back & see what is the commonality between every single one of them.

Eg) Archeology, Zoologist, Computer game designer, Dating/Relationship Coach,
Lifestyle Coach, TCM doctor: Sidenote; Arts talent

In the example being personal well my purpose is this "I dig up people's past and
nurture them so then I can help paint & create a lifestyle they dream of, in every way
possible, being physical, emotionally & spiritually"

Family & Make Brothers: Drop trying PU females; its a fact that unless you have a
good tight group of male friends- anything in the female realm is impossible. For it
shows your not comfortable with masculinity. A good tight group of guy friends will
ground you when you need it, beat you up if you need it, & have a drink with ya &
play video games when you need it. Going on a tribal view, this is your chosen
family. Further my view of a brother is someone who will take a bullet for you no ifs or
buts, they just will & you would also. Your there for each other in the good, bad, and

Going into direct family bloodlines now, another thing that WILL not be possible when
it comes to females is if you haven't cleared any baggage with your parents or
siblings. Don't blame them, for you chose your perspective of whatever happened
happened- take responsibility. Their doing the best they can & know. By improving
relations in your direct family, you'll naturally find any issues with females will clear
up to a point- further your life will be enhanced. Again, the adage here is though for
the 2 of them is this:

Would you die for them?

Next Question:

Would you kill for them?

Much different question, until you can answer yes to both: you got stuff you clear in
yourself and in your relationships with your family/friends.

Closing: There's alot more- however this should suffice for now. Enjoy

Reminder: All the above is 1 yr's practice easily of constant daily routine.

In depth look into Brotherhood & Family:

Family & Brotherhood are THE most important thing when it comes to being a man.
Why? Because, a tree with decaying branches can regrow its branches, a tree with
decaying roots is surely dead.

Family is your original roots, brothers/sisters (friends) are your chosen family. In
saying that, I want you to ask yourself a couple questions:


How good is your relationship with them?

How much are you willingly to give to protect them?

Are you willingly to die for them?

Are you willingly to kill for them, no questions asked- if they were being threatened?

How does those questions make you feel? Are you confronted? Would you really go
through with whats said above or pretend?

Your answers here are VERY important because it not only shows your attitude
toward family & friends, it shows your attitude in life & relationships in general.
Putting it in a female context are you willingly to give up your life to protect her (any
random female), if not, well ask yourself why. Cause thats what females lack in
today's world.

Going back to family/brotherhood:

It was said earlier without these as your roots your not going be a man. Plain and
simple, yes your family is your original source: lets go deeper. The way you interact
with your father is the way your going interact with males, the way you interact with
your mother is the way your going interact with females. Thats a given.

So knowing that, why WOULDN'T you improve your relationships with your parents
1st rather than going out & trying to "PU" females. Your doing it backwards. Reality is
the issue is right infront of you yet you turn away. By improving these 2 main
relationships, you NATURALLY improve everything else exponentially.

Especially if you got a rocky relationship with them- get it over and done with. Learn
who they are; ask them their views; they just ain't your parents, they can be VERY
good friends. Further...the small things especially with your mom; like "clean your
room, do x, you said x & not doing it", the general nagging you get off her is
a GREEN light for you to improve yourself. Reality is if she's nagging you about that;
those small details- ANY female your with will break up with you or leave you
because of those- she's doing you a MAJOR favor- yet you don't see it obviously.

As of your father; same thing goes- you may have a "weak" male figure & blame him,
reality is how can you: he raised you, no matter how crappy it was. He was doing the
best he could & knew how. Stop blaming. A good relationship with your father is
essential in having good friends- who will "take a bullet" for ya. Doesn't have to be
the perfect one, however work toward it.

In the end; remember this: Your parents did ALOT for you; its time you grow up &
respect that & give back to them; further they probably know the most about you by
default- you are their kid after all. Meaning the good, bad, & things you don't even
realize (just about more than anyone). Ever think about asking? So working on
your relationship between you & them is the best thing you can do literally.

Now some of you are going say "my parents weren't there for me", "they did x", "their
drunks" well no matter what your baggage; I'd say get over it. Cause until you do
your going be missing alot & having alot of emotional baggage which is suppressed-
which will naturally & might I say easily go into other things in your life. If theres one
thing you can be grateful for no matter how bad your "perceived life" was, it's to be
grateful that they gave you life & your here now.



Now, brotherhood- similar to family is your chosen family. I ask, how many of you
have friends who would do just about anything for you & take a bullet for ya? A fair
example from me personally- is I got 6 fore sure- if not 8 thinking about it. They have
my back no matter what- & by default I have theirs. They will give me advice when
needed, they'll call me out on my BS, they'll hit me if needed & they'll take me out to
chill other times. We just have each other's backs solid. Literally this is my chosen

Its because of this "chosen family", the natural association is if their friends or
girlfriends are with us, they are in our "pack" & they get the same treatment. That
said, knowing just this one fact; I know I'm never alone & support is always there if I
need to call the troops. I've done insane things in the past for these guys, & vice
versa. It can be simple as "I'm calling you @ 10" & doing it no matter what the
circumstances (thats another topic- discussed later).


That said; well how does this apply to females (not PU). Its that protector mentality: If
you can do this easily with your family/brothers- you think it's hard to put that to any
person you interact with? NO. Its natural actually. In my mind...doesn't matter who: if
I talk to you & I'm having a conversation- literally you can depend on me to have your
back- even if your a total stranger. Why? Because I'm talking to you & those are the
perks when your with me.

Essentially thats providing safety: both physically, emotionally, & mentally. where
their accepted no matter what (& thats what family/chosen family does- do you really
need to impress them? Not really...if you are thats abit messed). Thats providing the
space for anyone to be vulnerable & not needing to have their guard up where they
can go "I can relax & just be myself". Which is the best gift you can give anyone,
especially females. * Literally: this is your solution to "flaking". Flaking is 2 things
only: not enough trust between you & her or its actually a legit thing she's telling you.

That said, you already giving her the space to be herself or anyone else; so hanging
around others- making friends who have your back etc. Isn't HARD. Recapping
though, its essentially: You gotta be able to walk through the door willingly to give
that to others though; before they give that to you. Your the example. Does it matter
what happens to you to protect your family or chosen family?

From my own POV no it doesn't, when it comes down to the nitty gritty: I will
obviously try to survive however I can't- the threat will be taken care of fully
regardless & I'd make sure everyone is safe before I go down.



Thank your parents things in the past/present & be grateful/sincere. Also talk to them
about themselves; get their POV of you- your weaknesses, strengths + get to know
them really. (This needs to be consistent)

Chosen Family: Start implementing the "I'm going take a bullet for you" mentality with
your friends, get to know them better- start building more trust- & start building a
relationship with them where you know as a fact, no questions asked they will take 1
for you also.

Bonus: Compliments- compliment others sincerely and request compliments daily.
Also if you don't, start implementing more physical interactions with others like a hug
each time you see them.

** Traditional Martial arts develops this**

Motivational Vids:


Go to 20 min on, though I recommend the full episode.


What are you willingly to give to protect the ones you love? Even if it means killing
those who threaten them or losing your life. Or even if it means telling them
something they don't want to hear right now, which will help them later on.


Hey all,

Adding another addition which is becoming a focal point in my life- will continue with
the rest later on.

The Collective

Alright yes, this is related to the above post about brotherhood/family- with a slightly
different focus now. OTHERS.

That said society especially now has become very very 1 sided in its thinking. This is
seen in the community as a mainstream thought also which I like to talk about. The
thought is "theres no enough" or scarcity.

Its that thought which is goes into "well, if I can't get enough females" OR "I NEED to
get THAT female". Sometimes it goes worst into the thought pattern "I can TAKE that
guy's girl, or get her to split up with him, cause I'm better".

All the above, I've seen numerous times with many people when talking into the chat.
My comment to that is "Where is your head?". In the 1st part " it's a self-esteem
problem. The 2nd " is a self-esteem and a possessive problem. The 3rd " is a self-
esteem, possessive & finally morale issue. As one can see it gradually got more and
more worse.

Its the "let me TAKE/GET whatever I can now" at any cost. Ever ask yourself why
your doing that? Ever ask what the repercussions are? Well the repercussions are

1) Your going keep running the same pattern over and over
2) You are projecting all your crap externally
3) You aren't going bring up everyone with that mentality (more of a negative spiral

Theres many more...I'm not going list them. The point is this: Its a NEGATIVE
SPIRAL. If your going take a guy's gf cause YOU want to, well what happened to
leaving her better? Or as a whole, everyone better?

In the action of taking a guy's gf its---> You (happy), her (maybe happy if she
follows), him (screwed over because of your actions).

Thats not cool imo, your STILL hurting someone indirectly & it was because of your

Theres two ways to go about thinking about your actions/thoughts. The outdated
model which I said above of "take all I can now, it may not hurt me or others now, yet
it still is going to in the future" or the Abundance mentality, which brings EVERYONE
up as a whole.



You are a manager; you COULD hire someone else to your staff because the staff in
general is overworking, however you choose not to because it'll cost you more

Results: The staff doesn't care about the business, your overworking them-
emotionally thier pissed off, tired or whatever, so thier not as productive.


Same scenario; however you actually hire another person to the staff. Initially its
going cost you more; even long term it MIGHT cost you more. That said as a whole,
everyone is less stressed about work.

Results: With your staff less stressed and you hiring another person it does this. 1st
shows you cared about the staff enough that your willingly to take up some slack for
them making it easier for them. Them being less stressed, they will be more
productive. Also though you don't see it, with them being less stressed this will
influence their friends & family which will then further influence everyone else their
friend's or family come into contact with. As a side more productive/less stressed
staff= better customer service or production, meaning more money also.

So in that you can see the abundance mentality has a influence on EVERYONE
literally..its like a vibration wave. It all started at a simple choice you made also. Its an
upward spiral which sucks everyone into it.

In a practical sense relating to females it could be as giving them a sincere
compliment & not trying to pick them up. Its just giving to give, not expecting
anything. If anything comes out its a bonus. It's from the simple thing you did that
could make her day which then could influence everyone she comes into contact
with. Which then makes THEIR day better. Did you lose out? In my opinion, not just made 10 people's days if not at least 2.

Did you get a date? Well...who says you NEED one, you may want one- however
that shouldn't matter. For its a given fact; if you can give out like that genuinely- your
naturally vulnerable, which then leads people WANTING to be around you. Drop your
agenda guys. Actually be with her, present. Most importantly too, be in touch with
who you are.

In essence this is not just abundance I'm talking about; it can be called wealth.

Again, how is this related to females.

Well lets see...

Money example again:

1) Someone with $5 billion is sick and alone, has the best doctors flown in everyday,
yet I can guarantee his "wealth" in life, is much less further I doubt his health will

2) A poor person can barely get treatment yet has a whole group of friends/family
constantly thinking about him & worrying about his health. These people visit him
constantly. Though he may not get treatment, I'm sure his quality of "wealth" is
MUCH more than the $5 billionaire & he would probably recover- if not, I'm sure his
family/friends would pitch for a treatment.

You can see then "wealth" is very relative. Not just financially, in everything. Applying
this to females it could be:

Having alot of girlfriends (girls that are JUST friends)--> who you genuinely care
about/vice versa.

Giving someone who really made your day by the way she looks a real compliment,
Thanking her--> which can lead into a date potentially yet your not hung on the
result--> She made your day, you just made hers. Equivalent exchange.

Really listening to your mom, sister, grandma: Getting to really know them. In the
case of your mom;sister- who knows they may know people who'd match you well, if
you asked. Yet I bet you don't even give them the time of day.

Having a tight group of guy friends; who know females who could hook you up, cause
you are like bro's literally (refer above post)

Really...the list can go ON and ON. However I just wanted to make a point with this
post the options are numerous if your willingly to give to others and fully receive,
without "expectations" & just do it cause you actually care. Its from that you can start
an upward spiral which sucks everyone up who you can into contact with, & who
doesn't want that?

Don't confuse this as: I just give give give. order to give that also means
knowing when to say no, your boundaries, & further being able to ask for help/receive
from others fully. Its a partnership/cycle. Give--> Receive--> Receive-->Give. If you
take only one part, your chipping the other person 50%, you gotta be able to do

That said, on a bigger scale; you can see the upward spiral affecting others. Thats
the collective I'm talking about. If you can do that & start building that collective,
others get sucked into it, then it starts becoming a domino effect where everyone
starts being like this. And once that happens, everyone has it easier, everyone starts
being "wealthy". Further when they become "wealthy", you become "wealthy" cause
it does come back to you, in some shape or form, even if its not directly relating to
females- though it could easily. Upward spiral.

On the contrary, there is a negative spiral also: as stated above earlier in the post of
the "scarcity" mentality, of taking things from others, or getting it when you can.
Again, if you do that, then everyone will do that also, and the spiral just keeps going
down and down. What says if you take a guy's gf for fun, someone else won't do that
to you? Golden rule: Do unto others what you would like done unto yourself.

Well, I may elaborate on this specific post later and put it in better order (this is more
rant than structure).
Judgement, its that unseen thing which pops up constantly for most people. In that
it's one of the biggest obstacles what a man is. It's actually completely OPPOSITE on
what a man is.

A mentor & friend of mine says this constantly:

"If you judging that means your not loving"

Lets be blunt about this; if your not loving someone then why the hell are you going
to out in the first place. Cause reality is if your doing that you got a double standard &
that itself is messed up.

First thing asks is what makes say a poor person worse than a rich one, or a fat girl
worse than a hot one?

In my humble opinion, nothing. Your just making it one, why? Well its probably
having to do with you not looking good enough which is then related down to your
success or your shame. Not saying, you have to date fat girls- same time you
shouldn't avoid them like the plague either. Nor should you avoid poor people like the
plague. End of the day, they are people- and to judge them as worthless a waste of
time, whatever: just shows how conceited you really are.

That said there is a time and place as with everything posted in this thread where it
needs to be applied and other times not. However the majority has it where their
applying judgement at the WRONG times.

Now back to the program: Ask yourself why you think you should make fun of others,
judge them as worse off, or to a point where you won't even interact with them?
Really, really ask yourself. Does it make you feel good?

Sure that female maybe overweight, so what...she could be a great person too who
helps charities or know someone who can help you in a certain area. Maybe that fat
female will actually get who you are. Theres many more possibilities yet you shut the
down immediately without welcoming her or even leaving it open for a invitation.

Think about that...& I bet your doing it SOO constantly to a point where its automatic.
I've had guys in the chat ask "Zac, how can I talk to x or do x" better?"

My reply is always; do you actually care who they are? Or are you judging them and
trying take something from them.

The reality is MOST people in the community don't give 2 licks of a damn about
anyone their interacting with. They just want to "test" crap out, or "get laid" or "get
dates" or GET SOMETHING. Instead of really being with them & getting to know that
person because they actually want it.

Then people usually wonder "I wonder why x routine didn't work" or "I don't know
what to say". Well...duh you don't, its because your so caught up in your head (look
above for exercises in thread). Further you DON'T care, she, he, whoever might as
well not be there. Cause reality is your not..

Your not being sincere, your probably judging if this person is worth your time,
energy, whatever, or you got some hidden agenda. Or in most concrete reality...all
the above + bonus. And people wonder....

Well the simplicity is this: Drop your agenda, really listen to others, and stop worrying
about yourself- start caring for others from your heart. The heart is who you really
are; that kid who would play with anyone, just to play. Nothing more nothing less- the
kid who would be friendly with everyone cause you were really that. Something
changed though (whatever it was) and now your who you are.

Revert back to being a child, kids don't judge, kids just live with an open heart. They
get hurt they cry, if their angry they yell, etc. Also notice, people LIKE hanging around
kids generally because they give that off. A better example, think of a dog or animal
you love; they don't judge can fuck up royally come home and pet them &
their there for you. No judgement & thats all they know so their sincere.

Take learning from mother nature...she is the best teacher.

So ultimately; golden rule applies: Treat others how you want to be treated.

If ya want to be judged by others for your faults, avoided, not associated with
because of something, then keep judging knowing your going get that. Further if you
want to have conversations where the person isn't really listening to you; just
pretending they go ahead and keep doing that. If you like to switch that though where
your non-judgmental of others, expect the same- if you want others to really listen to
you & CONNECT, getting to know who ya really are without the BS, then you have to
do the same.

Further to accept others with no judgment externally (in the positive sense) means
your also accepting yourself internally for all your flaws. No one is perfect, everyone
is human...everyone takes a dump everyday. Stop thinking cause you got X
knowledge or physical looks, your better. Tyler Durden from Fightclub says it best:
"You are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same
decaying organic matter as everything else. We're all part of the same compost
heap. We're all singing, all dancing crap of the world."

In closing: There is a time to judge or criticize as stated earlier in this post & that time
only comes down to this:

"He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help."

Abraham Lincoln

If you are to judge someone on their flaws, it should be for their benefits not your
bitterness or whatever. Judgement can be used as a tool assuming you have a clear
vision & foresight to see the flaws in others & its in that, you accept them fully. If they
are up for constructive criticism great, if not drop your judgement and see who they
are @ their heart with your heart & love the flaws.


Talk to a hobo, give him or her $2 and really get to know them for 1 hr.

Talk to people in general you'd NEVER talk to usually, & again for no other reason
other to really get to know them.

Listen to people like everything they say is $1 million dollars, everything they say is a
gold nugget.

Gauge how sincere you are when your doing things. Are you doing them with your
"heart" or pretending, if your not ask yourself why.

As I'm typing this...I'm combing my hair. This is actually the topic of today.
Appreciating the small things in your life. Earlier today I was talking to a friend,
having a good laugh in class, and seeing the trees change their colors as autumn
comes through.

Whats this have to do with ANYTHING? Answer...everything, when you can
appreciate even the smallest things, then you'll have no issue on the bigger things.
Further, its the small things that make a difference for anyone, however especially

Could be a could be something they like, it could be well anything
when interacting with people, hell it COULD BE THEIR SHOES. (not going explain'll have to figure it out yourselves.)

Point is this; start appreciating the small things, enjoy the breeze, take time out of
your day just to enjoy breathing. Enjoy laying down. Enjoy whatever you do. Are this
simple? Yes. Are they overlooked? Yes. Are they ecstatic? Well yes...if you pay
attention yet most of us forget the simple things to go for the "big things".

A quick analogy I'll use:

A friend of mine wanted to travel around the world. His plan...make lots of money.
Well in reality..he was making money was he passionate about it? Not really...He
doesn't even relax.

I told him : Look, if your so passionate about travelling why aren't you doing it right

You see...

The majority of people forget whats happening around them presently and focus on
the future, yet by doing that they miss out on amazing experiences (even the
smallest ones- like taking your time to eat). In reality... ecstasy, joy, pleasure, all lie
infront of you right now..Right this instant. STOP CHASING THE CARROT.


Take time appreciating everything around you...if you feel, really feel with touch. If
you eat or drink, slow down and really appreciate the flavors, texture. If you
smell..smell everything. If you see, focus and appreciate the wide range of colors
around you, the shapes etc.

In sum...take your sweet time with your senses and focus on them. Do that for 30
minutes bare minimum to start, it may be hard..get over it. Then implement it


Really start thinking what you take for granted & focus on appreciating them fully
everyday without taking them for granted. If your given a gift, its standard custom to
accept it (accepting though means reciprocity) which goes into cherishing it.

Now, back to combing my hair.

What is understanding yourself worth to you?


It's not easy, sametime its damn well worth it. "This is your life and its ending one
minute at a time...Where you are now you can't even imagine what the bottom will be
like." This is not a post, this is not a oh this sounds cool/make you feel good retreat.
You are not a PUA.... ... club_music

"We think too much and feel too little". Stop being a robot and start being human.



Was going make this a separate post, it matches though: The power of stories, we
live in a world where we can create whatever stories we want, we can change the
plot whenever we like, we can do anything- that said the story has different endings
each time also- which we decide. What is yours? What can you learn off hearing
others, how can you relate to them?


These videos/link encompass to the above posts and more, really take your time with
them, contemplate and relate them to your life.