... through Bertha Dudde
You will live forever ....
You will live forever .... you will not lose this life anymore .... s
there a more en!oya"le #romise than that want to give you
eternal life and that you will thus "e eternally ha##y$ For life is
"lissfulness% "e&ause life is a state in freedom% light and strength%
"e&ause 'life( is the state for whi&h have &reated you% whi&h
guarantees your #erfe&tion ....
)nd this #erfe&tion will have "een endeavoured towards "y your
own free will% otherwise no life would "e #ossi"le% for #rior to
that you were in a state of death and only your free will was a"le
to and &an &hange this state of death into 'life( ....
Furthermore% life means #ermanent union with *e% Who
nourishes you with the ne&essary strength to live% whi&h flows to
you without restri&tion and will never again "e limited ....
+ife is wor,ing and &reating with *e and in *y will .... and yet
also in ,ee#ing with your will% for you have &om#letely entered
into *y will "e&ause you are #erfe&t% "e&ause you have "e&ome
*y images and will no longer thin, and want anything other than
*yself and therefore you will also "e in&om#ara"ly ha##y.
)nd that is the final goal of the "eings whi&h on&e emerged from
*e and *y strength as living &reations% whi&h were indeed
su#remely #erfe&t% sin&e nothing im#erfe&t &an &ome forth from
*e% "ut whi&h voluntarily relin-uished their #erfe&tion% fell away
from *e and then had to travel an infinitely long #ath of
develo#ment in order to a&hieve the highest level of #erfe&tion
in order to thus return to *e% yet no longer as a 'living &reation(
"ut as '*y &hild(% into whi&h it will have voluntarily sha#ed itself
through love .... whi&h is indeed its fundamental su"stan&e
"e&ause it &ame forth from *y love% "ut whi&h its free will had to
arouse into the "rightest of "la.es .... "ut then eternal life in
su#reme ha##iness will also "e guaranteed ....
)nd this is the life have #romised you .... *yself want to grant
you this "lissful life% and thus will never &ease in su##orting you
to a&hieve this said high degree of love% whenever it may "e ....
One day you will attain life and then never lose this life again ....
/his is truly the most glorious #romise% for you &an ho#e. You
need not fear to "e lost0 you need not remain in the state of
death forever% for have told you 'You will live forever ....
()nd *y Word is truth .... only you yourselves determine the
time when you will enter into life0 you determine the time when
you es&a#e death% when you return to *e% unite with *e again
and then also arrive at the life whi&h lasts forever .... )nd thus
you &an also endlessly #rolong the state of death if you misuse
your free will again% if you o##ose *y loving su##ort whi&h
stimulates your love. )nd then you will #rolong your state of
misery too% for only life is ha##iness.
Yet you have free will% and this #revents *e from giving you life
against your will. For you have to attain #erfe&tion yourselves%
whi&h guarantees you life in eternity% otherwise you would
eternally !ust remain *y 'living &reations(% "ut the goal of
"e&oming *y '&hildren( re-uires striving for #erfe&tion in free will.
)s long as you humans are still in the state of death% as long as
you la&, light and strength "e&ause you la&, realisation and the
influ1 of *y strength of love% you are also in a state of
un,indness% for voluntarily #ra&tised love would also result in
light and strength% and that also means an 'awa,ening to life(.
)nd then you will no longer "e a"le to fall "a&, into the state of
death% "e&ause you will "e enlightened and also re&ognise the
#ur#ose of your earthly life and &ons&iously strive for it.
)nd this is why love has to flare u# in you if you want to attain
the life whi&h lasts forever. )nd % the 2ternal +ove% will leave no
stone unturned in order to lead you to this life% for &an only
unite *yself with life "ut never with death .... and therefore will
first awa,en the dead to life% whi&h *y infinite love will indeed
a&hieve sooner or later ....
3u"lished "y friends of new revelations of God 4nformation%
download of all translated revelations% theme5"oo,lets at6
4 htt#677en."ertha5dudde.org7

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