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PPA Statement on PA Study Confirming the Viability and
Safety of nline !aming
Washington" DC #$ay %" &'()* – John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players
Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with 1. !illion !e!"ers
nationwide and !ore than #,$$$ PPA advocates in Pennsylvania, co!!ended the study
released today "y the Pennsylvania %egislative &udget and 'inance (o!!ittee (%&'() that
found licensed and regulated online ga!ing in the state to "e a "enefit to the state. )he %&'(
is a "ipartisan, "ica!eral group of current state legislators charged with studying and
reco!!ended ways to strengthen the state*s econo!y.
+'ollowing on the heels of last week*s hearing in the Pennsylvania ,ouse, today*s study truly
changes the discussion in the state fro! if there will "e licensed and regulated online ga!ing in
Pennsylvania to when. )his "ipartisan report found that the state stands to gain -11. !illion in
tax revenues annually, and that online ga!ing is a co!ple!ent to existing land/"ased casinos.
(oupled with validation of online ga!ing*s safety and inherent consu!er protections,
law!akers in the state should sei0e this opportunity to "ring its ga!"ling !arket into the 1
+As !ore states choose to e!"race online ga!ing, the !arket – and thus tax revenue – will
only continue to increase. Poker players flock to online poker "ecause of the opportunity to play
a wide variety of ga!es and with players at various skill levels. )hrough interstate co!pacts,
players in states with regulated online poker will "e a"le to play against a larger pool of
co!petitors, which !akes for a !uch !ore vi"rant !arketplace. 1 "elieve the esti!ates we saw
today fro! Pennsylvania, and the revenue reports fro! states that currently have an online
!arketplace, are 2ust the 3"eginning of the true econo!ic "enefit to states fro! online ga!ing.4
)o read the entire study, please visit5 http533go.theppa.org3pa/study
About The Poker Players Alliance
The Poker Players Alliance (;; is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of oer
!"###"### online and offline poker players and enth$siasts from aro$nd the %nited &tates who
hae 'oined together to speak with one oice to promote the game and to protect poker players(
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