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Waste Management: A new approach

through specialized private equity

Asit Kumar Jain

IIM Shillong
Objective of Waste Management
 Economic Well-being
 Social Well-being
 Environmental Well-being
 Cultural Wellbeing
 Conceptual Framework

Org Outcomes
Operational Outcome
Org Strategy
Operational Decisions
Problem Definition
 Exponential rise in waste generation
 Problems:
 Health hazards
 Sanctity of that area dampens
 Municipalities face resource constrains
 General in-efficiencies in coping with this problem
 No organized profitable venture to address this issue
Idea Generation
 Formation of a complete value chain and nurture it
through a private equity cum consultancy

Collector Accumulator User

 Collector will collect the waste through a separate
 Accumulator will collect and segregate the wastes
 Users will be firms specializing in converting wastes into
different forms of usable products (energy to daily use
Functioning of each firm category
 Collector:
 Separate contracts will be given to people from a particular
community for collection of waste
 They will recruit people from the same community, mainly
uneducated and unemployed
 Contractors will be provided with financial and technical
assistance from our firm (vehicles, cleaning equipment, wages
 They will dispose the wastes in a particular site earmarked by
the accumulator
 The residence of that community will be charged on a pro rata
 It can also be taken directly from the concerned municipality
 Collectors will be paid 60-70% of collection revenue
Functioning of each firm category
 Accumulator:
 Segregate the waste into different categories
 Provide enough space for waste collection and segregation
 Maintain hygienic standard
 Attract companies to use waste resources to increase their
 We will provide the financial and technical assistance
Functioning of each firm category
 User:
 This is the most important category
 We will support those firms financially and technically who
uses wastes in their process or generate products and services
using waste
 Through entrepreneurial summits and competitions
 Will provide backhand support through formerly invested
projects in the value chain
 Power generation, new products, use of paper and plastic in
different forms
 There is no as such private equity presence to support
this issue in the country.
 Our objective is to encourage people especially B-school
students to take up these entrepreneurial roles and
benefit themselves as well as the society
 We will always follow the value chain approach of
completing the value delivered at each region to make the
business sustainable
 Societal, economical and environmental value generation
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