Waste Management: A new approach through specialized private equity

Asit Kumar Jain IIM Shillong

Objective of Waste Management
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Economic Well-being Social Well-being Environmental Well-being Cultural Wellbeing

Conceptual Framework

Org Outcomes Operational Outcome Org Strategy Operational Decisions

Problem Definition
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Exponential rise in waste generation Problems:

Health hazards Sanctity of that area dampens

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Municipalities face resource constrains General in-efficiencies in coping with this problem No organized profitable venture to address this issue

Idea Generation

Formation of a complete value chain and nurture it through a private equity cum consultancy
Collector Accumulator User

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Collector will collect the waste through a separate network Accumulator will collect and segregate the wastes Users will be firms specializing in converting wastes into different forms of usable products (energy to daily use products)

Functioning of each firm category

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Separate contracts will be given to people from a particular community for collection of waste They will recruit people from the same community, mainly uneducated and unemployed Contractors will be provided with financial and technical assistance from our firm (vehicles, cleaning equipment, wages etc) They will dispose the wastes in a particular site earmarked by the accumulator The residence of that community will be charged on a pro rata basis

It can also be taken directly from the concerned municipality

Collectors will be paid 60-70% of collection revenue

Functioning of each firm category


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Segregate the waste into different categories Provide enough space for waste collection and segregation Maintain hygienic standard Attract companies to use waste resources to increase their productivity We will provide the financial and technical assistance

Functioning of each firm category


This is the most important category We will support those firms financially and technically who uses wastes in their process or generate products and services using waste Through entrepreneurial summits and competitions Will provide backhand support through formerly invested projects in the value chain Power generation, new products, use of paper and plastic in different forms


There is no as such private equity presence to support this issue in the country. Our objective is to encourage people especially B-school students to take up these entrepreneurial roles and benefit themselves as well as the society We will always follow the value chain approach of completing the value delivered at each region to make the business sustainable Societal, economical and environmental value generation

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