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geared motors
Catalogue DG 03 E
Drive solutions,
CD-ROM, Internet, Publications
Product range
Advantages of BAUER geared motors
Slection of geared motors
Modular System Overview, Type designations
Gearboxes, types of installation, lubricant quantities
Motor data
Operation with frequency inverter
Drive solutions for decentral and central Drive technology
Motor mounted components
Additional dimensional drawings for motor-mounted components
BG-series helical-geared motors
Selection tables
Dimensional drawings
BF-series shaft-mounted geared motors
Selection tables
Dimensional drawings
BK-series bevel-geared motors
Selection tables
Dimensional drawings
BS-series worm geared motors
Selection tables
Dimensional drawings
BM-series monorail geared-motors
Selection tables
Dimensional drawings
Further documentations
Permanent magnet motors
International organisation
Drive solutions by Danfoss-Bauer
Danfoss Bauer supplies modern drive solutions for all fields ofindustry in which
there are materials handling requirements. The key benefits to the customer are the
robustness and durability of our products. Costs arereduced over the entire service
life of our solutions thanks to their simpleand cost-effective installation, low mainte-
nance costs and high levels of efciency. The services of Danfoss are available
world-wide. Bauer geared motors and VLT frequency inverters create drive solu-
tions in the 0.06 to 45 kW power range.
CD-ROM Catalogue
Interactive geared motor selection with 2D- and 3D-CAD dimensional drawings in
.DXF and .STP format, and complete documentation in pdf format.
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How high an ambient temperature is permitted for the installation of a BAUER
geared motor? For which zones can explosion protection be designed?
IP degrees of protection, Coro 1,2,3, Saving energy with geared motors, Installing
and removing geared motors. The answers to these, and many other questions,
can be found in our publications.
Conditions of Supply
All deliveries and services are exclusively governed by the General conditions of
supply for products and services of the electrical industry complimented by the
Danfoss Bauer conditions of supply. The dimensions, illustrations and descriptions
are only partly binding within standard commercial deviation. Design and con-
struction are subject to change through technological progress.
Range of products
Geared motors and gear units
Helical-geared motors and
helical-gear units
Power range 0.03 to 45 kW
Torque range 20 to 18,500 Nm
Shaft-mounted geared motors and
shaft-mounted gear units
Power range 0.03 to 45 kW
Torque range 90 to 18,500 Nm
Bevel-geared motors and
bevel-gear units
Power range 0.03 to 45 kW
Torque range 80 to 18,500 Nm
Worm-geared motors and
worm-gear units
Power range 0.03 to 5.5 kW
Torque range 25 Nm to 1,000 Nm
Geared motors for
electric overhead conveyors
Radial force consumption 4,400 to 25,000 N
Torque range 50 to 680 Nm
Stirnrad - Getriebemotor Helical-geared motors
Flach - Getriebemotor
Schnecken - Getriebemotor
Kegelrad - Getriebemotor
Shaft-mounted geared motors
Bevel-geared motors
Worm-geared motors
Monorail-geared motors
Geared Motors for
Permanent magnet motors
Power range 0,04 kW to 0,53 kW
Torque range 0,8 Nm to 200 Nm
Power range 0,12 kW to 11 kW
Torque range 20 to 18.500 Nm
Drive solutions
Geared motors with integrated
frequency converter
Power range 0.25 to 7.5 kW
Decentral frequency converters
(wall or motor-mounted)
Power range 0.25 to 3.0 kW
Decentral Motor Switch
(wall or motor-mounted)
Power range up to 3 kW
Frequency converters
Power range 0.37 to 500 kW
Soft-start units and braking units
Stirnrad - Getriebemotor
frequency converter EtaSolution
Frequency converter FCD 300
Frequency converter FCD 300
Frequency converter VLT 5000
Soft starter MCI
Decentral Motor Switch DMS 300
Permanent magnet motors
Explosion-proof motors