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Before turning into a professional poker player or winning big at online poker, especially in Texas Hold’em games, you must arm yourself with these poker resources. Firstly, a proven poker strategy guide depicting the winning system. Secondly, an online poker calculator showing all the possible odds and lastly, a legal poker software which has a massive database of past history of hands and millions of online poker players. The following are the ones I personally use when I embarked on my poker career and have never looked back since utilizing them. Don’t ever play a hand without them! The Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy Guide

Knowing when to go all in and the odds of you clearing the pot are the first step in gaining a good poker strategy. Having a consistent online poker strategy is the best way to keep you on the winning side more often than not. The best strategy guide so far is still my ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker strategy guide, Win Like A Poker Shark! Get into my mind as I revealed all the insider tips and tricks to boost your bankroll and increase your cash tremendously.
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Best Texas Hold’em Poker Calculator

This is the most advanced poker odds calculator ever invented. If you’re playing with Holdem Genius, then you’re getting instant and accurate betting advice based on your hole cards, your pot odds, your immediate outs and much more. Holdem Genius also easily attaches to your online poker table so that you never had to change screens and it is supported in over 100 poker rooms. This is the odds calculator guaranteed to make you feel like a Genius and help you instantly win more money at the tables! Best Texas Hold’em Poker Software

If there is a way for you to recognize the playing style and characteristic of your poker opponent, will you grab it with both hands? I bet you will. Poker Crusher is a particular software which has an awesome database of millions of online poker players and the hands they have played before, giving you an invaluable piece of information which is updated every 5 minutes. How cool is that? I thought I have found myself a gem when I stumbled upon Poker Crusher and after having used it for the past few years, it definitely is one of the most ingenious software ever developed!

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Choosing a Poker Site

If you're going to trust your entire bankroll to a poker site, you at least want to pick a reputable site. Full Tilt Poker is one of the biggest poker sites on the net and has stood the test of time. They have served millions of poker players and have always been trustworthy. I personally recommended Full Tilt Poker as it also has the biggest variety of cash games on the internet. They spread small stakes games, high stakes games, deep cash games where players can buy in for double the standard amount and more. You can read my full review here. Remember the referral code TPZBONUS to get your free bonus money if you do decide to join. Did I mention it also accept US players?

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What is the Short Stack Formula?
Introduction You are about to learn a unique poker strategy for No Limit Hold’em - the Short Stack Formula. This strategy is based on the principle that it is possible to follow a strategy based on probability and poker theory that cannot be beaten when used under the right circumstances. No matter how good your opponents are, they won't be able to stop you. You will learn how this strategy works and how to use it in this and two other chapters. We will begin with the basics of the Short Stack Formula. What is the 30 buy-in rule? The trick to online poker is working your way up the limits. It doesn't really matter if you start off with $10, $100 or even $1000. Starting off with $1000 might save you a few weeks and steps on the career ladder, but not much more. Bankroll management is the key to your success; without it, there's no need to even get started. What is bankroll management good for? • If you choose a limit that is too low, you won't make as much profit as possible. • If you choose a limit that is too high, you'll go broke fast. • Your bankroll determines the right limit for you. It's impossible to always win in poker. There will be times when you just can't win and consistently lose money. This is inevitable; all you can do is budget accordingly. This is a part of every stockbroker's life, and it's no different in poker. Things aren't always going to go your way. Sometimes you'll take a few heavy hits and have to move down a limit. This is a part of every poker player's career. In the end the better player wins, but to become the better player, you have to
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know when it's time to slow down and take a step back along the way. Stick to the 30 buy-in rule if you want to make it to the top. The 30 buy-in rule • You move up a limit when you have 30 buy-ins for that limit in your bankroll. • You move to down a limit, when you only have 30 buyins for that limit left in your bankroll. Don't know what a 'buy-in' is? A buy-in is the amount you take to the table, in other words, the amount you buy into the game with. So, if you sit down with $2.00, your buy-in is $2.00. I will teach you how much to take to the table when you play the Short Stack Formula. Example You're playing NL10 (0.05/0.10). When you play the Short Stack Formula, you buy-in for $2.00. The next highest limit is NL25 (0.10/0.25). Your buy-in for this limit is $5.00. In order to move from NL10 to NL25 you need 30 * $5.00 = $150. If things don't go well for you, you'll have to move back down to NL10 when only 30 * $2.00 = $60 of the original $150 remain. You have to know when to move up/down a limit if you ever want to make it to the top. If you lose too much at a limit and don't move down, you will go broke. If you stay at the same limit too long, although you could afford more, your career will stagnate. The next session will map out your path to the top. Making your way through the lower limits Your poker career starts with as low as $10 (minimum deposit amount for Full Tilt Poker). I strongly encourage you to deposit $600 if you can, in order to take advantage of my bonus for the free bonus money which will allow you to have
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a total bankroll of $1200. Don’t worry; you won’t be playing the whole $1200 straightaway. You will begin your career in NL10 (No Limit 0.05/0.10) with just $50. 0.05/0.10 is a standard abbreviation in poker and indicates the limit. In a 0.05/0.10 game the Small Blind (SB) is $0.05 and the Big Blind (BB) $0.10. This is the only limit you should play at first. With only $50 in your bankroll you'd be fresh meat for the players in higher limits. Expect to go broke if you give in to temptation and try it. You play NL10 (0.05/0.10) • The Big Blind is $0.10. • Your buy-in is $2.00. • You play this limit until you have $150, then you move up to NL25. You play NL25 (0.10/0.25) • The Big Blind is $0.25. • Your buy-in is $5.00. • You play this limit until you have $300, then you move up to NL50. • If you start losing and your bankroll falls to $60 or less, move back down to NL10. You play NL50 (0.25/0.50) • The Big Blind is $0.50. • Your buy-in is $10.00. • You play this limit until you have $600, then you move up to NL100. • If you start losing and your bankroll falls to $150 or less, move back down to NL25. Look at your poker career as one big game. You won't always make progress, sometimes you'll hit setbacks. If you know how to budget and limit your overall losses by moving down a limit when you've lost too much, you will find success in the long run.
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Who do you play against? Your 'stack' refers to the chips you have in front of you at the table, just imagine them piled up into a single stack. A short stack is therefore a player with few chips. The name Short Stack Formula sums it up: you buy-in with very little money and play with a short stack. To make a profit as the short stack, you need to play against many opponents with big stacks.
• •

You need to have at least 7 opponents. No more than 2 of them can be short stacked as well.

Don't sit down at a table when these two conditions are not met. If at some point you have less than 7 opponents, or if other short stacks sit down, get up and find a new table. Getting in and getting out Once you open a table, you will be asked how much money you wish to sit down with. 20/15/25 Your buy-in depends on the size of the Big Blind. Your starting limit, NL10, has a $0.10 Big Blind, for example. How much should you have at the table? When should you leave the table? • Always buy-in for 20 Big Blinds. • If your stack falls to less than 15 Big Blinds, fill it back up to 20. • If your stack grows to more than 25 Big Blinds, leave the table and start over at a new one. Example 1 You are playing in a game with $0.10 BBs. • You buy-in for 20 * $0.10 = $2.00. • If your stack falls to less than 15 * $0.10 = $1.50, you fill it back up to $2.00.

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If your stack grows to more than 25 * $0.10 = $2.50, leave the table.

Example 2 You are playing in a game with $0.50 BBs. • You buy-in for 20 * $0.50 = $10.00. • If your stack falls to less than 15 * $0.50 = $7.50, you fill it back up to $10.00. • If your stack grows to more than 25 * $0.50 = $12.50, leave the table. 20/15/25 - Remember these numbers. You buy-in for 20 BBs, refill with 15 BBs or less, and leave the table once you have 25 BBs or more. Pretty simple. Never post a blind out of turn Usually you won't be in the Big Blind position when you first sit down at a table and will be given the option of posting a BB out of turn and playing immediately, instead of waiting for the BB to come to you. Don't ever do this! One single BB may not seem like much, but they add up over time. Most poker programs will allow you to click a box (usually titled 'Wait for Big Blind') to tell the program that you want to wait for the BB to come to you. Summary You have now learned... • that you move up a limit when you have 30 buy-ins for that limit in your bankroll. • that you move down a limit when you only have 30 buy-ins for that limit left in your bankroll. • that you need at least 7 opponents and no more than 2 other short stacks to play the SSS. • that you always buy in for 20 BBs and refill when you have 15 BBs or less. • that you never post the BB out of turn. • that you leave the table as soon as you have 25 BBs or more.
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Your goal is to catch a big hand and make as much profit out of it as possible - then take the money and run! In the next chapter, we will discuss strong hands and how to play them.

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