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VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 3 English Fan Translation ============ Latest Update: 8/4/13 Status: Complete; most likely will not

update further; DLC will not be fi nished, sorry :( I haven't worked on this document for over a year, but I'm glad to see that there ar e still people looking at it while playing the game. That's awesome. Sadly, I wi ll no longer have the time to update it, but rest assured that I'll keep the trans lation up for as long as Google Docs will host it (or until a better translation is out and makes mine completely useless). Please feel free to copy/paste or r edo any of the document. Also, please support the translation groups out there that are dedicated to getting the game completely translated. I've also been info rmed of a youtube series that goes through the cutscenes with translations, so p lease check those out if you're unhappy with the translation effort in this doc. Thanks again for reading and for everyone's support over the months/years. I hope you continue using this document to play along with, and please feel free to le ave comments or send emails letting me know of better translations or anything e lse related to this doc. Enjoy! ============ Beginning Note I did not create and do not own any part of this game (except a physical copy of my own!), including the game and characters, as they all belong to Sega. This is merely a loose fan translation for people to attempt to play the game in Engl ish. ============ Credit I love giving credit where credit is due, without them I wouldnt have attempted this at all: rinchan - Chapters 1-5 - a-3/57948940 VALKYRIA55 - Missions/battle info. - [BEST VC3 guide out there] Swing80s - Chapter 7 - Chinese translation team - for the entire games Chinese script - http://bbs.a9v (I've decided to put the link for now but if they/o r someone wants me to take it down I will without hesitation) [I forgot to give credit for finding the scripts! Sorry!] Varyag_Ericsson, sal vy90, and Meh1 - letting me and others know the Chinese scripts even exist! Tha nk you! - ed-chronicles/59996689 _Schwarzlicht_ - Chapter 20 DLC and Character Chinese translation author (I believe it's the same author as th e Chinese script but I'm not sure) - 8243&extra=page%3D2 Google Translate and Microsoft/Bing Translate - For everything, really. Note: This is a Japanese Game to Chinese Translation to English Translation, so there are likely to be many differences. I started this doc just so I could pl ay through the game for myself, but I realized as I was doing it that there woul d be no harm in sharing it with anyone who wanted to enjoy the game like I did.

So its mostly just a break for those who intended on playing this through trans lation sites and getting most of the story...because thats what I did, so I did the work for you! ============ About Myself Note on myself (Guerrilla Soldier [gamefaqs] / insanityofhell [gdocs]): The parts Ive attempted on my own are the tiny beginning piece, and everything past the first part of Chapter 5, minus the first part of Chapter 7. I dont speak a word of Japanese or Chinese but my love for VC3 obviously didnt hold me back from making this guide. I would say probably about 01% of this gu ide (not including other peoples parts) is a direct translation, I honestly don t even know, but I played the game side by side with two translation sites when writing this (from beginning to end!) and tried my best to understand the scene and fit the words around into something meaningful and understandable. I probably went against some sort of translation rule, but I constructed my tran slation to fit the Japanese grammar structure thats in the game almost exactly (attempting to use the correct amount and use of the symbols, disregarding comma s, periods, and dashes), even though Im fully aware that Japanese sentence stru cture can be very different from English. I did this for purely for my own sani ty, but I understand that while attempting to do so I may have shifted or rew orded things around, meaning this is most likely not a direct translation. The names were extremely difficult to translate. Playing side by side with the game made it a little easier for dialogue between characters, but the names of c ities, ranks (youll notice their ranks will change a lot), beliefs, etc. that a rent visually represented in the game with an English name are most likely not translated correctly (or at all). I only went off of my memory from VC1 and VC2 for most of these names, but if anyone knows what the names are actually suppos ed to be, you can let me know and Ill fix it. Also, please note that there are many instances where I have no idea whats trying to be said, so I kept the bes t-sounding results and put my best guess in parenthesis, or a "(?)" nearby it to indicate my confusion. Im no professional anything, though, so please dont hate me if its all bad or wrong. This effort of mine is made entirely out of love for the game, Im just a huge fan of the series and hope this will get more people to play this game, o r at least motivate anyone to attempt a more direct translation! If anyone with real Japanese language skills wants to go through it and correct it all, please do! I support anything to make this game more enjoyable for more people! Please enjoy! PS - If anyone wants to translate what isnt in this doc for me, thatd be so aw esome, since I cant understand a word of it and Im not yet at the obsession po int of finding and inputting kanji characters one by one to get a result... ============ What is NOT in this translation guide Most menus, instructional cutscenes, anything gameplay related Most little/small dialogue pieces in between and during missions / free missions / etc. Anything to do with moves, battle mechanics, gameplay, etc. (check out VALKYRIA5 5s site for all of that!) Any cutscenes not directly involved with the main story (Character Missions, DLC

, etc.) I now have the script for the DLC and character missions and will be add ing it to the doc ASAP! Any cutscenes directly involved with the main story that someone else didnt alr eady translate for me (I dont have many of the videos after Chapter 7 or 8 tra nslated, including the ending videos!!! Im sorry but Im bummed about it too! If anyone has them, or wants to do them, please do!) ================================================================================ ========= ================================================================================ =========

VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 3 UNRECORDED CHRONICLES Before the year 1935, in the country of Europa, the East Europan Imperial Allian ce and the Atlantic Federation, the two biggest countries, launched a full-scale war against each other for dominance of the continent, which triggered the Fir st Europan War'. The Principality of Gallia. This kingdom and collection of commonwealth small s tates is also known as the biggest producer of Ragnite ore. The desire for thes e resources influenced the Empire to launch an attack. This war is known as the `Second Europan War'. The war is fought by volunteer groups under order to protect the motherland, and end the war with a victory for its people. However, behind the scenes, there is a team of saviors no one knows about...

CHAPTER 1: NAMELESS ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 1 Name: Grade: Objectives: Defense for 5 turns (S Rank: 4 Kill All Troops) Special: Unlocked after Clearing the Game Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: A3 Tank Part Universal Turret A3 (Best Tank Weapon) ========================== On March 15th, 1935, the Empire declared war on the Principality of Gallia. At the beginning of the invasion, the most defensively solid stronghold of the Prin cipality of Gallia fell to the Armored Regiment No.205 of the Imperial Army. March 20th, the 101 Armor Divisions from the Eastern border occupied the city of Bruhl. Two divisions joined at Naggiar and began moving towards Randgriz, the capital of the Principality of Gallia. In retaliation, Gallian troops in Fouzen , Asalone and ___ (Disburg?) launched a desperate defense. However, they not on ly failed to prevent the Empires advances, but were pushed back to the final li ne of defense on the outskirts of Vasel.

Early April, 1935, in the city of Vasel CO: We will now go to the Imperial Army 14 Armor Divisions vanguard attacks! Ensign, fall in line! Kurt: Yes, sir. CO: As the leader of the Lanseal Academy graduates, I will give you command of the battle. Lets see your strength match up to the previous best record! Soldier 1: Can he really do it? They say this is only his second battle... Soldier 2: I heard that he performed outstanding service in the first battle... Soldier 1: But were almost new recruits, can we do it? Soldier 3: Captain also took a liking to him when (he made his gun?) CO: Shut up! Ensign, please speak. Kurt: I am Ensign Kurt Irving. Firstly, I believe our military was destined to win this battle. Soldier 1: What did he say...!? Kurt: Without shedding a drop of blood, our military will wipe out the enemys attack and take control of the area. Soldier 3: Without shedding a single drop of blood!? Soldier 2: With such confidence! (Is this guy for real?) CO: Ensign Irving, please tell us the strategy. Kurt: Our squad will split into two groups: five heading straight on toward th e enemy, and the others attacking from the rear. Soldier 2: Are you sure only five people!? Kurt: A group of five people shooting will focus their attention to the front. After they focus to the front, then our main force will attack the enemy from t he rear to ensure victory. CO: Very interesting strategy, go and do it! Kurt: Yes, sir! Imperial Army Imperial Soldier: Someones attacking from the front! Imperial Captain: These guys ... using such a bold move in war? Imperial Soldier: Captain! Enemy forces also spotted behind us...! Imperial Captain: What!?

Imperial Soldier: Theyre attacking from behind! Imperial Captain: Focus the attack on the front! Thats an order from the top! Imperial Soldier: Yes, sir!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ! Kill All Troops (S Rank: 1) n/a (Kurt) + Regular Gallian Squad None n/a

Kurt: There is nothing to fear, we will win this battle. Battle Victory Kurt: Relax, just do as I said to ensure victory.

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: "# Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 2) n/a (Kurt) + Regular Gallian Squad None n/a

Kurt: Ready? Then attack! Battle Victory Kurt: Although there were some minor problems, it was a battle worthy of recogn ition.

Soldier 2: Too smooth! [rinchans translation begins here] Soldier 3: Its just like Ensign Kurt Irving said. Its like victory was alread y decided before the battle began. CO: Hes the real deal. It looks like his previous action which people called a miracle wasnt a fluke. CO: His calm decision-making and sharp command-style. His keen observation and

ability to deploy his troops effectively. His attack completely saw through to t he heart of the enemy. CO: So this is what they call "genius". Kurt: All I did was gather together the conditions needed to win. Soldier 1: Dont put yourself down. Youre definitely on your way up. Im proud to be by your side. Soldier 1: Hey, look! Units from famous lands are gathering. Kurt: If the city of Vasel falls, Lanseal can no longer be defended. Its only natural to gather units here. Soldier 1: Youre not even from Headquarters, yet you think that far ahead? Kurt: Isnt it natural? We should always predict the movements of both friend a nd enemy. Soldier 1: Haha. I cant keep up with the brain of a genius.... Kurt: ! Mm, that unit wearing uniforms Ive not seen before is....? No.13 Riela: Commander! Open your eyes....Commander! Dont die.....! No.06 Gusurg: Stand up, 13! We dont have time to cry. No.13 Riela: But! No.06 Gusurg: This will continue. This kind of battle, all the way. No.01 Imca: .... No.32 Giulio: Slowing down a tank unit with just a squad was ridiculous from th e start. No.11 Alfons: Meanwhile, our main army (just waltzed in without assisting, eh)? Our unit is just so cool. <---Not sure what "Tonsura" means - I think its an a bbreviation for a longer term but Im not sure what. No.21 Felix: Damnit! Were human beings too! Dont screw with us! Kurt: Whats with that unit....? Soldier 1: Thats the 422nd Unit, also known as the "Nameless". Soldier 1: Its a penal unit where soldiers who disobey orders or criminals for ced to become soldiers are gathered. Soldier 1: Its where people who are better off dead get sent to do the deadlie st missions. In other words, a sacrificial pawn. Soldier 1: It seems those who disobey orders there face the firing squad. I wou ldnt want to wind up like that. No.13 Riela: Im so sorry, Commander. Its my fault...uuh......

Kurt: A penal unit, huh? Carl: Are you Ensign Kurt Irving? Kurt: Yes, sir! Thats me. Carl: Im Major General Carl Isler. Its seems youve followed your previous ac tion with another splendid victory. Carl: As a graduate of the School of Strategy, the Army had high expectations o f you but youve well exceeded them. Carl: We are counting on you on your next sortie. Lets meet again. Kurt: Yes, sir! Soldier 1: To be personally spoken to by a general! Its like your futures alr eady guaranteed to be bright! Soldier 1: Im going to follow you, okay? Please look after me! Kurt: Were at war. (Its all up to whether we win every battle.) Kurt: Major General Islers ready room is....this way. ????: Hey, get out of the way! ????: Ch! Kurt: A civilian in a military building? Thats unusual. Kurt: Hm? Kurt: Its something that man dropped. Its addressed to...Major General Isler. Carl: Thank you for coming. Im very happy to see you, Ensign Irving. Kurt: Yes, sir! Before we begin, please take this. Carl: Hm...where did you get this? Kurt: On my way here I bumped into someone and he dropped this. Kurt: I confirmed that it had your name on it so I brought it to you. Carl: Thank you. You made the right call. Kurt: May I ask what todays meeting is about? Carl: encourage(?) you. Someday you will be a person that Gallia will need. Carl: Do not forget this in your future actions. Carl: Did he read the contents of this letter? Carl: I cant deny the possibility. In that case.......I have no choice but to

take action. Kurt: You called for me, Sir? C.O: Mm....its truly a shame, Ensign Irving. Kurt: Huh.....? C.O: Its your assignment orders. Read it. Kurt: Are these orders real? Could they be some mistake? C.O.: Orders are absolute things. Youre being transferred to the 422nd Unit. Kurt: Isnt the 422nd Unit that penal unit they call the Nameless? C.O.: Thats right. These orders.... C.O: ...are punishment for your treasonous actions. Kurt: Treasonous actions?! I have no knowledge of taking any such actions. I re spectfully request to know what treason I committed. C.O: I did not receive details on what your actions were. I believe the High Co mmand simply felt it was not necessary for me to know. Kurt: For such a thing (to happen).....! C.O: From today onwards, your Commanding Officer will be Lt Colonel Ramsey Crow e of the Penal Corrections Department. C.O: Speak to Lt Col Crowe for further instructions. Now then, you may leave. Kurt: .......Yes, sir. Ramsey: So wheres your gift? Kurt: Huh......? Ramsey: Normally, youd expect to bring something, wouldnt you? Like booze or a woman? Eh? Kurt: I came here as soon as I received my assignment orders so I didnt prepar e anything. Ramsey: ......Ah, which means youre Seven. Kurt: Lt. Col Crowe. By "Seven", are you referring to me? Ramsey: From today onwards, youre assigned to the 422nd unit as the nameless " Seven". Ramsey: The actions of a penal unit are in no way entered into Army records. Th erefore, its members dont need names. Ramsey: Youre the same as prisoners, so youre monitored by your number. That s where the name "Nameless" comes from.

No.07 Kurt: "The same as prisoners", you say....... Ramsey: If you work yourself to death, you might just get a transfer to a prope r unit.......maybe. No.07 Kurt: If my actions are recognized, I can receive a transfer? Ramsey: Apparently. Ive never seen it happen before though. No.07 Kurt: .....Ill do what I can. Ramsey: These are your Operational Orders from the High Command. Take it. No.07 Kurt: Before that, I have a question about why I was transferred here... Ramsey: Like I would know. Hurry up and get going. No.07 Kurt: (Whats with this easy going guy? Is he really a soldier?) Squad 422 Camp No.07 Kurt: So this is the 422nds camp? No.13 Riela: Yoishioto... [sound of No.13 Riela moving something heavy] No.07 Kurt: You, over there.... No.13 Riela: !! No.07 Kurt: !!! No.13 Riela: Ah...... No.07 Kurt: Is this how people in this unit greet people? No.13 Riela: Please excuse me! I just heard something from behind and I reflexi vely took a defensive stance... No.06 Gusurg: What is it, Thirteen? No.01 Imca: ....doesnt seem like an intruder. No.01 Imca: ..... No.06 Gusurg: Thirteen, who is this man? No.13 Riela: U..ummm...errrr.... No.07 Kurt: Ive just been transferred to this unit. Im Ku...Seven. Id like t o meet the Unit Commander. No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: Shes No.13 Riela: Um...I...Sorry! Goodbye!

No.07 Kurt: Whats happening in this unit....? No.06 Gusurg: I didnt hear that anyone would be transferring to this unit. Wha t it something decided suddenly? No.07 Kurt: I..... <fade to black as Kurt explains his situation to Gusurg> No.07 Kurt: ....and Ive suddenly been transferred here. No.06 Gusurg: Treasonous activity that nobody actually heard about isnt someth ing unusual around here. No.07 Kurt: Really?! No.06 Gusurg: Im in a similar position. Im Six. Lets get along, Seven. No.07 Kurt: Yeah. Please look after me. Id like to deliver our Operational Ord ers to the Commander. No.06 Gusurg: There is no Commander. He was a fatality in our last sortie. So y our rank is Ensign? No.06 Gusurg: Perfect. Why dont you take command? No.07 Kurt: Me? No.06 Gusurg: This unit doesnt have a commander. And youre the ranking office r. Do you have any leadership experience in combat? No.07 Kurt: Only twice but I do have some experience. No.06 Gusurg: Then theres no problem. Lets see, according to our orders, our next mission is....its today isnt it?! No.07 Kurt: I guess theres no time to hesitate. I understand. Ill take comman d. No.06 Gusurg: Im counting on you. Operation Meeting No.07 Kurt: Im Seven. Ive just been transferred to the unit today. Please loo k after me. No.32 Giulio: ..... No.06 Gusurg: Seven is an Ensign. No.21 Felix: The Commander, eh? No.07 Kurt: Ill explain to you our Mission Orders from High Command. No.07 Kurt: Within 24 hours, locate an enemy reconnaissance unit approaching th e City of Vasel and crush it. No.07 Kurt: In addition, because our main forces are preserving their strength to engage the enemy main force...

No.07 Kurt: Reinforcements are not possible. We require a complete victory from you. That is all. No.15 Amy: Another ridiculous mission, huh? No.56 Deit: Why is it always us? Ch! No.24 Annika: it okay to ask a question? No.03 Gloria: Dont do it. You just need to keep your mouth shut. No.03 Gloria: If youre quiet, this boy will only be....hehe. No.24 Annika: Ah....okay, then. No.07 Kurt: Does anyone else have any questions? No.23 Leila: *chuckle* No.13 Riela: ....... No.01 Imca: ...... No.12 Valerie: None at all. No.07 Kurt: Then, as soon as were ready, well sortie. Please follow my orders . Frontline No.13 Riela: Recon report from Thirteen. Imperial unit detected. It seems to be a small force. No.13 Riela: I believe it is a recon unit. No.07 Kurt: Understood. Please fall back. No.13 Riela: Yes, sir! No.07 Kurt: Looks like we can easily surround them. Six, is everyones preparat ions complete? No.06 Gusurg: This is Six. How should I put this? Instead of explaining, it wil l be faster for you to come see for yourself. No.07 Kurt: Mm? So I should just go there and take a look? No.07 Kurt: Whats this?! Whats the meaning of this....! No.06 Gusurg: Its as you can see. No.13 Riela: By the time I returned, only the Tank was left. No.07 Kurt: Where is everyone besides Thirteen? Why isnt everyone in their pos itions? No.06 Gusurg: Theres one more. Over there is No.1.

No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: Why is No.1 so close to the enemy? Shes not where I ordered her to be!! No.06 Gusurg: Youve got every right to be angry but I dont think you have the time to complain. No.06 Gusurg: The enemy unit looks like its going to move. At this rate, they ll get away. What do you want to do? No.07 Kurt: I dont get it.............! AAAAAAAA! No.13 Riela: Wa....!? No.06 Gusurg: W..what is it, Seven? No.07 Kurt: Just wait a little...... No.07 Kurt: ....Ok. Ive reached a conclusion. No.07 Kurt: Were changing plans. With our numbers, surrounding and destroying the enemy will be impossible. No.07 Kurt: Me and Thirteen will circle around the right and stand by. No.07 Kurt: No.1 and the Tank will charge in from the left. No.06 Gusurg: Thats it? No.07 Kurt: The enemy is a recon unit. Theyll most likely take whatever inform ation theyve gathered and escape towards their main force. No.07 Kurt: In that case, theyll most likely try to avoid combat and flee towa rds the right. Well be there waiting for them. No.06 Gusurg: Will this really work? No.07 Kurt: If you were the enemy commander in unknown territory, would you cho ose to escape in a direction where your allies arent? No.06 Gusurg: Mm....well, thats true. No.07 Kurt: I dont want to give the enemy any more time. Lets start the missi on.

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: "# Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 2) n/a (Kurt) + Regular Gallian Squad None n/a

No.06 Gusurg: Depends on what we can play point of... Battle Victory No.06 Gusurg: 4 people can win! Its unbelievable!

No.06 Gusurg: To think wed win with just the four of us. I cant believe it! No.06 Gusurg: I didnt think things would go this well.... No.06 Gusurg: Seven, just what kind of person are you? No.07 Kurt: "A person who has committed treason and a member of a penal unit". Is that what I should be calling myself? No.06 Gusurg: Its not surprising that youre angry. For that, Im at fault. I m sorry. No.07 Kurt: What do you mean? No.06 Gusurg: I tried to get you to take command. No.06 Gusurg: I didnt want anyone to take command of this unit without my acce ptance/approval. No.07 Kurt: That I understand. No.06 Gusurg: Please tell me one thing. Why did you think of fighting even thou gh it was with just the four of us? No.07 Kurt: Can I ask the opposite of you? Why did you not think of fighting? No.06 Gusurg: Eh? No.07 Kurt: Why didnt you try to consider the best possible outcome? By runnin g, what would come about? No.06 Gusurg: ?! No.07 Kurt: How did you think of overcoming the problem before you? No.07 Kurt: By running away, would it have provided a better outcome? I dont t hink so, at least not for me. No.06 Gusurg: Seven...... No.06 Gusurg: Hehehehehahahahaha. So youre that kind of person, eh? No.07 Kurt: Am I funny/strange? No.06 Gusurg: No. Youre not the one who is funny/strange. No.06 Gusurg: Seven! Youre suited to becoming Captain after all. I want to fig ht under your command.

No.06 Gusurg: Once again. Im Six. My name is Gusurg. Please look after me. No.07 Kurt: Your name? Arent the Nameless supposed to refer to each other by n umber? No.06 Gusurg: To outsiders, yes but for people youve accepted, you tell them y our names. No.06 Gusurg: Thats courtesy among the Nameless. Remember that. No.07 Kurt: I understand. Im Kurt Irving. Im counting on you to look after me , No.06 Gusurg. No.13 Riela: Um, Seven...... No.07 Kurt: What is it, Thirteen? No.13 Riela: No, um! Your directions were splendid! Please excuse me! No.07 Kurt: She called me by my number. So she still hasnt accepted me yet, hu h? No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: No.1 is ignoring me again...... It seems Ill have a lot of problem s related to this unit. No.07 Kurt: But Ill keep aiming higher. Ill get good results and return to th e regular army. I have no other road to take....! No.07 Kurt: However, to think there would be a unit whose members refuse to dep loy where they are ordered to. Its something unthinkable in my previous unit. No.07 Kurt: I have to do something..... The battles ahead are going to be very difficult. What should I do? Soldier 1: Yo! To think youd be sent to the Nameless. You sure have fallen far ! No.07 Kurt: Youre.... Soldier 1: To go out of your way to fight for our sake. Thank you for your hard work! No.07 Kurt: What do you mean by to fight for your sake? Soldier 1: The credit you earned for wiping out that Imperial unit.... Soldier 1: ....has been credited to us, the Regular Army. Soldier 1: Isnt that natural? If the Regular Armys exploits rise, the whole a rmys morale rises too. No.07 Kurt: ...!

Soldier 1: Do your best, you throw-away pawn. No.07 Kurt: Where battles are concerned, theres no such thing as throw-away pa wns. No.07 Kurt: Such a thing cant be allowed in Gallia where our army is already s hort on manpower. Soldier: WHAT?! No.07 Kurt: Before you start labeling people as worth throwing away, there shou ld be something else you should be doing. Soldier: You bastard! Saying something like that to a Regular Army Commander! Soldier: You no-name Nameless! No.07 Kurt: Ill definitely get my name back! Definitely!

Gallia Frontline Army 422nd Unit, Codename "Nameless" A gathering place for punishing soldiers and criminals for high crimes. A unit s ent to only the most dangerous missions. That this unit would one day have a great effect on the future of Gallia had yet to be suspected by anyone. No. Perhaps Seven, Kurt Irving alone could have known.

CHAPTER 2: THE 72 HOUR BATTLE ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 2

Name: $%&'() Grade: Objectives: Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 3) Special: Gain Accessory (Any Rank) : *+,-. (HP + 20) Limits: n/a Ace: /0,12 (*You need to do this mission twice to get both Ace Drops) Ace Drop: ZMXKar Scout : Rifle 18 vs Personnel 24 vs Armor 80 Accuracy 7 shots 230 range A Interception Fire Rating Special : Decrease defense or 34567RF001 Tank : RF001 Weapon Blueprint

Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop:

89:;<=> Occupy Enemy Main Base (S Rank: 3) n/a (Kurt) (Riela) (Imca) ONLY + (APC Tank) None n/a

========================== On the 5th of April, Imperial Forces successfully took Vasel and pressed on towa rds the Gallian Capital of Randgriz. However, on the 14th of April, Gallian for ces retook Vasel, reinforced by inland forces and began a massive counterattack operation. In response, the Empire began to strike towards the West and the South to take m ore territory. 1935, Mid-April, Gallian Army Inland Command Room(?) Ramsey: Looks like youve somehow took care of your mission. What did you think of the Nameless? No.07 Kurt: Theyre the worst. There is no other way to describe them. Ramsey: No doubt. Major General Isler was pretty worried. Ramsey: "How could such a thing happen?" "Im so sorry.." and so on. No.07 Kurt: Raising its performance evaluation and receiving a transfer. It see ms thats the only way out. I have no choice but to do it. Ramsey: Yes.....Once the Army has made up its mind about something, itll take a heck of a lot of effort to change it. Ramsey: Your next mission is a ??? offensive and the capture of a strategic poi nt in Aslon. Do it in 72 hours. No.07 Kurt: In 72 hours, you say? Ramsey: Thats not something I decided, okay? The High Command decided it. Ther es no choice but to do it. No.07 Kurt: If its a guerrilla attack, we can take advantage of the terrain No.07 Kurt: Our next mission is a guerrilla attack. No.06 Gusurg: With the way forward filled with enemies, I guess theres no avoi ding that. No.06 Gusurg: On top of that, to ask us to capture a strategic point within 72 hours, its another ridiculous mission. No.07 Kurt: No.06 Gusurg, including you, No.1 and Thirteen, how many members ar e there in this unit? No.06 Gusurg: Right now, theres ten people.

No.07 Kurt: First, choose five people at your own discretion whom you think wou ld be willing to cooperate and assemble them here? No.06 Gusurg: Got it! No.07 Kurt: Now then, Id like to hear your numbers and the reason why you didn t participate in our last mission. No.56 Deit: Do you have the right to ask? No.21 Felix: Even though youre our commanding officer, suddenly arriving here and giving us that attitude isnt right, dont you think? No.32 Giulio: Hey, dont start a fight. ....Though I do feel Sevens attitude i s the problem here I think. No.15 Amy: Thats true. Somehow I get a very cold feeling from you. No.24 Annika: Everyones pretty critical, huh? No.07 Kurt: So the people most willing to cooperate are like this? No.06 Gusurg: Id like to hear the reason why you didnt join in our last missi on too. Wont you tell us? No.15 Amy: If you say so, Gusurg.... No.21 Felix: I guess theres no choice. No.15 Amy: Im Fifteen. I didnt participate in that mission because I dont wa nt to die yet. No.21 Felix. Im Number Twenty-One. In order to not lose any more comrades, I ju st picked the best course of action. No.24 Annika: Im Twenty-Four. I wanted to join the mission but everyone stoppe d me. No.56 Deit: Fifty-Six. I didnt want to so I ran. No.32 Giulio: Im Thirty Two. You werent qualified to be Captain so I had no o bligation to join that mission. No.07 Kurt: Wasnt qualified to be Captain? No.06 Gusurg: In fact, the Captain of the Nameless is decided by nomination. No.06 Gusurg: According to rank, yours is the highest but you didnt receive or ders from High Command to take over this unit, did you? No.07 Kurt: Thats assignment orders didnt include instructions to come here as this units Captain. No.06 Gusurg: I left command of this unit to you, Kurt but more than half the u nit had yet to give their approval. (?) No.06 Gusurg: In other words, your orders still lack the authority to be consid ered official.

No.07 Kurt: Is that a rule left by the Army? No.06 Gusurg: Its an informal practice within the Nameless but it was decided by the higher ups. Would you like to confirm it with Lt. Col. Crowe? No.07 Kurt: No. Thats fine. No.21 Felix: Gusurg! I already told you we think youre suited to become the ne xt Captain! No.24 Annika: Thats right! I really respect you, No.06 Gusurg! No.06 Gusurg: Im not command material. Having a Darcsen as your commander will only drive our reputation further down. No.15 Amy: But there isnt anyone else good enough to command us, is there? No.06 Gusurg: I believe this person, Seven.....Ensign Kurt Irving, is good enou gh. No.06 Gusurg: In the battle which you were all absent in, I was able to observe this mans ability and I base my recommendation on that. No.06 Gusurg: Before you guys protest, shouldnt you first see for yourselves w hat he can do? No.06 Gusurg: If in an actual battle, you still think hes not suited to be Com mander, then Ill take his place. No.06 Gusurg: So just once, I would like you all to accept his commands. What d o you think? No.32 Giulio: If its something the one and only Gusurg says, then theres no o ther choice. No.24 Annika: I wanted to join in in the first place so Im in. No.56 Deit: I cant go against you....Six. No.15 Amy: If Seven possesses an ability that even Mr. Gusurg believes in, then ... No.21 Felix: If everyone says theyre okay with it then I wont protest. Ill f ollow the wishes of my friends. No.06 Gusurg: Sorry, everyone. No.06 Gusurg: Next is you, Kurt. Its your turn to show us your ability. No.07 Kurt: I understand. For me, this part on is the easy part. No.07 Kurt: This is our next mission. Get it well into your heads.

Battle Begins Name: Grade: ?@,AB

Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop:

Defeat Enemy Tank Commander (Boss)(S Rank: 3) After Clearing Mission Alphonse, Serge, Leila, Gloria, Valerie Join Nameless (Kurt) (Riela) (Imca) Must Join None n/a

Mission Details No.07 Kurt: This is a battle we can win. Please act calmly. Battle Victory No.06 Gusurg: How was it, everyone? My recommendation wasnt bad, right? No.24 Annika: It was like it was only natural for us to win. No.32 Giulio: Zero casualties, huh? How long has it been since we last won a ba ttle without cutting it too close to the edge? No.15 Amy: Hey, Mr. Commander. Do all your battles go like this? No.21 Felix: Hey! Is everyone ready to accept him with just this? No.07 Kurt: Twenty-one, if theres some part of how I directed this battle make s you uneasy, would you mind talking to me about it? No.21 Felix: What? No.07 Kurt: My actual battle experience is still limited. I have absolutely no intention of being satisfied with just this level of performance. No.07 Kurt: I intend to go over all my mistakes with a fine tooth comb and corr ect them by our next sortie. Please give me your opinion without any reservation . No.21 Felix: Im uneasy about....about mistakes you made, ummm..... . No.32 Giulio: Just quit it already. If you have to think so hard about it, the answers already clear, isnt it? No.32 Giulio, Im Thirty-two, Giulio Rosso. I accept you, Seven, as our Commande r. No.15 Amy: If our next sortie goes as well as this, Ill follow your orders. No.15 Amy: Im Fifteen, Amy Apple. Please look after me, Mr. Commander! No.24 Annika: I dont know if youre as strong as Mr. Gusurg but I think youre doing great! No.24 Annika: Im Twenty Four. Annika Alcott. When comes to fighting, please le ave it to me!

No.06 Gusurg: Fifty-six, what about you? No.56 Deit: For me, I think its still too soon to trust him. No.21 Felix: Fifty-Six is right. Id like to proceed a little more carefully to a decision. No.07 Kurt: Twenty-ones thinking is appropriate. I also dont think that I cou ld in everyones trust with just one success. No.07 Kurt: Its fine for Fifty-six and Twenty-one to hold off their decision. No.07 Kurt: Its just that Id be grateful if I could be given another chance t o direct you in battle. No.56 Deit: If thats all, then I dont mind. No.21 Felix: Thats fine. Things went pretty well this time and you look pretty fired up for the job. No.32 Giulio: Ah, but just spare me from being deployed together with Thirteen, okay? No.15 Amy: Thats true. I cant die yet. No.07 Kurt: Is there some matter with Thirteen? No.24 Annika: You mean you dont know, Commander? Is the "Death Goddess" not we ll-known among the regular army? No.21 Felix: If you want details, ask Thirteen herself, okay? No.07 Kurt: Im concerned but....never mind. With this, I now have five people. Only five, no, six more to go. No.06 Gusurg: Kurt, Ive gathered the remaining five. No.07 Kurt: Now then, please tell me your numbers. No.03 Gloria: Im three. Sorry Im an old granny. No.07 Kurt: Um....Im just asking what your number is, though? No.11 Alfons: Hey, hey. Thats the part where youre supposed to be polite and go: "All I see is a beautiful lady." No.07 Kurt: "Lady"? I dont understand what you mean? No.23 Leila: For you to not understand jokes, you sure are a boring man. No.23 Leila: You need some education. You should be happy, you know? To be look ed after by me. No.11 Alfons: Next in line is me, Eleven, the beautiful spy. The Hawk of Gallia is my..... No.23 Leila: Just wait a moment! For a mere underling to introduce himself befo re me, you have some nerve!

No.11 Alfons: No, no. Its the knights place to stand before her queen, you kn ow? No.23 Leila: You just said yourself just now that youre a spy! You lack educat ion! No.11 Alfons: OH! This is how a knight becomes strong for his queen. No.07 Kurt: Exactly whats going on? No.23 Leila: I am Twenty-Three. A woman who will one day stand at the highest p osition of this great land. No.23 Leila: Useless men will just be a burden. No.07 Kurt: What do you mean? No.45 Serge: This squad is quite a complex mixed bag. Im forty-five. Please lo ok after me. No.12 Valerie: Quite complex. Yes...not simple at all. Much like history itself . No.23 Leila: Wait! Three lines is enough for extras! No.12 Valerie: So she says so, Ill just apologetically say "Im Twelve" and le ave it at that. No.06 Gusurg: Thats everyone. No.06 Gusurg: Everyone should already know the results of our last sortie. Woul d you be willing to fight under his direction? No.11 Alfons: I saw his combat ability only but it was pretty good, wasnt it. Worth giving a try. No.23 Leila: I dont mind hanging around to see how much education Seven needs. No.45 Serge: My health is poor and I was just sick in bed. This time please all ow me to (participate).....*cough* *cough* No.12 Valerie: Im just here to continue my research on the front lines so I do nt have a problem. No.03 Gloria: I think Gusurg would be a good Commander though. Well, show me yo ur good points. No.07 Kurt: I suppose I can take it that I can count on them participating in t he next mission, right? No.06 Gusurg: Yes. The other five will be watching your performance closely in this mission too. Dont slack off. No.07 Kurt: I got it. Right now, well begin the guerrilla attack! No.07 Kurt: Please listen closely to what I have to say from here. [Explanation about mission crossroads. The mission you dont select here wont b

e playable later.] No.07 Kurt: Did you get it? Im counting on you to look after me.

Battle Begins Name: CDEF (PATH A) Grade: Objectives: Destroy Special Target [Supply Containers] (S Rank: 3) Special: Forest Limits: (Kurt) (Riela) (Imca) Must Join Ace: GHI-J Ace Drop: ZM-MP Shock : Machine-gun 33 vs Personnel 37 vs Armor 83 Accuracy 20 shots 150 range C Interception Fire Rating (VALKRYIA55 RECOMMENDED PATH) (ZM-MP Can be gotten in Chapter 4) Name: KLEF (PATH B) Grade: Objectives: Destroy Special Target [Supply Containers] (S Rank: 2) Special: n/a Limits: (Kurt) (Riela) (Imca) Must Join Ace: JMNOPQR Ace Drop: S9TUB1 ( Available from this mission or in Chapter 8) Tank Weapon : B1 Armor Piercing Weapon (Krm10Pg-2 -2 Urpmg)

Battle Victory

No.06 Gusurg: How was it? Give me your impressions. No.12 Valerie: It was better than I anticipated. His directions were pretty acc urate too. No.45 Serge: For me, I would have liked to have been able to attack a little mo re but its enough. No.03 Gloria: Not enough to be satisfied, eh? Well, theres still a little room for improvement. No.06 Gusurg: You can expect more from his directions compared to mine, right? No.03 Gloria: Youre pretty busy handling the tank too. I guess its better tha n having you take care of two things at once. No.11 Alfons: Your Majesty, would you share your opinion with us? No.23 Leila: Its still not enough. This wasnt an overwhelming victory worthy of me.

No.07 Kurt: I, too think that theres a more brilliant way to win than what we have accomplished. Im not satisfied with what weve realized (so far). No.23 Leila: The star is self-motivated. Well, good. No.11 Alfons: If you gather everyones opinion together and analyze the data, t he conclusion is clear. No.11 Alfons: Eleven, Alfons Auclair. Please call me "the Hawk of Gallia". No.23 Leila: Again, you speak before me! Learn! Learn! Learn! No.11 Alfons: Auh! This works better on me than enemy bullets. No.23 Leila: Ive still not accepted you, Seven. You still seem to have room fo r improvement. No.07 Kurt: I have no complaints. No.07 Kurt: Im aiming up and will reach a stage that even you will accept. No.23 Leila: Your conviction isnt bad at all. Do your best and improve. No.45 Serge: Forty-Five. My name is Serge Liebert. Im going to follow you, Com mander. No.12 Valerie: Im Twelve. Valerie Aynsley. No.12 Valerie: As an outside evaluator, I intend to observe you from the middle of the battlefield. No.03 Gloria: I think Ill hold off on my decision for now. Older people tend t o be more cynical of others. No.07 Kurt: With this, Ive gained the approval of more than half the unit. I s hould be able to be accepted as the official commanding officer of this unit, ri ght? No.06 Gusurg: Giulio, Amy, Annika, Alfons, Serge and Valerie...... No.06 Gusurg: If you include me, youve got seven of the thirteen members. No.07 Kurt: Thats cutting it close. Just in case, Id like at least one more o n my side. No.06 Gusurg: Yea, thats good. I think that girl would be likely to support yo u. Camp No.13 Riela: Um...I think its better if you dont talk to me. No.07 Kurt: You dont want to talk to me? No.13 Riela: Not at all! But....Im a person everyone hates.

No.07 Kurt: Before I ask her to support me as Commander, I should do something about her situation. No.07 Kurt: I know that youre being avoided by everyone, Thirteen. I also know about your nickname, "Death Goddess". No.07 Kurt: However, I was told to ask you directly about this matter. .......W ont you tell me about it? No.13 Riela: Of all the units Ive been assigned to in the past.....five of the m have been wiped out. No.13 Riela: Because of that, people started to say: "Units that youre assign ed to will definitely be wiped out.", "Youre the Death Goddess", and so on. No.07 Kurt: So why is it that you have no choice but to accept the label of "De ath Goddess"? No.13 Riela: Eh? No.07 Kurt: Theres no relationship between you being assigned to a unit and th at unit getting wiped out. No.13 Riela: But its a fact that units Ive been assigned to have been repeate dly wiped out. No.07 Kurt: That fact doesnt make you responsible for the destruction of those units. No.07 Kurt: If I were to believe such superstitions and not deploy you in battl e, I would fail as a Commander. No.13 Riela: But everyone else.... No.07 Kurt: In our next sortie, in order to erase that silly occult superstitio n, Ill have you deploy with me. No.13 Riela: Eh?! No.07 Kurt: You just need to fight as usual. Just leave the rest to me. Battle Meeting No.07 Kurt: as I said, for todays mission, Thirteen and I will be opera ting as a team. No.15 Amy: Even though our previous Commander died while Thirteen was with him. ...... No.56 Deit: Five units wiped out, but that was the sixth Commander she killed. I dont think this is a sane idea. No.13 Riela: Um....I think its better not to do this after all..... No.07 Kurt: Let me say one thing. This unit doesnt have the luxury of holding back any of its combat potential. No.07 Kurt: If you are opposed to deploying Thirteen no matter what, Ill have

you accept a condition first. No.56 Deit: A condition? No.07 Kurt: Someone who can do two persons share. Thirteens firepower, runnin g range, and ability to accomplish objectives. No.07 Kurt: If theres someone here with that ability, Ill have that person ta ke Thirteens place without reservation. Is there such a person? No.23 Leila: If its just weight, theres a man here with the weight of two. No.11 Alfons: Unfortunately, even though its me, 1.8 times is my limit. For tw o peoples share, Im just a little short. No.03 Gloria: Two persons share is impossible. We only have two arms and legs each. No.07 Kurt: Then its decided. Its time to sortie! No.13 Riela: Um.....Im going to do my best!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: V-.W Kill Commander (S Rank: 4) n/a (Kurt) (Riela) (Imca) Must Join XYZJ[\ 34567RF101 Tank Weapon : RF101 Weapon Blueprint

[Player Phase] No.07 Kurt: The missions starting, Thirteen! No.13 Riela: Y..yes..... No.07 Kurt: Are you that uneasy about teaming up with me? No.13 Riela: Youre wrong! Its just that I keep thinking that if something wer e to happen to you...... No.07 Kurt: sure say some rude things. No.13 Riela: Eh?! No.07 Kurt: To be that worried about the other person on your team, it sounds l ike you have quite a lot of confidence in yourself. No.07 Kurt: It seems like either you dont expect much from me or dont believe in me. No.13 Riela: Ah....!!

No.07 Kurt: Never mind. Besides getting rid of your "Death Goddess" jinx, let t his experience prove to you. No.07 Kurt: That the person who would be your units commander is someone you s hould believe in. No.13 Riela: Believe in? No.07 Kurt: Action is better than talk! Lets go! Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: The mission has been safely completed. Anyone have any problems to voice? No.24 Annika: None whatsoever! That was incredible, Mr. Kurt! I really admire y ou! No.21 Felix: This result is something I have no choice but to accept. No.07 Kurt: As far as small unit tactics go, its a fact that the abilities of its members decide how battles go. No.07 Kurt: However, the simple presence of a single soldier does not have such a great effect on missions that could cause an entire unit to be wiped out. No.07 Kurt: More likely, blaming the destruction of a unit on a "Death Goddess" sounds like the excuse of an incompetent commander. No.03 Gloria: Pretty ballsy thing for you to say. No.23 Leila: A more useless man would mean more opportunity for "education". Th is isnt interesting at all. No.11 Alfons: Dont worry. Theres ten thousand men in the world whod love to be raised by you. No.23 Leila: Isnt there anyone like my little brother around anywhere? No.12 Valerie: In war, good or bad is the general custom, and its good to make use of them to win cases. Too much entanglement is not good. No.07 Kurt: From now on, Im going to have Thirteen work hard as a part of this units combat potential. You got that? No.13 Riela:, sir! Night No.13 Riela: Please excuse me. Ive troubled you in many ways. No.07 Kurt: I just did what I had to do to make this 422nd Unit combat ready. No.07 Kurt: If youre able to work together with other members of the unit, mor e deployment options will be available for missions and the unit will become str onger.

No.07 Kurt: Isnt that the natural thing to do? No.13 Riela: Thats right! Thats right, but... No.13 Riela: Thats not what I mean... No.07 Kurt: What do you mean by that? No.13 Riela: Im happy! Very happy! No.13 Riela: Since then, a lot of people have started talking to me. Not everyo ne though. No.13 Riela: Ive always been looked at strangely since I was young, since I ha ve such strange features. No.13 Riela: But just now, for the first time Ive been told: "Youre surprisi ngly normal." No.13 Riela: Its because of you, Commander! Because of that, Im so happy....! No.07 Kurt: Are you crying, Thirteen? No.13 Riela: Please call me No.13 Riela. And, if you dont mind, can I call you Kurt? No.07 Kurt: Thats fine, but...are you crying, No.13 Riela? No.13 Riela: Am I not allowed to cry? Man, youre such a bully, Kurt....! No.07 Kurt: Its fine to cry but...are you angry, No.13 Riela? No.13 Riela: Im not angry! Man, are you kind or unkind? Which is it? No.07 Kurt: Shes angry, isnt she? The Next Day No.06 Gusurg: Thirteens accepted you as Commander too, eh? With this, youve d efinitely got a majority. No.07 Kurt: Even including those who havent decided, everyones accepted my di recting. If theres one person whos left out, its.... No.06 Gusurg: No.1, right? No.07 Kurt: From what I can see at least, that girl has the strongest abilities as a soldier. No.06 Gusurg: Youre not mistaken. However, that girl has problems.... No.06 Gusurg: Her combat abilities are top-rate, but she doesnt open up to any one. No.06 Gusurg: If I dont talk to her from my end first, she wont talk.

No.06 Gusurg: A lot of the time, when I try to talk to her, she ignores me. No.07 Kurt: So its not just me. She treats everyone that way. No.07 Kurt: Anyway, in the next battle, her power cant be left out. No.07 Kurt: For todays conquest of Aslone will depend on No.1. No.06 Gusurg: I dont know the reason, but No.1s deployment rate is high. I th ink shell do it anyway. No.07 Kurt: Lets count on her continued participation and start planning our de ployment. "No. 1" No.07 Kurt: Before we sortie, I guess I should take a look at how No.1 is doing . No.01 Imca: The conquest of the Aslone Strategic Point. If its here, I will be facing tough opponents without a doubt. No.07 Kurt: Are you in this, No.1? No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: About todays battle, I need to talk with you about..... No.01 Imca: Nothing. No.07 Kurt: I havent said anything yet! Hey, wait! Grasslands No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: Where do you think youre going? Do you have any interest in listen ing or.... No.01 Imca: Not. No.07 Kurt: Wait! Forest No.01 Imca: The chances of him following me this far are... No.07 Kurt: "None", so you thought? No.01 Imca: ....!? No.07 Kurt: Youre got pretty quick body movements but I have confidence in my abilities to pursue. No.07 Kurt: Even if you yourself are agile, the weight of your enormous weapon will definitely cause you to slow down.

No.01 Imca: I have nothing to talk to you about. No.07 Kurt: I have no intention of asking anything personal about you. I just h ave something to tell you. No.01 Imca: Thats not necessary. No.07 Kurt: Im not the type who likes being pried into by others, but it looks like youre worse than me. No.01 Imca: I have no interest in you. No.07 Kurt: Understood. Ill just tell you what I need to. No.07 Kurt: In the attack to conquer the Aslone strategic point, I need your at tack power at our vanguard. Im counting on you. No.01 Imca: This has nothing to do with me. No.07 Kurt: Right up to the end, from the beginning of our conversation, shes been going "No, not or nothing". No.07 Kurt: For her to be this contrary to everything, there must be some deep reason for it. Im pretty curious.

Battle Begins Name: ,]^ Grade: Objectives: Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 4) Special: n/a Limits: (Imca) Must Join Ace: _`abc Ace Drop: VB - PL Lancer : Anti-Tank 149 vs Personnel 456 vs Armor 81 Accuracy 1 shots / 6 ammo 920 range C Interception Fire Rating

No.01 Imca: I wont lose! [the next short scene happens mid battle just after No.01 Imca acts or perhaps m akes a kill - that tank is set up just for her to take out in one shot to the ra diator.] No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: Incredible....! Her attack power and accuracy are very high. Does s he have any weaknesses at all? No.07 Kurt: This is No.1s true abilities, huh?

No.07 Kurt: At that young age, how did she get her skills to such a level? No.07 Kurt: That girl is without a doubt suited to be our main striker. No.07 Kurt: No matter what, I have to think of a way to get her to follow my di rections.... Battle Victory No.01 Imca: I cant allow myself to die in such a boring battle.

Post-mission Scene No.07 Kurt: Weve captured the Imperial Command point. Depending upon the regul ar armys defense of the area, this place is pacified. No.06 Gusurg: Now that youve been recognized as Commander, your orders seem to be going smoothly. No.07 Kurt: With this, this Squad is finally seeming to be working properly. Ne xt is.... No.06 Gusurg: No.1, right? If that girl could be our main striker, this unit wo uld become much stronger. No.07 Kurt: Yes..... No.06 Gusurg, do you know anything about No.1 at all? No.06 Gusurg: Lets see. Even for a Darcsen, its unusual for her to reject oth ers so much. No.06 Gusurg: You know the Darcsen people are rejected by all countries on this continent, right? No.06 Gusurg: Once upon a time, Darcsens threw the entire continent into chaos in an event called "The Darcsen Calamity". No.06 Gusurg: For that crime, we lost everything. We live without a homeland <--I think this is the gist. Can anyone confirm? No.06 Gusurg: Because of that, usually Darcsens tend to cooperate with one anot her for survival. No.06 Gusurg: However, No.1 even rejects me, a fellow Darcsen. No.07 Kurt: I see. Is there anything else? No.06 Gusurg: If Im not wrong, No.1 has served in this unit the longest. No.07 Kurt: Even at that young age? No.06 Gusurg: For more than two years. It seems she was scouted into the unit b y Lt Col Crowe himself. No.07 Kurt: If she was scouted, does that mean shes in this unit on her own vo lition?

No.06 Gusurg: That weapon she uses isnt standard military issue either. That m ight have something to do with it too. No.07 Kurt: I think Ive got a pretty good grasp of the situation. I think this is worth trying (something). Evening No.01 Imca: I have nothing to say to you. No.07 Kurt: One minute will be enough. Would you give me some time to talk? No.01 Imca: No. No.07 Kurt: .....Got it. Then this is just me talking to myself. Ill leave it to you whether you want to listen or not. No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: I place extremely great value on you as a soldier. No.07 Kurt: From here on, in order for this unit to survive, we will definitely need your abilities. No.01 Imca: ... ... No.07 Kurt: I heard from No.06 Gusurg. You chose to join this unit yourself. No.07 Kurt: Youve been in this unit for more than two years already. No.01 Imca: ... ... No.07 Kurt: This is what I think. Youre here to accomplish a certain objective . No.01 Imca: ... ... No.07 Kurt: So youre not saying "No." to deny it. No.01 Imca: I have no reason to answer. No.07 Kurt: Then, from here on I wont be speaking to myself. I have a suggesti on for you. No.07 Kurt: Wont you make a deal with me? No.01 Imca: ......? No.07 Kurt: If you have some kind of objective, and the time comes when you can achieve it.... No.07 Kurt: I and the Nameless will definitely help you. No.07 Kurt: In trade, for now, would you lend your strength to me? No.01 Imca: ......! No.07 Kurt: I want to survive, accomplish enough to have my sentence overturned and leave the Nameless.

No.07 Kurt: In order to do that, I absolutely need your strength. No.07 Kurt: If this unit is something you need, even a little, then I dont thi nk this is a bad deal at all. No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: No, its not. No.07 Kurt: Mm....does that mean youll accept this deal? No.01 Imca: Listen well. I wont say this more than once. No.01 Imca: No.01 Imca. No.07 Kurt: Eh? No.01 Imca: My will serve as proof of our promise. As long as you a re true to your word, I wont betray you. No.07 Kurt: So your name is No.01 Imca. By giving me your name, does that mean you trust me? No.01 Imca: I wont accept you breaking your promise. If you do break it.....I wont guarantee your safety. No.07 Kurt: Roger that. No.07 Kurt: Once again, Im Ensign Kurt Irving. Im counting on you to look aft er me, No.01 Imca. No.01 Imca: Seven, Im willing to accept your commands but to me youre just th e person I made a deal with. No.01 Imca: I have to reason or intention to call your name. No.07 Kurt: I understand. Thats fine. No.07 Kurt: This is as good a result as I could have hoped. With this, I have e nough to keep fighting.

The Nameless successfully captured the central Gallian strategic point of Asalon e. With this, the Imperial Army divisions engaged in central and south Gallia w ere weakened. The Imperial Armys advance slowed, and plan for a quick conquest had to be revised.... The battle was deadlocked

CHAPTER 3: CALAMITY RAVEN ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 3

Name: def?ghi Grade: Objectives: Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 2) Special: None. Limits: n/a Ace: Jj8kl Ace Drop: mn6o004 Tank : 004 Weapon Blueprint or TpH1 Tank : H1 Weapon ========================== Early May, the Gallian Armys counterattack did not proceed as they wished, and had dissolved into a war of attrition across central Gallia. The Imperial Army initiated a plan to invade Gallia to the west. It was only a matter of time befo re more than half of Gallia would be conquered. Ramsey: Your next missions been decided. We want you to reinforce the Voluntee r Militias whats-it-called battalion. No.07 Kurt: It says in the Operation Orders that its the Volunteer Militias T hird Battalion. Ramsey: Theyre in central Gallia engaged with the Imperial Army main force, de fending a strategic point. Ramsey: They dont have enough manpower and called for reinforcements but the G allian Army has its hands full all over. Ramsey: In 96 hours, join up with them and assist their operations. You can do it right? No.07 Kurt: I know that if I refuse I will be shot. Ramsey: Youre starting to understand, I see. Youre a Nameless after all. Ramsey: In addition, the route to the rendezvous point takes you through a mine field laid out by the enemy. Ramsey: Going around it will take too long. You have to think of something and press through the minefield. No.07 Kurt: A minefield, huh? Ramsey: In a nutshell, I want you to get through the minefield and join up with our allied forces within 96 hours. Ramsey: Easy, right? No.07 Kurt: (I see, so thats why the Regular Army wont go...) Squad 422 Camp

No.07 Kurt: ...and thats our next mission. No.32 Giulio: Press through a minefield, you say!? You say that like itll be e asy! No.21 Felix: Also, what do you mean theres no time to disarm those mines!? No.07 Kurt: We only have 96 hours to meet up with our allies. We dont have eno ugh time to go around or disarm the mines in our path. No.24 Annika: We just need to walk through there without getting blown up, righ t? No.32 Giulio: Our tank and support vehicles cant just follow our footsteps, yo u know? No.23 Leila: You heroes can go charge through there with just your force of wil l. Im not going. No.21 Felix: This is no joke! This is why I think its too soon to choose Seven as our Commander! No.21 Felix: Its just like I thought, isnt it? To accept such a ridiculous mi ssion. No.06 Gusurg: We cant just go charging through there. Do you have a plan, Kurt ? No.07 Kurt: I have a plan. We attack the Imperial Army units stationed around t he minefield and defeat them. No.32 Giulio: I dont understand what you just said. No.24 Annika: We dont have enough time, right? No.07 Kurt: If we can defeat all the enemy units around the minefield, we can c ollect anything they leave behind. After that Ill take care of the rest. No.21 Felix: You idiot! Like wed go out there to collect garbage! No.23 Leila: You, how much confidence do you have in that idea? No.07 Kurt: This is the safest way to get through the minefield. No.32 Giulio: Youre really sure its safe? No.13 Riela: Ill do it. Ill do my very best! No.06 Gusurg: Im in too. If no one else has a better idea, the only thing we c an do is follow the Commanders orders. No.24 Annika: Hesitating will just be a waste of time too. No.32 Giulio: Still, even if we could get through the minefield, is there any m eaning to sending just a single squad as reinforcements? No.21 Felix: Maybe all they want is for us is to reinforce the Volunteer Militi a by sacrificing ourselves? No.32 Giulio: Even though we just lost our commander thanks to the higher ups

extreme orders. No.07 Kurt: I dont fight battles that are meant to kill any of us, nor will I allow it. That would just make us weaker. No.07 Kurt: I came up with this minefield infiltration mission with that in min d too. No.23 Leila: Hm, so you say. If what you just said is just talk from a useless man, Im going to go all out and educate you. No.23 Leila: Hehehe. This is getting fun. Im going to do it. No.07 Kurt: Looks like Twenty-three is coming. Anyone still uneasy No.32 Giulio: Go! No.24 Annika: Im going! No.21 Felix: Its not like weve got any choice but to go! No.06 Gusurg: There you have it. Its the Commanders orders after all. No.13 Riela: Lets do our best! No.07 Kurt: Right, lets begin our attack! No.07 Kurt: Ill explain the situation. Listen carefully. Currently, we are headed for the Volunteer Militias 3rd Battalion which is curr ently engaged with the Imperial Army main force in central Gallia. Well attack from the township of Mephiria, defeating enemy forces as we head ea st. We are to join up with our allies in 96 hours. Along the way, we will destroy Imperial forces stationed near the minefield area and collect all material they leave behind. After destroying the enemy, we will pass through the minefield to meet up with t he Volunteer Militia. We have a plan to pass through the minefield. Once weve joined up with the Volunteer Militias 3rd Battalion, we will engage in joint operations with them to complete their objectives. That is all for this missions objectives. No.07 Kurt: Lets act in a way that does not disgrace us. Now lets go! No.07 Kurt: From today on, a new member will be joining us. Im counting on you . No.46 Clarissa: Forty-six. My name is Clarissa Callaghan. Before I was transfer red here, I was an Engineer. If anything happens, please call on me. (Kurt goes on to explain about Orders and how now that hes become Commander, as long as hes deployed, you get 1 extra CP.)

Three Generals Selvaria: Your Highness, General Jaeger will appear soon. Maximilian: Yes. Selvaria: Living in such a Spartan place, is there anything you feel unsatisfie d with? Maximilian: Dont concern yourself with worthless things. Just concentrate on w inning. Selvaria: Yes, sire! Please excuse me. Jaeger: Sorry Im late. Selvaria: After keeping His Highness waiting, whats with that attitude? Such i nsolence! Maximilian: Its alright. Stand down, Selvaria. Selvaria: ...Yes, sire. As Your Highness wishes. Gregor: Now then, as we have all gathered, allow me to present my report. Gregor: The Northern Armys current operation to conquer the northern central s trategic point of Fouzen is currently underway. Gregor: The coastal areas and harbor facilities have been taken over. Gregor: The transfer of raw material from the Ragnite Mountains to the motherla nd by sea is now possible. Jaeger: You seem to be taking your time a little. Are the defenses at Fouzen as tough as expected? Gregor: In order to minimize casualties, were prioritizing concentrated attack s in order to achieve certain victories. Gregor: Well show the results of our efforts by our next meeting. Maximilian: Now then, let us hear Jaegers report next. Jaeger: The southern advance has been proceeding smoothly since last month. Jaeger: Weve captured the strategic point of Yuell and established a base at C roten. Jaeger: Its just that the south has many rivers and there are only limited rou tes for our main force to advance. Jaeger: Also, in the south, there is a Gallian strategic point called Castle Ga ssenarl. Jaeger: It seems to be a somewhat tough place to take. Well, if we lay siege to it, its fall will be only a matter of time. Gregor: Wouldnt it be better to destroy them sooner rather than later?

Jaeger: I would like nothing more than to do so but our central advance needs a ttention as well. Maximilian: Selvaria, is our central advance not proceeding as we would like? Selvaria: In the central theatre, since the recapture of the city of Vasel, our forces have remained at a stalemate. Selvaria: The bulk of the Gallian forces seems to be concentrated in the centra l theatre. Selvaria: They probably intend to focus the defense of their capital, Randgriz from there. Selvaria: While the Gallians are focused on the centre, if we continue our adva nce from the North and the South... Selvaria: Our armys victory will become certain. Maximilian: We were supposed to have been able to capture Randgriz within a mon th. Gregor: Even though were talking about those weakling Gallians, theyll hold t heir final line of defense to the death. Gregor: However, our army already controls five of their territories. Our victo ry is already in sight. Jaeger: Fouzen in the North and Crodin in the South. Concentrating on these two strategic points... Jaeger: If we can capture the center and regroup, well no longer need to rely on the supply lines to our occupation of Ghirlandaio Fortress. Jaeger: Moving troops will become easier and we can mass forces at strategic po ints. Even if this war becomes drawn out, we will have the advantage. Selvaria: I promise His Highness will have victory! Maximilian: Even in ???. we will find ways to victory. Maximilian: What I want is a complete victory. Do not forget that. Selvaria: Yes, sire!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Engineer : 25 24 70 qrs,+<t Kill all Units(S Rank: 4) n/a None uT,v ZM34 Pistol vs Personnel vs Armor Accuracy

6 shots 130 range B Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: T9f?wxi Destroy Special Target [Supply Containers] (S Rank: 4) Boss: + None S9yzC1 (Only Available from this mission) Tank Weapon : C1 Armor Piercing Weapon (Krm10Pg-4)

Battle Victory

No.06 Gusurg: If we can get through this area, well be able to join up with th e Volunteer Armys 3rd Battalion. No.24 Annika: All this stuff the Imperials left behind that weve been collecti ng, what are we going to do with it? No.07 Kurt: Sorry to keep you all waiting. From here, well begin crossing the minefield. No.23 Leila: Are you going to prove youre not a useless man? No.07 Kurt: Of course. First, have a look at this. No.24 Annika: What are these things? These two look like the same map. No.07 Kurt: These two identical maps show the layout of the mines. No.13 Riela: Really?! No.07 Kurt: We found them among the things we collected from the various enemy units we defeated. No.32 Giulio: From that mountain of junk? Just counting the documents alone, th ere were more than a thousand pieces, right?! No.21 Felix: Where did you have the time to go through all those documents?! No.07 Kurt: For the sake of finding these maps, it wasnt a problem. No.21 Felix: Planning our strategies AND examining those documents, a guy like you....! No.07 Kurt: The layout of the mines were compiled from maps from two different units.

No.06 Gusurg: Units that had to pass through the mine area, right? No.06 Gusurg: By combining the maps, the full layout would be revealed. Your id ea seems to have paid off. No.32 Giulio: But is it okay to consider this map 100% reliable? No.24 Annika: If theres any mistake, we go "BOOM", right? No.07 Kurt: I know. Thats why Ill..... No.13 Riela: Ill go! No.07 Kurt: No.13 Riela? No.13 Riela: For the Commander himself to go on foot to test the reliability of your map is humiliating. No.13 Riela: Also, if Im the one to go, no one will complain. I think Im the one most suited to this job. No.21 Felix: Thirteen, you.... No.32 Giulio: ..... No.23 Leila: ..... No.24 Annika: ..... No.07 Kurt: I understand. Im assigning you to go, No.13 Riela. Everyone else, prepare to move out. No.13 Riela: Yes, Sir! Minefield No.13 Riela: I believe in Kurt. Everything will definitely be alright! No.13 Riela: Im moving out! No.32 Giulio: Will she really make it? That little "Death Goddess"? No.21 Felix: You idiot! Dont say something so unlucky! No.06 Gusurg: Kurt, are you worried? No.07 Kurt: Why? I believe that map is accurate. No.06 Gusurg: Even if that map is accurate, its possible the minelayers may ha ve mistakenly laid mines in the wrong place. No.07 Kurt: Thats true, but.... No.07 Kurt: Its been over 20 minutes. Shes still not reporting in.....? No.13 Riela: This is No.13 Riela!

No.13 Riela: Ive successfully crossed the minefield! The mines are laid out ju st like the map says! No.07 Kurt: Roger, that. Stand by at your current location. Well join up with you immediately. No.13 Riela: Yes, sir! No.13 Riela: Everyone, Im so glad youre safe! No.21 Felix: Thats our line, isnt it?! No.23 Leila: Youve got some guts. Im impressed, No.13 Riela. No.32 Giulio: We cant call you stuff like "Death Goddess" anymore. Shall we st art calling you "Angel"? No.23 Leila: Everybody, youre overdoing it! No.07 Kurt: Weve completed the Minefield Crossing. Next, we rendezvous with th e Volunteer Army 3rd Battalion. No.06 Gusurg: Oi, what are you doing? Youve got to go compliment that girl. No.07 Kurt: Why? No.13 Riela was just doing her duty by completing a normal ass ignment. No.06 Gusurg: You dont get it at all! Never mind, just go up there and praise the heck out of that girl. No.07 Kurt: .....I got it. No.07 Kurt: .... Riela. No.13 Riela: Yes? No.07 Kurt: Its nothing big, but you really did well. No.07 Kurt: Thanks to you, everyone safely made the crossing. I really apprecia te it. No.13 Riela: Thank you! For Kurt to praise me, Im really glad! No.07 Kurt: Is that right? No.13 Riela: I really made a difference to everyone, right? Thats something th at makes me glad! Really glad! No.13 Riela: Im going to go talk to everyone! No.07 Kurt: Glad, huh? No.06 Gusurg: Believing in someone is a scary thing. No.06 Gusurg: Riela believed in you and walked through that minefield. Theres a really deep meaning to that. No.06 Gusurg: You dont get it?

No.07 Kurt: Is that...right? No.06 Gusurg: I knew you were a little different but you really dont know anyt hing about other peoples feelings, do you? No.06 Gusurg: Well, the time will come when youll understand. Meeting Point Eleanor: Im the Volunteer Army 3rd Battalion Commander, Captain Eleanor Varrot . Your support is appreciated. No.07 Kurt: Im the 422nd Unit Commander, Seven. I know its sudden but Id lik e to check the current battle situation. Eleanor: As of now, our unit is facing a large Imperial unit entrenched in fron t of us. We are currently holding the line here. Eleanor: If we abandon this area, the Imperial Army will have another direction to attack the city of Vasel from. Eleanor: We absolutely cannot retreat. However, while the High Command is stron gly focused on a strong counterattack, unfortunately, they are unable to appreci ate the situation here. No.07 Kurt: The enemys reinforcements are insufficient? Eleanor: To put it simply, yes. Our forces are at a disadvantage, but a glimpse of hope can still be seen. Eleanor: Although they seem to move a large number of troops at us, their attac ks are weak and theyre showing signs of fatigue. Eleanor: If we could mass enough forces to attack, we could defeat them but the High Command wont move. Eleanor: Were giving the enemy time to rest and resupply. Its beyond disappoi nting. No.07 Kurt: I understand the situation. Well take care of this. Eleanor: What? No.07 Kurt: Including the Captains assessment of the enemys troop condition, they also have another weakness. No.07 Kurt: Because the enemy is not familiar with the local area, they are lik ely to be worried about guerilla forces. Eleanor: Guerilla tactics. I see. No.07 Kurt: The enemys location is surrounded by forest. If we go around, it s hould be possible to attack their flank. Eleanor: Wait. Are you planning to rout them with just a single unit? No.07 Kurt: No. I dont intend to attack, but to kick up a fuss.

No.07 Kurt: By giving them the impression that they are under attack by guerill a forces, well throw them into confusion. Meanwhile, your 3rd Battalion will ch arge at them from the front. Eleanor: A charge, you say? No...our forces which have up to now been concentra ting solely on defense were to move forward... Eleanor: The enemy may take it as just a last stand and may not consider that w e are cooperating with guerilla forces.....? No.07 Kurt: If we just give them the impression that a strong guerilla force is present, it will be enough. No.07 Kurt: The overwhelmingly outnumbering Imperial Army will probably not con sider this a battle worth putting themselves in danger over. Eleanor: If the enemy feels that they will easily be relieved by others, the be st strategy would be to Eleanor: The theory certainly makes sense. But what happens if youre found out ? No.07 Kurt: Only our unit would be lost. It will not be a major problem. Eleanor: Hm.... Eleanor: I understand. Ill approve the mission. Eleanor: However, in order to increase the chances of success, well deploy ano ther unit with you from the 3rd Battalion. Eleanor: Meet at the operation point and cooperate to make this operation succe ssful. No.07 Kurt: Roger! Now then, well prepare to sortie. Eleanor: I heard the Nameless were supposed to be a penal unit with limited str ategic worth... Eleanor: ...but the real thing seems to be quite different.

Alicia: Ah! Theyre here, Welkin! Welkin: That black military uniform. That must be the 422nd unit that Captain V arrot told us about. Isara: Its an unusual military uniform, isnt it? Alicia: Their atmosphere is different from the Regular Army and the Volunteer A rmy. I wonder what kind of people they are. Welkin: Theyre the people that came up with this mission. They must be amazing people. Welkin: Volunteer Army, 3rd Battalion, 7th Squad, 2nd Lieutenant Welkin Gunther . Pleased to meet you. No.07 Kurt: Im 422nd Unit Commander, Seven. Im pleased to make your acquainta

nce. Welkin: Seven? Thats a pretty strange name. No.07 Kurt: Its not a name, its a number. Our unit doesnt exist in actual mi litary records. Welkin: You dont exist? Are you like chameleons? Alicia: Welkin! Dont say anything rude! Welkin: Its not rude at all. Chameleons can blend in to light and their surrou ndings by changing the color of their bodies. Welkin: They can hide themselves naturally and can make themselves disappear. T heyre pretty amazing creatures. Welkin: Ah, only they cant change their colors into all white or black as thes e colors dont exist in nature.... No.07 Kurt: What are you talking about....? Largo: Hey, Welkin! That Commanders losing his patience. Alicia: Without realizing it, he somehow starts going on about nature and anima ls.... Rosie: Sorry about that. When our Commander gets started on animals, he just ca nt stop. Welkin: Sorry. Force of habit. Lets start the mission planning. No.07 Kurt: Please do so.... No.07 Kurt: (2nd Lt Welkin Gunther, huh?) (He looks easygoing but got here earl ier than us. This man isnt ordinary.) Operations Meeting No.07 Kurt: Were currently located here. Well approach the Imperial Army enca mpment, which is about 2 kilometers away. No.07 Kurt: Well launch a signal flare for the 3rd Battalion. Welkin: We need to decide where to launch the flare. No.07 Kurt: We should split up into two groups and launch flares from two diffe rent locations. Welkin: No. If we launch two flares, it will look suspicious. No.07 Kurt: Then how about splitting into two teams. One team shoots the flare while the other opens fire on the enemy? Welkin: Yes, that good. Its important for both our efforts to be synchronized. Welkin: Huh? This forest is....supposed to be a habitat for Yarioogabut! (some kind of insect?)

Welkin: They can only be seen in midsummer though. Alicia: Welkin! Again with the insect stories! No.13 Riela: Ah! But if its Kabuto insects, Ive caught them (here?) too! No.07 Kurt: Thirteen, you dont have to follow that conversation. No.07 Kurt: 2nd Lt Gunther, lets continue planning the operation. No.01 Imca: Seven! Isara: Brother! Trouble! Weve detected enemy activity in our perimeter! Isara: We estimate one squad. Welkin: This is bad. Its too late to hide. No.07 Kurt: 2nd Lt Gunther, lets suspend the planning for now and prepare for c ombat. Welkin: Yes. Lets continue this later. No.07 Kurt: No.06 Gusurg, report the situation. No.06 Gusurg: The approaching enemy unit is definitely Imperial but they seem a little different. No.07 Kurt: Have the enemy detected us yet? No.06 Gusurg: Not yet. Theyre still on the move while were camped here. No.06 Gusurg: But the strange thing is, the enemy unit is approaching from the south. No.07 Kurt: The south? Theyre not a unit sent from the large force in the nort h? No.06 Gusurg: They could be a completely different unit. In any case, if we don t shut them up well, things will get bad. No.07 Kurt: Before the large force notices, well take care of them. Prepare fo r combat. Hurry! CR (Calamity Raven) Soldier: Captain Dahau, in the north, there appears to be a unit encampment. CR Soldier: Their numbers are unknown. What should we do? Dahau: Its a Gallian unit. They must be planning an attack on our allied unit s flank. Interesting. Lets engage them. CR Soldier: Shouldnt we notify our allied unit in the north? Dahau: Our special unit is currently on a secret mission. Our presence should b e hidden even from our allies.

Dahau: Were also quite some distance from our allies, so lets try to take car e of them quietly. CR Soldier: Roger that, Captain Dahau. Dahau: All units, prepare for combat! Our objective is the Gallian unit in fron t of us. No.07 Kurt: Very good. All units, get to your positions! No.13 Riela: The enemy has already begun attacking! No.07 Kurt: Kh! Theyve seized the initiative! Even though we detected them fir st....! Welkin: This is the 7th Squad reporting! Weve circled around to the enemys ri ght. Were beginning our attack! No.07 Kurt: Theyre fast! No.07 Kurt: The 422nd still needs to improve its response time... No.06 Gusurg: Kurt! Look at the enemy soldiers. Theyre all Darcsens! No.06 Gusurg: The repression of Darcsens in the Empire is supposed to be even w orse than Gallia. Just what kind of unit is that? No.07 Kurt: Think about it later! All units, hurry up and engage!

Battle Begins Welkin: A Darcsen unit. Thats unusual. Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: {|i }(NORTH - PATH A) Kill All Troops (S Rank: 4) Forest None 38,~bW 34567MK001 Tank Weapon : MK001 Weapon Blueprint

(VALKRYIA55 RECOMMENDED PATH) (Only way to get accessory, and Howitzer) Name: {|i (SOUTH - PATH B - Part 1) Grade: Objectives: Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 4) Special: Mortar Shells (Hiding in Grass can help you avoid them) Limits: None Ace: [j Ace Drop: ZMXKar (See: Chapter 2. Free Mission $%&'()) Battle Victory Welkin: The battle is over. The 422nd looks fine as well.

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: C,HG (SOUTH - PATH B - Part 2) Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 3) Gain Accessory (Any Rank) : , (AP + 20) None XYZJ[\ TUD1 Tank Weapon : Howitzer gun D1 (KrM10GmS-2)

Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: Thanks to the 7th Squad, we were able to force the enemy unit to re treat. I thank you. Welkin: No, the enemys attention was focused on your side so we were able to h it them on their flank. Largo: If it was just either one of our units alone, we would probably have bee n destroyed. No.07 Kurt: 2nd Lt Gunthers unit was able to take advantage of opportunities a nd move quickly. It was magnificent. Welkin: I think Im just blessed with good comrades. I think Im more glad abou t that than being praised myself. No.07 Kurt: Comrades? Welkin: Thats right. Different places of birth, upbringings and even ages. Welkin: Comrades brought together by a shared feeling to protect our homeland. Welkin: Theres a lot of fighting but its the kind of fighting that they say c omes from getting along so well. Rosie: Its not like were actually fighting. Rosie: Were just saying what we want to say straight out. Largo: Thats right. And it just somehow works out, thats all. No.07 Kurt: Is that so. Let me join in next time. Welkin: By the way, Seven. Arent you going to tell me your real name? No.07 Kurt: Its treated like a military secret so I cant tell you. If word ge ts out, youll get in trouble. Welkin: Its a pretty strict unit, huh? No.07 Kurt: Its not a place to spend too much time in. That alone is definitel y true.

Welkin: I see. Well then, lets get back to getting our main mission going. No.07 Kurt: Youre right. [Alicia/Isara cutscene translation is not available] Battle Begins Name: ,, Grade: Objectives: Occupy Three Enemy Target Bases (S Rank: 5 Turns) Special: Boss: (Dahau) Limits: Welkin's Squad 7 Joint Mission with 4 Members of the Nameless Ace: Ace Drop: ZM-SGX Sniper : Sniper-Rifle 154 vs Personnel 120 vs Armor 85 Accuracy 1 shots / 3 ammo 920 range C Interception Fire Rating Special: Evade Down Battle Victory

Dahau: I heard the Gallian Army was made up of weaklings but it seems there are some capable units too. Dahau: If not, it wouldnt be interesting at all. CR Soldier: Captain Dahau, regarding contacting our allied force, is that alrig ht? Dahau: Its not necessary. Dahau: The men of the glorious Imperial Army would find receiving a warning fro m a Darcsen abhorrent. Dahau: Lets return to base. CR Soldier: Yes, sir! No.07 Kurt: Now is the time! Im counting on you, 2nd Lt Gunther! Captain Varro t! Welkin: The signal flare is up! All units, open fire! Lay it on thick! Rosie: Leave it to me! Largo: Uooooooooooooooh! Alicia: There!

Eddy: Im not losing to Miss Rosie! Imperial Commander: Thats a Gallian signal flare! Is it a guerilla attack?! Imperial Soldier: We also confirm gunfire! Theres enemy units in both directio ns. Eleanor: Signal flare confirmed. All units charge forward! Cut the enemy down! Imperial Soldier: The Gallian force in front is charging at us! Imperial Commander: A joint attack?! Imperial Soldier: Commander! Our units are waiting for orders! Imperial Commander: Damnit, retreat! We dont need to overdo it in a place like this. Imperial Commander: All units, head east. The Gallians wont pursue us anyway. Gallian Soldier: Imperial Forces having begun moving to the east! Eleanor: Dont pursue too closely! Continue to let them gain distance and allow them to escape! Gallian Soldier: Yes, sir! Eleanor: I suppose this is where you say: "First, a victory". (?) Eleanor: In any case, that Commander called Seven.... Eleanor: For him to suggest such a dangerous mission so nonchalantly and actual ly pull it off.... Eleanor: Nameless....we were saved by them, werent we? The Volunteer Army 3rd Battalions victory raised the entire Gallian Armys mora le greatly. The Imperial Army attempted to gathered forces in the central theat re to counterattack, but the Gallian Army also did not allow it. The stopping o f the Imperial Army in its tracks and somehow holding its defensive line was... . become the biggest turning point in this war and would have many repercus sions to come.

CHAPTER 4: CARDINAL BORGIA ESCORT MISSION ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 4 Name: Grade: Objectives: , Occupy TWO Enemy Target Bases (S Rank: 3)

Gain Accessory (Any Rank) : ,\b ( F+20) (Hero's Amulet: +20 Shooting (Accuracy?)) Limits: n/a Ace: Ace Drop: 34567PF001 Tank : PF001 Weapon Blueprint or ZMXKar (See: Chapter 2. Free Mission $%&'()) ========================== Mid-May. Naturally, the Imperial Armys situation remained unchanging. Unable to overcome the Gallian forces in the central theatre, they merely allowed time to pass. The main central strategic point in the north, Fouzen, was under heavy as sault. It seemed only a matter of time before it would fall. The Imperial Army s advantage remained steady. Carl: Seven......*ah* For me to have no choice but to call you this. It truly p ains my heart. No.07 Kurt: Right now, Im a member of the 422nd unit. Please dont be concerne d. Ramsey: This time, Major General Isler specifically handpicked you for this mis sion. Carl: Yes. Unforeseen circumstances have arisen, and this mission can only be a ssigned to you. Carl: This is His Eminence, Cardinal Jenaro Bolgia of the Church of Yggdism. Bolgia: Pleased to meet you. Carl: His Eminence, as a religious representative, has come here from the Yggdi st Church headquarters in the Empire. Carl: However, the High Commander in charge of the Empires offensive, Maximili an, is an atheist who does not recognize religion. Carl: His Eminence must be escorted back to the Imperial border without being d etected by Imperial forces. Carl: Because of this, we would like to entrust His Eminence Bolgias security escort to the Nameless. Bolgia: Ordinarily, I could formally apply for entry into the Principality of G allia and visit peacefully. Bolgia: But the flames of war have spread too far, now making this impossible. Bolgia: Diplomatic links between the two countries have been cut off. Bolgia: What we seek is peace. The ones who are suffering are not soldiers or p articipants but the common people.


Bolgia: Its because its for the peoples sake that I chose this dangerous roa d. Bolgia: If you can appreciate what I wish for, would you lend me your strength? No.07 Kurt: Yes, gladly. Carl: I had every confidence that if it was you, you would accept. Carl: Ah. I am sad that I am unable to call your name here and now. No.07 Kurt: From the beginning, we are people who obey any orders. Please leave this escort mission to us. Carl: Im counting on you. This mission is something necessary for the sake of Gallias future. Carl: To maintain the secrecy of your passage, only a single squad may be deplo yed. Please do your best. Carl: No matter what unit you are assigned to, I will always be counting on you . Carl: Along your journey, please prioritize His Eminences orders. You got that ? No.07 Kurt: Roger that, Sir! No.07 Kurt: Tomorrow morning, well be escorting His Eminence Bolgia towards th e Imperial border. No.56 Deit: Wait a minute. Were going through territory occupied by the Imperi al Army, arent we? No.56 Deit: Dont joke around. No matter how many lives we have, it wont be en ough.... No.21 Felix: Even if we make it to the border, will we be able to come back? We wont have any kind of support either. No.15 Amy: Everyone, whats with this weak-willed response? Were escorting the Cardinal Bolgia, you know? Lets do our best! No.13 Riela: Wow. Youre really fired up. No.32 Giulio: Could it be that youre a member of the Yggdist Church? No.06 Gusurg: The Yggdist Church....the religion that worships the Valkyrians, right? No.15 Amy: Yes! Lord Bolgia is an incredible person, you know! No.15 Amy: Once, when Lord Bolgia came to Gallia... No.15 Amy: In order for everyone to listen to him, worshippers from all over Ga llia gathered in one place. No.13 Riela: Cardinal Bolgia is a famous person, isnt he?

No.32 Giulio: Well, if he doesnt come in secret, it will become a really big f uss. No.07 Kurt: If you consider the power of his influence, to the Imperial Army, h e would be an interference, wouldnt he? No.15 Amy: Lord Bolgias sermons are easy to understand and are quite popular w ith the populNo.1. No.15 Amy: Like "No matter how difficult, no matter how hard it is to find, sal vation is definitely attainable". No.13 Riela: Certainly, its something that could be easy to understand. No.15 Amy: I joined the Yggdist Church through the influence of my father. No.32 Giulio: So then, has your father received salvation? No.15 Amy: Not yet, Id say. No.56 Deit: Well, thats for sure.... No.07 Kurt: We leave the crack of dawn. Everyone, be prepared. No.07 Kurt: These are the contents of our current mission. Get it well into you r head. [We will now begin an escort mission for the Cardinal Bolgia in an armored car t o the Imperial border.] [It is certain that defense units will be deployed along the route to the border .] [In order to successfully penetrate territory occupied by the Imperial Army, we must maintain secrecy in our movement and avoid populated areas.] [Along the way, although contact with enemy units is expected, the safe passage of the armored car is our top priority. Lets charge in and get the car through safely.] [Cardinal Bolgia cannot fall into the hands of the Imperial Army. We would like to be able to get through the heavy defenses and arrive safely.] No.07 Kurt: Everyone, dont stray from the mission guidelines. Now lets go. No.07 Kurt: From today on, a new member will be joining us. Im counting on you . No.58 Shin: Fifty-eight. I am called Shin Hyuga. No.58 Shin: Because I am from a foreign country, I may cause some trouble for y ou due to my ignorance but please look after me. No.07 Kurt: A medal has arrived. (random, but put in just for translation purpo ses)

City No.07 Kurt: Right. The shopping is mostly done. Next is the candy..... Male Civilian: Dont fall behind! Its already past time for us to set off! Female Civilian: Please wait! Ive gotten separated from my child! Male Civilian: Were leaving stragglers behind! Were not evacuating on foot, y ou know! No.07 Kurt: An evacuation, huh.....I wonder if theyre headed south. Male Civilian: You! Give me make the watch you stole! Zeri: I already told you I dont know anything about a watch. Male Civilian: Youre the most suspicious person here, you damn Darcsen! Zeri: What....? Are you saying I stole your watch because Im a Darcsen? Male Civilian: Thats right! Darcsens are folks who can kill and steal without any qualms at all. Zeri: Stop talking about Darcsens like theyre criminals!! If you say any more. ..!! No.07 Kurt: You, there, wait a minute. Chew on this and calm down. Zeri: What the heck is this? Are you trying to make a fool of me too? No.07 Kurt: Never mind. Just chew. Dont suck on it. Zeri: K.....something like this! *Crunch Time* Male Civilian: Dont get in the way! He stole my watch! Zeri: I didnt steal anything! No.07 Kurt: I thought I told you to calm down. You just be quiet for a minute. Zeri: ....... No.07 Kurt: Is the stolen watch something expensive? Male Civilian: Its a gold watch! I put it in my pocket and he stole it! No.07 Kurt: This place is pretty crowded but nobody else saw him steal your wat ch? Male Civilian: He was pretty quick! No.07 Kurt: You noticed when your watch got stolen and have had your eye on the culprit all this time while you followed him? Male Civilian: Yes, theres no mistake!

No.07 Kurt: In that case, the stolen watch should still be on him. Thats right , isnt it? Male Civilian: Uh.... No.07 Kurt: Now then, lets search his body. If the gold watch isnt on him.... . No.07 Kurt: Youll have to take responsibility for your false claim and compens ate him. Is that alright with you? Male Civilian: Compensate him, you say?! Dont joke around! Who would do such a thing for a Darcsen! No.07 Kurt: For you to call him a thief in front of everyone in public, youve got to have every confidence that youre right, dont you? Male Civilian: Shut up! Saying something unnecessary like that! Dont forget th is! No.07 Kurt: I thought hed put up a bit more resistance but he took off pretty easily. Zeri: Why would you save a Darcsen like me? No.07 Kurt: I had no intention of saving you. Its just that seeing you lose yo ur cool without thinking just seemed like an eyesore to me. Zeri: What?! In the end, youre just another guy looking down on Darcsens! No.07 Kurt: I look down on Darcsens? Rather than looking down on them, Im actu ally grateful to them. Zeri: Grateful, you say?! No.07 Kurt: Right, now, I have a Darcsen who accepts me for who I am. Zeri: Eh.....? No.07 Kurt: Hes an outstanding man. Its not just me. Hes trusted by everyone in the unit. Zeri: This Darcsen is a soldier? No.07 Kurt: Thats right. Zeri: A soldier, huh? No.07 Kurt: Youre interested in becoming a soldier? I suggest you give it up. Too many unreasonable things happen to them. Zeri: Eh? No.07 Kurt: Youre evacuating, right? In that case, just concentrate on getting out of this alive. Zeri: .....

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: q'CD (PATH A) Escort Transport Vehicle to Rendezvous Point (S Rank: 5) Forest / Fog None -b VB - PL (See Chapter 2 ,]^)

(VALKRYIA55 RECOMMENDED PATH) Name: q' - (PATH B) Grade: Objectives: Escort Transport Vehicle to Rendezvous Point (S Rank: 5) Special: City / Fog Limits: None Ace: ,\W Ace Drop: ZM-MP (See: Chapter 2. Path Mission - CDEF (PATH A)) Battle Victory

Borgia: Do you know of the "Ideology of Valkyria Salvation"? No.07 Kurt: No. I do not possess much knowledge regarding the Yggdist Church. Borgia: I see. In that case, let me tell you about it simply. Borgia: It would be better for you to know what kind of person you are now prot ecting, no? No.07 Kurt: It is as you say. Borgia: In an ancient time, the Valkyrians brought justice upon the Darcsen peo ple who had scorched this great earth. Borgia: Those beings called Valkyrians were created to save mankind. Borgia: We created the "Valkyrian Salvation Ideology" to pass on this idea. No.07 Kurt: To save mankind? Borgia: Thats right. One day, the Valkyrians will descend upon the world once again, and save it. Borgia: Regardless of rNo.1 or station, everyone will be saved. No.07 Kurt: Thats certainly an easy to understand ideology. No.07 Kurt: However, whether Valkyrians really exist, or whether there really i s something out there like a God, are things I dont believe.... No.07 Kurt: I have yet to see proof of these things with my own eyes. Borgia: Your way of thinking is fair. We have not seen anything that you could be considered undeniable proof.

Borgia: Its just that whats important isnt whether the Valkyria truly exist Borgia: More than that, it is far more precious for people to believe that salv ation is possible. Borgia: It is a faithful heart that can heal a wounded soul and show that perso n the right path. No.07 Kurt: Rather than have a person wait for salvation, shouldnt it be bette r to use ones own power to make that salvation a reality? Bolgia: Not everyone possesses your intelligence, capabilities or station in li fe. Bolgia: Thats why they need salvation. No.07 Kurt: Its disappointing, but it seems this is something I cant understa nd. Bolgia: Its fine if you dont understand. Its enough if you can just keep the idea in your heart. No.07 Kurt: It was a very interesting explanation. Thank you very much. No.13 Riela: thats what you were talking about. No.07 Kurt: It wasnt something I could understand very well. No.13 Riela: Valkyrias came out a lot in Grandpas stories. No.07 Kurt: Grandpa? No.13 Riela: I was an abandoned child. The one who raised me were the Grandpa a nd Grandma who found me. No.13 Riela: They told me a lot of stories. They were kind and were very precio us to me. No.07 Kurt: By "were", do you mean....? No.13 Riela: Yes. My Grandpa passed away in February. I lost the place where I belonged. No.13 Riela: After that, I joined the Volunteer Army and left the village. In o rder to find a new place to belong to. No.13 Riela: But, even though I left the village, nothing good ever happened to me. No.07 Kurt: No.13 Riela.... No.13 Riela: Say, Kurt. Before you joined the army, what were you like? No.07 Kurt: I was raised in the slums of Randgriz. No.07 Kurt: I managed to get into a military academy because my school grades w ere good. No.13 Riela: So youve been smart since you were a kid.

No.07 Kurt: I just like thinking about things and coming up with answers. No.13 Riela: You like to think? You sure are different, arent you, Kurt? No.07 Kurt: Not thinking at all is least thats what I think. No.13 Riela: I see. That could be a personal trait of yours, Kurt. No.07 Kurt: Its just how its supposed to be though. Thats all I think it is. No.07 Kurt: Were about a day away from the Imperial Border. Gusurg: Thats if nothing happens along the way. No.13 Riela: Scout reporting in! A village just ahead is under attack by Imperi al forces. No.13 Riela: A group of evacuating villagers seems to be engaging them! Zeri: Its too reckless! Facing the Imperial Army with just a village volunteer self-defense force! Villager: We dont have a choice, do we?! The Imperial Army isnt going to show mercy even to simple villagers! Villager: Uwah!! Zeri: Hey!? Pull yourself together! Damnit! At this rate...... No.13 Riela: Kurt, arent we going to save them? No.07 Kurt: If were going to prioritize safe passage, were going to have to a bandon them, though.... Bolgia: Commander, whats happening? No.07 Kurt: A group of villagers along our route appears to be under attack by Imperial forces. Bolgia: What? Is it possible to save them? No.07 Kurt: If its something His Eminence wishes... Bolgia: We cant just abandon them. Can I count on you? No.07 Kurt: Yes, sir! "No.01" Imcas Weakness No.01 Imca: ..... No.07 Kurt: You even do your own weapon maintenance. No.01 Imca: This isnt something other people can use. No.07 Kurt: You can do anything by yourself, cant you? No.01 Imca: .....

No.07 Kurt: ..... No.01 Imca: Not as much as you.... No.07 Kurt: Eh.....? No.01 Imca: All done. With this, theres no problem. No.07 Kurt: Would you like to take a break? Theres some coffee here. No.01 Imca: I dont want any. No.07 Kurt: Youre not good with it? No.01 Imca: I dont want it. I dont want to drink it. Its not delicious. No.13 Riela: Ah, are you two on a coffee break? No.07 Kurt: No, No.01 Imca apparently isnt good with coffee. No.13 Riela: If you dont like bitter things, shall we add milk and make it a m ilk coffee? No.13 Riela: Ill add a little bit of my hot so. No.13 Riela: Here you go! No.01 Imca: I cant believe it! Thats not something humans should drink! No.13 Riela: Whats the matter? Like this, its not bitter at all. No.01 Imca: I....cant drink milk. No.13 Riela: Eeh?! Milk is the source of energy, you know? No.07 Kurt: Well, its true that No.13 Riela always seems energetic. No.13 Riela: Right? Im someone who really loves milk! No.07 Kurt: But drinking too much can be bad for you. No.13 Riela: Thats not true at all! No.13 Riela: If you drink a lot, youll grow into a strong child! Kurt(?): Theres no evidence of that. No.13 Riela: My body is very healthy, you know? Ive never broken a bone and I have confidence in my strength! No.13 Riela: My wounds heal fast. Since I was a child, Ive never been to a doc tor or taken medicine! No.01 Imca: It makes your body strong...? No.01 Imca: ..... No.01 Imca: Maybe just a, I dont want any!

No.13 Riela: Its because of milk! Its absolutely true! No.07 Kurt: Yes, thats right. Its better that way. No.13 Riela: Do you realize how great milk is now? No.07 Kurt: No, I dont mean the milk. I mean the way you talk about it, Riela. No.13 Riela: Eh? No.07 Kurt: I feel the way you say things can be a little bit too considerate t owards others. No.07 Kurt: 2nd Lt Gunthers squad members have a natural way of communicating with one another. No.07 Kurt: Riela, you should avoid any complications and just say what you thi nk naturally. No.13 Riela: Kurt, if you say itll be better that way, Ill do it. No.07 Kurt: Everyone will find it easier to talk to you that way too.. No.13 Riela: you think so? No.07 Kurt: Isnt that right, Imca? No.01 Imca: I cant....I just cant drink it after all! No.13 Riela: Shes picky, isnt she? (Seems that she needs practice?) City? No.07 Kurt: Only a day away from the border ?: It would be great if nothing went wrong ?: Reporting in! Imperial army attacking from the front! We need to help the civilians who are not evacuating the village! Battle Begins Zeri: You damned Imperials! Get out of here! Zeri: What?! Those black uniformed soldiers are from the Gallian Army? Zeri: Wait....I recognize that face. No.07 Kurt: Were a Gallian special operations unit. No.07 Kurt: Under the orders of a certain individual, were going to repel the Imperial Army. No.07 Kurt: You home militiamen dont have to risk your lives anymore. Please w ithdraw. No.07 Kurt: That person is....

No.07 Kurt: Were going to save you now. Dont die. Zeri: Y..Yes, sir! Name: mi Grade: Objectives: Default Special Enemy Tank (Center) and Occupy TWO Target Ba ses (S Rank: 5) Special: n/a Limits: Zeri Temporarily Joins Squad Ace: J$ Ace Drop: 34567MT001 Tank Weapon : RF101 Weapon Blueprint Battle Victory Zeri: We won, huh? Im so glad.

No.07 Kurt: Mission complete. Amy, inform the villagers that the battle is over . No.15 Amy: Everyone! It was Lord Bolgia that asked to save everyone! Male Villager: Oh! Lord Bolgia! Female Villager: Thank you very much! Bolgia: The most important thing is that everyone is safe. Bolgia: May all of Gallias people receive Valkyrias Salvation. Female Villager: May Lord Bolgia receive Valkyrias Salvation! No.07 Kurt: That man is truly charismatic... Zeri: When I saw your uniform, I thought it might be the case but it was you af ter all! No.07 Kurt: Youre the young man from that time, huh? Zeri: My name is Zeri. Whats yours? No.07 Kurt: ....Im Kurt. Zeri: Ive been saved by you once again. Im very grateful. No.07 Kurt: If you want to thank someone, thank His Eminence Bolgia. No.07 Kurt: We saved you under orders. I personally thought abandoning you was the wiser plan. No.06 Gusurg: Kurt, should we rest in this village for today? No.07 Kurt: Thats a good idea. His Eminence and everyone else should be able t o rest easily here.

Zeri: A Darcsen....could this person be....? No.07 Kurt: Yeah. This is the Darcsen whos my savior. No.06 Gusurg: Savior? What are you saying? Isnt it the opposite? Zeri: Eh? No.06 Gusurg: Im standing here today thanks to this person Kurt. Zeri: Thanks to this Gallian Kurt? No.06 Gusurg: Youre making a face like you dont believe me, arent you? But I m not lying. No.06 Gusurg: Someday you might meet someone who will change you too. No.06 Gusurg: Theres no telling whether that person will be Darcsen or not. Th ats what I think. Zeri: Mr. No.06 Gusurg. No.06 Gusurg: Now then, you should go back. Itll be better for you if you don t get involved with us. Bye. Zeri: (Meet someone who will change me, huh?) Dormitory No.13 Riela: Its great that we saved those evacuees today, isnt it? No.07 Kurt: Yeah.... No.07 Kurt: Hm...this is wrong. This isnt the right spice. No.07 Kurt: Hm...the taste is too strong. I have to mix in thyme. No.13 Riela: Say, Kurt. What are you doing with that there? No.07 Kurt: Im using wild herbs that grow around here to make spice. No.07 Kurt: Cooking is a hobby of mine. No.13 Riela: Hm, thats a surprising hobby! No.07 Kurt: Even though you say its surprising, all Im doing is adding spice to food to taste. No.13 Riela: What was that just now that you said still tasted too strong? No.07 Kurt: Cooking isnt an exact science. Thats why Im always experimenting . No.07 Kurt: For instance, for summer and winter, tastes which feel delicious di ffer, dont they? No.13 Riela: Eh? Is that right?!

No.07 Kurt: In fact, for different seasons, the taste isnt the same, you know? No.13 Riela: Um, er....I think so, maybe? No.13 Riela: (What should I do? I dont understand at all.) No.07 Kurt: Many things can make the taste of the spices more complex. No.07 Kurt: Such as the temperature, humidity, season. No.07 Kurt: The freshness of the plants can also change. There are infinite pos sibilities. No.13 Riela: Infinite possibilities? Even with that powder?! No.07 Kurt: If you use good spices, even lousy army rations become delicious to eat. No.07 Kurt: Its a very useful hobby, dont you think? No.13 Riela: Its a good thing. That I understand. Yup. No.13 Riela: (So, how long is he going to go on....?) No.13 Riela: Mm....I fell asleep? No.13 Riela: Wha?! Its already morning?! No.07 Kurt: Good morning, No.13 Riela. No.13 Riela: Youre still at it?! No.07 Kurt: Yeah. I lost track of time. No.13 Riela: Huh? More importantly, did I spend the whole night in your room? No.07 Kurt: You were sleeping pretty soundly so I didnt wake you. No.13 Riela: Th...this is very bad!! No.07 Kurt: I didnt do anything though. No.13 Riela: Thats true but everyone else isnt going to think so! No.32 Giulio: Hey, I heard Seven spend the night with No.13 Riela? No.23 Leila: Looks like well need a thorough investigation to get to the botto m of this. No.56 Deit: Abusing his power, huh? No.07 Kurt: All I was doing was making spices. This could get messy. No.01 Imca: ....... No.01 Imca: .......I cant watch this (this is outrageous). Cooking Duel

No.32 Giulio: Now, lets start, shall we, Kurt? No.07 Kurt: Thats fine with me. No.06 Gusurg: Whats starting here? No.15 Amy: It looks like a cooking contest. No.06 Gusurg: What the heck is that about? No.13 Riela: There were apparently some good ingredients in the stuff the Imper ial Army left behind. No.21 Felix: Its a present from the Imperial Army. "From Maximilian, with love ", eh? No.21 Felix: Its a good opportunity. Looks like they really worked hard to get the food done. Lets give thanks and chow down. No.56 Deit: Is Imperial food even good to eat? No.15 Amy: So while those two were trying the ingredients, they had a differenc e of opinion and it became some kind of challenge. No.32 Giulio: If this Imperial cuisine lacks the taste of the Empire, I cant s erve it! No.07 Kurt: No, we should factor for season and climate. Even the taste of the water is different here. No.24 Annika: Its getting interesting! Its a duel between Traditional Chef Gi ulio and the Experimenter Kurt! No.06 Gusurg: Hoh. So how long have they been at it? No.15 Amy: Half a days preparation and cooking for the last two hours. Thats about right, I think. No.06 Gusurg: Oi oi, thats too long! Is it alright to keep Cardinal Bolgia wai ting? No.13 Riela: Cardinal Bolgias food was prepared separately so its alright. No.32 Giulio: This Jimafuta meat has a delicate flavor. Using country methods, it becomes dramatically more delicious. No.32 Giulio: This traditional recipe, which has been protected in the Empire f or hundreds of years, I will now use! No.07 Kurt: Whether Imperial tradition is untouchable or an obstacle to progres s, Ill provide the answer. No.07 Kurt: If its a light taste then a Bouquet Garni made of fresh herbs is t he optimal choice. No.07 Kurt: Like it would lose to something like Imperial traditions! No.24 Annika: Who do you think will win?

No.15 Amy: The one Id like to try is the Imperial cooking but the Commanders looks good too. No.21 Felix: Its fine to just eat them both, right? Im looking forward to it! No.01 Imca: Jimafuta is delicious even when its just grilled...... No.06 Gusurg: I want to eat quickly. My stomach is empty.... No.21 Felix: Yum! No.24 Annika: What is this?! Both of them are delicious! Im so impressed! No.15 Amy: Having gotten them to taste this good, deciding who won or lost will be impossible. No.32 Giulio: Its a challenge so make sure you make a decision! No.07 Kurt: No.32 Giulios right. If you dont make it as clear as black and wh ite, theres no meaning to it. No.21 Felix: Give us seconds! Well make the one who does the winner! No.32 Giulio: No can do! No.07 Kurt: Its not a challenge based on volume. Make a decision based on the taste. No.21 Felix: Its not a dilemma, its more like we just dont know the answer.. . No.24 Annika: I dont know either! No.13 Riela: It could just come down to personal taste. No.01 Imca: Grilled is the most delicious.... No.32 Giulio: Now then, after eating, make sure you decide which one was the mo st delicious! No.32 Giulio: A draw, huh? No.07 Kurt: Its a draw. No.13 Riela: Huh? Looks like someone hasnt voted yet? No.24 Annika: Its Mr. Gusurg! Hes still over there eating! No.06 Gusurg: Hm? Is there something to do with me? No.32 Giulio: Gusurg! Which one of them tasted delicious to you? No.07 Kurt: Just tell us No.07 Kurt: Hey, Gusurg. Whats that deep red stuff? No.32 Giulio: Ohh!? Neither me nor Kurt used such a sauce!? No.06 Gusurg: Oh, this? Its "Afterburner". Its my favorite hot spicy sauce.

No.06 Gusurg: I love hot stuff. I always add this to my meat. Would you guys li ke to try? No.07 Kurt: Gusurg...!! No.32 Giulio: Dont go messing around with our cooking!! You wouldnt be forgiv en for it even if you tried to defend yourself in court! No.06 Gusurg: Its okay, isnt it?! I like it hot! Frontier No.13 Riela: Were almost to the border. No.23 Leila: This went surprisingly smoothly. Is the Imperial Army is full of u seless men after all? No.32 Giulio: Id like that to be true. No.07 Kurt: We still have a ways to go. Dont let down your guard. No.06 Gusurg: No.01 Imca, please take point along our route. Keep an eye on our flanks rather than directly in front of us. No.01 Imca: Not a problem. No.13 Riela: An enemy unit is approaching from the forest on the front right! T heyve begun attacking! No.07 Kurt: An ambush?! Why in a place like this? <----I found a translation fo r the first phrase to be "ambush", not "guerilla" - got fooled by the "soldier" kanji. No.21 Felix: This isnt the time to be thinking about it! No.07 Kurt: Everyone, prepare to engage! No.06 Gusurg: Hey, look! That emblem is from that Darcsen unit from before! No.07 Kurt: That black unit, huh? Whether its by Gods hand or the Devils cur se, theres a limit to such things! No.07 Kurt: (Was His Eminence Bolgias route leaked to the Imperial Army?) No.07 Kurt: (In any case, under these circumstances, theres no place to run... .!) CR Soldier: The enemy unit is at a severe disadvantage. Dahau: Isnt that obvious? Its a disadvantage placed on them from the beginnin g. No.07 Kurt: Form a defensive line! Protect the Cardinal to the death!

Battle Begins

Name: ,, Grade: Objectives: Escort Transport Vehicle to Rendezvous Point (S Rank: 4) Special: Heavy Armored Gunners Appear (VERY HARD MISSION TO S RANK) Limits: None Ace: ,- Ace Drop: ZM-Kar Scout : Rifle 21 vs Personnel 31 vs Armor 80 Accuracy 7 shots 220 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: This is bad. Theyve completely caught up with us. No.06 Gusurg: We cant hold out any more! If youve got any ideas, nows the ti me. Bolgia: Commander, I have something to talk to you about. No.07 Kurt: Cardinal Bolgia!? This place is dangerous! Bolgia: I realize our situation. I'll go over to the enemy side as an emissary an d attempt to negotiate a truce. No.07 Kurt: You cant do that! If that happens, youll fall into the hands of t he Imperial Army! Bolgia: We cant allow ourselves to die here. Bolgia: Besides, I am an Imperial citizen too. If these Imperial people have he arts, Id like to believe theyll negotiate. No.07 Kurt: Cardinal......I understand. No.07 Kurt: All units, cease combat! Raise a white flag! CR Soldier: Captain Dahau! The enemy has raised a white flag! Dahau: Hm....cease our attacks. Lets see what they do. No.07 Kurt: It looks like theyve accepted our surrender. No.06 Gusurg: Kurt, it looks like they have a condition for us if we want to en ter negotiations with them. No.06 Gusurg: "Including the unit commander, send four to negotiate. If there a re any Darcsens with you, prioritize them." No.07 Kurt: Darcsens?

No.06 Gusurg: Is it because theyre a unit made up of Darcsens? Im curious so Im going to join you. No.07 Kurt: Next, just in case, is Imca. After that, its me and Cardinal Bolgi a to make four of us. Dahau: Central Gallian Frontline Army, Special Operations Unit Calamity Raven C ommander, Captain Dahau. Dahau: I am honored to be in your presence, Your Eminence Cardinal Jiunalo Bolg ia. Bolgia: Theres no need to stand on ceremony. Were the ones who want to negoti ate. Dahau: Now then, after the Cardinal, I would like those who accompany him to in troduce themselves. No.07 Kurt: Escort Unit Commander, Seven. Dahau: I wanted to hear your name. If you refuse to answer, shall we consider o ur negotiations terminated? No.07 Kurt: .....422nd Unit Commander, 2nd Lieutenant Kurt Irving. No.06 Gusurg: From the same unit, Master Sergeant Gusurg. No.01 Imca: .... Imca. Dahau: Very well. Lets make these negotiations simple. Dahau: If you agree to hand over Cardinal Bolgia to us, I will guarantee 2nd Li eutenant Irvings units safe retreat. Dahau: Thats all. I trust theres no problem with that? No.07 Kurt: What do you intend to do with the Cardinal? Dahau: I am a Darcsen. By nature, I do not enjoy conflict. I intend to manage t he Cardinals safe passage. Dahau: However, I also have a responsibility to hand the Cardinal over to His H ighness, Maximilian. Dahau: I can promise you that the Cardinal will be well treated on his journey there, but I am not in a position to have any say on how he will be sentenced. Dahau: I would like you to understand that much. Bolgia: That is sufficient. No.07 Kurt: I have no words to excuse myself, Your Eminence. I apologize for fa iling my mission. Bolgia: I am thankful to you for giving your all. Bolgia: To ensure that your efforts do not go to waste, I will try to enter a d ialogue with His Majesty.

Dahau: 2nd Lieutenant Kurt. The next time we meet, I would like to face you on even ground. No.07 Kurt: Even in chess, theres such a thing as initiative and flanking. The res no such a thing as an "even ground". Dahau: Heh....youre not mistaken. But lets look forward to fighting in condit ions close to that. No.06 Gusurg: I have to ask. Why did you ask us Darcsens to come? Dahau: I wanted you to know of my existence. No.06 Gusurg: Eh......? Dahau: Gusurg, do you possess confidence and pride in yourself as a Darcsen? Dahau: I possess that. A sense of conceit that the Darcsens are a great people. Dahau: In order to prove it, I direct a unit of Darcsens and stand on the battl efield. No.06 Gusurg: This is the first time Ive seen such a bold Darcsen. Dahau: Darcsens consider refusal to resist with violence a noble act and have a lways tolerated persecution. Dahau: However, by just doing that, we will never grasp the future. We need to have ambition. No.06 Gusurg: Ambition...... Dahau: Spread the word to our comrades in Gallia. The existence of our unit, wh ich fights with pride and ambition in our hearts. No.06 Gusurg; Persecution in the Empire is supposed to be even worse than in Gal lia. Even so, why? Dahau: Its because its so severe that we understand. The fact that ambition i s what the Darcsen people need. No.06 Gusurg: Because its so Dahau: You said your name is Imca, right? Is there ambition in your heart? No.01 Imca: .......I dont need such a thing. Dahau: Im not here to force anything. Because this is something Darcsens have to realize for themselves. Dahau: Gusurg. Imca. For you as well, the day will come when youll realize. No.06 Gusurg: (Whats with this man? Is he really a Darcsen?) No.07 Kurt: In our last encounter, if not for the 7th Squads added strength, w e would have been defeated.

No.07 Kurt: This is the second time Ive been defeated by that man, Dahau. Hes definitely on a higher level than me. No.07 Kurt: What am I lacking? Comparing myself to him......what could it be? I f I dont find it......! No.07 Kurt: Ill surpass this.....absolutely! Ill show that I can surpass this ....! Cardinal Jinoalo . This incident d the few others The Gallian High ated stalemate. Bolgia was captured and taken away by the special imperial unit was treated as top secret information by Major General Isler an who were aware of it. Command took advantage of this and used it to break the complic

CHAPTER 5: THE FORBIDDEN OPERATION ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 5 Name: 55 Grade: Objectives: Escort Vehicle to Rendezvous Point (S Rank: 4) Special: Canyon Environment Limits: n/a Ace: I,J Ace Drop: 34567SR001 Weapons blueprint SR001 or TUF1 Tank : Tank Weapon - F1 Flamethrower Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: F!-i Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 3) Snowy Environment Unlocks AFTER seeing the event: 2. Prevents Mortar Shells in another Story Mission n/a None n/a

Name: T| i Grade: Objectives: Imca reaches Rendezvous Point (S Rank: 5) Special: Unlocked after Clearing the Game Limits: (Imca) Only Ace: Jt Ace Drop: mn6o Tank Weapon Turret 001 or

ZM - MPA Shock : Machine-gun 51 vs Personnel 58 vs Armor 78 Accuracy 20 shots 150 range C Interception Fire Rating ========================== Late May, in the face of the Imperial Armys onslaught, Fouzen fell and the nort hern territories of Gallia fell into Imperial hands. The divided Regular Gallia n Army continued to advance after recapturing Vasel, and began to turn the table s on the central Imperial advance. At the same time, the Volunteer Army in the central theatre targeted the headquarters of the Imperial Armys southern advanc e. 1935, Late May, Gallian Army Headquarters Ramsey: Dont breathe a word about the Bolgia incident to anyone. You got that? No.07 Kurt: That incident ended in failure but there doesnt seem to have been any kind of punishment for it. Ramsey: Its great that the man in charge happened to be Major General Isler. Ramsey: The Nameless next mission has been decided. Ramsey: It looks like the plan is to take the main base of Imperial Armys sout hern advance forces at Croden. No.07 Kurt: You mean us? Ramsey: Leave that to the Volunteer Army. At the same time, the Regular Army wi ll advance towards the central strategic point of Yuell. Ramsey: The Namelesss next mission is to prepare the way for the invasion of Y uell. No.07 Kurt: Infiltrate the Imperial stronghold there, you mean? Ramsey: Youll dress as civilians to get in. Easy, right? No.07 Kurt: Isnt posing as civilians is supposed to be forbidden? Ramsey: Thats why you Nameless are doing it. No.07 Kurt: ......Right. No.07 Kurt: The mission this time is a sabotage mission, involving an infiltrat ion of the city of Yuell. No.13 Riela: But were going to disguise ourselves as civilians? No.21 Felix: Thats against International Conventions of War!

No.15 Amy: Is that true? No.21 Felix: In order to receive commands from a Commander, soldiers must be dr essed in military uniforms, badges, and their weapons cannot leave their body. No.11 Alfons: In other words, people who arent wearing military uniforms aren t recognized as combatants. No.13 Riela: Is it bad somehow if one isnt a recognized combatant. No.11 Alfons: People who arent officially recognized soldiers who participate in battles are treated as war criminals. No.11 Alfons: They would be the equivalent of armed bandits. No.06 Gusurg: In the battlefield, there may sometimes be civilians in it who do nt want to get involved in either side. No.06 Gusurg: To violate this rule and force ordinary people to become soldiers would be a crime, wouldnt it? No.13 Riela: Thats why its forbidden, right? No.12 Valerie: Thats not all. Because civilians may be feared to be potential combatants in a conflict.... No.12 Valerie: They may be subject to mass executions. To avoid this, it became an International Convention not to use civilians as combatants. No.13 Riela: And were about to break that convention....? No.11 Alfons: Thats because were the "Capable of Anything" Nameless. Its tru ly regrettable though. No.07 Kurt: Were unknown, we cant stop at anything. No.12 Valerie: But camouflaging as civilians is a banned tactic. No.21 Felix: People who violate the Conventions of War lose their human rights. No.21 Felix: If we were found out, we would be executed on the spot without wai ting for a trial. No.13 Riela: No! No.56 Deit: Even being involved would be a crime. And were about to commit it. .... No.07 Kurt: Well, we obviously dont have a choice in the matter. [rinchans translation ends here] Dahau: Well...the south. Dahau: It seems their generals are not easy to defeat. Lydia: Im in a good mood Dahau: Ah, Second Commander Agute, Zig?

Woman: I told you not to call me that! I told you to just call me Lydia! Dahau: Oh, Im sorry, Im guess I'm just not used to it? Zig: Excuse me Dahau! Im sorry Im late! Dahau: Punctuality is a military requirement, remember that. Zig: Yes! Dahau: Lydia, Zig, I want you to lead a team to the South. Lydia: The South? Where to? Dahau: To occupy the Southwest harbor. Lydia: It isnt too far from the frontlines? (___!) Dahau: This is what we were ordered to do? Lydia: Yeah and anyway, the Southwest didnt get in the initial fire Lydia: So we shouldnt care about it. Dahau: Zig, get to the Imperial Army strongholds in the central and southern pa rts of Yuell. Zig: Yes, sir! Dahau: This is what Commander Jaeger asked. Dahau: Hes leading the main force to the supply base in the South. Dahau: It should be empty of enemies, but just in case, they hope to get reinfo rcements. Zig: Leave it to me! Lydia: Dahau, are you just going to stay at home and have fun? Dahau: I have to go to the fortress to meet with His Royal Highness. Lydia: Someones not looking for a promotion, are they? Dahau: Give me a break, thats opposite my reasoning. Selvaria: Your highness, Captain Dahau has arrived. Maximilian: Well, let him in. Dahau: Your Excellency (?) Dahau: Commander of the Calamity Raven wishes your audience. (?) Maximilian: Well... (Its much better to?) Dahau: Im afraid I fear my team leader cannot think of his Royal Highness can be seen on the place. (?)

Maximilian: I will not listen to your words before (Shao came?). Maximilian: I must re-confirm your loyalty, do you understand? Dahau: ......I dont understand why its necessary to give me loyalty to you. Maximilian: You must say it. Dahau: Im sorry......I must return to the battlefield. Maximilian: What? Dahau: Only soldiers express their loyalty by gaining victory. Wolves will als o protect their offspring. Maximilian: Youre wrong, Dahau. Youre not a wolf, youre a hound. Dahau: Then I will try to be a loyal dog of the empire. Maximilian: You want to be considered a dog? Dahau: I know from the bottom of my heart......that His Royal Highness will tak e the Empire to greatness (?) Dahau: Forgive my leave. Selvaria: Stop! Youre still in the presence of His Royal Highness! Maximilian: Its okay Selvaria, let him go. Dahau: ... (leaves) Selvaria: Your Highness! How can you tolerate his wrong (savage) military styl e! Maximilian: It would be very easy to kill him. Maximilian: So Im willing to risk it. Maximilian: Because even though he is a Darcsen, he has the skills to be on the Chair of Generals. Selvaria: Your Highness... Shopping No.07 Kurt: And we also need some salt, and sugar. No.13 Riela: Wait, there are no places to buy these...... No.07 Kurt: Ah, theres a grocery store there. No.13 Riela: Wait, hold on a minute! Grocery Store No.13 Riela: sure dont take your time (dont like to relax while)

buying things! No.07 Kurt: Since I led the team to defeat at the bridge battle, I will buy the food at a bargain. (?) No.13 Riela: Thats some punishment to do all the shopping. Dont spend everyt hing...... (?) No.07 Kurt: Dont underestimate bargains. No.07 Kurt: You can buy quality goods at cheaper prices! To do this, speed is key. No.07 Kurt: Thats because the cheap goods sell out quickly. No.07 Kurt: Ive been shopping around and thats a must, so we should take adva ntage of it? No.13 Riela: I suppose, yes, but thats not any fun...... No.07 Kurt: We only bought what well eat. No.13 Riela: What else besides buying sugar and salt for ten.....? No.07 Kurt: The other things (on the list) we need are wire and baking soda. No.13 Riela: The wire is for Number Fifty-Six to do arts and crafts No.13 Riela: The baking soda is for Amy to do washing and clean up. No.07 Kurt: Baking soda is very useful. No.07 Kurt: It can be used with vegetables, and also boiling meat and beans. No.07 Kurt: I already bought it. I bought it at a bargain. No.07 Kurt: Riela, what did you buy? No.13 Riela: I forgot to get something......Ah...... No.13 Riela: I wonder if I can get something before the sun goes down...? No.07 Kurt: Theres still one more (on the list). Riela, do you know where we can buy this? No.13 Riela: Let me see...A whip!? No.07 Kurt: This is for No. 23. For a horse. No.13 Riela: Maybe a pet shop would have it? No.07 Kurt: I know where a pet shop is, lets go see. No.13 Riela: You ran off again...... No.13 Riela: Okay...finally bought the whip. No.07 Kurt: I didnt think it would be so expensive

No.07 Kurt: But were still within our budget. No.13 Riela: It wasnt easy, but Im glad we did it. No.07 Kurt: Good, then theres one last thing. No.13 Riela: Eh eh! There is!? No.07 Kurt: Isnt there anything you want to buy for yourself? No.13 Riela: I dont know...for myself?

No.07 Kurt: I would like to use the extra budget to buy you a special gift. Wh at do you say. No.13 Riela: I dont know about that! No.07 Kurt: Commanders orders. No.13 Riela: What I want......well, well, it is......! No.07 Kurt: Really? You want something so cheap. No.13 Riela: Yeah! I secretly collect cheap lucky charms No.13 Riela: Because Im poor...... No.07 Kurt: Theres no theoretical basis behind becoming luckier with inexpensi ve necklaces. No.13 Riela: Well, maybe for an ordinary necklace... No.07 Kurt: Eh...... No.13 Riela: But this isnt any ordinary inexpensive necklace, this is a speci al gift from Kurt.

Battle Begins Name: s, Grade: Objectives: Occupy TWO Target Bases (S Rank: 4) Special: n/a Limits: None Ace: ,1 Ace Drop: LSch Fencer : Sword 350 vs Personnel 227 vs Armor 99 Accuracy 1 shots 40 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

City Outskirts No.11 Alfons: The captain of the South isnt far from the civilian camp. No.13 Riela: We can ask them about some municipal station? (?) No.07 Kurt: Make sense, lets go. No.07 Kurt: This is a civilian camp site. No.06 Gusurg: Much less people than expected from such a big city. Cosette: It doesnt matter. If you ever feel any pain, please come to me. Civilian: Thank you Cosette, you have to take a break. Cosette: That sounds good! However, there are too many patients for that! Cosette: Here is where ... Cosette: Hey? Hey you, are you a soldier? No.13 Riela: Ah, yes, what? Cosette: Really!? Great! I was looking forward to your arrival! No.07 Kurt: Hm...I didnt expect someone to be so pleased atour arrival..... Cosette: Hello, my name is Cosette, and Im helping treat people in this camp. No.13 Riela: In that case, we could just ask her. No.07 Kurt: Cosette......Can you tell us something about the situation of the c ity? Cosette: The city? Well, now...... No.07 Kurt: Ah......the city has no inhabitants. Cosette: Yes......there was an occupation on the stronghold by the Imperial Arm y, which prohibited outsider access... Cosette: During the war, so many families were separated and never seen again. No.06 Gusurg: Thats how it goes. No.06 Gusurg: Since the city has no inhabitants, there is no need to disguise o urselves. No.13 Riela: Dont do it. We cant give the civilians any more trouble. No.07 Kurt: We cannot violate our command.

No.06 Gusurg: In that case, why dont we just change the command? No.07 Kurt: Well ... then get ready for a fight. Soldier: Yo! Long time no see Kurt! Youre still alive. No.07 Kurt: Its Number Seven now...... Soldier: Oh, my mistake, did you have something for me? No.07 Kurt: I have to report the current situation of our task. We are now in the city...... Soldier: You said that you cant disguise yourselves as civilians of the city? No.07 Kurt: I think you should consider some other way. Soldier: Then youll just have to do it! The captains orders are there to sta y. Soldier: Anyway, it will be a good job done as long as we can explode through t he door. Soldier: Then youll sneak beautifully into the city! No.07 Kurt: I understand. No.13 Riela: Without a disguise its no good. How are we going to sneak into th e city? No.07 Kurt: It is up to this squad. Cosette: Oh, Kurt! Youre so tough! No.07 Kurt: Cosette? You still have to do work at night. Cosette: Yes, because of the lack of helping hands, and there are so many injur ed.... No.13 Riela: If you dont rest, wont you be tired!? Cosette: Ah .. but if I dont do something, I will begin to get sad... No.13 Riela: I see...... No.07 Kurt: Cosette? Do you have no other way into the city? No.07 Kurt: In order to recapture it from the Empires hands, we have to go ins ide. Cosette: I think...theres a shallow sewer near my home Cosette: I remember it is straight outside, will that work? No.07 Kurt: Really? Tell me where it is. Cosette: Ill have to lead you to a safe, secure area near my home.

Cosette: If you take the wrong way you could end up in the dangerous center of the city. No.07 Kurt: ......I see. I will be responsible for you, if you lead the way, Co sette. Cosette: Alright! The City Zig: Are you the captain of the garrison? Captain: Who are you? Zig: I am under orders from the Commander Dahau to serve as a reinforcement. Captain: Commander Dahau gave you these orders? Zig: You didnt hear? Captain: They told us we were getting reinforcements, but I didnt know it was a bunch of Darcsens. Zig: Race doesnt matter! Watch your words, alright? Zig: You havent seen the cities Ive seen in person. (?) Captain: You cant tell me what to do, you Darcsen whelp! Captain: You should be obediently crouching behind me! Zig: It doesnt matter what you say ... (the day will come when?) you will regre t it! Cosette: We have entered the city! No.07 Kurt: Good. Everyone, be prepared for battle!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: q'CD - NORTH - (PATH A) Destroy Special Target [Supply Containers] (S Rank: 5) Boss: N (Zig) Cossette Temporary Joins, Free Mission can stop Mortars ,ZM-SGX (See Chapter 3 - ,]^)


Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop:

Destroy Special Target [Supply Containers] (S Rank: 5) Gain Accessory (Any Rank) : , ( + 20) (EVADE + 20) None VB - PL (See: Chapter 2. ,]^)

Battle Victory

Zig: The door was bombed, your opinion isnt tenable... (?) Zig: If you do not nest here, you wont let me go to the front. (?) Zig: ...Dahau said those people were from Squad 422. Zig: I will defeat you next time! I swear it! Zig: Calamity Raven, retreat! The Next Morning No.1 No.01 Imca: The city of looks ruined. Cosette: I must sincerely thank you Cosette: At least we have a home to return to. Although the houses have been... No.07 Kurt: Yeah...... Cosette: This way...I can get a tombstone made for mother and father. Cosette: Or should I...... Cosette: Oh......! Father! Mother! ... No.13 Riela: Cosette...... No.07 Kurt: Lets go, Riela No.13 Riela: Kurt? We can do more... No.07 Kurt: Flood control is work of the regular army, we cannot stay here anym ore. No.13 Riela: ...Ah No.07 Kurt: Team, the mission is complete. No.15 Amy: Yes! No.06 Gusurg: This time we successfully completed it. No.56 Deit: We worked to finish the job quickly. No.21 Felix: Hey you, what are you doing here!

Kid: Youre the military right? Listen to me! No.13 Riela: What happened? No.21 Felix: Stop! Dont let him through! Kid: Let me see the Captain! It might be too late! Gusurg: A kid? No.07 Kurt: I am the Captain, what is it? Kid: I was in the militia. Kid: A large enemy group is attacking Mellvere back there! Gusurg: Large? Kid: The militia cant stop them alone! Kid: You have to go to them immediately! Please, cmon! No.07 Kurt: I understand, give me some time. Soldier: Mellvere is under attack? No.07 Kurt: This is an unexpected situation, whats the nearest we should not a ttack it? (?) Soldier: Thats unknown. I will tell the top. Soldier: Regular army cannot withdraw from the city? Not to mention they are mo bile. (The army cant be allowed to withdraw from the city? Get ready to move ou t?) No.07 Kurt: I understand. No.07 Kurt: The attack was approved, Nameless set out towards the city now. Kid: Please hurry! Our people are still fighting! No.07 Kurt: I understand, lets go! Mellvere Militia: Damn! Theyve rushed into the city! Woman: Wheres Avan? Avan hasnt come back!? Lydia: Well, its not like a bunch of ordinary people with guns can make it. Lydia: This is called "pointless resistance"! Lydia: Its just a matter of time before they go on the chopping block. <Tank scene>

Lydia: Not bad. That was very cool. This is going to be fun. No.07 Kurt: Come on, were a step behind! Avan: Beast! How dare you do that to our city! Avan: Ahhhhhhhhhh! No.07 Kurt: Wait, stop! Avan: I got it!!

Battle Begins Name: ,: Grade: Objectives: Occupy THREE Target Bases (S Rank: 2) Special: n/a Limits: None Ace: ,1 Ace Drop: LSch Fencer : Sword 350 vs Personnel 227 vs Armor 99 Accuracy 1 shots 40 range or (On the second time i.e POST-GAME) Tank Weapon : SW001 Weapon Blueprint 34567SW001 Battle Victory

Lydia: Oh no, this cannot be, ah Soldier: Is it time to withdraw, Miss Lydia. Lydia: It is, this occupation business is no fun. Lydia: Although the occupation of transporting troops by boat from the north en d of the supply base is not bad Lydia: They had to dump the South (?) Lydia: The old mans head is really not working Soldier: Which old man is she referring to? Lydia: That is what the old man with the glasses was preaching about (?) Soldier: Eh?! Uh, well... Lydia: Retreat

Lydia: They wont catch us, and the rest is performing well. (rest is going acc ording to plan?) Soldier: Yes! Ill issue evacuation orders immediately! Lydia: These Nameless really are good......Damn! Avan: I ran into them in the middle of nowhere, and sure enough, theyre part o f the regular army! No.13 Riela: Were in fact not the regular army... Avan: Youre not? Are you similar to volunteers? No.06 Gusurg: Volunteers are not the same. Avan: My brother is a volunteer Avan: His name is Leon Hardins, have you heard of him? No.07 Kurt: We do not know other squads, we always perform tasks separately. Avan: Well, if you ever manage to run into him, tell him that I work my hardest Avan: There "come on". (And tell him to go for it!?.) No.07 Kurt: You dont worry about him? Avan: I dont have to, he cant possibly lose! No.07 Kurt: It seems that your brother is a very reliable person. Avan: Yeah! The best in the world! No.07 Kurt: If I have a chance to meet him, I promise Ill relay your messages to him. Avan: Please! No.13 Riela: Now that Mellvere is recovered, the South has become even more sta ble. No.07 Kurt: Mellvere was also drawn into the war, and now youre all tasked wit h the trouble of rebuilding. Avan: We will do it! "To solve by hand is faster than to solve by thinking!" No.13 Riela: Thats very true Avan: Hehe, its what my brother taught me!

After capturing the Southern city of Yuell, the army regained dominance of the S outh. Coincidentally, the supply base for the Imperial Army in the South was al so liberated. In addition, due to the large force was pushed back during the attacks on Mellve

re, General Lydia and her troops retreated to the North by sea. And so, the Gallian Armys counterattack finally began...

CHAPTER 6: INTRUDE INTO THE EMPIRE TERRITORY ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 6 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Kill All Troops (S Rank: 4) Ruins (Heat Environment) Tip: Use Area Recon Order to find the hidden troops. Clearing gives Golden Bullet Accessory (,) {S - Rank guarantees this n/a `abc VB PL (See Chapter Mission:

drop} Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: or


:mn6oA01 Weapons blueprint A01 ========================== In mid-June, the Gallian Liberation Army proposed a strategy to push back the So utheast Imperial Army back to the North. In response, the Imperial Army dispatc hed troops to the desert, while at the same time establishing a number of strong holds, hoping the proposed strategy never got off the ground. 1935, Late May, Commanders Office Ramsey: Mellvere was an added challenge, but you shouldnt require thanks (but no gratuity?) No.07 Kurt: If you leave them, Southwest Gallia is going to suffer the conseque nces. Ramsey: Mellveres losses have been kept to a minimum, theres not enough money for reconstruction (?) No.07 Kurt: Im afraid the number is even ten times that. Ramsey: So youre afraid...... then again, you defeated the Empires front army supply routes in the South, did you not? No.07 Kurt: You mean the supply base when we were under attack a few days befor e taking this to the North road through the Naggiar desert instead the South, ri ght? Ramsey: No, unfortunately, there is another one. This was given to me from del iveries between the Imperial territories over the eastern border.

No.07 Kurt: So this is from a delivery between the Empire. Ramsey: The most trouble is from the supply base outside of our border within t he Empire. Ramsey: The enemies abandoned it because of the supply base in the South (there is the third way). Ramsey: Then, we suddenly one day thought of the idea to rush into the Empire a nd destroy that base Ramsey: What do you think? No.07 Kurt: So this time were going to be doing domestic sabotage to the Empir e... No.07 Kurt: It is a neutral country. The entering of foreign countries without permission is illegal according to the Neutrality Treaty, isnt it? (?) Ramsey: Dont give out the secret Ramsey: The Nameless were designed for this specific occasion Ramsey: Why do you think we call you after a number? No.07 Kurt: This is more than military regulations, these are international law s well have to trample on...... Ramsey: Quickly listen and understand what you have to do No.07 Kurt: Yes. No.07 Kurt: ......So, the task is to go across the countrys borders to perform our duties. No.21 Felix: Were going to blow up the Empires domestic bases!? No.32 Giulio: What if were captured!? No.12 Valerie: This is completely illegal, ignoring international law will make us war criminals. No.3 No.03 Gloria: At least before you die, you can tour the Empire, the landsc ape is considered to be top notch. No.45 Serge: With this task, they simply want our life... No.24 Annika: Well Serge seems to be chuckling about it...... No.15 Amy: The last escort mission we stopped at the border, now this time wer e passing through it...... No.11 Alfons: The military didnt supply us with intelligence of Imperial terri tory, (did they)... No.07 Kurt: The military only supplied us with the location of the supply base. No.11 Alfons: Thats it!? I already cant stand it.

No.23 Leila: You wont do anything to the Empire, you bunch of crying men! No.23 Leila: Its lack of education! (Whip) No.11 Alfons: Oh! My energy is 120%! The Empire is bullshit ...... Regardless, I hope we get more intelligence No.56 Deit: Why us, do the higher ups want to get rid of us? No.13 Riela: These thoughts...... I dont even want to think about what will ha ppen if we fail. No.06 Gusurg: Their point of view makes sense, blocking the eastern part of the supply line No.06 Gusurg: It will force the Imperial Army to shift from the Southeast to th e desert in the North. No.56 Deit: But if we dont have intelligence on the Imperial homelands... No1. No.01 Imca: Intelligence is not required. No.56 Deit: What? No.07 Kurt: Imca, are you familiar with the Empire? No.07 Kurt: Not exactly familiar No.56 Deit: Is that reliable? No.13 Riela: No matter how much you know, it should be more than we have No.13 Riela: Not to mention that's why Imca's acting so cool, it must be because sh e knows the Empire. No.07 Kurt: Were lucky to have someone who at least knows something about the Empire. No.07 Kurt: Starting tomorrow, be prepared to move out. At Night No.07 Kurt: I wonder why Imca is familiar with Imperial lands. No.06 Gusurg: Maybe she grew up in the Empire. No.06 Gusurg: Lots of Darcsens came to Gallia from the Empire, that should come as no surprise, right? No.06 Gusurg: Remember, most of the lands belong to the Empire......and the Dar csen minorities fled to escape human persecution. No.07 Kurt: So...forget my words, I dont know about their country. (?) No.06 Gusurg: Darcsens dont belong to any country, not their own, not Imperial nor Gallian. No.06 Gusurg: There is no country of their own.

No.07 Kurt: They have no homeland...... No.07 Kurt: From today on, a new member will be joining us. Im counting on you . No.57 Zahar: Im number Fifty-Seven. My name is Zahar Alonso (Something)! No.57 Zahar: ???! ???! ??? [from Wikipedia: A former Fhirald general, Zahar became a mercenary when Fhiral d lost to the Empire during the First Europan War. He ends up serving the Gallia n Army during the invasion of Gallia but due to his heavy drinking problem which has causes too much trouble, he was sent to the Nameless.]

Battle Begins (The base you capture in the first battle determines your Path A, Path B decisio n. North-most enemy base is Path A, while South-most enemy base is Path B.) Name: s, Grade: Objectives: Occupy Enemy Target Base (S Rank: 3) Special: n/a Limits: None Ace: M Ace Drop: MR2 Lancer : Mortar 176 vs Personnel 333 vs Armor 99 Accuracy 1 shots 40 range Area Effect C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ') } - NORTH - (PATH A) Kill All Troops (S Rank: 4) n/a None. , (Ace Tank appears in Area 5) Tank Blueprints Howitzer E1 yzE1

(VALKRYIA55 RECOMMENDED PATH) Name: ') - SOUTH - (PATH B) Grade: Objectives: Occupy Target Base (S Rank: 4)

Special: Use Rock Smasher for Tank to get Ace, Must use switch to unloc k Area 3 Limits: None Ace: ,- (Use tank to smash Rocks to find him, hiding in Area 4) Ace Drop: ZM-SGA Sniper : (Anti-Tank?) Sniper Rifle 171 vs Personnel 134 vs Armor 85 Accuracy 1 shot / fire 3 Ammo 920 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: We have entered the Imperial lands...... No.21 Felix: Just like walking into hell...... No.56 Deit: Living as a nameless is already hell in itself...... No.24 Annika: Gloria, have you been to the Empire before? No.03 Gloria: I can't blame you for asking, I was born before the current Empire was established. No.03 Gloria: You shouldve learned that in school. Gallia was the Empire in t he colonial period.. No.32 Giulio: The textbooks say that when they won the war of independence they became an armed neutral country. No.12 Valerie: Yes, the Randgriz family that had controlled the Empire was remo ved from the throne. No.12 Valerie: So now the Empire that remains is the group that annexed them. It was the first world war, one could say... No.23 Leila: If I wanted to learn history Id go back to school! Anyway, enoug h from you! (?) No.12 Valerie: I was just talking about a wonderful place... (?) No.15 Amy: In short, it would be really bad if someone found us. No.11 Alfons: As long as were not being found as usual (?) No.07 Kurt: To do this mission, we have to be very careful. No.07 Kurt: Weve already crossed the borders, so everyone must refer to each o ther by your number. No.07 Kurt: Our identities must not be revealed to anyone, remember that. No.13 Riela: Oh...Im so nervous.

No.06 Gusurg: No reason to think negatively, just do what we have to do and get back to the frontline. No.07 Kurt: Number One, from now on will you please lead the way? No.01 Imca: No problem. No.07 Kurt: Good, everyone stay close to Number One, do not let your guard down ! Grasslands No.13 Riela: What warm weather, I always thought it was different. No.23 Leila: Nothing is different, everything here is really boring No.11 Alfons: Anyone else hoping a giant military fortress doesnt jump out of nowhere and scare us to death? No.15 Amy: Oh, I can already imagine it... No.24 Annika: You okay? Were so easy (targets? to scare?)...... No.03 Gloria: Dont let your guard down, we cant give away our position. No.45 Serge: Thats right, they can only kill us if they find us. No.07 Kurt: Number One, tell us where to go next. No.01 Imca: The shortest route is unlikely near. We have to take a detour back there. No.06 Gusurg: The Imperial Army should also be deployed (away from here), right ? No.01 Imca: This isnt considered a valuable strategic building. No.01 Imca: This supply base (hasnt been relevant) for three years. No.06 Gusurg: So, this base is was entirely built only for aggression......? No.13 Riela: Reinforcements wont arrive, since theres no need to fortify it. No.06 Gusurg: Gallia is a neutral country, to attack the Empire was a violation of the Neutrality Treaty on its own. No.07 Kurt: It is therefore only guard (?), I dont really know if I should say . (?) No.01 Imca: ...... Route has been confirmed, theres a fork in the road up ahea d. No.07 Kurt: So, please continue as the guide. No.01 Imca: If we go in the woods, well be difficult to find. Knock on the Door

No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: Please, come in. No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: I need help for something I wanted to ask you personally for. No.07 Kurt: I was unable to find certain plants in this area. No.07 Kurt: So, I was hoping you could help? No.01 Imca: ...... Theres no reason for me to say no. No.07 Kurt: Thank you, then lets go. No.07 Kurt: It may be due to the variations of water quality, the same weed her e is different from Gallia. No.07 Kurt: You won't be able to see that blue flower in Gallia. No.01 Imca: This is the ______ (blue flower)......Gallia doesn't have any. No.07 Kurt: Are you sure? (You know about it?) No.01 Imca: If you put disinfectant and homeostatic effect (?), then the water you create can cure diseases. No.07 Kurt: Thats pretty good. (Thats a good thing?) No.01 Imca: Its more commonly known as "hell pot cover" (?). Its high in med icinal value, and theres no harm. No.07 Kurt: I know it has many good qualities. No.07 Kurt: Are these flowers able to be harvested? No.01 Imca: No, the roots are toxic. No.07 Kurt: You know so much. No.01 Imca: These are things people should know, in case you need it for surviv al. No.07 Kurt: A person should know, yes No.07 Kurt: ...... can I ask you how you became a Nameless? No.01 Imca: I wont tell you that. No.07 Kurt: I was just asking. No.01 Imca: Then dont ask. No.07 Kurt: I understand, Ill wait until youre in a good mood again. No.01 Imca: ......

No.07 Kurt: Youre almost back (Let's get back?). No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: 3 years ago, a homeless girl began her adventure... No.07 Kurt: Huh...? No.01 Imca: ...... I was talking to myself, you dont need to listen. No.01 Imca: Wanderers cover a variety of locations where we can find food for s urvival. No.01 Imca: They know what plants are harmful, and which ones can fill a stomac h up, or alleviate injuries...... No.01 Imca: From her own experience, this girl accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. No.01 Imca: Such as livestock gives milk that can easily give you a bad stomach No.01 Imca: Or what numbs your tongue, whats spicy No.01 Imca: What will be too heavy for the stomach, and make you sick. No.07 Kurt: So then, that is why you dont drink coffee or milk. No.01 Imca: She left and went to live in Gallia and disappears when she encount ers someone, that's just how she is No.01 Imca: Its impossible to know No.01 Imca: ......that was a long time ago. No.07 Kurt: That......that cant be it...... No.01 Imca: ...... I wont tell you that again No.07 Kurt: Its already engraved in my heart/mind. No.01 Imca: Well...... No.07 Kurt: Say, can you eat this? (Mushroom) No.01 Imca: Ah!? (Well!?) No.01 Imca: What is that!? No.07 Kurt: Huh!? No.01 Imca: This isnt food! No.01 Imca: Dont eat it! Dont eat it! Dont touch it! No.07 Kurt: Whats the matter? Isnt it just a mushroom? No.01 Imca: Take it away! Its poisonous!

No.01 Imca: Quickly throw it away! Dont let me see it! No.07 Kurt: I understand...sorry about that No.07 Kurt: She seems to really hate mushrooms...... Woods No.01 Imca: Theres no more resting places up ahead, so well rest a little now . No.06 Gusurg: I hope everything goes well No.15 Amy: Actually, Im no different, nor how nervous. (?) No.24 Annika: This is all thanks to Number One. (?) No.03 Gloria: Trump card numbers, no doubt (?) No.56 Deit: Number Twenty-Four, Number Three, home base is far away, but dont lose heart... No.45 Serge: Number Fifty-Six is right, whats the point No.12 Valerie: Do not forget to rely on the squad if the attack to the base get s tedious. No.21 Felix: Ah, if I think about it, I feel really stupid. No.11 Alfons: Is "seriously losing it" the mission. Ah...never knew his mother came up with silly ideas.(?) No.23 Leila: The headquarters of those smelly men ought to motivate the Palace. No.03 Gloria: Then again maybe it will really enhance the overall combat effect iveness. No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: Ah, this is? No.01 Imca: ____ (white/pink flower)......I didnt expect to see it here. No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: Wha!? No.01 Imca: Uhh......!! No.07 Kurt: Are you okay Number One? No.01 Imca: It's nothing. No.07 Kurt: These flowers, I haven't seen these before No.01 Imca: Dont touch it!

No.07 Kurt: ......! No.07 Kurt: ...... See, I told you it was far from this point. (I told you far from this point?) No.01 Imca ...... No.01 Imca: _____ ...... is the village of flowers. (?) No.01 Imca: At the time they were burned leaves not ... our flowers. (?) No.01 Imca: Huh!? So much......!! No.01 Imca: I still remember you now......! No.01 Imca: Those eyes, hair, gun, shields......that azure flame! No.01 Imca: What are you afraid of Imca? No.01 Imca: ... Why are you alive today. No.01 Imca: Do not forget the reconstruction of (her gun) has also been complet ed for this purpose. With Isara Gunther's recommendations, the fourth function ca n also be used. No.01 Imca: I will become stronger...... I must......! No.07 Kurt: Attention everyone, we will begin our advance on the enemys supply base. No.06 Gusurg: Theres no turning back now. No.13 Riela: Im ready to go! No.07 Kurt: Number One, continue to lead. No.01 Imca: You dont say. (You dont have to tell me?) Selvaria: ...... Selvaria: The ___ (flower) ...... its opened. Selvaria: Huh.....footprints? Theyre new. Selvaria: They were here......? That is indeed strange. Soldier: Colonel Selvaria, we move out. Selvaria: Maximilian postponed the construction until tomorrow, so its not tod ay, are there other arrangements? Soldier: There were reports of Gallia fighting1600 hours ago Soldier: You can also participate in the Imperial Parliament. Selvaria: Huh ... not even decent support, and doesnt face me to report, very cheeky.

Selvaria: Big words to say, but this is on behalf of his Royal Highness. Selvaria: Were going to the Imperial capital, is it ready to be complete? (are you ready to move out?) Soldier: Yes! Selvaria: _____ (flower) ...... It burned to death without ever blooming, It's st ill fresh in my memory ... Goodbye.

No.01 Imca: Thats it, without a doubt. No.07 Kurt: We found the supply base, Number Twelve, Number Thirteen, youre re sponsible for investigating. Number Eleven and I will analyze the situation. No.13 Riela: Yes! No.12 Valerie: We'll scout around No.11 Alfons: Well figure out how many troops they have! No.07 Kurt: Once we have the intelligence necessary to fight, everyone be ready (to attack)!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Kill All Troops (S Rank: 6) Imca's Specialization OPEN FIRE Unlocks in this mission! None Mc ZMXKar (See: Chapter 2. Free Mission $%&'())

Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: We delivered a fatal blow to the enemy base, the mission is complet e. No.06 Gusurg: Good, fall back! No.01 Imca: Whether we go back the shortcut way or not doesnt matter. No.03 Gloria: Itd be best to get as far back as possible before the Empire ret urns No.21: Yeah! We have to make it back alive! No.07 Kurt: Mission accomplished.. No.24 Annika: Success! Kurt, youre really too much!

No.07 Kurt: Imca is the true hero, without her we wouldve suffered a lot. No.15 Amy: Oh! Thank you, Miss Imca! No.32 Giulio: Imca is a powerful mighty sauce! Saucy Imca mixed with butter! An d coupled with cute! No.21 Felix: Relax Giulio, youre going to hyperventilate...... No.21 Felix: However, it was indeed a good job. No.13 Riela: Imca, thanks to you were all safe and sound! Thank you! No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: ......Everyone calm down (runs away) No.15 Amy: She ran away!? No.23 Leila: Go catch her! And teach that child a lesson! No.11 Alfons: Maybe this kitten doesnt want to be caught? No.12 Valerie: That little kitten escaped with the speed of a leopard! No.24 Annika: Stop! I have confidence in her!! No.06 Gusurg: Oh, we cant lose heart now No.13 Riela: Everyones still on edge. No.07 Kurt: Imcas strategy to attack the Southeast Imperial Army went smoothly No.07 Kurt: This area the Imperial Army withdrew to the desert. No.06 Gusurg: Only to being back in Gallia would calm my heart (?) No.45 Serge: Kurt, you indeed did beautifully. No.07 Kurt: Actually, I did not do it, all the credit goes to Imca. No.45 Serge: No, the others including myself, we were prepared for the worst. No.45 Serge: But you didnt even let us sense a hint of tension in your command ing of the team. No.45 Serge: A soldier can be proud of nothing more. No.07 Kurt: Thats not true, Im proud of all of you. No.13 Riela: Oh Kurt, how wonderful! No.06 Gusurg: More and more of your squad mates have you support No.07 Kurt: Actually we are all constantly growing up. No.07 Kurt: I should go praise Imca, shouldn't I? No.06 Gusurg: When you silly chumps have been what Ive gone through, you stop learning. (you know whats coming?)

No.13 Riela: 20 years old, and still steadily growing up! No.07 Kurt: I think a hundred years or so old... (More like a 100 year old) (I feel more like a hundred year old? Gusurg is 100?) No.06 Gusurg: Its terrible to hear those words coming from your mouth... No.13 Riela: Ha ha! Kurt youre hilarious! No.07 Kurt: ...... I was serious. No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: Here you are. No.01 Imca: ...... I like the quiet. No.07 Kurt: Sorry, I let them get so out of hand. No.01 Imca: No, its not your fault Number Seven. No.07 Kurt: Its because of you that everything went so smoothly. Thank you. No.01 Imca: It was nothing really. No.07 Kurt: Your clever mind was the most important

No.07 Kurt: Also you considered the advance of the Imperial Army to perform the task. No.01 Imca: ......I did not. No.07 Kurt: Then why did we advance with the East in view? No.01 Imca: ...... No reason. Commanders Room Ramsey: Yo, its been some time, what happened? No.07 Kurt: There is nothing to report. Ramsey: Is that true ... they say the Imperial supply base was demolished. No.07 Kurt: Thats good news for our military. Ramsey: Yes, the gang of guys who ruin the Empire Ramsey: I dont know what youre drinking, but I want two cups of it, haha! No.07 Kurt: ...... Carl: The Nameless are back safely. Carl: Give them the most difficult tasks to complete, they will be able to surv ive it......

Carl: Kurt, you are just too good Carl: seems I have no reservations about you.

The Nameless entered Imperial territories, completed their mission successfully, and returned triumphantly. The destruction of the supply base forced the South west Imperial Army to retreat into the desert, and evacuate to the Northwest. T herefore, the Empires chance of destroying the capital from the South was elimi nated. The tides of war were beginning to tilt in ones favor.

CHAPTER 7: WIN A VACATION ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 7 Name: w=> $%Grade: Objectives: Kill All Troops (S Rank: 4) Special: Night time (Lightning Area) Limits: n/a Ace: GHI-J (Often appears in middle of Area 3) Ace Drop: mn6o101 Weapons Turret Blueprint 101 ZM-MPX Shock : Machine Gun 32 vs Personnel 38 vs Armor 85 Accuracy 20 shots / fire 150 range S Interception Fire Rating Special: Decreases Ammo ========================== [Swing80s translation begins here] In early July, the eastern sector of the Imperial Army from the woods evacuated to the Northern Desert separating North and South Gallia. Therefore, the Imperia l Army stopped the attack on the South, guaranteeing safety in Southern Gallia. But the center of the Imperial Army still occupies Northwest Gallia, giving it a n absolute advantage, which cannot be opened given the Gallian militaries precar ious situation. July 1935 Gallian Military HQ Ramsey: Ah, the soldiers moral eh No.07 Kurt: Yes as fierce fighting has continued, the moral of our soldiers is very low. No.07 Kurt: Forcing them to continue to fight would have a negative impact.

Ramsey: ......If its really that bad, after your next success I will be granti ng your unit a pass for one day off so please perform well. No.07 Kurt: For even bothering to consider this, I thank you on behalf of our s oldiers. Ramsey: The price for this will not be cheap although, you will be going to the mountains of the Northern Forces to raid a stronghold of the Empire. Ramsey: This operation will be called Mountain Tear which is nothing new. Ramsey: Volunteer to talk to your unit along with the 3rd squadron of the 4th D ivision (or the 3rd squadron of the fire units) which is stationed on the frontlin e there. No.07 Kurt: Yes, sir! Calamity Raven HQ Dahau: I heard that a supply base was destroyed within Imperial territory. Lydia: My reliable intelligence has told me that the gang destroyed my (Ragnite mine? resources?). This gang of bastards is doing pretty good. Lydia: This must be unit 422 right? Lydia: Gallian's own people call them Nameless, and are in fact used on suicide mis sions. Dahau: Nameless, eh? Not including to our last run in with them which proved an issue that this Nameless unit is impressive. Dahau: We appointed Zig...... and he was a powerful figure. Dahau: And the Darcsens in this unit......proved to be very capable people. Zig: Shouldn't we get rid of them as soon as possible? Dahau: Zig, you shouldve destroy the enemy, especially for us. Zig: ......I don't want to be bothered by those troublesome soldiers. Dahau: I want to see you prove this on paper then. If we attack, you'll be the on e responsible for cleaning up the mess. Lydia: Wait, you want to casually send troops in? Lydia: If you dare act that rashly, I will, but what will you report to our sup eriors? Dahau: I doubt they'll care about some low-key soldiers on the list? Things will go smoothly. Squad 422 Camp No.07 Kurt: This mission, if successful, will give us clearance for leave for 1 day for vacation.

No.32 Giulio: Well! Well finally get some rest! No.56 Deit: Just for a single day No.13 Riela: Well, 1 day of leave is still leave! No.06 Gusurg: We still have a task before the vacation, north of the mountain s tronghold, which sounds like quite a fun battle No.56 Deit: Why can't they send the regular army to attack it. No.23 Leila: I cant believe they refuse to do this in addition to stealing our show. No.23 Leila: Wouldnt it be more appropriate for the military to do? No.06 Gusurg: Volunteer soldiers are still soldiers, and must do what theyre o rdered. No. 56 Deit: We may not like them but were just some sort of disposable pawns. No.07 Kurt: All we can do now is just accumulate our military exploits, and see k amnesty. No.13 Riela. Alright! Lets do it! No.07 Kurt: Get ready to march towards the north! No.07 Kurt: From today on, a new member will be joining us. Im counting on you . No.25 Cedric: Im No.25... ? [from Wikipedia: Known as "Crime King Cedric", he is a notorious criminal draft ed into Squad 422 for repeated counts of theft and murder, among other things.] No.07 Kurt: Today we'll enter the village from the front, following convergence o n at our designated spot. No.13 Riela: Is that gunfire!? Is that coming from the enemy? No.06 Gusurg: No, that was just an exercise. No.06 Gusurg: We were notified that some Lanseal military academy cadets are do ing drills (in this area). No.56 Deit: Those precious children have no idea whats really going on... No.24 Annika: Hey!? Why is gunfire coming from the village?! No.11 Alfons: Reporting, this is an emergency! What you thought was a drilling exercise was the village under attack by the Imperials! No.07 Kurt: That's what that gunfire has been? No.11 Alfons: The only reinforcements in the village are just the cadets, come on lets go!

No.07 Kurt: I understand No.07 Kurt: You all heard that, we must now go to the front of the village to p rotect those cadets! No.06 Gusurg: Alfons, what's going on? No.11 Alfons: Glad you made it to this situation Girl: Slowpokes! You've been dawdling! No.13 Riela: Umm you guys are the cadets? Girl: I am indeed a cadet from the Lanseal military academy. Juliana: Name is Juliana Everhart. Juliana: Youre the ones who heard our distress signal! So you must solve the I mperial Army problem! No.56 Deit: I say No.32 Giulio: She never mentioned her madness (in her distress signal) Juliana: You! Stop chatting! This is a battlefield! No.07 Kurt: You're right. First and foremost duty is to destroy the enemy, then w e can talk. Juliana: So youre the commander? I'm glad you seem to understand the concept of common sense. Juliana: I hope you ready to fight! Let's attack the Imperial Army!

Battle Begins Name: $' Grade: Objectives: Kill All Troops (S Rank: 5) Special: Juliana (\1) Must join Limits: None Ace: M Ace Drop: TUF1 Tank (Flame Thrower?) F1 Machine Gun Blueprint Battle Victory

Juliana: We won! We actually won! No.07 Kurt: Are you guys alright? Juliana: Being in command of a battle doesn't feel like a natural thing. (I was i n command, thats not taken for granted?)

Juliana: ......But even though it's hard to say, if your squad didnt assist us, there probably wouldve been some sacrifices. Juliana: Although I was reluctant to let you help us as you were neither a regu lar army unit or a group of volunteers Juliana: I would still like to thank you. No.07 Kurt: We were just doing our job, (we dont expect your thanks?) but that s kind of you. No.07 Kurt: You do fight rather well. You truly understand the meaning of "Vic tory through diligence; peace through strength." Juliana: That's Lanseals motto Did you attend Lanseal Military Academy? No.07 Kurt: Don't ask that Juliana, were a squad made up of military secrets. No.07 Kurt: As an officer candidate you must know what I mean? Kirian: Yes but since you aren't regular army why would you care about our future? No.07 Kurt: That isn't a concern for you, because it could put you in danger. (We werent concerned for you, but sometimes things like these happen?) No.07 Kurt: Soldiers cannot choose their own environment, whether it is the ene my, mission, battlefield, or his subordinates. No.07 Kurt: If you cannot carry out your orders (If you cannot succeed with wha t youre given?), you cannot become a qualified soldier. No.07 Kurt: If you can find such a spirit then you will become a good officer. We must say good-bye now. Kirian: What a spirit of war (Find the spirit of war...) Squad 422 Camp No.06 Gusurg: This battle unexpectedly took a long time, eh? No.07 Kurt: We still have time to converge with our allies, theres no problem. No.21 Felix: That win! What a steal! No.15 Amy: I really hope we go on vacation soon! No.56 Deit: I guess we thought it would go faster than this No.24 Annika: We're almost there! Just one battle on the line! No.15 Amy: One win for a vacation! No.01 Imca: How could we not win. No.13 Riela: Well spend our vacation together! No 23 Leila: If this vacation is true, then I'll put No.7's name in the papers! No.07 Kurt: Well now we cant afford to fail!

No.06 Gusurg: This seems like a sudden gust of wind blew to make us so united. No.11 Alfons: Does this mean we're all on the right track Captain? No.07 Kurt: It seems that way. Meeting Location No.07 Kurt: This looks like the place to meet up with our allies. No.06 Gusurg: This looks like 3rd Squadron of the 4th Battalion of the Voluntee rs. No.13 Riela: Oh! It seems that way! Leon: I'm 4th Company Captain's assistant NCO Sgt. Leon Hardins. No.07 Kurt: ......Leon Hardins? Sounds familiar...... Leon. I'm in command since the captain was injured in combat. Please fill me in on the situation. No.07 Kurt: Was your captain seriously injured? Leon: His leg was wounded but rest assured that the front line command is still intact. No.07 Kurt: Understood. I have a thing I would like to ask you though Sgt. Hard ins. No.07 Kurt: Do you a kid named Avan in the city of Mellvere? Leon: Avan is my brother! What a coincidence, you know Avan? No.07 Kurt: Yes. He said for me to let you know that he's working very hard. Leon: Oh! That kid is full of spirit! No.07 Kurt: He also said that he'll never lose to his brother. Leon: He better not lose (?), the battle may be even worse here and we cannot a fford to lose! No.07 Kurt: Well we have to discuss our strategy for the next battle. No.07 Kurt: There's enemy troops in the mountains that make it easily defendable for them. Leon: Yes, it would be impossible to capture the front with our two squads alon e. Leon: Our captain thought to not hit the troops and simply withdraw. No.07 Kurt: I can (I think I have a way to?) use only two squads to capture it. Leon: You have a way?

No.07 Kurt: Our two squads will be reorganized, and well divide them into two separate teams of assault and defense. Leon: Reorganize the squads......? No.07 Kurt: The number of defense squads could have more troops, but only to ma ke the enemy feel they are outnumbered. No.07 Kurt: So the enemy will concentrate fire on the defending forces and not on our small number of elite commandos. Leon: This method will surprise the enemy but the surprise commando attack migh t be more difficult. No.07 Kurt: I have commanded many raids with a few good people and it shouldnt be a problem as long as the soldier's ability is perfect. Leon: .......I must say I had a different first impression of you No.07 Kurt: Is that right? Leon: As long as there is a battle I will not back down and leave any regrets. Leon: And I do not look forward to my brother backing down (if I do?)! The batt le must be won! No.07 Kurt: I feel confident just by looking at you Sgt. Hardins. Leon: Yes sir! [Swing80s translation ends here] Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ') } - NORTH - (PATH A) Kill All Troops (S Rank: 6) Leon (M.) Must join None. Sniper Ace :mn6oT01 Vehicle Development Plan T01

or ZM-SG (Accessible only during Post Game) (VALKRYIA55 RECOMMENDED PATH) Name: ') (PATH B) Grade: Objectives: Occupy Target Base (S Rank: 5) Special: None. Limits: Leon (M.) Must join Ace: c Ace Drop: ZM-MGX Gunner : Heavy machine Gun 66 vs Personnel 71 vs Armor 71 Accuracy 40 shots / fire 130 range

S Interception Fire Rating Special: Decreases Ammo Battle Victory

Leon: We won! No.07 Kurt: It seems the enemy really didnt expect a small group would dare to attack. Leon: Do you always play so boldly? No.07 Kurt: Thats our style. No.06 Gusurg: "Nameless" battles dont go on the military record, no matter how hard the battle is. No.13 Riela: What about this battle? If were erased, theres only four teams o n record. No.13 Riela: Will it only say it was Leons bravery that won this stronghold? No.06 Gusurg: Well.....because we dont appear on battle reports..... No.06 Gusurg: It will speak of Sgt. Leon Hardins and his four squads No.06 Gusurg: And their unmatched performance and so on...... Leon: I feel like a one can win this war on their own...... No.07 Kurt: Dont wear an open face (I assume this is like don't wear your heart o n your sleeve) No.07 Kurt: Remember that they did in fact rely on your performance to win this . No.07 Kurt: I came to congratulate you as well, it was a great honor to fight b y your side. Leon: I learned a lot of things. Leon: I was honored to fight side by side with soldiers with such indomitable w ill. Leon: I will never forget todays battle. No.07 Kurt: Me too, and as a comrade, let us remember it with each other. (Let it encourage us both?) Leon: Im glad I had the opportunity to see it! (Goodbye?) No.24 Annika: We won! No.21 Felix: There was no doubt of our victory this time! No.01 Imca: The victory cannot be overstated.

No.56 Deit: At least were in agreement. No.15 Amy: I enjoy fighting as a team. No.12 Valerie: We couldnt have safely completed the task any better. No.32 Giulio: I didnt think our troops would get to this step. No.13 Riela: I believed in us! I always did! No.03 Gloria: The old woman didnt think so. No.11 Alfons: These young ladies convictions are what we have more room for (in this squad) No.23 Leila: I feel confident here! No.06 Gusurg: I also think so. No.45 Serge: This is all credit to the Captain. No.07 Kurt: It was because we played to everyones strengths No.07 Kurt: Squad 422s atmosphere will become stronger. No.23 Leila: Kurt, you won me over this time. No.23 Leila: My name is Leila Peron......I would be happy if you called me by t hat! No.07 Kurt: Telling that appropriate? No.23 Leila: As long as it doesnt get out, which isnt allowed! No.23 Leila: Maybe a good word passes over to Ramsey, and a vacation with water and flowers is coming up! No.11 Alfons: What a relief, rest do not like to play (?) No.06 Gusurg: Thats good No.13 Riela: Kurt, enjoy yourself! This is our first vacation! No.07 Kurt: Im pleased, but not before I report in with Commander Ramsey. No.32 Giulio: Tomorrow well be able to rest!! No.15 Amy: Were not dreaming? This is for real? No.07 Kurt: It has indeed been approved by Commander Ramsey. No.24 Annika & No.13 Riela: Alright!! No.23 Leila: It seems I have to hand it to you. No.21 Felix: Im so excited I almost got tears in my eyes....... No.06 Gusurg: We finally get time to relax

No.56 Deit: Wait, the vacation is tomorrow? With the trip back and forth, ther e will be no time to rest. No.15 Amy: Oh No.11 Alfons: So thats what it is, God why didnt I see this coming......? No.07 Kurt: Thats no problem, I already have arrangements planned for tomorrow No.03 Gloria: Oh, what are your plans? No.07 Kurt: Well head down the western road. No.12 Valerie: West? No.07 Kurt: Our destination is the sea. No.24 Annika: The sea! This is going to be great! Kurt, youre really worthy of being a Captain! No.45 Serge: The sea, it can be so soothing No.06 Gusurg: We depart in the morning for the West Coast. No.21 Felix: Its on! No.13 Riela: Lets go! West Coast No.24 Annika: The seaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No.32 Giulio: The barbequeeeeee! No.21 Felix: Youre at the seaside and all youre thinking about is eating! No.15 Amy: Its been a such a long time that I dont even have a swimsuit. No.13 Riela: Actually, Im already ahead of you No.13 Riela: Kurt told me we were going to the beach, and well No.23 Leila: Did you pick out some swimwear for us? No.13 Riela: Yes, and Kurt got some for the men. No.45 Serge: I dont know how to swim Mr. Kurt...... No.03 Gloria: Why didnt you select one for me? No.11 Alfons: Its too early in the season for swimming, the sea is unpleasant like ice No.12 Valerie: I have astrology papers to write...... No.56 Deit: Real face (I did not face?)...... (?) No.06 Gusurg: Well there isnt time for everyone to make their own arrangements

. No.01 Imca: Number Seven, is it a command to not waste time. No.07 Kurt: Yes! No.07 Kurt: Ladies and gentlemen! Change into your swimwear! No.07 Kurt: For today! The enemy is the sea! No.07 Kurt: Everyone your tour of duty today is a vacation! Beach Cutscene No.13 Riela: So, how do I look? No.07 Kurt: Ah, you look really good. When you wear that body armor, your curv es are not as striking as they are now. No.13 Riela: Curves......what do you mean? No.07 Kurt: ? You dont consider that a compliment? No.13 Riela: Kurt. My "cute" reputation is on the line! No.07 Kurt: Well, thats not what I think are your best assets. No.07 Kurt: Ah? No.01 Imca: ......Ah, yes? No.07 Kurt: look really cute. No.01 Imca: Well......!? Ah...... No.01 Imca: Idiot! Die!! Beach No.07 Kurt: Well......I think Ill go for a swim No.07 Kurt: Thanks to the water-based practice at the military academy, I can s wim a few miles No.13 Riela: Dont swim! Dont swim, ah! No.01 Imca: You cant swim too far, the waters not suitable for it...... No.07 Kurt: Just a tour around. Whos swimming with me? No.13 Riela: No! Captain if you go into the water you wont end up where you en tered (complete guess) No.07 Kurt: If we cant swim, then what should we do? No.13 Riela: How about beach volleyball?

No.07 Kurt: We can do more with a ball, like we can exercise the lower limbs. No.01 Imca: Lower limb exercises, I cant turn a blind eye to! No.07 Kurt: You want to try a taste of the one known as "Lanseal's Main Gun Shell s"? No.01 Imca: Its not too difficult to fight back, it's just a ball No.07 Kurt: Careful not to splash your body...... come on! No.13 Riela: Stop it! Whyre you all competing!? No.07 Kurt: If we dont compete it will be more boring. No.01 Imca: I have to agree. No.13 Riela: Not true! We can just bury Kurt in the beach sand, dont move! No.07 Kurt: ...... No.13 Riela: Say ...... ah. No.01 Imca: No.07 Kurt: The two of them fell asleep. No.13 Riela: Well......ah No.07 Kurt: Its been a very long time since they slept a relaxing nights slee p. No.01 Imca: Ah......ah No.07 Kurt: Ill let them sleep til noon. No.01 Imca: Say...ah, huh No.07 Kurt: At least youll sleep comfortably today. Rielas Path No.13 Riela: The sea! Its so amazing! No.13 Riela: Its so vast, always moving! No.07 Kurt: Always moving, thats an interesting idea. No.13 Riela: There, look! Im floating on my own! No.07 Kurt: This is called buoyancy, it is due to its higher concentration of w ater volume than fresh water. No.13 Riela: So I still can't believe Kurt actually wanted to go to the beach No.07 Kurt: Is that not normal?

No.13 Riela: ......Kurt, are you happy now? No.07 Kurt: Huh? No.13 Are you happy now? Im very happy. No.07 Kurt: Is that so. No.13 Riela: I never thought everyone would be playing happily together on the beach. No.13 Riela: This is all thanks to you Kurt. No.07 Kurt: Actually, I didnt do anything. The vacation was given to our grou p by the Commander Ramsey. No.13 Riela: Well, thats not (entirely) true. No.13 Riela: Did I tell you I was an orphan? No.07 Kurt: Well, you mentioned it. No.13 Riela: Ive always been told that I look strange. (my side has always ha d a strange look?) No.13 Riela: Not only the red eyes, but also this hair.......and no relatives. No.13 Riela: And, even when people bullied me the injuries healed slowly the ve ry next day No.13 Riela: Children began to fear me, and no longer dared to bully me. No.13 Riela: ......No one would want to be friends with me. No.07 Kurt: ...... No.13 Riela: This is also the reason I volunteered to join the Volunteers. No.13 Riela: It was a place where they always thought of me as an ordinary pers on. No.13 Riela: I believed it would be a place to call home No.13 Riela: But they left me again and again ...... No.07 Kurt: Theyre constantly wiped out, which is why youre called the "Death Goddess," huh. No.13 Riela: The Nameless is my last hope, if it doesnt work, its all over. No.13 Riela: Back then, for fear of losing everything, I used to do nothing No.13 Riela: But you changed that, including me and my home. No.13 Riela: Youve given me such a happy experience. No.13 Riela: Thank you.

No.07 Kurt: Riela...... No.07 Kurt: I see, perhaps Im the same as you are. No.13 Riela: Eh? ...... Why is that? No.07 Kurt: I tell them to believe in themselves along the way. No.07 Kurt: Their own thinking, their own, relying on their own strength to wal k ...... No.07 Kurt: I have always been like this. No.07 Kurt: And you are no different (than me), I have too many people around No.07 Kurt: But if they and I maintain a distance from each other, then its no t a problem. No.07 Kurt: Because I think that as long as they do their best, others do not h ave to manage (worry about?) them. No.07 Kurt: But I dont really know if this is right or wrong. No.07 Kurt: Because I know no other way of life. No.13 Riela: That is me...... No.07 Kurt: But there are things that make me doubt (those feelings), I now hav e little understanding of them (?) No.07 Kurt: This is the first time Ive seen, in person, a team that can come t ogether like patchwork. No.07 Kurt: Its amazing No.13 Riela: Yes, amazing No.13 Riela: I must say, this is the first time you say the word amazing so amb iguously No.07 Kurt: Its for things I cant quite understand No.13 Riela: What about me? No.07 Kurt: ...... Little by little, yeah. No.13 Riela: Well I would also kind of like to understand you too No.07 Kurt: Well, that would be great Imcas Path No.07 Kurt: Imca, I enjoy watching you swim. No.01 Imca: After you dont swim for a while, you have to get back to feeling i t. No.07 Kurt: My swimming is good, but my speed is average.

No.01 Imca: When youre swimming and havent eaten, then speed will matter. No.07 Kurt: To catch fish? No.01 Imca: I used to catch fish in lakes and rivers, but never fish from under the sea. No.01 Imca: ......well! No.07 Kurt: Did you dive? For fish? No.01 Imca: Ah...h! No.07 Kurt: Did you get a catch? No.01 Imca: This is the red snapper, you can eat most red fish with few excepti ons No.07 Kurt: Wow this is interesting, a red fish......I also want to catch one. No.01 Imca: Number Seven, you wont be able to do it. No.07 Kurt: Hearing you say that makes me want to catch something! No.01 Imca: Huh......!? No.07 Kurt: Whew......What do you think? Imca, do you think you can catch that much No.01 Imca: Well No.07 Kurt: What? Youre not willing to No.01 Imca: ......Dont lose it! (I wont lose?) No.07 Kurt: Ill just do it again! No.01 Imca: Ah......! I caught one! So I cant lose for sure! No.07 Kurt: Imca! I caught an octopus No.01 Imca: Wow!! No.01 Imca: Thats disgusting! No.07 Kurt: This is an octopus, havent you seen one before? No.01 Imca: Get it away! Dont get it near me!! No.07 Kurt: This can be eaten, too. No.01 Imca: can eat that!? No.07 Kurt: I heard you can eat it raw, do you want to try a piece? No.01 Imca: I do not! Absolutely not! Im not kidding! No.01 Imca: Is it!? It bit me! Its biting me!!

No.07 Kurt: The suckers are just sucked onto you. No.01 Imca: Kill it! You mustnt let it go alive! No.01 Imca: Why!? Why are you putting it down!? No.01 Imca: Help me! I must not be around this thing! No.07 Kurt: If you let it go (at the waters edge), it will walk to the sea by itself. No.01 Imca: Huh...... No.07 Kurt: I didnt expect that to become combat training. No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: Are you angry? No.01 Imca: I dont ever want to see that thing again No.07 Kurt: Im sorry, I was playing around I thought we were having fun No.01 Imca: ......No, not like this. (not this time?) No.07 Kurt: Really? No.01 Imca: ......I originally wanted to train and fighting was by no means use less. (?) No.07 Kurt: So you didnt intend to relax under the sun today No.01 Imca: Not before reaching my objective, I dont want anything else. No.07 Kurt: Cant you also tell me the purpose No.01 Imca: Now is not the best time to explain it to you. No.07 Kurt: I understand, I had a good day spending time together with you. No.01 Imca: ......Today has been pretty good. Returning to Base No.07 Kurt: It seems the pace for returning is very light. No.06 Gusurg: Of course, its not really cool (dont play so cool?) No.21 Felix: But then going back to the battlefield will be a lot of trouble. No.15 Amy: No energy, then, the palace will give you (points) (?) No.23 Leila: Or something else, right? (Send us?) To another point (?) No.23 Leila: Isnt that right Alfons? No.11 Alfons: Well, this has been quite enough?

No.32 Giulio: The vacation is over!? No.11 Alfons: That is top secret information No.21 Felix: I really dont understand it...... No.06 Gusurg: Do you people still have things to get back to in life that you e njoy? No.24 Annika: Yeah! Theres still a lot of training to do! No.12 Valerie: I need to write a lot of papers! No.15 Amy: I need to write too many letters! No.32 Giulio: Ive got a cook a lot of meat! No.06 Gusurg: ......As long as it makes you happy. <Boom> No.06 Gusurg: ......Huh!? The enemy is here!? No.13 Riela: Its still a long way from the frontlines, too! No.07 Kurt: Everyone get ready for battle! Quickly! No.12 Valerie: Captain, its those troops! No.07 Kurt: That black equipment. Its Calamity Raven! No.06 Gusurg: Why are they here! No.13 Riela: Were still on vacation! What is the meaning of this!? No.07 Kurt: They aren't on regular military operations......? Dahau: Long time no see, Ensign Irving. No.07 Kurt: Commander Dahau, what are doing? Dahau: I came to challenge you to a fight No.06 Gusurg: Were on vacation, we dont want to be at war with you! Cant we stop the fighting! Dahau: I refuse to. No.06 Gusurg: What!? No.07 Kurt: What is your purpose! Dahau: First you have to survive, if you live Ill tell you why!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: ,,x

Objectives: Special: if you can) Limits: Ace: Ace Drop:

Kill All Troops / Defend base within 5 turns (S Rank: 4) Boss: j (Dahau) (Super Difficult to S rank-- I recommend Ruhm DLC None ,J ZMXKar (See: Chapter 2. Free Mission $%&'())

Battle Victory

Dahau: Exactly as I expected, you have excellent abilities. No.07 Kurt: ......Were you trying to figure out our strengths? Dahau: Yes, because missions wouldnt allow me to. (I wouldnt be able to on a regular mission) Dahau: If I came here as a soldier of the Empire, I would now attempt to kill o r capture you. Dahau: But, we did not fight on behalf of the Empire. No.07 Kurt: What......? Dahau: Hear me out Dahau: I was born in the Empire, and Ive picked up a gun ever since I was a yo ung man. Dahau: Every day I was faced with the struggles and oppression of Darcsens. Dahau: The Empire is the enemy of the Darcsen people......forcing their identit ies onto other ethnicities using physical force Dahau: It is something my comrades and I continue to struggle with. No.06 Gusurg: I remember the Darcsen campaign against the Empire ultimately fai led because of too many casualties. No.06 Gusurg: As the Empire gained further control of other countries, the Darc sen people were regarded as being dangerous. Dahau: It is as you say. Dahau: I often think of the lives lost, price to pay for staying in this world Dahau: The sadness of our compatriots, the power of the Empire and the other na tional indifference. Dahau: From those results, everyone now knows that protests by force is the wro ng way. No.06 Gusurg: So why did you become a part of the Empire? Dahau: ......A dream. Dahau: I had a wife

Dahau: Her and I fought together to realize this dream, until her death. Dahau: That dream was for Darcsen independence. No.06 Gusurg: Did you say......independence!? Dahau: Yes......and until this dream is shared by the entire Darcsen nation, no thing can replace it (as my main goal in life). Dahau: My unit was precisely established in the Empire territory and are fighti ng for our own Darcsen regions Dahau: To gather the Darcsen people (for our cause) in Imperial lands, thats o ur true purpose. No.06 Gusurg: Thats impossible......the disestablishment of the Empire is simp ly nonsense! Dahau: Thats what everyone says. Dahau: After the Darcsen Calamity, this idea will never be fully realized. Dahau: But how much long do we have to struggle until everyone realizes the Dar csen nations negative thinking is the real enemy. No.06 Gusurg: Do you mean Darcsen beliefs are the root of the problem!? Dahau: Yes, neither being patient nor resisting will change the fundamental iss ue. Dahau: We must have a yearning for independence and have the heart to end this constant endeavor! Dahau: This doesnt mean to fight by force Dahau: All it means is to consider all of the possibilities and choose the best path. No.07 Kurt: This is why you became a lackey for the Empire in war? Dahau: I wanted to use the war to make this dream a reality with everything I c ould! Dahau: For Darcsens, and for a people fighting step by step towards independenc e. No.06 Gusurg: Captain, youre...... Dahau: Youre laughing at me, Im a hopeless idealist right? Dahau: Yet rather than change, youre bound to the old traditions of the Darcse n people No.06 Gusurg: ......!! Dahau: Gusurg and Imca, you are Darcsen people, you are aware of the struggle. Dahau: ......If you are ever interested, I would welcome you at any time. Dahau: Dont forget, only you can change yourself, and only by yourself.

Dahau: Now I say goodbye No.07 Kurt: To do so in front of me......! No.06 Gusurg: Did he...really mean that? No.07 Kurt: Gusurg......? No.06 Gusurg: Dahau is just a man living in a fools paradise, I know this drea m cannot be achieved. No.06 Gusurg: Do not seek change, bound by Darcsen tradition...... No.07 Kurt: Imca, what do you think? No.01 Imca: ......Not interested. Squad 422 Camp No.07 Kurt: What a humiliating battle......although is not escape the robbery ( ?) No.07 Kurt: but I have nothing......once helped by Gunther, the other time bein g saved by Bolgia No.07 Kurt: This was unilaterally surpressed. It's really shameful......! No.07 Kurt: Commander Dahau......each time we meet, I swallow the bitter fruit of defeat. No.07 Kurt: I cannot afford to lose to him again. No.07 Kurt: Always keep in mind the lessons......! No.07 Kurt: It's not so bad!

Because the Nameless attacked the mountain stronghold, the impenetrable enemy de fenses were breached and opened in the North. In order to not miss the Gallian Army, the Empire made a counterattack plan in the North. Having said that, stil l in Southwest by Imperial Army territory, not structured fighting capacity. Th ey wanted to retake the North Center of Fouzen, but it will still take some time ......

CHAPTER 8: SAVING THE EVACUEE ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 8 Name: w=> Grade: Objectives: Occupy 2 Target Bases (S Rank: 5) Special: Night time (Mountain Area) - Clearing Gives you Tank Pieces Ac cessory (:,)

Limits: Ace: Ace Drop:

n/a J Tank. 34567MG101 Tank Weapon : MKG101 Weapon Blueprint or Tank Weapon: S9TUB1 (See Chapter 4)

Name: 5xi Grade: Objectives: Defeat Special Target (S Rank: 6) Special: Unlocked After you Clear the Game. (Snow Area) Limits: n/a Ace: MQt Ace Drop: Tank Vehicle Design 005 mn6o005 or MR2A ========================== Early July, after the loss of their desert base, the Imperial Army attack force appeared to be weakened. Both sides of attack were not smooth, and as such it w as still a tug of war. Officers Room Ramsey: How was the vacation? No.07 Kurt: The squad members are very happy. Ramsey: Well, what did you see? Whose body was the sexiest? No.07 Kurt: It was a vacation......I hadnt made that a point of concern. Ramsey: Well......did you take any photos? No.07 Kurt: I didnt. Ramsey: Damnit! I was really looking forward to seeing these before you left! Ramsey: Well, lets talk about the task on hand. Ramsey: The task is to rescue refugees that were isolated from the frontlines. Ramsey: The regular army from the North were going to escort them Ramsey: but it seems they ran into Empire soldiers looking for trouble. No.07 Kurt: You want us to escort refugees? Ramsey: The resistance in the North is certainly complaining Ramsey: This is the system, our people getting harmed, as long as a common civi lian has a gun in hand, those Empire guys dont care one bit about it No.07 Kurt: Why do so many have to die?

Ramsey: Everything has its pros and cons Ramsey: If there were no similar units, perhaps we wouldve suffered a crushing defeat long ago Ramsey: In short, your order is to assist the regular army in protecting the re fugees, don't return back until you've retreived them! No.07 Kurt: Yes, sir! Ghirlandaio Fortress Maximilian: Come forth. Bolgia: Long time no see, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Maximilian: Yes, your Eminence Cardinal Jiunalo Bolgia Bolgia: What is His Highnesses business? Maximilian: ......Getting in the way of offensive attack is a domestic mater Bolgia: ...... Bolgia: The nations and (Yggdist church?) do not support this war Bolgia: The anti-war sentiment is also taken for granted. Maximilian: Do you think I and those of us in this base dont know anything? Bolgia: If (?) had a mishap, there will be infinite grief of the majority of Yg gdist followers Selvaria: The meaning of your words, I can understand as you admit that his own ? (?) Maximilian: Stand in line, Selvaria. Selvaria: Yes...... Bolgia: ...... Bolgia: This is the Naggiar desert where the amazing strength of the Valkyria p eople broke out...... (?) Bolgia: I didnt really think there was such a person. Squad 422 Camp No.13 Riela: Rescuing refugees! Ah, this is going to be difficult! No.07 Kurt: Nice to see you too, Riela No.13 Riela: Of course Im happy (to see you?), but the task is completely diff erent than the last one. No.06 Gusurg: These arent like usual Nameless instructions, we are actually go

ing to help a regular squad complete a mission. No.56 Deit: Anyway, theres surely a good reason No.01 Imca: Yes No.07 Kurt: Examining the mission would be a good thing No.13 Riela: But dont they want us to rescue the refugees right away? No.07 Kurt: If they need rescue, then that should be unmistakable. No.13 Riela: Alright! Come on, Kurt! No.07 Kurt: Were ready to move out, remember to prepare something to keep warm in advance. No.13 Riela: Keep warm!? But we just went swimming? No.56 Deit: They actually want us to go in ice and snow today! No.07 Kurt: The shortest route is over the top of the mountain. No.06 Gusurg: Ah the bastard of in higher command saw the map and sent us regar dless of the drop in temperature! No.13 Riela: However, I think it really is the fastest route to reach the road. No.13 Riela: And because someone is waiting for rescue, it would only make sens e No.07 Kurt: Riela is correct, a late rescue would be meaningless. No.07 Kurt: When youre all ready, well start!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: +<t Occupy Target Base (S Rank: 4) Fog Area None -b (Ace is in grass outside of Area 2 start position) VB PL (See Chapter Mission: ,]^)

Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: The temperature difference is very big from the not cold areas, rig ht Riela? No.13 Riela: Its nothing! Im cold but not my spirit! No.13 Riela: Is it because you lived in the North? No.13 Riela: Thats not all, I never catch a cold even during winter

No.13 Riela: Thanks to milk No.07 Kurt: If milk was able to prevent colds, then the cold would have long be en extinct No.13 Riela: They say it is the spirit that gets sick, so as long as the spirit is well you wont be ill! No.07 Kurt: This gets more and more unreasonable No.13 Riela: But most peoples spirits are not very healthy, dont you think? No.07 Kurt: Well, then go and see our comrades, especially those slackers (unhe althy spirits?) No.07 Kurt: The march ahead is very difficult and staying healthy is very impor tant No.13 Riela: Good idea! Ill go heat some milk! No.07 Kurt: Faster down the hill without headaches and health problems (?) No.01 Imca: I dont like the snow. No.07 Kurt: Why? No.01 Imca: It was very difficult to escape that bottle of hot milk, I cannot d rink that No.07 Kurt: It seems you really dont like milk, hows your body doing? No.01 Imca: Cold...too cold to sleep at night. No.07 Kurt: How about if I give you another blanket? No.01 Imca: ......Unspeakable (I couldnt say it?) No.07 Kurt: Well, take my blanket anyway No.01 Imca: Well......sorry No.07 Kurt: She appears to be running away as if shes very powerfully frozen.. .... (?) No.06 Gusurg: Kurt, can I tell you something? No.07 Kurt: What is it? No.06 Gusurg: The team has really changed a lot No.07 Kurt: Has it now No.06 Gusurg: Before you came it was really quite a mixed bag. No.06 Gusurg: Everyone was on their own to survive. No.06 Gusurg: And now? Everyone is busy giving and sharing as a team.

No.06 Gusurg: And the culture? Like it has become a routine No.07 Kurt: The culture, huh No.06 Gusurg: Do you remember what I told you? No.06 Gusurg: They do not think of how to resolve the problems in front of them selves? No.06 Gusurg: Your words have become their indicators No.07 Kurt: I just think its very appropriate (I just think this is as it shou ld be nothing) (?) No.06 Gusurg: Its just because you think so, that the team can change No.07 Kurt: With that said, I also have something to say

No.07 Kurt: It is you, Gusurg, who makes me the Captain No.06 Gusurg: Me? No.07 Kurt: Even with everyone fighting the instructions, of which there will a lways be more or less discontent, youve always supported my point of view. No.07 Kurt: So everyone is always for my ideas and considers my actions No.07 Kurt: Its because of you, this team is able to pull together (banded tog ether like strands of rope?) No.06 Gusurg: So, that means were a pretty good team? No.07 Kurt: Indeed it does. Rielas Path No.07 Kurt: For the first time since we started, I think I will also go to bed No.13 Riela: Kurt! No.07 Kurt: Huh? No.13 Riela: Hey! (Gotcha!) No.07 Kurt: Uh...... No.13 Riela: Hows that? Comfortable? No.07 Kurt: Ah, yes No.13 Riela: The body coat is a little large, but wrapping two people inside sh ould be no problem! No.07 Kurt: If it cant, wont you be cold? No.13 Riela: Didnt you hear what I said? Im not afraid of getting cold. No.13 Riela: But its still so warm......

No.13 Riela: Bring it closer to me No.07 Kurt: Riela......? No.13 Riela: Its been a long time since Ive been so close to someone No.13 Riela: So I feel very warm No.13 Riela: Dont you think so? No.13 Riela: If you never feel cold, how can someone appreciate what is warm No.07 Kurt: What do you mean? No.13 Riela: If people are warm in the warmth, would the ordinary person even f eel it? No.13 Riela: But only in a cold place, would they exclaim something like "Ah, its so nice and warm." No.07 Kurt: Do you mean now? No.13 Riela: Well......I am from a cold place, so Ive grown accustomed to it. No.13 Riela: Its a place where someone suffering from a cold is pretty common No.13 Riela: But, now that Im close enough to feel your warmth Kurt No.13 Riela: Im really happy, and thankful for this "cold" No.07 Kurt: Thankful for this cold......Well, youre really interesting. No.13 Riela: Should I be thankful to never be infected with a cold then? No.07 Kurt: You said youve never caught a cold. (Well it wouldnt do any good to catch a cold) (?) No.13 Riela: I have once, but it was kind of little. (?) No.13 Riela: If you catch a cold, someone has to be around to take care of you. ..... No.13 Riela: Im sure it will be a lot of fun No.13 Riela: ......Although I havent been that close to someone, I think it co uld be achieved No.07 Kurt: Is that so No.13 Riela: What do I know about taking care of others? Ive never been the ty pe No.13 Riela: But I also cant catch your cold Kurt, so Ill be by your side to take care of you! Rest assured No.07 Kurt: But I dont want to catch a cold No.13 Riela: Thats right No.13 Riela: So, in order to not get a cold, what are we waiting for!

No.07 Kurt: I have some work to preparations to do, but I wont take long No.13 Riela: Alright! Imcas Path No.01 Imca: ......So cold. No.07 Kurt: Hey, there you are No.07 Kurt: They have a fire lit over there, dont you want to warm your body u p? No.01 Imca: I dont want to go. No.07 Kurt: I knew thats what youd say, so just take this instead. No.01 Imca: Huh......!? No.07 Kurt: Its warm right? No.01 Imca: Its not that warm, no No.07 Kurt: Do you feel it blocking some wind? No.01 Imca: No, I dont feel any wind No.01 Imca: Whyre you doing this......? I dont understand. No.07 Kurt: If youre sick, youll have trouble fighting No.01 Imca: Yeah, but theres no solution No.07 Kurt: Are your blankets enough for you? If you cant sleep because of the cold, you better tell me No.01 Imca: ......I dont want to make too many demands. No.07 Kurt: Actually, I dont find anything to be too many...... No.01 Imca: I guess I could be warmer No.07 Kurt: Well......thats a good start. But Im worried that if you get sick Imca that you wont tell me. No.01 Imca: Because I dont want to explain myself. No.07 Kurt: No, you have to be sure to let me know No.01 Imca: Dont want to tell. No.07 Kurt: Imca if we dont solve your problems when you feel ill, I will be s orry No.01 Imca: Well, I dont expect you to No.07 Kurt: If your body is ever feeling sick, you must remember to tell me oka y?

No.01 Imca: ......Your loss (not really?)

Battle Begins Name: +<t Grade: Objectives: Kill all Troops or Destroy Special Target (S Rank: 4) Special: Snow Area / If you can Kill all Troops: Gain the Upgraded Tan k Pieces Accessory (:, [+ 10 vs. Armor]) Limits: None Ace: XYZJ[\ Ace Drop: yzG1 (Tank Flame Thrower) 290 vs Personnel 400 vs Armor 99 Accuracy 150 range Area Effect C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: I am Number Seven from Squad 422. No.07 Kurt: The army asked us to assist in rescuing refugees. Commander: You sure took your time Commander: Ah youre the troops that are serving sentences whose asses they had to kick to get back to work No.07 Kurt: Please just tell us the situation and give us instructions Commander: Well, finally theres some motivation Commander: Look, in order to reach the point we are responsible to guard, the regular army ranks as well as the refugees, we have to go through the suspension bridge Commander: But, the suspension bridge is now controlled by the Imperial Army Commander: So, we have to get by those enemies to get to the other side.

Commander: So I hope you can defeat the enemys garrison and raise the suspensi on bridge No.07 Kurt: So we want the bridge raised Commander: As long as the bridge is up, we can truly guarantee the refugees sa fety. No.07 Kurt: How many troops are in the garrison at the suspension bridge? Commander: We had a considerable number of people with us, and in short, the de

fense held. Commander: They should be able to keep it until the reinforcements arrived. Commander: You dont need to destroy them, as long as the bridge rises. Commander: If we raise the drawbridge we will be able to isolate the enemy, and they will have no choice but to surrender. No.07 Kurt: I understand. We will now go complete the mission. Commander: Well, dont screw up! No.06 Gusurg: So they want us to break through the enemys defense to raise the drawbridge No.06 Gusurg: A strong sudden attack might not be enough No.24 Annika: Hows the fire suppression? Give me a look at their talents! No.21 Felix: The big debut! No.13 Riela: Im also down! No.01 Imca: ......I have no objections. No.07 Kurt: I do not want to charge alone, the battle is about that getting tha t key offensive opportunity No.06 Gusurg: The enemy defense is tight, heavily guarded, and not so easy to b reak, right No.07 Kurt: The enemy naturally knows this, then we have to use the plan I disc overed. No.24 Annika: What does that mean? No.07 Kurt: Our side of defense was tight on the frontline. The main force in the front fought with a protracted war position No.07 Kurt: We focused their attention on the front No.07 Kurt: While a small group of commandos of small quick soldiers hit them o n the side and played them into an ambush. No.21 Felix: So the most important part is to attract the main forces attentio n, right? No.07 Kurt: Yes. As long as they think we will attack them straight on from the frontline No.01 Imca: I would have no problem being a commando. No.07 Kurt: Yes, well have others with Imca as the main team. (?) No.07 Kurt: The mission will be completed once we get those refugees safe and o ut of trouble. No.07 Kurt: I believe we will all be able to successfully complete this mission

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: egative. Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ' Starting the huge drawbridge switch (S Rank: 5) City Area / Note: After this Mission Gusurg's Potential turns n None 8,~bW ZM-MPX Shock Trooper: Machine Gun 32 vs Personnel 38 vs Armor 85 Accuracy 150 range 20 shots / fire S Interception Fire Rating

Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: Success! The bridge has been raised! No.01 Imca: It was no problem. No.13 Riela: The regular army have surrounded the Imperials and theyve surrend ered! We did it! No.06 Gusurg: Good! And the refugees are all safe. No.07 Kurt: All thats left is to report back. No.07 Kurt: We broke through the enemy positions and raised the bridge. Commander: Youve worked hard, you can go. No.07 Kurt: Yes! Then we will...... No.01 Imca: Wait Number Seven, the battle isnt over yet! No.07 Kurt: What happened Number One!? No.01 Imca: Look at the other side, there are still a few refugees who did not cross the bridge No.07 Kurt: Are you positive!? No.06 Gusurg: Its true! There are refugees on the other side who havent cross ed! No.07 Kurt: Number One, lower the bridge! Let them pass over!

Commander: Wait, were not allowed to move the bridge. No.07 Kurt: What! There are still refugees on the other side! Commander: If we lower the bridge now, its likely that the Imperial Army will also come over Commander: Then well jeopardize the lives of the refugees on this side of the bridge. Commander: Not to mention its just a bunch of Darcsens anyway No.06 Gusurg: What the hell did you say!? It is a soldiers duty to ensure the safety of the public! Commander: Heh, well youre just a Darcsen. Commander: This is an order, and if you refuse to follow it I would not hesitat e to shoot you. No.06 Gusurg: Im not one to watch compatriots killed in battle! No.07 Kurt: Dont go Number Six! Even if you disobey command you still cant s ave those refugees. No.06 Gusurg: Dont stop me! I will never leave compatriots regardless! No.07 Kurt: Stand down......! (you give me hold back?) No.06 Gusurg: Shut up! Youre not a Darcsen so what you think doesnt matter! No.07 Kurt: Damnit!! (Level?) (Cao??) No.06 Gusurg: Kurt......!? No.07 Kurt: ......Im the Captain here (?) No.06 Gusurg: ......! No.07 Kurt: Commander. Commander: Yes? No.07 Kurt: The Darcsen people on the other side also have national rights. It is our military obligation to protect them. No.07 Kurt: So if they have verifiably had nobility and schooling, would you ju st as likely give that command? No.07 Kurt: If you are ordered a ban on putting down the bridge, you must be ps ychologically prepared for it......If not, then are you really qualified to be a soldier? Commander: Well.... No.06 Gusurg: Number Seven...... No.07 Kurt: Number Six, youre more than just a Darcsen to me...... (?) (me tha n I so want to be a?)

No.56 Deit: Damn! No.21 Felix: Let me go! Im going too! No.32 Giulio: How do you go too! Even you would be totally rad! (?) No.15 Amy: Theyre also trying to flee to the......! (they do not desperately b efore fled to here?) No.24 Annika: No way! No.45 Serge: Why not me, but...... No.23 Leila: Dont stop me! Im going to fight dirty for the Darcsen people! No.11 Alfons: I also want to put it in the past but I dont know if I can...... No.03 Gloria: They tell me Im just a helpless old woman No.12 Valerie: The victims of such twisted history lose even more...... No.13 Riela: I obviously want to save lives......I also want to make sure we sa ve them.......! Commander: The Empire soldiers will not kill them all anyway No.06 Gusurg: Do you even fucking know how many of them the Empire executes! No.06 Gusurg: They only see beasts when people look at Darcsens! Commander: That is an issue with the Empire, it doesnt matter to us. No.06 Gusurg: Ugh!! No.06 Gusurg: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aftermath No.07 Kurt: The mission has failed......We had a chance to save them No.07 Kurt: Why didnt we pay attention to the other side before raising the br idge? This was ... my failed duty. No.13 Riela: Kurt ...... you cant blame yourself. No.07 Kurt: They could have been saved, but I ...... No.13 Riela: ...... No.13 Riela: I have felt this distraught five times already No.07 Kurt: Huh......? No.13 Riela: Im the so-called "Death Goddess," so I understand what youre fee ling right now. No.13 Riela: Dont be buried in the grief in your heart, well bear it together .

No.07 Kurt: Riela......

Northeast Gallia was occupied by the Imperial Army, and with the emergence of t he rescue they had an opportunity to turn it around. But due to Gallians lack of command and of understanding the importance of the Northeast, they did not or der to continue the command of attack. Their priorities were once again set on regaining Fouzen, the ragnite-rich North, guarded by General Gregor. The Gallia n Army went Northwest to take down the industrial zone.

CHAPTER 9: ASSASSINATE MAXIMILIAN ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 9 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: or def? Kill All Troops (S Rank: 5) Bridge Area n/a ,v mn6o201

ZM-34X Engineer : Pistol 36 vs Personnel 28 vs Armor 60 Accuracy 6 shots / fire 100 range S Interception Fire Rating Special - Defense Down Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: F!- Kill All Troops (S Rank: 5) Unlocked After Multiple Path Mission. Stops the Howitzers for ,Q n/a None. None. F!-?? Kill All Troops (S Rank: 1) Unlocked After you Clear the Game. n/a None. None.


In mid-July, the war situation did not show any signs of tilting, but instead we nt stagnate and turned into small-scale sporadic fighting. With the expansion o f both fronts, the troops dispersed, unable to focus on the problem in the relen tless flow of the offensive...... Commanders Room Ramsey: High command has issued a new mission. No.07 Kurt: Yes. Ramsey: I dont have an instruction book as it was a vocal command: Ramsey: Kill Maximilian. No.07 Kurt: What? Ramsey: I want you to carry out an assassination. No.07 Kurt: Are you serious? Ramsey: Look at my eyes and tell me Im not serious No.07 Kurt: Its easy for me to think that this is simply impossible. Ramsey: We fished around for some more information on this for you. The rest i s up to you. No.07 Kurt: This information? ...... This is it!? No.07 Kurt: ......So, our next mission is to attack Ghirlandaio Fortress...... No.21 Felix: This is ridiculous! No.32 Giulio: We have no desire to die. No.01 Imca: I say no. No.56 Deit: This is the worst...... No.23 Leila: You can tell the high command, or whoever, that theyre an uneduca ted bastard! No.11 Alfons: I think Miss Leila should really teach them a lesson No.13 Riela: First we have to calm down! And then think it through! No.07 Kurt: Riela is right. If we refuse to attack, well be all havent forgotten have you? No.03 Gloria: The child is right, dont think about it and we might get it done No.07 Kurt: Yes, its still possible to accomplish this mission. No.06 Gusurg: Kurt, we all know you have the ability, and we trust you No.06 Gusurg: ...... But Im afraid I cant agree.

No.06 Gusurg: The high command must be crazy, theyre deeply flawed! No.06 Gusurg: They think If we kill the enemy commander well be able to end th e war...... No.06 Gusurg: I really would like to go! If you think you can do it......! No.24 Annika: What Mr. Gusurg? Thats not like you! No.45 Serge: Hes been like that recently......ever since the suspension bridge incident hes been overly stimulated No.07 Kurt: When I first heard, I also felt like the mission would be impossibl e to complete. No.07 Kurt: However, after I saw the information that Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey gave me, I came up with an idea. No.11 Alfons: Ah, I like it when you talk about your ideas No.07 Kurt: Well, the Imperial Army Headquarters, Ghirlandaio Fortress No.07 Kurt: It hasnt had reinforcements stationed there for two months. No.21 Felix: What? Are you saying that their troop strength did not increase? No.07 Kurt: The Imperial Army withdrew from the South, but they still maintain a large frontline. No.07 Kurt: However, we also found out that with the security of Cardinal Bolgi a, and other than the frontline and important positions No.07 Kurt: That they account for almost all of the troops No.13 Riela: What does this mean? No.07 Kurt: That Ghirlandaio Fortress might be a complete ghost town No.12 Valerie: Is that really true? No.07 Kurt: Im can almost confirm it is certain No.06 Gusurg: They must have thought us relying on a single squad to attack the fortress was crazy! No.07 Kurt: Even so, we are going to do it. No.07 Kurt: However, who gave us this accurate information......? No.07 Kurt: Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey said it was from his network of contacts. .....

Carl: The assassination of this sort is indeed simply to the point Carl: However, Maximilian is too dangerous Carl: and its natural to kill what is best, so long as its done it doesnt ma tter.

Carl: So-called Nameless Carl: Hm hm hm [The conversation with Dahau, Lydia and Zig here doesnt appear to be in the Chinese script...]

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: .jMs - (PATH A - Mb) Occupy 2 Target Bases (S Rank: 4) Elliot Joins After Mission. None. 0,12 ZMKar - (See Chapter 4 Mission ,,)

(VALKRYIA55 RECOMMENDED PATH) Name: .jMs (PATH B - )) Grade: Objectives: Kill All Troops (S Rank: 5) Special: Giselle Joins After Mission. Limits: None. Ace: Ace Drop: ZM2-Kar Scout : Rifle 27 vs Personnel 46 vs Armor 80 Accuracy 7 shots / fire 230 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory [Depending on which route you get, you get a new recruit] No.07 Kurt: From today on, a new member will be joining us. Im counting on you . No.18 Elliot: Im Number Eighteen. ??? [from Wikipedia: A man in a fancy suit and gloves who was sent to the Nameless for alleged marriage fraud.] OR No.07 Kurt: From today on, a new member will be joining us. Im counting on you . No.26 Gisele: Im Number Twenty-Six......Gisele Fleming. ???......

[from Wikipedia: A pyromaniac sent to the Nameless for repeated counts of arson .] Ghirlandaio Fortress Selvaria: The war is still at a stalemate. Maximilian: ......Well Im not satisfied. Gregor: Thats not all, its not all bad news. Gregor: As long as theres stability in the North, the mining output in Fouzen will be able to continue to transport back to the country Gregor: They contribute to national interests, and we will be able to get reinf orcements. Maximilian: We dont need reinforcements. Maximilian: As long as we take over the capital of Randgriz, then everything wi ll be over. Jaeger: Maximilian is right. Jaeger: Tomorrow morning well rush through the front and immediately capture t he capital of Randgriz. Gregor: Youre very strong Jaeger. Jaeger: The Gallian Army's goal is Fouzen Jaeger: Im certain its because the imcoming resources have failed to keep up with their pace (of usage). Jaeger: They are vulnerable in the middle, as long as we rush down the middle w ith a big bang. Selvaria: What about the fortress garrison? Jaeger: You do not have to do that Selvaria Selvaria: ......! Selvaria: I will protect his Highness Clementia: Long time no see Selvaria Selvaria: Is there something you want Clementia. Clementia: Just to know how you are doing. Selvaria: I dont have to answer that. Clementia: You seem very disappointed (down in spirits), is the war boring you? Selvaria: I dont think fighting is fun at all. Clementia: Maybe if there were stronger opponents (?)

Selvaria: How could there be stronger ones. Clementia: I would like to see a fight between the Valkyria (?) No.07 Kurt: I can already see Ghirlandaio Fortress No.13 Riela: I never thought it could be so easy to get inside No.12 Valerie: It could also be because weve become accustomed to covert actio n No.03 Gloria: It seems there is a shortage of the Imperial Armys manpower here No.24 Annika: Mr. Kurts judgment was spot on! Almost exactly! No.06 Gusurg: Dont get too happy, the next part is the crux of our problem. No.06 Gusurg: How do we get in? I wonder if its even possible. No.07 Kurt: Lets wait to get a grasp on the situation before we consider it. No.11 Alfons: Still waiting, Ive been investigating Ghirlandaio Fortress. No.07 Kurt: Give me your report. No.11 Alfons: Why am I not surprised? The fortress does indeed have a team, bu t there are other places that dont even have surveillance. No.11 Alfons: And it seems the team is preparing to move out. No.07 Kurt: And inside the fortress itself? No.11 Alfons: From what I can observe, there are no large forces, only guards i n small scales. No.11 Alfons: According to the situation, they must be trying to block my skill s of the job (?) No.23 Leila: What nonsense! Stop with the shortcomings (?) and just say it! (W hip) No.11 Alfons: Ah, the pain, my shortcomings are a little bit eliminated...... No.07 Kurt: Please let's just keep it brief. No.13 Riela: What's up Kurt? No.07 Kurt: The support teams are ready to set off for raids. No.07 Kurt: In order to see this mission through, we're going to have to break i nto the fortress. No.06 Gusurg: In any case, will you have to shoot anyway? (No matter what, you're going to take a shot regardless?) No.07 Kurt: Gusurg, its because youre so involved

No.07 Kurt: That I believe the attack will succeed. No.07 Kurt: Because your ideals are the same as the enemy. No.06 Gusurg: Kurt...... No.07 Kurt: Everyone, get ready for battle! The target is the team in front of the fortress!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory ,Q Defeat Jaeger (,F) (S Rank: 4) Stop the Howitzers by doing the Free Mission first. None ,J yzE2-1

Jaeger: We can no longer keep the force here without being consumed. Jaeger: Team, reorganize for me (?) Soldier: Then the enemy will get into the fortress, wont they? Jaeger: Do not pay them any attention, the strongholds defense is perfect. Soldier: But...... Jaeger: Do you forget who they have in there? Lets just hope were not affect ed by her real power (?) Jaeger: Move out! Inside the Fortress Maximilian: Huh? Commander: Emergency report! Due to enemy attacks, Jaegers team was forced to evacuate! Gregor: What did you say!? Selvaria: Youre Highness, I will go confirm it Gregor: Its precisely to prevent this type of situation, that we should ensure the stronghold is properly defended with security forces. Maximilian: We dont need security forces. Gregor: As a soldier, I do not like to entrust to that idea.

Maximilian: A win is not on the line. (?) No.07 Kurt: Weve broken through their defenses, report your status. No.13 Riela: The enemy forces have evacuated. No.01 Imca: Theyve been defeated. No.12 Valerie: Theres no movement in the fortress (?) No.24 Annika: Weve got this! Lets charge in! No.03 Gloria: This gives us the opportunity to capture the enemy leader. No.11 Alfons: Theres not a single person at this exit? Orders again, Captain. No.07 Kurt: There is no back-up, and the enemy is slow, so we have to rush in! No.07 Kurt: The goal is to get inside the Imperial Armys headquarters!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: -J\.i Move Troop to Target Point (S Rank: 6) Night / Lifts. Selvaria is in this mission. None GM (Center of Area 4) 34567BS001 (Tank Blueprint)

Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: Break through their defenses! No.13 Riela: March forward! No.21 Felix: Are we......really going to put an end to it? The entire war! No.11 Alfons: Ill become the "Savior of Tomorrows Nation", this is how Ill g et all the countrys women hooked on me...... No.23 Leila: Maybe in your wildest dreams! Let me wake you up! (Whip) No.03 Gloria: Dont forget to breathe in the end while you go for the kill! No.07 Kurt: I understand...... No.13 Riela: Wait! The enemy has appeared! Selvaria: Fool, youve offended His Royal Highness...... Selvaria: Now you will die!

No.01 Imca: ......!! No.07 Kurt: What is that!? No.01 Imca: That......that is......the Azure flame!! No.01 Imca: Oh...... Ohhh....... Ohhhhhhhhh!! No.07 Kurt: Imca!? How do you know it Imca? No.01 Imca: Those are the devils flames......Its the devils fire!! No.13 Riela: What? What do you mean!? Selvaria: Im sick of you! No.07 Kurt: This is bad!! No.07 Kurt: Get down! No.07 Kurt: Tch......! Everyone retreat! Spread out and flee into the woods! No.07 Kurt: Hurry Riela! No.13 Riela: Ye, yes......! No.01 Imca: Oh...... Ohhh...... No.07 Kurt: Imca! Youre stunned! Go! Selvaria: ...... Clementia: Well done, youre really worthy of being a completed Valkyria Selvaria: Hm Clementia: Having said that, theres this interesting guy Selvaria: Not interested. Clementia: Im going for a walk Selvaria: ......Whatever you want. Forest No.07 Kurt: Come on this should be it Imca, we can take a break here No.01 Imca: ......That was, the devils flame ...... burned ...... everything . .....! No.07 Kurt: Youre very safe here, its alright. No.01 Imca: But......But......Well......!

No.07 Kurt: The enemy didnt give chase, theres nothing to fear. No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: Are you calm now? No.01 Imca: ......Im sorry. No.07 Kurt: No, dont worry about it, but I didnt really expect you to panic s o much Imca. No.01 Imca: ......I know her No.01 Imca: The Azure flame......with long silver hair, a gun and shield, fiery red eyes No.01 Imca: I cannot afford to forget, the moment my hometown burned down No.07 Kurt: Your hometown, Imca? No.01 Imca: I must get my revenge. No.01 Imca: Be sure to report my deep hatred! (?) No.07 Kurt: Imca...... No.07 Kurt: (chewing candy) That was a Valkyria......I never expected to see on e No.07 Kurt: And well have to keep fighting against one in battle Woods No.13 Riela: Did everyone escape safely......? No.13 Riela: Was I the only one..... No.13 Riela: No! Thats impossible! No.13 Riela: They must be all right! Clementia: So Ive finally found you. No.13 Riela: Who are you!? Clementia: Who I am is not important. No.13 Riela: Youre not a soldier of the Empire......? Clementia: I am, but I dont want to kill you Clementia: Im just interested in your research No.13 Riela: Research? Clementia: Dont you want to find out who you really are? No.13 Riela: What......

Clementia: If you want to know, then hold this in your hand. No.13 Riela: What is this? Clementia: Feel it so clearly. No.13 Riela: ...... No.13 Riela: Huh!? Clementia: Ah you really are...... Clementia: a Valkyria. No.13 Riela: Ah......Ahhhhhh! No.13 Riela: Ah! What is this......this body, ah! Its so hot......ah!! No.13 Riela: Ahhh! Ah......hhhhhhh! Clementia: What a strange awakening......But its so unstable, whats the reaso n for this......? No.13 Riela: Ahhhhh!! Clementia: Are you not fully awakened......? If youre too weak, do you have to repeatedly awaken? Clementia: So you simply cannot control it......a defective product. No.13 Riela: Ahhhhhhhhh! No.13 Riela: Ah, ah......Ah, ah Clementia: So you couldnt handle it, weakling. No.13 Riela: Ah, a......ha, ah Clementia: At least I got interesting data, so you havent been completely usel ess Clementia: ......Though I would like to say, you could still be useful (to me) Clementia: Ive never seen a fight between Valkyria, the Lance and Shield will do you well Clementia: When we picked them up they looked in good Valkyrian condition (?) Clementia: Let me collect data until the end of your mission Clementia: You are my object to observe anyway. No.13 Riela: Ah......Huh......Ahh, ah No.13 Riela: What...... am I going to do if Kurt finds out...... No.13 Riela: I dont want to be a terrorist force......!

No.13 Riela: I dont want to......!! The mission to assassinate Maximilian failed, but the Nameless managed to escape . The seemingly thoughtless missions of the Imperial Army provided remarkable o utcomes. The Central Front Imperial Army Commander Selvaria Bles served as the C olonel of the fortress defense tasks, which severely delayed the reorganization of the central front . From the results, the Gallian army gained a great opport unity to recapture the North. CHAPTER 10: DISCORD ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 10 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: => Kill All Troops (S Rank: 5) None n/a c ZM-MG mn6o002

========================== In mid-July, the Ghirlandaio Fortress was being attacked, while the military ord ers of the Empire to the Darcsen forces were to reorganize at the front, which slowed down the offense. On the other hand, Gallian forces took advantage of t he wars situation on the frontlines, and began planning an attack on the North. Ramsey: Its a pity No.07 Kurt: No, I cannot fully say it was a pity unfortunately Ramsey: Naggiar Desert was the last place people saw the Valkyria. No.07 Kurt: I have nothing to say Ramsey: Theres no means to fight it Ramsey: At least you still have your lives Ramsey: And the assassination attempt, and the penetration of the monster Ghirl andaio Fortress Ramsey: Those are also of some significance. No.07 Kurt: Perhaps. Ramsey: That, and Ive heard that Valkyria is quite a good looking woman No.07 Kurt: Is that heresy Commander? Ramsey: Well you tell me, you had the chance to see it on the battlefield Ramsey: But all joking aside, this time I want you to participate in the recove

ry of Northern Gallia. Ramsey: I heard there is a special mission for you. No.07 Kurt: "I heard there is"......? Ramsey: Go to the local ____ (?) and do the usual good job No.07 Kurt: Yes, sir. Lydia: I heard you enjoyed some time with the Nameless, thats what that red-ey ed fox says (?) Dahau: Maximilian's use of the mace (use of the secret weapon?) is also deserving of praise. Dahau: And also Maximilian thinks this distress. (I cant figure this one out?) Dahau: Zig, what would you have done? Strengthen the garrison, or let her conti nue her attack Zig: If it were me, I would use the Valkyria as a backbone to encourage the mil itary and intensify the offensive. Dahau: Its assumed that the Valkyria also thinks this way Dahau: As a Commander, it is the right choice, and it gives the soldier an imag e to follow Dahau: But if I was him, I would've instead taken the Valkyria to the front line Dahau: And offered a severe blow to the arrogance of the Gallian Army, then lea ve and do it to the other forces Dahau: But he cannot do so, because he wants to take into account the positions of Gregor and Jaeger, the two generals. Dahau: Although if they knew he had to rely on Darcsens to get the victory, it would affect the military might. Dahau: This Royal identity has become a stumbling block in their victory Zig: Oh Dahau, hes still too young to be Dahau: Counting his authority he is indeed regarded as one of the genius of th e century, but as a soldier he still lacks a lot. Dahau: Also, he will be on our side, so this is a good thing for us. Zig: Amazing insight! Dahau you really are the true hope for the Darcsen people ! Dahau: Zig, to ensure our victory, theres a mission I want to give you, if you think you can complete it? Zig: Yes! Please rest assured! Lydia: Sigh are you talking about (sings blockhead beauty?), can be alone, the child can be dumb head to understand the what...... (No idea what she was trying

to say here, its so dumb even a child could do it maybe?) En route No.07 Kurt: Today we are prepared to camp in the village. No.07 Kurt: Imca, will you be on lookout? No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: Imca? No.01 Imca: Im feeling ill......Im sorry No.07 Kurt: ......I understand. Riela, do you think you can do it instead? No.13 Riela: ...... No.07 Kurt: Riela! No.13 Riela: What!? What is it! Theres nothing! No.07 Kurt: Whats the matter? You look completely out of it No.13 Riela: Sorry......I will pay attention. No.07 Kurt: Well...... No.07 Kurt: Gusurg, Ive been thinking of something...... No.06 Gusurg: What do you want? No.07 Kurt: Both Imca and Riela are acting strangely, what did I do? No.06 Gusurg: Sorry, but I don't want to get mixed up with that No.07 Kurt: Is that so......Excuse me. No.07 Kurt: All three of them at the same time, this is really...... No.21 Felix: What happened Kurt, you in trouble with the higher ups? No.45 Serge: If you want to tell, Ill talk with you No.24 Annika: Why do people carry (their problems around?), then not like to sh are it with us No.15 Amy: If youll let us, I think that everyone will work together...... No.07 Kurt: Dont worry, I never meant to be a cause for concern, Im sorry if I patronized you all (Im afraid many really need you to patronize?) No.12 Valerie: The enemy! Its Calamity Raven! No.07 Kurt: This time......! Everyone, get ready for battle!

Battle Begins Name: , Grade: Objectives: Defend for 5 turns or Kill all Troops( S Rank: 4) Special: Kill all Troops gives you < Limits: None Ace: ,N Ace Drop: MR2X Armored Tech : Hammer/Wrench ? / Fencer? 197 vs Personnel 341 vs Armor 99 Accuracy 1 shots / fire 40 range B Interception Fire Rating Special : HP Down Battle Victory

Zig: Tch! This is out of hand! Zig: Listen to me! Nameless! Zig: I will never lose to blindly loyal people like you! No.11 Alfons: Hey, this kid is kinda bloodthirsty, huh! No.23 Leila: Its very passionate......this is talent! How I miss it, he capti vates me! No.06 Gusurg: ......This kid. Zig: I have a dream! I must achieve my dream of national independence! Zig: What do you have, Gusurg? Victory? Zig: Does this victory really make you proud! No.06 Gusurg: ......! Zig: Your blind and stubborn loyalty isnt a true victory! Ill remember! No.06 Gusurg: The real victory......where is my victory......? Frontlines No.07 Kurt: Im from Squad 422, Captain Number Seven. Kurt Weve received orders to assist in the recovery of Northern Gallia. Baldren: Im the Captain of the First Brigade in the Army of the North, Colonel Baldren Gassenarl Audrey: Vice-Captain Audrey Gassenarl (Lieutenant Colonel?)

Baldren: I never asked to use the Nameless. No.07 Kurt: High command has assigned our squad with a special mission. Baldren: I havent heard anything, Audrey, do you know anything? Audrey: Squad 422 troops are to go in the side of the main force led by my brot her...... Audrey: The Department of Weapons has distributed a new projectile to launch as a preemptive attack on the enemy. Baldren: Huh, testing new weapons is so boring! Audrey: Command wants to look at the results in this situation before deciding to use it in full combat. Baldren: Whats the use of relying on that kind of thing to win! How can this r elate to the regular armys reputation! Audrey: The winners will get the reputation, as the Nameless squad doesnt go o n combat records...... Audrey: If we gain a victory, theres no reason not to do it? Baldren: Ah......! Audrey: This battle is just one step further Audrey: This battle is only a step toward Fouzen, where after the unprovoked ki lling power of war will not affect you? (?) Baldren: said that right. Baldren: Nameless, youve been given directions by the Command to open the firs t shot! Baldren: Give me a good one! No.07 Kurt: Yes, sir! No.13 Riela: ...... No.15 Amy: How are you doing Miss Riela, you look down in spirits. No.13 Riela: Ah, no...... No.56 Deit: These regular army tents, who isnt tired of them...... No.23 Leila: Riela can't be a little spirit at all times, am I wrong? No.13 Riela: No, no! Ill be alright! I'll go help them! No.15 Amy: Miss Riela! No.56 Deit: Go with her, shes having a hard time (?)

No.13 Riela: Ah......what do I do? No.13 Riela: We would have been found, but I avoided the others, this is not th e same as before...... Soldier: I havent seen you in this uniform, have you found something? No.13 Riela: Eh? Ah, I was going to assist the tent...... Soldier: Oh? The hair and eyes, dont you......? (?) No.13 Riela: What? Soldier: They call me Hubert Brixham Brixham: I take it youre Miss Riela Marcellis? No.13 Riela: What!? How do you know me? Brixham: Well, I only know that people think of you as the "Death Goddess" No.13 Riela:! No.13 Riela: Im not! Im not only a grim reaper (a death goddess?)! Brixham: Please stay! ......This isnt good, ah. Brixham: Then again......she did seem to be afraid of something, but what...... ? No.13 Riela: Ah, ah...... No.13 Riela: I wont do that......! What do I do? No.13 Riela: I cant go into battle like this......! Brixham: I was rude just now, I apologize. No.13 Riela: Its you......! Brixham: I think youre a strong person Brixham: So I accidently blurted out the unlucky name, Im sorry. No.13 Riela: Huh......? Brixham: I know you're not regular army, you're a volunteer who can choose your own team. Brixham: You have repeatedly experienced your team being wiped out, you carry a stigma Brixham: But so far you're still fighting, which you wouldn't be able to do if you didn't have a strong heart for support No.13 Riela: ...... Brixham: Im interested in you for that I also have a "death" nickname

Brixham: That simple reason Brixham: However, after knowing what you've been through Brixham: I've wanted to know how you can gather the strength to fight your repeat ed grief. No.13 Riela: Im not that strong No.13 Riela: Im only here because my home is gone Brixham: So this is the reason you fight No.13 Riela: I fight now because I dont want to lose......finally feel warm wi th a team. No.13 Riela: I will no longer be called the Death Goddess! Brixham: ......However, dont you fear it more precisely because of this title? No.13 Riela: This!! Brixham: I didnt intend to get on your bad side.. Brixham: However, if you had to be there want to share a strong hidden (if you had to be there to hide the strong?) Brixham: then can it really be called your home? No.13 Riela: ...... Brixham: I hope you can come to a good result to these decisions. Brixham: So, Im sorry but I have to say goodbye. No.13 Riela: What! Why did you say this? Brixham: Why did I say this? I have to say...... Brixham: Young people in trouble are unable to right (worries of young people m ore than the heart?) Carisa: This is the new weapon's shells the development department assigned us. No.06 Gusurg: They don't seem any different? Carisa: I just received it, I didn't bother to ask. Carisa: Mr. Gusurg, you dont want to delay, do you? No.06 Gusurg: I know, Ill come under inspection Carisa: The team also has three things I havent sent it Carisa: Haha......I wish the Minister of SB (?) would quickly rush out and die. No.06 Gusurg: ......It seems youre not easy tempered.

No.06 Gusurg: Weird......why do you need to send the Nameless to execute the te st projectile? No.06 Gusurg: Whats even more surprising is that this warhead is much lighter than ordinary shells. No.06 Gusurg: No problem? Ill open it in case, to confirm it. No.06 Gusurg: This is......!! No.06 Gusurg: Making me shoot this! No.06 Gusurg: Ths is the basis of contempt for the Darcsen Calamity, so you thi nk this beast will help you! No.06 Gusurg: Ha ha......ha ha ha! No.06 Gusurg: Fuck them!!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: I, Defend for 5 turns or Kill all Troops (S Rank: 4) None . Joins. Tank cannot enter this battle. [j ZM2-Kar (See Chapter 9 - .jMs [Path B] )

No.07 Kurt: Whats the status? Gusurg, report in! No.15 Amy: Captain, this is bad! Gusurg is not in the tank! No.07 Kurt: What!? Where else could he be! No.15 Amy: He threw his shirt in the drivers seat! No.15 Amy: And, his gun has been broken......! No.07 Kurt: How is that possible......! Baldren: Attack now! Nameless! Fire it now! No.07 Kurt: You must wait! We had an accident, it cant be fired! Baldren: Say what? Fire quickly! Do you want the enemy to suppress you! No.07 Kurt: We cant shoot! Everyone come quickly and start fighting! Baldren: Hey! What a bunch of wastes!! Baldren: Tch! The enemy is here! Baldren: Theyre going to...... take the upper hand! No.07 Kurt: Ah, were here to aid the regular army......!

No.07 Kurt: We have to here! We must defend our positions! No.07 Kurt: If we fall here, the army will collapse! We must stand up to them! Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: Well, the main force has been defeated......! No.03 Gloria: Finished another, has been back to the days (?) No.21 Felix: You did it Kurt! Baldren: You heard it Nameless! The battle is irreversible, I now order the ar my to retreat! Baldren: You have to let me assume responsibility! No.07 Kurt: I understand! We have already begun preparations. Baldren: It's not all of your fault that I had lost so many men! Die for me to r esist! No.07 Kurt: Yes! No.07 Kurt: You heard it, our mission is now to retreat to friendly territory! No.07 Kurt: We must withstand the enemys offensive, and must ensure that frien dly forces are safely evacuated. No.56 Deit: Its only us infantry alone......! No.11 Alfons: So we will be the gorgeous ones to wipe out the so called extinc tion? No.13 Riela: Wipe out......!! No.13 Riela: In this! No.13 Riela: ......Is this really the right way......? No.13 Riela: No, I cant, I cant do it......Things will definitely get much mo re serious. No.07 Kurt: Everyone get ready for a fight, and prevent the enemy from reaching us!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: , Occupy Two Target Bases (S Rank: 5) None Tank cannot enter this battle.

Ace Drop: Battle Victory


No.07 Kurt: Friendly forces have been withdrawn, we should also withdraw! No.07 Kurt: Gusurg......! No.21 Felix: I cant believe its true......Gusurg ran out on us. No.24 Annika: You cannot tell the joke and then come back? (I can't tell if it's a joke and he'll come back?) No.12 Valerie: Desertion leads to execution, he has no reason to come back. No.11 Alfons: From when we rescued the refugees and he had to watch compatriots die, and his dislike for the assassination attempt...... No.11 Alfons: His runaway already had a precursor. No.15 Amy: Wont we be able to stop him? No.03 Gloria: Thats not acceptable, even if he had no knowledge of the gas bom bs. No.03 Gloria: No matter what, Gusurg is gone for good No.56 Deit: Yeah...... A few days after the mission failure of the Recovery of Northern Gallia-No.07 Kurt: ......that is my statement. Baldren: That Nameless broke his gun and then fled Audrey: He refused to use the new weapon provided by the Department of Developm ent, right? No.07 Kurt: We discovered gas ammunition after we disassembled the warhead. Baldren: Did you say gas!? Audrey: The use of poison gas is prohibited by the Treaty. Audrey: This kind of thing does not exist in our army, isnt that right Number Seven. No.07 Kurt: ......Yes. Audrey: The more pressing issue is that a Darcsen has ran out on us Baldren: Yes! Baldren: If I knew he was a Darcsen, I definitely wouldve put him down!

No.07 Kurt: Nameless membership is confidential, and not allowed to be public k nowledge Baldren: Shut up! Baldren: You simply dont know the seriousness of the matter! Baldren: The glorious Principality of Gallia warriors life is because the Darc sen peoples lowly mutiny was lost! Baldren: For this, reusing your serving senior military forces also have a resp onsibility! Baldren: I will use this to impeach them! Audrey: Number Seven, you're in the clear and you won't be held accountable. Audrey: The Gallian Principality and Gallian human security and unity of the pe ople of Principality of Darcsen people, this is a very serious problem. Audrey: This punishment depends on what the higher ups are thinking. No.07 Kurt: You trust the Senior Colonel, do you not? Baldren: What? No.07 Kurt: It's not only this poison gas bomb incident, senior officials have sh own other improper behavior Baldren: ......I'll listen to what you have to say. No.07 Kurt: We received something a few days before the attack of Ghirlandaio F ortress of mission No.07 Kurt: Senior intelligence no doubt provided it to the Imperial Army Baldren: What does that mean? No.07 Kurt: The ministry's intelligence was not gathered from espionage. No.07 Kurt: In other words, Senior Military Intelligence obtained this directly from the Empire. Baldren: My question is this, have you verified the higher ups offers? They usu ally have their own means to gather intelligence. No.07 Kurt: Well, why not excellent intelligence forces have even better? (?) No.07 Kurt: Since the intelligence network is dominated, but also why rely on t he assassination, or poison gas to break the fight Audrey: Please dont say it again, if you continue, youre committing the crime of Executive Insult No.07 Kurt: ...... Baldren: ......Top issues to say that. Disciplinary actions are different thing s with you. (?)

Baldren: Dont think I will be good to speak. (?) No.07 Kurt: Yes, sir! Baldren: Obviously, the senior military must have had a big problem and had to get to the bottom of it...... No.06 Gusurg: It might be destiny that it came to this, maybe No.06 Gusurg: I did not shoot the gas bomb, my guilt is to the people who I ran out on. No.06 Gusurg: I hope none of the Nameless members are relieved of duty for it No.06 Gusurg: I dont think they would forgive me...... No.06 Gusurg: I cant stand the Gallian military practice No.06 Gusurg: Even if Gallia won the war, I also will not be able to say that i ts my victory No.06 Gusurg: The Darcsens will live on......this is my life, my future. No.06 Gusurg: I wont be lost, I want to fight for my ideals. No.06 Gusurg: Now that they are stained with blood, this is for the Darcsen peo ple......! Commanders Room No.07 Kurt: I finished the report. Ramsey: Thats tough......Im afraid things are much more serious than you thin k. Ramsey: Because of the Colonels impeachment, the upper department is now lost in utter confusion Ramsey: To be accountable to which you want to reuse Nameless (?) Ramsey: I will take full responsibility. Ramsey: What mess will greet us, we cannot imagine, or truly be psychologically prepared for, that's all I can say. No.07 Kurt: Yes, sir! Squad 422 Camp No.07 Kurt: As everyone already knows, Gusurg is unaccounted for after fleeing. No.21 Felix: This escape could be the end for him...... No.11 Alfons: I hope he is not siezed by the military police and killed, that w ould be really strange. No.21 Felix: So, what will happen to us?

No.07 Kurt: Even when asked if we were aware of the escape issue, we do not hav e the right to refute. No.56 Deit: Gusurg was right. Sooner or later none of us will remain on the te am...... No.15 Amy: What are you saying! Escaping is a good thing? No.12 Valerie: Its a matter of choice, and none of us know what the future hol ds for the Nameless. No.32 Giulio: Perhaps the situation at that time would turn out that escaping w as actually better. No.03 Gloria: Perhaps that may already be true. No.13 Riela: What is this......!? No.12 Valerie: Gusurg escaping is a much more serious issue than we thought. No.21 Felix: I know! We do not succeed him! No.11 Alfons: She says thats not the problem on hand, but like him man from th e army to escape this state of affairs (?) No.56 Deit: Without a helm, the boat can't row...... No.23 Leila: ...... No.23 Leila: Kurt! Who assigned the gas bomb to us! No.07 Kurt: Its unclear. Nameless issued directives are nameless operations. No.45 Serge: What would've happened if they weren't gas bombs......have you though t about it No.07 Kurt: Maybe Gusurg actually helped us, maybe No.07 Kurt: But, why was he silent No.24 Annika: Yeah, are we not allies. No.01 Imca: ......Forget him. No.07 Kurt: Imca is right, Gusurg is gone. No.07 Kurt: In the future I'm going to take his share of the efforts, but we can also multi-use the service. No.13 Riela: Kurt...... No.13 Riela: Sorry, but Im worried and I wasnt able to sleep No.07 Kurt: Is this about Gusurg No.13 Riela: No, its about you. No.13 Riela: You look pretty bothered.

No.07 Kurt: Its nothing. No.13 Riela: It's cheating, but my oh my, I think Kurt said "hard effort" for the first time. No.07 Kurt: Did I say this? No.13 Riela: You said that we can take his share of the efforts together. No.07 Kurt: ......I hate trying to do this kind of thing. Good work should be t aken for granted. No.07 Kurt: However, If I can do it in the midst of everything, Im not sure. No.07 Kurt: The team was able to unite because Gusurg appeased the emotions of the squad members for me. No.07 Kurt: But Im not really as confident as he was. No.13 Riela: Theres no problem, I will help you, dont worry......okay? No.07 Kurt: If the person appears after his escape, I can stop to...... (if aft er following his escape, I blocked lives it) No.07 Kurt: We all want to leave, so......? No.13 Riela: I do, no matter what, believe in you and will stand by your side. No.13 Riela: So calm down......and lets work together. No.07 Kurt: Riela......Thank you very much. Baldren: Using Nameless and now you want me to take responsibility for a Darcse n person! Baldren: I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer! Carl: Let me answer you Colonel Gassenarl. Carl: Word of mouth says that you're responsible for it, but the headquarters kno ws the real truth.. Carl: Because Nameless are a bunch of traitors. Baldren: Traitors!? Carl: Nameless just wanted regular army causalities to occurr, so they could de liberately release the deserters Carl: This is an obvious rebellious behavior. Carl: Our headquarters can be considered victims as they were also deceived by their submissive attitude. They're the ones who are wrong.. Baldren: So, how are you going to dispose of the Nameless? Carl: The Nameless will be deemed rebel forces, and I will be responsible of di sposing them from the inside.

Carl: If it were made public, it would be detrimental to the reputation and mor ale of the army. Carl: Other than that jerk Irving, Colonel Ramsey could also expose us....... Carl: Is because there is still little evidence? He must not be allowed to rea ch the military courts Carl: Nameless is really good, but they have become a curse Carl: (but to do them?) can only do swap them (But what can I do to get them ou t of my way?)

Due to the escape of Number Six Gusurg, the attacking army's and Northern forces' de feat, and couple with the impeachment of Colonel Gassenarl, the Gallian high com mand was thrown into turmoil. Originally there was no command, the command always been a shared responsibility , wasting time on meaningless debates of the power struggle. In short, a senseless waste of time delay is an established fact of war.

CHAPTER 11: STIRRINGS ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 11 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: +x' Occupy Target Base (S Rank: 4) None n/a JMNQR TUF3

========================== in late July, due to the failure of the Northern Expedition, the Gallian militar y temporarily stopped the army of the North, and they turned to seek the opportu nity to break the central situation of the war. South of there, Imperial Army t roops retreated to consolidate the defense in the North, but were unable to form an effective connection of the large combat power in the middle, and the fatigu e of the soldiers had reached the limit. Deadlocked for more than a month, the central front began the trend...... Late July, Commanders Room Ramsey: For your next mission, we want you to rescue allies that are isolated i n the Naggiar desert. No.07 Kurt: Wait, arent you going to punish us first? Ramsey: I was thinking about it, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe the mission is m ore urgent than punishing you.

No.07 Kurt: But, why should we go to the desert to send more firepower? Ramsey: Number Sixs position was the top (?), you should go to the dorm and ha ve a look. (?) Ramsey: Whatever the outcome, just be sure your acquaintances get along. No.07 Kurt: Yes. Ramsey: In the end, as the leader, you have the final say. No.07 Kurt: ......? Ramsey: We can only suggest (hope) you go where we ask Squad 422 Camp No.63 Carisa: Its once again time to shine on stage! No.63 Carisa: Carisa Contzens number is 63, all right? No.03 Gloria: I didnt think expect you to be recruited. No.63 Carisa: Why are we Nameless! No.63 Carisa: I really wanted to ask No.21 Felix: Why would you want join us? No.63 Carisa: You really want to know? Its a heartwarming story No.63 Carisa: ......results of warming over the head, suddenly couldn't fire, heh e No.15 Amy: I can't even imagine...... No.63 Carisa: They made me responsible for having a gas bomb that the Departmen t gave us in our supply depot. No.32 Giulio: This is what command said? No.63 Carisa: It is, and that without investigation I delivered this warhead to the troops No.63 Carisa: I just did as they said, but they said I'm responsible for this fau lt for not checking. No.63 Carisa: And the result was that I would be sent to the Nameless No.63 Carisa: Those headquarters command people can go to, I want to kick them down. No.15 Amy: Please dont smile and say scary things like that...... No.11 Alfons: Then again, is command just crazy? No.11 Alfons: They can't even have a decent ruling?

No.12 Valerie: Im worried......although so far, we never commendation (had nev er recognized) No.45 Serge: Really confusing, I do not doubt the Gallian Army doesn't like it.. No.56 Deit: Darcsen idea really is to do...... (?) No.03 Gloria: Yeah right, have to perform their tasks or it's the death penality, the difference between life and death. No.56 Deit: In any case, quitting was only a dead the end we all me et the king of hell No.13 Riela: This is just like before, so were giving her the usual treatment. . No.01 Imca: Yes. No.24 Annika: Well, Mr. Gusurg really had no significance (this is really stupi d) No.23 Leila: Go people would not have to think, without the slightest significa nce (?) No.63 Carisa: Is it, could it be possible to fill Number Six's vacancy No.63 Carisa: But I don't like the idea of dying No.21 Felix: Speaking of, can you drive a tank? No.63 Carisa: I don't see why I can't drive a tank? (?) No.13 Riela: Any combat experience? No.63 Carisa: Of course! Although only at point blank.. No.03 Gloria: Before the war you stayed in the depot ministry, right? That mean s that...... No.45 Serge: Your combat experience, it was during the First Eurporan War perio d or what......? No.63 Carisa: Uhh, yeah, rich? No.21 Felix: Youre that old!? No.63 Carisa: After the age of 20, I havent counted No.13 Riela: Shes so old...... No.32 Giulio: In short, welcome to the battle No.11 Alfons: I welcome you too, oh Carisa No.63 Carisa: I will not only serve as __ (tank driver?), but I will serve as a rationing of materials also, so take slightly more care in the future (?) Squad 422 Camp

No.63 Carisa: Number Six was a jerk, even willing to leave with such a good esc ape. No.63 Carisa: Gas bombs or something a little more to do have your hand would b e okay (I would sort of understand if you had a hand in the gas bombs or somethi ng?) No.07 Kurt: It's because grudges were too deep before No.13 Riela: Well, gas bombs really is going too far...... No.01 Imca: Number Six would not leave only because of this No.63 Carisa: Although I am at the depot, I can also feel the grievances for a long time (?) No.63 Carisa: Im afraid that in Nameless, this hatred will only be moreso No.07 Kurt: I could really feel that his discontent was very heavy No.07 Kurt: But I have been thinking, he certainly was going to do it whether o r not he was allowed to. No.07 Kurt: I didnt think it would turn out like this, this is my dereliction of duty. No.13 Riela: ......Even if he regrets it and does not return, we will still con tinue to work hard, right? No.63 Carisa: Is that so No.63 Carisa: If this is what you say on all of these type of subjects (behind everyone's back?), how can I have the spirit to go to work No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: Sorry, I will pay more attention next time No.13 Riela: Well Kurt, we know it isnt on purpose. No.13 Riela: Rest assured! Its certainly not a problem, we can come up with m ore vigor! No.63 Carisa: Hey......when you say it like that No.63 Carisa: That must mean youre a pretty good wife? No.13 Riela: Hey!? Ah, oh no......its not like that. No.13 Riela: I just want to help him do his best! I will do everything in my a bility to help him out a little No.13 Riela: Isnt that right, Imca? No.01 Imca: ......Thats not what I think. No.13 Riela: Ah, ha......ah No.63 Carisa: Youre really simple about (?)

No.13 Riela: Ha you have any more comments, Carisa. No.63 Carisa: Well, as long as we all get along, otherwise it won't be any fun No.07 Kurt: Take more care in the future No.63 Carisa: I have had quite some interest in being under your command Captai n, so make good use of me (please look out for me?) No.07 Kurt: Well, I wont let you down Naggiar Desert No.13 Riela: I dont like this...... No.12 Valerie: No one does. No.11 Alfons: The gang's stray lamb is not lost in this place, so how do we save it? No.07 Kurt: The location isn't wrong, the camp should be here. No.13 Riela: Feel free to leave a bad (Maybe we should leave, I have a bad feel ing about this?) No.07 Kurt: Searching at night is difficult, lets investigate and go over the situation in the morning. No.07 Kurt: Imca, with your night vision capability, can you keep watch tonight ? No.01 Imca: No problem. Squad 422 Camp No.32 Giulio: With prior to this those who really are easy (? I'm guessing it has to do with cooking...) No.12 Valerie: High command cant make up their mind on how they want to use us No.21 Felix: In the end, theyll give us some insignificant task, right? No.03 Gloria: An old woman will have a bad time trying to find someone in this desert...... No.15 Amy: Im feeling numb and out of it...... No.23 Leila: Share of the good prior to the failure to recover, come on! Cheer up! (?) No.11 Alfons: Continuously making errors isnt cool, this time weve done it en ough (?) No.21 Felix: Well thats nice and all but......Kurt, what about you? Dont you think this mission is very strange? No.07 Kurt: It is......

No.01 Imca: Number One reporting, found a team heading in our direction, and I can confirm they are friendly forces. No.07 Kurt: Really. No.01 Imca: However, the strange thing is the scale is approximately two squads , join teams with us would be inconsistent. No.07 Kurt: Two squads? Why are there so many people, are you sure youre not seeing it wrong? No.01 Imca: Should we join the other team? No.07 Kurt: I've never heard of this before, hold on a second......! No.07 Kurt: Tell everyone! Break camp, right away! Be quick! No.23 Leila: What do you mean!? No.07 Kurt: To prevent the worst case scenario! Hurry up! No.32 Giulio: Really, were a little busy down here! No.07 Kurt: Alfons you're responsible for contacting the approaching allies, ask them what theyre doing! No.11 Alfons: Roger that No.01 Imca: Report! The friendlies are firing at us! No.15 Amy: Ah!! No.07 Kurt: Alfons, are they connected to you? No.11 Alfons: They closed the connection! Perhaps it really is the worst case scenario like you said! No.07 Kurt: Giulio, raise a white flag to tell them we dont want to fight! No.32 Giulio: Yes, sir! No.01 Imca: Number Seven, what do they want? Why are they firing at us! No.07 Kurt: There are too few conditions, I cannot judge......could they be fak e friendlies? No.01 Imca: I think theyre different people than the Imperial Army! No.07 Kurt: Regardless, were being attacked! Prepare to retreat immediately! No.12 Valerie: Retreat, where to!? No.03 Gloria: Better than getting a strong beating! No.32 Giulio: Kurt! The bastards shot at the white flag! No.07 Kurt: What!? No.13 Riela: Kurt, quickly whats the order! What can I do to help?

No.07 Kurt: Go look after th people there breaking camp, to help them out. No.13 Riela: Yes! No.15 Amy: I have to hurry! There are still things...... No.13 Riela: Amy, come on! Just get whats important and quickly get to the tr uck! No.15 Amy: Yes! Theres my letters, and...... <Explosion> No.15 Amy: Ah!! No.13 Riela: Are you okay, dont panic, just hurry it up No.15 Amy: Ohh, father......! Im sorry I never got to see you again...... No.13 Riela: No, you will definitely see him again! No.15 Amy: If this continues, were all going to die...... No.13 Riela: Wha!? No.13 Riela: No......! I can no longer afford to! No.13 Riela: Amy, quickly get to the truck! I will be the last thing! (I would thing with the past?) No.15 Amy: But......! No.13 Riela: Its okay, rest assured, you go ahead and tell Kurt I was here on the line. No.15 Amy: ......Yes, sir! No.13 Riela: Dont worry, I wont be death! Im not......! No.07 Kurt: Riela you left...... No.13 Riela: Im sorry I came back late! Everyone's withdrawing! Its starting! No.07 Kurt: Good! Lets take them down!

Battle Begins (The base you capture in this battle determines your Path A, Path B decision. O ne enemy base is Path A, while the other base is Path B.) Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: \tx Move Troop to Target Point (S Rank: 4) None None

Ace: -, Ace Drop: \.R Scout : 26 vs Personnel 52 vs Armor 82 Accuracy 10 shots / fire 230 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: We finally got rid of them all. No.12 Valerie: We wouldve had a slow start and might not have escaped in time, but thankfully Imca found them. No.01 Imca: ......It was nothing. No.21 Felix: While it might not be much, we also have some mines, whatever the outcome, can stand in their burst of it. (?) No.32 Giulio: That was a real army No.23 Leila: Whats going on? Kurt, are you going to tell us! No.07 Kurt: They moved us into the desert, to have us secretly killed.....that must be the case.. No.13 Riela: What would that mean!? No.07 Kurt: It means there are people in the army that want us dead. No.63 Carisa: This is too ridiculous! Am I the only one that thinks so!? No.11 Alfons: It's said that Nameless is such a strong force, but this is going t oo far. No.03 Gloria: Then, what should we do? Dont you always have a way to get out of it? No.07 Kurt: Please let me gather information and ideas, then Ill give you an a nswer. No.07 Kurt: For now we must proceed with caution. No.45 Serge: Truly good, and too reliable. (?) No.24 Annika: We've pass through the gates of hell so much! We can certainly do t his! No.56 Deit: I look at the past completely differently now...... No.07 Kurt: ......Give me some time, be on alert. <chewing candy>

No.07 Kurt: No......I cant do it! Think! No.13 Riela: Kurt, we didn't find the enemies on the frontline just now, did we? (?) No.07 Kurt: Yes we really did (?) No.13 Riela: I cant see you with such a straight face No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: Thanks to Imcas discovery earlier we were lucky enough to escape, No.07 Kurt: But we're in the desert alone in this flat country of traveling force s, even escaping is not an escape.. No.07 Kurt: And there might be additional reinforcement troops still be lurking around No.07 Kurt: And in the end, what can be regarded as safe? Is the Gallian Army really our enemy? No.13 Riela: This...... No.07 Kurt: But if we can escape the desert, Im can stil find a little way No.07 Kurt: Abominable! As long as we can get out! (?) <chewing candy> No.07 Kurt: Damn! I cant think of it yet! No.13 Riela: Kurt, are you okay? No.07 Kurt: Shut up! Dont talk to me now! No.13 Riela: ......Im sorry. No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: Im sorry about that. No.13 Riela: No, its okay, I understand that youre very anxious No.07 Kurt: The key now is to get rid of our pursuers that escaped the desert. No.07 Kurt: But there is not enough intelligence, so I cant think of effective way. No.07 Kurt: The enemys position, size, speed of march, weapons, equipment..... .Everything about them is unknown. No.07 Kurt: And then if they grab the upper hand, it will be even more difficul t. No.07 Kurt: In previous battles I could think of victory conditions, but now it seems that I can't see it. No.07 Kurt: At this rate......!!

No.13 Riela: Kurt...... No.11 Alfons: Captain! Gallian troops from the North have caught up to us! It looks like theres a squadron on the way! No.07 Kurt: In this case, the Southwest and North roads are blocked......! No.07 Kurt: Well have to go East! No.11 Alfons: Hello hello, did you say you want to escape toward the Imperial s ide? No.07 Kurt: Perhaps there's much more than the domestic security of the Empire. No.11 Alfons: What is this stuff, really! No.07 Kurt: Get rid of the enemy! Beat them back beyond the range of pursuit! No.13 Riela: Yes, sir!

Battle Begins Name: , (DESERT ROUTE PATH A) Grade: Objectives: Move Troop to Target Point (S Rank: 4) Special: Night. Sandstorm. (says Elliot Joins After Mission, but didnt for me in E2 ver.?) Limits: None. Ace: ,1 Ace Drop: \.R (See Chapter 11 - \tx) (VALKRYIA55 RECOMMENDED PATH) Name: , CD (FOREST ROUTE PATH B) Grade: Objectives: Move Troop to Target Point (S Rank: 3) Special: Night. Limits: None. Ace: j Ace Drop: -NR-FF Shock : Machine Gun - Flame Thrower 31 vs Personnel 36 vs Armor 75 Accuracy 20 shots / fire 150 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

No.32 Giulio: Goes bites tightly by the enemy of (We're being bitten tightly by t he enemy?) No.56 Deit: Even if theyre not forced to, but it wont be long before were su rrounded......

No.21 Felix: Could we be spared? Whats the situation in the front! No.12 Valerie: Imca, can you see? No.01 Imca: Its bad......there is a squadron rushing over to us.. No.32 Giulio: Two squadrons from the Southwest are dividing forces and I'm readin g that they're coming in from both the West and South sides! No.11 Alfons: Surrounded by our support team from the North, what a battle! Leila: Can you believe these guys! Usually just full of air, but now all full of wit! No.03 Gloria: What do you think kids? Should we rush in? No.07 Kurt: ...... No.11 Alfons: We better hurry before a fierce battles comes down on us quickly! What should we do Captain! No.24 Annika: No matter which side we go there are forces, ah! No.45 Serge: Which side are we fighting on!? Orders, Captain! No.15 Amy: Is there nowhere else to go? No.01 Imca: No...... No.11 Alfons: Were completely surrounded, even our Captain has no idea what to do No.12 Valerie: If we could actually turn the tables we might go down in history ......but we cant do it. No.07 Kurt: This is the end of the line...... No.07 Kurt: Sorry guys No.07 Kurt: I tried to think of all I could think about from a Captain's point of view No.07 Kurt: But Im not able to come up with a way to completely break the situ ation No.32 Giulio: Kurt? No.21 Felix: What!? Dont tell me youre just going to wait to be captured? No.07 Kurt: I will not surrender, however, there is no way No.11 Alfons: No matter where we charge, the result will be the same No.15 Amy: We will be......completely wiped out No.13 Riela: Wiped out...... No.07 Kurt: Riela, this outcome is not because of your concern, I am at fault.. ....Im sorry.

No.13 Riela: Kurt...... No.13 Riela: ......! No.13 Riela: Outcome, what does that refer to? No.07 Kurt: Huh...... No.13 Riela: I do not think this is the end. No.07 Kurt: What do you mean? No.13 Riela: Me, Im not death. No.07 Kurt: Riela? No.13 Riela: This is your proof to me, isnt that right? No.13 Riela: Kurt, please trust me. No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: I understand No.07 Kurt: I believe in you. No.13 Riela: Thank you. No.13 Riela: I will be satisfied with this sentence! No.07 Kurt: Riela!? No.13 Riela: ......!! No.13 Riela: I'm a force of terror......They don't know my secrets...... No.13 Riela: And if they know what I also hid such things, they will start to h ate me...... No.13 Riela: Even so......!! Cutscene (not in script I just took a stab at it, seemed short) Everyone: Huh..... No.01 Imca: Wha......whaaa...... Soldier: F-Fire! Soldiers: Oh......

Soldier: How about this!? Soldiers: Ah...... Soldiers: Huh...... Soldier: This cant be (what is this) Aftermath No.01 Imca: This......How can this be......! Soldier A: A monster, no its the devil!! Soldier B: Run! Its going to kill us! Soldier A: Ahhhhhhhh!!! No.07 Kurt: What was that......that kind of power? And was that......really Rie la!? No.21 Felix: Riela!? That blue flaming person!? No.12 Valerie: Shes not a Valkyria is she......!? No.01 Imca: Ah......!! No.03 Gloria: Dont stand there stunned Captain! This is an opportunity to bre ak through! No.07 Kurt: Huh!? Right! No.07 Kurt: Do not let her get too far away! We'll use her as cover to get out o f here!

Battle Begins Name: ? Grade: Objectives: Occupy Target Bases (S Rank: ?) Special: Night / Sandstorm Limits: n/a Ace: (?) Ace Drop: .R (?) Lancer :150 vs Personnel 438 vs Armor 72 Accuracy 7 shots / fire 920 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

No.15 Amy: The enemy is beginning to retreat...... No.11 Alfons: Thats not a retreat, thats a loss in a defeating battle. No.45 Serge: With no command they just fled in all directions, it would be impo ssible for them to rally back. No.32 Giulio: Of course......everyone that experienced that kind of thing would only be thinking about running for their lives...... No.12 Valerie: I read there was one once seen in Ghirlandaio Fortress......I re ally cant believe my eyes. No.03 Gloria: You can only read words, oh look, the child has come back No.13 Riela: Ah......ah, huh......ah No.07 Kurt: Riela! No.01 Imca: ......Oh, please!! No.12 Valerie: Imca......? No.01 Imca: Do not get closer!! No.01 Imca: Dont come at me......ahhh!! <cutscene> No.07 Kurt: Imca, Riela is not your enemy! Dont get it wrong......! No.01 Imca: Well......! No.01 Imca: Ahhhhhhhhhh!! No.13 Riela: ...... No.01 Imca: You! If youre an enemy! No.01 Imca: Im going to kill you!! No.01 Imca: U......ah, ahhhh!! No.07 Kurt: ......

The Nameless broke through even when the network blockade was pressed down, whic h was considered to take place if the military rebellion and Valkyria shook down the morale of troops. Meanwhile, Nameless avoided the encounter with the Galli an military, and additionally had no choice but to escape. They now face an un certain future......


========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 12 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Occupy Target Base (S Rank: 4) None n/a JMNQR TUF3 2G,^ Defend for 4 turns or Kill All Troops (S Rank: 3) Unlocked Post Game. (Riela) (Imca) Only Jj:@ ??

========================== In late July, the Nameless escaped the Naggiar desert, arising out of the attemp ted kidnapping of the Federation's Princess, Crodelia gi Randgriz. Mixed with con spiracy and dangerous stalemate, the Gallian Central Army and ready to go. The Imperial Army is struggling to maintain the front , unable to effectively combat arms to Gallia into a dilemma. Camp No.13 Riela: ...... No.45 Serge: Her burning temperature is not going away. No.45 Serge: The fever medicine doesnt seem to be working, the treatments I ha ve are useless...... No.07 Kurt: Valerie, do you know what it could be? No.12 Valerie: It doesnt look like a disease, so I can only think that she's wea k as a result of using that power. No.12 Valerie: As for what to do for her, I do not know. No.03 Gloria: Although Valkyria are still people, but it doesn't really feel like they're ordinary humans No.24 Annika: She is Miss Riela, really...... No. 56 Deit: Shes not normal No.21 Felix: What's wrong with you people, it does not matter! Riela is Riela! And shes our comrade! No.15 Amy: I'd love to find a secluded place to make about her accomplishment (?)

No.23 Leila: As usual, you're such a consistently imaginative child...... (?) No.11 Alfons: Youre not worried about her!? No.23 Leila: What about the consequences if the palace become aware of Riela. No.23 Leila: Or even just that she's aware of how to use that strong power No.11 Alfons: Leila...... No.23 Leila: Riela was aware of what her own fate was going to be. No.23 Leila: No, it's also possible that it probably was far more serious than it is now. No.23 Leila: Have a good look at her expression No.13 Riela: ...... No.23 Leila: No symptoms, emerged without injury, but shes critically ill. No.23 Leila: She lives to fight but doesn't fight until we have to...... No.23 Leila: Riela, you're the first person that doesn't need to be taught a lesson No.32 Giulio: We were all saved by her courage...... No.23 Leila: Kurt, you must not allow this child die! Think about how to save her! No.07 Kurt: Needless to say, I will. No.21 Felix: We are facing South, can we go on the road to Yuell and find a vil lage on the way to rest our feet? No.07 Kurt: Okay, but no matter what, we must let Riela get a good rest first. No.07 Kurt: This time its our turn to save her. No.23 Leila: It is No.11 Alfons: Also, what about Imca? We cannot forget about her. No.07 Kurt: Imca will take time, but I think she can get back up on her own Commanders Room Ramsey: Ah, not the occasional visitors Varrot: It's my first time visiting, Im a volunteer from the third squadron..... . Ramsey: Captain Eleanor Varrot with from the Intelligence Department, what typ e of business are you looking for? Varrot: ......Its about Squad 422, I heard they're serve as rebel troops receivi ng disciplinary action...... Ramsey: You say it so casually

Ramsey: In case things get bad for you, this great beauty became a suspect and was punished, I would feel irritated? (?) Varrot: I hear you speak the truth, I hope you can tell me sincerely. Ramsey: I was just about to reflect on ones misdeeds in private, don't you get i t? Varrot: Reflect on ones mistakes in private......? Ramsey: I pledge no liability if it's also impossible for you to get out of it. Varrot: So do...... Ramsey: As for you, don't make anything of the situation. Ramsey: But you still have to watch out for the lions bug Varrot: Who's the lion bug......? Are you saying that, within the armed forces t here is...... Ramsey: In addition to this, there is another important thing I have to ask. Varrot: Yes, what thing. Ramsey: Is tonight good for you? Varrot: ......There are no personal relationships in a time of war, I must say goodbye Ramsey: Rejections face is actually a very decent woman, the things Id do.... .. Carl: I really messed up this time! I didnt expect the Nameless to be able t o run away......! Carl: I have to send more troops, I have to get rid of them! Carl: ......However, I didnt think the Nameless would also have a Valkyria, th is could be trouble...... Carl: This thing seems to have met adults who report on the deliberations of a good strategy. (?) Ramsey: To return to this next sad indeed be excused (back to the corner of sad is forgiven for) (?) Soldier A: ...... Soldier B: ...... Ramsey: Can I say why not give me my mixed with these two balls in it (?) Ramsey: Whatever the outcome, can I get hold of a woman, come on (why not) (?) Soldier A: ......

Soldier B: ...... Ramsey: What's the next step? I'm going to have to think of a way through by mysel f. Church Carl: I've had a long absence since returning to the adults (`the adults', no idea wh at it refers to? a Cardinal?) Bolgia: The attack of the great Carl Isler appears to have ended in failure Carl: Yes, should be one month earlier than required for adults Bolgia: The assassination of Maximilian seems to be better than expected result s. Bolgia: Jaeger from the Central Imperial Army has also planned the for the adva ntage on the battlefield to stay consistent Carl: Nameless has done too much Carl: As a result of the attack earlier on them by Gallia the North, the balanc e of power has been disrupted. Bolgia: If Gregor had not collapsed so easily, then Gallia would've been thrown i nto confusion Carl: Gallia has lost functionality due to infighting amongst their higher comm and Bolgia: The Imperial Army has absolutely no sense of momentum. Carl: The war has become a constant battle......and has developed as expected. Bolgia: Ah this is Gallias and your fault......the credit also goes to those D arcsens Bolgia: Well then, didn't you say you wanted to give me a report about the war? Carl: Yes, I'm unable to let anyone know things on the other side of the Empire Carl: So I came to show you personally. Bolgia: Well, what happened? Carl: The Gallian army reports a Valkyria appeared. Bolgia: What......a Valkyria you say? Carl: Do you remember the escorts from before, Squad 422 Bolgia: They were well serving troops, I remember they were called the Nameless right? Carl: Yes, its one of them in the squad Carl: The woman with red, silver, and white hair, Riela Marcellis..

Bolgia: What a surprise, in addition to the Valkyria working under Maximilian.. .... Carl: According to the soldiers that returned from the Naggiar desert Carl: The Valkyria'd body was wrapped in a bright blue flame and their attacks bo unced off of her, then she shot a long light of destruction from her gun Bolgia: Let her die from it Carl: Huh......? Bolgia: Something I deviated from my teaching advocated by the Valkyrian Salvat ion Bolgia: That Valkyria are born in heaven and come to earth (complete guess?) Carl: So, I can't kill her......? Bolgia: In the Valkyria Salvation it is said that Bolgia: Valkyria will bring the salvation of mankind and should be worshipped l ike a God Bolgia: How can she be those things? Shes just some killer Bolgia: How can agod of salvation for mankind do that kind of stuff Bolgia: Never let the Valkyria that live in this world go against my doctrine Bolgia: As long as the Valkyria in the temple are worshipped by the people, the y are on the road to redemption! Carl: ......Moreover, our aim is to make the Gallia and Imperial war last a lon g time Carl: They may become a problem for this. Bolgia: Ah, the Gallian war with the Empire must continue Bolgia: For stupid war in despair, praying before the redemption of Valkyria Bolgia: We must continue to give them a lesson that peace will never come Carl: Yes! Bolgia: Carl, the state of things is actually silly (boring). Bolgia: That unit will only become a source of hatred......and only hinder peac e. Bolgia: Able to dominate the continent and achieve peace of the shell is not a country Bolgia: That is only what my Valkyria Salvation doctrine said Bolgia: The doctrine, ah the royal family, the emperor and the people submit to me this Valkyria the source of...... Bolgia: And then at this point there will be true peace

Carl: I can understand this noble idea. Bolgia: For this reason, sacrifice is essential. Bolgia: In order to get people to purpose only absolute peace, even if bloodshe d, land and turns to ruins Bolgia: so long as people accept the doctrine, obedience to the truth of the bo ot on the line Bolgia: In order to make the ugly dispute between the people hate country Bolgia: to let people know I teach the doctrine better, now they are trying to kill each other right Carl: In order to achieve the concept of an adult, the war must also continue Carl: This person has been distorted......just a sad, stubborn delusional Carl: But do not make use of his religious beliefs, the Gallian army cannot fig ht the Empire Carl: Yet......even if I lose the war, by relying on this person I'm guaranteed s tatus after the war. Bolgia: Carl, should I get rid of the Valkyria......well Carl: Rest assured, I have prepared. Carl: Not only the Valkyria, but I'll get rid of Nameless until there is no one l eft. Bolgia: Dahau will convey to his command to destroy the Valkyria Bolgia: I want you to complete this as soon as possible Carl: Yes! No.13 Riela: ......oh, ah. No.13 Riela: Ah......I, how did I? No.07 Kurt: Riela! Thats great, you woke up! No.13 Riela: Kurt......? No.07 Kurt: Im sorry, Riela No.13 Riela: Huh? No.07 Kurt: We cant confirm it, but theres no way to help you No.07 Kurt: We would had been allowed to, I'm really sorry! No.13 Riela: Huh...... No.07 Kurt: What's the matter, are you uncomfortable? Do you feel any pain?

No.13 Riela: It's not that...... No.13 Riela: In fact, Kurt, none of that matters No.13 Riela: Not by any means...... No.07 Kurt: What? No.13 Riela: Arent you, afraid of me? Because I'm a Valkyria? No.13 Riela: Im so afraid......I fear with that kind of power, that if I lost control No.13 Riela: I would end up killing everyone, and I wouldnt know what to do... ...! No.07 Kurt: We are still alive because you rescued us No.07 Kurt: How could we possibly be afraid of you. No.07 Kurt: Instead, we need to watch over you in case you have another slip up No.07 Kurt: ......Im more afraid of that. No.13 Riela: Kurt...... No.07 Kurt: Riela, what can I do for you? Just tell me. No.13 Riela: ...... No.13 Riela: I hope you can accompany me. No.07 Kurt: Huh...... No.13 Riela: Just as long as you can stay here by my side...... No.07 Kurt: Thats really all you want? No.13 Riela: long as you stay by my side, I think I will feel bett er, nothing else matters. No.07 Kurt: Now that you say so, I believe this would be good for you. No.13 Riela: ......Kurt, why would you trust me? No.07 Kurt: Because you seem to be more clear about the things Im confused abo ut No.07 Kurt: If you want me to believe, I will only believe that. No.13 Riela: Im sorry......because I cannot explain it to you No.07 Kurt: That does not mean that I can't understand. No.13 Riela: No alternative? (Last resort?) No.07 Kurt: Yes, no alternative (Yes, last resort) No.13 Riela: Oh ha, haha!

No.07 Kurt: Haha! No.13 Riela: How long was I in a coma? No.07 Kurt: Almost two days, we also didn't know when you would wake up. No.07 Kurt: All we could do was just let you rest as much as possible. No.13 Riela: Yeah, also on it (?) No.07 Kurt: I also put this here No.13 Riela: Oh, wow! No.07 Kurt: I picked up some Chamomile No.07 Kurt: Its scent promotes sleep and relieves the effects of fatigue No.07 Kurt: ......However there is little scientific basis for this. No.13 Riela: It doesn't matter that it has no basis......I understand your mind. No.07 Kurt: Thats not it...... (?) No.13 Riela: I will be all right, Ill just rest for a while, Kurt. No.07 Kurt: Ah, Ill be waiting for you No.07 Kurt: Riela should be okay, and the rest of them...... No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: Imca, are you in here. No.01 Imca: Ah......! No.07 Kurt: Dont go Imca! Do you really want to escape it? No.01 Imca: Uh...... No.07 Kurt: You can't do this, you have to tell me about it. No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: ......I have to untie this misunderstanding No.01 Imca: Attacking Number Thirteen was not out of resentment for her No.01 Imca: Because I cannot be afraid to move (?) No.07 Kurt: Are you afraid of the Valkyria No.01 Imca: My hatred is precisely met with that woman of the Empire No.01 Imca: All Ive been thinking about is how to fight the Valkyria No.01 Imca: Ive once before seen the Azure blue flame and pair of red eyes No.01 Imca: It was at that moment, the scene of burned homes came into my mind.

.....I can only be bitter. No.07 Kurt: Imca...... No.01 Imca: Number Thirteen is not wrong, I just hate my own weakness......!! No.13 Riela: It's nothing......Not to mention the one who was most scared, in fa ct, was me No.01 Imca: Ah......! No.13 Riela: Imca, Im sorry......but I wanted to protect you No.01 Imca: Im sorry......! I will become stronger! No.01 Imca: Never fear! No.13 Riela: I, too, want to become stronger No.13 Riela: If they are afraid, why are we more afraid of it, I must overcome myself No.01 Imca: The real enemy is our own weakness......I'm never going to admit that again No.13 Riela: Imca, we are not the enemies, right? No.01 Imca: Ah, we're not enemies No.07 Kurt: Riela, Imca, both of you really seem to care. No.13 Riela: Well! No.01 Imca: No need to worry about it No.24 Annika: Captain! The Gallian army is coming at us! Please come back to the command post! No.07 Kurt: I understand! Imca, lets go. No.01 Imca: You dont have to say any more No.13 Riela: Im...... No.07 Kurt: Riela make sure you're complete rested, do not just act from the hear t. No.13 Riela: I know, it's all up to you (over to you?) Command Post No.07 Kurt: Wait, how many people do they have? No.12 Valerie: Luckily just the size of a squad. No. 56 Deit: What should we do? I felt his mouth go best (I think the Mazui go talent is the best policy?) No.07 Kurt: No, we must handle them. Riela needs to rest now.

No.23 Leila: I agree, Imca and Riela should both take a rest. No.11 Alfons: Im also in favor of acting. Not escaping is not exposing our tr ump card, I take it? No.03 Gloria: Alfons makes a good point, but Im also just an old woman No.21 Felix: Although we dont want to fight our own people, this is to protect our partner, so lets do it! No.45 Serge: They provoked us first, they can only be given a lesson No.07 Kurt: Good, well give them a good slap in the face (frontal attack), eve ryone get ready for battle!

Battle Begins [Parallel Missions] Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Ff? - MISSION A Kill Enemy Sergeant Boss (S Rank: 5) None Riela can't join this mission. qM. A1 (A1 universal turret - Incredible Tank Weapon) Ff? CD - MISSION B Occupy Two Target Bases (S Rank: 4) None Riela can't join this mission. @ 34567RF102 (RF102 Weapon Design)

Battle Victory

Dahau: ......So now our primary task is to eradicate the Valkyria, right? Lydia: It is, but I still don't know if Maximilian knows what's going on Lydia: He's still staying with the people of the Empire that do things well (?) Dahau: But, the Nameless should also have a Valkyria, do not feel a sense of de stiny (fatalism) (?) Lydia: He is the result of what fate Bolgia (?) Dahau: If we were to eliminate the Valkyria, would we get additional rewards? Lydia: It would put pressure on the Imperial Parliament, and you could ask them to agree to build an autonomous region for the Darcsen people

Lydia: Is that reward worth enough to kill a Valkyria? Zig: There are rumors that their combat effectiveness could be a lot of trouble Dahau: They keep us independent only to eliminate us (?) Lydia: Im afraid just finding the Nameless alone is going to be a chore Dahau: I have just the right person to search and find them. Zig: The right person? Who is it? Dahau: Lydia, I'm sending you a subordinate. Gusurg: My name is Gusurg, please take care of me. Zig: Him? I remember him, hes...... Dahau: He was a Nameless Dahau: Who agreed with our philosophy and sought refuge with us. Lydia: Hes in my hands!? You want me to use this person? Dahau: Use him as you see fit Lydia, get ready to go Lydia: Arg, you......! Lydia: You know youll die quickly if youre a Gallian spy? Gusurg: You didnt directly try to execute by shooting me, for that I would lik e to thank you. Lydia: Huh, it seems you do know your place.. Lydia: Where the hell can I quickly find the Valkyria and kill it. Gusurg: Well.....depends on who this person is? (?) Lydia: You should ask on bended knee and say "to some soldiers and Lydia"? (?) Gusurg: I see, rely on these forces may also win a fight (these forces may be a spell) (?) Lydia: Nameless is your old're sure you won't with his tail and ran o ff, right? (Japanese saying?) Gusurg: ......You wait for good news, Lieutenant Agute. (You'll be waiting a whi le for that good news?) Lydia: Please, call me Lydia Gusurg: Yeah? Why is that? Lydia: Agute is very personal, I prefer to be called Lydia Gusurg: I didn't know your name......I feel like a jerk (Surname of the ...... it seems that a grand?)

Gusurg: ......I'll remember next time, Lydia. So we'll go to the South, Nameless s hould be there. Lydia: I didnt expect you to get out of it. (Her mind games?) No.07 Kurt: Since weve been found out, we can no longer remain in the village No.03 Gloria: Figuring out what's next is the key, so whats next leader? No. 56 Deit: Will the army always be after us in the future No.63 Carisa: Even if we want to escape, we don't have enough weapons and ammunit ion, or fuel and food, we cant maintain. No.63 Carisa: Backbone is no money to far is not it (optical pass no money why farts are not?) No.45 Serge: We cannot resolve our logistical problems, we can only dissolve it . No.07 Kurt: This is going to be a problem...... No.63 Carisa: To Yuell now, we should be able to get somethin more decent than this country's goods No.15 Amy: I'm not saying we should eat first, but with no ammunition and fuel we are also in trouble No.24 Annika: Theres no Gallian military in Yuell? No.07 Kurt: The main battleground has now turned to the North, and both sides d id not leave any troops in the South. No.45 Serge: After two battles in Yuell City, the houses are basically destroye d, there is no strategic value. No. 56 Deit: Such a place can have scrap material No.63 Carisa: As long as someone is alive there will certainly be resources, if we can use them is another matter No.11 Alfons: Emergency detected! I ran into the Gallian military! Please giv e the command! No.07 Kurt: Report received, please return to the camp. No.07 Kurt: Everyone get ready for battle! We'll engage them and withdraw at any time! No.13 Riela: Kurt, were going to fight, right? Im also in! No.07 Kurt: Riela, you are...... No.13 Riela: Its okay, I will not hold you back, let me in on it also! No.07 Kurt: ......I understand. No.01 Imca: Ive got your back, rest assured.

No.13 Riela: Thank you, Imca! No.07 Kurt: Fight to retreat! Listen for the password! (playing back, you pass word?)

Battle Begins Name: ,r Grade: Objectives: Defend for 5 Turns or Kill All Enemies (S Rank: 4) Special: None Limits: Riela + Imca join this mission. Ace: J Ace Drop: HSBR (Anti-Tank Sword - 2nd Tier Weapon) Fencer :170 vs Personnel 1110 vs Armor 99 Accuracy 1 shots / fire 40 range C Interception Fire Rating Battle Victory

No.11 Alfons: We got rid of them, but we cannot blatantly go swaggering to Yuel l No.63 Carisa: If we go the long way around, we might run out of fuel No.12 Valerie: But to detour from the Eastern Forest into the City of Yuell is more secure. No. 56 Deit: It's not entirely safe to go the long way around No.24 Annika: Efforts will produce good results! And we'll put all our efforts i nto it! No.32 Giulio: She's been so lively, Annika sauce is really good No.13 Riela: I'm overcast in shame No.23 Leila: Riela is right, quickly quit your empty whining or hit the road! City of Yuell No.12 Valerie: Although this house is in bad condition, it seems there are peop le who still live here. Cosette: Ah, its you......! No.13 Riela: Cosette! Are you okay? Cosette: Yes, I joined the police ambulance and serve as a guard everyday!

No.07 Kurt: Cosette, we kind of need something, can we talk to you about it? Cosette: What is it? If I can do it, please say. Cosette: What!? The Gallian Army is trying to kill you......? No.07 Kurt: We are now unable to obtain supplies from the army No.07 Kurt: There is no place to go for help but you people. No.07 Kurt: So, if possible...... Cosette: Ah! Right! Please wait a moment and I will! No.07 Kurt: Huh? Cosette: I forgot something important! Ill be back soon! ???: Here! Please move it here! Man A: Theres already ammunition in the car, you just moved it. Man B: The fuel is in drums, is that okay? Woman: While they did that I also tried to come up with something good for you to eat. Girl: My mother made really delicious things to eat! You should try them! No.21 Felix: Whats going on here? No. 56 Deit: This is not a pay out of the robbed before the first performance ( ?) Old woman: No, we remember you, youre the soldiers dressed in black. No. 56 Deit: ......You remember us? Cosette: The first people to visit our residence is because of you Man A: You rushed into the city to prevent the door from being blown up, right? Woman: We all heard, Cosette told us Girl: Cosettes sister often tells us about this inside the tents! Girl: Even the sisters of these patients know who you are! No.13 Riela: Because of Cosette, you say? Cosette: Yeah, I wanted everyone to know that you saved us. No.07 Kurt: No, we were not alone in Yuell City...... Cosette: But, you are very special...... Cosette: We have since escaped from the city that we spent our whole lives in.. ....

Cosette: But there is no one to protect us. Cosette: We have so many wounded people, and because there aren't enough drugs, a lot of people have died. Cosette: Eating and growing consumption, we too are the days of (?) No.13 Riela: Cosette...... Woman: Every day we fear we will be conquered and occupied by the Empire Old Man: The Darcsen people among us do not know which day they will be killed Man A: That's how all of us in this country feel Cosette: This time you came Cosette: We will not able to forget Old Man: We will do our best to help you Man A: Yuell Citys mission is not ungrateful (?) No.07 Kurt: Thanks......thank you everyone. No.13 Riela: Although there is so much suffering, we will survive Cosette: Although insignificant, but that is our mind! No.21 Felix: Good, then well bake some pie! Rarely brought to light (tracts)! Were also happy about it! (?) Soldier: Report! It seems the Nameless have entered the City of Yuell! Gusurg: Indeed, they were forced to have to find people to ask for supplies. Gusurg: They're only in the South to get away from the frontline supply......So I'l l also change my choice to head over to Yuell. Gusurg: Tell the others, well beat them! No.01 Imca: Sentry report! Calamity Raven has engaged, they're rushing towards u s. No.07 Kurt: You said its Calamity Raven? No.21 Felix: Its not Gallia!? No.07 Kurt: Everyone, get ready for battle! Inform the public to take refuge! Cosette: Yes, sir!

Battle Begins Name: ,r

Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory

Defend Base for 5 Turns or Kill All Enemies (S Rank: 4) None None , mn6o104

No.63 Carisa: Fortunately, the enemy didn't have many people No.03 Gloria: If support large forces again earlier found that they do. (?) ???: You were not able to shake us, well when are you going to say hello. No.13 Riela: That sounds like......!? Gusurg: Long time no see. No.07 Kurt: Gusurg......!! No.13 Riela: Youre wearing the uniform of Calamity Raven......? Gusurg: Yes, Im now a follower of Captain Dahau......Im afraid you did not ex pect it, did you? No.07 Kurt: ......Ah Gusurg: I heard that you were being charged for treason. No.07 Kurt: How do you know this? Gusurg: The General should also be clear on it, right? No.07 Kurt: A traitor of the army...... Gusurg: Kurt, I have something to ask you. Gusurg: The disposable pawn has now become a thorn in their side. Gusurg: Why are you still fighting? What is it for? No.07 Kurt: ......Our battle is not meaningless. No.07 Kurt: I am fighting for Gallia, which is not going to change in the futur e, not for the military, nor the victory of war. No.07 Kurt: As long as theres a threat to the country and the people, I will d efeat Gallia's enemy...... No.07 Kurt: This is my battle Gusurg: Gallia's enemy No.07 Kurt: The enemy is not just the people of the Empire, but within Gallia a lso.

No.07 Kurt: If we do not destroy them, Gallia will have no future. No.07 Kurt: And know that the enemy can fight only with us Gusurg: This is your goal, and your final answer still havent cha nged. Gusurg: I was in it for my ideal to work hard for Darcsen independence. Gusurg: For that purpose, Riela, next time I will certainly kill you. No.13 Riela: Kill me......? Gusurg: Goodbye. No.07 Kurt: Gusurg......! No.07 Kurt: My idea is like I said earlier, I will choose the path to continue fighting. No.07 Kurt: Although I am well aware that this is a hard road, I will never all ow myself to evade it. No.07 Kurt: If there are people who want the other way, please don't force yourse lves to stay, you dont have to be here. No.13 Riela: I want to go with you Kurt, I have no other choice. No.01 Imca: I do not recognize the unilateral disarmament of the transaction. No.23 Leila: Only Kurt was recognized by the Palace as our Captain and team lea der. No.11 Alfons: The Gallian Falcon, regardless of the difficulties and obstacles ahead, would like to accompany you on your ride! No.45 Serge: I would like to follow you Mr. Kurt. No.24 Annika: As for me! know what I'm going to say, don't you? No.63 Carisa: I don't want to do it for nothing, so please pay me compensation mo ney afterwards. No.21 Felix: I want to protect my partners! Thats it. No.32 Giulio: I want to cook! Wait, no that......wasn't right, haha No.03 Gloria: For this old woman to leave is to retire myself. No.12 Valerie: Anyway, unless I go back to college, there is no other choice. No. 56 Deit: I...... No.15 Amy: Captain, count on the two of us to help you okay? No. 56 Deit: Hey, you said two people I reckon? No.15 Amy: No what?

No. 56 Deit: ......As you. (with you?) (? I assume this little convo. is a refe rence to their story mission together) No.23 Leila: In the end, it is still a compilation. No.32 Giulio: A breach of order, fleeing the firing squad, we were all bound to gether by this frame No.63 Carisa: Thats a really bad thing to be bound to No.03 Gloria: You will also quickly soon be tied up No.63 Carisa: ......Actually, maybe not, heh No.07 Kurt: Thank you very much, guys No.07 Kurt: Since I made the decision to go with a force of action, I will also take full responsibility for it No.13 Riela: We would like to work with you in the future! No.07 Kurt: Attention everyone! No.07 Kurt: Having said that, we also need to find the solution to our problem of low supply of materials......

The Nameless fled into Yuell and once again met with Gusurg, repulsed by the new s that he had become a member of Calamity Raven. But both the Gallian military and Calamity Raven are keeping their eyes on the goal, not keeping a long presen ce in Yuell city, where they (the fugitives?) have a difficult time escaping the ir continued plights and hardships. However, all the members of the Nameless ha ve reached the consensus to remain a force to fight for the future, so this migh t perhaps be a rare piece of good news.

CHAPTER 13: DESPERATE FOR REPLENISHMENTS ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 13 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ____________ Collect All Special Targets [Supply Containers] (S Rank: 3) Night (Sniper)


August 1st, the Gallian Army's conquest of the North Central front was a success, recovered from and \.. (these two names don't appear anywhere else in the gam the middle of the Imperial Armys supply lines. Therefore, the Imperial Army in the Central and Northern parts of the occupied territory have been cut off, pee

ling a gap to attack the impenetrable city of Fouzen. At this point, the Namele ss are proceeding from the city of Yuell to a new destination, and continue thei r desperate journey...... No.32 Giulio: Looks like its once again time to say goodbye to Yuell. No.21 Felix: If we fight in the city, our movements will be revealed to the Gal lian Army. No.13 Riela: Kurt, after we leave Yuell, where do we go? No.07 Kurt: First of all, we need to get the team back into the war situation. No.07 Kurt: There is information, gathered from the battle, as far as possibly avoiding encounters with Gallia. No.07 Kurt: All while attacking the Imperial Army, the Empire is our primary en emy after all. No.11 Alfons: I will do my utmost best to collect information. This is my only interest and goal in life No.07 Kurt: If it would please you, Alfons. No.63 Carisa: Its up to me to do logistics support. We can hardly be affected by Gallia from the Southwest, which makes gathering materials relatively easy. No.07 Kurt: Right, temporarily out of the front is the best policy. No. 56 Deit: The future is unfortunate...... No.03 Gloria: We're forced to assault, which is better with command when compared to residual brain. (?) No.32 Giulio: Those two are not a good idea...... No.07 Kurt: The destination is the southwest city of Mellvere No.21 Felix: They have the Mellvere City police, Gallian shouldn't be stationed t here. No.13 Riela: It should be just fine to accommodate a short rest. Lydia: What, you came back? Gusurg: My team folded, Im sorry. Lydia: I didnt say that! I mean why did you come back, I'm sick of it! Dahau: Lydia, its not like you to panic so much Lydia: Of course! This guy doesnt have any reason to come back! Gusurg: Im a member of Calamity Raven, what other reason would there be? Lydia: You deliberately lost the soldiers and __ (?)? If you dont give me hon est accounts of the events, you know I can torture you?

Gusurg: My mission was not to detect, but attack, and it appeared sacrifice was inevitable Lydia: You blockhead, have you even hit puberty yet!? Dahau: Lydia, you only gave Gusurg a small force, and then sent him to attack w ith it? Lydia: What, you have any comments? Dahau: His chief task results will have joint and several liability, you do kno w that, right? (?) Lydia: He the actual spy and youre telling me about responsibility! Gusurg: I am not a spy. Lydia: Can you prove it? Do you have a permit, give me your permit! (do you pe rmit me to permit a ah?) Zig: Dahau, I couldn't adapt to find the enemy on my own. Dahau: Well...... Gusurg: If I said "The Sky, would you understand it? (Darcsen saying?) Zig: This......!

Lydia: What is it? You will not be able to answer it until you looked up at th e sky? Gusurg: Where the sky stretches as far as the eye can see, there are the spirit s of the Darcsen people...... Gusurg: Do not ask of the past for the circumstances, just forge ahead and endu re, this is the saying of the Darcsen people. Dahau: This is the teaching of the Darcsen people......that has been handed dow n from generation to generation Dahau: It seems are you have been enlightened. Dahau: We are seeking independence beyond just state and position Dahau: These objectives are shared by all Darcsen people. Gusurg has a good un derstand of my ideals. Dahau: Zig, those Darcsens in the Gallian and Imperial Army, are they our enemy ? Zig: No! They are keeping with our common ideal for the independence of our peo ple! Dahau: Gusurg was one of them, he was abandoned by the Gallian Army and came to another country to seek fighters for independence. Zig: I understand, Dahau! Lydia: I do not understand!

Gusurg: As long as there are good results, Lydia will agree with me, right? Lydia: You really got a hand under the previous partner? (?) Gusurg: The Nameless is now weaker because of their supply difficulties. Gusurg: And there is the threat of the Valkyria Gusurg: But she seems unable to harness that power. Dahau: Ah, how meaningful (pregnant?) Gusurg: If you want to beat the Nameless, now is your best chance to immediatel y attack them again. Lydia: I showed my previous partner no mercy, anyway you in this side playing l ip service! (?) Gusurg: For me, compared to former comrades, the vision for the future is more important. Gusurg: If you are for the implementation of independence, I will be glad to ki ll for you. Zig: Gusurg...... Dahau: Light talk of this ideal is not enough, you have to prove your action. I m waiting to see your performance. Gusurg: Yes, sir! Lydia: Well......the scheme of this Gusurg man gets to my stomach, I really do not understand it Lydia: Ah Im bored to death! Its disgusting to think about......! City of Yuell Cosette: Weapons and ammunition look replenished, and repairs seem about comple te! No.07 Kurt: Thanks to your help. Cosette: Stay a bit longer for you to do a physical examination Cosette: Miss Ri-el-a! No.13 Riela: Huh? Me!? Cosette: You dont look very well and I was a bit concerned about you, so I'll lo ok at it for you! No.13 Riela: But...... Cosette: I want to specialize medicine in the future! So please rest assured! No.13 Riela: But we, well okay......please do so.

No.13 Riela: How does it look......? Cosette: Well, you're feeling some fatigue. Cosette: Compared to the body, dont you think it could be mental fatigue? No.13 Riela: What is that? Cosette: Its fatigue of the female heart, but it was revealed in your face! (s howed on the face of the female heart?) Cosette: Kurt, you have to always take good care of Miss Riela. No.07 Kurt: Okay, I will. Riela, let me see your face. No.13 Riela: No, not like that Kurt! When you look at me so seriously No.13 Riela: I get really shy...... No.07 Kurt: Is that true? No.13 Riela: Well yes...... No.13 Riela: The psychology of being prepared......alas. (?) Cosette: Miss Riela will take good care of you! No.01 Imca: [Her gun] (I don't know its name) has disappeared! No.13 Riela: Something? Didnt I put the something in the toolbox? (Does the na me have to do with a Hammer?) No.01 Imca: I said [Her gun]! Not [a hammer?]! No.13 Riela: Huh? What? No.01 Imca: I have to adjust the [Her gun] myself! No one is allowed to touch it! No.07 Kurt: Those who kindly provided us with care must have maintained it, you should thank them for it. No.01 Imca: Nonsense! This isnt good (not happy)! No.07 Kurt: If the people of Yuell didn't take care of us No.07 Kurt: Not only for the weapons adjustments, but even for the food that we wouldn't have otherwise No.07 Kurt: Maybe now we'd be chewing a mouthful with wild mushrooms No.01 Imca: How much......!? No.07 Kurt: So you understand what I mean? No.01 Imca: Yes......I really must thank them. Cosette: If we were doing something wrong place please forgive me No.01 Imca: Im the one, Im sorry

No.13 Riela: Talking about mushrooms......see it works wonders! No.07 Kurt: Next were going to the city of Mellvere. Cosette: Yes! I wish you bon voyage! No.13 Riela: Cosette, you really helped us a lot, I wish you (cheers) Cosette: You as well! Feast of All Spirits No.13 Riela: Good, its done! Now to get this over to Kurt ...... hehe. No.01 Imca: that they should not be free (?) No.07 Kurt: The Gallian hunt is expected to take two days to catch up to us in Yuell...... No.12 Valerie: Oh, Captain of a person (Captain don't you have a special someone? )? I thought you would be overwhelmed with a bunch of gifts No.07 Kurt: You mean today is the Feast of All Spirits? No.12 Valerie: Yes, today is the mutual sign of affection since the days of the Gallian goblins and elves. (?) No.12 Valerie: During this, giving your favorite gift to your lover as a sign o f affection became customary No.12 Valerie: When, exactly, this festival became well known to society is con troversial, and there is significant research on the topic No.07 Kurt: ......I do not believe in elves, goblins, or anything, and I don't ha ve any interest in the elf section. (? He can't be talking about elves for real, c an he?) No.12 Valerie: Sigh, well that's what I say. You can say to me, this does not ma tter to me either, but you cant say this to other girls okay? No.07 Kurt: Why? No.12 Valerie: ......Well they really like it. No.45 Serge: ......! No.45 Serge: Haha, so that's what kind of person Kurt is...... (?) No.12 Valerie: Your gift also represents your thoughts, do you understand? No.07 Kurt: This, I do understand. No.12 Valerie: It doesn't matter if you don't send it, but someone will have to acc ept it? (?)

No.07 Kurt: Well, I hear you. No.07 Kurt: ......Well that's it, I guess no one got me a gift No.13 Riela: Kurt, are you asleep? No.07 Kurt: Riela, you can come in. No.13 Riela: I actually hesitated for a long time, but I still wanted to come. No.07 Kurt: You hesitated what? No.13 Riela: Kurt, I think I would like to give you a gift for the Feast of All Spirits...... No.13 Riela: So just wanted to not involve elves, sent back tomorrow (?) No.13 Riela: However, my words cannot convey the goodwill, right? No.13 Riela: So, here it is. No.07 Kurt: This is great, you did this all by yourself Riela? No.13 Riela: When I was young I often compiled Corolla (type of flower? might b e wrong name) to play with, so that came in handy? No.07 Kurt: Chamomile essential oils coupled with sage, mint, musk and coupled with lavender. No.07 Kurt: It's really amazing, look at it this way, the vanilla is so common bu t I find it a beautiful flower. No.13 Riela: Ah, will you wear it on your head? No.07 Kurt: Well, how about...... No.13 Riela: Huh? No.07 Kurt: Look, how beautiful. No.13 Riela: Oh you Kurt, but its a gift from me to you? No.07 Kurt: But I want to look at you wear it on your head Riela No.13 Riela: Well......ah No.07 Kurt: Good gifts should not be in a better place? No.13 Riela: Id hate to......make you feel embarrassed or ashamed No.07 Kurt: No I like it......thank you, Riela. No.13 Riela: Are you happy is good, but this line you......? (You are good, how ever doing......?) No.07 Kurt: Its 0-hundred hours......then that means......

No.01 Imca: Hey, are you asleep? No.07 Kurt: Imca? Do you have work at this time? No.01 Imca: It's this, I never returned it to you......There, although its a bit different, it should be alright......? No.07 Kurt: This, this isn't what you borrowed from me? No.07 Kurt: This pattern, which is of Darcsen origin......Imca, did you make th is? No.01 Imca: No, I didnt sew these No.01 Imca: But but,, no, dont have talent...... No.01 Imca: So I only made the case (so, can only be made so) No.01 Imca: Does not like to lose can also (do not like losing to) No.07 Kurt: Thats more than good (many good things), ah thank you, I will trea sure it. No.07 Kurt: Did you get this specially woven in preparation for the Feast of Al l Spirits? No.01 Imca: No, it's not that......this wasnt for the Feast of All Spirits, I ju st wanted to return your things No.01 Imca: It was not a gift...... No.07 Kurt: The clock in my house is 10 minutes fast, so its still the day of All Spirits. No.07 Kurt: And this blanket is just produced the new product processing No.07 Kurt: And before you tell me I don't like it, I will not return it to you. (told me before that it is not the same, it is not the return of objects?) (and before that I dont like, even if not returned?) No.01 Imca: ......!! No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: ......Then that's on you. Church Bolgia: That beast Dahau, didn't get rid of the Valkyria Bolgia: ......However, can find their movements also are not the only ones. Bolgia: The opponent is a Valkyria Bolgia: it can only be more cautious. Bolgia: In the future, I'll let him and Isler exchange information with each othe r, while competing.

Bolgia: You will die Valkyria......hum hum! Carl: ......Well, Calamity Raven exchanged intelligence (with us) Carl: It strengthen the pursuit, the hunt for the unknown will indeed be very e ffective. Carl: But the action is too conspicuous by the General Assembly, it could pose some risk. Carl: However, it must not be allowed to be called an advantage for Dahau and t he Darcsens. Carl: In any case, I have to get rid of the Nameless......! Carl: The intelligence report from Calamity Raven says the Valkyria is not yet able to fully harness the power Carl: It would be best to increase the strength in the South and take turns att acking. Carl: Irving, you really didnt make less trouble for me, but this is the end o f it ...... City of Mellvere No.24 Annika: We made it to Mellvere! No.13 Riela: Last time this place was broken by that giant tank, it certainly g ot some repairs. No.24 Annika: Its not just some repairs, its a Renaissance (revival)! There's more prosperity and efforts of the people to the cities than before! No.13 Riela: Ah, it's you...... Avan: Im Avan Hardins, do you remember me? No.07 Kurt: Of course, and afterwards I met someone Avan: Who? No.07 Kurt: We fought side by side with Leon Hardins. Avan: Thats my brother isnt it!? My brother, how is he! Isnt he good? No.07 Kurt: Indeed, he's the same as you are, such reliable volunteer soldiers ar e truly rare. Avan: isnt that right? So, what did he say about me then? No.07 Kurt: He said that Avan is full of spirit, and had an open-hearted laugh. Avan: Is that it......haha! <explosion> Avan: What!?

No.07 Kurt: So did they finally catch up with us? No.11 Alfons: Reporting in! Gallian Army troops have entered the city No.11 Alfons: What is your order! No.13 Riela: That was too quick, how were they able to act so fast? No.21 Felix: These guys are the regular army! Why dont they deal with the Imp erial Army with this strength! Avan: Hold on! Regular army, why are you fighting with them? No.07 Kurt: We are now being hunted down by the Gallian army. Avan: Whats going on!? Youre not your own person (are you not the same people as before)! No.07 Kurt: Of course, were still allies, but the Gallian army doesnt think s o anymore. Avan: This can't be happening! No.07 Kurt: Go seek refuge, if you stay here they won't let you go Avan: Then this actually is......! No.07 Kurt: You have no reason to be an enemy of the Gallian army, right? Avan: Well...... Avan: ......I understand.

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory _________ Occupy 2 Enemy Target Bases (S Rank: 4) ? ? ? ?

No.13 Riela: Kurt, we can withdraw! No.07 Kurt: Were withdrawing out of town! Dont get left behind! Outside of Mellvere No.21 Felix: They didnt catch up......

No.12 Valerie: The enemy also appears to be very serious Avan: The enemy......who is the enemy in the end? Avan: Why would Gallian people kill each other!? Avan: Arent we still at war with the Empire! Whyre they shooting their own p eople! No.07 Kurt: We didnt do anything wrong, I hope you can believe that. Avan: Then why did you run? Tell me straight up, don't beat around the bush! (com plete guess? based on: In an upright manner, not on the line!) No.07 Kurt: In this world, the simple truth (it's simply that the truth?) is not always correct. Avan: What is this! No.07 Kurt: I cannot accept (?), so now we fight in order to carry out the trut h. No.07 Kurt: One day in the future you will have to fight your own battle No.07 Kurt: When you do, make sure youre able to see the whole truth. Avan: The whole truth...... No.07 Kurt: Yes......what is right, what is wrong, you will be the judge of thi s with your own eyes . No.07 Kurt: Then, in order to fight this battle, you must struggle to fight you rself. Avan: Alright......I believe you Avan: When Mellvere was attacked, you stood up for us Avan: Thats the truth, right? No.07 Kurt: Yes, we did. Avan: "Only when in danger can you see a persons true nature." Avan: ......This was my brother phrase, and now Im sharing it with you. No.07 Kurt: Thats a good one thank you, Avan. Avan: What are your plans for the next step? No.07 Kurt: Go to ____ (Anthold?) , we will only go there to obtain supplies. Avan: Yes......I wish you well! Goodbye! No.07 Kurt: Goodbye! (Good!) Dahau: According to Gallian information, Nameless has just appeared in Mellvere City.

Lydia: Life is so big Dahau: Passing through the jaws of the Gallian regular army could give them a b etter advantage. Dahau: Gusurg, Im giving the you the command to attack Nameless. Gusurg: Yes, Captain Dahau. Dahau: I was invited North to participate in the defense of Fouzen. Zig: Will the teams be split into two? Dahau: Yes, now that Gusurg has joined us, we can be more flexible. Dahau: I'm setting off, Lydia, I leave the rest to you. Lydia: Dahau really does seem to have complete faith in you.

Gusurg: Indeed, it is quite gratifying. Lydia: But as your superior, Miss Lydia regrets to inform you (of a change in w hat ) Dahau promised you Lydia: You'll now take half of the combat power. Gusurg: Half? Lydia: I could reduce the number, even if you aren't a traitor it's a loss of stren gth, be glad it was only half. (?) Gusurg: And if I kill the Valkyria I will only be credited for half of the succ ess? Lydia: Ah, Ive been telling you Im not interested at all in your independence . Lydia: I'm just playing a monitoring role for Bolgia, like a shadow at Dahau's side . Gusurg: ......So youre not with the troops just for the Darcsen people. Lydia: Bolgia has a vacant seat, I can think I can climb up to it.. Lydia: Once I complete this order I get the money and live grace fully with for the rest of my life. Lydia: So in my opinion, you should believe that this is all an undercover oper ation (a full set is all the undercover transportation) Lydia: Or you will be quickly killed if you don't work seriously enough for Dahau . (?) Gusurg: That was the original plan...... Zig: ...... Zig: Lydia, did you miss me, I want to play together with Mr. Gusurg!

Lydia: Huh? What did you say, Zig. Zig: I would like to personally make sure Gusurg is not an undercover agent, so that we can trust him completely! Lydia: What, you're sympathizing with that Gusurg guy? Zig: If this guy is really a trustworthy person, then for Dahau...... Zig: No, even for us, it could be very beneficial, and we would regret it other wise. Lydia: You cannot say I didnt stop you, you're responsible for your own actions okay? Zig: Yes! Gusurg: Zig, is it okay? Zig: This is not for you, everything I do is for Dahau. Soldier: General, Special Captain Dahau from the guerrillas that gathered the c ontent for your combat operations. (?) Gregor: Dahau......? Let him come in. Dahau: This is my initial visit, his Excellency General. Gregor: Im very busy, I will give you five minutes. Dahau: Thank you very much, three minutes is sufficient. Gregor: Hm...... Dahau: Right now, Gallian volunteers are marching towards the Northern Principa lity. Dahau: I would like to suggest directly combating them at the fields. Gregor: At the fields......? Dahau: I heard that the hero of the Principality of Gallia, volunteer Lieutenan t Welkin Gunther, often has unique strategies. Dahau: But the Lieutenant's usually not good with operations dealing with open fi elds...... Dahau: His forces can be dominated by the enemys strategy, and the field is id eal for this operation.. Gregor: ......Rejected. Dahau: Ah...... Gregor: You said in the fields we would be able to guarantee victory, but as a result personnel losses will rise a lot. Gregor: Fouzen is an easy place to defend, if we stick to that spot our defense cannot be overturned.

Gregor: The Gallian force will only have to deal with the armored train near Fo uzen. Gregor: The Equus is equipped with an ultra-long distance weapon that will kill everything and leave nothing behind. Dahau: ...... Dahau: Fouzen is the place where Gallia (is going?). You can't attack the enemy without a strategy...... Gregor: The war has lasted five months, our military is losing too many officer s and soldiers Gregor: While the troops in the North are best preserved to use against the fro ntlines...... Gregor: With arms against Gallia, I have to say there is no glory in battle. Gregor: We can no longer maintain the unnecessary loss of life of our officers and men, which would be damaging to the prestige of the Empire, and would make m e ashamed in front of His Majesty the Emperor. Gregor: We are not allowed to give up a win at the cost of a strategy to fight justly (honestly).. Dahau: ......Soldiers in General command, it was an honor. (?) Dahau: With his judgement, how can he actually beat the Gallian army in war? Gregor: Its time, you may now step down. Dahau: I will not take up any more of your valuable time, I apologize. Gregor: ......Hmm. City of Anthold No.21 Felix: Anthold......Gallia's gate in the South. No.13 Riela: Its calm, like theres absolutely no war at all. No.11 Alfons: Anthold shows signs that the Federation will not turn a blind eye to the Imperial Army, will not rush to make contact with the mould head of the Imperial Army. (?) No.32 Giulio: The resources have almost all run out in Mellvere and there aren't any additional supplies here. No.23 Leila: Carisa, prepare the materials quickly! we cant do anything witho ut momentum and bullets! No.63 Carisa: Okay......there's a side deal trading Chamber of Commerce (there's a black market) here, right? Man: Excuse me, is there a man named Number Seven with you? No.07 Kurt: ......I am him, and you are?

Man: Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey told me to meet up with you. No.07 Kurt: The Lieutenant Colonel? So youre a spy. Man: The Lieutenant Colonel has been incarcerated, and he has something he want s to give you Man: He said he was able to grasp the trends of movement of the Nameless (?) Man: So he sent me to Anthold to hand over a number of additional supply materi als for you to use (?) No.07 Kurt: Additional supply materials......? This is too good to be true. Man: The Lieutenant Colonel is now probing the arms movements within Gallia. No.07 Kurt: Was Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey also considered a traitor to the mili tary? Man: Yes, he also said he would live long enough Man: To find out exactly who issued the attack order on the Nameless. No.07 Kurt: Thank you, please say hello to the Lieutenant Colonel for me. Man: Good day. <explosion> No.07 Kurt: ......!? No.12 Valerie: Reporting in! Calamity Raven is approaching! No.12 Valerie: Your order please! No.07 Kurt: Calamity Raven! The transmission speed of this intelligence...... No.07 Kurt: It was clearly leaked by Gallia. No.07 Kurt: Were heading to the port! Use recycled materials to give them a fi ght back!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory Battle Begins _________ Collect the 6 Supply Containers (S Rank: 5?) ? ? ? ?

Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory

_________ Occupy TWO Target Bases (S Rank: ?) Boss ? ? ?

Gusurg: One step (backward)! If they stop using their recycled material, we wi ll have a victory....! Zig: You are......without mercy for your former comrades Gusurg: The Nameless, Kurt is not the kind of little half a brain t hat cannot be beaten by opponents. Gusurg: This is a point Im most clear about. Zig: You said it would please you to go and kill them, now I have to make sure youre telling the truth. Gusurg: ...... Do you want to revisit such a thing, or wait to speak after our victory. Gusurg: If we fail to destroy them this time, the consequences will be very ser ious in the future No.07 Kurt: Gusurg! Gusurg: Kurt, you live a very hard life. No.07 Kurt: If you really wanted to defeat us, why did you bring such a small s quad? Gusurg: .....There are not as many here as I would like. No.07 Kurt: It seems you and the Gallian regular army joined forces to attack u s......but this plan was too half-baked. No.07 Kurt: I find it hard to believe that this was a mistake made by your Capt ain Dahau. Gusurg: Still so (keen) sensitive. Gusurg: With your enemy from a variety of situations is a problem. (?) Gusurg: But, perhaps I only joined Calamity Raven exactly to fight against this (?) Gusurg: I lost today, but dont think this is over. Gusurg: Zig, withdraw.

Zig: Yes. No.07 Kurt: ...... No.63 Carisa: It seems the Lieutenant Colonel seems to have packed enough our a mmunition and fuel supplies to last us a little while. No.63 Carisa: Bring people down, so I can release (that toppled, so I will also be able to escape) No.03 Gloria: So you want to bring them down, you can also quite capable of it (so you want to pull them, you do too?) (?) No.21 Felix: Awesome, now we dont have to worry about a shortage of ammunition or fuel No.13 Riela: Ah-Yeah! No.32 Giulio: And something else, it would be great if in addition to carrying these rations longer, if they could also ration these ingredients Leila: Luxury is the enemy! (Whip) No.32 Giulio: Ouch! No.21 Felix: So now that we found a temporary solution for the supplies, whats next? No.12 Valerie: The regular army and Calamity Raven attacking us at the same tim e is a very serious problem. No.07 Kurt: I would next like to ask you about the Ministry of Intelligence (?) , how were these goods brought here? Man: They were transported in by the sea. No.07 Kurt: ......The sea, we could do this. No.03 Gloria: Hey, do you still want this boat? Man: The boat is a secret to the territory, hence, they are not registered. No.11 Alfons: That is indeed interesting, this means we can make movements with it and also eliminate it. No.01 Imca: Sounds good. No.07 Kurt: Well then, after dark tonight, we depart from this port! In the city of Anthold, Nameless received supplies from an arrangement that Lieu tenant Colonel Ramsey had made in advance. In order to get rid of the pursuit f rom both the Gallian regular army as well as the Calamity Raven, they sailed out of Anthold. They cannot change their fate of being hunted, but the idea was no t to escape. What can they do for Gallia? They consider it and agreed to retai n their combat capabilities as an independent team. Their new struggle begins.. ....

CHAPTER 14: ALL FOR GALLIA ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 14 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ____________ Kill All Troops (S Rank: 4) Night ? ? (Lancer) ?

========================== In early August, after the opening battle in the middle, the North of the Gallia n Army turned to take the stronghold in Fouzen. If they could take Fouzen, the war would be pushed back in favor of the Gallian army, and whether they could pr y it from the hands of General Gregor became a key point (into the fray?) of cap turing Fouzen. At this point, Nameless are heading by boat to the Northwestern Gallian port of ___. No.23 Leila: Ah, its very refreshing going directly to ____ by boat. No.21 Felix: The regular army is unable to figure out the purpose of our boat. No.11 Alfons: I imagine they are afraid it's Calamity Raven (?) No.13 Riela: This is all thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey No.03 Gloria: So then, whats the naughty groups next step? No.07 Kurt: I think we should go support the Gallian forces in their campaign t o recapture Fouzen. No. 56 Deit: Theyre chasing us but were still going to support them...... No.15 Amy: The primary enemy is the Empire, don't get it wrong. No.45 Serge: However, we can't get too close to the Gallian army. No.63 Carisa: So, how about the mine? We can go and liberate the mine occupied by Imperial Army. No.07 Kurt: The mine...... No.63 Carisa: There are mines all over the North controlled by the Imperial Arm y, and people are being forced to work. No.63 Carisa: But, Gallia's mind right now is focused on how to regain Fouzen No.13 Riela: I think this is a good idea to support those whom the Gallian mili tary will not go to! No.07 Kurt: Since the regular army failed to take action, and they are unable t o rescue the people, then only we can do it

No.07 Kurt: It can be said that this is exactly what we need to an i ndependent force, in a combat sense. No.03 Gloria: Even if we attack the mines we're still inconspicuous, this is the best part. No.12 Valerie: Carisa, don't you think you shouldn't seek out battles just to make money? No.63 Carisa: But how could we hand over all that precious ragnite to those peo ple No.63 Carisa: Ill teach you what eat meals of the culprits of the King of the Empire (In the end we'll eat meals like the King of the Empire, let me tell you?). .....he he he. No.32 Giulio: Your business is definitely being a profiteer...... No.07 Kurt: Carisa, do you know which mine the Empire occupied? No.63 Carisa: Of course I do! Ill take you there! No.13 Riela: Our mission seems to have changed! No.01 Imca: The first shot of a (and a?) counter attack is very good. No.24 Annika: It seems that they could get temporarily exhausted (overwhelmed) without it, then things will get nasty! (?) No.12 Valerie: Dont be too conspicuous. Lydia: Dahaus going to be furious, whos going to take the responsibility? Gusurg: ......I truly have failed. Zig: But don't they think its strange that Gusurg gets only half of the troops t hat we do...... Lydia: What does it matter! You're undercover and actually just licking their fa ce back! Gusurg: You still refuse to believe me? Lydia: I dont care what your ideals are! Youve bothered me enough with it! Gusurg: It seems to make you nod, and only will kill the Valkyria. (?) Lydia: Come on, this time its personal! Gusurg: Captain Dahau at the moment is not the case, you did this aide hands is not to be wrong with that? (At the moment it's not Captain Dahau's concern, isn't it wrong that you are his aide? ?) Lydia: This is not the way! Trust you won't tell! Gusurg: So then, I take it you know where to find the Nameless? Lydia: You......!

Gusurg: Im more familiar with the Gallian land Gusurg: And I can try to think like Kurt thinks. Zig: Miss Lydia, I think this should be left to Gusurg to do. Zig: Thats what Dahau thought would happen, and then the powers should be entr usted only to him, isn't that right? Lydia: Well, finding the Nameless IS troublesome...... Lydia: So, he is responsible for the exploration of their whereabouts Lydia: But this time I can only be allowed to give you the minimal amount of pe ople? Gusurg: I understand, leave the rest to me. No.07 Kurt: Now were going to attack the Imperial Armys occupation of the rag nite mine. No.03 Gloria: Firstly, we should all get together and take a photograph No.13 Riela: A group photo? No.03 Gloria: This is for when we leave, even if they catch up with us, this is evidence that we fought for Gallia. No.11 Alfons: Ah, this could be powerful evidence in court. No.23 Leila: Not to mention that, as far as can be as attractive (?) No.23 Leila: Alfons! This is beautiful photography! Never your photos out of t he way (not you too)! (Either she wants him out of the shot or he takes really g ood pictures?) No.11 Alfons: Leave it to me! No.07 Kurt: ...... No.13 Riela: Well, this really isn't bad (not very good?) No.01 Imca: Its going to suck your soul out No.13 Riela: Ah so......there are other superstitious people No.11 Alfons: (According to) Another! (Here's another one?) No.07 Kurt: Now move, move Everyone get ready for battle! No.13 Riela: Kurt must hate original (homemade? analog?) photography......

Battle Begins Name: Grade: _________ Mines (PATH A)

Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory

Kill All Enemy Troops (S Rank: 4?) ? ? ? (Fencer) ? _________ Mines (PATH B) Occupy Target Base (S Rank: 5) ? ? ? (Engineer) ?

No.24 Annika: Its a victory! Another one for us! We didnt even have a probl em! Miner A: Thank you......we can finally rest now...... No.15 Amy: You mean, you havent rested at all? Miner B: Yeah, the sick and wounded are not allowed to rest Miner A: It's even prohibited to help up the fallen here. No. 56 Deit: I know the Empire doesnt think of Darcsens as people, but I didn t expect them to be like this with everyone......! No.13 Riela: You can rest assured the Empire has been dislodged (ran away from here) No.01 Imca: We will not let them run wild. No.63 Carisa: They really were saving the recovered ragnite for manufacturing. No.32 Giulio: Hey, guys! Quickly, listen to the radio broadcast......! No.07 Kurt: Whats going on? Radio Broadcast: Im a volunteer of third squadron of seventh squadron (Squad 7 ) Radio Broadcast: The Commander of the Northern Imperial Army General Berthold G regor has been killed. Radio Broadcast: And we have recovered the Fouzen industrial zone. <Everyone cheers!> No.11 Alfons: That Welkin is really badass No.13 Riela: It was Alicias time to shine! No.01 Imca: And Isara Gunther......

No.24 Annika: So does that mean the war will not go back to the Gallian side? No.21 Felix: This is also not necessarily an advantage, but it is a big victory ! No.03 Gloria: If the generals of the enemy can be killed, the morale of the Imp erial Army will nosedive No.07 Kurt: We cannot lag too far behind them No.13 Riela: Yeah......! Dahau: We tried to attack Fouzen, but that Welkin was not to be trifled with Lydia: So the old glasses man has died, oh what good news, haha! Zig: This is retribution for despising us Darcsen people! Dahau: Berthold Gregor was loyal to the country in his own way, Dahau: And I dont think its right to laugh at him. Lydia: You really hate speaking ill of others, dont you? Dahau: Speaking ill of others may deteriorate others attitudes towards me Dahau: Which is contrary to my style. Lydia: Ah, I dont understand the reasoning of you Darcsens! Dahau: I dont mind that you say that to me Lydia, what you have to say is valu able to me. Lydia: Its nice of you to say (youre serious in?) dead heads (dead b rains)! Dahau: Zig, dont you think Lydias words are very meaningful? Zig: Yes! As long as she speaks from the heart right Dahau? Lydia: If I said everything you Darcsens would only get angry at me...... Dahau: Having said that, Lydia, please prepare in advance to get dispatched at any time. Lydia: Dispatched......? You still want to win Fouzen back? Dahau: No, I was thinking Maximilian wanted us to go to Naggiar plains. Lydia: So youre saying I'm going to the Naggiar plains by myself, then? Dahau: also depends on Gallias movements Dahau: We must get word before we head to the battle situation. Dahau: Gallias morale has recovered after their recapture of Fouzen Dahau: We want to act before its too late to take them down.

Lydia: Just because of this......this is not like you Dahau: I am, after all, in the Imperial Army Dahau: Until we have the upper hand on those Gallian bastards, I will not be ab le to sleep at ease. No.21 Felix: Did you hear the radio, they say there was (will be?) big trouble in Fouzen . No.11 Alfons: I heard that they forced a lot of Darcsen people to do hard labor . No.13 Riela: I heard that a lot of Darcsen people were killed during the Imperi al Armys retreat. No. 56 Deit: They set the shelters and workers quarters on fire. No.15 Amy: How terrible......! No.12 Valerie: It seems that only human beings persecute each other according t o their particular race. No.13 Riela: Really......? No.12 Valerie: All throughout history, you will find human beings are always lo oking for those to subject to abuse No.12 Valerie: In order to establish the status of a high and low class. No.12 Valerie: Overlooking others in order to strengthen solidarity, and confir m the status of their security. No.24 Annika: Bullying the weak is very nasty (very wicked)! I hate this! No.03 Gloria: There aren't many people who are as strong as you. No.03 Gloria: The weak will go further than he soft persimmon to pinch, which i s man. (I think it's supposed to be philosphical? Japanese saying?) No.11 Alfons: That's the reason why the Imperial Army is doing these things while they retreat. No.12 Valerie: It is not so much the people, as it is their culture. No.01 Imca: A Darcsen person in the Empire can be more than that. (?) No.13 Riela: Imca......? No.01 Imca: In the Empire, ordinary people fall in villages one by one, this is not a made up story No. 56 Deit: How can you say this? Shouldnt be difficult to survive in a villa ge, right? No.01 Imca: Food is taken away from you by strong force No.01 Imca: Those who contracted a disease go untreated

No.01 Imca: Even if youre starving no one will lend you a helping hand No.01 Imca: People helping Darcsen people are subjected to the same treatment.. ....who cant do anything No. 56 Deit: That...... Gallia is the Kingdom of Heaven compared to that! No.07 Kurt: Captain Dahau is fighting against this environment and this fate of his people...... No.11 Alfons: He is very deep No.11 Alfons: and the Darcsen people urgently need hope. No.21 Felix: Achieving independence was his dream. No.32 Giulio: I can understand why some Darcsens would go on Dahaus side No.07 Kurt: He would lay down his life fighting for the sake of his ideals for independence. No.07 Kurt: If this is his desired path, he has no other way out No.07 Kurt: ......At least I dont think so. CR Soldier A: ___, ____, ___ of the three station armies (I think theyre names ? Don't appear anywhere else in game?) CR Soldier A: Theyve been expelled out of the mine. Gusurg: The Gallian army is failing to show signs of attacking the North West a cross Vasel...... Gusurg: That is, broken up by the enemy garrison of mine touched up tenfold fro m the West. (That is, the enemy broke up the garrison in the mine 10 times and then scattered into the West?) Gusurg: However, after going on an all out attack on Fouzen, Gallia should not have the spare capacity to send people to the other mines of garrison. Gusurg: It seems I cant find them, send a Scout Gusurg: I would leave the woods and search the hills again. CR Soldier B: Yes! Gusurg: They've concealed their traces of going from Anthold to ____ (?) by boat. ..... Gusurg: Nameless cant get close to Gallia, so they're using the Imperial Army to hide behind. Gusurg: Kurt, do not think you can escape my grasp......! No.07 Kurt: Well camp here today, find a secluded place. No.32 Giulio: Select a place where we can make a campfire, otherwise I won't be a ble to make rice.

No.11 Alfons: Ah the fugitive life is truly difficult. No.21 Felix: The feeling is quite interesting (fun?), but not really perfect (o r really nothing to find fault) No.01 Imca: Reporting in! Do not set up camp......this is incredible. No.07 Kurt: What happened Imca? No.01 Imca: Calamity Raven is here, but they dont have many troops with them. No.07 Kurt: Not that many, that is to say......! No.12 Valerie: Captain! Someones calling us! No.07 Kurt: What? Gusurg: I guessed you would do that, Kurt! No.07 Kurt: Gusurg......! Gusurg: The attack on the mine was a big mistake......thanks to you, I was sure you went to the North. No.07 Kurt: So you just want to fight me? Gusurg: I really didnt want to be your enemy, but now I have to be...... Gusurg: No, now I have to get rid of Riela. No.07 Kurt: Whyre you focusing on Riela? Gusurg: If the enemies will think (of you?) as a woman? Can you think of it (D o you get it) Gusurg: You will die for my ideals......!! No.07 Kurt: Damnit! Get ready for battle immediately! They want the pre-empti ve strike! No.13 Riela: ...... No.07 Kurt: How are you Riela? No.13 Riela: Me......I shouldn't be alive in this world. No.07 Kurt: Dont think that way. No.07 Kurt: There is no one in this world that has the right to veto the lives of others. No.13 Riela: Kurt...... No.07 Kurt: Everyone's born to be useful No.07 Kurt: They're themselves......there is no right or wrong......we are all eq ual No.13 Riela: Yes, That is so

No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: I will prove it to you sooner or later, but for now think about how to stay alive......okay? No.13 Riela: Okay! No.07 Kurt: Good, lets welcome the enemy!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory _________ Defeat Gusurg (S Rank: ?) ? ? ? ?

No.07 Kurt: Is ...... if there was not such a great disparity in troop numbers, it would have been a narrow victory...... No.07 Kurt: Why, Gusurg! Why bring such a small squad to challenge us! Gusurg: We are very busy in these parts! No.07 Kurt: What......? Gusurg: So now I know where you are, and next time I will address you and I wil l never let you escape...... No.07 Kurt: Gusurg......! No.21 Felix: That bastard Gusurg, actually be able to smell the flavor found he re. (I can even smell him from here?) No.32 Giulio: That bastard shouldn't smell that spicy No.23 Leila: This guy is a really tough enemy, we had the opportunity to make s ure he got a better education No.11 Alfons: This person on our bottom line (number of people we know), well a ware we had big trouble in the future. (The bottom line is out of the people we know, I never thought we would have trouble with him in the future?) No.24 Annika: His withdrawal was also very laid-back No.03 Gloria: Thats because he knows were not going to chase him No.12 Valerie: Because he knows we cant be too provocative (public) at the mom ent.

No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: ......give attention to him saying, "we are very busy people in the se parts" No.13 Riela: Kurt, whats wrong? No.07 Kurt: Gusurg is only a part of the staff No.07 Kurt: Captain Dahau is also part but which will do something about it? No.13 Riela: Huh......? No.07 Kurt: I see the Imperial Armys troops are being concentrated to the Nagg iar plains. No.13 Riela: And Calamity Raven isnt there yet? No.07 Kurt: Im afraid the battle at Naggiar Plains will be deadlocked for some time No.07 Kurt: And he said "busy", that is not being leisure No.11 Alfons: Calamity Ravens military intelligence leak from Gallia is real, right? No.07 Kurt: Yes, Gusurg even knew that Riela was a Valkyria. No.11 Alfons: So, can Dahau not grasp the trends of the Gallian Army yet? No.21 Felix: That's why Gusurg wants us to chase him across the frontlines! No.07 Kurt: By the way......I thought of something! Im afraid Captain Dahau's re al goal...... No.07 Kurt: Is the Valkyria No.13 Riela: What!? No.07 Kurt: Just before we went to the Ghirlandaio Fortress was very similar to now. No.11 Alfons: If the Gallian Army concentrates their attention on the Naggiar p lain, then the capital's defenses are relaxed. No.07 Kurt: Alfons, do you know what the situation is like near the border of t he capital? No.11 Alfons: I fear they did not leave many people before now, and they're also locked in the far Northeast direction. No.11 Alfons: This is because the Empire Army now impossible to survive (the ti dse) of ___ River and ____ Lake. No.07 Kurt: Captain Dahau is then likely to choose to go through the ___ River in the South to attack Randgriz. No.11 Alfons: Indeed, if they can get Gallian Military intelligence and then wa nted to break through the Southern line of defense, it would be a breeze.

No.01 Imca: The man will do it, theres no strategic value in attacking other p laces now. No.07 Kurt: Although its just an idea, in order to prevent the worst possible scenario from occurring, we should take a trip to the capital of Randgriz. No. 56 Deit: Didn't you just say to not be too obvious? No.23 Leila: We'll win their respect and get a truce if we protect the capital! Lets just go! No.07 Kurt: These things we think, I hope they won't happen...... Randgriz CR Soldier: Captain Dahau, we're ready to go into the city. Dahau: Good, open the city gates CR Soldier: Yes! Dahau: Lydia do you receive me? Start the charge. Lydia: Order received, and the capital doesnt even have a decent door? Dahau: Thats because of the incompetence of the Gallian military high command Dahau: There are less troops, feels a little like a piece of fat meat (?), beca use they sent troops to the Naggiar plains Dahau: And as a result, they allowed us to easily take the capital. Lydia: Hum......if we really took the capital Lydia: What would become of that stink face Maximilian? Dahau: ......As a result, we will be able to confirm whether or not he has the style to be a General (? the general style? confirm there is no general demeanor ?) CR Soldier: Forgive me! The team near the door was attacked! Dahau: What? If it is the military police then just kill them. CR Soldier: Its not the military police! Its a team dressed in black military uniforms! Dahau: Its Nameless......? No.07 Kurt: Everyone, get fully engaged! This time were protecting the capita l! <cheer!>

Battle Begins

Name: Grade: Objectives: 5) Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory

_________ Survive 6 turns. Dont let them destroy the door. (S Rank: ? ? ? ?

Dahau: This is dragging on too long......move the army back to the outskirts (s uburbs) Lydia: We're withdrawing! Dont dawdle around! CR Soldier: Yes! Lydia: The escape went quite smoothly Dahau: It was a bit greedy to try to capture the capital......but the primary g oal has been accomplished. Lydia: Wow, youre still competing (?) Dahau: So Gallia's defense forces had to move back Dahau: It can be considered a plus that we reduced the number of enemy troops a t Naggiar. Dahau: We also wouldnt have been able to occupy Randgriz with just our squad a lone. Lydia: We obviously lost, but he has a look of satisfaction, something is reall y wrong with this guy......! Lydia: Dont you think (authors in advance) the Nameless was in the mix? (I'm wo ndering, do you not think Nameless is in the mix as well?) Dahau: Hm......This is really my first time being caught by surprise. Dahau: But, he really got my blood boiling, he will be mine. Dahau: At Naggiar were going to say goodbye to Kurt Irving. No.13 Riela: Gallia has returned! So you can rest assured No.07 Kurt: No, these troops that came back have inside information No.13 Riela: Huh......? No.07 Kurt: If reinforcements weren't slightly late again, they could've caught up with Calamity Raven.

No.13 Riela: You mean the Gallian army deliberately let Calamity Raven go? No.07 Kurt: It could've been a coincidence, but the time difference is too clever . No.07 Kurt: They must've wondered about the timing......there must be a traitor i nside the Gallian military. No.03 Gloria: It is a curse to stay here, lets leave quickly! No.11 Alfons: Goodbye oh beautiful Randgriz! Leila: Dont be silly, run! You pig! No.11 Alfons: We dont have any team errands that we can do we? Carl: Why, why would Nameless go to Randgriz...... Carl: Those gang of Darcsens jerk/assholes, why wouldnt they concentrate on de aling with the Valkyria! Carl: To get such a result from them was real wishful thinking! Carl: They protected the capital you cannot rush shots (cannot be hastily sold? ), and witnessed too much......! Carl: Dahau that beast......he really got me into big trouble......! Woman: Thank you so much! No.21 Felix: Oh! You look all right, just fine enough! Man A: Ive never seen your uniform before No.32 Giulio: For a variety of reasons, don't you think our clothes are a lot mor e fashionable than the regular armys? Man B: Thankfully I wasnt affected, and my wife and children are safe, thank y ou all so much! No.15 Amy: Thats so nice of you! I wish you and your family happiness! Old Woman: What can I send to you well...... No. 56 Deit: What is life without a (things still do not have a live on? We hav e everything we need to keep living on?) Old Woman: Good......! No.15 Amy: Ah, did you just laugh? No. 56 Deit: How could I...... Captain: Did you guys see several people dressed in black around these parts? Soldier A: No, Ive never seen them before.

Soldier B: Isnt that the nameless group serving sentences? Captain: Well, but I heard that Nameless had been executed as rebels...... Soldier B: Then why were they at the capital? Captain: To protect the capital, so they can get medals of merit Captain: Ah why is serving a force to grab power? Fuck why (his mother how to engage the)...... (Ah, how can the force of people serving sentences be so powe rful? Fuck them...) Outskirts No.13 Riela: One day, I would really like to come back to Randgriz No.01 Imca: Its not impossible. No.07 Kurt: Yes, we will definitely be back......!

Nameless tried to move as far as possible without being noticed, and aftewards t hey liberated the mine occupied by the Imperial Army. On the other side, the Ga llian military recovered Fouzen and liberated the Northwest. General Gregor of t he imperial army was lost, and they moved their full military potential to Naggi ar plains. Thus, Calamity Raven was able to commence a surprise attack on Galli as capital of Randgriz. Undercover (?), Nameless courageously saved the capita l. The long stalemate has finally ended, and the war has ushered in a new situa tion.

CHAPTER 15: THE CLASH AT NAGGIAR ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 15 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ____________ Occupy Target Base (S Rank: ?) Night ? ? ?

Name: ____________ Grade: Objectives: Occupy Target Base (S Rank: ?) Special: Unlocked when first Story Battle becomes available (might affe ct story battle, Im unsure) Limits: ? Ace: ? Ace Drop: ? ==========================

In late September, almost immediately after they recovered Fouzen, the Gallian a rmy expelled throughout the Empire, and towards the Northeast region. The Imper ial Army concentrated their troops in the Naggiar Plains, assuming the battle po sition for a big battle. The Gallian Army's response to this was to perform the s ame gesture and bring together their forces to fight it out. While the advantag e was still on the side of the Imperial forces, the Gallian Army is very strongwilled, and a fierce battle between the two forces has become inevitable.

No.45 Serge: Finally a desperate fight in the Naggiar plains No.21 Felix: Why are you so happy!......We seem to be destined to lose the batt le! No.11 Alfons: There's military intelligence for both sides, but when a man gets m ore than a few kilometers to heaven (?) No.45 Serge: Gallia has an interest in our intelligence, but also do not (?) No.23 Leila: Do not know what is missing in this place to farm? (?) No.23 Leila: General education ofthe best of Armageddon will not do! Must get special education only! No.13 Riela: Will be practicing what skill......? (What does the ability to ? h ave to do with skill......?) No.12 Valerie: All in all, this will undoubtedly be kept in Gallia's recorded his tory of war No.13 Riela: Kurt, what can we do? No.07 Kurt: This team is unable to participate in any of these battles...... No.01 Imca: But we cant lose this war. No.07 Kurt: Yes, if we lost we would lose half of our combat capabilities, and Gallia would surrender. No.07 Kurt: In the national battle of Life and death, we cannot be sidelined. No.13 Riela: So then were going to fight No.07 Kurt: Even if we are not the main force, if we rely on guerrilla or disru ptive attacks No.07 Kurt: We can also help the disadvantaged Gallian forces that have no time to be patronized.. No.32 Giulio: No matter the good or bad, we still cant be too eye-catching No.11 Alfons: Ill get some kind of Gallian signal on here No.07 Kurt: If we can get the Gallian military intelligence, we will also be ab le to grasp the situation. No.01 Imca: The only target is victory

No.24 Annika: It's the battle of the century! Were right on it! <cheer!> Chapel Bolgia: What are Dahau and Isler doing! It's too shameful! Bolgia: We're only at this point because they didn't concentrate on dealing with th e Valkyria! Lydia: Bolgia please calm your anger. Lydia: However, it is only because he's under the command of the Imperial Army th at Dahau has to sit still...... Bolgia: That kind of thing is not on the list! Didnt I already explain that e radicating the Valkyria is the top priority! Lydia: But, if he doesn't listen to the comman's orders, isnt there is the danger of being disbanded? Bolgia: ......I gave you the task, does Dahau not want you to lead his men to w ar? Lydia: This, of course, is. Bolgia: You said that I should expect Calamity Raven to complete the mission, s o whose responsibility is it to complete the task? Lydia: ......!! Bolgia: If the Nameless appear in Naggiar, you must completely destroy them. Bolgia: Do you hear me? Lydia: Ah......! Lydia: On his mother (open-fuck?) what a joke! Just because you're fucking defea t Bolgia, sprinkles his fire on me! Lydia: What do you have to say about this!? Gusurg: Then how should I do it well? (?) Lydia: Ah!? Gusurg: You never expected me to because I'm a spy, right? Lydia: This! This! Gusurg: Or, do you regard me as a person now. Lydia: Stop dreaming! Lydia: I certainly thought you would have died, I did not expect you to come b ack alive three times!

Gusurg: Ha ha ha! Lydia: What are you laughing at! Gusurg: Sorry, I cannot die at this stage. Gusurg: This is way easier than when I was with the Nameless. (Then we'll go wher e Nameless is, it's too easy here?) Lydia: What did you say!? Gusurg: At first I sought refuge with you because I was dissatisfied with Galli an Army Gusurg: but here, I at least never had this idea until today Lydia: Are you saying you want to kill your former comrades!? Lydia: Incredible...... (I can't believe it...... ?) Gusurg: The Gallian army is less than ideal, and the commands are issued by som eone irrational Lydia: So here is your ideal, you will be able to (? Liyu? alien? live up to it ?) is not it? Lydia: I dont understand it Lydia: ......But, you are more disgusted with Gallian military than anyone Ive ever seen. Gusurg: So you still think Im undercover? Lydia: ......Ah right, so this had me staring at you (well then this there I st are at your shoot) (?) Lydia: Set off together to chant (our hymns with) (?) No.13 Riela: Reporting in, the Gallian army is seven kilometers in front of the unit No.07 Kurt: Yes, and they are close to exchanging fire again, please return qui ckly. No.13 Riela: Yes, sir! Well this Naggiar plain looks to be No.13 Riela: A flat mesh that stretches for miles No.13 Riela: ......I can see all of Gallias troops from here No.13 Riela: ......But where are......the troops from the Empire's army......? ???: Put your hands up! No.13 Riela: This is bad! ???: Slowly come forward with your hands up!

No.13 Riela: ...... Alicia: Huh? You are...... No.13 Riela: Huh......? Miss......A-Alicia? Welkin: Alicia told me to come see you, you really gave us a scare. No.07 Kurt: We heard of your stories with Squad 7, youve become a hero of Gall ia. Welkin: Im just the captain, and thats really all the credit to my name No.13 Riela: You really scared me just now, but Im really happy to see you aga in! Alicia: Me too! I heard a lot of bad news about you guys, but now that you're her e I'm finally relieved. Welkin: Is it true youre wanted by the Gallia for being rebel forces? No.07 Kurt: Thats true, but that's not everything, there's a lot to tell you. <he tells him> Welkin: I see, they called you rebels but you're really just bearing all the blam e. No.07 Kurt: If this is not handled properly, they might drag you in also, and a sk you to keep it a secret (strictly confidential) Welkin: It is indeed not an easy task to be found innocent in front of the mili tary high-command. Welkin: If need be, Captain Varrot and I will testify on your behalf. Welkin: I promise. No.07 Kurt: This sentence is enough for you, we will never give up. (?) No.01 Imca: ......Excuse me, is Isara Gunther not with you? Welkin: ......! Welkin: Isara......she has left the team. Alicia: Yes, didn't you think Isara is not fight to fight (suitable for war)? No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: I completed work on ____ (her gun) and I wanted her to look at it. This is no way (this is no solution). Welkin: Yes, Im sorry to have to deliver the news (it's too bad?) No.01 Imca: To say such a bad lie right away can be bad Welkin: Hey

No.01 Imca: Isara Gunther is not the kind of person who would ever walk out on her brother Welkin: Well...... No.01 Imca: Since its impossible to thank her, please allow me to shoot into t he sky to let her know? Welkin: ......That's fine. No.01 Imca: I know this is (not?) enough, Im sorry. No.01 Imca: Thanks to your suggestion Isara on ___ (her gun) was able to be completed No.01 Imca: Thank you very much. <fires into the sky> No.07 Kurt: You might as well go back early, so the rest of Squad 7 doesnt get worried. Welkin: Just about......then, would it be the best time to ask your name? Welkin: Now that you do not belong to the army, there is no obligation to maint ain confidentiality, right? No.07 Kurt: ......Well my name is Kurt Irving. No.13 Riela: My name is Riela Marcellis. Alicia: Kurt and Riela, its better than the numbers, although they can be nice too! Welkin: Also, what is the name of the Darcsen girl? No.07 Kurt: Her name is Imca. Welkin: Imca, yes thank you, I will tell Isara Alicia: Welkin...... No.07 Kurt: I wish you a victory as soon as you get into action, Lieutenant Wel kin Welkin: Hey hey, a rare (that's rare?), you can also call me by my name Kurt No.07 Kurt: Thats true, Im sorry, Welkin. Welkin: That's fine! Goodbye! Alicia: Goodbye, Riela! No.13 Riela: I wish you good health! (cheers!) No.13 Riela: The two of them match well No.07 Kurt: More than us?

No.13 Riela: H-hey, what......!? No.07 Kurt: What do you think? No.13 Riela: Hold on (slow)!? Youre so serious about......I hate it! Dont say it! No.07 Kurt: I wanted to be the Captain of the team and help the trust relations hip, will never lose to them two...... (I wanted the relationship of trust betwe en the Captain and his assistant, which in my point of view, will never be lost between the two of them......) No.07 Kurt: Riela seldom have no confidence in it? (but how when I seldom have no confidence in Riela?) Battlefield No.07 Kurt: The decisive battle has finally begun. No.13 Riela: And, what should we do? No.07 Kurt: We'll maintain this distance for a while, and be ready when the actio n of the battle changes. (?) No.11 Alfons: The amount......I was really reluctant to say this (?) No.07 Kurt: What is it Alfons? No.11 Alfons: Calamity Raven is heading right towards us! No.07 Kurt: Everyone start fighting! Engage!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Battle Victory _________ Defeat Gusurg. Defeat Lydia. (S Rank: ?) Poison Gas? ? ? GSRR

Lydia: Theyre......very fierce! (very good) Gusurg: I'd say bad luck was on our side this time. Lydia: Dont make excuses! Lydia: You said, why don't we go to play? Lydia: Then my hands are forced to rely on these remnants (disabled soldiers?).

.....! Gusurg: With just each others strength (troops?) is not nearly enough Lydia: ......I must admit. Gusurg: Huh? Lydia: I said I must admit your strength. Gusurg: You can be frank, I can breathe easy. Lydia: Well! Gusurg: First we'll join Captain Dahau and then resolve them okay? Lydia: I will not agree to your command! Not in a 100 million years! Gusurg: Im sorry, Lieutenant Agate (?) Lydia: ......You, youre definitely not good (?) No.13 Riela: We won! We fought them back! No.07 Kurt: Good, and we can still catch up with them No.21 Felix: Is that right? Wont we be exposed on the battlefield? No.01 Imca: Calamity Raven also doesnt dare get close to the Gallian Army. No.07 Kurt: Moreover, if the Gallian army stood in front of the us, the Imperia l Army would not come after us first. No.23 Leila: Because it is spared from it (why is war)! Then pipe he thirty-se ven thousand! (his 37 arrested) (???) No.03 Gloria: Finally time for our shot, this time up on the air! (this time in relation to gas up strong) No.24 Annika: Its my turn! Its my turn to do it (get you?)! No.45 Serge: As a member of the military, I am excited. (thrilled) No.07 Kurt: It's up to us! <cheer!> No.11 Alfons: Captain! Gallian troops are here heading towards us! No.07 Kurt: Regular army? No.11 Alfons: No, its a (support) volunteer team. No.07 Kurt: Volunteer? Are they with Welkin? No.01 Imca: No, walking in front of them is a red-headed man Ive seen before, oh thats right

No.07 Kurt: Red hair? Leon: Yo, did not expect to encounter you in the middle of this battle! No.07 Kurt: Youre from the fourth squad! Leon: I am now the Squad 4's leader (Captain?) Leon Hardins No.07 Kurt: Captain? (on behalf?) Leon: We also have reason, you and I both heard what Captain Varrot said. (?) No.07 Kurt: We're in a lot of trouble, but why haven't you brought it up? Leon: Of course, you see the black force enemies yet? No.07 Kurt: That is Calamity Raven Leon: We just exchanged fire with their infantry, theyre very powerful. Leon: Squad 4, headed by myself, more soldiers, infantrymen struggled on. (?) Leon: Can you help us stand up to them, we have to deal with another branch of mechanical forces No.07 Kurt: I understand, just leave the enemy to us. Leon: Thank you! It would come on (I would be grateful?) No.07 Kurt: Tell everyone! No.07 Kurt: Our targets are the infantry ranks of Calamity Raven! <cheer!> CR Soldier: Lieutenant Zig, the enemy drectly in front of us coming over to fi ght is the Nameless Zig: They even appear here! This guy is simply ridiculous(gang act recklessly guy?)! Zig: But it's also good, I'm going to get them! This is our opportunity to destroy the Valkyria! CR Soldier: Yes! Zig: You fought back Dahau......but now youll see how I deal with you! <cheer!>

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: _________ Occupy Two Target Bases (S Rank: 6?) ? ?

Ace: Drop:

? (Scout) ?

Battle Victory

Zig: You beast!! How is this possible......! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! CR Soldier A: Second Lieutenant Zig, Captain Dahau has prohibited a suicide cha rge! CR Soldier B: Captain, but first think of Dahau's convergence plan. (?) Zig: Alas......!! CR Soldier A: It is not shameful to withdraw. CR Soldier B: This is all about Captain Dahaus independence......! Zig: Independence can be achieved so long as we can kill the Valkyria! CR Soldier A: We will get the opportunity, let's withdraw. Zig: ......Since it is Dahau, this time I will recognize it. Zig: We will converge with Dahau's large forces, begin the retreat. No.01 Imca: The enemy is beginning to retreat, ready to collapse (vulnerable).. .... No.07 Kurt: Underestimating the enemy could be a wrong move.. No.13 Riela: Kurt, should we catch up to them? No.07 Kurt: If we pursue them, then Im afraid well encounter Dahaus main for ce...... No.45 Serge: We have already given Calamity Raven a heavy blow. No.23 Leila: A man retired is also a man (Is a man now, man is back?) No.11 Alfons: Leila its really surprising to hear you with such a serious tone No.23 Leila: I dont remember will call look like pig people man (???) No.21 Felix: Leila is right, were in a dilemma, what should we do Kurt? No.12 Valerie: Wait! Im intercepting an urgent message from the Gallian army! No.12 Valerie: Hey......Captain! It appears the Empire army also has a Valkyria ! No.07 Kurt: What did you say!? No.01 Imca: ......!! No.12 Valerie: It said it appeared in the Eastern part of the Empire Armys fro

ntline positions! No.12 Valerie: In less than three minutes, Gallias armored regular army units was a complete failure...... No.12 Valerie: The Valkyria took command and moved onto other battlefield and t hey were gone, gone......! No.07 Kurt: The Imperial Army resorted to using their ACE (reference to Imca's ni ckname, I think)...... No.01 Imca: Well......I cant fight this battle with her. No.13 Riela: Kurt, and me...... No.07 Kurt: Imca, Riela, the two of you calm down.......we don't need to be alarm ed about this right now No.11 Alfons: Captain! We dont have time to think about anything else! No.11 Alfons: Those of us that washed up on here are not afraid of death! No.07 Kurt: So, Calamity Ravens main force......! Did they worked this time (c onsidered quasi-time??)!! Dahau: With Selvaria in our hands, Gallia is surely panicking. (panic went alon g?) Dahau: This time no one will get in our way. Dahau: Valkyria......I will use this 1 (This is mentioned in the script a few times but I don't know what it is?) to kill you!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: _________ Defeat the Two Ragnite Targets (S Rank: ?) ? ? ? (Big gun guy I actually dont know what theyre called) ?

Battle Victory

Gusurg: Captain, they've ceded victory, and ordered a retreat Dahau: ......I did not expect that their force had become so strong. Zig: Dahau! We havent lost yet! Please allow me to charge! Lydia: Youre not doing anything! Theres nothing left for you but death! Gusurg: Lydia is right, we must not die here.

Zig: But! Dahau: One-fifth of lead failure (Five minutes causing the failure)...... as a soldier(soldier are) unwilling to admit. (?) Dahau: However, I also wont die here. Dahau: Retreat, and unify with the personnel evacuating the battlefield. Gusurg: Yes Lydia: Specify white (??? Clear as day?) Zig: Alas......I understand! Dahau: As a soldier, it seems my future has become to catch up to Kurt Irving.. .... No.21 Felix: Theyve retreated! No. 56 Deit: Im aware of it...... No.15 Amy: It's over, a victory Leila: Several dry but also turn them! I will teach them until they kneel down and beg for mercy! (?) No.03 Gloria: The battle hasnt ended yet, its too early to sit back and relax No.07 Kurt: Valerie, is there a report from the main battle? No.12 Valerie: The Imperial Armys Valkyria is at the forefront in the middle o f the battlefield with the Gallian Army. No.12 Valerie: For now, our military seems unable to do anything to her...... No.12 Valerie: ......huh? No.13 Riela: Whats the matter? No.12 Valerie: The report says......theres another Valkyria!? No.13 Riela: Ahh!? No.01 Imca: Oh!? No.45 Serge: Guys, look! Two azure blue lights! No.63 Carisa: So the Imperial Army was also hiding another secret weapon No.12 Valerie: No! The report says the second Valkyria that appeared is from Ga llias team! No.11 Alfons: Gallia you say? This is the first time Ive heard of that!? No.32 Giulio: See! Look at that!

No.07 Kurt: Valkyria and another Valkyria are fighting......! No.21 Felix: Those......those are people!? No.01 Imca: The action is too fast......I cannot see it......! No.13 Riela: Theyre Valkyria......! No.13 Riela: That is, like me...... <explosion> No. 56 Deit: Who won......!? No.12 Valerie: I cant say...... No.12 Valerie: That is to say, the Valkyria of the Gallian Army has won! No.21 Felix: The Valkyria from Ghirlandaio Fortress was defeated!! No.32 Giulio: Incredible......I can't believe it......! No.01 Imca: My enemy has been defeated......? No.13 Riela: Im afraid......Im not a person like them ......! No.13 Riela: I dont......want to be scared! No.07 Kurt: Riela, dont be scared, we will withdraw at once! Stay cool, okay? No.13 Riela: Kurt......Im scared, Im scared! No.01 Imca: I want to fight it......!! No.01 Imca: ......Hey, I'm not scared! I have to fight it!

The largest battle in Gallias history ended with the "Clash (Showdown) at Naggi ar. Due to the Empires Valkyria, the Gallian Army came close to collapsing, but a Valkyria also appeared for Gallia, and after the fierce battle, the result of the duel was the same outcome as the battle. While the Nameless situation did nt have much of an overall impact in the war, if the Valkyria had not appeared for the Gallian army, they wouldve played a much bigger role.

CHAPTER 16: OVER THAT BRIDGE ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 16 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ____________ Destroy the Target Container (S Rank: 3?) Poison Gas? Area mortars. ? ? (Scout) ? "Something 105"

========================== September 28, The Battle at Naggiar ended in a victory for the Gallian army, and the defeated Imperial Army began its retreat back to Fort Ghirlandaio. After F ouzen had been captured, the Imperial Army began to massacre the Darcsen people (ended its massacre of the Darcsen people?), and the Gallian Army was forced to pursue the retreating Imperial Army. A small-scale war had begun to prevent the Imperial Army from further looting and any other massacres. No.32 Giulio: The news reports didn't think the Clash at Naggiar was a Gallian mi litary victory No.21 Felix: It seems the gang of child reports that know nothing (It seems tho se childish reporters don't know anything?) No.11 Alfons: That was a true victory, which was coincidentally also a cheap wi n. No.15 Amy: Thats just our luck in the battle of life. No.45 Serge: If the Valkyria hadnt appeared for the Gallian military No.45 Serge: Our army mightve been completely destroyed by the Empires Valkyr ia. No.23 Leila: Bank of the line (row row)! Dont eat any more! Were moving out! No.32 Giulio: Will we ever even get to rest. No.23 Leila: We're going to stop the looting and destruction caused by the Imperi al Army during their retreat! No.23 Leila: This is to protect the countryside, because if we don't, those lands and civilians will suffer! No.11 Alfons: Leila cant be profiling in a strong spirit No.23 Leila: This is different from a fat meat ball smack ones lips! Do your n ecessary guiding to the palace! No.21 Felix: Speaking of, where did Kurt go? No.12 Valerie: He wanted to go back to the House (Camp?), and also didn't want to be disturbed. No.13 Riela: Im sorry Kurt, Ive calmed down No.07 Kurt: Anyone who saw that scene would panic, let alone you. No.13 Riela: Well...... No.07 Kurt: But, Im not afraid. No.13 Riela: Huh......?

No.07 Kurt: Im not afraid of you Riela, and will not be afraid. No.07 Kurt: I must remain calm at all times, so Im not afraid. No.13 Riela: Well......Thank you. Dahau: Ladies and gentlemen, have the teams been reorganized well? Lydia: Cant say safety (the idea is not foolproof) Gusurg: No problem. Zig: I can play alone! (I can play too?) Dahau: Maximilian wants us to go to the Northeast to the guerrilla. We must pr otect those teams retreating to Ghirlandaio Fortress. Dahau: While at the same time destroying the enemy's reconnaissance forces Dahau: To delay the speed of the Gallian militarys pursuit. Lydia: Maximilian can explain this, it seems it was very important (he was very serious about it) Dahau: We're just doing him a favor. Dahau: It also happens to be the wishes of Bolgia to delay the war Gusurg: What should we do about the mission to destroy the Valkyria? Dahau: that there are three Valkyria, hes probably sick to death (of them?) Lydia: We cannot let the foxy female (Selvaria) into their hands Lydia: Counting on Isler over there in Gallia also seems to be hopeless (Gallia dont Isler over there also appears to be counting on it?) Dahau: Bolgia's orders were given before we were told to complete Maximilian's task s. Dahau: We are now guerrilla soldiers in four separate roads, the specific circu mstances now depend on your own grasp (of the situation). Gusurg: Nameless will most likely be in the Northeast, I think......?

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: _________ Collect 5 Supply Containers (S Rank: 4?) ? ? ? ?

Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop:

_________ Protect the Target Supply Container? (S Rank: 5) ? ? (Big gun guy) MR2X _________ Destroy the Two Supply Containers (S Rank: 2?) ? ? ? ?

Battle Victory

Bridge No.24 Annika: Alfons went out scouting but hasnt come back. No.03 Gloria: While scouting, speed is indeed important, but accuracy is first. No.11 Alfons: Reporting in! The Imperial Army was beaten back by the Gallian t roops that just crossed the bridge No.11 Alfons: Be careful not to let them discover you! No.32 Giulio: Gallia? Not the Imperial Army? No.07 Kurt: Let us retreat and observe the situation No.11 Alfons: Ah, here they come No.15 Amy: Dont do that Alfons, hide quickly! Captain: Well, our people are going across right? Captain: Raise the bridge! Dont let them catch up to us! Soldier: But, our allies are still over there? Captain: Those people have the Empires thrust on (guy drive up the gang has be en empire)! (Those guys are part of the Empire?) Captain: If we wait any longer the Empire guys will cross over! Quickly raise the bridge! Soldier: But...... Captain: This is an order! Raise the bridge after our retreat! Captain: Okay! Let's retreat!

No.32 Giulio: They rose the bridge and ran away No.11 Alfons: Isnt this strange? Regular army are more human than they should be right? No.12 Valerie: Look! Don't they still have people on the other side! Officer: Hey! The bridge is up! Soldier: The Empire is going to catch up! Put down the bridge! Officer: Its too late! The Empire troops have caught up! We must escape now! Imperial Commander: Over here! We must not let these Gallian animals get back a live! Imperial Soldier: Yes! Gusurg: It seems that this band seems to be our sphere of influence (It seems t his area is under our influence?) CR Soldier: So then you have good news for Captain Dahau. No.21 Felix: Calamity Raven is there also! No.23 Leila: Kurt! Lower the bridge! No.11 Alfons: No Leila! All of the enemies are on the other side! Dont lower t he bridge, you'll let them come over! No.15 Amy: We have to do it! Isnt this the same as that previous mission!? No.23 Leila: There is no point in not doing it! It still isn't too late! No. 56 Deit: However, we still cannot get past...... (However, we cannot be use d to...... ?) No.07 Kurt: ...... No.07 Kurt: Riela No.13 Riela: Yes No.07 Kurt: I have considered your strength for a long time. No.13 Riela: ......Hm No.07 Kurt: The power of the Valkyria is very dangerous......I know those words make you miserable No.07 Kurt: But I think we will regret not using it to save their lives No.13 Riela: ......I know, Kurt. We both want the same thing. No.07 Kurt: Fear, pain, these things I will carry for you......

No.07 Kurt: So Riela can you possibly lend your power to me! No.13 Riela: ...... No.13 Riela: ...... (small laugh) No.07 Kurt: ...... (small laugh) No.07 Kurt: Lower the bridge! Were going to take down the enemy on the other s ide! No.13 Riela: Kurt. No.07 Kurt: Hm? No.13 Riela: I believe. No.07 Kurt: Me too. No.13 Riela: Hehe...... No.13 Riela: Ah......!! No.13 Riela: Breath rushed past (?)! Follow me (on with me)! No.07 Kurt: We have red! (we washed)_____! (We're ready! Let's get them! ???) No.21 Felix: Good! We must come to their rescue! No.23 Leila: Will not do nothing about them! (No indifference?) No.32 Giulio: No man could resist! Oh ah! No.15 Amy: I never want to have those kinds of memories! No.01 Imca: I will not be afraid......! No.13 Riela: Im not afraid of that! Imperial Commander: The Valkyria!? Fire! Get rid of her! Imperial Soldier: No! Shes coming at us! Imperial Commander: How strange, it's a monster! Run fast!! Gusurg: Tch, so many people (pair) of virtues it! (Not everyone has these virt ues?) Gusurg: Confront her! That kind of power doesnt have unlimited use! No.13 Riela: Get out (step aside)! I cant leave (my hands can stay everlastin g love)! Squad 422 Camp No.01 Imca: Oof! Hey! No.01 Imca: Haa!!

No.07 Kurt: Good skill, your attention is very strong No.01 Imca: Hm...... No.01 Imca: No activity under the bones, I will fear (?) No.07 Kurt: Or fear of the Valkyria No.01 Imca: Once I saw her I could not help but be scared. No.07 Kurt: Indeed, that is not an enemy you could seriously go one on one with . No.01 Imca: In any case, with exercise, and sharpen skills, I have (no?) confid ence I could beat her. No.07 Kurt: Do you or don't you still want to fight? No.01 Imca: ......If I feel weak I could never beat her. No.01 Imca: I only have to overcome myself! (oof?) No.07 Kurt: Imca, your goal is to get revenge on the Empires Valkyria, is it n ot? No.01 Imca: I don't care about anything else No.07 Kurt: And what are your plans after you get revenge? No.01 Imca: I havent thought of it, anyway, it doesn't matter No.07 Kurt: Doesn't it No.07 Kurt: Well, I for you to think about how. (Well, how about I think for yo u ?) No.01 Imca: Huh......? No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: Whats the matter? No.01 Imca: I dont understand. No.07 Kurt: Considering something about the future isnt common for you? No.01 Imca: You......are unusual. No.07 Kurt: If people say that often, why would thinking about things in the fu ture be so strange? No.01 Imca: You do not get it, you fail to understand

Battle Begins Name: Grade: _________

Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Battle Victory

Occupy Two Enemy Bases (S Rank: 5) Riela must join. ? ? ?

Gusurg: I cant do it......its abominable! Gang Empire guy if a little more so und footing again! (What Empire again guys! ?) Gusurg: We withdraw now! CR Soldier: Ah......But don't we oversee those lost from the Imperial Army? Gusurg: What? CR Soldier: Isnt it our task to cover the retreat of the Empires armed forces ? Gusurg: That is their full support of the deep chasing Gallia boomerang (that i s they were filled pole deep Gallia stew) Gusurg: Don't bother with them, we'll withdraw now! The army chasing the Shield of the Empire army will not find the road! (complete guess?) CR Soldier: Ah (So it is) No.32 Giulio: Calamity Raven is retreating! No.03 Gloria: Oh, a human shield of the Empire, that Gusurg really is absolutel y enough No.21 Felix: He friendly fire death of...... (?) No.24 Annika: Gusurg was the least hated before this...... (Gusurg hated them t he most before this?) No. 56 Deit: He does not speak friendly to the Empire people either, even if he has changed No.15 Amy: Does he still hate them? No. 56 Deit: Of course, even if he's saving the Empire guys No. 56 Deit: Those bastards will in no way busy themselves with helping the Dar csen people! No.11 Alfons: If we hadnt seen the tragic death of those Darcsen refugees with our own eyes No.11 Alfons: I wonder what Gusurgs attitude would be like today No.23 Leila: Certainly not happy hymns, that's not what you're trying to say is it. No.11 Alfons: ......Sorry, I also have some sentiments.

No.07 Kurt: Riela! No.13 Riela: Kurt......I, seem to be getting a hold of it? No.07 Kurt: Youre doing great, really......! No.13 Riela: Sorry, I used a bit of excessive force, my legs are tired...... No.07 Kurt: First let me help you to the tent, then they'll take care of the feve r. No.13 Riela: Ah......but I want to stay by your side for a while. No.07 Kurt: ......Well, first I can try to help your body temperature? No.13 Riela: Well, yes thatd be good. Officer: Kurt......I never dreamed you would come and save us No.07 Kurt: Oh, you are...... Officer: Do you regret saving me even though I despised you when you were releg ated to Nameless, and beat you guys? No.07 Kurt: I have no regrets, you are neither friend nor enemy, saving you was a given I guess. Officer: You dont hate me? Youre still so elusive, but I know you are my savi or. Officer: Before you did that for me I owed you an apology Officer: But also allow me to thank you again. No.07 Kurt: I don't even remember it, it was so long ago, Ive also been through a lot of things Officer: ......You really are a tough role, I cant really...... (You really ar e a tough person, I can't really doubt that?) No.07 Kurt: You really can find our whereabouts Intelligence Officer: The person I was spying. (You're the person I'm keeping an ey e on?) No.07 Kurt: I wanted to thank you back in Anthold, now then, have we found some thing? Intelligence Officer: I hope you can hurry immediately rush to Lieutenant Colon el Ramsey's home incarceration. No.07 Kurt: The Lieutenant Colonel? What happened to him? Intelligence Officer: I dont know the specifics of the circumstances, you'd bet ter ask him directly.

Intelligence Officer: ......I have to ask, do you get my point? No.07 Kurt: I see, well then we'll set off tomorrow morning. Intelligence Officer: The Lieutenant Colonel will be please to see you. No.07 Kurt: I understand.

After pursuing the Imperial Army's withdrawl toward Ghirlandaio Fortress, Gallia k ept the damage down to a minimum, and thus suppressed the loss of several lands and residents after the joint recapture of Fouzen. At the same time, the Imperi al Army firmly pressed on toward the Ghirlandaio Fortress, as Gallias military advantage hadn't wavered. However, capturing the impregnable fortress would be no easy task. Meanwhile, Nameless has stepped across all sorts of difficulties an d obstacles and has finally grown into a solid strong team, so they have acted o n the current situation of things beyond expectations..

CHAPTER 17: THE COURT MARTIAL ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 17 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: or VB PLX ____________ (Mines) Kill All Troops. Defend the base for 5 turns? (S Rank: 4?) ? ? ? (Lancer) ? MK002

========================== In early October, having been squeezed to near the border of the Empire Army stu ck in Ghirlandaio Fortress, Gallia Army put into main position, preparing for a final attack. Meanwhile, Nameless received a contact and quickly rushed to the residence of Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey in the Intelligence Department. Residence No.07 Kurt: ...... Ramsey: Yo No.07 Kurt: Security monitoring isnt as strict as I imagined. Ramsey: Why do you think before why is installed grandson? Ramsey: Not this time just a little fun Ramsey: Well good deed goes unpunished (shoot the bird which takes the lead wel

l) Ramsey: It was eyeing on so (Been targeted like this) haha! No.07 Kurt: ......! Ramsey: Well, you know sooner or later you got to have fun No.07 Kurt: ......theres no supervision you guard it? Ramsey: You think so (you want to know)? I dont want to eat it, but I can tel l you (If you do not want to eat, Id be able to tell you) No.07 Kurt: That or forget (there are) Ramsey: Well, let me to Randgriz No.07 Kurt: Evidence of ghosts have been found, are you? Ramsey: If not, I wouldnt have doubted under his Isler No.07 Kurt: So its true, Major General Isler is in collaboration with the enem y Ramsey: You also think so Ramsey: I dont push the oil pan under the old b you may found evidence of only Ramsey: You come to you disguised (posing as) escort me into town on the road Ramsey: wait until getting the Randgriz in respect we show their talents reinst ated...... (Randgriz that I got work the system) Ramsey: So I can finally drink playing woman! its very hard for this! Ramsey: Randgriz the SB I put you in the palace for life! No.07 Kurt: ...... Ramsey: Well? No.07 Kurt: No, youre for this to collect evidence (no you are the only eviden ce of what) Ramsey: What is "this"! No wine, no women but engage in rebellion! (I have but to rebel!) Ramsey: What is it (what do you think is)? I order the peace of the Gallian peo ple Ramsey: The peoples well-being turned into righteous flame go to punish distur b (asatsuna) Randgriz? No.07 Kurt: Is not it? (Isnt it?) Ramsey: graduated from kindergarten right! In Town

No.07 Kurt: Team here, Lieutenant Colonel speed (brisk walking Lieutenant Colon el) Ramsey: Too far! Open house to pick me up! No.07 Kurt: The car drove into the city in big trouble, leave quickly! (big car troubles in town go!) Ramsey: Damn, long time no activity, which his mother began to gasp! (wicked, n o activity for a long time, this fucking begin panting!) Military Police: Well? Both of you, for me to stop! (Ah? You two have nothing t o say!) Ramsey: Devils stopped! (Guicai stop it!) Military Police: Stop! Communicated (notice) to all! Ramsey Crowe is getting aw ay! Ramsey: Number Seven, people! Put them down! No.07 Kurt: I understand!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Battle Victory _________ City (PATH A) ? (S Rank: 4) ? ? ? ? _________ Forest (PATH B) Escort Transport Vehicle to Rendezvous Point (S Rank: 4?) ? ? ? (Sniper?) ?

No.07 Kurt: Good, get out of town immediately and head toward Randgriz...... Ramsey: Dont try to sneak away, take the fastest shortcuts quickly! Kill anyo ne you encounter! No.07 Kurt: ......Sorry Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey: Huh? No.07 Kurt: Please let me command the troops.

Ramsey: No No.07 Kurt: We are not under military control Ramsey: You sam (daitou?)! Am I not the commanding officer? No.07 Kurt: Our female members refuse to follow your command No.07 Kurt: they have a strong problem with your style Ramsey: What, ah why is not touched for two! (?) (do not touch the two?) No.07 Kurt: Then can we leave now? Ramsey: Cut, I remember you (you remember me)! I reinstated see we ? system de ad small for gestational age (I use official regulations as pretext to settle a score you bit looked like! Outskirts Ramsey: I did not expect the day we are also in absence of Nameless...... Ramsey: Ah its really awkward No.15 Amy: Lieutenant Colonel, Ill take you to your room Ramsey: Well? Change! No.15 Amy: What was that? Ramsey: Change, do I have to say it three times? No.15 Amy: What do you mean? Ramsey: Even if youre a child had to go get ? sister to me over! (is as pretty as a flowers sister came to me!) No.15 Amy: I am not a child! ......To find a great age for me fixating? (find a section on the line for me right?) No.63 Carisa: Welcome sir, do you want me to touch it (you want to feel what it ?) No.63 Carisa: Touch one second, please (touch a second course) No.63 Carisa: buy a ? to me of course to be paid in cash (please buy me a cash) Ramsey: Daddy! Change! Make it clear! I do not want auntie! No.01 Imca: ...... Ramsey: The how and sent no body, ah! No.01 Imca: Sorry Ramsey: ......But I really did not expect that Imca will do. (but indeed I did not expect Imca will come) No.01 Imca: You dont want me to lead the way? (you dont want to show me?)

Ramsey: about you, feeling is not quite the same as it was bef ore? (you do, the feeling before, are not the same ah?) Ramsey: I led you back iron is also a lump of it (We lead you back or a lump of iron) No.01 Imca: I have you to thanks Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey: I just do not figure you thank we (Thanks I just dont expect you) Ramsey: we just look at you block a soldier to spare nothing (until I see you i s a piece of army material) No.01 Imca: ...... Ramsey: Dont be so smelly with a straight face (dont be such a stink face) Ramsey: thing against raised is estimated to become a good woman brother to the time come to take your slander ( 3 years you estimate will become a good woman) (san diego to the san to take when you) No.01 Imca: No! (Do not!) Ramsey: Ha ha ha! This is the man, no need to thank! (is a man no thanks!) No.01 Imca: ......Lieutenant Colonel you really do not forgive Ramsey: Kurt looked like little, sister pinched it so soft (Kurt small for gest ational age actually this is the sister niece so soft) Carl: What!? Carl: Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey and Nameless ran off toward Randgriz! Carl: Shit, honestly its not all right...... Carl: Well, Im directly under the force of a clean kill them (Well, sent my im mediate forces to kill them a clean) Carl: Go to Randgriz, is said to grasp what (Randgriz, what was said) Carl: Is said to grasp what......? he! (what was said? when did he) Carl: Must get rid of him. Must be......!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: _________ Plains ? (S Rank: 4?) ? ? ? ?

Battle Victory Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Battle Victory _________ Randgriz ? (S Rank: 4?) ? ? ? ?

Judge: Military court is now in trial! Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey Crowe, state your information. Ramsey: Im Ramsey Crowe and I denounce my public affair with the Imperial Army of the Principality, Ramsey: and leaking military secrets to each other, it is conclusive. Ramsey: The prisoner standing in the doc is Major General Carl Isler. Carl: ...... Ramsey: The Lieutenant Colonel is accused of revealing secrets of the Principal itys army to Cardinal ___ Bolgia. Ramsey: And the evidence is this operational directive. Ramsey: Which also contains confidential letters the defendant sent to Bolgia. Ramsey: The mail copy has more than one place of my combat instructions to the Army of the Principality. Carl: Do you have any evidence that these letters are coherent with me! Ramsey: ......the defendant, you have to send a secret letter sent three people , right? Carl: How!? How did you know! Ramsey: It never occurred to you that these three people I spy the ministry rig ht? Carl: This cant be, thats impossible!? Ramsey: The defendant also obtained from Bolgia of state, intelligence of the e mpire Ramsey: But he has hidden them, nor to take measures in advance, so that our mi litary suffers huge losses for no reason. Ramsey: The defendants greatest sin was revealing a line of defense in the cap ital layout to the Empire when the troops were assembling for the battle of ____

Ramsey: Resulting in the states of affairs where the capital was attacked. Ramsey: The military is supposed to protect our homes and defend our country fr om the Empire, not attempt to ruin the country! Ramsey: This is an indisputable crime of treason......The defendant is the enem y of the state! Carl: said I was an enemy of the state!? Carl: Ramsey Crowe! You knew you fucking ass! Carl: You thought we were alone with the whole country as one will be able to b eat the Empire! Carl: Only a SB would think so Carl: This is because I think fighting poison with poison will do! Ramsey: Youre the SB Isler! Carl: What!! Ramsey: You did this for the country but at the expense of lives of citizens, w hat do you this is protected! Ramsey: The military should protect lives, land, and property! Ramsey: You give up the lives of citizens! Betrayed the land and property! Ramsey: Just a selfish traitor! Ramsey: Do you dare to say it is not, go national to prove that they believe yo u are! Carl: Well......!! Ramsey: The investigation, the defendant Captain of Squad 422, Kurt Irving, Ens ign Ramsey: Dubbed treason with no credentials transferred to Squad 422. Ramsey: In addition, hands run out on an event of the same team (for the same t eam hand funk event) Ramsey: Was run out on because the hands refuse to launch is the prohibition of the use of poison gas bombs. (which the hands reason why the funk is because th ey refused to launch prohibit the use of gas bombs) Ramsey: The defendant does not look at the facts, 422 forces as rebel forces an d executed. Judge: On the matter of the event, the headquarters is also very tangled. Ramsey: Finally also like to say a few words Ramsey: Squad 422 was suspected as being hunted down, but still adhere to the s ame military operations

Ramsey: Yuell (?), North of Fouzen (?) city, mine and Naggiar (?) and other pla ces have confirm to their battle deeds. Ramsey: As well as being to the rescue of their regular army forces. Ramsey: Moreover, they also solved the crisis in the capital due to the fault o f the defendant. Ramsey: All of this credit goes to Squad 422. Judge: Hm......The matter will have to be confirmed by all of the members of th e public. Ramsey: Squad 422 is a team that doesnt leave any records. Ramsey: However, their statue has a number of people known to the division of s uch a hero Ramsey: another example where the case Ramsey: Also ask you to weigh carefully about it, I want to say. Squad 422 Camp No.07 Kurt: Due to the information given by the Lieutenant Colonel, Major Gener al Isler appears to have been formally arrested. No.21 Felix: Major General!? So a VIP was the ghost (spy)! No.03 Gloria: Grab a major general in prison, and even the fowls and dogs are n ot spared-ruthless mass slaughter, this command (this headquarters should the ut ter confusion) No.45 Serge: Just thinking about how much information he revealed to the Imperi al Army frightens me...... No.15 Amy: That we clarify it? (we are clarifying what?) No.07 Kurt: We might also make a lot of other things, Im afraid there is a per iod of time to review them. No.12 Valerie: Do you want us to wait for their decision No.24 Annika: Are we not supposed to cheer about it? No.07 Kurt: At least we wont be enemies of the Gallian army. Leila: What! Thats very cool and beautiful! (let big cool some ting mei!) No.32 Giulio: Good! Then lets have a get together! No.13 Riela: That sounds good! No.07 Kurt: That have exceptionally indulgence, have fun today!(that an excepti on today indulgence back get together!) <cheer!>

Church Bolgia: Isler was arrested...... Bolgia: Must not let him confess, only to also get rid of him. Bolgia: Gallian army is about to attack Ghirlandaio Fortress. Bolgia: Isler should also not leisurely mood to award......I still have time.

Clarification of rebel suspects, Nameless finally dont have to worry about the muzzle of the Gallian army being pointed towards them. For the Nameless judgmen t has not yet been ruled, but due to the evidence gathered by the Intelligence M inistry, the higher ups must also look at it again.

CHAPTER 18: A DUEL UNDER THE MOONLIGHT ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 18 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: ____________ Occupy Target Enemy Base (S Rank: 4?) Night. ? ? ? SP001

========================== In early October, before the attack on Fortress Ghsoifjls, Major General Carl Is ler was sent to prison, so the Nameless not being hunted by friendly fire. Mean while, Gallia ushered into the final battle situation No.21 Felix: I heard the Imperial Army has withdrawn into Ghirlandaio Fortress No.32 Giulio: This step, there is still this about? No.45 Serge: No, the fortress will not be easy to bring down. No.03 Gloria: The battle of ____, Gallia losses may be considerable No.63 Carisa: To be able to break their grain is much easier, the Empire was tr ansported over there but the food. Leila: Gallia military seems to think of forcibly this fortress eat (Gallia see ms to be trying hard to eat it this fort) No. 56 Deit: Miserable......this crooked trick but sweeps clean (that crooked b ut even poor)

No.12 Valerie: The key is the Valkyria of the two armed forces. No.12 Valerie: The actions of those two really be able to decide the outcome. No.24 Annika: The Gallian Army Valkyria not worse some of it? Leila: Not as simple as you think, maybe only Riela can get it? No.15 Amy: Valkyria what exactly is do...... No.15 Amy: Feeling different from (?) taught said No.13 Riela: Im not really sure...... No.12 Valerie: Why in this day and age? Does it have special meaning, or is it just by chance......? No.12 Valerie: As a scholar, I have a deep interest in it No.12 Valerie: But now is not the time to explore No.21 Felix: Is ah......Kurt, are we going to participate in the attack on Ghir landaio Fortress? No.07 Kurt: Were not longer being pursued, is of course to war. No.07 Kurt: However, as we have not yet formally incorporated into army control , gestures also requires self-discipline. No.01 Imca: ...... No.01 Imca: ......Nothing to regret. No.07 Kurt: Ah...... No.07 Kurt: Huh......this letter was written by Imca? Letter: To Number Seven, I have to go to Ghirlandaio Fortress reported that my hatred. After all, havent been formally integrated into the military, even if I go alone it will not implicate you. After reaching their purpose, it is not ne cessary to fulfill the Number Seven and military corporation deal. The enemy is found, clearly, you do not need my help, the rest is my own to solve, we will n ever meet again. No.07 Kurt: Imca......! No.13 Riela: Imca what......!? No.21 Felix: Went on her own to the fortress!? No.07 Kurt: Yes, Im going to catch up with her, and help Imca complete her pur pose No.32 Giulio: Do you want to go alone? No.07 Kurt: This is my promise to Imca, so I want to go. No.07 Kurt: Originally I wanted her to help the team

No.07 Kurt: and I have and teams to help her achieve her goals. No.07 Kurt: But now, I will not impose on you what Im thinking. Leila: Kurt...... Leila: You lack teaching! No.07 Kurt: Huh......!! Leila: Do you look down upon us so! Do you think were all just air!? No.21 Felix: Now that its what, you really didnt understand anything (now say that this little bit than you are really nothing thoroughly understand) No.07 Kurt: My personal idea of implicated forces are not taken for granted.... .. No.11 Alfons: Really......Leila will tell you on the next whip (whip before I t ake to tell you) No.11 Alfons: Kurt, before the second whip, do you know how many times we were saved by Imca? No.32 Giulio: Not a two friends (not a back or twice) No.15 Amy: She does not love silent, can Imca until today never had a complaint ! (she is not loving tongue, Miss Imca never complain about today!) No. 56 Deit: The contribution of the guy than I most No.24 Annika: Imca is Number One oh! My goal of oh! No.03 Gloria: An old woman do not want to make this the only earlier than we we re this guy just left No.12 Valerie: Theres a lot of things I want to talk to her and have a good co nversation about, we cant let her go. No.63 Carisa: Her (weapon) thing I want to look at it and then mass produce it! No.45 Serge: I want to go to the Ghirlandaio Fortress was a little too early. No.13 Riela: Kurt, Imca is our friend No.13 Riela: Kurt its not just a word, everyone has this meaning, incompetent should be sent out. (this is not the final say, all this mean then the fucal sho uld be sent out of the well) No.07 Kurt: So, is it okay? No.21 Felix: Dont forget you wanted to be the Captain of the Nameless, but to listen to everyones No.32 Giulio: Hes not a delegate (he is a delegate), you are our Captain! Leila: Understand, then quickly ordered to go Leila: Stop grinding mill chirp, boss want me to usurp power, right?

No.07 Kurt: ......I know, we will work together to help Imca fulfill her wish <cheer!> No.13 Riela: Alright! Lets go for it! No.07 Kurt: Good! Ghirlandaio Fortress No.01 Imca: Its potentially really heavily guarded here, want to touch is by n o means easy...... No.01 Imca: Only the Gallian military had attacked it......? No.07 Kurt: Gallias main attack is tomorrow, before the Empires army would no t act rashly. No.13 Riela: Will Imca be okay......? No.11 Alfons: Reporting, the Fort doors are closed, with only some patrols arou nd No.07 Kurt: The enemy did not deeply outside the fortress No.11 Alfons: Is wary of being caught in Gallia Valkyrias arms (Valkyria in th e beware the Gallian army) No.13 Riela: Kurt, I should go......! No.07 Kurt: No, its a last resort, also usually means first to contain (or con tain the usual means) No.07 Kurt: Alfons, you say that people havent left the fortress of the Empire right? No.11 Alfons: Cant be wrong, not after we saw how they deal with it. No.07 Kurt: I understand, everyone get ready for battle! fortress! Begin to harass the

No.21 Felix: If someone is to deal with what we do? (I was to deal with how can we do?) No.07 Kurt: Its difficult to imagine the enemy would send a large force No.07 Kurt: They are considered to preserve their strength before Gallia decisi ve battle No.07 Kurt: Once the large amount of force we rely on the strength of Riela ret reat it (Once in force, we live on Rielas forces retreated) No.13 Riela: Ah, I know! No.21 Felix: I understand, the rest is to create opportunities for Imca right? No.07 Kurt: Could not (live)

No.21 Felix: You shouldnt apologize No.07 Kurt: What do you want me to say? No.21 Felix: Im a genius! I can never lose! No.21 Felix: You really want to say that will certainly get Imca getting on a w hip and then becoming the laughing stock of everyone? No.07 Kurt: Are you? (is it not?) No.21 Felix: You ah......Riela, or you for example (is also for you) No.13 Riela: Slow!? Felix su!! (??? No idea here at all, does she say a name?) No.07 Kurt: Nothing, I know what he wanted to say No.07 Kurt: When Im not working, they will come to me. (I am not working, and everyone will pull me one of the) No.13 Riela: Kurt...... No.07 Kurt: But not me, when we went to support Imca, we go No.13 Riela: Yes sir! Selvaria: Huh? Whats going on? Imperial Commander: Reporting in! Gallia those who are full to attack us! Imperial Commander: It should be about the size of a squad! Selvaria: Ah, how feint......hardly a serious opponent. Imperial Commander: Patrol outside the city requests to retreat to cover Selvaria: ......Once captured the fix will be leaked military aircraft, as fewe r people as possible engage them. Imperial Commander: Yes! Selvaria: ......Is it just a pointless attack? Selvaria: Gallia will always make some tricks, the attack is...... No.01 Imca: What? Someone is attacking the fortress? No.01 Imca: It cant be! Nameless......! No.01 Imca: ......Fort also sent the troops in? To then, only now......! Imperial Soldier: Reinforcements! Well, we withdraw to...... No.01 Imca: Dont move. Imperial Soldier: What is this!?

No.01 Imca: A mine, dare fiddle with it to kill you. No.13 Riela: Fortress has sent troops! No.07 Kurt: Its really just a small unit enemy! Adhere to the (see)saw for a w hile with them! Come get some!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Battle Victory Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Battle Victory _________ Get Imca to the Target (S Rank: 5) ONLY Imca can join. ? ? ? _________ Occupy One of the Two Target Bases (S Rank: ?) Imca cannot join. ? ? (Shocktrooper) ? ZM-MP-FW

Selvaria: Only a squad sized attack......the Gallian army wait (on hold)...... Selvaria: I know who you are, come on. No.01 Imca: ...... Selvaria: I know its feint, but I dont think your target is the Royal Highnes s, its me. No.01 Imca: I never thought I could easily kill you. Selvaria: I have no time for your nonsense, lets get it on. No.01 Imca: ......village of ____ (?) Selvaria: ____ (?)......? No.01 Imca: It is with a blue flame from your gun that burned down my home

Selvaria: When was this...... No.01 Imca: (?)! Im alive today only to kill you! No.01 Imca: Im the only survivor of the village ____ (?)! Selvaria: Thats your reason for eyeing me No.01 Imca: You will die for me on this! Valkyria! Selvaria: Hm...... Im not a Valkyria, Im just a human No.01 Imca: What......? Selvaria: I will no longer have use for all that power. No.01 Imca: still look down on me (you cant see me) Selvaria: Oh, didnt you say you were going to kill me? No.01 Imca: ......Ah, watch me kill you! No.01 Imca: This is the opportunity that man......Kurt has given me! I will not let it be in vain! Selvaria: Kurt......? No.01 Imca: Kurt, give me strength! No.01 Imca: Hya!! Selvaria: So fast!? No.01 Imca: You block well! No.01 Imca: But!! Selvaria: Huh......!? No.01 Imca: Die!! Selvaria: Well!! No.01 Imca: ...... Selvaria: This action, you are......! No.01 Imca: What are you afraid of? Ive come to kill the Valkyria. No.01 Imca: Three dangerous phenomenon occur one after another, may not be so e asy to deal with. No.01 Imca: I once again declare war on you! No.01 Imca: Accept the challenge from Imca, the survivor of ____ (village?)! V alkyria! Selvaria: ...... Selvaria: I refuse to use strength (force) to His Royal Highness, I am afraid I

cannot die here! Selvaria: ......All right. Selvaria: Now are you satisfied. No.01 Imca: Valkyria......! (?)! I have no regrets!! <cutscene> [dont have translation, sorry, wish I did] No.01 Imca: A......m......h......! Selvaria: The survivors of the over. Selvaria: However, you shouldnt die here. Selvaria: I will not allow you to die, because of challenges I feel satisfied. Selvaria: This is because you have your end of (you have where you are)...... Selvaria: Dont expect me to let you die so easy Selvaria: I also did not depressed Selvaria: Hold the Fort, it is my home along with...... Selvaria: His Royal Highness...... No.13 Riela: Kurt! The enemies have more reinforcements! No.21 Felix: This could be endless! (?)! No.07 Kurt: The enemy still maintains small forces, stick to the plan......! No.07 Kurt: Imca......!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: Battle Victory _________ Protect the Target Zone or Kill All Troops? (S Rank: 4) Imca cannot join. ? ? ?

No.24 Annika: The enemy is retreating! No.07 Kurt: Ah......! No.13 Riela: Look , there are people coming close!

Selvaria: I am the Commander of the Gallia front army troops, Imperial Army Com mander Selvaria Bles! Selvaria: Notice the Gallian Army! I actually have a captive to return to you! No.07 Kurt: Is it......!! Selvaria: However, after you take the prisoner you on e condition that you imme diately withdraw (retreat) Selvaria: You must promise! (Do you want to answer!) No.07 Kurt: ......I know! We immediately cease-fire talks! (Our ceasefire talk s right away!) Selvaria: So, please send a representative to receive the person! Selvaria: I just gave you seize the captives. (Ive had sized captives over you ) No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: I m grateful for your prerogative (amnesty). Selvaria: Can you pass a message to her for me? No.07 Kurt: I will. Selvaria: The winner informs the loser, burdened to live with the failure (winn er informed loser, saddled with the failure to live) No.07 Kurt: I will certainly remember to convey it to her. Selvaria: Additionally, are you Kurt? No.07 Kurt: Indeed, what you (you are where)? Selvaria: it. Selvaria: Well, I have this thing. Selvaria: Give it to this create a home. No.07 Kurt: Huh...... Selvaria: Goodbye. The following day, Gallia went to Under the third squadron attached compromised. Colonel Selvaria Bles did not use And was defeated-In the fortress of the buildup of life The final flame spread exhausted Ghirlandaio Fortress launched the attack. to seventh volunteers put up the fortress was the Valkyria force Gallian army the main troops was Valkyria that

No.01 Imca: A......ah No.07 Kurt: Wake up, Imca. No.01 Imca: Huh......Im alive.....I didnt die, why? No.07 Kurt: You were sent back No.01 Imca: Why......? Where is the Valkyria? I havent gotten my revenge yet No.07 Kurt: She......Colonel Selvaria Bles has died. No.01 Imca: ......!? No.07 Kurt: A large explosion occurred in Ghirlandaio Fortress, everything was destroyed No.07 Kurt: Even if being caught probably wont do prisoner. No.01 Imca: This!? You lied to me! This is impossible!! No.07 Kurt: Im not lying to you, even if she was a Valkyria she could not have survived that explosion...... No.01 Imca: Youre wrong! Why is she dead and I live on!? No.01 Imca: This shouldnt be so!! No.07 Kurt: Your hatred has ended Imca No.01 Imca: ......Give me the gun! No.07 Kurt: What are you doing!? No.01 Imca: I need to catch up with her in hell! (hatred is not?) No.07 Kurt: What are you saying! Let go! No.01 Imca: I am only alive today to kill the Valkyria! No.01 Imca: Since shes dead, I would rather die than live! Im going to hell to get revenge for her this life! No.07 Kurt: I say Selvaria let you survive! (I say Selvaria you live down) No.01 Imca: Oh!? No.07 Kurt: She didnt kill you, she directly to you as captives over to me No.01 Imca: This is impossible......! I have no reason to live! No.07 Kurt: She wanted me to give you a message. No.07 Kurt: The winner inform the losers, burdened to live with the failure. No.01 Imca: No.01 Imca: She wants me to live? let me do the losers by shatter to pieces liv

e! No.01 Imca: Oh, ohh......! Ahh......hhhhh! No.01 Imca: Whats the use of living anymore! Live in the world this cannot be revenge doing! (revenge live and in this cannot be what in the world) No.07 Kurt: ......Imca No.07 Kurt: Do it for me, okay? No.01 Imca: Ah...... No.07 Kurt: I assure you, I will help you achieve this one didnt make it. (I a ssure you to help you complete the goal of this one not to do) No.07 Kurt: Before I did it for me to live it (before I do I live for you) No.01 Imca: Target did not have the (target has no) No.07 Kurt: Target change (changed goals on the line) No.01 Imca: In addition to No.07 Kurt: Well, Ill accompany you to die (ill die together with you) No.01 Imca: Whats this!? No! Kurt you cant die! No.07 Kurt: Imca......? You called me by my name? No.01 Imca: Uh No.01 Imca: ...... No.07 Kurt: This is the first time you do it No.01 Imca: Not really, not the first time No.07 Kurt: ...... (when?) No.01 Imca: I do not want to because I was dead by Kurt (I do not want to die b ecause of Kurt) No.07 Kurt: Since there is no other way to do this, I will accompany you with t he dead. No.07 Kurt: As long as that will count, this is me. (on certain counts, and thi s is what I said) No.01 Imca: This......there is no goal No.07 Kurt: Did not find canting now or later (did not find chanting not too la te) No.01 Imca: I do not know how do we go (I do not know what to do to do) No.07 Kurt: Tell me when you want to die, I will fight (you want to die tell me , I will fight)

No.01 Imca: I do not want to No.07 Kurt: ......are you hate No.01 Imca: No, you only do not understand......

Nameless was not involved in Gallians offensive attack on Ghirlandaio Fortress. The offense and defense, both armies were not removed from Valkyria, the result is the Gallian army won a victory. Nameless saw an explosion at Ghirlandaio Fo rtress explosive and injuries too tragic, they were left speechless.....

CHAPTER 19: THE FINAL BATTLE AT RANDGRIZ ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 19 Name: Grade: Objectives: ps (S Rank: 4) Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: or VB PLX ____________ Protect Target Supply Container for 5 Turns OR Kill All Troo ? ? ? (Lancer) ? 202

========================== On October 7, the Ghirlandaio Fortress was shot down by the Gallian Army, Comman der of the army of the Empire ______ Gallia captives. In the same day, the land battleship Marmota of the Imperial Army invaded the southeast border. The next day, October 8, Ghirlandaio Fortress led to a sudden large explosions, the main forces of the Gallian army and the fort were eliminated without leaving any tra ces. Witnesses said from Fortress tower bloom myriad of blue light, glory that surrounded the Fortress, explosion Ramsey: I made a point deliberately came not for the other (is not for anything else) Ramsey: to tell you the good news bad news No.07 Kurt: What is it? Ramsey: The good news is that the military has issued a pardon to everyone in N ameless No.07 Kurt: What, did you say all pardons? Ramsey: Yeah, Nameless is not just into the regular army is no longer serving t roops Ramsey: But rather as a regular troop dispatch, that dog number called was also

abolished Ramsey: Also in the future be left combat records, rewards and punishments, equ al footing with conventional forces alike, members also have the right to retire at any time. Kurt: That means that Nameless is completely eliminated, right? Ramsey: Yes, your kid does do this never, Nameless has climbed up to this step. (?) Kurt: ......Yes, this is completely different and I started to think about. (?) Ramsey: Hey, Im glad to point it out! (point is not it) Kurt: This is the success from the joint effort of the whole team, well celebr ate it together. Ramsey: Words in just met you as if heard (this seems to listen to when you jus t know you) Kurt: ......Selling sugar must be no less profitable (?) Ramsey: Is this chewing sugar? Your habit is really strange Ramsey: In addition, taking into account the formalities, you will still be spy ing Ministry team. (taking into account the matter, you will still be the intell igence ministry team.) Ramsey: Uniformed as usual, the Chief Executive also was my joy to chant Kurt: This is the worst news? Ramsey: ......Oh, its just fine. Ramsey: The huge land battleship of the Imperial Army is moving in to destroy R andgriz. Kurt: Land battleship......? Ramsey: Imagine like a warship travelling right on the ground Kurt: Such a monster on the ground driving......I cant believe it until I see it with my own eyes Ramsey: That is good, but this thing runs fast Ramsey: Estimate just quickly go to Randgriz. Kurt: So fast! Is that even possible!? Ramsey: This is your first mission as a regular army Ramsey: It is to protect Randgriz Ramsey: As you know, Gallias main force was in Ghirlandaio Fortress Ramsey: No one was spared in the big bang Ramsey: Leaving only a garrison and some volunteer, and also you.

Ramsey: To win, okay. Kurt: Yes sir! Kurt: Captain Dahau and Gusurg should still be alive...... Kurt: Current situation does not allow me to let down our guard against them... ...what to do? Dahau: I refuse. Lydia: Are you sure? Oh I can be found Bolgia of the unbelievers? (?) Dahau: I cannot blow up Randgriz! Lydia: Just get power furnace in ___ out of control Lydia: Fired Randgriz not easy? Dahau: Piece of......cake? (easy?) Lydia: After the job is done, will approve the creation of Darcsen autonomous r egion of your dreams Lydia: Oh, I think that is a good thing? Dahau: If I resign. Lydia: Wow, you have no confidence in it? Dahau: A clean sweep is a really ___ and ___ a good move Dahau: but I cannot because the killing Randgriz innocent fellow Darcsens! Lydia: You cant stand this sacrifice anymore? Dahau: This? I do not want to use the lives of our compatriots! Dahau: Creating autonomous indeed no alternative to the ideal Dahau: But this is not built on top of the expense of those innocent compatriot s can be! Dahau: This was an independent who killed compatriots may think that this is to do? (the killing compatriots before they can get independent and who would think that this is hope?) Dahau: Which leaders of the people of a country and bringing peace leader and k illing of civilians will support? Dahau: Im not seeking independence, but to insist on independent Dahau: I for the world of Darcsen people ignite the fire of hope, will never st op and extinguish this thing Lydia: Very noble of you, but you really refuse to say this against Bolgia Dahau: Unfortunately, if the (?) confession, he teaches its not better than as

(?) Dahau: Were sent into exile or assassinated. Lydia: The credit you will make sense to? Dahau: ......A last resort, only for ____ (?) committed. Dahau: Independence early to say, but not lose the idea, we will continue to fi ght on. Dahau: To implement happiness in all Darcsen people......this is my mission. Lydia: ......Is it. Lydia: Well, how to do it Bolgia sacked, I had a bad do...... (Well, if this do it Bolgia Lok I also had......) Gusurg: Captain Dahau, I heard that you refused Bolgias command? Dahau: Yes. Gusurg: I thought you couldnt refuse Bolgias command, right? Dahau: ......Remember you as the enemy, I spoke of things about my wife Gusurg: I remember, you fought side by side in the Empire until she died. Dahau: Look at this. Gusurg: Is this, your wife? Dahau: She gave me a photo at any time close at hand. Gusurg: She really is charming. Dahau: Before she left, she said Dahau: "Countries did continue for a thousand years Dahau: and make our let our children and grandchildren happy to live in this wo rld." Gusurg: Happy to live in this world...... Dahau: I said to insist on independence, you understand this right? Gusurg: I see, Dahau I am completely convinced of your beliefs. Gusurg: I know you can take pride in your work. Dahau: Can you understand me, I also feel that this is the grace. Gusurg: Can hear you say, then let me leave. Dahau: Independence still has a long way to go......but I will certainly do it.. ....! Gusurg: Dahau......the Darcsen people cannot afford to lose you

Gusurg: and to be defiled, then for me (defile, by me)......!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory _________ (PATH A) ? (S Rank: ?) ? ? ? ? _________ (PATH B) Occupy 3 Target Enemy Bases (S Rank: 4) ? ? ? (Engineer) ? ZM34L

Lydia: Do you really want to do this? Gusurg: Yes, I want to blow up Randgriz, just like I promised Bolgia Gusurg: I will answer after construction of autonomous regions. Lydia: I did not expect that everywhere carefully Bolgia even directly to the f ace of a person in your Gusurg: He is desperate, if ____ (?) does not die, he is also necessary to fini sh off Gusurg: like Im this kind of person he is able to use (people like me he is al so can use) Lydia: Well, guess so, my principal (?) wanted to introduce you to him Lydia: However, in that case, I say it is extra (I eto say is superfluous), alo ne you do so (who do you do it) Gusurg: Not done, I want to do Gusurg: As long as they kill Isler, Bolgia does not sacked Gusurg: If ____ is dead, cling to the next, Bolgia will lead to war Gusurg: Generals have gone, there are no capable Commander-In-Chief Gusurg: will allow this war into a protracted, this is the best for us. Gusurg: I do this "dirty work", Dahau will be able to continue to lead the Darcs en people.

Gusurg: Bolgia can support independence, and the rest handed over to Dahau unti l I meet death. Lydia: want to die? Gusurg: To achieve this ideal, that is my life. Gusurg: I have told the players, only with people who agree with me to do it. ( I only with the endorsed do the job) Lydia: Do (is not it), I can finally say goodbye to your stinky face. Gusurg: ...... Lydia: I have to go to Bolgia, then thats ok with it. Gusurg: ......You cant go back. Lydia: Huh? Whatre you saying...... Gusurg: Quickly stand aside Lydia! Assassin: Die! Lydia: Ah!? Gusurg: Look at the gun! (guns!) Assassin: Agh!! Lydia: This? Why is this!? Why would someone shoot me? Gusurg: Im guessing this assassin was sent by Bolgia Lydia: How is that possible!? I could never betrayed him! Gusurg: In order to silence you......Bolgia but we rely on you to command. Gusurg: If you ___ (?) teach informants like him would be finished. Lydia: This......!? I have been in for Bolgia him! Gusurg: Before they happen, for you as well? (take preventive measures, is the same for you?) Lydia: ......Why, why would you want to help me? Gusurg: Im not saving you. Gusurg: Just taking out the trash. Lydia: This, this is, why...... Gusurg: It is either I die, or I kill you know, pick one Lydia: What did you say!? Gusurg: You are dead, do you do something for me death is not better

Lydia: Ha......haha, hahaha! Lydia: Youre a big jerk! This is the first time I encounter a jerk such as yo u! Gusurg: Its a real honor. Lydia: Well, I have to laugh......! While it has been annoying you the sansing slaves (Although the never hate you the three names) Lydia: No, I did not expect to become the end of a birds feather! Lydia: Is it, how to replace me is Im afraid you will need to do something. (i t how to replace the Im afraid you will do it) Lydia: ......In short, more than when I point a gun at you like you, you are an individual residue (In general than before when I was with a gun pointed at you like you, you are the individual residue) Gusurg: ...... Lydia: Why are you holding a gun? Put it down. Gusurg: You havent answered me. Lydia: Youre stupid, do you think I could die in such a way? Lydia: The answer is actually a long time ago already have with you. (the answe r has been early, as you) Gusurg: Set off at once, to prepare it. Lydia: Im going to which will do it, I do? (where are ok I do?) Gusurg: So obedient, is not a speech to read it? (not play I see it?) Lydia: It is not speech, and prove it to you, take a look at chanting? (is spee ch, will now show you the chant)? Gusurg: ......Good then. [no translation for Imca/Riela cutscene available] Kurt: Imperial warships on the way down to Randgriz...... Kurt: How will we be able to fight that monster? While it is stagnant, there s hould be an opportunity to break inside...... Riela: Kurt, are you in there? Kurt: Please come in. Riela: Sorry to disturb you. Kurt: ......You afraid of it (are you afraid of what?)

Riela: Well......This is you see that coming (this is seen by you) Kurt: That explosion in Ghirlandaio Fortress has gone beyond the technical leve l of human beings Kurt: Therefore, Im afraid that is thrown by the Valkyria forces that take it. Riela: The power of that moment can end everything I do. Riela: And I, when I will, do not know about it...... Kurt: ...... Riela: I was home doesnt exist at all. (I belong opinion simply doesnt exist) Kurt: Riela...... Riela: Fortunately, it seems destined, and I missed it...... (luckily is doomed and I miss) Kurt: Thats wrong! Kurt: Everyones desire for happiness! Riela: You lied to me. Kurt: Huh...... Riela: I dont know when I will like to kill someone else Riela: Do not want to because I put others volumes to come! (do not want to bec ause I volume came in others!) Riela: After that Ill be worrying about this, so live in......! (after that I will always be worried about this, so live) Riela: This is too......! Kurt: ......Riela Kurt: I will never make (let) you feel bad! Riela: Kurt......? Kurt: Your home is here, your happiness is here. Kurt: So youre not going anywhere. Riela: My happiness......? Kurt: I will not let you feel pain, I again assure you (I will never let you fe el the pain, I assure you once again today) Kurt: Riela, believe me. Riela: Ah...... Kurt: You believe that I have been so much fun to live on the line (you believe that I have been so happy to live on the line)

Riela: Kurt...... Riela: ...... Riela: ......Sorry, I cant. Kurt: Huh? Riela: Even if Im happy, I cant laugh (said to be happy, so did not see it) Riela: Happy smile not out yet......! (Smiled happily cannot!) Kurt: ......Rest assured, you will be happy, dont worry. Riela: Ah......! Gusurg: We will now march towards Randgriz Gusurg: Into the city ___ (?) after power out of the furnace, blown up the capi tal. Gusurg: Taking into account the war, might be Gallia and the Imperial Army atta cks between the two sides Gusurg: But I believe that the presence of people of insight will against all o dds accomplish this mission! <cheer!> CR Soldier A: We do not need happiness! CR Soldier B: For Dahau and our independence! Gusurg: Yes! This is for Darcsen of us coming of hope. Gusurg: In order to change the mind of the times, and the world we set off will not be shaken! <cheer!> Zig: Gusurg...... Lydia: Zig, you really want to Dahau an informer? Zig: Well, I think with Dahau with the lead is the right way. Zig: However, I also understand the intention of Gusurg. Zig: Once things are, will be moved towards big step independence. Zig: Is also the Darcsen history has long been a golden opportunity to reach a long-cherished wish. Zig: You Dahau of the things and live for the future heart of...... Gusurg: Zig, you know is enough. (the you can understand enough) Gusurg: Youre still young, to help the captain Dahau to develop independent ro

ad. Zig: Is......!! Lydia: That is really touching Lydia: Full of the tragic sense of male-male affection from time in the woman l ook so handsome? (full of heroic men and men and women seem to be not so handsom e boy of) Gusurg: I really dont know Lydia: You head to some masculine (but the head of to the point of masculine on we two when you are not a beast in human attire you......!) Lydia: oh just the two of you is not a beast......! Zig: Ah......? Gusurg: Im a hypocritical man (Im a man of inconsistency) Lydia: Youre "in" show when I look at the side of it (side show you I look at) Gusurg: This myself to go (you had better stay to the end myself) Lydia: Well, do not think that the special point will be able to discuss my fav or! (Ah can I dont think the special favor!) Zig: When two people get so close? I really dont understand...... Gusurg: Zig, is to say goodbye, thank you for being here! Zig: Yes! I wish you triumph! Lydia: The target is Randgriz! Go! Riela: Were coming up to Randgriz Kurt: Soon (do not hurry up then) Alfons: Captain! Espionage ministry called! Alfons: They said there is a large warship headed toward Randgriz! Kurt: Super (?)? That could be it! (you dont say) Alfons: Should be, Calamity Raven well (calamity raven that big chant) Kurt: Is it Captain Dahau or.....? Alfons: Volunteers fighting in the capital and then delay would be subjected to the attack of! Kurt: ......Good, tell everyone! Our goal is Calamity Raven! Kurt: To destroy them, and then get to Randgriz! CR Soldier: Reporting in! Troops are coming towards us! It should be Nameless

! Gusurg: Kurt, did not expect to catch you here! Gusurg: Nameless march soon, has been thrust on the words of......! Lydia: ...... Lydia: Let me block them. Gusurg: Lydia? Lydia: Theres no time to let you hesitate, quickly get out now Gusurg: ......Lydia. Lydia: Hm? Gusurg: Thank you. Lydia: This is when I die chant you......devil (this time the said lao die huma ns you....devil) Gusurg: ......Sorry about that. Lydia: Good, hatred has left me with the Nameless! Do they! (nameless any grud ges gave me to stay, dry turn them) <cheer!>

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory _________ Defeat Lydia (S Rank: 7?) ? ? ? ?

Lydia: Tell me......why it ended so stupid about...... (doing to this last is a lso foolish) Lydia: This is that guys fault...... Lydia: ...... Lydia: You want to be able to understand he is not afraid of a little earlier l ike (to be again as soon as possible to understand his fear of not like that it) Lydia: come on, oh...... (refueling oh) Lydia: Scum......Im......Going

Kurt: What is this......? Why leaving this last one it can resist to so...... (why the rest of this last one can resist to such a) Imca: This must be in the vanguard of troops fighting for time. (this must be t o gain time in order to spearhead troops) Riela: Kurt! We catch up with it! (we chase it) Kurt: Ah! I know! We catch up with! (we chase) <cheer!> Gusurg: Randgriz has been ravaged ____(?), Gallia also left the armed forces (m ilitary depleted) Gusurg: Bolgia said at least kill Isler (?), appears to be able to do. Gusurg: Leaving ____ (?), die _____ (?), which is also good about...... CR Soldier: The (?) power furnace was out of control! Detonation in an hour! Gusurg: The rest is just waiting. Gusurg: Stand strictly on guard, you never know what will happen. CR Soldier: Yes! CR Scout: Report! Nameless catching up at the door! Gusurg: Lydia must be gone...... Gusurg: Must not waste the time......she gave us to fight Gusurg: Get in position and ready for battle Gusurg: To fight, and really want to see what that guy will look Riela: There! Its Calamity Raven! Imca: We wont let them get away......! Kurt: Land battleship is not it? Well......! Riela: Wait Kurt! There are some people! Kurt: Its Gusurg......! Gusurg: Catch up with, Kurt. (to catch up, Kurt) Kurt: What is your goal, Gusurg Gusurg: I am not negotiation, is to finally see you. (Im not here to negotiat e, I just wanted to see your face one last time) Kurt: want to use (?) blew it?

Gusurg: Its true, Randgriz will be my grave. Gusurg: Power furnace the ___ already out of control, and run for our lives and quickly leave. Kurt: You want to get the public involved!? Darcsen people live here too! Kurt: Youre willing to see your ideal at the expense of everything! Gusurg: My happiness is only to achieve my ideals. Kurt: ......You are wrong. Gusurg: I can so thanks to his own ideals of loyalty you have ch ange it, Kurt. (I could be so loyal to their ideals all thanks to the gift of yo u, you change Kurt) Kurt: No, Ive changed, I know. Kurt: I was in pursuit of a vertex Kurt: but no matter where I arrive I seek something cannot be touched. Kurt: Through the force of war, living with and around allies who I fought side by side with, I know one thing. Gusurg: ...... Kurt: Gusurg, where are your happiness and ideals? Kurt: If this is your wish, even if also so empty, the church I have you (If it s just for one person you wish, even if implementation is empty, taught me are you a part of this) Gusurg: Well...... Gusurg: Kurt, you may this it is, but not a Darcsen persons point of view on t his. (point of view it would not do) Gusurg: No black was cast aside by the people in the world (no concert of the w orld cast aside bad cop), no one can carry out this ideal people Gusurg: Darcsen people cannot change anything! Gusurg: Taught me this is war and Nameless Kurt: What......? Gusurg: Even if you and I have the Empire as a common enemy Gusurg: Darcsen people are unable to stand up, nothing can change! Gusurg: In order to change this fate, I would like to be sinners of this infamy ! (I would like to dot the notoriety of sinners) Kurt: Gusurg......!! Gusurg: I would not say I was right! However, I will make the right man out of the way! (I want to open the correct path)

Gusurg Come on Kurt! Kurt: Gusurg......I have to stop you!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory _________ Defeat the Land Warship (S Rank: 8?) ? ? ? ? VB PLX

Gusurg: Uh, ugh......! ___......stop it Gusurg: But I have no lost I do not......admit defeat......ah! Kurt: Gusurg! Gusurg: Ku......rt Kurt: Dont speak, Im pulling you out Gusurg: Why do this...... for me Kurt: Your fight is over Gusurg Gusurg: Is not it...... Gusurg: I met you, I found my existence...... Gusurg: This is for the best results I sought......I have no regrets...... Kurt: ......I know Gusurg: To this last......lost (battle?)...... Kurt: Sorry, is my blessing goddess of victory. (victory is caring for me) Gusurg: He he......I am the goddess......a little......poisonous tongue...... Gusurg: For me......dead......ideal will not end...... Gusurg: You will see......Dahau...... Kurt: Gusurg? Gusurg: ...... Kurt: ...... Kurt: Rest in friend.

Riela: Gusurg, farewell...... Deit: Last fighting also persisted in their regrets Imca: ...... Imca: Wrong. Riela: Imca? Imca: His ideals and my revenge. Imca: Fight to the death would also like to complete, but not to the expense of others. Felix: Do you...... Imca: No matter who died, some people are sad, the enemy, our own people, Darcs en people are the same. Imca: Death will only bring grief. Riela: Is......only one is left, sacrificing myself Riela: No matter how some people are sad it. (no matter how sad) Leila: Fire at the enemy is the same, regardless of the reason Leila: War is just killing each other! To end out early. Valerie: Even so on this continent, the war is still filled with (even so the w ar on the continent also remains filled with) Valerie: When did the kindness and enmity continued to (the rivalry to continue until when) Imca: Dead will certainly give people bring hardship, adults, or still or no ex ceptions. (die would bring hardship to the people, adults or still without excep tion) Imca: I have also led to hundreds of people suffering the same pain...... Imca: In this war, by my hand Imca: I will not escape this reality...... Imca: Would not be (will never)......

Squad 422 once again saved the capital from a crisis, when their former comrades battle when the land battleship Marmota on the road were also destroyed. If We lkin Gunther and his forces were light, Kurt Irvings forces are the shadow is, history is in the light must have shadow of the cycle which the continuation of, that should be engraved in our memories.

CHAPTER 20: NAMELESS AGAIN ========================== FREE MISSIONS - CHAPTER 20 Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: or ? D3 ____________ Destroy the 3 Target Supply Containers (S Rank: 7?) ? ? ? ? MT002


On October 8, 1935. the huge land battleship Marmota destroyed the capitals def ense forces, and the surrounding countries perish as well demise of Principality of Gallia. However, on October 9 Gallian volunteers killed back to bridge, Maximi an turned to acting volunteer. On October 10, Squad 7 of the volunteers third sq uadron fought a bloody battle and ____ has been destroyed, Maximilian died. The resulting victory of the Principality of Gallia finally brought the war with the Empire to an end. The death of Maximilian became the decisive factor in ending the war. However, it turned out to be a ticking time bomb (a source of personal drive) Dahau: This was my failure... Dahau: Theyre stubborn in their ideals, but they went on a suicide mission for Darcsen independence...... Zig: Dahau ... Dahau: Zig, you know the Darcsens already have this thing, right? Zig: I didnt stop them! Im willing to be punished for that! Dahau: I will not, if the change is done Dahau: Im hesitant and confused Dahau: Thats why I put on such a tough front. Dahau: However, taking into account the value of Bolgia, so it stayed around Ly dia Dahau: What I failed to Bolgia draw a line has brought about these miserable re sults. Zig: The Darcsens have failed, Bolgia will be sacked. Zig: Maximilian is dead......what are we going to do? Dahau: Both are dead, it was their fate.

Dahau: As a people, we still have a way out ... Dahau: ......the way of political bargaining has been closed Dahau: However, I will not be discouraged from seeking independence! Dahau: There is only one thing left we can do. Bolgia: Let me thank you, Dahau Bolgia: For saving my life, the ___trained you well. Dahau: Yes. Bolgia: Though broken contact, you came to rescue me, Im very grateful. Dahau: After the death of his Royal Highness Maximilian, youre the only one I can truly rely on. Bolgia: Ah, there must be sanctions against those who would dare stand against me. Bolgia: Its good of you to do this, Dahau. Dahau: Yes...... Whats this about "insurance" and the "key"? Bolgia: Of course, as long as I... (?) Dahau: Well, were always able to rely on force to overcome Bolgia: Huh!? What do you mean, Dahau! <bang!> Dahau: This is the "key" Im paid as compensation. Dahau: You can go safely to your death, so die like a dignified Cardinal of the State. Bolgia: You monster......! <bang!> Bolgia: ...... Dahau: Unfortunately, Ive also walked down...... Dahau: Into the realm of the wicked. Giulio: No more war, I can finally get back to cooking. Valerie: And I can go back to university. Amy: I never dreamed she could usher in a truce. Annika: They say Gunther is a powerful lieutenant!

Annika: Destroyed the warship Marmota on the road! Killed the enemys leader! Annika: Hes a hero! I dont just respect him! I worship him! Leila: My brother is on his team. Gloria: Hey, are you crying? Leila: If someone like me was watching out for him and disciplining him all tho se years, he should be great Alfons: Well, even without the kind people...... (fear is not the kind of perso n) Amy: ......Did you go to the funeral of Mr. Gusurg Felix: No way, my shift got left behind. (who we shift left behind) Annika: After the war is over, we can go visit his grave. Valerie: Yes, certainly. Leila: Kurt is a really nice guy. Alfons: Hey, if you tell the truth will give home is not right impression Giulio: He defected to the Empire. Going back home to his family would have bee n difficult. Felix: He died on the last leg of the journey. Its best that Kurt buried him. Amy: Yeah, youre right......

Ramsey: I dont know whats going to happen these days Kurt: ......You called me here, is there another mission? Ramsey: Its not a mission... I just wanted to talk. Ramsey: Major General Carl Isler has confessed Ramsey: We searched his home and found something terrible Ramsey: It was Cardinal Bolgias mace. (?) Ramsey: Bolgia preached a lot about trying to unify the country. Ramsey: He tried to make everyone become believers in (Yggidism?) Ramsey: So that the religious rulers of the world could maintain peace Ramsey: By also becoming leaders of the world. (?) Kurt: He thought he could declare himself high emperor. Ramsey: Yes thats it. Ramsey: But the problem is that he also believed in the religion by the gun.

Ramsey: If his preaching wouldnt bring people in, he would subdue them by forc e...... Ramsey: His killings were his so-called last resort. Here, look at this. Kurt: What is this......? Ramsey: This is rumored to be Valkyria ruins in Imperial territory. Ramsey: According to confessions from Isler, the tower in the middle is some ki nd of ballistics weapon. Kurt: This is......a ballistics weapon? Ramsey: The effective range covers the entire continent. Ramsey: If it is activated, the Commonwealth, let alone Randgriz, even the Empi res capital and every major city could be blown to bits. Kurt: If this is true ... they could rule the entire continent Ramsey: We have been negotiating with the military about this huge ballistics w eapon. Ramsey: We are trying to finish a truce with the Empire. Ramsey: But its difficult to get these things to the negotiation table with Em pire representatives. Ramsey: I just hope everything turns out alright Kurt: ...... Kurt: A giant ballistics weapons...... This is terrible Kurt: ...... Kurt: Gusurgs last words were "you will see, Dahau". Kurt: If only the Captain Dahau knew about this Kurt: Hes the key to the Cardinal isnt he......? Kurt: How can I prevent this situation is......I can only think of one way Kurt: But, what do I do? Kurt: Someone has to understand, dont they......? Kurt: Who should I tell...... Branch A (Riela) Riela: Is there something you wanted to tell me? Kurt: ......Yes, sorry, I specifically called you here. I...

Kurt: Would like to thank you, because of you Riela this was possible. Riela: No, Im the one that wants to thank you Kurt... Kurt: Please......just listen to me. Riela: Whats the matter? Youre acting so serious Kurt: I want to go back to the Empire under the Nameless identity. Riela: Ah? Kurt: Theres a very dangerous weapon inside of the Empires lands Kurt: It must be destroyed before it is used. Riela: This...... Kurt: I know its an unreasonable request Riela......will you go with me Kurt: And fight it side by side. Riela: No matter where you go......I will stay with you. Kurt: Thank you, Riela. Kurt: I cant guarantee that well come back alive, but I have something to tel l you. Riela: ...... Kurt: I... Kurt: Ah...... Riela: ... Kurt: Riela? Riela: I understand, you dont have to say it. Riela: it again Kurt: I will......just close your eyes (?) Riela: Ah... Branch B (Imca) Imca: I, what am I......? I havent found my purpose. Kurt: For this (?) Kurt: I may have to break this deal with you Imca. Imca: ......I need to know your reason why. Kurt: I want to go back to the Empire under the Nameless identity.

Imca: To the Empire......? Kurt: The Empire has a very dangerous weapon Kurt: It must be destroyed before it is used. Imca: ...... Kurt: If I die (will break down and has about you?) Kurt: But I still want to destroy the Empire to avoid further loss of life. Imca: ......If this is what you want Kurt, then do it. Kurt: Youre okay with it? Imca: Its a new goal, Kurt its not nothing. Imca: I wont let you go into Hell alone Kurt. Kurt: Will you fight alongside me? Imca: ...... Kurt: What? Imca: Those arent the words I wanted to hear. Kurt: Ah... well let me think Kurt: You can always come with me? Imca: Not that either. Kurt: Well...... Okay, then, I want you to always be there for me...... Imca: Yes. Kurt: Hey... ah!? What did you just say?! Imca: ...... Kurt: ......!? Imca: Ah..... Kurt: really will? Imca: I answered you, dont make me say it again Kurt: Can I hear it again one more time? Imca: No......Theres no need. Imca: Well never be apart......

Kurt: As you already know, Gallia is preparing to sign a truce with the Empire Kurt: However, they have now found out the Empire is in possession of a very da ngerous weapon. Kurt: I think Captain Dahau will most likely use it. Felix: But, we cant go into the Empire Kurt: I want to go back under the identity of the Nameless to try and destroy t he ballistics weapon. Deit: What did you say?! Kurt: Specifically, abandon my nationality, disown the Gallian principality and go into the Empire. Gloria: Either keep your nationality ...... or become an unknown Nameless. Kurt: This time, I have to avoid the risk of this breach of international law b eing linked to Gallia. Kurt: So, in order to get into the Empire, I have to abandon this country. Valerie: Abandon the country? Kurt: If this information came back to Gallian, we will be labeled as terrorist s, it will even affect our families. Amy: This is crazy......! Kurt: Its a lot to give up, and also extremely difficult to ensure that this o peration will be successful. Kurt: Despite knowing this, Im asking you all to please... please lend me a ha nd. Kurt: This mission can only be completed by Squad 422nd, the strongest of Galli as military forces. Annika: The strongest?! Are we really the strongest?! Kurt: Yes! No force is stronger than us Riela: Yes, I think so too! Imca: Kurt, (I agree with you? wasnt translated.) Kurt: We have more than just fighting strength, we also have the ability to do the task no matter what it is Kurt: We have the patience to deal with all of these hardships, and we have fou ght together to the end of the war Kurt: All of this proves that we are the strongest in the Gallian Army Kurt: No other force can compete with the hardships weve faced and the mission s we have completed Felix: Think about what youre saying, will you......!

Giulio: Do you really want to abandon the country? Isnt Gallia your home? Serge: Think about the future ...... and what you can manage to do Kurt, now th at youre a regular army officer (?) Kurt: I will be forced to leave it all behind. Kurt: But the ballistics weapon is a threat to the entire continent Kurt: It can lock in on all the cities on the mainland, and raze them to the gr ound with only one shot. Deit: This......This isnt even really a part of war, then! Alfons: The captains have abandoned their country...... I have no idea why. (?) Leila: Kurt, we cant tolerate this kind of thing. Carisa: Is this is a fight for the blue collar workers, so they can come out ah ead? Valerie: Taking into account the current situation, there are no other teams th at will lead a fight into the Empire Felix: Not like they were saying before (?) Deit: In the end were back to being Nameless. Amy: After all, theres no other way to break into the Empire Giulio: Living a really short life is normal in the army Gloria: An old woman doesnt care about the army life Annika: We can do it, Captain! A battle worthy of the strongest force! Serge: Captain, if this is your fight, it is my fight too Serge: Being Nameless doesnt mean not existing, right Captain? Kurt: Thank you everyone, we will definitely win! Riela: Thats it! We can do it! Imca: Well never lose Kurt: Right on! This is the final battle! Commanders Room Ramsey: Hm...... Kurt: All 422nd troops, from now on, are out of the army. Kurt: And will return to the Nameless, and head off into the empire Kurt: This is probably (not?) goodbye Ramsey: This......

Ramsey: Number Seven, fortunately you arent the enemy here. No.07 Kurt: I only have one request, please remove our names from the national records. Ramsey: ......I understand, rest assured it will be done. No.07 Kurt: Well, now Im afraid I have to say goodbye. Thank you so much for s till caring. Ramsey: See you, Kurt Irving Ramsey: ...... Ramsey: Hey, you there. Soldier: Yes, Lieutenant Colonel. Ramsey: Make death certificates for everyone in Squad 422nd. Ramsey: Say that they all died in glorious battle in the honor of the Principal ity. Soldier: Yes sir, Im on it.

CR Soldier: Reporting in! A team has crossed the border! I think its the Nam eless! Zig: I hope Dahau has taken into account the truce we made with Gallia, and wil l not act rashly...... Zig: I didnt think they we coming! Everyone get prepared!! Zig: This battle is in honor of Gusurg and Miss Lydia! I will defeat them! <cheer!> Zig: They are the enemy! The outset! Took out full fight with them in the fir st place! (?) <cheer!> Zig: Dahau, I will win this! I win, down...... (?)

Zig: Ill bear this heinous crime for you......

No.11 Alfons: Captain! Calamity Raven is up ahead! I dont think theyre going t o let us go without a fight. No.07 Kurt: Yeah, weve had some huge conflicts in the past! Everyone get ready for battle! No.13 Riela: We will never let them win......ready for your orders, Kurt! No.01 Imca: I will protect Kurt, (leak/impermeable to water?)

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory _________ Defeat Zig (S Rank: 6?) ? ? ? (Fencer) ? LSch X

Zig: Ive lost......theyre too powerful.... Zig: Im going to die here...... I tried...... Zig: I was......I was lacking...... Zig: Together with Dahau... complete the great cause......I tried to be a hero. ..... Zig: Uhh......Dahau...... Im dying... I failed to succeed for you...... Zig: Im so sorry......really......Im sorry......

No.07 Kurt: The battle certainly informed Captain Dahau of our movements. No.07 Kurt: We have no time, we have to go the way they just marched from! No.13 Riela: Yeah! This is the final battle! No.01 Imca: This is the decisive battle... we wont lose!

CR Soldier: Reporting! Zigs forces and the Nameless are exchanging fire! CR Soldier: The troops are getting wiped out, let them come!! Dahau: This is unexpected. Theyve come here now, crossed the border looking for us....... Dahau: they actually did it...... Dahau: Kurt Irving, the fight between us is inevitable Dahau: With your defeat, I will pioneer a new path. Dahau: The infamy of the new way of sinners......! Dahau: Get ready at once! Dahau: As long as the hammer of the Valkyria" is here in the Empire, nothing c an stop us!

Soldier: Yes! Dahau: Zig, along with Gusurg and will see. Dahau: So long as the "hammer of the Valkyria" it does not require that an inde pendent and autonomous regions. Dahau: I want to create a new country for the Darcsen people, and by my fellowfilled rectangular flame, command of the entire world Dahau: They will see......! Squad 422 Camp No.15 Amy: Finally at the end. No.56 Deit: Weve crossed the countrys border, we cant go back anymore...... No.11 Alfons: We are no longer people of Gallia, just no names and nobodies. No.12 Valerie: Dont say......such sad things. No.21 Felix: Its nothing......its only bad if we dont have enough for this f ight. No.23 Leila: This is the path we chose, dont moan and groan, cheer up No.24 Annika: We strive to be in this war, theres something worth protecting.. . its our fate. No.03 Gloria: Even at this age I can do great things, its beyond my wildest dre ams. No.63 Carisa: A blessing or a curse, this is the last of it No.63 Carisa: A beautiful solution for this big problem, very much love to go b ack to chanting (?) No.32 Giulio: Though this last one is really dangerous. No.12 Valerie: I just looked at the data and this is something beyond imaginati on. (the weapon?) No.15 Amy: Its hard to believe they can actually launch (shoot) it. No.56 Deit: I cant imagine what it would do to infantry...... No.45 Serge: After all, who knows how powerful it is No.45 Serge: Once the attack has commenced its likely going to cause a huge ex plosion. No.03 Gloria: Calamity Raven alone has been tricky enough. No.24 Annika: Captain, what can we do to win against these kinds of things? No.07 Kurt: When faced with these, have you considered what life would be like after the battle?

No.21 Felix: Huh!? What did you say?! No.07 Kurt: We cant go back to Gallia, why shouldnt we consider our own futur e? No.56 Deit: Do you really think so!? No.15 Amy: The order wrong! (In the wrong order!) (?) No.07 Kurt: Living in a foreign country can be very difficult, shouldnt we thi nk about it? No.32 Giulio: You are really freaking me out...... No.13 Riela: Is there anything I can do......? No.13 Riela: Ahh, I think this could be the last battle! No.01 Imca: Even if I have no goals, its not difficult to want to live. No.01 Imca: Considering this, the battle must be won......! No.23 Leila: Now that youre thinking about the future, that must mean you have a means of winning the battle right? No.07 Kurt: Yes. No.15 Amy: Really?! No.21 Felix: ......Youre really terrible (?) No.07 Kurt: However, the concrete is still not open (?) No.45 Serge: Kurt, you really shouldve stayed in the Gallian army. No.11 Alfons: Ah, leaving Gallia was really a great loss. No.12 Valerie: The switch to another country will be recognized, itll be easy to be a military officer. No.07 Kurt: So whos going with me...... Branch A (Riela) No.13 Riela: So, do you really have a way to deal with those giant weapons? No.07 Kurt: The truth is no. No.13 Riela: I knew it, but then why did you say you do? No.07 Kurt: Its not to lie to everyone. No.07 Kurt: Even if its hopeless, you still say there is hope, and that you wi ll keep on fighting. No.07 Kurt: The best answer that I can give them is to make them believe we can win this battle. No.07 Kurt: Only with mutual trust were we not only able to stand up to previou

s level of battle No.07 Kurt: But we must also be able to stand up the best battle. No.13 Riela: What, this is? No.07 Kurt: Its what Ive learned from you. No.13 Riela: Ah! No.13 Kurt: Riela, Im glad to have met you. No.13 Riela: ......! Branch B (Imca) No.01 Imca: Kurt, so you really have a way to deal with those giant weapons, ri ght? No.07 Kurt: The truth is no. No.01 Imca: I know......but why did you say you do? No.07 Kurt: Its not to lie to everyone No.07 Kurt: Even if its hopeless, you say there is hope No.07 Kurt: and that you will keep on fighting No.07 Kurt: The best answer that I can give them is to make them believe we can win this battle. [Only with mutual trust in order to play the previous level of fighting, but also be able to play the best battle. ] No.01 Imca: Ive been fighting the whole time along with you Kurt, havent I? No.07 Kurt: Ever since the day I learned your name, I've always believed in you. No.01 Imca: From now on, I will not change. No.07 Kurt: I too, will never change. No.01 Imca: ...! (Both get this scene right after) Dahau: To do...... No.07 Kurt: Captain Dahau, what do you want to do with this huge ballistics wea pon? Dahau: Ive told you my ideals, they havent changed. No.07 Kurt: Youre saying, you told me the truth? Dahau: people really shouldnt be seen in this place. No.07 Kurt: Gusurg said he wants to make history on notoriety.

No.07 Kurt: You need to do so, isnt this the case? Dahau: Exactly. Dahau: I want to use this "hammer of the Valkyria" and fire it at Randgriz. No.07 Kurt: What did you say......! Dahau: I want to use this power to give the whole world a brighter tomorrow, an d the aspiration of our Darcsen people will be achieved Dahau: This is to build a new country! No.07 Kurt: ......You had Gusurg embark down that blood-stained road! Dahau: Calamity Raven has been banned from the Empire Dahau: Were only waiting for rebels to kill us on the spot, the Empire is not our place. No.07 Kurt: This is the reason you want to use force to order around the world. Dahau: In order to keep the fires of hope aflame, no matter what means I have t o fight on! Dahau: Kick out Valkyria warning (threat?) to Empire Dahau: In order to obtain the land to build my country Dahau: ......If they reject, then the capital of the Empire will be scorched, a nd nothing more. No.07 Kurt: Do you think you can be so sure of this atrocity! Dahau: I didnt think about who will forgive me, all the sinning and suffering will be borne by me Dahau: I have been enlightened! No.07 Kurt: I have to ask you one last time, youre not going to give up the we apon? Dahau: I have no reason to answer you, have the ability to rely on the power to stop me!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: or _________ (Riela - PATH A) Destroy the weapon (?) (S Rank: 7) Kurt, Riela must join. ? ? ??? H3 (Tank turret)

Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Ace Drop: Battle Victory

_________ (Imca - PATH B) Destroy the weapon (?) (S Rank: ?) Kurt, Imca must join. ? ? ?

Dahau: Independence......will not give up......there is......still hope......! Dahau: Who has good......I will, heritage......fighting...... Wife: Youve had dear...... Dahau: That......sound, was......? Dahau: So this is the way it it...... Dahau: Your...... wish has not......been......achieved...... Dahau: But, I can no longer......fight against.....the..... Dahau: escape...... Dahau: ............ No.13 Riela: We did it, we won! No.01 Imca: Dahau, you cant beat Kurt! No.07 Kurt: No, it's not over yet! No.21 Felix: Why not? Calamity Raven has been eliminated No.07 Kurt: I mean that ballistics weapon! Its still getting ready to fire! No.32 Giulio: What did you say!? No.07 Kurt: This is really the case......the launch countdown has started!! No.13 Riela: How long until it fires? No.07 Kurt: Ten minutes No.01 Imca: Are you able to stop it? No.07 Kurt: No, the control itself is unable to stop the propulsion unit of the ballistics weapon No.15 Amy: What!? No.13 Riela: Cant we destroy the propulsion unit?

No.07 Kurt: The shock is too dangerous for the human body No.07 Kurt: ......The only choice is to shoot it out No.12 Valerie: But then what will happen to Randgriz! No.07 Kurt: No, I mean we have to shoot at it, and put our lives on the line No.15 Amy: Huh!? No.07 Kurt: We need to manually change the trajectory to adjust the thrust, Val erie, help me out! No.12 Valerie: Yes! No.07 Kurt: Riela and Imca, go outside! Wait for my order! No.13 Riela: Yes! No.01 Imca: Right outside! No.07 Kurt: Ill be responsible for the calculating (computing), Amy send commu nications to the people outside. No.15 Amy: Got it! No.63 Carisa: Do you want to fight (play?) up!? (?) No.15 Amy: Yes! Captain and Miss Valerie and in the process of calculating No.45 Serge: What should we do? No.15 Amy: Please look around the launch pad No.15 Amy: Confirm there is no damage to the internal structure. No.56 Deit: Got it, rest assured! No.12 Valerie: Launch angle calculation is complete! As long as the vertical l ine changes! No.07 Kurt: Alright, my contribution of the modification of the calculation is complete No.07 Kurt: As long as it remains straight, it's set to not hit anywhere signific ant (so straight up as long as you do not fall in any place.) No.12 Valerie: The launch pad is moving, the fixtures are lifting! No.07 Kurt: Amy, how is it outside? No.15 Amy: Its not good! Three fixtures cannot lift! No.07 Kurt: What!? No.12 Valerie: The orbit correction continues to have no effect! The worst cas e, it will still hit Randgriz!!

No.07 Kurt: We have five minutes until launch! Amy, tell them to blow up the f ixtures using heavy weapons! No.15 Amy: Yes! Attention everyone! Please blow up the fixtures! No.32 Giulio: Did she say blow up the fixtures!? No.21 Felix: Dont aim wrong and get the body! This last minute urgency is our style! (?) No.15 Amy: Were running out of time! Five minutes until launch! No.01 Imca: Here I come! Direct shot from ____ (her weapon?) No.01 Imca: Just hit it......just like always, without any problems......ah! No.24 Annika: I have to! As long as my mind will allow me to! No.24 Annika: Fiiiiiiiiiire! No.03 Gloria: Targets not moving, as long as aimed at playing on the line! (?) No.23 Leila: Dont hit the launch pad! No.11 Alfons: Youve got it this time! Just simply do it! No.15 Amy: Success! The fixtures are off! No.12 Valerie: The launch pad has started to adjust! No.07 Kurt: Only a minute left! The countdown is starting! No.12 Valerie: Dont worry! Why is the angle is still adjusting!? No.07 Kurt: Its too late to fix it! No.07 Kurt: Amy! Send the signal to Riela! No.15 Amy: Miss Riela! Only a minute left! Please get ready! No.13 Riela: I understand! No.07 Kurt: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 No.12 Valerie: Launch pad has been fixed! Elevation 90 degrees! The line! No.07 Kurt: 3, 2, 1, fire! No.12 Valerie: Get out! The launch was successful! No.12 Valerie: Its just above us! No.07 Kurt: Riela!! No.13 Riela: Yes!

No.07 Kurt & No.13 Riela: Ahhhhhhhhh! (Take thisssssssss! ?)

October 25, 1935, the Principality of Gallia signed a truce agreement with the E mpire. Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey Crowe handled the death situation for Nameless and they completely disappeared from Gallia. Empire ___ (?) did not tell the pu blic events that disappeared due to the unexplained explosions in the ruins of t he Empire lands, but they were unable to dispose of the invasion of Nameless. S o, Kurt Irving and his comrades were ushered in the end of the war until long af ter In addition, after the conclusion of the armistice agreement, the head of the Pr incipality, Cordelia of Randgriz, revealed that she was a Darcsen. It ignited a fire of new hope in the heart of the Darcsen people Repeat of the violent conf lict in the history behind the two black troupes (?), leaving only a small part of the memory

No.07 Kurt: We did it......we made it! No.21 Felix: We did it! We achieved success! No.32 Giulio: This is great work, dudes! No.56 Deit: Even I feel this is something to be proud of......? No.15 Amy: Of course this is! No.24 Annika: We really were successful! We did it! No.12 Valerie: I enjoyed this so much I think it reduced my life (?) No.03 Gloria: This can be regarded my once in a lifetime spectacle! No.45 Serge: My eyes have been opened No.23 Leila: Actually use that stuff to dominate the world, the Palace you can see the past (?) No.11 Alfons: Yeah, to stop a crime this monstrous was so cool No.01 Imca: Well......the war has now completely ended. No.13 Riela: It was long, but short-lived. No.07 Kurt: You all did great, and this way I am finally able to issue this one last command. No.13 Riela: Last command? No.07 Kurt: Yes, this is the last command issued by the Captain to the team. No.07 Kurt: Please leave Gallia, and start a new life. No.07 Kurt: There is still frequent fighting all over the mainland No.07 Kurt: We've all lost our nationality and its not easy living in fear

No.07 Kurt: But I believe you will be able to overcome all future hardships sin ce you overcame this battle...... No.07 Kurt: One day, we can joke about the years of war No.07 Kurt: In order to see this day, I wish you all the best of the best No.07 Kurt: I will never forget the names of every one of you. No.07 Kurt: Nameless, dissolve! No.63 Carisa: Number Sixty-Three, Carisa Contzen! No.63 Carisa: (???) No.01 Imca: Number One, Imca No.01 Imca: (???) No.01 Imca: Kurt (???) No.01 Imca: (?)......(?) No.01 Imca: (???) No.13 Riela: Number Thirteen, Riela Marcellis No.13 Riela: (???) No.13 Riela: (???) No.13 Riela: (???) No.13 Riela: (???) The End

================================================================================ ========= ================================================================================ =========

DLC and CHARACTER MISSIONS Current Status: Just started, no editing done INDEX: Character Missions Mountain Offensive (Kurt Irving) Epilogue: Nameless, Gathered (?) DLC Behind the Scenes of Cardinal Borgia Escort (Calamity Raven)

No.1 Sleepless Nights (Imca) The Secret of Her Powers (Riela)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHARACTER MISSIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Mountain Offensive May 1935, North of Oizel (?), Squad 422 Camp Felix: Kurt:


2. Epilogue: Nameless, Gathered (?) Gallia (?) Felix: ...I did not expect to wear this uniform again one day. Giulio: It's not just you, like a classmate the same Valerie: This is the uniforms on our bodies in a variety of memories Annika: Although at that time the daily life was super hard, but now think of i t really memorable! Amy: I thought I would never wear these clothes, I did not expect them to still fit...... Leila: Good good, Amy you're just so cute Amy: The Captain really wants to get married with Riela Leila: Can you believe it? They gradually got together Annika: Yeah! I thought so too Gloria: Kurt was also a lot of it? (were also less well?) Serge: Well, that's because Captain very striking Valerie: The way those words came out of your mouth felt kind of weird!

Amy: I was really shocked when I received the invitation Alfons: Investigating into your home, really tired me badly? (?) Felix: Because we all have fled Gallia all investigation clearly far from easy Alfons: Hey, because it is the Captain's command, so we can't defy it? Giulio: I'm the chef today, you're going to look forward to it! Felix: Are you still doing the chef's work. Alfons: Good, I really missed the eating on the battlefield to your cooking, ta ste it was super delicious! Felix: You......seem to have gained weight? Giulio: So let Alfons have a good serving of my special military food Alfons: Life in the military has let me keep this kind of shape, what is this? (this degree of what?) Clarissa: Long time no see everyone, thank you so much at that time Felix: Did you meet again with him? Clarissa: Well, now care for their children at home Felix: A child......? In other words...... Clarissa: Well, we are faster than today newlyweds step......we have children Felix: Well alright! Congratulations to you! Alfons: What a flashbang, I would also like to once again and have this kind of love Felix: ...Really nice, I regarded as family companions now have their own famili es...... Clarissa: Oh, Felix are you also considering establishing a family? Clarissa: You will certainly be a good father! Leila: You look really happy, Clarissa Clarissa: Well, the child is very cute Leila: Not your husband not complacent, do you need me to educate him? Clarissa:'s okay, isn't educating the husband his wife's job? Leila: Ah, this is really difficult to deal with (Oh, this is horrible) Leila: Alfons! Do not walk around here!

Alfons: Surely, if I do not, then will you be very lonely now? Leila: If you do not, then my whip won't be lonely! <crack!> Alfons: Oh! I really miss that feeling Alfons: My tears have flowed out, are you still educating useless men? Leila: Well, anyway, there's a man everywhere, so I will not be bored Alfons: If it is a small country, you will achieve your absolute dream of being a Queen right? Leila: I look down upon that kind of small country! My goal is the entire cont inent! The whole world! Alfons: So I cannot lose, I'm going to start calling myself Gallia's Phoenix instea d of Gallia's Falcon Leila: You actually dare such things like this! You need education! <crack!> Alfons: Augh!? Felix: Same old thing...... Giulio: Well, it's worth cherishing the memory of the scene Imari: Ah, Riela......finally usher in the day (finally came to this God) Elliot: You are really not masculine enough, Kurt is so good, you will have a g ood blessing both of them Imari: My sincerest blessing to Riela if she wishes to take a new life. Imari: Although, I admit Kurt is a very outstanding man......but ranked second compared to me Elliot: Do you really dare say that, Kurt is definitely ranked behind me, no ma tter who you ask they will say so Imari: In that case, we should let the girls determine who's ranked under who bet ween the two of us Elliot: Alright! Maybe there will also be a new encounter Elliot: Hello Fredrika, you're very beautiful Gisele: Compared to this, Kurt is really cold (cool) Imari: Kurt what did he do? Gisele: I rarely prepared for him a lot of programs, the results still could no t be staged......

Elliot: Head of preparation programs, is it...... Gisele: If the wedding scene was surrounded by fire, the newlyweds could perfor m a miraculous escape show...... Imari: We don't need a miracle (spectacle?)! As long as the ordinary celebration is just ordinary Gisele: Well, why did you happen to come to me? Do you want to replace newly m arried couples to perform escape shows? Elliot: No, nothing happened! Ha ha ha Carisa: With your contacts, then what would be the benefits? (if you do, then w hat will be the benefits?) Imari: You can put it really bluntly Carisa: The two of you will be paid your dues quickly, I'm the Director-General ( you both get paid their contributions, I'm here) Elliot: Ha ha ha, you really haven't changed...... Carisa: Having said that, don't you want to buy a chariot? I'll give you 70 percen t off Imari: Buy a chariot to go back for a ride Carisa: You always have some dislike the guy? (you always a few guys dislike?) Carisa: Opened gunfire killed them! (go through boom to put them to death!) Elliot: And so on and so forth, now is not the time Carisa: Oh oh......mean man but no welcome (stingy man, but will not be welcome ) Margit: Not qualified (unqualified) Elliot: Sure enough it was a big miss, I expected the reaction Imari: You seem to have been when the soldiers! (have been be a soldier) Margit: In order to get citizenship, I have been in a foreign country living wi th relatives and an adopted son. Margit: Though it's a small country, but now has been promoted to Senior Captain Elliot: You're really powerful, but also to enter the armed forces of a foreign c ountry Margit: But from experience, the war of the continent is far from over. Imari: You said you have an adopted son, what's his name then? Margit: The name is Mary ??? (Ravelli??) (I assume it's not Mary and actually rel ated to Kurt Irving somehow)

Margit: ...In fact, I intend to call her Mary ????? (see above) Elliot: Oh? Did you previously have a deep concern for Kurt? Margit: I'm just looking forward to being his Imari: I know how you feel, so far today Margit: Well, this is like necessray, such as wine in general dim feeling Frederika: Can I see why, before you do it? Elliot: Hello, Frederika Frederika: You really are the old way, but still stupidly charming Imari: Do you still seduce men? Frederika: This is my way of life, yes, but can you guys do me a favor? Elliot: I have a bad feeling about this Imari: Well, I quit (Oh, I don't do) Frederika: What, oh come on! Elliot: Sure enough, unknown forces really unexpected forces (Really was so une xpected of the nameless force force) Imari: Okay, well this woman here is untouchable for us...... Annika: Ah, I'm glad I arrived today at the venue before the sunrise! Gloria: You still got up early today, must continue to excercise it? Annika: I still fall short of being really strong! Next month I'm going to pract ice in the mountains! Gloria: This single-minded passion......I'm so envious Serge: Gloria, you're still alive and healthy Gloria: That's my line, I didn't think you'd live til today Serge: I have a desire to live, the decision must be alive today Annika: Come on brains, slightly under the challenge yourself! Serge: Well, I have no regrets living on, Kurt-like! (Well, if I would leave an y regrets alive, like Kurt!) Ada: Cedric won't come Gloria: Even Alfons cannot fully grasp his whereabouts Cedric: Who are you talking about will not come?

Ada: Cedric!? Why are you here! Cedric: If I missed it, not everyone would be in attendance together Ada: You will never escape......This time I have to arrest you! Cedric: Guilty of what? I'm a dead man in Gallia so haven't the charges have been wiped out? Cedric: Also, you now have the power to arrest someone? Ada: If it is at a scene of a crime, even if no power to arrest I can still do it Cedric: So if I don't do anything, then, it doesn't matter right? Ada: I won't let you leave my sight, Cedric, do not think you can escape this tim e Cedric: But today's the big day Captain, you have to be all smiles Ada: ...You don't say, but I will absolutely not let you escape......! Cedric: Uh oh, so you're interested in me then, then simply marry me and forget a bout it? Ada: Who would marry the worst person in all of history! Shin: Zahar, your wine glass is empty, do you want another drink Zahar: Okay, but the doctor warned me that having another would be in poor healt h! (is not good for the body!) Shin: What! I didn't know, I'm sorry! Zahar: I don't care! This is the wine of celebration! Shin: I really should not say these words at the time of jubilation......Only t o die has offered an apology! (I really should not be in the celebration for th e remark......only dead apology!) Zahar: Are you drunk? You raise a slightly good point Valerie: Let others get upset (slightly good point?), it's not like Zahar to say this Shin: Even though I'm not a drinker, but on this wedding day, I still cannot drin k...... Zahar: Really can't let it go, it is not Valerie: I didn't expect that Zahar would excercise restraint, is it that the pai rs of life there is very fond memories? (are still unwilling to place in life?) Zahar: I saw the kingdom prior to the Renaissance, I cannot die! Zahar: i will not lose to this Jaeger guy!

Shin: I truly admire you! Zahar! (complete guess) Valerie: Very good, these lines will be included in the history books after you die Amy: Deit! Over here! It's wonderful......I thought you wouldn't come Deit: I originally intended not to, but if I didn't, then I might've regretted it. Deit: By the way, Amy, is your father okay? Amy: Ever since I left Gallia, I never went back, but I haven't received a reply. ..... Deit: Is that now you're a person in life? Amy: I'm now the manager of a hostel Deit: That work is really suitable for your personality Amy: There's still some empty rooms, if you want, you could...... Deit: I understand your kindness, but you don't have to worry about me. Amy: Well......If you ever run into difficulties, be sure to contact me Deit: Ah, that would be fine. (I'll agree with you on this?) Deit: Valerie, are you also continuing to do your research? Valerie: Well, I'm still doing it. I didn't go back to the university, their infor mation needs reorganizing. Valerie: However, even with some help from friends in the same study, we have s till barely made progress! Deit: For example......research on the Darcsen Calamity? Valerie: Did you know Princess Cordelia is actually a Darcsen? Deit: You're saying the truth was hidden on this? Amy: Well, is that it is distorted by the Randgriz family history. Valerie: Princess Cordelia declared to promote the faster advances for the Darc sen people in human history Valerie: The world may have to change Deit: Then......could I possibly assist you on your research? Valerie: You? Deit: After the war, I haen't been able to find my life's goals Deit: If I can at least do something...... Valerie: Ah yes!

Deit: Oh......? Valerie: To research the history of the Darcsen people, of course, quires the s trength of a Darcsen person Valerie: Open a new page (chapter) in the history books with me! Deit: ...Thank you Group Photo Felix: Oh, finally the moment has come! Gisele: Ha ha ha...... Giulio: C'mon, let us all take a photo! Leila: Good! Then self-centered, fully stand up! Annika: Okay, so I'm standing here! Shin: I'll stand in the back Zahar: I'll drape an arm over your shoulder! Gloria: Ah the drunks are all together! Margit, Imari, come on! Imari: Rielaaaaa! Margit: Kurtttttt! Valerie: Of course the start of the wedding ceremon is like this, ah...... Deit: I sense trouble......

Amy: I'll stand in front Cedric: Then I'll stand in front of point Ada: Such a big man can't stand in front! Stand next to me! Frederika: Elliot, won't you take my arm? Elliot: Though I theoretically don't refuse any woman, for you, I have to think a bout it Carisa: Then come and hold mine? Elliot: ...Well, how much will you charge me? Clarissa: It seems that we can't focus with all this mess Serge: When Kurt indicates to us, we only have a brief moment to be able to d o things Alfons: There's no time! I'm going to take it! 1, 2! <flash!>

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DLC MISSIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Behind the Scenes of Cardinal Borgia Escort ...


2. No.1 is Restless August 1935, near Oizel (?) Kurt: From now on, our strategic objects are to switch to attacking targets out side of the mine. Leila: So what do you want to attack? Not all of the North is covered with min es Gloria: The port of the Imperial Army is heavily guarded, we can't attack it Kurt: We're going to attack the D-something(it has a name?) Empire Communication Base. Serge: Communication base? Alfons: I had found it earlier, on the mountain there's a military communications relay point Kurt: Although it's only a small stronghold, but down here also on the Imperial A rmy's communications systems to prejudice (?) Carisa: Then we go to attack just not right (did not fit), just not attractive (just not interesting) Gloria: Yeah, we will be noticable, the D-something Moutanins are covered by sn ow throughout the entire year Imca: Snow...... Kurt: How, Imca? You look a bit wrong Imca: It's......nothing

Bedroom Imca: ...Hm Imca: Troop luggage only you (only they) extra blankets Imca: So must be cold Imca: ...! Outside Bedroom Imca: ...There aren't any extra Imca: Blankets...... Imca: Find me hot......cruel Imca: ......summer Imca: Ah...... (?) Imca: ...what should I do? Kurt: Are you looking for blankets? Imca: ...! Kurt: You'll be cold with only your own body, here Kurt: Take this. Imca: Ah...... Kurt: Imca, this is the blanket you gave me on the day of the All Spirits' Festiv al Kurt: Take it back for the snow-capped mountains and then get it back to me Imca: ...I cannot. Kurt: If you have a cold that's not good, so I decided to put this show you are u sing (how you the uses) Imca: Uh...... Kurt: You can, right? (can it?) Imca: ...Well I guess Imca: ... Kurt: Imca, I heard you've always been living a vagabond life, then why are you s o cold? Imca: ...

Kurt: Ah, the person once claiming to be homeless, tell me, is that person also afraid of the cold? Imca: ...A man wandered was because his village was destroyed. Imca: And then he lived in the Darcsen peoples' colony in Empire. Imca: But, the colony was very poor, in addition to the outside of the roof and walls, would have no place to shelter from the wind and rain. Imca: And the Empire forced hard labor in the mines Imca: Accompany living together, only those who didn't died due to exhaustion are n't dead Kurt: I have heard of the Empire's oppression against the Darcsen people...... Imca: Stayed there, do not know when it will become one of the souls...... Imca: So the man escaped from the village, and began a nomadic life Imca: In the patch of fertile land, he learned a lot of knowledge Imca: through excercise can also be out hunting self-sufficiently Kurt: And that man is now called Imca Imca: Wanderers are only afraid of one thing Imca: And that is the cold. Imca: When winter came, executed stylishly against continued to rain. Imca: Heavy rain, wet to dry wood, and fire cannot be born. Imca: Endured wind and rain, but did not have fire, cannot stand the cold Imca: Shortly after, the rain slowly turned into snow Imca: Saw the world into a white, scared of the hoemless and fled (saw into a v ast expanse of the world, are afraid of homeless escaped) Kurt: With no destination to escape to Imca: To the South, go straight towards the South lost Imca: unknowngly found crossing the border to the Gallian side. Imca: Escaped the snow and cold, but the sudden onset of fever fell. Imca: I once believed that I would die here...... Imca: but the last one to save (but in the end was a person to save) Kurt: This is how you came to experience Gallia and your reason for hating snow Imca: ... Imca: Sorry, borrow blanket

Kurt: Imca Imca: Ah Kurt: Troubled times whenever you can come to talk to me Imca: ...Well I guess so Imca: (?) (I don't beleive this was fully translated...) Kurt's Room Night/Snow <knock> Kurt: Who is it? Imca: Sorry Kurt: Imca? Why're you up so late? Imca: I also put......blankets you (me to you......blankets also) Kurt: Why? Imca: Because you may feel cold at night Number Seven Kurt: It doesn't matter Imca, your own take to use Imca: It's not for me and I cannot let you fall sick Kurt: Imca...... Imca:'s only a blanket anyway or sleep Kurt: Yeah...... Kurt: I know, I'll think of a way to make sure that both of us can sleep well Imca: Oh...... Kurt: Imca, to the side (to the side to) Imca: ...? <sounds> Kurt: How's that? Imca: ... Kurt: Hate it? Imca: Do not......hate Kurt: Yeah......more so than a person sleep warmer and more Imca: Yeah, it seems that way Imca: ...

Kurt: How's that? Imca: So that......your words will not be too narrow? (?) Kurt: No probblem Kurt: Anyway, could not sleep, just try it? Imca: ... Kurt: Even if just a little, but it is much better for a person to sleep much w armer Imca: Ah......Well......I'm not cold Kurt: Goodnight, Imca Imca: ...Goodnight Early Morning Kurt: Ah......Imca? Kurt: She must have got up and left Snow Mountain Kurt: Oh you're here Kurt: Good morning, Imca, how are you? Imca: long Imca: As the body......doesn't feel......the cold Kurt: Yes Kurt: But, we do not want to stay here another night, so let's get this task comp leted and get back Imca: When do we start? (I'm ready?)......! Kurt: Everyone, the operation has begun! Kurt: Target the enemy's communications base! Imca: It is a small-scale base, killing the enemy should be very simple Kurt: Speed down to the base, go Imca: I don't want to stay here for another minute!

Battle Begins Name: _________

Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop:

n/a Defeat the Two Ragnite Targets (S Rank: 3?) Imca must join ? ? ?

Battle Victory

Annika: Easy victory! Imca: Coming down here has been useless (has no use here) Carisa: And so on, our troops is not a material has been less than what? Carisa: Anyway, also have helped myself to the stockpile of the base? Carisa: (Yipee! ???) Imca: There's no time! Gloria: But, Carisa said yes (?) Serge: Although it was a very small base, but just a war did not spread to the warehouse stockpile Annika: Go and get some things that we need! Imca: Uh...... Kurt: Indeed, we do need supplies Imca: Down the mountain...... Kurt: Tomorrow during the day, and then down the mountain, if we go down the mo untain at night there is a danger of falling. Imca: ... Kurt: Do not worry, here the warehouse of the cold with you to use it on their own (cold-proof your own warehouse here) Imca: That's not the problem I'm referring to...... Kurt's Room Night/Snow Kurt: In the enemy's supplies there are a large number of blankets, in this case Imca will not feel cold <knock knock> Kurt: Ah? Who is it? Imca: Sorry to disturb you Kurt: What, was the blanket not enough?

Imca: Even if wrapped in blankets I can't sleep Kurt: ...Oh? Imca: It's all your fault Kurt: What did I do wrong...... Imca: I don't want to fight the fatigue (I dont want to leave the combat fatigue) <sounds> Kurt: ...Hello? (relation?) imca: I......does not matter (I have no relationship?) Kurt: Why doesn't it......matter (No what is the relationship......between?) Imca: Ah......not......cold Kurt: Well, it's alright...... Imca: ...snore Kurt: But just said it was my fault, what does this mean? Imca: snore...... Kurt: You're asleep? So that's no solution Next Morning Kurt: ...snore Imca: ...He's not awake yet Imca: ...I have to leave before you wake up Snow Mountains Imca: ...!? Riela: I saw that (I can't watch this?) Imca: Oh......ah!? Kurt's Room Kurt: Imca already awake......? Mountains Kurt: What's this......? Riela: Don't run away Imca! What were you doing last night!

Imca: I didn't do anything! Riela: What did you do to Kurt! (Then Kurt must have done something! ?) imca: We didn't do anything! Riela: Then why are you running away! Imca: Just because it's too cold not to excercise the body, there's no other reason ! Riela: Okay keep running! Bu you have to give me a good explanation! Don't run a way from me! Imca: Uwaa! I can't get away! Kurt: ...An early start became the subject of intense excercise (Today's excercise sure is intense)


3. The Secret of Her Powers September 1935, in the Outskirts of Aslone No.13 Riela: The decisive battle of Naggiar Plains is about to begin. No.07 Kurt: Before that, we have to go to Gallardo Central (?) No.07 Kurt: To combat the meeting time (operational meetings), come on Riela. No.13 Riela Yes! No.24 Annika: Serge, see it saw it? No.45 Serge: Well, just like the captain and assistant captain of the team..... .oh no, I feel it is not just the relationship No.24 Annika: Have been recently stuck (glued) together, the two men No.45 Serge: It seemed to happen during the All Spirits Feast Day No.45 Serge: Although before that their relationship well before that No.24 Annika: I thought it was Riea's unrequited love No.45 Serge: Annika, weshould also go quickly to the command post No.24 Annika: Well then! Let's go! No.45 Serge: Oh Annika, you need not be so anxious...... No.01 Imca: ...

No.01 Imca: ...Completely take with them not speak the same language (Exactly th ey put not on words) Operational Meetings No.07 Kurt: In order to prevent the Central Imperial Army's aggression, we must t ake the stronghold No.63 Carisa: Aslone, as if here the Imperial Army also want to place a logisti cs center, as the Gallardo is a good city. No.63 Carisa: Gallia something? (combine with above) No.13 Riela: Captain Kurt, we'll want to hurry to reach Aslone No.24 Annika: There seems yet to be an occupation by the Imperial Army, and by us to protect it! No.45 Serge: What is the combat effectiveness of Aslone's runner-up defense? No.07 Kurt: Now main power is concentrated on the plains of Baggiar, so the def ense should be very weak. No.45 Serge: can not be points of troops over what? (can't force it?)

No.63 Carisa: The opinionated guys in the army No.63 Carisa: always have been a straight temper. No.13 Riela: If this is the case of the armed forces, let compare the us to pro tect free Aslone! (if this army, let more freedom we protect athlone!) No.07 Kurt: Like Riela just said, ladies and gentlemen, start your preparations Cafeteria No.63 Carisa: And finally dinner, after opened the operational meetings stomach s are hungry No.63 Carisa: Canned this unplatable if not hungry, is hard to swallow (ths ut lbe canned stomach empty, then it is difficult to swallow) No.45 Serge: Better than fasting combat to be better (much better than open com bat) No.03 Gloria: Riela is very versed in this kind of thing, yo No.24 Annika: And what does that mean? Master No.03 Gloria: Quick, look No.13 Riela: Kurt and I had a good meal! No.07 Kurt: Riela, now the information I have is not remembered No.13 Riela: Oh no! If Kurt falls to malnutrition, we're in big trouble!

No.07 Kurt: ...Well, I know, I will eat, just so you have a peace of mind, right ? No.13 Riela: There are sandwiches, I'll feed you No.63 Carisa: Oh, this is not No.45 Serge: What to say...... (how to say it) No.24 Annika: Ooh...... No.07 Kurt: ...Huh? Everyone, what's wrong? No.63 Carisa: Incredibly too hot No.07 Kurt: Hot? Riela, is the sandwich hot? No.13 Riela: It was, but because you didn't eat it, it got cold No.07 Kurt:'s really delicious No.63 Carisa: I was unware (do not know?)......Those two are completely oblivio us to their surroundings No.45 Serge: They're ignoring us in here to be very much in love (actually ignore our affectionate here) No.24 Annika: That is what is called an ordinary mind (so-called sense of balan ce) No.03 Gloria: Just the same thing as a couple...... Bedroom (Barracks?) at Night No.13 Riela: Ahh...... (yawn) No.03 Gloria: Have you been to accompany with the Captain until now? No.13 Riela: To prepare for Aslone's introduction of combat, no way......Yawn No.03 Gloria: You are a strong child, but not too hard No.13 Riela: Yawn...... No.13 Riela: Huh? Ah? I forgot my dagger in Kurt's room! No.03 Gloria: You can go get your dagger tomorrow, you should sleep now No.13 RIela: No, it's not just that! Because that was my lucky charm! No.03 Gloria: If you say so, I found that you always carry a dagger No.03 Gloria: have you done assassination work? No.13 Riela: How can I do that kind of short, I will go get the da gger back! No.03 Gloria: The dagger of this child......seems to be very old

No.03 Gloria: Although that is indeed fighting supplies No.03 Gloria: But she did not look like the child suitable for wearing such a t hing...... Clinic No.46 Clarissa: It doesn't......seem to be a fever No.13 Riela: Well, my physical condition looks very good No.46 Clarissa: Do not take this lightly Riela, your body imposes a burden heav ier than everyone else No.46 Clarissa: And, you also have to worry about the Captain No.13 Riela: Well, that has to worry about (that had to worry about) No.46 Clarissa: Well No.07 Kurt: ... No.07 Kurt: Riela No.13 Riela: Oh? What? No.07 Kurt: ...Really the case No.13 Riela: Huh? What thing? No.07 Kurt: Remember when we first met, I was behind you and called to you, and you turned suddenly and held knife against me No.07 Kurt: I would like to now if there is such, so I just tried it again. No.13 Riela: Because at that time No.13 Riela: I felt like if you didn't protect yourself you'd be dead No.46 Clarissa: You first met the kind of thing, and now looks completely unthi nkable (do you meet for the first time or things like that, now looks completely unthinkable) No.13 Riela: At that time, I was very uncomfortable feeling around the companio n away from me far, far away...... No.13 Riela: But now is not the same, I suddenly stood behind who do not feel s o panic. No.07 Kurt: Really the case No.07 Kurt: Last night messed up and dropped you forget this dagger, something that is very important? No.13 Riela: Yeah No.13 Riela: This is a relic from my Grandpa who has been dead for a long time No.13 Riela: My mother said this would bless me

No.13 Riela: if I alwas had this close at hand No.13 Riela: I call it the dagger charm No.07 Kurt: Your lucky charm......perhaps gone through 5 the troops are to prot ect your things (perhaps experieincing the 5 forces fight to protect your things ) No.07 Kurt: although this argument does not (although this is not in accordance ) No.13 Riela: ...Maybe No.13 Riela: Based on, is there......really (according to some yo......really) No.07 Kurt: Oh, may I take a look at the dagger? No.13 Riela: But, would like to use it here? No.07 Kurt: an old artifact, you really maintained it well. No.07 Kurt: OK props should be used (Good props should be so used) No.46 Clarissa: An apple? No.07 Kurt: Yes, to eat this delicous apple, you'll need a dagger No.07 Kurt: But if that's all peeled, it's too boring, so I will not allow the skin to cut off cut finished No.07 Kurt: I want to break your own records...... No.07 Kurt: it is very interesting No.46 Clarissa: Good (bad), do not cut off the skin......Captain you are really clever No.07 Kurt: It's not because I'm clever, if it has been challenged, and records wil l naturally have to be updated one day. No.07 Kurt: Well......Let's get started...... No.46 Clarissa: The really like a little child No.13 Riela: Real accidents, actually like a small child, Kurt is also No.07 Kurt: And, it is importan to cut the skin very carefully No.13 Riela: Really hard (really very powerful) No.07 Kurt: Although the dagger is a dangerous device, but sometimes also quite convenient. No.07 Kurt: Listen, Riela, as with your strength, there are different ways of u sing it No.13 Riela: Turned out to be the case? No.07 Kurt: I firmly believe that it is

No.13 Riela: Well......then, I will also believe it No.07 Kurt: I cut the apple and ate it. No.07 Kurt: Apples are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber is very nutritious fo r the body. No.13 Riela: Thank you, Kurt No.46 Clarissa: I have looks like a light bulb, I...... (flash???) Outskirts of Aslone No.13 Riela: And through this forest, to Aslone No.12 Valerie: In fact, the investigation by one person is enough, don't you want to go stay with Kurt? No.13 Riela: Hmm, in fact, Kurt did agree with me! No.13 Riela: After the battle is over, we can achieve this convention! (convent ion must mean something else...) No.12 Valerie: Ah, the convention is such a thing? No.13 Riela: That's confidential for the time being, well, first let's go and scout Aslone! Aslone No.13 Riela: Aslone doesn't seem to have anything in the city No.12 Valerie: So let's report back to the Captain and tell him we can be safely stationed in Aslone No.13 Riela: Wait! That is......! Imperial Commander: Ha ha ha! Suppressed so simple! Imperial Soldier: Here the defense is only self-defense (volunteer) Gallian gro ups, but it's too easy Imperial Commander: The only resistance here is only self-defense groups and or dinary people, their combat power is weak No.13 Riela: Found......the Imperial Army No.12 Valerie: If we go just forward a'll be bad No.13 Riela: Let's report back quickly...... No.12 Valerie: And so on, before we go back we must be clear only after the sca le of the combat capabilities No.13 Riela: If we stay here for a long time we'll be in jeopardy No.12 Valerie: But, give me a little time......

No.13 Riela: Valerie, watch your step......! No.12 Valerie: What? <snap!> Imperial Soldier: Huh? Who's there? No.12 Valerie: I stepped in a puddle!? We're finished! Imperial Soldier: It's the enemy! No.13 Riela: Run! No.12 Valerie: I'm sorry......!! Imperial Soldier: They're Gallian scouts! No.12 Valerie: Ahh!! No.13 Riela: Valerie! No.12 Valerie: It's okay, I just got hit in the arm! Escape quickly......! No.13 Riela: Are you ok? Can you go? No.12 Valerie: Yeah......! No.13 Riela: Valerie, hurry up! No.12 Valerie: We're pretty much dead if they catch up! You're your own person you must run for your life! No.13 Riela: Don't give up! Hurry up! No.12 Valerie: In this case, you can also not escape! Forget me and run for yo ur life! No.13 Riela: ... No.13 Riela: doesn't matter! I'll stop the enemy here, you quickly must go bac k to contact the troops No.12 Valerie: Don't be silly! You obviously didn't bring your gun and shield! No.13 Riela: The enemy is here! Hurry up! Or both of us won't escape! No.12 Valerie: Riela...... No.12 Valerie: I know, I will definitely come back to save you! You must be sa fe......! No.13 Riela: Well! Go! No.12 Valerie: Ah......! No.13 Riela: ...Okay

No.13 Riela: Not my voluntary use of this power, but I can do it......! <takes out dagger> No.13 Riela: Well!! No.13 Riela:'s on! No.13 Riela: And valkyrie gun and shield, like the feeling that my dagger with the same material...... No.13 Riela: Thank you, grandfather left me things reall y protecting me up to now No.13 Riela: I can survive is also thanks to this dagger No.13 Riela: Although the feeling is not the same with the power to use a gun a nd shield......but I can do it! Imperial Commander: I found her! Shoot! No.13 Riela: See this......! This is the case! No.13 Riela: I'll allow you to experience it! Imperial Soldier: Ah, you can't hit her!? No.13 Riela: Have a taste of this! Imperial Soldier: Wow ah! Imperial Commander: What are you! Your enemy is not only me! (?) Imperial Soldier: But! There seems to be something wrong with the enemy! No.13 Riela: Adhere to it should be no problem......Valerie, come on! Squad 422 No.07 Kurt: You said Riela is still in Aslone city!? No.12 Valerie: Riela stayed so that I could escape......! Hurry back and save her, Captain! No.07 Kurt: You! Now proceed to raid Aslone city! Go!!

Battle Begins Name: Grade: Objectives: Special: Limits: Ace: Drop: _________ n/a Defeat the Two Ragnite Targets (S Rank: 3) Riela must join ? ? ?

Battle Victory

No.07 Kurt: We wiped out the Imperial Army, and defended Aslone City No.13 Riela: Good......if you didn't arrive, I don't know how long I could've lasted No.07 Kurt: ...Riela No.13 Riela: Yes!? No.07 Kurt: Before we arrived, soething you did not do what a dangerous thing, right? No.13 Riela: Oh? Why, do you ask that? I did not do anything dangerous...... No.07 Kurt: So, then why is your forehead so hot? No.13 Riela: Oh, why, did you suddenly say that so dryly!? No.07 Kurt: Even playing a sport doesn't produce so much heat......did you use th at power? No.13 Riela: ...Well No.07 Kurt: But, you did not carry a gun and shield, how did you lead this effo rt? No.13 Riela: Truthfully...... <tells history?> No.07 Kurt: So this is the secret of the dagger No.13 Riela: I am not deliberately hiding it from you In fact, I only just rec ently discovered it. No.13 Riela: The dagger also acts as a shield to protect me. No.13 Riela: I used without Kurt's permission, I'm sorry...... No.13 Riela: But, Kurt, at least I used my strength right? No.07 Kurt: ...Well, it was your deicision, and without it you couldn't help Valer ie. No.07 Kurt: However, the power is the heat will be a burden on your body is still unknown No.07 Kurt: So don't use that power No.13 Riela: Well, I agree. No.13 Riela: When it comes to the contract......will you abide by the conventio n? No.07 Kurt: Huh? Ah, that, well because we successfully defended Aslone, then of course

No.13 Riela: Alright! Seaside No.13 Riela: The sea! The sea! No.07 Kurt: Riela is so interested in the sea No.13 Riela: Of course, here last time, want to do is not finished No.07 Kurt: Indeed, the last time, I didn't participate in as much swimming and b each volleyball as I wanted to...... No.01 Imca: I brought the ball, come on show me why you're the so-called Lanseal main guns! No.07 Kurt: Come on! No.13 Riela: I also want to participate! I will never lose to Imca! No.07 Kurt: Ok, begin! Eat this trick too, projectile smash! <slam!> No.01 Imca: Wow!? What was that!? The trajectory of the ball flight has chang ed! No.07 Kurt: The flight of the ball is not linear like a bullet! Next! Riela! No.13 Riela: Tell me when! No.07 Kurt: Begin! <slam!> No.13 Riela: Ha!! No.01 Imca: Direct play back!? This can't be! No.13 Riela: My eyes were always staring at the ball No.01 Imca: you predicted the flight path of the ball in advance and then fought back No.01 Imca: Well I......must admit that I lost...... No.13 Riela: Imca? No.07 Kurt: Imca walked away, then does that mean Imca isn't good at long-distanc e swimming? No.13 Riela: Good! No.07 Kurt: Well, that island straight ahead is our destination! Begin to comp ete! No.13 Riela: Oh, what competition...... No.13 Riela: ...oh, you thought I was surprised by you? Not this time Kurt! Al

lowed to sneak! No.13 Riela: You must give me 50 meters! And then from there to a showdown! No.07 Kurt: Well okay then! No.13 Riela: Beach volleyball is far from swimming! I let you see experience p owerful insight winner! No.07 Kurt: Ha ha ha, really interesting (fun)! No.03 Gloria: Oh wow, they're actually hotter than the weather, and it's very hot No.45 Serge: Kurt seems to be enjoying it No.63 Carisa: That kind of atmosphere there are who can smile to be happy? No.45 Serge: You said that was Riela Island No.13 Riela: Oh, I'm so tired...... No.07 Kurt: Do you still have any left to spare? No.13 Riela: Well of course, also swim back well (because I travel back to) No.07 Kurt: Like what? When I return, I want to use the army for rescue by swi mming No.13 Riela: What is that..... No.07 Kurt: A person from holding another person behind the swimming? (a man ho lding another person behind them while they're swimming?) No.13 Riela: I would feel too embarrassed or ashmed......!! No.13 Riela: I can't swim on the line...... No.07 Kurt: I think this is good training...... No.13 Riela: Do you really intend to do his training......Then, well, you know. No.07 Kurt: No? (do not?) No.13 Riela: Yes, if the words of Kurt No.07 Kurt: ...Riela, I am very happy I could meet someone like you (met it is v ery good) No.13 Riela: Don't say that! It makes people feel sick! (the kind of people disg usting) No.07 Kurt: The first to say by Riela yo No.13 Riela: Ah......haha, I'm so sorry (this is it, sorry) Shore

No.63 Carisa: They haven't come back yet No.45 Serge: They glad to have swam to a place so far (actually glad the tour s o far to both of them very good relationship it) No.03 Gloria: My my, like I said, just like a couple......