BSAD 120

Summer 2014 1
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
BSAD 120, Summer 2014
!S"#U$"O# % $LASS &''"!(S
Instructor: David A. Jones, Ph.D. (!usiness"Pa#e$%ro&i'e.%h%(id$)1*+
,ontact: da-ones.!, /&&ice )11 0a'1in 2a''
/&&ice 2ours: B3 a%%ointment.
,'ass 4eets: 4onda3s, 5uesda3s, 6ednesda3s, ( 5hursda3s at *:00711:48 am, in 2i''s 2)4.
(OALS % OB)'$"*'S
In an increasin#'3 #'o!a'i9ed and com%etitive !usiness environment, an or#ani9ation:s %eo%'e
can !e a va'ua!'e source o& sustained com%etitive advanta#e. 5he wa3s in which %eo%'e are
mana#ed and 'ed can enhance or#ani9ationa' %er&ormance throu#h in&'uencin# em%'o3ees: wor1
attitudes, motivation, and %er&ormance7re'ated !ehaviors. ;m%'o3ee %artici%ation, autonom3 and
teamwor1 are on the rise, ma1in# 'eadershi% and or#ani9ationa' !ehavior s1i''s im%ortant &or
mana#ers and non7mana#ers a'i1e.
5his course is a!out %eo%'e in or#ani9ations, &ocusin# on how mana#ement and 'eadershi%
%ractices a&&ect the attitudes, motivation, !ehaviors, and %er&ormance o& em%'o3ees and teams.
,ourse content is derived most'3 &rom contem%orar3 theor3, research, and %ractice in the
or#ani9ationa' !ehavior and mana#ement disci%'ines. Students wi'' !e encoura#ed to use course
materia' to !e se'&7aware and mind&u' a!out how the3 'ead and interact with others, and to ado%t
an ethic o& continuous se'&7im%rovement in their 'eadershi%, teamwor1, and inter%ersona' s1i''s.
5his course is e<%erientia' and interactive. 5he ca%stone o& e<%erientia' 'earnin# occurs throu#h
students wor1in# in teams in which the3 a%%'3 course materia' &rom a'' three units to dia#nose
events in a case invo'vin# mu'ti%'e em%'o3ment re'ationshi%s in a com%'e< or#ani9ationa'
conte<t. 5eams wi'' need to %'an and coordinate to com%'ete a critica' ana'3sis o& the events in
the case in a manner that demonstrates a dee% understandin# o& course materia' and the a!i'it3 to
a%%'3 it to dia#nose em%'o3ees: reactions to events and the %ractices used !3 mana#ers and
'eaders. Students wi'' a'so !e %'aced in the ro'e o& a team 'eader, drawin# on course materia' to
in&orm decisions and %'ans to enhance the team:s a!i'it3 to achieve its o!-ectives. 5his ana'3sis is
desi#ned to &oster teamwor1, 'eadershi%, critica' thin1in#, writin#, and %resentation s1i''s.
$OU#S' $O!"'!"
Unit 1 - Employees: Jo! Per&ormance ( 6or1 Behaviors= Ps3cho'o#ica' >eeds, ;m%'o3ment
?e'ationshi%s, ( 5rust= /r#ani9ationa' ,ommitment ( 6ithdrawa'= Jo! Satis&action ( Jo!
,haracteristics= /r#ani9ationa' Justice ( Perceived @airness
Unit 2 - Teamwork: 5eam 53%es, ,om%osition, ( Diversit3= Persona'it3 ( ,u'tura' Aa'ues= 5eam
,ohesion ( >orms, Deve'o%ment, ( 4eetin# S1i''s= 5eam Processes ( Decision 4a1in#=
Active Bistenin#, ;mai', ( ,on&'ict 4ana#ement
Unit 3 - Leadership: 5raits ( ,haracteristics o& ;&&ective Beaders= Beader Behaviors, St3'es, (
Decision 4a1in#= ?eco#nition, ?ewards ( ;<%ectanc3 5heor3, ( Coa' Settin#= 5ransactiona' (
5rans&ormationa' Beadershi%= Im%'icit Beadershi% Be'ie&s ( Cender= ;thica' ,'imates (
?easonin#= ,han#e 4ana#ement= ( Sha%in# /r#ani9ationa' ,u'ture
#'+U#'D "',"
/r#ani9ationa' Behavior: Im%rovin# Per&ormance and ,ommitment in the 6or1%'ace ()
,o'Duitt, Be%ine, ( 6esson, 201). >ew Eor1, >E: 4cCraw72i''. ISB> F 00GH02*)8<
5he )
;dition is reDuired &or this course (4cCraw 2i'':s I,onnect P'usJ is >/5 reDuired or
used+. 5he ISB> num!er 'isted a!ove is &or the hardcover version o& the te<t!oo1, which is
avai'a!'e &or %urchase in the KA4 !oo1store. I& 3ou !u3 the te<t!oo1 e'sewhere, the hardcover
version o& the )
;dition is identica' to the 'oose7'ea& version in content and %a#ination. Another
o%tion is to %urchase on'3 the e7!oo1 version throu#h the 4cCraw 2i'' we!site &or 'ess than the
cost o& a %h3sica' co%3. 5he Bai'e32owe 'i!rar3 a'so has a sin#'e co%3 o& the te<t.
Individua' 5ests L0M
5eam Assi#nment 8M
5eam Presentation 10M
5eam ,ase Ana'3sis 28M
Individual Tests:
5est 1 $ 18M, 5est 2 $ 20M, and 5est ) $ 28M. 5hree or more da3s !e&ore each test a document
wi'' !e %osted on B'ac1!oard a!out the &ormat and a%%'ica!'e course content.
Team Assignment:
A team assi#nment worth 8M o& the course #rade is desi#ned to assist teams with the &ina' case
ana'3sis !3 %rovidin# &eed!ac1 on their writin# and a!i'it3 to a%%'3 course materia' to a case.
Team resentation:
A team %resentation !ased on a %ortion o& the team case ana'3sis com%rises 10M o& the &ina'
#rade. 2a'& o& this #rade is !ased on the team:s %er&ormance, and ha'& is !ased on each team
mem!er:s %resentation %er&ormance. Cradin# criteria, %resentation advice, and #uide'ines wi'' !e
%osted on Bac1!oard.
Team !ase Analysis:
A team case ana'3sis com%rises 28M o& the &ina' course #rade. A'' team mem!ers wi'' receive the
same !ase #rade, which wi'' then !e wei#hted !3 each student:s Team "em#er Evaluation $%ore
BSAD 120
Summer 2014 )
to account &or %otentia''3 di&&erent contri!utions amon# team mem!ers. At the end o& the
semester, students wi'' eva'uate the contri!utions and teamwor1 !ehavior o& a'' team mem!ers
inc'udin# themse'ves. ;ach student:s 5eam 4em!er ;va'uation Score is then com%uted as an
avera#e o& the se'&7eva'uation and those %rovided !3 a'' other team mem!ers.
5o i''ustrate, consider a team case ana'3sis %a%er that receives a #rade o& *0M. /ne team mem!er
was a 'eader o& the team and did more than his or her share o& the wor1, which is re&'ected in this
student:s 5eam 4em!er ;va'uation Score o& 108. In contrast, another student was a s'ac1er who
did 'itt'e wor1, missed severa' meetin#s, and o&ten was the source o& con&'ict, resu'tin# in this
student receivin# a 5eam 4em!er ;va'uation Score o& H0. As a resu't, &or the %a%er that received
a raw #rade o& *0M, the stron# team mem!er receives a #rade o& *4.8M and the s'ac1er receives
G2M. 5hus, it !ehooves each student to contri!ute meanin#&u''3 to the team and to maintain
%ositive wor1in# re'ationshi%s with a'' team mem!ers.
er%entage to Letter &rades:
**7100 $ AN *27*H $ A *07*1 $ A7
HH7H* $ BN H27HG $ B H07H1 $ B7
GH7G* $ ,N G27GG $ , G07G1 $ ,7
LH7L* $ DN L27LG $ D L07L1 $ D7
078* $ @
@ina' 'etter #rades are determined !3 a%%'3in# the a!ove %ercenta#e7to7'etter conversions and
usin# norma' roundin# ru'es, ca'cu'ated to two decima' %'aces (e.#., an H*.4* is a BN and an
H*.80 is an A7+. /ut o& &airness to a'' students, the same conversion ru'es wi'' !e a%%'ied to a''
students and no e<ce%tions wi'' !e made.
5o do we'' in this course students must attend c'ass re#u'ar'3. Attendance is rewarded in severa'
wa3s: students wi'' o!tain a dee%er understandin# o& the materia', the instructor wi'' o&ten
e<%'ain in c'ass what materia' wi'' and wi'' not !e tested, and a'' c'asses wi'' inc'ude testa!'e
materia' that is not %resented in the te<t!oo1. In the event o& a 'e#itimate a!sence, students are
encoura#ed to come to o&&ice hours to receive the same test7re'ated ti%s as the rest o& the c'ass.
Be#itimate a!sences are 'imited to medica' reasons that are accom%anied !3 a%%ro%riate
documentation and, i& discussed with the instructor in advance, ath'etic o!'i#ations, re'i#ious
ho'ida3s, and career o%%ortunities.
'eligious (olidays: Students have the ri#ht to %ractice the re'i#ion o& their choice. ;ach
semester students shou'd su!mit in writin# to their instructors !3 the end o& the second &u''
wee1 o& c'asses their documented re'i#ious ho'ida3 schedu'e &or the semester. @acu't3 must
%ermit students who miss wor1 &or the %ur%ose o& re'i#ious o!servance to ma1e u% this wor1.
Athleti% )#ligations: Students %artici%atin# in inter7co''e#iate ath'etics shou'd %'an their
schedu'es with s%ecia' care, reco#ni9in# the %rimar3 im%ortance o& a'' o& their Kniversit3
academic res%onsi!i'ities. ;ach semester, mem!ers o& KA4 varsit3 and -unior varsit3 teams
are res%onsi!'e &or documentin# in writin# an3 con&'icts !etween their %'anned ath'etic
schedu'e and the c'ass schedu'e to their instructors !3 the end o& the second &u'' wee1 o&
c'asses. Students and instructors shou'd then discuss %otentia' con&'icts !etween course
reDuirements and interco''e#iate com%etitions. 6hen an unavoida!'e con&'ict e<ists, the
student and instructor shou'd see1 a reso'ution, which %ermits the student to address the
course reDuirement and %artici%ate in the ath'etic com%etition. 5he instructor has &ina'
authorit3 on this matter.
!areer )pportunities: Students who must schedu'e -o! interviews and other career re'ated
o%%ortunities durin# c'ass time shou'd in&orm the instructor in advance in order &or the
a!sence to !e considered 'e#itimate.
;ach student is e<%ected to 1now the KA4 %o'icies re#ardin# Student ?i#hts and
?es%onsi!i'ities. In&ormation on a'' Kniversit3 %o'icies can !e &ound at'icies.
"'A$-!( .-LOSO.-Y
In this course, 3ou are e<%ected to !e an active %artici%ant in the 'earnin# %rocess. 5his means
that 3ou ta1e res%onsi!i'it3 &or 3our 'earnin#. Part o& !ein# an active 'earner is to see1 he'% a!out
conce%ts with which 3ou are havin# trou!'e: Do not hesitate to emai' me, come to o&&ice hours,
and to use 3our c'assmates as a 'earnin# resource.
In the c'assroom, a'thou#h I wi'' review man3 1e3 conce%ts &rom the te<t!oo1, I do not mere'3
reiterate te<t!oo1 content and other course materia' wi'' !e %resented in each c'ass. In the
c'assroom, I aim to 'in1 theor3 and research to the actua' %ractices in or#ani9ationa' settin#s.
5his is accom%'ished throu#h 'in1in# the materia' to events in rea' or#ani9ations, students: own
e<%eriences, the shared e<%eriences o& other c'assmates, and m3 e<%eriences wor1in# in teams
and or#ani9ations. ;<%erienced7!ased 'earnin# wi'' occur throu#h #rou% discussions o& conce%ts,
&aci'itated re&'ection, in7c'ass e<ercises, cases, and team7!ased assi#nments.
43 overa'' aim as an instructor is to %ush 3ou to 'earn and achieve more than 3ou mi#ht on 3our
own. I am not -ust a disseminator o& in&ormation= I am a coach and &aci'itator o& 3our 'earnin#
and deve'o%ment as a &uture !usiness 'eader, and as a %erson. @ormer students sa3 that this
course is not an eas3 one and that it reDuires hard wor1 to achieve a stron# #rade. 5he #ood news
is that most students sa3 the3 &ind the course en-o3a!'e, rewardin#, and a%%'ica!'e to their wor1
and non7wor1 'ives.
A$AD'&$ -O!'S"Y
5he %rinci%a' o!-ective o& the %o'ic3 on academic honest3 is to %romote an inte''ectua' c'imate
and su%%ort the academic inte#rit3 o& the Kniversit3 o& Aermont. Academic dishonest3 or an
o&&ense a#ainst academic honest3 inc'udes acts that ma3 su!vert or com%romise the inte#rit3 o&
the educationa' %rocess. Such acts are serious o&&enses that insu't the inte#rit3 o& the entire
academic communit3.
/&&enses a#ainst academic honest3 are an3 acts that wou'd have the e&&ect o& un&air'3 %romotin#
or enhancin# oneOs academic standin# within the entire communit3 o& 'earners which inc'udes,
BSAD 120
Summer 2014 8
!ut is not 'imited to, the &acu't3 and students o& the Kniversit3 o& Aermont. Academic dishonest3
inc'udes 1nowin#'3 %ermittin# or assistin# an3 %erson in the committin# o& an act o& academic
5he academic honest3 %o'ic3 distin#uishes !etween minor and ma-or o&&enses. /&&enses %ure'3
technica' in nature or in which the instructor does not %erceive intent to achieve advanta#e are
deemed minor and hand'ed !3 the instructor. 4a-or o&&enses are those in which intent to achieve
academic advanta#e is %erceived. A &u'' statement o& the %o'ic3 can !e &ound in the ,atOs 5a'e.
;ach student is res%onsi!'e &or 1nowin# and o!servin# this %o'ic3.
Assi#nments %'a#iari9ed in who'e or in %art &rom the Internet or %u!'ished sources automatica''3
receive a #rade o& 0. P'a#iarism inc'udes (a+ the ver!atim co%3 o& %ara#ra%hs, sentences, and
%arts o& sentences, and (!+ the use o& ideas without #ivin# due credit (i.e., without citin# and
re&erencin# the source o& the idea+. I& 3ou have Duestions a!out what does and does not constitute
%'a#iarism, %'ease as1.
$LASS#OO& $OD' O/ $O!DU$"
@acu't3 and students wi'' at a'' times conduct themse'ves in a manner that serves to maintain,
%romote, and enhance the hi#h Dua'it3 academic environment !e&ittin# the Kniversit3 o&
Aermont. 5o this end, it is e<%ected that a'' mem!ers o& the 'earnin# communit3 wi'' adhere to
the &o''owin# #uide'ines:
• @acu't3 and students wi'' attend a'' re#u'ar'3 schedu'ed c'asses, e<ce%t &or those occasions
warrantin# an e<cused a!sence under the %o'ic3 detai'ed in the cata'o#ue (e.#., re'i#ious,
ath'etic, medica'+.
• Students and &acu't3 wi'' arrive %re%ared &or c'ass and on time, and the3 wi'' remain in c'ass
unti' the c'ass is dismissed.
• @acu't3 and students wi'' treat a'' mem!ers o& the 'earnin# communit3 with res%ect. 5oward
this end, the3 wi'' %romote academic discourse and the &ree e<chan#e o& ideas !3 'istenin#
with civi' attention to the comments made !3 a'' individua's.
• Students and &acu't3 wi'' maintain an a%%ro%riate academic c'imate !3 re&rainin# &rom a''
actions that disru%t the 'earnin# environment (e.#., ma1in# noise, ostentatious'3 not %a3in#
attention, and 'eavin# and reenterin# the c'assroom ina%%ro%riate'3+.
Date Da0 "opi1 #eadings
4on ,ourse Introduction
;m%'o3ees 1: Introduction to /B ,h%t. 1
5ues ;m%'o3ees 2: Jo! Per&ormance ( 6or1 Behaviors
;m%'o3ees ): Ps3cho'o#ica' >eeds, ;m%'o3ment
?e'ationshi%s, ( 5rust
,h%t. 2
%. G*7H0, 202720G,
6ed ;m%'o3ees 4: /r#ani9ationa' ,ommitment ( 6ithdrawa'
;m%'o3ees 8: Jo! Satis&action ( Jo! ,haracteristics
,h%t. )
,h%t. 4
5hurs ;m%'o3ees L: /r#ani9ationa' Justice ( Perceived @airness %. 1GL71H0, 20G721)
4on Test 1
5eamwor1 1: 5eam 53%es, ,om%osition, ( Diversit3 ,h%t. 11
5ues 5eamwor1 2: Persona'it3 ( ,u'tura' Aa'ues
Team Assignment due by 8:00 pm
,h%t. *
6ed 5eamwor1 ): 5eam ,ohesion ( >orms, Deve'o%ment, (
4eetin# S1i''s
5eamwor1 4: 5eam Processes ( Decision 4a1in#
,h%t. 12
5hurs 5eamwor1 8: Active Bistenin#, ;mai', ( ,on&'ict
%. )*0, )*2, 4)074)2
4on Test 2
Beadershi% 1: 5raits ( ,haracteristics o& ;&&ective Beaders ,h%t. 14, %. )1H7)22
Ju'3 1 5ues Beadershi% 2: Beader Behaviors, St3'es, ( Decision
Beadershi% ): ?eco#nition, ?ewards ( ;<%ectanc3 5heor3,
( Coa' Settin#
%. 48)748G
,h%t. L
Ju'3 2 6ed Beadershi% ): ,ontinued
Beadershi% 4: 5ransactiona' ( 5rans&ormationa'
Ju'3 ) 5hurs Beadershi% 8: Im%'icit Beadershi% Be'ie&s ( Cender
Beadershi% L: ;thica' ,'imates ( ?easonin# %. 21)7220
Ju'3 4 @ri
No Class: Case Analysis Paper due by 8:00 pm
Ju'3 G 4on Beadershi% G: ,han#e 4ana#ement
Beadershi% H: Sha%in# /r#ani9ationa' ,u'ture ,h%t. 1L
Ju'3 H 5ues Beadershi% H: ,ontinued
Team Presentations
Ju'3 * 6ed Test 3
Ju'3 10 5hurs >o ,'ass

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