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By Brother Andrew
with John and Elizabeth Sherrill
First Published in 1967
Over 10 illion !o"ies
in thirty#$ive lan%ua%es
Preface 4
One Smoke and Bread Crusts 6
Two The e!!o" Stra" #at $%
'hree The Pe&&!e 'n the She!! (4
Four One Storm) *'+ht (%
Five The Ste, of es 4-
Si( The Game of the Ro)a! .a) 6/
Seven Beh'nd the 0ron Curta'n -/
Ei%ht The Cu, of Suffer'n+ %%
)ine The 1oundat'ons 2re La'd 109
'en Lanterns 'n the Dark 1&0
Eleven The Th'rd Pra)er 1*1
'welve Counterfe't Church 1+0
'hirteen To the R'm of the 0nner C'rc!e 16*
Fourteen 2&raham the G'ant3 4'!!er 17*
Fi$teen The Greenhouse 'n the Garden 1,7
Si(teen The .ork Be+'ns to E5,and &00
Seventeen Russ'a at 1'rst G!ance &17
Ei%hteen 1or Russ'a "'th Lo6e &&*
)ineteen B'&!es to the Russ'an Pastors &*-
'wenty The 2"aken'n+ Dra+on &-*
T"e!6e 2,ost!es of #o,e &+,
)obody doubts that .ussia and other /ounist !ountries
are di$$erent "la!es today than they were a $ew years a%o0 'hey
are ore o"en1 ore re!e"tive to new ideas1 ore available to
the traveler0
2hat brou%ht su!h !han%es about3 2hile the %reat atters
o$ e!onoi!s and "oliti!s are bein% analyzed by the e("erts1 a
sall but hi%hly si%ni$i!ant $a!tor has %one lar%ely unnoti!ed0
'his is the !reative wor4 o$ a tiny %rou" o$ ordinary en and
woen 5 o$ a sin%le an us the be%innin% 5 who have done their
"art in !han%in% history0
2hen we $irst et Andrew we 4new at on!e that we wanted
to tell this story0 'here was only one trouble0 6u!h that was
!urrent in it !ould not yet be told1 $or this would "la!e "eo"le in
dan%er0 Even in the "art that was history1 !ertain $a!ts would
have to be altered1 in ost !ases real naes !ould not be used7
!ertain "la!es and dates would have to be dis%uised0 And o$
!ourse the a!tual te!hni8ues involved in border#!rossin% and
su%%lin% !ould not be dis!losed0
But with all these sa$e%uards there reained a story so
uni8ue1 so huan so $ull o$ si%ni$i!an!e $or the $uture o$ us all1
that we $elt this u!h should be written now0 Andrew %rew u" in
a ty"i!al sall 9ut!h town1 the son o$ a not#too# "ros"erous
bla!4sith0 :i4e everyone in the early 19+0;s he re!o%nized that
the overwhelin% !hallen%e to our %eneration was the third o$
the world under !ounis0 :i4e us1 he 4new that the
/ounist blo! was !losed to the 2est 5 !ertainly to an
uns"onsored "rivate individual li4e hisel$0 :i4e the rest o$ us1
he 4new that you !ouldn;t wal4 into .ussia and <un%ary and
Albania and /hina and start "rea!hin% a di$$erent way o$ li$e0
And at this "oint1 his story be!oes 8uite unli4e the story o$
anyone else in the world0
7ohn and E!'8a&eth Sherr'!!
/<AP'E. O)E
Smoke and Bread Crusts
Fro the tie = $irst "ut on wooden shoes 9 k!om,en we !all
the in <olland 5 = dreaed o$ derrin%#do0 = was a s"y behind
the lines1 = was a lone s!out in eney territory1 = !re"t beneath
barbed wire while tra!er bullets s!or!hed the air about e0
O$ !ourse we didn;t have any real eneies in y hoetown
o$ 2itte 5 not when = was very sall 5 so we ade eneies out
o$ ea!h other0 2e 4ids used our k!om,en to $i%ht with> any boy
who %ot hisel$ bit with a wooden shoe ?ust hadn;t rea!hed his
own $ast enou%h0 = reeber the day = bro4e a shoe over y
eney#$riend @ees;s bead0 2hat horri$ied us both wasn;t the
enorous bu" on his $orehead but the ruined shoe0 @ees and =
$or%ot our war lon% enou%h to try re"airin% it0 But this is a s4ill
%ained only with tie1 and that ni%ht y hard#wor4in%
bla!4sith $ather had to turn !obbler as well0 Already that day
Pa"a had %ot u" at $ive to water and weed the %arden that hel"ed
to $eed his si( !hildren0 'hen he had "edaled $our iles on his
bi!y!le to his sithin% ?ob in Al4aar0 And now he had to s"end
the evenin% %ou%in% a little trou%h a!ross the ta" o$ the wooden
shoe1 "ullin% a wire throu%h the trou%h1 nailin% the wire down on
both sides1 and re"eatin% the "ro!ess at the heel so that = !ould
have soe shoes to wear to s!hool0
AA)9.E21 BOC 6CS' BE 6O.E /A.EFC:DE said y
$ather in his loud voi!e0 Pa"a was dea$ and shouted rather than
s"o4e0 = understood hi "er$e!tly> be didn;t ean !are$ul o$
bones and blood1 but o$ hard#earned "ossessions0
'here was one $aily in "arti!ular that a!ted as the eney in
any o$ y boyish $antasies0 'his was the Faily 2hetstra0
2hy = should have "i!4ed on the 2hetstras = do not 4now1
e(!e"t that they were the $irst in our villa%e to be%in tal4in%
about war with Ferany 5 and this was not a "o"ular sub?e!t in
2itte0 Also they were stron%ly evan%eli!al /hristians0 'heir
Fod#bless#you;s and :ord#willin%;s seeed si!4enin%ly tae to
a se!ret a%ent o$ y stature0 So in y ind they were the
= reeber on!e tie "assin% 6rs0 2hetstra;s 4it!hen
window ?ust as she was "uttin% !oo4ies into the oven o$ her
wood#burnin% stove0 :eanin% a%ainst the $ront o$ the house was
a new "ane o$ window %lass1 and it %ave e an 'dea3 <ere would
be y !han!e to see i$ the ever#silin% 2hetstras !ould %et as
ad as other 9ut!hen0 = "i!4ed u" the "ie!e o$ %lass and
oved ever so stealthily throu%h the lines to the ba!4 o$ eney
head8uarters0 'he 2hetstras1 li4e everyone in the villa%e1 had a
ladder leadin% to their that!hed roo$0 O$ !ae y k!om,en: and
u" = went0 Silently = "la!ed the "ane o$ %lass on the !hiney0
'hen = !re"t ba!4 down the ladder and a!ross the street to "ost
ysel$ Out o$ si%ht behind a $ish#"eddler;s !art0
Sure enou%h the so4e ba!4ed down the !hiney0 =t $illed
the 4it!hen and be%an to !url out the o"en window0 6rs0
2hetstra ran into her 4it!hen with a s!rea1 ?er4ed o"en the
oven door and $anned the so4e with her a"ron0 6r0 2hetstra
ra!ed outside and loo4ed u" at his !hiney0 =$ = had e("e!ted a
strea o$ ri!h 9ut!h "rose = was disa""ointed1 but the
e("ression on his $a!e as he !libed the ladder was entirely o$#
this#earth1 and = !hal4ed u" $or ysel$ a treendous vi!tory
a%ainst overwhelin% odds0
Another $avorite eney was y older brother Ben0 'y"i!al
o$ older brothers1 Ben was a aster swa""er0 <is !orner o$ our
!oon lo$t#bedroo above the ain $loor o$ our house was
s"lendid with thin%s that had on!e belon%ed to e or the other
!hildren7 soehow we !ould never re!all what we had re!eived
in e(!han%e0 <is !hie$ treasure was a "i%%y ban4 that had on!e
been our sister 6aart?e;s0 =n it Ben 4e"t the "ennies that he
earned doin% errands $or the bur%oaster or tendin% %arden $or
6iss 6ee4le1 our s!hoolistress0 Events in Ferany were now
in the news ore than ever1 and in y $antasies Ben be!ae an
enorously wealthy Feran unitions a4er0 One day while he
was out earnin% ore "ennies1 = too4 his ban4 down $ro its
shel$1 slid a 4ni$e into the o"enin%1 and turned the "i% u"side
down0 A$ter about $i$teen inutes o$ narrow es!a"es $ro the
brown#shirted %uards "atrollin% his estate1 = had !olle!ted nearly
a %uilder $ro the eney0
'hat "art was easy0 6u!h harder was the 8uestion o$ what to
do with y s"oils0 A %uilder was worth twenty#$ive !ents 5 a
$ortune $or a !hild in our little town0 'o have arrived in the
sweetsho" with that u!h oney would !ertainly have !aused
= had itD 2hat i$ = said = had $ound itD 'he ne(t day1 at
s!hool1 = went u" to the tea!her and held out y band0 A:oo4
what = $ound1 6iss 6ee4le0E
6iss 6ee4le blew her breath out slowly0 A6y1 AndrewD
2hat a lot o$ oney $or a little boyDE
A/an = 4ee" it3E
ABou don;t 4now who it belon%s to3E
Even under torture1 they would never wrin% the truth $ro
e0 A)o1 a;a0 = $ound it in the street0E
A'hen you ust ta4e it to the "oli!e1 Andy0 'hey will tell
you what to do0E
'he "oli!eD <ere was soethin% = hadn;t !ounted on0 'hat
a$ternoon in $ear and treblin% = too4 the oney into the very
bastion o$ law and re!titude0 =$ our little town hall had really
been Festa"o head8uarters = !ouldn;t have been ore terri$ied0 =t
seeed to e that stolen oney ust %ive o$$ a telltale %lea0
But a""arently y story was believed be!ause the "oli!e !hie$
wrote y nae on an envelo"e1 "ut the oney inside1 and told
e that i$ no one !laied it within a year1 it was ine0
And so1 a year later1 = ade that tri" to the sweetsho"0 Ben
had never issed the "ennies0 'hat s"oiled the %ae7 instead o$
the $lavor o$ sabota%e behind the lines1 the !andy had the $lat
taste o$ !oon the$t0
As u!h as anythin%1 = thin4 y dreas o$ thrillin% a!tion1
y endless $antasies1 were a eans o$ es!a"in% $ro y
other;s radio0 6aa was a sei#invalid0 A bad heart $or!ed her
to s"end a lar%e "art o$ ea!h day sittin% in a !hair1 where her
!onsolation was the radio0 But she 4e"t the dial at one s"ot only>
the %os"el station $ro Asterda0 Soeties it was hyn#
sin%in%1 soeties it was "rea!hin%7 always 5 to y ears 5 it
was dull0
)ot to 6aa0 .eli%ion was her li$e0 2e were "oor1 even by
2itte standards7 our house was the sallest in the villa%e0 But to
our door !ae an unendin% strea o$ be%%ars1 itinerant
"rea!hers1 %y"sies1 who 4new that they would be wel!oe at
6aa;s table0 'he !heese that ni%ht would be sli!ed thinner1 the
sou" stret!hed with water1 but a %uest would never be turned
'hri$tiness was as i"ortant in 6aa;s reli%ion as
hos"itality0 At $our = !ould "eel "otatoes without a !entieter;s
waste0 At seven the "otatoes "assed to y little brother
/ornelius while = %raduated to the heady res"onsibility $or
shinin% shoes0 'hese were not our everyday k!om,en; these were
our leather shoes $or Sunday1 and it was an e!onoi! disaster i$
a "air $ailed to last $i$teen years0 6aa said they ust shine so
the "rea!her would have to shade his eyes0
Be!ause 6aa !ould not li$t heavy loads1 Ben did the
laundry ea!h wee40 'he !lothes had to be hauled in and out o$
the tub1 but the a!tual washin% was done by "u"in% a wooden
handle that wor4ed a set o$ "addles0 'his te!hnolo%i!al arvel
was the "ride o$ the household0 2e would ta4e turns s"ellin%
Ben at the handle1 "ushin% the heavy sti!4 blade ba!4 and $orth
until our ars a!hed0
'he only eber o$ the $aily who did no wor4 was the
oldest !hild1 Bastian0 'wo years older than Ben and si( years
older than =1 Baa never learned to do any o$ the thin%s other
"eo"le did0 <e s"ent the day standin% under an el tree on the
di4e road1 wat!hin% the villa%e %o by0 2itte was "roud o$ its
els in this tree#"oor !ountry> one $or every house1 their
bran!hes eetin% to $or a %reen ar!hway over the road0 For
soe reason1 Baa never stood beneath our tree0 <is "ost was
under the third one down1 and there be stood all day lon%1 until
one o$ us led hi hoe $or su""er0
)e(t to 6aa1 = thin4 = loved Bas ore than anyone on
earth0 As the villa%ers "assed his el tree they would !all to hint
to %et his shy and wonder$ul sile in res"onse0 AAh1 BasDE Over
the years he heard this "hrase so o$ten that at last be be%an to
re"eat it1 the only words he ever learned0
But thou%h Baa !ould not tal4 or even dress hisel$1 be had
a stran%e and rear4able talent0 =n our tiny sittin% roo as in
ost 9ut!h "arlors in the nineteen thirties1 was a sall "u"
or%an0 Pa"a was the only one in the $aily who !ould read
usi!1 and so in the evenin%s he would sit on the little ben!h1
"u"in% the $oot "edals and "i!4in% out tunes $ro an an!ient
hynboo4 while the rest o$ us san%0
All e(!e"t Baa0 'he inute the usi! started1 Baa would
dro" down and !rawl beneath the 4eyboard1 where be would
!rou!h out o$ the way o$ Pa"a;s $eet and "ress hisel$ to the
baseboard o$ the or%an0 O$ !ourse Pa"a;s "layin% was rou%h and
$ull o$ ista4es1 not only be!ause he !ould not hear the usi!1
but also be!ause the years o$ wieldin% a haer on an anvil had
le$t his $in%ers thi!4 and sti$$0 Soe ni%hts he seeed to hit
alost as any wron% notes as ri%ht ones0
'o Baa it never attered0 <e would "ress a%ainst the
vibratin% wood with ra"ture on his $a!e0 2here he was1 o$
!ourse1 he !ould not see whi!h 4eys were "layed or whi!h 4nobs
Pa"a "ulled0 But all at on!e Baa would stand u" and %ently "ush
a%ainst Pa"a;s shoulder1
AAh1 Baa0 Ah1 Baa1E he would say0
And Pa"a would %et u"1 and Baa would ta4e his "la!e at the
ben!h0 <e always $ussed a little with the hynal as he had seen
Pa"a do1 turnin% the "a%es and usually ana%in% to %et the
whole boo4 u"side down0 'hen1 s8uintin% at the "a%e li4e Pa"a1
he be%an to "lay0 Pro be%innin% to end he would "lay the son%s
Pa"a had "layed that ni%ht0 But not as Pa"a "layed the 5
hesitantly1 !lusily1 $ull o$ dis!ords0 Bas "layed the "er$e!tly1
without a ista4e1 with su!h sur"assin% beauty that "eo"le
would sto" on the street outside to listen0 On suer ni%hts
when our door was o"en1 a little !rowd would %ather outside the
house1 any o$ the with tears streain% down their $a!es0 For
when Baa "layed1 it was as thou%h an an%el sat at the or%an0
'he bi% event in our wee41 o$ !ourse1 was !hur!h0 2itte is in
the "older land o$ <olland 5 land that %enerations o$ 9ut!hen
have re!laied $ro the sea 5 and li4e all villa%es in the "olders
is built alon% a di4e0 =t has only one street1 the road leadin% north
and south on to" o$ the di4e0 'he houses are virtual islands7 ea!h
built on its ound o$ earth and !onne!ted to the road with a tiny
brid%e s"annin% the draina%e !anal0 And at either end o$ town1
on the hi%hest1 ost i"osin% ounds o$ all1 are the two
'here is still a lot o$ $eelin% in <olland between /atholi!s
and Protestants1 a !arry#over $ro the days o$ the S"anish
o!!u"ation0 9urin% the wee4 the villa%e $ishon%er will tal4
"leasantly with the villa%e ironon%er1 but on Sundays the
$ishon%er will wal4 with his $aily northward to the .oan
!hur!h while the ironon%er will wal4 with his $ $aily
southward to the Protestant !hur!h1 and as they "ass on the street
neither will a!4nowled%e the other with so u!h as a nod0
Our $aily was $ier!ely "roud o$ its Protestant traditions0
6y $ather was %lad1 = thin41 that our house ha""ened to be in the
northern end o$ town be!ause this %ave hi the entire len%th o$
the villa%e in whi!h to deonstrate that we were headed in the
ri%ht dire!tion0
Be!ause o$ Pa"a;s dea$ness1 we always sat in the very $irst
"ew at !hur!h0 'he "ew was too short $or the entire $aily to sit
to%ether and = would ana%e to la% behind1 lettin% 6aa and
Pa"a and the other !hildren %o in $irst1 then = would have to wal4
ba!4 toward the rear o$ the !hur!h to A$ind a seat0E 'he seat =
$ound was usually $ar beyond the !hur!h door0 =n the winter =
s4ated down the $rozen !anals on y wooden k!om,en3 =n the
suer = sat so still in the $ields that wild !rows would sit on y
shoulders and "e!4 %ently at y ears0
2ith a 4ind o$ instin!t1 = 4new "re!isely when the !hur!h
servi!e would be over and would sli" into a !orner o$ the !hur!h
vestibule ?ust as the $irst su$$erers eer%ed0 = stood near the
"rea!her 5 who never on!e issed y "resen!e 5 and listened
$or the !oents o$ the !on%re%ation about his seron0 'hus =
"i!4ed u" his te(t1 his thee1 soeties even the %ist o$ a story0
'his "loy was terribly i"ortant1 be!ause without it = !ould
not have !arried o$$ the ost i"ortant "hase o$ y wee4ly
adventure0 =t is the !usto in <olland to %ather in "rivate hoes
a$ter !hur!h0 'hree in%redients are always "resent0 /o$$ee1 !i%ar
so4e1 and a "oint#by#"oint dis!ussion o$ the seron0 'he en
in our villa%e !ould a$$ord these lon% bla!4 !i%ars only on!e a
wee40 Ea!h Sunday as their wives brewed stron% bla!4 !o$$ee1
they brou%ht the out and li%hted u" with %reat !ereony0 'o
this day when ever = !at!h the sell o$ !o$$ee and !i%ar so4e1
y heart beats $aster7 it is an odor asso!iated with $ear and
e(!iteent> !ould = on!e a%ain $ool y "arents into thin4in% that
= had been to !hur!h3
A=t sees to e that the "rea!her used :u4e *>16 ?ust last
onth1E = would say1 4nowin% $ull well that he had not1 but
%ettin% a!ross in this way the $a!t that = 4new the te(t0 Or>
A2asn;t that a %ood story about "oliti!ians3E "layin% out a s!ra"
o$ !onversation = had overheard0 A= should thin4 the bur%oaster
would be ad0E
'he te!hni8ue was iensely su!!ess$ul0 = blush to thin4
how seldo = attended !hur!h as a !hild0 = blush even ore
when = reeber that y trustin%1 si"le#hearted $aily never
By 19*9 the whole !ountry saw what the 2hetstra;s had
seen all alon%> the Ferans were intent on a "attern o$ !on8uest
that in!luded <olland0 =n our house we s!ar!ely thou%ht about it0
Bas was si!47 the do!tor !alled it tuber!ulosis0 6aa and Pa"a
oved onto a attress in the sittin% roo0 For onths Bas lay in
their tiny bedroo1 !ou%hin%1 !ou%hin%1 his $lesh shrin4in% until
only bones and s4in lay on the bed0 <is su$$erin% was ore
dread$ul than that o$ a noral "erson be!ause be !ould not tell us
how he $elt0
= reeber one day ?ust a$ter y eleventh birthday !ree"in%
into the si!4roo while 6aa was busy in the 4it!hen0 Enterin%
that roo was stri!tly $orbidden1 $or the disease was !onta%ious0
But that was what = wanted0 =$ Bas was %oin% to die1 then =
wanted to die too0 = threw ysel$ down on to" o$ hi and 4issed
hi a%ain and a%ain on the outh0 =n July1 19*91 Bas died1 while
= stayed healthy as ever1 and = $elt that Fod had betrayed e
'wo onths later1 in Se"teber1 our %overnent !alled $or a
%eneral obilization0 For on!e1 6aa allowed her radio to be
used $or news0 2e turned the volue as hi%h as it would %o1 but
still Pa"a !ould not bear0 So y little sister Felt?e stationed
hersel$ at the set and shouted salient "ie!es o$ in$oration to
AA:: .ESE.GE C)='S A.E A/'=GA'E91 PAPA0E
AA:: P.=GA'E /A.S A.E /O66A)9EE.E90E
By ni%ht$all the tra$$i! ?a had be%un1 the endless tra$$i! ?a
that was to be the !hara!teristi! $eature o$ the onths be$ore
invasion0 Every autoobile in <olland was on the road0 'here
seeed to be ?ust as any %oin% north as there were %oin% south0
)o one 4new where he was su""osed to be1 but he was %ettin%
there as $ast as he !ould0 9ay a$ter day1 wearin% y ba%%y
trousers and loose blouse1 = stood under the tree where Bas used
to stand1 and wat!hed0 )obody tal4ed u!h0
Only 6r0 2hetstra seeed to $ind the !oura%e to "ut into
words what we all 4new0 = !ould not understand why = was bein%
drawn toward the 2hetstras at this tie1 but $re8uently = $ound
ysel$ wal4in% "ast that 4it!hen window0
AFood a$ternoon1 Andrew0E
AFood a$ternoon1 6rs0 2hetstra0E
AOut on an errand $or your other3 Bou;d better have a
!oo4ie $or ener%y0E She "i!4ed u" a "late o$ !oo4ies and brou%ht
the to the window0
6r0 2hetstra loo4ed u" $ro the 4it!hen table0 A=s that little
Andrew3 Out to see the obilization $irsthand3E
ABes1 sir0E For soe reason = "ut y !oo4ie behind y ba!40
AAndrew1 you ust say "rayers $or your !ountry every ni%ht0
2e are about to %o throu%h a very bard tie0E
ABes1 sir0E
A2hat %ood !an en with "o"%uns do a%ainst "lanes and
ABes1 sir0E
A'hey;ll be here1 Andrew1 with their steel helets and their
%ooseste" and their hate1 and all we will have is our "rayers0E
6r0 2hetstra !ae over to the window and leaned a!ross the
sill0 A2ill you "ray1 Andrew3 Pray $or the !oura%e to do all we
!an1 and then havin% done all1 to stand1 2ill you do that1
ABes1 sir
AFood boy000E 6r0 2hetstra drew his head ba!4 into the
roo0 A)ow %et alon% on your errand0E
But as = turned and started down the street1 6r0 2hetstra
!alled a$ter e0 ABou !an eat the !oo4ie0 Oh = 4now1 soeties
that old stove o$ ours so4es soethin% aw$ul1 but it;s wor4ed
$ine ever sin!e = %ot y new window0
'hat ni%ht1 lyin% on y bed in the lo$t1 = %ot to thin4in%
about 6r0 2hetstra0 So he;d 4nown all alon%0 But he hadn;t told
y $ather1 as every other %rown#u" in town would have done0 =
wondered why0 = also wondered about his wantin% e to "ray0
2hat %ood would that do3 Fod never listened0 =$ the Ferans
really did !oe1 = "lanned to do a lot worse to the than "ray0 =
$ell aslee" dreain% o$ the $eats o$ darin% = would wor4 sin%le#
handed a%ainst the invader0
By A"ril1 2itte was !rowded with re$u%ees $ro the "older
land to the east o$ us0 <olland was bobin% its own di4es1
deliberately $loodin% land wrested in!h by in!h $ro the sea over
the !enturies1 to slow down the Feran ary0 Every house
e(!e"t ours1 whi!h was too sall1 held a hoeless $aily $ro
the $looded land1 and 6aa;s sou" "ot siered ni%ht and day0
But o$ !ourse the Ferans did not !oe by land0 'he $irst
"lanes $lew over 2ine the ni%ht o$ 6ay 101 19-00 2e s"ent the
ni%ht in the sittin% roo1 huddled to%ether1 not slee"in%0 All the
ne(t day we saw "lanes and heard the e("losions as they
bobed the sall ilitary air$ield $our 4iloeters away0 =t was
y twel$th birthday1 but neither = nor anyone else reebered0
'hen the Ferans bobed .otterda0 'he radio announ!er
$ro <ilversu1 to who we had listened sin!e obilization1
we"t as he read the release0 .otterda was %one0 =n one hour a
!ity had disa""eared $ro the earth0 'his was the blitz4rie%1 the
new war$are0 'he ne(t day <olland surrendered0
A $ew days later a $at little Feran lieutenant arrived in
2itte in a s8uad !ar and set hisel$ u" in the bur%oaster;s
house0 'he hand$ul o$ soldiers who a!!o"anied hi were
ostly older en> 2itte was not i"ortant enou%h to rate !ra!4
And $or a while = really did a!t out y $antasies o$
resistan!e0 6any was the ni%ht = !re"t bare$oot down the ladder
$ro the lo$t as two o;!lo!4 stru!4 on the town !lo!40 = 4new
that y other heard !1 be!ause the re%ular rhyth o$ her
breathin% halted as = "assed their roo0 But she never sto""ed
e0 )or did she as4 the ne(t ornin% what had ha""ened to our
"re!ious hi%hly rationed su%ar0 Everyone in the villa%e was
aused when the lieutenant;s sta$$ !ar be%an to %ive hi trouble0
<is s"ar4s were $ouled0 <is en%ine stalled0 Soe said there was
su%ar in the lieutenant;s %as tan47 others thou%ht it was unli4ely0
Food ran out in the towns be$ore =t did in $arin% villa%es
li4e ours1 and this $a!t too = used in y !hild;s war a%ainst the
eney0 One hot day that $irst suer1 = loaded a bas4et with
!abba%es and toatoes and wal4ed the $our iles to Al4aar0 A
store there still had a su""ly o$ "rewar $irewor4s and = 4new the
"ro"rietor wanted ve%etables0
= "ressed y advanta%e as $ar as = !ould and $illed y bas4et
with the $ire!ra!4ers1 "la!in% over the the $lowers = had
brou%ht alon% $or the "ur"ose0 'he "ro"rietor stood loo4in% at
e in silen!e0 'hen1 with sudden resolution1 he rea!hed under
the !ounter and brou%ht u" a lar%e !herry bob0
A= have no ore $ood0E
ABou;d better %et hoe be$ore the !ur$ew0E
'hat ni%ht ba!4 in 2itte the $loorboards o$ the lo$t !rea4ed
a%ain1 and a%ain 6aa held her breath0 = sli""ed out1 bare$oot1
into the ni%ht0 A "atrol o$ $our $oot soldiers was ovin%
northward u" the street toward our house1 "layin% their tor!hes
on ea!h o$ the buildin%s as they "assed0 = oved out o$ the
doorway and $lattened ysel$ a%ainst the side o$ the house as the
ar!hin% boots drew !loser7 the inute the soldiers had "assed =
s"ed a!ross the little brid%e between our house and the di4e road
and ran south to the bur%oaster;s house0 =t would have been a
si"le atter to $ire the aoth !herry bob in the
lieutenant;s doorway while the "atrol was at the other end o$ the
villa%e0 But = wanted ore adventure than that0 = was the $astest
runner in the villa%e1 and = thou%ht it would be $un to have these
old en in their heavy boots run a$ter e0 = don;t su""ose any o$
the was over $i$ty1 but to y youn% eyes they seeed an!ient0
So = waited until the "atrol be%an its tour ba!4 down the
street0 Just be$ore they %ot to head8uarters1 = lit the $use and ran0
A<altDE A tor!h bea "i!4ed e u"1 and = heard a ri$le bolt
bein% drawn0 = hadn;t !ounted on %unsD = zi%%ed and za%%ed as =
ran u" the street0 'hen the !herry bob e("loded1 and $or a
$ra!tion o$ a oent the soldiers; attention was diverted0 =
darted a!ross the $irst brid%e = !ould $ind1 ra!ed throu%h a
%arden1 and $lun% ysel$ down aon% the !abba%e heads0 For
nearly an hour they hunted $or e1 shoutin% %ru$$ syllables to
one another in Feran1 until at last they %ave u"0
Elated by this su!!ess1 = be%an dis!har%in% volleys in broad
dayli%ht One day = ste""ed $ro hidin% strai%ht into the ars o$
a soldier0 'o run was to adit %uilt0 Bet in y hands was stron%
!ir!ustantial eviden!e> in y le$t hand were $ire!ra!4ers1 in y
ri%ht1 at!hes0
<Du! 4omm ma! her=>
6y hands !len!hed around the $ire!ra!4ers0 = did not dare
stu$$ the in y !oat "o!4et7 that would surely be the $irst "la!e
he would loo40
<1!ast du e!nen 1uer"erkskoer,er e5,!od'ertr ft1uer"erks?
Oh no1 sirDE
= %rabbed the two ed%es o$ y !oat with y !len!hed hands
and held it wide $or hi to sear!h0 'he soldier went over e
$ro y wide trousers to y !a"0 2hen be turned away in
dis%ust1 the $ire!ra!4ers in y hand were dren!hed with
But as the o!!u"ation dra%%ed on1 even = tired o$ y %aes0
=n villa%es near ours hosta%es were bein% lined u" and shot and
houses burned to the %round1 as the real resistan!e hardened and
too4 sha"e0 Jo4es a%ainst the Ferans !eased to be $unny0
All over <olland were the onderdukers Hliterally the under#
diversI1 en and boys in hidin% to es!a"e de"ortation to the
$or!ed labor !a"s in Ferany0 Ben1 si(teen when the war
be%an1 dived under a $ar near Erelo the $irst onth1 and $or
$ive years we had no news o$ hi0
Possession o$ a radio was ade a !rie a%ainst the new
re%ie0 2e hid 6aa;s instruent in a !rawl s"a!e under the
slo"in% roo$1 and one by one we would !rou!h there to listen $or
the 9ut!h lan%ua%e broad!asts $ro En%land0 :ater1 when the
9ut!h railroad stru!41 we would even s8ueeze railroad wor4ers
into that tiny hole1 and o$ !ourse there were always Jews to be
hidden $or a ni%ht on their way to the !oast0
As the Ferans %rew des"erate $or an"ower1 2itte;s tiny
o!!u"ation $or!e was withdrawn0 'hen !ae the dreaded ra88'a3
'ru!4s would suddenly s"eed into the villa%es1 at any hour o$ the
day or ni%ht1 sealin% the di4e roads at both ends1 while s8uads o$
soldiers sear!hed every house $or able#bodied en0 Be$ore = was
$ourteen1 = was ?oinin% the $li%ht o$ en and boys into the
"olders at the $irst si%n o$ a Feran uni$or0 2e would run
a!ross the $ields1 !rou!hin% low1 lea"in% the !anals1 a4in% $or
the swa" beyond the railroad0 'he railway di4e was too hi%h to
!lib 5 we would surely be seen 5 so we would dive into the
broad !anal that $lowed beneath the railroad brid%e1 to !rawl out
soa4ed 5 "antin% and shiverin%0 By the end o$ the war even little
/ornelius and Pa"a1 dea$ as he was1 were ?oinin% the ra!e to the
Between the razzia1 li$e was a sober stru%%le $or ere
e(isten!e0 All ele!tri!ity was reserved $or the Ferans0 2ith
nothin% to "ower the "u"s1 the rainwater lay dee" and sta%nant
over the "olders0 =n our hoes we used oil la"s1 a4in% the oil
ourselves $ro !abba%e seeds0 'here was no !oal1 so 2itte !ut
down its els0 'he tree under whi!h Baa had stood was !ut the
se!ond winter0
But the !hie$ eney1 worse even than the !old and the
soldiers1 was hun%er0 2e were !onstantly1 na%%in%ly1 endlessly
hun%ry0 All !ro"s were !oandeered $or the $ront as soon as
they were "i!4ed0 6y $ather tended his %arden as !are$ully as
ever1 but it was the Ferans who rea"ed ost o$ the harvest0 For
years our $aily o$ si( lived on rations $or two0
At $irst we were able to add to this allowan!e by di%%in% the
tuli" bulbs $ro our %arden and eatin% the li4e "otatoes0 'hen
even the tuli"s ran out0 6aa would "retend to eat1 but any
ni%hts = saw her divide her tiny "ortion aon% the other "lates0
<er only !onsolation was that Bas had not lived to see this tie0
<e never !ould have understood the a!he in his stoa!h1 the
dar4 $ire"la!e1 the treeless street0
At last the day !ae when 6aa !ould not %et out o$ bed0 =$
liberation did not !oe soon1 we 4new she would die0
And then in the s"rin% o$ 19-+ the Ferans le$t and the
/anadians too4 their "la!e0 Peo"le stood in the street wee"in%
$or ?oy0 But = was not with the0 = was runnin% every ste" o$ the
$ive iles to the /anadian en!a"ent1 where = was able to be%
a sall sa!4 $ull o$ bread !rusts0
BreadD Juite literally the bread o$ li$eD
= brou%ht it hoe to y $aily with shouts o$ AFoodD FoodD
FoodDE As 6ania %nawed the dry !rusts1 tears o$ %rate$ulness to
Fod rolled down the dee" lines in her !hee4s0
'he war was over0
/<AP'E. '2O
The e!!o" Stra" #at
One a$ternoon in the suer o$ 19-+1 several onths a$ter
liberation1 = !ae into the house and was et by y little sister1
Felt?e1 with the news that y $ather wanted to see e0
A<e;s in the %arden1E she said0
= wal4ed throu%h the dar4 4it!hen and out into the !abba%e
"at!h1 blin4in% y eyes a%ainst the bri%ht sunli%ht0 Pa"a1 hoe in
hand1 k!om,en on his $eet1 was bent over his !abba%es wor4in%
the little weeds out with "atient tenderness0 = !ir!led so as to
stand in $ront o$ hi and shouted1 ABOC 2A)'E9 'O SEE
Pa"a strai%htened u" slowly0 ABOC;.E SEGE)'EE)
BEA.S O:91 A)9.E20E = 4new instantly what dire!tion the
!onversation was %oin% to ta4e0
A2<A' 9O BOC P:A) 'O 9O 2='< BOC. :=FE3E
= wished his voi!e didn;t have to be so loud0 And ine in
answerin% hi0 A= 9O);' @)O21 PAPA0E
)ow Pa"a was %oin% to as4 e why = didn;t li4e sithin%0
<e did0 'hen he was %oin% to as4 why = had not stu!4 with
a!hine $ittin% 5 a trade = had tried to learn durin% the
o!!u"ation0 <e did that1 too0 = 4new that all 2itte !ould hear
both his 8uestions and the va%ue and evasive answers with whi!h
= tried to satis$y hi0
A1' =S '=6E FO. BOC 'O /<OOSE A '.A9E
A)9.E20 BB FA:: = 2A)' BOC. 9E/=S=O)0E
6y $ather leaned ba!4 over his hoe and = 4new the
!onversation was over0 = had then "erha"s two onths to de!ide
on y li$e;s wor40 Oh = 4new what = wanted all ri%ht> to $ind
soehow a li$e that bro4e out O$ the old0 'o $ind adventure0
'o %et away $ro 2itte1 $ro the ental set that was !onstantly
loo4in% ba!4ward0
But = also 4new that y "ros"e!ts were not very %ood0 'he
Ferans had !oe when = was in the si(th %rade and ta4en over
the s!hool buildin%1 and that was the end o$ y $oral
'he only thin% = !ould do well was run0 'hat a$ternoon =
too4 o$$ a!ross the "olders1 bare$oot1 runnin% ile a$ter ile
alon% the little $oot"aths used by the $arers0 Alter $ive iles =
was ?ust %ettin% wared u"0 = ran throu%h the town where = had
bou%ht the $ire!ra!4ers0 6y ind was !lear now and $un!tionin%
= s!rabled u" the di4e that led ba!4 to 2itte with a
ountin% sense that = was !lose to y answer0 'he solution was
!lear0 'here was !onstant tal4 in the "a"er about ared rebellion
in the !olonies0 'he 9ut!h East =ndies1 so re!ently liberated $ro
Ja"an1 were now "resuin% to !lai inde"enden!e $ro <olland
as well0 9aily we were reinded that these !olonies were 9ut!h
soil 5 had been $or *+0 years0 2hy were our aries not
re!laiin% the $or the /rown3
2hy indeed3 'hat ni%ht = announ!ed to the household that =
4new already what = was %oin% to do0
A2hat;s that1 Andy3E said 6aart?e0
AJoin the ary0E
6other;s instin!t was to draw in her breath0 AOh1 AndrewDE
She had seen too u!h o$ aries0 A6ust we always thin4 o$
But y $ather and brothers were o$ a di$$erent ind0 'he
very ne(t wee4 = borrowed Pa"a;s bi!y!le and "edaled to the
re!ruitin% o$$i!e in Asterda0 By ni%ht$all = was hoe a%ain1
u!h diinished in y own si%ht0 'he ary too4 seventeen#
year#olds only in the !alendar year in whi!h they turned
ei%hteen0 = wouldn;t be ei%hteen until 6ay o$ 19-60
=n January = was ba!4 and this tie = was a!!e"ted0 Be$ore
lon% = was struttin% throu%h 2itte in y new uni$or1 oblivious
to the $a!t that the "ants were too sall1 the ?a!4et too bi%1 and
the whole e$$e!t 8uite to"#heavy0 But = was %oin% o$$ to ta4e
be!4 our !olonies $or the Jueen1 and "erha"s %et a $ew o$ those
dirty revolutionaries who everyone said were /ounists and
bastards0 'he two words autoati!ally went to%ether0
'he only "eo"le who did not res"ond with a""lause were the
2hetstra;s0 = wal4ed1 to"#heavy1 "ast their house0
A<ello there1 Andy0E
AFood ornin%1 6r0 2hetstra0E
A<ow are your other and $ather3E
2as it "ossible he did not see the uni$or3 = turned so that
the sun %linted $ro y shiny brass belt bu!4le0 At last = blurted1
A=;ve ?oined u"1 you 4now0 =; %oin% to the East =ndies0E
6r0 2hetstra leaned ba!4 as i$ to see e better0 ABes1 = see0
So you;re all $or adventure0 = will "ray $or you1 Andrew0 = will
"ray that the adventure you $ind will satis$y0E
= stared at hi1 "uzzled0 2hatever did he ean1 adventure
that would satis$y3 Any 4ind o$ adventure1 = thou%ht as = loo4ed
out over the $lat $ields stret!hin% away $ro 2itte in every
dire!tion1 any adventure would satis$y e ore than the lon%
slee" o$ this villa%e0
So = le$t borne0 = le$t hoe eotionally as well as "hysi!ally0
= wor4ed hard durin% basi! trainin% and $elt $or the $irst tie in
y li$e that = was doin% soethin% = wanted to do0
Oh1 how = li4ed bein% treated as an adult0 Part o$ y trainin%
too4 "la!e in the town o$ For4u0 Ea!h Sunday = would %o to
!hur!h 5 not be!ause = was interested in the servi!e but be!ause
a$terwards = !ould !ount on bein% invited to dinner0 = always
en?oyed tellin% y hosts that = had been "i!4ed $or s"e!ial
!oando trainin% in =ndonesia0
A2ithin a $ew wee4s1E = would say1 draati!ally "ushin% y
!hair ba!4 and ta4in% a lon% draw $ro y a$ter#Sunday#dinner
!i%ar1 A1 shall be in hand#to#hand !obat with the eney0E And
then1 stri4in% a soewhat distant loo41 = would as4 i$ y hosts
would !onsider writin% e while = was overseas0 'hey always
a%reed1 and be$ore = le$t <olland = had seventy naes on y
!orres"onden!e list0
One o$ the was a %irl0 = et her in the usual way1 a$ter
!hur!h 5 a .e$ored servi!e that "arti!ular Sunday0 She was the
ost beauti$ul %irl = had ever seen0 About y a%e = %uessed1
e(treely slender1 with hair so bla!4 it had a tin%e o$ blue in it0
But what i"ressed e oat was her s4in0 = had read about s4in
as white as snow7 this was the $irst tie = had seen it0 A$ter a
"leasant snooze durin% the seron1 = went invitation#$ishin%0
Sure enou%h = tied y e(it ?ust ri%ht0 Snow 2hite was at the
door0 She introdu!ed hersel$0
A=; 'hi=!1E she said0
A=; Andrew0E
A6y other wonders i$ you would li4e to have dinner with
AGery u!h indeed1E = said1 and oents later = le$t the
!hur!h with the "rin!ess on y ar0
'hile;s $ather was a $ishon%er0 <is hoe was over his
sho"1 down by the water$ront in For4u1 and throu%hout our
dinner the "leasant sells o$ the do!4side in%led with the
odors o$ boiled !abba%e and ha0 A$terward we sat in the $aily
drawin% roo0
A/i%ar1 Andrew3E said 'hile;s $ather0
A'han4 you1 sir0E = !hose one !are$ully and rolled it in y
$in%ers as = had seen the en in 2itte do0 Fran4ly = didn;t li4e
the taste o$ !i%ars1 but the asso!iation with anhood was so
stron% that = !ould have so4ed ro"e and en?oyed it0 'hrou%hout
the !o$$ee#and#!i%ars1 'hile sat with her ba!4 to the window1 the
stron% idday sun a4in% her hair ore blue than ever0 She said
hardly a word1 but already = 4new that this youn% %irl was %oin%
to be one o$ y !orres"ondents and1 "erha"s1 a lot ore too0
)oveber &&1 =9-6> y last day at hoe0 = had already said
%oodbye to 'hile and to the other $ailies in Fro!er0 )ow it was
tie to ta4e leave o$ y own $aily0
=$ only = had 4nown it was the last tie = would see 6aa1 =
would have been $ar less o$ the dashin% soldier#%oin%#o$$# to#
war0 But = didn;t 4now1 and = too4 6aa;s ebra!e as y due0 =
thou%ht = loo4ed rather well0 At last = had a uni$or whi!h $it1 =
was in e(!ellent "hysi!al sha"e1 y hair was !ut !lose ary#
Just as = was ready to leave1 6aa rea!hed under her a"ron
and "ulled out a little boo40 = 4new ri%ht away what =t would be
her Bible0
AAndrew1 will you ta4e this with you3E
O$ !ourse = said1 ABes0E
A2ill you read it1 Andrew3E
/an you ever say no to your other3 Bou !an do no 5 but
you !an;t say no0 = "ut the Bible in y du$$le ba%1 as $ar down as
it would %o1 and $or%ot 't3
Our trans"ort shi"1 the S'&a@ak: landed in =ndonesia ?ust
be$ore /hristas1 19-60 6y heart ra!ed with e(!iteent at the
heavy tro"i!al sells1 the si%ht o$ na4ed "orters ovin% u" and
down the %an%"lan4s1 the sounds o$ the haw4ers on the do!4
tryin% to %et our attention0 = shouldered y du$$le ba% and
stru%%led down the %an%"lan4 into the $ier!e sun o$ the do!4side0
= did not %uess that within a $ew wee4s = would be 4illin%
!hildren and unared adults ?ust li4e the "eo"le who !rowded
around e now0
A $ew o$ the haw4ers were sellin% on4eys0 Ea!h was held
by a little !hain1 and any had been trained to do tri!4s0 = was
$as!inated by these little !reatures with their serious1 an!ient
$a!es and stoo"ed to loo4 at one o$ the ore !losely0
A9on;t tou!h hi0E = strai%htened u" to $ind ysel$ $a!in%
one o$ y o$$i!ers0
A'hey bite1 soldier0E 'he o$$i!er was silin% but he was
serious0 A<al$ o$ the have rabies1 you 4now0E
'he o$$i!er oved on1 and = withdrew y hand0 L'he little
boy who was holdin% the on4ey !hased a$ter the o$$i!er
shrie4in% at hi $or ruinin% the sale0 = oved ba!4 into the line
o$ debar4in% soldiers1 but ri%ht then = 4new = had to have a
on4ey o$ y own0
'hose o$ us who 8uali$ied were se"arated $ro the rest o$
the troo"s and sent to a nearby island $or trainin% as !oandos0
= li4ed runnin% the tou%h obsta!le !ourses> s!alin% walls1
swin%in% a!ross !ree4s on vines1 !rawlin% into !ulverts1
wri%%lin% under a!hine %un $ire0 Even ore = li4ed the hand
!obat trainin%1 where we wor4ed with bayonets1 4nives1 and
bare hands0 A<i#hiD <oDE =t was lun%e and "arry1 thrust with
$in%ers sti$$1 !oe at the eney with drawn 4ni$e0 For soe
reason the thou%ht never "enetrated that = was trainin% to 4ill
huan bein%s0
Part o$ the edu!ation o$ a !oando was the develo"ent
o$ sel$#!on$iden!e0 But here = needed no s!hoolin%0 Fro
!hildhood = had had a !o"letely un$ounded !on$iden!e in y
ability to do anythin% = set out to do0
:i4e drive a Bren !arrier1 $or instan!e0 'hese were heavy
arored vehi!les ounted on !ater"illar treads1 and handlin%
the was di$$i!ult even $or soeone who !ould drive an
autoobile 5 whi!h = !ould not0 But ea!h day as we went out on
aneuvers = wat!hed the driver o$ the !arrier on whi!h = rode7
until it seeed to e that = had the han% o$ it0
Cne("e!tedly1 one day = had a !han!e to $ind out0 /oin%
out o$ !o"any head8uarters1 = ran into an o$$i!er0
A/an you drive a Bren !arrier1 soldier3E
A 8ui!4 salute and an even 8ui!4er1 ABes1 sir0E
L2ell1 that one there has to %o to the %ara%e0 :et;s %o0E
=n $ront o$ us at the !urb was the !arrier0 'hree hundred
yards away was the %ara%e0 Seven other !arriers were "ar4ed
there1 nose to tail1 waitin% to be servi!ed0 = ho""ed sna""ily into
the driver;s seat while the o$$i!er !libed in beside e0 = loo4ed
at the dashboard0 'here in $ront o$ e was a 4ey1 and =
reebered that the driver always turned that $irst o$ all0 Sure
enou%h the en%ine !ou%hed on!e and then !au%ht0 )ow whi!h o$
those "edals was the !lut!h3 = "ressed one o$ the and it went to
the $loor1 and = 4new = had been lu!4y twi!e in a row0 = "ut the
!arrier into %ear1 let %o o$ the !lut!h "edal1 and with a %reat
4an%aroo lea" we laun!hed into s"a!e0
'he o$$i!er loo4ed at e 8ui!4ly but said nothin%> no Bren
!arrier ever starts soothly0 But as = ra!ed $ull throttle down the
!o"any street = noti!ed that be was holdin% on with both hands
and bra!in% his $eet 2e !overed the three hundred yards with
only one near#a!!ident 5 #a ser%eant who dis!overed on the s"ot
how %reat were his "owers o$ $li%ht 5 and then we !ae to the
line o$ !arriers0 And = 4new that = was in trouble0
= didn;t 4now where the bra4e was0
Ars $lailin% and $eet $lyin%1 = tried every button and lever =
!ould $ind0 Aon% the thin%s = "ushed was the a!!elerator1 and
with one last sur%e o$ "ower we "lowed into the row o$ Crea
!arriers "ar4ed at the !urb0 All seven o$ the bu!4ed $orward1
ea!h slain% a%ainst the other1 until we !ae to rest1 hissin%
and so4in%1 our en%ine at last dead0
= loo4ed at the o$$i!er0 <e stared strai%ht ahead o$ hi1 his
eyes lar%e1 sweat "ourin% down the sides o$ his $a!e0 <e %ot out
o$ the !ar1 !rossed hisel$1 and wal4ed away without on!e
turnin% to loo4 at !0 'he ser%eant ran u" to e and "ulled e
out o$ the driver;s seat0
A2hat on earth %ot into you1 soldier3E
A<e as4ed e i$ = 4new how to drive it1 ser%eant0 <e didn;t
as4 i$ = 4new how to sto"DE
=t was "robably $ortunate $or e that we were leavin% the
ne(t ornin% $or our $irst !obat ission0 2e were %oin%1
ruor said1 to relieve a !o"any o$ !oandos that had lost
three out o$ every $our o$ its en0
At dawn we were $lown to the $ront0
And instantly = 4new that = had been wron% about this
adventure0 =t wasn;t the dan%er 5 = li4ed that 5 it was the 4illin%0
Suddenly tar%ets were no lon%er "ie!es o$ "a"er stu!4 u" on an
earth ba!4%round1 they were $athers and brothers li4e y own0
O$ten our tar%ets weren;t even in uni$or0
2hat was = doin%3 <ow had = %ot here3 = was ore
dis%usted with ysel$ than = had ever ia%ined "ossible0
And then one day the in!ident o!!urred that has haunted e
all y li$e0 2e were ar!hin% throu%h a villa%e that was still
"artially inhabited0 'his ade us bold1 $or we did not thin4 the
/ounists would ine a villa%e in whi!h "eo"le were still
livin%0 And#"ersonnel ines were the thin% we $eared ost in
the world0 'hey 4e"t us in a state o$ "er"etual $ear1 lest these
?u"in%1 eas!ulatin% instruents should e("lode and leave us
%rovelin% and !ri""led $or li$e0 2e had been in !obat daily $or
ore than three wee4s1 and the nerves o$ everyone in our unit
were on ed%e1 when about hal$way throu%h this "ea!e$ul#loo4in%
villa%e we ste""ed into a nest o$ ines0 'he !o"any went
berser40 2ithout orders1 without reasonin%1 we si"ly started
shootin%0 2e shot everythin% in si%ht0 2hen we !ae to
ourselves1 there was not a livin% thin% in the villa%e0 2e s4irted
the ined area and wal4ed %in%erly throu%h the desolation we
had !reated0 At the ed%e o$ the villa%e = saw the si%ht that was to
send e nearly ad0 A youn% =ndonesian other lay on the
%round in a "ool o$ her own blood1 a baby boy at her breast0 Both
had been 4illed by the sae bullet0
= thin4 l wanted to 4ill ysel$ a$ter that l 4now that in the
ne(t two years = be!ae $aous throu%hout the 9ut!h troo"s in
=ndonesia $or y !razy bravado on the battle$ield0 = bou%ht a
bri%ht yellow straw hat and wore it into !obat with e0 =t was a
dare and an invitation0 A<ere = aDE =t said0 AShoot eDE
Fradually = %athered around e a %rou" o$ boys who were
rea!tin% as = did1 and to%ether we invented a otto that we
"osted on the !a" bulletin board> AFet sart 5 lose your ind0E
Everythin% we did1 those two years1 whether on the
battle$ield or ba!4 at the rest !a"1 was in e(trees0 2hen we
$ou%ht1 we $ou%ht as aden0 2hen we dran41 we dran4 until
our reason le$t us0 'o%ether1 we would weave $ro bar to bar1
hurlin% our e"ty %in bottles throu%h the dis"lay windows o$ the
lo!al stores0
2hen = wo4e u" $ro these or%ies1 = would wonder why =
was doin% these thin%s1 but the 8uestion never %ot an answer0 =t
o!!urred to e on!e that "erha"s the !ha"lain i%ht be able to
hel"0 'hey told e = !ould $ind hi at the o$$i!ers; bar and when
= did1 he was as ti"sy and %arrulous as anyone there0 <e ste""ed
outside to see e1 but when = told why =;d !oe1 he lau%hed and
told e =;d %et over it0 ABut i$ you want1 !oe to servi!es be$ore
you $i%ht ne(t tie1E the !ha"lain said0 A'hat way you !an 4ill
en in a state o$ %ra!e0E <e thou%ht the yo4e was very $unny0
<e went ba!4 inside to re"eat it to the others0
SoD = turned to y "en "als0 = had 4e"t u" with all o$ the
"eo"leD = had "roised to write1 and now = ventured to share y
!on$usion with a $ew o$ the0 =n essen!e they all wrote ba!4 the
sae thin%> ABou;re $i%htin% $or your !ountry1 Andrew0 So the
rest doesn;t !ount0E
One "erson alone said ore than this0 'hile0 'hile wrote to
e about %uilt0 'hat "art o$ her letters s"o4e strai%ht to y own
wret!hedness0 But then she went on to tal4 about $or%iveness0
And there she lost e0 6y sense o$ %uilt was wra""ed around
e li4e a !hain1 and nothin% that = did 5 drin4in%1 $i%htin%1
writin% letters or readin% the 5 nothin% seeed to ease its
stran%lehold u"on e0
And then one day when = was on leave in Ja4arta1 wal4in%
throu%h the bazaar1 = s"otted a little %ibbon tied to a tall "ole0 <e
was sittin% on to" o$ the "ole eatin% soe $ruit1 and as = went by
he ?u"ed onto y shoulder and handed e a se!tion o$ oran%e0
= lau%hed1 and that was all it too4 $or the e(!ellent =ndonesian
salesan to !oe runnin%0
ASir1 the on4ey li4es you0;
= lau%hed a%ain0 'he %ibbon blin4ed twi!e very deliberately;
and then showed e his teeth in what !ould have been a %rin0
A<ow u!h3;
And that is how = !ae to a!8uire a on4ey;0 = too4 hi
ba!4 to the barra!4s with e0 At $irst the other boys were
A9oes he bite3E
AOnly !roo4s1E = said0
=t was a senseless rear41 eanin% nothin% but no sooner
had = said it than the on4ey ?u"ed out o$ y ars1 swun%
alon% the ra$ters1 and landed 5 o$ all the "la!es in the roo he
!ould have !hosen 5 on the head o$ a heavy set %uy who had
been winnin% ore at "o4er than avera%es allowed0 <e !rabbed
sideways1 $lailin% his ars1 tryin% to 4no!4 the on4ey o$$ his
head0 'he whole barra!4s was lau%hin%
AFet hi o$$ eDE Jan Mwart shouted0 AFet hi o$$DE
= rea!hed out y hand1 and the on4ey ran to e0
Jan soothed his hair and tu!4ed in his shirt1 but his eyes
were urderous A=;ll 4ill hi1E he said 8uietly0
So on the sae day = %ained one $riend and lost another0 =
hadn;t had the on4ey any wee4s1 be$ore = noti!ed that his
stoa!h seeed to be hurtin% hi0 One day while !arryin% hi =
$elt what seeed li4e a welt around his waist0 = "ut hi down on
the bed and told hi to lie still0 /are$ully = "ulled ba!4 the hair
until = saw what it was0 Evidently when the %ibbon had been a
baby1 soeone had tied hi with a "ie!e o$ wire and never ta4en
it o$$0 As the on4ey %rew1 the wire be!ae ebedded in his
$lesh0 =t ust have !aused hi terrible "ain0
'hat evenin% = be%an the o"eration0 = too4 y razor and
shaved o$$ the on4ey;s hair in a three#in!h#wide swathe around
his iddle0 'he un!overed welt was red and an%ry# loo4in%0
2hile the other boys in the barra!4s loo4ed on1 = !ut ever so
%ently into this tender $lesh until = e("osed the wire0 'he %ibbon
lay with the ost aazin% "atien!e0 Even when = hurt hi1 he
loo4ed at e with eyes that seeed to say1 A= understand1E until
At lon% last = was able to "ull the wire away0 =nstantly he ?u"ed
u"1 did a little !artwheel1 dan!ed around y shoulder1 and "ulled
y hair1 to the deli%ht o$ all the boys in the barra!4s 5 e(!e"t
A$ter that1 y %ibbon and = were inse"arable0 = thin4 =
identi$ied with hi as stron%ly as be with e0 = thin4 = saw in the
wire that had bound hi a 4ind o$ "arallel to the !hain o$ %uilt
still so ti%ht around ysel$ 5 and in his release the thin% = too
lon%ed $or0 2henever = was not on duty in the daytie1 = would
ta4e hi with e on lon% runs into the $orest0 <e lo"ed alon%
behind e until he %rew tired0 'hen with a s"rint he would dash
$orward1 Ju" u"1 and han% onto y shorts1 where he would
!lin% until $inally = "i!4ed hi u" and "ut hi on y shoulder0
'o%ether1 we would run $or ten1 $i$teen iles until = would $lin%
ysel$ down on the %round to slee"0 Alost always there were
on4eys in the trees overhead0 6y little %ibbon would ra!e into
the treeto"s to swin% and !hatter with the others0 'he $irst tie
this ha""ened1 = thou%ht = had lost hi0 But the inute = stood u"
to start ba!41 there was a shrie4 in the bran!hes overhead1 a
rustlin% o$ leaves1 and with a thud the %ibbon was ba!4 on y
One day when1 lau%hin% and tired1 = bore hi ba!4 into
!a"1 = $ound a letter waitin% $or e $ro y brother Ben0 <e
went on and on about a $uneral0 =t was only slowly that = realized
it was 6aa;s0
A""arently a tele%ra had been sent 5 but it had never
!oe0 = 4new that = was %oin% to !ry0 = %ave the on4ey soe
water and while he was drin4in%1 sli""ed away $ro !a"0 =
didn;t want even the %ibbon with e0 = ran and ran until y side
throbbed in "ain1 4nowin% suddenly how very alone = ust
always be without her0
And it was that wee4 that Jan Mwart too4 his reven%e on the
on4ey0 One evenin% = !ae in $ro %uard duty to be et with
the news1 AAndy1 the little on4ey;s dead0E
A9ead3E = loo4ed u" dully0 A2hat ha""ened3E
AOne o$ the boys "i!4ed hi by his tail and 4e"t slain%
hi a%ainst the wall0E
A2as it Mwart3E
'he %uy wouldn;t answer0
A2here;s the on4ey now3E
A<e;s outside0 =n the bushes0E
= $ound hi dra"ed over a bran!h0 'he worst o$ it was1 he
wasn;t 8uite dead0 = "i!4ed hi u" and brou%ht hi ba!4 to the
barra!4s0 <is Jaw was bro4en0 A %reat hole %a"ed in his throat0
2hen = tried to %ive hi water1 it ran ri%ht out the bole0 Jan
Mwart wat!hed e warily1 "re"ared $or a $i%ht0 But = didn;t $i%ht0
'oo any blows in a row had le$t e stu"e$ied0
Over the ne(t ten days = nursed that on4ey day and ni%ht =
sewed its throat !losed and $ed it su%ar water0 = rubbed its little
us!les0 = stro4ed its $ur0 = 4e"t it war and tal4ed to it
!onstantly0 =t was a !reature = had released $ro bonda%e1 and =
wasn;t %oin% to let it %o without a stru%%le0
Slowly very slowly1 y %ibbon be%an to eat1 and then t0
!rawl about on the bed1 and at last to sit u" and !hatter at e
!rossly i$ = was slow with the hourly $eedin%s0 At the end o$ two
onths he was runnin% with e a%ain in the $orest0
But he never re!overed his !on$iden!e in "eo"le0 'hat
barra!4s was a "la!e o$ terror $or hi0 'he only tie he would
sto" treblin% when "eo"le were !lose was when all $our le%s
and his tail were wra""ed around y ar and his head was
hidden in y shirt $ront0
2hen news !ae o$ a a?or new drive a%ainst the eney1 =
as4ed i$ soeone who !ould drive would borrow a ?ee" and ta4e
e and y %ibbon into the ?un%le0 A= want to let hi %o and then
drive away $ast0E = said1 A2ill anyone ta4e e3E
A=;ll %o0E
= turned around0 =t was Jan Mwart0 = held his eye $or a lon%
tie1 but he did not blin40
AAll ri%ht0E
As we drove into the ?un%le = e("lained to the on4ey why =
!ould no lon%er 4ee" hi0 At last we sto""ed0 As = "ut the little
%ibbon on the %round his wise little eyes stared into ine with
what loo4ed li4e !o"rehension0 <e did not try to ?u" ba!4
into the ?ee"0 As we "ulled away he sat there on the %round
starin% a$ter us until we were out o$ si%ht0
'he ne(t ornin%1 February =&1 19-91 our unit oved out at
=t was a %ood thin% = let the on4ey %o when l did1 $or l
never %ot ba!4 to !a"0
= tried to "retend the sae bravado on this ission that = had
$elt on earlier ones0 = wore y yellow straw hat as = had be$ore0 =
shouted as loud1 = !ursed1 = oved $orward with y !o"any
day a$ter day1 but even y de$ian!e seeed to have deserted e0
And then one ornin% a bullet sashed throu%h y side1
and = was out o$ the war0
=t ha""ened so suddenly and 5 at $irst 5 so "ainlessly that =
did not 4now what had ha""ened0 2e had wal4ed into an
abush0 'he eney was on three sides o$ us1 and any ties
our stren%th0 2hy = was shot in the an4le and not in y straw hat
= don;t 4now1 but as = was runnin% =0 suddenly $ell0 = 4new = had
not stubled0 But = !ould not %et u"0 And then = saw that y
ri%ht !obat boot had two holes hi it0 Blood was !oin% out o$
both o$ the0
L=; hit1E = !alled1 not e(!ited0 =t was si"ly a $a!t1 and =
stated it as su!h0
A buddy rolled e into a dit!h out o$ si%ht0 At last edi!s
!ae with a stret!her0 'hey "ut e on it and be%an ovin% !
out1 !rou!hin% low in the dit!h0 = still had on y yellow hat and
re$used to ta4e it o$$ even when it drew $ire0 A bullet on!e went
throu%h the !rown0 = ?ust didn;t !are0
<ours later1 still wearin% y yellow straw hat1 = was
stret!hed out on an o"eratin% table in the eva!uation hos"ital0 =t
too4 two and a hal$ hours to sew u" the $oot0 = heard the do!tors
dis!ussin% whether or not to a"utate0 'he nurse as4ed e to
ta4e the hat o$$ but = re$used0
A9on;t you 4now what that is3E the do!tor as4ed the nurse0
A'hat;s the unit;s sybol0 'hese are the boys who %ot sart and
lost their inds0E
But = hadn;t0 'hat was the $inal irony: the $inal $ailure0 =
hadn;t even ana%ed to %et y brains blown out0 Just a $oot0
Soehow in all y $urious sel$#destru!tiveness = had never
!onsidered this "ossibility0 = had always seen ysel$ %oin% out in
a blaze o$ !onte"t $or the whole huan $ar!e0 But to live 5 and
!ri""ledD 5 'hat was the eanest $ate o$ all0 6y %reat adventure
had $ailed0 2orse1 = was twenty years old1 and = had dis!overed
that there was no real adventure anywhere in the world0
/<AP'E. '<.EE
The Pe&&!e 'n the She!!
= lay on the hos"ital bed1 y ri%ht le% so en!ased 'n ,laster
that = !ould s!ar!ely ove0
At $irst = had visitors $ro y unit0 But the others were
%ettin% theselves 4illed or wounded too0 And a$ter all1 li$e was
ovin% on0 'he do!tors told e = would never wal4 without a
!ane0 =t was better not to thin4 about these thin%s7 bit by bit y
buddies sto""ed !oin%0
But not be$ore they had a!!o"lished two thin%s that were
to alter events $or e0
'he $irst was to ail a letter = had never intended ailin%0 =t
was to 'hile0 = had "i!4ed u" an odd habit> whenever = !ae
ba!4 $ro a late ni%ht on the town or a battle that le$t e $eelin%
es"e!ially dirty1 = would write to 'hile0 = would "ut down on the
"a"er all the $ilthy1 dis%ustin% thin%s = had seen and done1 thin%s
= !ould never really share with anyone7 then = would burn it0
Just be$ore = went into y last battle1 = had started su!h a
letter to 'hile and had le$t it un$inished in y barra!4s ba%0
2ell1 a$ter = was hit1 a hel"$ul buddy went throu%h y ba% $or
"ersonal ites be$ore turnin% it in0 And bein% a resour!e$ul 4ind
o$ $ellow1 he loo4ed u" 'hile;s nae in y address boo4 and
ailed it0 Bou !ould see he thou%ht he;d done soethin% e(tra
A6anDE he teased e when he visited e in the hos"ital0
A=;ve never seen su!h a list o$ naesD 2hat do you do1 write to
every $aily in <olland that has a "retty %irl3 =t too4 e hal$ an
hour to $ind the last nae that went with 'hile0 Bou better be
!are$ul1 an 5 this !ould start another war0E
<orror ust have shown in y $a!e1 be!ause he suddenly
?u"ed out o$ his !hair
AFee1 Andy1 = didn;t realize it still hurt so bad0 And here =
a a4in% lousy ?o4es0 =;ll !oe ba!4 when you $eel better0E
For days = tried to reeber what = had written in that
wret!hed letter0 As near as = !ould re!oil it be%an>
9earest 'hile:
=; so lonely toni%ht0 = wish you were here0 = wish = !ould
loo4 ri%ht into your eyes as = say all these thin%s and 4now that
you still li4ed e or at least didn;t !onden e0
Bou wrote e on!e that = should "ray0 2ell1 = haven;t0
=nstead = !urse0 = 4now words = never even heard in <olland0 =
tell $ilthy ?o4es0 'he worse = $eel the harder = !an %et the %uys
lau%hin%0 =; not the "erson you thin4 = a0 'his war used to
bother e0 But it doesn;t any ore0 2hen = see dead "eo"le =
shru%0 Peo"le we have 4illed1 not ?ust soldiers1 but ordinary
wor4in% en1 and woen1 and !hildren0
= have no desire $or Fod0 = don;t want to "ray0 =nstead o$
%oin% to !hur!h = %o to the "ub and drin4 until = don;t %ive a
'here was ore0 6u!h ore and u!h worse0 = lay in a%ony
in that hos"ital ward1 tryin% to reeber ?ust what in y
drun4en $o% = had written0 2ell1 there was one $riend = !ould say
%oodbye to0 'he trouble was1 'hile wasn;t ?ust Aone $riend0E She
was the best $riend =;d ever had 5 and = had wanted her to be so
very u!h ore0
= thrashed about on the narrow bed1 what "art o$ e !ould
ove1 tryin% to shut out the "i!ture o$ $ile readin% that letter0
And as = $lun% out y ar1 y hand $ell on the boo40
'hat was the se!ond thin% the boys had done $or e0 'hey
had $ound y other;s little Bible in the botto o$ the du$$le
ba%0 =t was =an Mwart who brou%ht it to e1 leavin% it rather
shyly on the bedside table ?ust be$ore he le$t0
A'his boo4 was in your thin%s1E he said0 A= didn;t 4now i$
you wanted it0E
= said than4s1 but = didn;t "i!4 it u"0 = doubt i$ = ever would
have1 e(!e"t $or the nuns0 'he hos"ital to whi!h = had been
assi%ned was run by Fran!is!an sisters0 = soon $ell in love with
every one o$ the0 Fro dawn until idni%ht they were busy in
the wards1 !leanin% bed"ans1 swabbin% wounds1 writin% letters
$or us1 lau%hin%1 sin%in%0 = never on!e board the !o"lain0
One day = as4ed the nun who !ae to bathe e how it was
that she and the other sisters were always so !heer$ul0
A2hy1 Andrew1 you ou%ht to 4now the answer to that 5 a
%ood 9ut!h boy li4e you1 it;s the love o$ /hrist0E 2hen she said
it1 her eyes s"ar4led1 and = 4new without 8uestion that $or her
this was the whole answer> she !ould have tal4ed all a$ternoon
and said no ore0
But you;re teasin% e1 aren;t you3E she said1 ta""in% the
well#worn little Bible where it still lay on the bedside table0
ABou;ve %ot the answer ri%ht here0E
So now when y restless hand stru!4 a%ainst it1 = "i!4ed it
u"0 =n the two and a hal$ years sin!e y other had %iven it to
e1 = had never on!e o"ened it0 But = thou%ht about the sisters1
their ?oy1 their tran8uility> LBou;ve %ot the answer ri%ht there000E=
"ro""ed the little boo4 on y !hest1 and with a desultory $in%er =
oved the "a%es ba!4ward until = %ot to Fenesis 1>10
= read the story o$ !reation and o$ the entran!e o$ sin into the
world0 =t did not see nearly as $ar$et!hed to e now as it had
when our s!hooltea!her read aloud a !ha"ter ea!h a$ternoon1
while outside !anals waited to be ?u"ed0 = read on1 s4i""in%
whole "ortions1 $li""in% throu%h to %et to the story a%ain0 At last1
any days later1 = !ae to the )ew 'estaent0 :yin% there
en!ased in auto%ra"h#!overed "laster1 = read strai%ht throu%h the
Fos"els1 !at!hin% dily their terrible si%ni$i!an!e0 /ould all this
really be true3
2hile = was in the iddle o$ the Fos"el A!!ordin% to St0
John1 a letter was delivered0 'he handwritin% on the envelo"e
was $ailiar0 'hile with treblin% hands = tore it o"en0
A9earest Andy1E = read 5 9earestD 'he word = had written so
any ties to her1 but never in a letter intended to be ailed 5
A9earest Andy1 = have here a letter $ro a boy who thin4s his
heart has turned hard0 But his heart is brea4in% and he has shown
a little o$ that heartbrea4 to e and = a "roud that he has0E
'hen $ollowed 5 when $or sheer relie$ = !ould read a%ain 5 o$ all
thin%s a study outline o$ the Bible3 'his was the only "la!e1
'hile wrote1 where huan heartbrea4 !ould be understood in
ters o$ Fod;s love0
'hey were wonder$ul wee4s that $ollowed1 wee4s o$ readin%
the Bible to%ether1 on o""osite sides o$ the earth0 = $illed "a%e
a$ter "a%e with 8uestions1 and 'hile went to her "astor and her
library and the de"ths o$ her own heart to $ind the answers0
But as the onths "assed in the hos"ital1 as y !ast !ae o$$
bit by bit1 and l saw the u%ly shrun4en le% and reebered the
?oys o$ runnin% that would never be ine a%ain1 = $ound ysel$
holdin% on to a hard !ore o$ resentent1 whi!h was ?ust the
o""osite o$ the ?oy 'hile and y Fran!is!an nuns were tal4in%
As soon as = was abulatory1 = started leavin% the hos"ital
every evenin% a$ter dinner to hobble "ain$ully to the nearest "ub
and drin4 ysel$ into oblivion0 'he nuns never s"o4e about it0
At least not dire!tly0 But on the day be$ore = was to be shi""ed
hoe y $avorite nun1 Sister Patri!e1 "ulled a !hair u" to y
AAndy1 = have a story to tell you0 9o you 4now how natives
!at!h on4eys out in the $orest3E
6y $a!e lit u" at the thou%ht o$ a on4ey story0 A)o0 'ell
A2ell you see1 the natives 4now that a on4ey will never let
%o o$ soethin% be wants even =$ it eans losin% his $reedo0
So here;s what they do0 'hey ta4e a !o!onut and a4e a hole in
one end ?ust bi% enou%h $or a on4ey;s "aw to sli" throu%h0
'hen they dro" a "ebble into the hole and wait in the bushes with
a net0
ASooner or later a !urious old $ellow will !oe alon%0 <e;ll
"i!4 u" that !o!onut shell and rattle it0 <e;ll "eer inside0 And
then at last hell sli" his "aw into the bole and $eel around until he
%ets hold o$ that "ebble0 But when he tries to brin% it out1 he
$inds that he !annot %et the "aw throu%h the hole without lettin%
%o0 And Andy1 that on4ey will never let %o o$ what he thin4s is
a "rize0 =t;s the easiest thin% in the world to !at!h a $ellow who
a!ts li4e that0E
Sister Patri!e %ot u" and "ut the !hair ba!4 by the table0 She
"aused $or a oent and loo4ed e strai%ht in the eye0
AAre you holdin% on to soethin%1 Andrew3 Soethin%
that;s 4ee"in% you $ro your $reedo3E
And then she was %one0
= 4new "er$e!tly well what she eant = also 4new her
seron wasn;t $or e0 'he ne(t day was %oin% to be a %reat one
on two !ounts> =t was y twenty#$irst birthday1 and it was the
day the hos"ital shi" sailed $or hoe0 'o !elebrate1 = !alled
to%ether all survivors who !ould still wal4 or li" o$ the
!o"any = had !oe to =ndonesia with three years earlier0 'here
were ei%ht o$ us0 2e had a %rand tie0 2e %ot roarin%1 shoutin%1
belli%erently drun40
/<AP'E. FOC.
One Storm) *'+ht
AAndrewDE Felt?e ran a!ross the little brid%e and threw her
ars around e0 She turned and shouted behind her0 A6aart?eD
Fo $ind Pa"al 'ell hi Andy is hoeDE
=n an instant the tiny $ront %arden was !rowded0 6aart?e ran
to 4iss e be$ore hurryin% out ba!4 to $et!h Pa"a0 Ben was there1
and his $ian!Ne0 'hey had waited to %et arried1 they told e1
until = !ould be at the weddin%0 Arie1 Felt?e;s new husband1
?oined us0 6y youn% brother /ornelius shoo4 y hand %ravely0
<e !ouldn;t 4ee" his eyes o$$ y !ane1 and = 4new he was
wonderin% ?ust how badly hurt = was0 =n the idst o$ hu%s and
4isses1 Pa"a !ae shu$$lin% around the house1 a bit lae hisel$
now0 <is brown eyes were oist0 AA)9.E2 BOBD FOO9 'O
<AGE BOC <O6EDE Pa"a;s voi!e was as loud as ever0
A2hen you $eel li4e it1 Andrew1E 6aart?e said a$ter the $irst
%reetin%s were over1 A=;ll ta4e you out to 6aa;s %rave0E
= said that = would li4e to %o ri%ht then0 'he %raveyard was
?ust $ive hundred yards $ro our house1 but to wal4 even that
distan!e = had to borrow Pa"a;s bi!y!le1 throw y had le% over
the seat1 and "ush ysel$ alon%1 hal$ ridin% hal$ wal4in%0
A=t;s really "retty bad1 then3; 6aart?e as4ed0
A'hey don;t thin4 =;ll ever wal4 ri%ht a%ain0;
'he %round had not yet $ully settled on 6aa;s %raves there
were $resh $lowers in a little red vase stu!4 into the soil0 A$ter a
while 6aart?e and = wal4ed hoe in silen!e0
'hat ni%ht1 thou%h1 a$ter it was dar41 = announ!ed that =
thou%ht = would try ta4in% a wal40 )o one o$$ered to %o with e>
ea!h "erson 4new what = wanted to do0 = %ot out the bi!y!le
a%ain and ha""ed and rolled u" the street0 'he !eetery lay in
$ull oonli%ht1 and it was easy to $ind the %rave1 = sat down on
the %round and said y last words to y other0
A=; ba!41 6aa0E =t seeed natural tal4in% to her0 A= did
read your Bible1 6aa0 )ot at $irst1 but = did read it0E 'here was
a lon% silen!e0
A6aa1 what a = %oin% to do now3 = !an;t wal4 a hundred
yards without the "ain a4in% e sto"0 Bou 4now =; no %ood
at sithin%0 'here;s a rehabilitation !enter at the hos"ital1 but
what !an = learn there3 = $eel so useless1 6aa0 And %uilty0
Fuilty $or the li$e = led out there0 Answer e1 6aa0E
But no answer !ae0 'he !old oonli%ht $lowed over e
and the %rave and the rest o$ us there in that !eetery> the dead
and the hal$#dead0 A$ter hal$ an hour = %ave u" tryin% to rea!h
into the "ast0 = wheeled ysel$ hoe0
Felt?e was at the 4it!hen table sewin%0 A2e tal4ed about
where you !ould slee"1 Andrew1E she said not loo4in% u"0 A9o
you thin4 you !ould a4e it u" the ladder3E
= loo4ed at the hole in the !eilin% above y head7 then =
ade y assault on that ladder0 = !libed one run% at a tie1
"uttin% y %ood $oot u"1 haulin% the other a$ter it0 'he "ain
ade "ers"iration stand out on y $orehead1 but = turned y
head so the others did not see0 6y old bed was waitin% $or e1
!lean sheets turned down invitin%ly0 = lay $or a lon% tie starin%
at the slo"in% !eilin%1 and at last 5 $ar too !lose to tears $or a
twenty#one#year#old an 5 = $ell aslee" wonderin% what had
ha""ened to y %reat adventure0
'he ne(t ornin% ta4in% only y !ane1 = hobbled out to %et
rea!8uainted with the villa%e0 'he "eo"le = et were "olite but
they also seeed ebarrassed0 'hey would loo4 un!o$ortably
at y uni$or1 then at y $oot0 A9id1 you hurt yoursel$ out there
in the East =ndies or soewhere3; they as4ed0 Obviously the war
was un"o"ular in <olland 5 as = su""ose lost wars always are0 =t
was !lear by now that =ndonesia would soon be inde"endent1 and
so it was easiest to "retend that we;d always intended it that way0
.eturnin% veterans only ade it di$$i!ult0
For an odd reason = !ould not understand: the house where =
was headed was the 2hetstra;s;0 = $ound the at hoe and
a!!e"ted with "leasure their invitation to a !u" o$ !o$$ee0 2e sat
around the 4it!hen table while 6r0 2hetstra as4ed e about
Su4arno and the /ounists and at last a ore "ersonal
A9id you $ind that adventure you were loo4in% $or1; Andy3E
= loo4ed down at the $loor0 A)ot really1E = said0
A2ell1E he said1 Awe;ll ?ust have to 4ee" "rayin%0E
AFor adventure3 For e3E = $elt the an%ry $lush !libin% u"
the ba!4 o$ y ne!40 ASure0 =; a natural $or adventure now0
2hen it !alls1 =;ll li" ri%ht out to eet it0E
=ediately = was ashaed0 2hat had ade e answer li4e
that3 = le$t the1 $eelin% = had s"oiled a $riendshi"0
Another "erson =;d been ea%er to see was @e!s0 = $ound hi
at hoe1 u"stairs in his roo1 bent over a lar%e "ile o$ boo4s0
A$ter a rather strained %reetin%1 = "i!4ed u" one o$ the boo4s and
was aazed to $ind that it was a theolo%i!al treatise0
A2hat;s this3E = as4ed0
@ees too4 the boo4 $ro y hands0 A=;ve de!ided what =;
%oin% to do with y li$e0E
ABou;re lu!4y0 2hat is it3; = as4ed1 hardly believin% the
answer = 4new he was %oin% to %ive e0
A= want to %o into the inistry0 Pastor Ganderhoo" is hel"in%
@ees ade e s8uir1 and = %ot out o$ there ?ust as soon as =
"olitely !ould0
'he veterans; hos"ital at 9oo was an enorous !o"le(
o$ treatent !enters1 doritories1 and rehabilitation units1 but its
!hie$ 8uality was boredo0 = disli4ed the e(er!ises1 = loathed the
trade s!hool1 but the thin% = hated ost was the o!!u"ational
2e had to a4e vases out o$ $lo""y1 sti!4y !lay0 = ?ust never
!ould %et the han% o$ it0 'he tri!4 was to "ut the lu" o$ !lay
"re!isely on the !enter o$ the whirlin% wheel1 then 4ee" the
wheel turnin% while your $in%ers wor4ed the %lob into a use$ul
sha"e0 Soehow = !ould never $ind that !enter0 =t was so
$rustratin% that on ore than one o!!asion = $lun% y hun4 o$
!lay a%ainst the wall0
On $irst wee4end leave = went to see 'hile0 On the bus to
For4u = 4e"t tellin% ysel$ that she !ould not be as beauti$ul as
= reebered0 And then = li"ed throu%h the door o$ her
$ather;s sho"1 and she was0 <er eyes were bla!4er7 her s4in $airer
than anyone else;s in the world0 Even with her $ather loo4in% on1
our handsha4e lin%ered lon%er than was ne!essary0
A2el!oe hoe1 Andrew0E
'hile;s $ather !ae around the !ounter wi"in% $ish s!ales on
his a"ron0 <e shoo4 y hand $ervently0 A'ell e all about the
As soon as = !ould1 = too4 'hile away $ro the $ish sho"0 2e
s"ent the rest o$ the a$ternoon sittin% and tal4in% on a lar%e
!a"stan on the whar$0 = told her about y hoe!oin%1 about
Felt?e;s husband and Ben;s u"!oin% arria%e7 = told her about
the rehabilitation !enter1 how = hated wor4in% with the !lay7 and
thou%h =0 4new she would be disa""ointed1 = told her that y
reli%ious li$e had !oe to a dead standstill0
'hile was starin% out a!ross the harbor0 AAnd yet1E she said
%ently1 AFod hasn;t !oe to a standstill0E Suddenly she lau%hed0
A= thin4 you;re li4e one o$ your own lu"s o$ !lay1 Andy0 Fod
has a "lan $or you1 and <e;s tryin% to %et you into the !enter o$
it1 and you 4ee" dod%in% and slitherin% away0E
She turned her dar4 eyes on ine0 A<ow do you 4now3
6aybe <e wants to a4e you into soethin% wonder$ulDE
6y eyes $ell1 and = "retended %reat interest in the !i%arette
buttD <e was !rushin% a%ainst the !a"stan0
A:i4e what1 $or instan!e3E = said0
'hile loo4ed with distaste at the !ar"et o$ !i%arette ends that
= had s"read on the "ier around us0 A:i4e an ashtray1E she said
shortly0 A<ow u!h do you so4e1 Andy3;
=t had !re"t u" to three "a!4s a day0 A= don;t 4now1E = said0
A2ell1 soethin%;s a4in% you !ou%h0 = don;t thin4 it;s
%ood $or you0E
ABou;re $ull o$ "lans $or y i"roveent1 aren;t you3; =
hadn;t eant to say that0 2hy did = always ruin thin%s3 =t was
?ust that suddenly = $elt so $ar away $ro everyone 5 even 'hile0
She didn;t 4now what =t was li4e havin% to bite the inside o$
your li" o$$ $or $ear the "ain in your le% would a4e you !ry7 or
what =t was li4e to have a woan %et u" on a "ubli! bus so that
you !ould ta4e a seat0 = le$t 'hile that a$ternoon 4nowin% =;d said
all the thin%s = didn;t ean to1 and none o$ the thin%s l did0
=t was two onths be$ore anyone s"o4e about reli%ion to e
a%ain1 and then it wasn;t 'hile but another "retty %irl0
=t was idornin% on a rather blustery day in Se"teber1
19-90 2e were sittin% on our beds1 readin% and writin% letters
a$ter ornin% e(er!ises1 when the nurse !ae in to announ!e a
visitor0 = "aid no attention until = heard a low whistle rise to the
li"s o$ twenty boys0 = %lan!ed u"0 Standin% in the doorway1
ebarrassed and yet "leased1 was a stri4in% blond000
A)ot bad1E y ne(t#bed nei%hbor Pier whis"ered0
A= won;t ta4e u!h o$ your tie1E the %irl be%an0 A= ?ust
want to as4 you all to ?oin us at our tent eetin% toni%ht0 'here
will be lots o$ re$reshents0000E
A2hat 4ind3E soeone shouted0
AAnd the bus will leave here at seven o;!lo!41 and = ho"e
you !an all !oe0E
'he boys burst into wild1 e(a%%erated a""lause with shouts
o$ AEn!oreD En!oreDE as the %irl retreated0 But when seven
o;!lo!4 !ae1 every one o$ us was waitin% in the $oyer1 !lean
s!rubbed1 hair sti$$ with brilliantine0 Pier and = were $irst in line0
2e were ha""y1 not only be!ause o$ the ni%ht away $ro the
hos"ital but also be!ause Pier had sli""ed down to the villa%e
and !oe ba!4 with our answer to the 8uestion o$ what
re$reshents would be served0 By the tie the bus arrived at the
tent %rounds1 the bottle was hal$ e"ty0 2e too4 seats in the
e(tree rear o$ the tent and $inished the rest o$ it0
6ost o$ the boys thou%ht our anti!s were $unny0 'he "eo"le
holdin% the revival servi!e did not0 Finally a $unny#loo4in% an
with a thin $a!e and dee"#set eyes 5 the 4ind o$ "erson = disli4ed
on si%ht 5 too4 the "odiu and announ!ed that there were two
"eo"le in the !on%re%ation who were bound by "owers they
!ouldn;t !ontrol0
And then1 !losin% his eyes1 he be%an a lon% i"assioned
"rayer $or the health o$ our iortal souls0 2e !ho4ed ba!4 our
lau%hter till our throats a!hed $ro the e$$ort0 But when at last1 in
a "ious sin%son%1 he !alled us Aour brethren over who $orei%n
s"irits have %ained in$luen!e1E we !ould hold it in no lon%er0 2e
howled1 we yel"ed1 we whoo"ed with lau%hter0 Seein% that
$urther "rayer was i"ossible1 the an told the !hoir to sin%0
'he son% they !hose was A:et 6y Peo"le Fo0E
Soon the whole !on%re%ation was ?oinin% in on the re$rain0
A:et y "eo"le %o000L A%ain and a%ain the words swelled u"
under the bi% tent
'he eetin% ended1 the vets troo"ed out to the waitin% bus0
But still inside y head the words san% on0 A:et the %o 000let
e %o000
=t is $oolish1 o$ !ourse1 to su%%est that a si"le son% 5 a son%
overheard1 not even sun% 5 !ould be!oe a "rayer1 and that Fod
would honor it0 And yet the very ne(t day1 durin% dreaded
o!!u"ational !lass1 a stran%e thin% ha""ened0
=n s"ite o$ the $a!t that = had a 4in%#sized han%over1 = !ould
do nothin% wron% at y wheel0 = sat down and sla""ed a hun4 o$
%ray !lay on the wheel1 then oved it toward the !enter while
y $oot wor4ed slowly0 A vase rose under y $in%ers0
=n!redulous1 = threw another %lob o$ !lay onto the wheel0
On!e a%ain the sha"e rose e$$ortlessly1 at!hin% the $or = held
in y ind0
:ater that day soethin% even ore unsettlin% ha""ened0
9urin% a$ternoon rest "eriod = was $li""in% throu%h the
a%azines "rovided $or us1 when all at on!e = rea!hed $or the
Bible that = 4e"t on y ni%htstand as a eento o$ y other0 =
had not read it sin!e =;d been ba!4 in <olland0 But that a$ternoon
= suddenly started readin%1 and to y astonishent = understood
it0 All the "assa%es that had seeed so "uzzlin% when = stru%%led
throu%h the be$ore1 read now li4e a $ast#"a!ed a!tion yarn0 =
read strai%ht throu%h the rest "eriod and had to he !alled a
se!ond tie $or a$ternoon tea0
= was still devourin% the Bible a wee4 later when the hos"ital
told e = !ould be%in %oin% hoe $or lon% wee4ends0 = read
there1 too stret!hed out hour on end on y bed in the aide0 Felt?e
would brin% e sou"0 :oo4 at e to see i$ = was all ri%ht1 than
%o ba!4 downstairs without sayin% a word0
2hat was ha""enin% to e3
And then the !hur!h#%oin% be%an0 =1 who never went to
!hur!h1 started now to attend with su!h re%ularity that the whole
villa%e noti!ed it> not Only Sunday ornin%1 but Sunday evenin%
and 2ednesday id#wee4 servi!e as well0 =n )oveber1 19-91 =
was $orally ustered out o$ the ary0 2ith "art o$ y
se"aration "ay = bou%ht ysel$ a slee4 new bi!y!le and learned
to "edal by thrustin% with the %ood le%1 !oastin% with the bad0 =
still !ould not ta4e a ste" without "ain1 but with wheels beneath
e it no lon%er attered so u!h0 )ow = started attendin%
!hur!h servi!es in nei%hborin% towns as well0 On 6ondays =
went to a Salvation Ary eetin% in Al4aar0 On 'uesdays =
"edaled all the way to Asterda to a Ba"tist servi!e0 = $ound a
servi!e soewhere every ni%ht in the wee40 At ea!h one = too4
!are$ul notes on what the "rea!her said1 and then = s"ent the
$ollowin% ornin% loo4in% u" "assa%es in the Bible to see i$ all
the thin%s he said were really there0
AAndrewDE 6aart?e !ae u" the ladder1 balan!in% a !u" o$
tea0 AAndrew1 !an = be $ran4 with you3E
= sat u"0 AO$ !ourse1 6aart?e;
A=t;s ?ust that we;re worried about the aount o$ tie you;re
s"endin% u" here all alone0 Always readin% the Bible0 And %oin%
to !hur!h every ni%ht0 =t isn;t natural0 2hat;s ha""ened to you1
= siled0 L= wish = 4newDE
A2e !an;t hel" worryin%1 Andy0 Pa"a;s worried too0 <e says
KE She sto""ed as thou%h wonderin% how u!h to say0 APa"a
says it;s shell sho!40E And with that she ba!4ed swi$tly down the
= thou%ht about what she;d said0 2as = in dan%er o$
be!oin% a reli%ious $anati!3 = had heard o$ "eo"le who lost
their inds and went around 8uotin% S!ri"tures at everyone0
2as = %oin% to %et li4e that3
And still y stran%e !o"ulsion swe"t e on1 bi4in% $ro
!hur!h to !hur!h1 studyin%1 listenin% absorbin%0 Pier wrote e
on!e1 as4in% e to eet hi $or a %ood old#$ashioned drin4 $est1
but = didn;t answer the letter0 = intended to1 but = $ound it wee4s
later stu!4 in the ba!4 o$ a bio%ra"hy o$ <udson 'aylor0
And on the other hand = be%an s"endin% a lot o$ tie with
@ees1 and with y old s!hooltea!her1 6iss 6ee4le1 and with the
2hetstras1 and o$ !ourse1 ore than ever with 'hile0 Every wee4
= !y!led down to For4u to tal4 over with 'hile the thin%s = was
readin% and hearin%0 =t was too !old now to sit out on the whar$0
So we tended the $ish sho" and1 between !ustoers1 tal4ed0
At $irst 'hile was thrilled about the thin%s that were
ha""enin% to e1 but as the wee4s stret!hed into onths and =
!ontinued y hot#"a!ed rounds o$ !hur!hes1 she be%an to be
alared0 ABou don;t want to burn yoursel$ out1 Andy1E she;d
say0 A9on;t you thin4 you ou%ht to "a!e yoursel$ a bit3 .ead
soe di$$erent 4ind o$ boo4s0 Fo to the ovies now and then0E
= !ouldn;t bother0 )othin% in the world interested e e(!e"t
the in!redible voya%e o$ dis!overy on whi!h = had set out000 Fro
tie to tie1 also1 'hile as4ed i$ = had $ound a ?ob0 'his was a
ore serious "roble0 Obviously until = had a ?ob = !ouldn;t
even su%%est to 'hile the drea = had had so lon% $or her and
e0 = set out ?ob#huntin% in earnest0
Be$ore = $ound one1 thou%h1 a $ra%ile little event o!!urred
that !han%ed y li$e $ar ore radi!ally than the bullet that had
torn throu%h bone and us!le a year be$ore3 =t was a story
ni%ht in the dead o$ winter1 19+00 = was in bed0 'he sleet blew
a!ross the "olders as it !an only blow in <olland in id#January0
= "ulled the !overs hi%her under y !hin1 4nowin% that outside
the sleet was drivin% alost "arallel to the %round0 'here were
any voi!es in that wind0 = heard Sister Patri!e0 A'he on4ey
will never let %o000E = heard the sin%in% under the bi% tent0 :et y
"eo"le %o0 0 0
2hat was it = was han%in% on to3 2hat was it that was
han%in% on to e3 2hat was standin% between e and $reedo3
'he rest o$ the house was aslee"0 = lay on y ba!4 with y
hands under y head starin% at the dar4ened !eilin% and all at
on!e1 very 8uietly1 = let %o o$ y e%o 2ith a new note in the
wind yellin% at e not to be a $ool1 = turned ysel$ over to Fod
lo!41 sto!41 and adventure0 'here wasn;t u!h $aith in y
"rayer0 = ?ust said A:ori1 i$ Bou will show e the way1 = will
$ollow Bou0 Aen0;
=t was as si"le as that0
/<AP'E. F=GE
The Ste, of es
= went to slee" that ni%ht with the sounds o$ the winter stor
yellin% at e0 /uriously enou%h1 althou%h = had ?ust thrown
away every shred o$ sel$#de$ense1 = $elt se!ure in a way = had
never be$ore 4nown0
=n the ornin% = wo4e u" with su!h ?oy wellin% in e that =
had to tell soeone0 = !ouldn;t tell y $aily they were worried
enou%h about e already0 'hat le$t the 2hetstras and the
2hetstras understood ri%ht away0 APraise the :ord; Phili"
2hetstra shouted0
'he "hrase ade e un!o$ortable1 but the tone o$ his voi!e
wared y heart 'he 2hetstras did not see to thin4 = had
done anythin% stran%e or abnoral0 'hey used words li4e Aborn
a%ain1E but in s"ite o$ the odd lan%ua%e = %ot the =dea that the
ste" = had ta4en was alon% a well#traveled road0
@nee also1 when = told hi1 re!o%nized the e("erien!e at
on!e0 <e was sittin% at his des41 surrounded by his inevitable
boo4s0 <e %ave e a s!holarly loo40 A'here;s a nae $or what;s
ha""ened to you1E he said1 ta""in% a "arti!ularly $orbiddin%#
loo4in% volue0 A=t;s !alled a !risis !onversion0 =;ll be
interested1 Andrew1 to see i$ a res"onse#in#de"th $ollows itE 'o
y sur"rise1 thou%h1 when = went to see 'hile1 she did not see
as "leased as the others0 2asn;t this the 4ind o$ thin% "eo"le did
at ass rallies3 she as4ed0
Poor 'hile1 she was about to have another sho!4 worse than
the $irst0 A $ew wee4s later 5 =n the early s"rin% o$ 19+0 5 = went
to Asterda with @ees to hear a well#4nown 9ut!h evan%elist1
6ire 9on4er0 'oward the end o$ his seron1 Pastor 9on4er
=nterru"ted hisel$0
AFriends1E he said1 A=;ve had the $eelin% all ni%ht that
soethin% very s"e!ial is %oin% to ha""en at this eetin%0
Soeone out there in the audien!e wants to %ive hisel$ to the
ission $ield0E
'heatri!s1 = thou%ht0 <e;s %ot soeone "lanted out here
who;s %oin% to ?u" u" now and run $orward and add a little
eotion to the evenin%0 But 6r0 9on4er !ontinued to "eer out
over the audien!e0
'he silen!e1 in the eetin% hall under his stare %rew
o""ressive0 @ees $elt it too0 A= hate this sort o$ thin%0 :et;s %et
out o$ here0E
2e ed%ed our way to the end o$ our row0 <eads turned
ea%erly0 2e both sat down0
A2ellE said 6r0 9on4er at last1 AFod 4nows who it is out
there0 <e 4nows the "erson $or who is waitin% a li$e o$
"er"etual ris4 and dan%er0 = thin4 "robably it;s a youn% "erson0
A youn% an0E
)ow all over the hall "eo"le were turnin% and loo4in%
around as i$ to s"ot who the "rea!her eant0 And then1 in
obedien!e to soe suons = shall never understand1 both @ees
and = were on our $eet0
AAh yes1E the "rea!her said0 A'here you are0 'wo youn%
en0 S"lendidD 2ill you boys !oe $orward3;
2ith a si%h1 @nee and = wal4ed down the lon% aisle to the
$ront o$ the eetin% hall where we 4nelt1 as i$ in a drea1 to hear
6r0 9on4er say a "rayer over us0 As he "rayed1 all1 = !ould thin4
o$ was what 'hile would say0 A.eally1 AndrewDE She would be
sho!4ed and hurt0 ABou are %oin% down the sawdust trail1 aren;t
But worse was still to !oe0 A$ter he had $inished his "rayer1
the "rea!her told @ees and e that he wanted to see us a$ter the
servi!e0 .elu!tantly1 and hal$ sus"e!tin% hi o$ bein% a
hy"notist1 we stayed behind0 2hen the hail was e"ty1 6r0
9on4er as4ed us our naes0
AAndrew and @ees1E he re"eated0 A2ell boys1 are you ready
$or your $irst assi%nent3E Be$ore we had a !han!e to "rotest1
the "rea!her went on0
AFoodD = want you to %o ba!4 to your own hoetowns 5
where do you !oe $ro1 boys3E
ABoth $ro 2itte3 E(!ellentD = want you to %o ba!4 to 2itte
and hold an o"en#air eetin% =n $ront o$ the bur%oaster;s
house0 Bou;ll be $ollowin% the Bibli!al "attern 5 Jesus told the
dis!i"les to s"read the %ood news Lbe%innin% at Jerusale0; 'hey
had to start their "rea!hin% in their own ba!4yard0000E
'he words e("loded one by one in y ind li4e ortar
shells0 9id this an 4now what he was as4in%3
AOh1 =;ll be with you1 boysDE 6r0 9on4er went on0 A)othin%
to be alared about0 =t;s all in %ettin% used to it0 =;ll s"ea4
$irst0 0 0
= was barely listenin%0 =nstead = was reeberin% how u!h
= disli4ed street "rea!hers o$ any stri"e0 6ore words dri$ted into
y !ons!ious0
A000So we have a date1 then0 Saturday a$ternoon =n 2itte0E
ABes1 sir1E = said1 intendin% to say no0
AAnd you1 son3E 6r0 9on4er as4ed @ees0
ABes1 sir0E
@ees and = rode the bus hoe0 = in stunned silen!e1 ea!h
se!retly blain% the other $or havin% %ot us into su!h a s"ot0
)ot a soul in 2itte issed that eetin%0 Even the town do%s
turned out $or the show0 2e stood with the evan%elist on a little
"lat$or ade o$ bo(es and loo4ed out over a sea o$ $ailiar
$a!es0 Soe were lau%hin% outri%ht1 soe only %rinnin%0 A $ew
5 li4e the 2hetstras and 6iss 6ee4le 5 nodded en!oura%eent
'he ne(t hal$ hour was a ni%htare0 = don;t reeber a
thin% that @ees and 6r0 9on4er said0 = only reeber the
oent when 6r0 9on4er turned toward e and waited0 =
ste""ed $orward1 and a terri$yin% silen!e rose to eet e0
Another ste" and = was at the ed%e o$ the "lat$or and %lad $or
the loose 9ut!h trousers that hid y 4no!4in% 4nees0
= !ouldn;t reeber a thin% = had "lanned to say0 So all =
!ould do was tell about the way = $elt dirty and %uilty !oin%
hoe $ro =ndonesia0 And how = had !arried around the burden
o$ what = was and what = wanted out o$ li$e1 until one ni%ht
durin% a stor = laid it down0 And = told the how $ree = had $elt
ever sin!e 5 that is1 until 6r0 9on4er here had tra""ed e into
sayin% = wanted to be!oe a issionary0
ABut you 4now1E = said to y hoetown1 A= i%ht sur"rise
hi at that0 0 0
= alost dreaded y ne(t date with 'hile0 =t;s bard to tell the
%irl you ho"e will arry you that you;ve suddenly de!ided to
be!oe a issionary0 2hat 4ind o$ all li$e was that to o$$er her3
<ard wor41 little "ay1 aybe disa%reeable1 livin% !onditions in
soe $ar#o$$ "la!e0
<ow !ould = even su%%est su!h a li$e to her1 unless she
hersel$ were heart and soul !oitted to the idea as well3
And so the $ollowin% wee4 = started y !a"ai%n to a4e a
issionary out o$ 'hile0 = told her about the oent at the
eetin% when the !onvi!tion had hit e and how sure = had been
sin!e o$ Fod;s hand in this !hoi!e0
Stran%ely enou%h1 the hardest thin% $or 'hile to a!!e"t
seeed to be not the ri%ors o$ ission li$e7 but the $a!t that = had
wal4ed $orward in $ront o$ all those "eo"le0
AOne "la!e = a%ree with 6r0 9on4er1 thou%h1E she said0 A'he
"la!e to start any inistry is at hoe0 2hy don;t you %et a ?ob
ri%ht around 2itte and !onsider that your ission $ield at $irst3
Bou;ll dis!over 8ui!4ly enou%h whether or not you;re eant to
be a issionary0E
'his ade sense0 'he lar%est industry anywhere near 2itte
was the hu%e .in%ers; !ho!olate $a!tory in Al4aar0 Felt?e;s
husband Arie wor4ed there1 and when = as4ed hi1 he said be
would "ut in a %ood word $or e with the hirin% o$$i!e0
'he ni%ht be$ore = bi4ed to Al4aar to a""ly $or a ?ob1 = had
a wonder$ul drea0 'he $a!tory was $ull o$ des"ondent1 unha""y
"eo"le who noti!ed at on!e that = had soethin% di$$erent0 'hey
!rowded around e1 deandin% y se!ret0 2hen = told the1
truth dawned on their $a!es0 'o%ether we 4nelt0000
= was really sorry when l had to wa4eu"0
= sat on the wooden ben!h outside the hirin% o$$i!e at
.in%ers;0 'he !loyin% sell o$ !ho!olate hun% in the air1 heavy
and una""ealin%0
= wal4ed throu%h the door as bris4ly as = !ould7 = had le$t y
!ane at hoe0 2al4in% was still "ain$ul $or e but 5 e(!e"t
when = was $ired 5 = had learned to ste" on the in?ured an4le
without li"in%0 'he "ersonnel dire!tor was s!owlin% at the
a""li!ation $or =n $ront o$ hi0
A6edi!al dis!har%e1E he read aloud0 <e loo4ed at e
sus"i!iously0 A2hat;s the atter with you3E
A)othin%1E = said1 $eelin% the blood rush to y $a!e0 A= !an
do anythin% anyone here !an do0E
A'ou!hy1 aren;t you3E
But he %ave e a ?ob0 = was to !ount the bo(es at the end o$
one o$ the "a!4a%in% asseblies1 then wheel the to the
shi""in% roo0 A sla!4#$a!ed boy led e throu%h a aze o$
!orridors and stairways and at last "ushed o"en the door to an
enorous assebly#roo where "erha"s two hundred %irls were
ran%ed around a dozen !onveyer belts0 <e le$t e at one o$ the0
AFirls1 this is Andrew0 <ave $unDE
'o y astonishent1 a !horus o$ whistles %reeted this
=ntrodu!tion0 'hen1 shouted su%%estions0 A<ey1 .uthie1 how
would you li4e hi3E A/an;t tell by loo4in%0E 'hen $ollowed
"erversion and bathroo tal40 Even1 y years in the ary had
not "re"ared e $or the lan%ua%e = heard that ornin%0
'he leader o$ the $oul wise!ra!4in%1 = dis!overed1 was a %irl
naed Freet?e0 <er $avorite sub?e!t was sodoy> she s"e!ulated
aloud on whi!h anial would $ind a soul ate in e0 = was
%rate$ul when y !art was $ull and = !ould es!a"e $or a $ew
oents to what seeed li4e the san!tuary o$ ale !o"any in
the shi""in% roo0
'oo soon1 it was unloaded and = had to run the %aut o$
whistles in the bi% roo a%ain0 A'his ay be a ission $ield1
:ord1E = thou%ht = too4 the re!ei"t $or the bo(es to the
tie4ee"er;s window in the !enter o$ the roo0 ABut it;s not
ine0 =;ll never learn to tal4 to these %irls0 'hey;d ta4e anythin%
= said and twist it around until000E
= sto""ed0 For silin% at e throu%h the %lass "artition o$
the tie4ee"er;s booth were the warest eyes = had ever seen0
'hey were brown0 )o1 they were %reen0 And she was very
youn%0 Blonde1 slender1 she !ouldn;t have been out o$ her teens1
and she was handlin% the ost res"onsible ?ob on the $loor> the
wor4 orders and $inished#wor4 re!ei"ts0 As = handed ine
throu%h the window1 her sile bro4e into a lau%h0
A9on;t ind the1E she said %ently0 A'his is the treatent
they %ive every new!oer0 =n a day or two it;ll be soeone
6y heart $looded with %ratitude0
She handed e a new shi""in% order $ro the "ile in $ront o$
her1 but still = stood there1 starin% at her0 =n a roo where the rest
o$ the woen wore enou%h "owder and rou%e to a4e u" a
!ir!us1 here was a %irl without a tra!e o$ a4eu"0 Only her own
$resh youn% !olorin% set o$$ those eyes that were never the sae
shade twi!e0
'he ore = loo4ed at her1 the ore = was sure = had seen her
be$ore0 But the 8uestion would sound li4e a !li!hN0 .elu!tantly1 =
went ba!4 to the assebly line0
'he hours seeed to dra%0 By the end o$ the lon% day on y
$eet1 every ste" on y an4le was a%ony0 'ry = would1 = be%an to
li"0 Freet?e s"otted it at on!e0
A2hat;s the atter3 Andy3E she shrie4ed1 ABou $ail out o$
AEast =ndies1E = said1 ho"in% to shut her u"0
Freet?e;s yel" o$ triu"h !ould be heard all over the roo0
A2e %ot a war hero1 %irls0 =s it true what they say about Su4arno1
Andy3 9oes he li4e the very youn%3E
=t was the worst ista4e = !ould have ade0 For days 5 lon%
a$ter = would have lost the value o$ novelty $or the 5 the %irls
8uestioned e about what they ia%ined to be the e(oti! li$e o$
the East0
6ore than on!e = would have 8uit the ?ob in sheer boredo
at their one tra!4 !onversation 5 e(!e"t $or the silin% eyes
behind the %lass "artition0 = too4 to %oin% there even when = had
no re!ei"t to deliver0 Soeties alon% with a re!ei"t =;d sli" a
note o$ y own> ABou;re loo4in% very ni!e today1E or A<al$ an
hour a%o you $rowned000 2hat was the atter3E = 4e"t wonderin%
how she $elt about the tal4 she overheard1 and what she was
doin% in a "la!e li4e this anyhow0 And always1 = was haunted by
the $eelin% that = 4new her0
= wor4ed at the $a!tory a onth be$ore = %ot u" !oura%e to
tell her1 A=; worried about you0 Bou;re too youn% and too
"retty to be wor4in% with this !rowd0E
'he %irl threw ba!4 her head and lau%hed0 A2hy1 Frand"aDE
she said0 A2hat old#$ashioned ideas you haveD A!tuallyE 5 she
leaned !lose to the little window 5Ethey;re not a bad !rowd0
6ost o$ the ?ust need $riends1 and they don;t 4now any other
way to %et the0E
She loo4ed at e as thou%h wonderin% whether to !on$ide in
e0 ABou see1E she said so$tly1 A=; a /hristian0 'hat;s why =
!ae to wor4 here0E
= %a"ed in astonishent at y $ellow issionary0 And all at
on!e = reebered where = had seen this $a!e be$ore0 'he
veterans; hos"italD 'his was the %irl who had invited us to the
tent eetin%D And that was the "la!e whereK
= stubled over y words in y ea%erness to tell her all that
had ha""ened1 and how = had !oe here to .in%ers; on the sae
ission as her own0 <er nae1 she told e1 was /orrie van
9a0 And $ro that day on1 /orrie and = were a tea0 6y ?ob o$
!olle!tin% the $inished bo(es too4 e u" and down the rows o$
"a!4a%ers1 where = !ould 4ee" a loo4out $or anyone with
"robles0 = would "ass the word to /orrie1 who !ould s"ea4 to
the %irl in "rivate when she !ae to the window $or her ne(t
wor4 order0
=n this way we eventually $ound a sall nu!leus o$ "eo"le
interested in the sae thin%s we were0 'he British evan%elist
Sidney 2ilson was holdin% Ayouth wee4endsE in <olland then
and we started attendin% these0
One o$ the $irst "eo"le to !oe with us was a blind and
badly !ri""led %irl1 who wor4ed on the sae belt with Freet?e0
Ay read Braille and showed e how she "un!hed out letters to
other blind "eo"le with a little hand Braille#writer0 = bou%ht one
too1 and a !o"y o$ the Braille al"habet1 and would leave Braille
notes on the ovin% belt o$ !ho!olates $or Ay;s 8ui!4 $in%ers
to $ind0
O$ !ourse1 this was too u!h $or Freet?e to leave alone0
AAylE she would bellow down the row o$ wor4in% %irls0
A<ow u!h is he o$$erin% this tie3
For a lon% tie Ay too4 the ?ibes in %ood huor0 But one
day = !ae ba!4 $ro the shi""in% roo to see her blin4in% her
il4y eyes as thou%h to 4ee" ba!4 tears0
A= !an see1E Freet?e was booin%1 Ahow you i%ht not be
She !au%ht si%ht o$ e and %rinned ali!iously0 AAll en
are ali4e in the dar41 eh Ay3E she shouted0
= sto""ed still in the doorway0 = had "rayed that ornin%1 as =
always did while bi4in% to wor41 that Fod would tell e what to
say to "eo"le0 'he order = seeed to be %ettin% now was so
une("e!ted = !ould hardly believe it1 and yet so !lear that =
obeyed without thin4in%0
AFreet?e1E = !alled a!ross the roo1 AShut u"0 And shut u"
$or %oodDE
Freet?e was so startled1 her ?aw literally dro""ed o"en0 = was
startled ysel$0 But = had to $ollow u" or lose the initiative0
AFreet?e1E = !alled1 still shoutin% a!ross the %reat hail1 A'he
bus leaves $or the !on$eren!e !enter at nine Saturday ornin%0 =
want you to be on board0E
AAll ri%ht0E
<er answer !ae ?ust that 8ui!4ly0 = waited to see i$ a ?o4e
were !oin%1 but = noti!ed that now it was Freet?e who was
blin4in% her eyes0 As = went ba!4 to loadin% bo(es1 = noti!ed that
the entire roo was stran%ely silent0 Everyone was a little awed
at what was ha""enin%0
And on Saturday1 Freet?e was aboard the bus0 'hat sur"rised
e ost o$ all0 She was her old sel$1 thou%h1 and let us 4nows0
'hat she was !oin% only to $ind out what really went on a$ter
the li%hts went o$$0
At the !on$eren!e %rounds Freet?e stayed very u!h to
hersel$0 9urin% the eetin%s she 4e"t u" a steady strea o$ sotto
vo!e !oents as "eo"le told how Fod was a4in% a di$$eren!e
in their lives0 =n between eetin%s1 Freet?e read a roan!e
Sunday a$ternoon the bus brou%ht us ba!4 to Al4aar1
where = had le$t y bi!y!le at the de"ot0 Freet?e lived in the ne(t
town to 2itte0 = wondered what y !han!es were o$ "ersuadin%
her to ride alon% with e on the ba!4 o$ y bi4e0 =t would be a
wonder$ul o""ortunely to have her uninterru"ted attention0
A/an = %ive you a li$t hoe Freet?e3 Save you the bus
Freet?e "ursed her li"s1 and = !ould tell she was wei%hin% the
disadvanta%e o$ havin% to ride with e a%ainst the "ri!e o$ the
bus ti!4et0 Finally she shru%%ed and !libed onto the little ?u"
seat at the rear o$ y bi4e0 = %ave /orrie a win4 and "ushed o$$0
As soon as we were out in the !ountry1 = intended to $a!e
Freet?e with her need $or Fod0 But to y astonishent1 the !lear
!oand that !ae this tie was> A)ot one word about reli%ion0
Just adire the s!enery0E
A%ain = !ould s!ar!ely believe = was hearin% !orre!tly0 But =
obeyed0 9urin% the entire tri" = did not say a word to y !a"tive
about reli%ion0 =nstead = tal4ed about the tuli" $ields we were
"assin%1 and dis!overed that she too had eaten tuli" bulbs durin%
the war0 2hen we %ot to her street1 = a!tually %ot a sile $ro
)e(t day at the $a!tory /orrie et e with shinin% eyes0
A2hat on earth did you say to Freet?e3 Soethin% terri$i! ust
have ha""enedDE
A<ow do you ean3 = didn;t say a word0E
But sure enou%h1 all ornin% lon% Freet?e didn;t !ra!4 a
dirty ?o4e0 On!e Ay dro""ed a bo( o$ !ho!olates0 =t was
Freet?e who 4nelt down and retrieved the "ie!es0 At lun!htie
she "lun4ed her tray down beside ine0
A/an = sit with you3E
AO$ !ourse1E = said0
ABou 4now what = thou%ht3E Freet?e be%an0 A= thou%ht you
would hi%h#"ressure e into La4in% a de!ision $or /hrist1; li4e
they said at those eetin%s0 = wasn;t %oin% to listen0 'hen you
didn;t say a word0 )ow 000 don;t lau%h1 will you3E
AO$ !ourse not0E
A= be%an to wonder1 L9oes Andrew thin4 =;ve %one so $ar
there;s no turnin% ba!43 =s that why he doesn;t bother tal4in% to
e3; And then = be%an to wonder i$ aybe l had %one too $ar0
2ould Fod still listen i$ = said = was sorry3 2ould <e let e too
start all over a%ain1 li4e those 4ids !laied3 Anyhow1 = as4ed
<i to0 =t was a "retty $unny "rayer1 but = eant it1 And Andy1 =
be%an to !ry0 = !ried alost all ni%ht1 but this ornin% = $eel
=t was the $irst !onversion = had ever wat!hed0 Overni%ht1
Freet?e was a !han%ed "erson0 Or rather she was the sae "erson
with a treendous addition0 She was still a leader7 she still tal4ed
all the tie 5 but what a di$$eren!e0 2hen Freet?e sto""ed
tellin% sutty stories1 any o$ the other %irls sto""ed too0 A
"rayer !ell was started in the $a!tory1 with Freet?e in !har%e o$
attendan!e0 =$ soeone;s !hild was si!41 i$ a husband was out o$
wor41 Freet?e $ound out about it1 and woe to the wor4er who
didn;t "ut soe oney in the hat0 'he !han%e in this %irl was
!o"lete and it was "eranent0 )i%ht a$ter ni%ht in y lo$t bed
ba!4 in 2itte1 = went to slee" than4in% Fod $or lettin% e have a
"art in this trans$oration0 'hat $a!tory was a di$$erent "la!e0
And it all !ae about throu%h obedien!e0
One day when = "edaled throu%h the ain %ate1 = had a
sur"rise waitin% $or e0
A6r0 .in%ers wants to see you1E /orrie said0
A6r0 .in%ersDE = ust be in real trouble 5 aybe he;d $ound
out = was "ushin% reli%ion on !o"any tie0 A se!retary held
o"en the door to the "resident;s "rivate o$$i!e0 6r0 .in%ers was
sittin% in an enorous leather ar!hair and waved e into
another0 = sat down on the ed%e o$ the !ushion0
AAndrew1E said 6r0 .in%ers1 Ado you reeber the
"sy!holo%i!al tests we $inished about two wee4s a%o3;
ABes1 sir0E
A'he tests show that you have a rather e(!e"tional =JE
= had no idea what an A=JE was1 but sin!e he was silin%1 =
siled too0
A2e have de!ided1E he went on1 Ato "ut you into our
ana%eent trainin% !ourse0 = want you to ta4e two wee4s o$$0
2al4 throu%h the $a!tory and e(aine every ?ob you see0 2hen
you $ind one you li4e1 let e 4now 5 we;ll train you $or it0E
2hen at last = $ound y voi!e1 = said1 A= already 4now the
?ob =;d li4e0 =;d li4e to be that an who tal4ed to e a$ter =
$inished the tests0E
AA ?ob analyst1E said 6r0 .in%ers0 <is 4een eyes bored into
ine0 AAnd = su""ose1E he said1 Athat while dis!ussin% ?obs1 you
wouldn;t ob?e!t i$ the sub?e!t o$ reli%ion !ae u"3E
= $elt y $a!e turnin% s!arlet0
AOh yes1E he said0 A2e 4now about the "roselytizin% you;ve
been doin% u"stairs0 And = i%ht add that = !onsider your 4ind o$
wor4 !onsiderably ore i"ortant than anu$a!turin%
<e siled at the relie$ on y $a!e0 A= don;t 4now any reason1
Andrew1 why you !an;t do both0 =$ you !an hel" e to run a
better $a!tory while %ettin% re!ruits $or Fod;s 4in%do1 why =;ll
be satis$ied0E
'hile was e!stati! at y new ?ob0 She ho"ed = would $ind it
so interestin% that = would $or%et the issionary idea0 But =
!ouldn;t0 Althou%h = loved the new wor41 = $elt ore and ore
"ersuaded that = was bein% !alled to soethin% else0 =n return $or
y analyst;s trainin% = a%reed to stay on at .in%ers; two years0
2hen that tie was u"1 = 4new = would have to leave0
Seein% that y ind was ade u"1 'hile sto""ed ar%uin%
and "it!hed in to hel" e0 <er own !hur!h was the 9ut!h
.e$ored1 whi!h had any overseas issions0 She wrote to
ea!h o$ the1 as4in% what the 8uali$i!ations were $or servin%0
Fro the all1 the sae answer !ae ba!4> ordination was the
$irst ste" to bein% a issionary0
But when = wrote to the 9ut!h .e$ored seinary1 =
dis!overed that a4in% u" the s!hoolin% = had issed durin% the
war and then studyin% theolo%y would ta4e twelve years0 'welve
years3 6y heart san4 at the news0 )evertheless1 = enrolled at
on!e in soe !orres"onden!e !ourses0
Boo4s were the %reatest "roble0 = had no savin%s o$ any
4ind0 And now1 with Freet?e in !har%e o$ %ood wor4s at the
$a!tory1 any %uiders that Freet?e did not need $or the household
were swi$tly "ut to %ood use0
= was "onderin% the "roble over a !i%arette one evenin%
when it o!!urred to e that = was holdin% the answer in y
hand0 = loo4ed at the slender white tube with the so4e !urlin%
"leasantly $ro its ti"0 <ow u!h did = s"end $or these thin%s
every wee43 = $i%ured it u" and was enli%htened0 Enou%h $or a
boo41 every wee4 o$ the year0 Enou%h to own the volues = was
readin% now a $ew "a%es at a tie in the rear o$ a boo4store0
=t wasn;t easy1 sto""in%0 = %uess = li4ed to so4e as u!h as
any 9ut!han1 whi!h is a %reat deal indeed0 But = did sto"1 and
%radually1 on the little table between /ornelius; bed and ine1 a
library be%an to %row0 A Feran %raar1 an En%lish %raar1
a volue o$ !hur!h history1 a Bible !oentary0 'hey were the
$irst boo4s1 besides the Bible and the hynboo4 that anyone in
our $aily had ever owned0 For two years = s"ent every s"are
oent readin%0
2hen 6iss 6ee4le learned what = was doin%1 she o$$ered to
!oa!h e in En%lish1 and = %rate$ully a!!e"ted0 She was a
wonder$ul tea!her> 4ind when = was dis!oura%ed1 enthusiasti!
when y own resolve wea4ened0 =$ her "ronun!iation seeed a
bit di$$erent $ro the En%lish = heard o!!asionally on 6aa;s
wireless1 = "ut it down to $aulty ele!troni!s and !are$ully iitated
6iss 6ee4le0
But thou%h 6iss 6ee4le was "leased thatD = was !o"letin%
y edu!ation7 she was less sure about seinary0 A9o you really
thin4 you need to be ordained in order to hel" "eo"le3E she
would say0 ABou;re twenty#$our years old0 At this rate you;ll be
in your id#thirties be$ore you even be%in0 Surely there;s use$ul
wor4 $or layen in the issions3 =; not tellin% you1 Andrew0
=; ?ust as4in% the 8uestion0E
And o$ !ourse it was the 8uestion = as4ed ysel$ alost
every day0 One wee4end = was dis!ussin% it with Sidney 2ilson0
Enou%h o$ us now attended his wee4ends $ro .in%ers; that we
would reserve the whole !on$eren!e !enter $or ourselves0 As =
%rubled about the delays and $oralities o$ edu!ation1 he be%an
to lau%h0
ABou tal4 li4e the "eo"le at 2E/1E he said0
A2orldwide Evan%elization /rusade1E be said0 A=t;s an
En%lish %rou" that trains issionaries to %o out to "arts o$ the
world where the !hur!hes don;t have "ro%ras0 'hey $eel li4e
you about waitin%0E
/hur!h issions1 he e("lained1 were run on bud%ets0 A
ission board waited until it had the oney1 or at least 4new
where it was !oin% $ro1 be$ore they sent a an out0 )ot
2E/0 =$ they thou%ht Fod wanted a an in a !ertain "la!e1 they
sent hi there and trusted Fod to worry about the details0
ASae with the en they send1E 6r0 2ilson went on0 A=t
they thin4 a an has a %enuine !all and a dee" enou%h
!oitent1 they don;t !are i$ he hasn;t a de%ree to his nae0
'hey train hi at their own s!hool $or two years and then send
hi out0E
'hat "art a""ealed to e1 but = wasn;t so sure about the la!4
o$ $inan!in%0 = had 4nown several "eo"le who Atrusted FodE $or
their needs1 but ost o$ the were really be%%ars0 'hey didn;t
!oe ri%ht out and as4 $or oney7 they hinted at it0 'hey were
4nown around 2itte as Athe hint issionaries1E and it was said
o$ the that they didn;t live by Faith1 but by Feelers0 )o1 what =
had seen o$ the was %rubby and undi%ni$ied0 =$ /hrist were a
@in% and these were <is Abassadors1 it surely did not s"ea4
well o$ the state o$ <is e(!he8uer0
Sur"risin%ly1 it was @ees 5 who had been studyin% $or
ordination $or so any years 5 who was the ost interested
when = told hi what 6r0 2ilson had said0 A/arry neither "urse1
nor s!ri"t1 nor shoes1E @ees 8uoted0 A'heolo%i!ally that;s very
sound0 =;d li4e to 4now ore about the 2E/0E
And a $ew onths later we had a !han!e to0 Sidney 2ilson
"honed e one day at .in%ers; to say that a an $ro 2E/
head8uarters was visitin% in <aarle0
A<is nae is Johnson1 Andy0 2hy don;t you %o see hi 000
while he;s here3E
So the ne(t wee4end = bi4ed down to <aarle0 =t was ?ust as
= thou%ht 6r0 Johnson was thin and %aunt1 and his !lothes
shrie4ed o$ issionary barrels0
But when he tal4ed about the wor4 the ission was doin% all
over the world1 his sallow $a!e !ae alive0 =t was obvious that he
%ave the !redit $or all a!!o"lishents to the 2E/ trainin%
s!hool u" in Flas%ow1 S!otland1 and to its tea!hers1 ost o$
who served without "ay0 'hey in!luded do!tors o$ theolo%y
and Bibli!al e(e%esis and other a!adei! sub?e!ts1 but on the
$a!ulty were also aster bri!4layers and "lubers and
ele!tri!ians1 $or these students were bein% trained to start
issions where none e(isted0 And even this1 he said1 were not
the real e"hasis0 'he true ai o$ the s!hool was a si"le one>
to turn out the best /hristians these students were !a"able o$
= went to see @ees as soon as l %ot ba!4 to 2itte0 'o%ether
we too4 a bi4e ride a!ross the "olders0 @ees;s 8uestions were
shar" and "ra!ti!al> the 4ind he would be as4in% i$ he "lanned to
dro" everythin% and enroll toorrow0 <ow u!h were the $ees3
2hen did the ne(t session be%in3 2hat were the lan%ua%e
re8uireents3 = had not been interested enou%h to as40 So = %ave
@ees the address o$ the 2E/ head8uarters in :ondon and waited
$or the news = 4new = would be hearin%0 Sure enou%h a $ew days
later @ees told e he had ade a""li!ation $or adission to the
Flas%ow s!hool0
Be!ause o$ his 8uali$i!ations1 @ees was a!!e"ted alost at
on!e0 = would %et hoe $ro .in%ers; to $ind lon%1 %lowin%
letters $ro Flas%ow1 des!ribin% his li$e there1 the !ourses he
was ta4in%1 the dis!overies in /hristian livin% he was a4in%0 =
had already been at the $a!tory lon%er than the two years = had
"roised 6r0 .in%ers when he trained e $or the new ?ob0
Surely this 2E/ S!hool was the ri%ht "la!e $or e too0
And still = hun% ba!4 = seeed to have so any "oints
a%ainst e0 = didn;t have @ees;s learnin%0 And hide it thou%h =
i%ht $ro others1 = had a !ri""led an4le0 <ow !ould = be a
issionary i$ = !ouldn;t even wal4 a !ity blo!4 without "ainD
9id = really intend to be a issionary 5 or was it only a
roanti! drea with whi!h = indul%ed ysel$3 = had o$ten heard
Sidney 2ilson s"ea4 o$ A"rayin% throu%h0E <e eant by this1
sti!4in% with a "rayer until he %ot an answer0 2ell1 = was %oin%
to try =t1 One Sunday a$ternoon in Se"teber1 19+&1 = went out
on to the "olders where = !ould "ray aloud without bein%
ebarrassed0 = sat on the ed%e o$ a !anal and be%an tal4in% to
Fod !asually1 as = i%ht have tal4ed with 'hile0 = "rayed ri%ht
throu%h !o$$ee#and#!i%ar hour1 ri%ht throu%h Sunday a$ternoon1
and on into the evenin%0 And still = had not rea!hed a "oint
where = 4new = had $ound Fod;s "lan $or y li$e0
A2hat is it1 :ord3 2hat a = holdin% ba!43 2hat a = usin%
as an e(!use $or not servin% Bou in whatever Bou want e to
And then1 there by the !anal1 = $inally had y answer0 6y
AyesE to Fod had always been a Ayes1 but0E Bes1 but =; not
edu!ated0 Bes1 but =; lae0
2ith the ne(t breath1 = did say ABes0E = said it in a brand#
new way1 without 8uali$i!ation0 A=;ll %o1 :ord1E = said1 Ano
atter whether it;s throu%h the route o$ ordination1 or throu%h
the 2E/ "ro%ra1 or throu%h wor4in% on at .in%ers;0
2henever1 wherever1 however Bou want e1 =;ll %o0 And =;ll
be%in this very inute0 :ord1 as = stand u" $ro this "la!e1 and
as = ta4e y $irst ste" $orward1 will Bou !onsider that this is a
ste" toward !o"lete obedien!e to Bou3 =;ll !all it the Ste" o$
= stood u"0 = too4 a stride $orward0 And in that oent there
was a shar" wren!h in the lae le%0 = thou%ht with horror that =
had turned y !ri""led an4le0 Fin%erly = "ut the $oot on the
%round0 = !ould stand on it all ri%ht0 2hat on earth had
ha""ened3 Slowly and very !autiously = be%an wal4in% hoe1
and as = wal4ed1 one verse o$ s!ri"ture 4e"t "o""in% into y
ind> AFoin%1 they were healed0E
= !ouldn;t reeber at $irst where it !ae $ro0 'hen =
re!alled the story o$ the ten le"ers1 and how on their way to see
the "riest as /hrist had !oanded1 the ira!le ha""ened0
AFoin%1 they were healed0E
/ould it be3 /ould it "ossibly be that = too had been healed3
= was due at a Sunday evenin% servi!e in a villa%e si(
4iloeters away0 )orally1 = would have ridden y bi!y!le1 but
toni%ht was di$$erent0 'oni%ht = was %oin% to wal4 all the way to
the eetin%0
= did too0 2hen it !ae tie to %o hoe1 a $riend o$$ered e
a ride on his otorbi4e0
A)ot toni%ht1 than4 you0 = thin4 =;ll wal40E
<e !ouldn;t believe it0 )or1 later1 !ould y $aily believe
that = had a!tually been to the servi!e7 they had seen y bi!y!le
leanin% a%ainst the wall and assued that = had !han%ed y
'he ne(t day at the !ho!olate $a!tory = wal4ed ea!h
e"loyee ba!4 to his "ost at the end o$ our interview instead o$
sittin% rooted to y !hair as = had done in the "ast0 <al$way
throu%h the ornin% y an4le be%an to it!h1 and as = was
rubbin% the old s!ar1 two stit!hes !ae throu%h the sin0 By the
end o$ the wee4 the in!ision1 whi!h had never healed "ro"erly1 at
last !losed0
'he $ollowin% wee4 = ade $oral a""li!ation $or adission
to the 2E/ 6issionary 'rainin% /olle%e in Flas%ow0 A onth
later the re"ly !ae0 9e"endent on s"a!e o"enin% u" in the
en;s doritory1 = !ould start y studies in 6ay1
/orrie had news $or e1 too1 y last day on the ?ob0 She also
was leavin% .in%ers;> she had been a!!e"ted in a nurse;s trainin%
"ro%ra0 = loo4ed into her eyes s"ar4lin% with her sur"rise1 and
de!ided $inally that they were hazel0 2e held hands ?ust $or a
oent1 then 8ui!4ly said %oodbye0
Ahead o$ e now was the tas4 = dreaded above all others>
brea4in% the news to 'hile that = had enrolled in a s!hool
s"onsored by no !hur!h1 su""orted by no or%anization1 la!4in%
all o$ the re!o%nized1 di%ni$ied1 tie#honored a!!o"anients
that $or her were "art o$ edu!ation 5 and indeed o$ reli%ion itsel$0
2e s"ent a iserable a$ternoon wal4in% alon% the water$ront in
the lovely s"rin%tie o$ For4u0 'hile said very little0 = had
ar%uents arshaled $or all the ob?e!tions she would raise0 But
instead o$ ar%uin% she %rew ore and ore silent0 'he only tie
she sounded an%ry was when = entioned the healin% o$ y le%0
= ade the ista4e o$ !allin% it a little ira!le0
A'hat;s a little stron%1 =sn;t =t1 Andrew3E she $lared u"0
APeo"le have in?uries %et better every day1 and ost o$ the
don;t %o around a4in% wild !lais0E
= didn;t stay $or dinner with 'hile;s $ol4s that ni%ht0 'hey all
needed tie1 = thou%ht1 to %et used to the new "lans0 'hat was it7
'hile ?ust needed tie0 Eventually she would !oe to see why
this was ri%ht
6eanwhile1 = set about raisin% oney $or y tri"0 = sold the
$ew thin%s = owned 5 y bi!y!le and y "re!ious shel$ o$ boo4s
5 and "ur!hased a one#way ti!4et to :ondon1 where = was to
eet the dire!tors o$ the 2E/1 be$ore headin% $or Flas%ow0
2hen = had "aid $or the ti!4et1 = had le$t a little over thirty
British "ounds1 the $ee $or the $irst seester0
= was to leave $or :ondon on the &0th o$ A"ril1 19+*3 But
?ust be$ore that date three thin%s ha""ened in su!h ra"id
su!!ession that they le$t e reelin%0
'he $irst was a letter $ront 'hile0 She had written1 she said1 to
the board o$ issions o$ her !hur!h as4in% their o"inion o$ the
s!hool in Flas%ow0 'hey had re"lied that it was a non#
a!!redited1 una$$iliated enter"rise that had no standin% in any
ission !ir!le with whi!h they were involved0
'his bein% the !ase1 'hile went on1 she would "re$er neither
to see nor to hear $ro e as lon% as = was asso!iated with this
%rou"0 She si%ned the short letter1 'hile0 )ot> :ove1 'hile0 Just1
As = stood in the doorway holdin% the letter1 tryin% to ta4e in
what it eant in y li$e1 6iss 6ee4le !rossed the little brid%e to
our house0
AAndrew1E she said1 A'here;s soethin% on y ind0
Soethin% =;ve wanted to tell you $or a ton% tie0 Only = didn;t
8uite 4now how to do it0E She too4 a dee" breath and "lun%ed in0
ABou see1 Andrew1 =;ve never a!tually heard any En%lish0 But
=;ve read a lot o$ it1E she added hastily1 Aand a lady = write to in
En%land says y %raar is "er$e!t0E She "aused iserably0 A=
?ust thou%ht =;d tell you0E And she $ledK
= was still di%estin% these two "ie!es o$ in$oration when1
two days later1 a tele%ra arrived $ro :ondon> A.e%ret to
in$or you e("e!ted va!an!y has not aterialized0 .e8uest $or
adission denied0 Bou ay re#a""ly in 19+-0E
'hree blows in a row0 'here was no roo $or e in the
s!hool0 = "robably !ould not s"ea4 the lan%ua%e in whi!h the
!ourses were tau%ht and i$ = went = would lose y %irl0
Every reasonable si%n seeed to "oint away $ro the s!hool
in Flas%ow0 And yet1 unista4able inside e1 subliely
indi$$erent to every huan and lo%i!al ob?e!tion1 was a little
voi!e that seeed to say AFo0E =t was the voi!e that had !alled to
e in the wind1 the voi!e that had told e to s"ea4 out in the
$a!tory1 the voi!e that never ade sense at a lo%i!al level0
'he ne(t day = was 4issin% 6aart?e and Felt?e %oodbye1
sha4in% hands with Pa"a and /ornelius1 and runnin% down the
road $or the bus that would ta4e e on the $irst let o$ a ?ourney
that is still %oin% on0
/<AP'E. S=O
The Game of the Ro)a! .a)
= ste""ed o$$ the train in :ondon1 holdin% the "ie!e o$ "a"er
on whi!h = had written the address o$ the 2orldwide
Evan%elization /rusade head8uarters0
Outside the train station1 tall red buses and hi%h bla!4
ta(i!abs s"un dizzily "ast on the wron% sides o$ the street0 =
wal4ed u" to a "oli!ean1 held out the "a"er1 and as4ed how =
i%ht %et to this address0 'he o$$i!er too4 the "a"er and loo4ed
at it0 'hen1 noddin%1 he stret!hed out his ar and $or several
inutes rattled o$$ dire!tions0 = stared at hi dub$ounded> =
!ould not understand one sin%le word0 =n ebarrassent = too4
ba!4 the "a"er1 said A9an4 youE and wal4ed away in the
dire!tion o$ his $irst ar wave0
= tried several other "oli!een1 with no better results0 At last
there was nothin% $or it> = had to s"end a bit o$ "re!ious !ash on
a ta(i0 = $ound one "ar4ed at the !urb1 handed the driver the "ie!e
o$ "a"er1 and !losed y eyes as we whirled o$$ in the le$t#hand
lane0 A $ew oents later he sto""ed0 <e "ointed to y "ie!e o$
"a"er1 then to a Llar%e buildin% badly in need o$ "aint0
= "i!4ed u" y suit!ase1 ade y way u" the ste"s1 and ran%
the doorbell0 A woan o"ened the door0 = e("lained as !are$ully
as = !ould who = was and why = was here0 'he lady loo4ed at e
with a va!ant stare whi!h assured e that she had not !au%ht
even the dri$t o$ y rear4s0 She si%naled with her hand that =
was to !oe in1 showed e a strai%ht !hair in the hallway1 and
then disa""eared0 2hen she !ae ba!4 she had in tow a an
who s"o4e soe 9ut!h0 On!e a%ain = e("lained who = was and
where = was headed0
AAu yes1 o$ !ourse0 But didn;t you %et our !able3 2e wired
you three days a%o that there was no roo u" in Flas%ow ?ust
A= %ot the !able1 yes0E
AAnd you !ae anyhow3E
= was ha""y to see that the an was silin%0
AA "la!e will o"en $or e when the tie !oes1E = said0 A=
a !ertain o$ it0 = want to be ready0E
'he an siled a%ain and told e to wait a oent0 2hen
be returned1 he had the news = was ho"in% $or0 =t would be all
ri%ht $or e to stay here at head8uarters $or a short while1
"rovided = was willin% to wor40
And so be%an one o$ the hardest two#onth "eriods o$ any
'he "hysi!al wor4 = was re8uired to do was not di$$i!ult> =
was to "aint the 2E/ head8uarters buildin%0 As soon as = %ot
used to the ladder1 = en?oyed the ?ob treendously0 = didn;t even
ta4e a holiday $or the !oronation o$ Jueen Elizabeth0 'he sta$$
ebers 4e"t shoutin% u" to e to !oe down and see the
events on television0 But = "re$erred y "er!h hi%h above the
street where = !ould see $la%s on every roo$ and wat!h the "lane
$orations $lyin% over0
2hat ade the two onths di$$i!ult was learnin% En%lish =
wor4ed so hard on the lan%ua%e that y head !ontinually a!hed0
'he "eo"le at 2E/ all "ra!ti!ed what they !alled 6ornin% Juiet
'ie 5 they %ot u" lon% be$ore brea4$ast to read their Bibles and
"ray be$ore the business o$ the day be%an or any words were
s"o4en0 = li4ed the idea iediately0 = was u" with the $irst bird
son%1 dressed1 and out in the %arden with two boo4s in y hand0
One was an En%lish Bible7 the other was a di!tionary0 =t was
doubtless an e(!ellent te!hni8ue1 but it did have soe
disadvanta%es0 6y En%lish durin% that "eriod was $illed with
thees1 thous1 and verilys0 One tie = "assed on a re8uest $or
butter by sayin%1 A'hus sayeth the nei%hbor o$ Andrew1 that thou
wouldst be "leased to "ass the butter0E
But = was learnin%0 A$ter = had been in En%land si( wee4s =
was as4ed by the dire!tor to lead the evenin% devotional0 At the
end o$ seven inutes = ran out o$ En%lish words and sat down0
'wo wee4s later = was as4ed to s"ea4 a%ain0 'his tie = !hose as
y te(t /hrist;s words to the blind an on the road to Jeri!ho0
A'hy $aith hath saved thee0E =t was a $oolish !hoi!e1 be!ause the
sound AthE $or a 9ut!han is anathea0
A9y $ade had saved dee1E = announ!ed1 and then $or $ourteen
inutes by the !lo!4 = tried to "rove y "oint to the %rand
auseent o$ the other wor4ers0
At the !lose o$ y little seron they all %athered around0
ABou;re %ettin% better1 Andy1E they said1 "oundin% e ?oyously
on the ba!40 A2e !ould alost understand what you saidD And
$ourteen inutesD 'hat a4es you twi!e as %ood as when you
s"o4e $or sevenDE
ASo this is our 9ut!hanK = thin4 his seron was wry $ine
'he voi!e !ae $ro the ba!4 o$ the roo0 Standin% in the
doorway was a iddle#a%ed1 baldin%1 "lu"ish1 "in4#$a!ed an
= had not seen be$ore0 = was stru!4 instantly by the s"ar4le in his
eyes> they were hal$ !losed as i$ he were thin4in% o$ soe
is!hie$ to do0
AAndrew1 = don;t believe you;ve et 2illia <o"4insE the
2E/ dire!tor said0 = wal4ed to the rear o$ the roo and
e(tended y hand0 2illia <o"4ins too4 it in both o$ his own
lar%e bands1 and when he was throu%h7 = 4new that = had been
thorou%hly %reeted0
A<e loo4s stron% enou%h1E 6r0 <o"4ins said0 L=$ we !an %et
hi the "a"ers1 = thin4 he will do very well0E
= ust have loo4ed "uzzled1 be!ause the dire!tor e("lained
that the tie had !oe when = would have to leave the
head8uarters buildin%0 'he "aintin% ?ob was $inished1 and y
bed was needed $or a returnin% issionary0 But i$ 6r0 <o"4ins
!ould %et e British wor4in% "a"ers1 = !ould %et a ?ob in :ondon
and start savin% oney toward boo4s and other e("enses in
Flas%ow0 2henever "ra!ti!al atters o$ this 4ind arose =
learned1 "eo"le always turned to 2illia <o"4ins0
AFo %et your thin%s1 Andrew ;boy1E 6r0 <o"4ins said0
ABou;re invited to !oe live with 6rs0 <o"4ins and e sel$ $or
a $ew days until we $ind soe wor40E
=t didn;t ta4e lon% to "a!4 one suit!ase0 2hile = was "uttin%
away y toothbrush and razor1 one o$ the 2E/ wor4ers told e
a little about 6r0 <o"4ins0 <e was a su!!ess$ul !ontra!tor1 yet he
lived in "enury0 )ine#tenths o$ his in!oe he %ave away to
various issions0 2E/ was only one o$ his %reat#hearted
2ithin a $ew oents = was standin% at the $ront door
sayin% %oodbye to the sta$$0
A'he buildin% loo4s beauti$ul1 Andy1E the dire!tor said1
sha4in% hands0
A9an4 you0E
A:et;s hear that Lth;0E
A'hee an4 ee#ou0E
Everyone lau%hed as 2illia <o"4ins and = wal4ed down
the ste"s to his tru!40 'he <o"4ins; livin% 8uarters on the
'haes .iver were about what = would have e("e!ted> si"le1
war1 hoey0 6rs0 <o"4ins was an invalid0 She s"ent ost days
in bed1 but she did not ob?e!t to y intrusion0
ABou a4e yoursel$ to hoe here1E she %reeted e0 ABou;ll
dis!over where the !u"board in1 and you;ll learn that the $ront
door 's never on the lat!h0E 'hen she turned to her husband1 and
= saw in her eyes the sae s"ar4le = had seen in his0 AAnd don;t
be sur"rised should you $ind a stray in your bed soe ni%ht0 =t
has ha""ened0 =$ by !han!e it ha""ens a%ain1 there are blan4ets
and "illows in the livin% roo1 and you !an a4e a bedroll by
the $ire0E
Be$ore the wee4 was over = was to dis!over how literally
these words were eant0 One evenin% when = !ae ba!4 to the
house1 a$ter another lon% and $ruitless wait at the wor4# "erit
o$$i!e1 = $ound both 6r0 and 6rs0 <o"4ins sittin% in the livin%
A9on;t bother to %o u" to your roo1 Andrew1E 6rs0
<o"4ins said0 A'here;s a drun4 in your bed0 2e;ve had our tea1
but we saved you soe0E
As = ate y eal in $ront o$ the $ire1 she told e about the
an in y bed0 /hie$ly to %et out o$ the rain1 he had !oe into
the little store#$ront ission 6r0 <o"4ins ran1 and 6r0 <o"4ins
had brou%ht hi hoe0 A2hen he wa4es u"1 we;ll $ind hi
soe $ood and soe !lothes1E 6rs0 <o"4ins said0 A= don;t 4now
where they;ll !oe $ro1 but Fod will su""ly0E
And Fod did0 On this and on the dozens o$ siilar o!!asions
while = stayed with the <o"4ins1 = saw Fod eet their "ra!ti!al
needs in the ost unusual ways0 )ever on!e did = see anyone %o
hun%ry or !oatless $ro their house0 =t wasn;t that they had
oney0 Fro the "ro$its o$ 6r0 <o"4ins; !onstru!tion business
they 4e"t ?ust enou%h to su""ly their own odest needs0
Stran%ers 5 su!h as ysel$ and the be%%ars and streetwal4ers and
drun4s who "assed !ontinually throu%h their doors 5 had to be
$ed by Fod0 And <e never $ailed0 Perha"s it was a nei%hbor
dro""in% by with a !asserole1 AJust in !ase you;re not $eelin% u"
to !oo4in% toni%ht1 du!4y0E Perha"s it was an old debt
une("e!tedly "aid1 or one o$ the "revious bed#tenants returnin%
to see i$ he !ould hel"0 ABes1 son: you !an0 2e have an old an
in the bed u"stairs toni%ht who has no shoes0 9o you thin4 i$ we
easured his $eet you i%ht $ind hi a "air3E
= had intended to stay with the <o"4ins only a day or two1
until = %ot y wor4in% "a"ers and $ound a ?ob0 But thou%h 6r0
<o"4ins and = went ba!4 to the labor inistry a%ain and a%ain1
the wor4 "erit was never %ranted0
And eanwhile1 = had been as4ed by the <o"4ins to stay on
in their hoe1 and it ha""ened li4e this0 'he $irst ornin% a$ter =
arrived there 6r0 <o"4ins went o$$ to wor4 early1 6rs0 <o"4ins
had to stay in bed1 and = was le$t to ysel$ and so = $ound a o"
and s!rubbed the 4it!hen $loor0 6o""in% the bathroo1 = $ound
the soiled !lothes bin and did the washin%0 By a$ternoon the
!lothes were dry1 so = ironed the0 'hen when 6r0 <o"4ins was
still not ba!41 = !oo4ed dinner0
= was used to doin% these thin%s at hoe> anyone in y
$aily1 ale or $eale1 would have done the sae0 But the
<o"4ins1 when they dis!overed what = had done1 were
thunderstru!40 Either they were not used to the "ra!ti!al 9ut!h1
or they were not used to havin% their own needs noti!ed1 but at
any rate they a!ted as thou%h = had done soethin% rear4able
and as4ed e then and there to stay on as one o$ the $aily0
And so = did0 = be!ae !hie$ !oo4 and bottle washer1 and
they be!ae y En%lish other and $ather0 :i4e any1 any
others1 = was soon !allin% the Cn!le <o""y and 6other <a""y0
=ndeed in any ways 6rs0 <o"4ins reinded e o$ y own
other1 both in her un!o"lainin% a!!e"tan!e o$ "ain and ill
health1 and in the door Anever on the lat!hE to the needy0
As $or Cn!le <o""y1 4nowin% hi was an edu!ation all by
itsel$0 <e was a an utterly without sel$#!ons!iousness0
Soeties when = drove with hi in his tru!4 to various
!onstru!tion sites around the !ity1 = would be% hi 5 sin!e he
was "resident o$ the !o"any 5 at least to "ut on a tie and buy
hisel$ a !oat with elbows in it0
But Cn!le <a""y would lau%h at y ebarrassent0 A2hy1
Andy1 nobody 4nows e hereDE
=n his own nei%hborhood1 thou%h1 it was no better0 = would
!at!h hi at the door headin% $or !hur!h in wor4#boots and a
two#day; %rowth o$ beard0 But when = would s!old hi1 he
would $i( e with re"roa!h$ul eyes0 AAndy1 ;boyD Everybody
4nows e hereDE
Cn!le <a""y;s own store#$ront ission was soethin% o$ a
"uzzle to e0 =ts doors were always o"en1 and o!!asionally a
stray dereli!t would wander in1 but only $or a snooze or a bit o$
warth7 when it !ae tie $or servi!es1 Cn!le <a""y usually
$ound the !hairs e"ty0 'his didn;t sto" hi0 = reeber one
day hearin% hi "rea!h an entire seron to the e"ty !hairs0
ABou issed our a""ointent this tie1E Cn!le <a""y said
to the "eo"le who soehow had not $ound their way in ABut =;ll
eet you out on the street1 and when = do1 =;ll 4now you0 )ow
listen to what Fod has to say to you000
2hen the seron ended1 = ob?e!ted0 ABou;re too ysti! $or
e1E = said0 A2hen = %et to "rea!h soeday1 = want to see real
"eo"le out there0E
Cn!le <o""y only lau%hed0 AJust you wait1E he said0 ABe$ore
we %et hoe we will eet the an who was su""osed to be in
that !hair0 And when we do1 his heart will be "re"ared0 'ie and
"la!e are our own liitations1 Andy7 we ustn;t i"ose the
u"on Fod0E
And sure enou%h1 as we were wal4in% hoe we were
a""roa!hed by a streetwal4er1 and Cn!le <o""y "lun%ed into the
!on!lusion o$ his seron ?ust as thou%h she;d sat s"ellbound
throu%h the $irst $orty inutes0 'hat ni%ht = sle"t in $ront o$ the
$ire a%ain1 and by ornin% this inde$ati%able !ontra!tor and his
wi$e had a new !onvert to /hristianity0
At last one day !ae a letter $ro Flas%ow the lon%#awaited
va!an!y had o"ened u"0 = was to re"ort in tie $or the $ail ter0
2e did a triu"hal ar!h around 6other <o""y;s bed 5
Cn!le <o""y1 a stray va%abond1 and = 5 until suddenly all o$ us
at on!e realized that it eant sayin% %oodbye0 = le$t :ondon in
Se"teber1 19+*1 $or the issionary trainin% s!hool in S!otland0
'his tie = had no trouble $indin% y way to the address =
wanted0 = wal4ed u" the hill !arryin% y suit!ase until = !ae to
)uber 10 Prin!e Albert .oad0 'he buildin% itsel$ was a tail
two#story house on the !orner0 A low stone wall ran around the
"ro"erty0 = !ould see the stu"#ends o$ iron railin%s in it1 elted
$or s!ra" durin% the war no doubt0 Over the entran!e on a
wooden ar!hway were the words A<ave Faith in Fod0E
'his = 4new was the ain "ur"ose o$ the two#year !ourse at
Flas%ow> to hel" the student learn all he !ould about the nature
o$ $aith0 'o learn $ro boo4s0 'o learn $ro others0 'o learn
$ro his own en!ounters0 2ith $resh enthusias = wal4ed under
the ar!h and u" the white "ebbled "ath to the door0
6y 4no!4 was answered by @ees0 <ow %ood it was to loo4
into that solid 9ut!h $a!e a%ain0 A$ter we had sla""ed one
another;s shoulders any ties1 he seized y ba% and ushered
e to y to"#$loor roo1 <e introdu!ed e to y three
rooates1 showed e the $ire es!a"e1 and "ointed out where
the rest o$ the $orty#$ive youn% "eo"le sle"t 5 en in one o$ the
atta!hed houses1 woen in the other0
AAnd ne;er the twain shall eet1E @ees said0 A2e;re hardly
su""osed to tal4 to the %irls0 'he only tie we !an see the is at
@een sat with e throu%h the $oral introdu!tion to the
dire!tor1 Stewart 9innen0 A'he real "ur"ose o$ this trainin%1E 6r0
9innen told e1 Ais to tea!h our students that they !an trust Fod
to do what <e has said <e would do0 2e don;t %o $ro here into
the traditional issionary $ields1 but into new territory0 Our
%raduates are on their own0 'hey !annot be e$$e!tive i$ they are
a$raid1 or i$ they doubt that Fod really eans what <e says in
<is 2ord0 So here we tea!h not so u!h ideas as trustin%0 = ho"e
that this is what you are loo4in% $or in a s!hool1 Andrew0E
ABes1 sir0 E(a!tly0E
AAs $or $inan!es 5 you 4now o$ !ourse1 Andy1 that we !har%e
no tuition0 'hat;s be!ause we have no "aid sta$$0 'he tea!hers1
the :ondon "eo"le1 ysel$ 5 none o$ us re!eives a salary0 .oo
and board and other "hysi!al !osts $or the year !oe to only
ninety "ounds 5 a little over two hundred and $i$ty dollars0 =t;s as
low as this be!ause the students do the !oo4in%1 !leanin%1
everythin%1 theselves0 But we do re8uest the ninety "ounds in
advan!e0 )ow = understand you will not be able to do this0E
A)o1 sir0E
A2ell1 it;s also "ossible to "ay in installents1 thirty "ounds
at the start o$ ea!h session0 But $or your sa4e and $or ours we
li4e to insist that the installents be "aid on tie0E
ABes1 sir0 = alto%ether a%ree0E
= did a%ree too0 'his was %oin% to be y $irst e("erient in
trustin% Fod $or the aterial needs o$ li$e0 = had the thirty
"ounds = had brou%ht $ro <olland $or the $irst seester;s $ee0
A$ter that = really loo4ed $orward to seein% how Fod was %oin%
to su""ly the oney0
9urin% the $irst $ew wee4s1 however1 soethin% 4e"t
ha""enin% that bothered e0 At ealties the students would
$re8uently dis!uss inade8uate $unds0 Soeties a$ter a whole
ni%ht in "rayer $or a !ertain need1 hal$ o$ the re8uest would be
%ranted1 or three#8uarters0 =$ an old "eo"le;s hoe1 $or e(a"le1
where students !ondu!ted servi!es1 needed ten blan4ets1 the
students would "erha"s re!eive enou%h to buy the si(0 'he
Bible said that we were wor4ers in Fod;s vineyard0 2as this the
way the :ord o$ the vineyard "aid <is hired en3
One ni%ht = went out $or a lon%1 solitary wal40 On several
o!!asions students had warned e not to A%o into Patri!40E
Patri!4 was the slu sittin% at the botto o$ our bill0 =t was1 they
said1 the hoe o$ addi!ts1 drun4s1 thieves1 even urderers1 and
wal4in% its streets was unsa$e0 And yet this area drew e now as
i$ it had soethin% to say0
All around e were the dirty %ray streets o$ Patri!40 :itter
blew a!ross the !obblestones0 'he Se"teber air was already
raw0 Be$ore = had %one $ive blo!4s = was a!!osted two ties by
be%%ars0 = %ave the all the oney = had in y "o!4ets and
wat!hed as they oved without "retense toward the nearest "ub0
= 4new that these dri$ters1 be%%in% in the streets o$ the Flas%ow
slus1 would re!eive a better in!oe than the issionaries 5in
trainin% at the to" o$ the bill0
= !ould not understand why this bothered e so0 2as =
%reedy3 = didn;t thin4 so0 2e had always been "oor1 and = had
never worried about it0 2hat was it then3
And suddenly1 wal4in% ba!4 u" the bill toward the s!hool1 =
had y answer0 'he 8uestion was not one o$ oney at all0 2hat
= was worried about was a relationshi"0
At the !ho!olate $a!tory = trusted 6r0 .in%ers to "ay e in
$ull and on tie0 Surely = said to ysel$1 i$ an ordinary $a!tory
wor4er !ould be $inan!ially se!ure1 so !ould one o$ Fod;s
= turned throu%h the %ate at the s!hool0 Above e was the
reinder A<ave Faith in Fod0E
'hat was itD =t wasn;t that = needed the se!urity o$ a !ertain
aount o$ oney7 it was that = needed the se!urity o$ a
= wal4ed u" the !run!hy "ebble wal4 $eelin% ore and ore
!ertain that = was on the ver%e o$ soethin% e(!itin%0 'he s!hool
was aslee" and 8uiet0 = ti"toed u"stairs and sat by the bedroo
window loo4in% out over Flas%ow0 =$ = were %oin% to %ive y
li$e as a servant o$ the @in%1 = had to 4now that @in%0 2hat was
<e li4e3 =n what way !ould = trust <i3 =n the sae way =
trusted a set o$ i"ersonal laws3 Or !ould = trust <i as a livin%
leader1 as a very "resent !oander in battle3 'he 8uestion was
!entral0 Be!ause i$ <e were a @in% in nae only1 = would rather
%o ba!4 to the !ho!olate $a!tory0 = would reain a /hristian1 but
= would 4now that y reli%ion was only a set o$ "rin!i"les1
e(!ellent and to be $ollowed1 but hardly deandin% devotion0
Su""ose on the other hand that = were to dis!over Fod to be
a Person1 in the sense that <e !ouni!ated and !ared and loved
and led0 'hat was soethin% 8uite di$$erent0 'hat was the 4ind o$
@in% = would $ollow into any battle0
And soehow1 sittin% there in the oonli%ht that Se"teber
ni%ht =n Flas%ow1 = 4new that y "robin% into Fod;s nature was
%oin% to be%in with this issue o$ oney0 'hat ni%ht = 4nelt in
$ront o$ the window and ade a !ovenant with <i0 A:ordE =
said1 A= need to 4now i$ = !an trust Bou in "ra!ti!al thin%s0 =
than4 Bou $or lettin% e earn the $ees $or the $irst seester0 = as4
Bou now to su""ly the lest o$ the0 =$ = have to be so u!h as a
day late in "ayin%1 = shall 4now that = a su""osed to %o ba!4 to
the !ho!olate $a!tory0E
=t was a !hildish "rayer1 "etulant and deandin%0 But then =
was still a !hild in the /hristian li$e0 'he rear4able thin% is that
Fod honored y "rayer0 But not without $irst testin% e in soe
rather ausin% ways0
'he $irst seester s"ed by0 6ornin%s we s"ent in the
!lassroos studyin% systeati! theolo%y1 hoileti!s1 world
reli%ions1 lin%uisti!s 5 the ty"e o$ !ourses tau%ht in any
seinary0 =n the a$ternoon we wor4ed at "ra!ti!al s4ills>
bri!4layin%0 "lubin%1 !ar"entry1 $irst aid1 tro"i!al hy%iene1
otor re"airK For several wee4s all o$ us1 %irls as well as boys1
wor4ed at the Ford $a!tory in :ondon1 learnin% how to ta4e a !ar
a"art and "ut it to%ether0 =n addition to these standard trades1 we
were tau%ht to build huts out o$ "al $ronds and how to a4e
ud ?ars that would hold water0
And eanwhile we too4 turns in the 4it!hen and the laundry
and the %arden0 )o one was e(e"t0 One o$ the students was a
do!tor1 a Feran woan1 and = used to wat!h her s!ourin%
%arba%e "ails as thou%h she were "re"arin% a roo $or sur%ery0
'he wee4s "assed so $ast that soon it !ae tie $or e to
head out on the $irst o$ several trainin% tri"s in evan%elis0
ABou;re %oin% to li4e this1 Andy1E said 6r0 9innen0 A=t;s an
e(er!ise in trust0 'he rules are si"le0 ea!h student on your tea
is %iven a one#"ound ban4note0 2ith that you %o on a issionary
tour throu%h S!otland0 Bou;re e("e!ted to "ay your own
trans"ortation1 your own lod%in%1 your $ood1 any advertisin% you
want to do1 the rentin% o$ halls1 "rovidin% re$reshents0;
AAll on a one#"ound 9oter0E
A2orse than that0 2hen you %et ba!4 to s!hool a$ter $our
wee4s1 you;re e("e!ted to "ay ba!4 the "oundDE
= lau%hed0 ASounds li4e we;ll be "assin% the hat all the tie0E
AOh1 you;re not allowed to ta4e u" !olle!tions0 )ever0
Bou;re not to ention oney at your eetin%s0 All o$ your
needs have %ot to be "rovided without any ani"ulation on your
"art 5 or the e("erient is a $ailure0E
= was a eber o$ a tea o$ $ive boys0 :ater when = tried to
re!onstru!t where our $unds !ae $ro durin% those $our wee4s1
it was hard to0 =t seeed that what we needed was always ?ust
there0 Soeties a letter would arrive $ro one o$ the boys;
"arents with a little oney0 Soeties we would %et a !he!4 in
the ail $ro a !hur!h we had visited days or wee4s earlier0 'he
notes that !ae with these %i$ts were always interestin%0 A= 4now
you don;t need oney or you would have entioned it1E
soeone would write0 ABut Fod ?ust wouldn;t let e %et to slee"
toni%ht until = had "ut this in an envelo"e $or you0E
/ontributions $re8uently !ae in the $or o$ "rodu!e0 =n one
little town in the hi%hlands o$ S!otland we were %iven si(
hundred e%%s0 2e had e%%s $or brea4$ast1 e%%s $or lun!h1 e%%s as
hors d;oeuvres be$ore a dinner o$ e%%s with an e%%#white
erin%ue dessert0 =t was wee4s be$ore we !ould loo4 a !hi!4en
in the eye0
But oney or "rodu!e1 we stu!4 $ast to two rules> we never
entioned a need aloud1 and we %ave away a tithe o$ whatever
!ae to us as soon as we %ot itPwithin twenty#$our hours i$
Another tea that set out $ro s!hool at the sae tie we
did was not so stri!t about tithin%0 'hey set aside their ten
"er!ent all ri%ht1 but they didn;t %ive it away iediately1 A=n
!ase we run into an eer%en!y0E O$ !ourse they had
eer%en!ies0 So did we1 every day0 But they ended their onth
owin% oney to hotels1 le!ture halls1 and ar4ets all over
S!otland1 while we !ae ba!4 to s!hool alost ten "ounds
ahead0 Fast as we !ould %ive oney away1 Fod was always
swi$ter1 and we ended with oney to send to the 2E/ wor4
'here were ties be$ore the end o$ the tour1 however1 when
it loo4ed as thou%h the e("erient was $ailin%0 One wee4end we
were holdin% eetin%s in Edinbur%h0 2e had attra!ted a lar%e
%rou" o$ youn% "eo"le the $irst day and were !astin% about $or a
way to %et the to !oe ba!4 the ne(t day0 Suddenly1 without
!onsultin% anyone1 one o$ the tea ebers stood u" and ade
an announ!eent1
ABe$ore the eetin% toorrow evenin%1E be said1 Awe;d li4e
you all to have tea with us here0 Four o;!lo!40 <ow any thin4
they !an a4e it3
A !ou"le dozen hands went u"1 and we were !oitted0 At
$irst1 instead o$ bein% deli%hted1 the rest o$ us were horri$ied0 All
o$ us 4new that we had no tea1 no !a4e1 no bread and butter1 and
e(a!tly $ive !u"s0 )or did we have oney to buy these thin%s>
our last "enny had %one to rent the hail0 'his was %oin% to be a
real test o$ Fod;s !are0
And $or a while it loo4ed as thou%h <e was %oin% to "rovide
everythin% throu%h the youn% "eo"le theselves0 A$ter the
eetin% several o$ the !ae $orward and said they would li4e
to hel"0 One o$$ered il47 another1 hal$ a "ound o$ tea7 another1
su%ar0 One %irl even o$$ered to brin% dishes0 Our tea was ra"idly
ta4in% sha"e0 But there was one thin% still issin% 5 the !a4e0
2ithout !a4e1 these S!ottish boys and %irls wouldn;t !onsider tea
So that ni%ht in our evenin% "rayer tie1 we "ut the atter
be$ore Fod0 A:ord1 we;ve %ot ourselves into a s"ot0 Fro
soewhere we;ve %ot to %et a !a4e0 2ill Bou hel" us3;
'hat ni%ht as we rolled u" in our blan4ets on the $loor o$ the
hail1 we "layed %uessin% %aes> <ow was Fod %oin% to %ive us
that !a4e3 Aon% the $ive o$ us1 we %uessed everythin%
ia%inable 5 or so we thou%ht0
6ornin% arrived0 2e hal$ e("e!ted a heavenly essen%er to
!oe to our door bearin% a !a4e0 But no one !ae0 'he ornin%
ail arrived0 2e ri""ed o"en the two letters1 ho"in% $or oney0
'here was none0 A woan $ro a nearby !hur!h !ae by to see
i$ she !ould hel"0 A/a4e1E was on the ti" o$ all our ton%ues1 but
we swallowed the word and shoo4 our heads0
AEverythin%1E we assured her1 Ais in Fod;s hands0E
'he tea had been announ!ed $or $our o;!lo!4 in the
a$ternoon0 At three the tables were set1 but still we had no !a4e0
'hree#thirty !ae0 2e "ut on water to boil0 'hree#$orty#$ive0
And then the doorbell ran%0
All o$ us to%ether ran to the bi% $ront entran!e1 and there was
the "ostan0 =n his hand was a lar%e boy0
A<ello1 lads1E said the "ostan0 AFot soethin% $or you that
$eel li4e a $ood "a!4a%e0E <e banded the bo( to one o$ the boys0
A'he delivery day is over1 a!tually1E he said1 Abut 0 hate to leave
a "erishable "a!4a%e overni%ht0E
2e than4ed hi "ro$usely1 and the inute he !losed the
door the boy solenly handed e the bo(0 A=t;s $or you1
Andrew0 Fro a 6rs0 2illia <o"4ins in :ondon0E
= too4 the "a!4a%e and !are$ully unwra""ed it0 O$$ !ae the
twine0 O$$ !ae the brown outside "a"er0 =nside1 there was no
note 5 only a lar%e white bo(0 9ee" in y soul = 4new that =
!ould a$$ord the draa o$ li$tin% the lid slowly0 As = did1 there1 in
"er$e!t !ondition1 to0 be adired by $ive sets o$ wonderin% eyes1
was an enorous1 %listenin%1 oist1 !ho!olate !a4e0
2ith this 4ind o$ e("erien!e behind e1 = was not really
sur"rised to $ind waitin% $or e when we %ot ba!4 to s!hool1 a
!he!4 $ro the 2hetstras that was e(a!tly enou%h1 when
!onverted into "ounds1 to "ay y se!ond ter;s $ee0
'he se!ond ter seeed to %o even $aster than the $irst1 so
u!h was there to %ras" and to "onder0 But be$ore that ter was
over1 = had re!eived oney to 4ee" e there a third1 this tie
$ro 5 o$ all "la!es 5 soe buddies at the veterans; hos"ital0
And so it went throu%hout the se!ond year too0
= never entioned the s!hool $ees to anyone1 and yet the
%i$ts always !ae at su!h a oent that = !ould "ay the in $ull
and on tie0 )or did they ever !ontain ore than the s!hool
!oats1 and 5 in s"ite o$ the $a!t that the "eo"le who were hel"in%
e did not 4now one another 5 they never !ae two to%ether0
Fod;s $aith$ulness = was e("erien!in% !ontinually1 and = was
also $indin% out soethin% about <is sense o$ huor0
= had ade a !ovenant with Fod never to run out o$ oney
$or s!hool $ees0 6y !ovenant said nothin% about runnin% out o$
soa"0 Or tooth"aste0 Or razor blades0
One ornin% = dis!overed = was out o$ laundry soa"0 But
when = rea!hed into the drawer where = 4e"t y oney1 all =
!ould $ind was si("en!e0 :aundry soa" !ost ei%ht "en!e0
ABou 4now that = have to 4ee" !lean0 Fod0 So will Bou wor4
it out about the two "ennies3E = too4 y si("en!e and ade y
way to the street where the sho"s were1 and sure enou%h1 ri%ht
away = saw a si%n0 A'wo "en!e o$$D Buy your SC.F now0E =
wal4ed in1 ade y savin%s1 and strolled ba!4 u" the hill
whistlin%0 'here was "lenty o$ soa" in that bo( to last1 with !are1
until the end o$ s!hool0
But that very ni%ht a $riend saw e washin% out a shirt and
shouted1 ASay1 Andrew1 lend e soe soa"1 will you3 =; out0E
O$ !ourse = let hi have the soa" and said nothin%0 = ?ust
wat!hed hi "our out y "re!ious Sur$1 4nowin% soehow that
he wasn;t %oin% to "ay it ba!40 Every day he borrowed a bit
ore o$ that soa"1 and every day = had to use ?ust a little bit less0
And then =t was tooth"aste0 'he tube was really $inished0
S8ueezed1 twisted1 torn a"art1 and s!ra"ed 5 $inished0 = had read
soewhere that !oon table salt a4es a %ood denti$ri!e0 And
no doubt y teeth %ot !lean1 but y outh wore a "eranent
And razor blades0 = had not thrown away y used blades1
and sure enou%h the day !ae when = had to resurre!t the0 =
had no hone1 so = stro""ed the on y bare ar0 'en inutes a
day on y own s4in> = reained !lean shaven 5 but it was at a
'hrou%hout this tie = sensed that Fod was "layin% a %ae
with e0 Perha"s <e was usin% these e("erien!es to tea!h e the
di$$eren!e between a 2ant and a )eed0 'ooth"aste tasted %ood1
new razor blades shaved 8ui!4er 5 but these were lu(uries1 not
ne!essities0 = was !ertain that should a real1 need arise0 Fod
would su""ly it0
And a true need did arise0
=t was ne!essary $or $orei%ners in Britain to renew their visas
at "eriodi! intervals0 = had to have ine renewed by the thirty#
$irst o$ 9e!eber1 19+-1 or leave the !ountry0 But when that
onth rolled around1 = did not have a !ent to y nae0 <ow was
= %oin% to %et the $ors down to :ondon3 A re%istered letter !ost
one shillin% 5 twelve "ennies0 = did not believe that Fod was
%oin% to let e be thrown out o$ s!hool $or the la!4 o$ a shillin%0
And so the %ae oved into a new "hase0 = had a nae $or it
by now0 = !alled it the Fae o$ the .oyal 2ay0 = had dis!overed
that when Fod su""lied oney <e did it in a 4in%ly anner1 not
in soe %rovelin% way0
'hree se"arate ties1 over the atter o$ that re%istered letter1
= was alost lured $ro the .oyal 2ay0 = was1 that last year1
head o$ the student body and in !har%e o$ the s!hool;s tra!t $und0
One day y eye lit $irst on the !alendar 5 it was the twenty#
ei%hth o$ 9e!eber 5 and then on the $und0 =t ha""ened to
!ontain several "ounds ?ust then0 Surely it would be all ri%ht to
borrow ?ust one shillin%0
And surely not1 too0 Jui!4ly = "ut the idea behind e0
And then it was the twenty#ninth o$ 9e!eber0 'wo days
le$t0 = had alost $or%otten how bitter salt tasted and how lon% it
too4 to stro" a razor blade on y ar1 so intri%ued was = over
the draa o$ the shillin%0 'hat ornin% the thou%ht o!!urred to
e that "erha"s = i%ht $ind those "ennies lyin% on the %round0
= had a!tually "ut on y !oat and started down the street
be$ore = saw what = was doin%0 = was wal4in% alon% with head
bowed1 eyes on the %round1 sear!hin% the %utter $or "ennies0
2hat 4ind o$ .oyal 2ay was thisD = strai%htened u" and lau%hed
out loud there on the busy street0 = wal4ed ba!4 to s!hool with
y head hi%h1 but no !loser to %ettin% the oney0
'he last round in the %ae was the ost subtle o$ all0 =t was
9e!eber *00 = had to have y a""li!ation in the ail that day i$
it was to %et to :ondon on the thirty#$irst0
At ten o;!lo!4 in the ornin%1 one o$ the students shouted u"
the stairwell that = had a visitor0 = ran down the stairs thin4in%
that this ust be y deliverin% an%el0 But when = saw who it
was1 y heart dro""ed0 'his visitor wasn;t !oin% to brin% e
oney1 he was !oin% to as4 $or it0 For it was .i!hard1 a $riend =
had ade onths a%o in the Patri!4 slus1 a youn% an who
!ae to the s!hool o!!asionally when he ?ust had to have !ash0
2ith dra%%in% $eet = went outside0 .i!hard stood on the
white#"ebble wal4way1 hands in "o!4ets1 eyes lowered0
AAndrew1E he said1 Awould you be havin% a little e(tra !ash3 =;
= lau%hed and told hi why0 = told hi about the soa" and
the razor blades1 and as = s"o4e = saw the !oin0 =t lay aon% the
"ebbles1 the sun %lintin% o$$ it in ?ust su!h a way that = !ould see
it but not .i!hard0 = !ould tell $ro its !olor that it was a shillin%0
=nstin!tively = stu!4 out y $oot and !overed the !oin with y
toe0 'hen as .i!hard and = tal4ed1 = rea!hed down and "i!4ed u"
the !oin1 alon% with a hand$ul o$ "ebbles0 = tossed the "ebbles
down one by one ailessly1 until at last = had ?ust the shillin% in
y hand0 But even as = dro""ed the !oin into y "o!4et1 the
battle be%an0 'hat !oin eant = !ould stay in s!hool0 = wouldn;t
be doin% .i!hard a $avor by %ivin% it to hi> he;d s"end it on
drin4 and be thirsty as ever in an hour0
2hile = was still thin4in% u" e(!ellent ar%uents1 = 4new it
was no %ood0 <ow !ould = ?ud%e .i!hard when /hrist told e so
!learly that = ust not3 Furtherore1 this was not the .oyal
2ayD 2hat ri%ht had an abassador to hold on to oney when
another o$ the @in%;s !hildren stood in $ront o$ hi sayin% he
was hun%ry3 = shoved y hand ba!4 into y "o!4et and drew
out the silver !oin0
L:oo41 .i!hard1E = said1 A= do have this0 2ould it hel" any3;
.i!hard;s eyes lit u"0 A=t would1 ate0E <e tossed the !oin
into the air and ran o$t down the bill0 2ith a li%ht heart that told
e = had done the ri%ht thin%1 = turned to %o ba!4 inside0
And be$ore = readied the door the "ostan turned down our
=n the ail o$ !ourse was a letter $or e0 = 4new when = saw
Freet?e;s handwritin% that it would be $ro the "rayer %rou" at
.in%ers; and that there would be !ash inside0 And there was0 A
lot o$ oney> A "ound and a hal$ 5 thirty shillin%s0 Far ore
than enou%h to send y letter1 buy a lar%e bo( o$ soa"1 treat
ysel$ to y $avorite tooth"aste 5 and buy Fillette Su"ers
instead o$ Blues0
'he %ae was over0 'he @in% had done it <is way0
=t was s"rin%1 19++0 6y two years at the 6issionary
'rainin% /olle%e were0 alost over1 and = was ea%er to start
wor40 @ees had %raduated the year be$ore and was in @orea0 <is
letters were $ull o$ the needs and o""ortunities there1 and the
dire!tor as4ed ! i$ would !onsider ?oinin% hi0
And then one ornin% 5 8uietly1 without $an$are1 as Fod;s
turnin% "oints so o$ten !oe 5 = "i!4ed u" a a%azine1 and y
li$e has never been the sae sin!e0
'he wee4 be$ore %raduation = went down into the baseent
o$ )uber 10 to %et y suit!ase0 'here on to" o$ an old
!ardboard bo( in the usty !ellar was a a%azine that neither =
nor anyone else at the s!hool ever reebered seein% be$ore0
<ow it %ot there = shall never ow0
= "i!4ed it u" and $li""ed throu%h it idly0 =t was a beauti$ul
a%azine1 "rinted on %lossy "a"er and bri%ht with $our#!olor
"i!tures0 6ost o$ the showed asses o$ ar!hin% youths
"aradin% the streets o$ Pe4in% and 2arsaw and Pra%ue0 'heir
$a!es were aniated1 their ste"s vi%orous0 'he te(t1 in En%lish1
told e that these youn% "eo"le were "art o$ a worldwide
or%anization ninety#si( illion stron%0 )owhere was the word
/ounist used1 and only o!!asionally did the word So!ialist
a""ear0 'he tal4 was all o$ a better world1 a bri%ht toorrow0
And then1 toward the ba!4 o$ the a%azine1 there a""eared an
announ!eent o$ a youth $estival to be held in 2arsaw that
!oin% July0 Everyone was invited0
=nstead o$ "uttin% the a%azine down1 = stu!4 =t under y
ar and !arried it with y suit!ase ba!4 to y roo0 'hat ni%ht
with no idea where it would lead1 = dro""ed a line to the 2arsaw
address entioned in the a%azine000 = told the $ran4ly that =
was trainin% to be a /hristian issionary1 and that = was
interested in %oin% to the youth $estival to e(!han%e ideas> =
would tal4 about /hrist1 and they !ould tal4 about so!ialis0
2ould they be willin% $or e to !oe under these
!ir!ustan!es3 = "osted the letter1 and ba!4 boun!ed an answer0
6ost !ertainly they wanted e to !oe0 Sin!e = was a student1
redu!ed rates were available0 A s"e!ial train would be leavin%
$ro Asterda0 6y identi$i!ation was en!losed0 'hey loo4ed
$orward to seein% e in 2arsaw0
'he only "erson in the world = told about this tri" was Cn!le
<o""y0 =$s wrote ba!41 AAndrew1 = thin4 you should %o0 = a
en!losin% $i$ty "ounds sterlin% $or your e("enses0E
And in that oent 5 ?ust as = le$t S!otland to head ba!4
hoe $or <olland 5 a drea be%an to ta4e sha"e0 =t had $lashed
$orlessly in and out o$ y thou%hts sin!e the days at .in%ers;1
always va"orous and ill#de$ined 5 until now0
=t be%an y last day at the $a!tory0 'here was a sin%le !ard#
!arryin% /ounist e"loyed at .in%ers;1 a short1 stout woan
whose !lose#!ro""ed %ray hair stood u" on her head li4e a brush0
She had a standard "ronoun!eent on everythin% $ro our
wa%es HAslaveEI to the Jueen Han Ao""ressorEI0 6y evan%elisti!
e$$orts1 when she dete!ted the1 "ushed the button in her whi!h
released su!h stateents as>
AFod#is#the#invention#o$#the#e("loiter#!lass0E Bein% an
utterly huorless "erson hersel$1 she never realized that "eo"le
were lau%hin% at her0 =n twenty years at the $a!tory she had not
ade a sin%le !onvert0
= $ound her a "atheti!1 rather than a lau%hable1 $i%ure and at
lun!htie would o$ten %o to the table where she sat alone0 'he
day = le$t .in%ers; = sto""ed by the ben!h where she wor4ed to
say %oodbye0
ABou;re %ettin% rid o$ e at lastDE = said1 ho"in% at least to
4ee" our "artin% $riendly0
ABut not o$ the lies you;ve toldDE she $lared ba!4 at e0
ABou;ve hy"notized these "eo"le with your tal4 o$ salvation and
"ie#in#the#s4yD Bou;ve blinded the with0 0 0
= si%hed and settled ysel$ $or the o"iate#o$#the#"eo"le
le!ture0 But to y sur"rise1 the an%ry voi!e $altered0
AO$ !ourse1 they believed you1E she went on less !ertainly0
A'hey;re untrained0 'hey haven;t been tau%ht diale!ti!al
ar%uent0 'hey thin4 ?ust what they want to thin40
AA$ter allE 5 her voi!e was so low = !ould s!ar!ely hear 5 Ai$
you !ould !hoose1 who wouldn;t !hoose1 well Fod 5 and all
= %lan!ed at her swi$tly and thou%ht = saw the unthin4able> =
thou%ht = saw tears in her eyes0
Beh'nd the 0ron Curta'n
/oin% ba!4 to 2itte a$ter two years in En%land was li4e
livin% throu%h one o$ those e("erien!es that Ahas ha""ened
be$ore0E Just as when = returned $ro =ndonesia1 everythin% in
the villa%e that hot ornin% in July1 19++1 was as "re!isely as it
had been when = le$t it that at $irst = had the un!o$ortable
$eelin% that no tie had ela"sed at all0 Felt?e was out in the
%arden han%in% u" !lothes when = ste""ed a!ross the little brid%e
onto our "lot o$ land0 <ere1 thou%h1 there was a di$$eren!e> a
little boy was "layin% on the $ront stoo" 5 Felt?e;s son0
A<iDE = !alled around hi0 AAnybody hoe3 =t;s AndyDE
And on!e a%ain1 everyone suddenly a""eared0 'here were
the shouts and hu%s1 the !at!hin% u"1 the atta!4 on the "roble
o$ lo%isti!s> who would slee" where when Cn!le Andrew was
'he ne(t several days were s"ent visitin% $riends0 = went to
see 6r0 .in%ers at the $a!tory0 = visited 6iss 6ee4le1 who threw
her hands into the air with astonishent at y En%lish1 and with
@ees;s $aily0 = !alled on the 2hetstras1 where = dis!overed to
y sur"rise that they were about to ove to Asterda0 'hey
had done well in their $lower#e("ort business and wanted to be
!loser to the bi% shi""in% o$$i!es0
:ast o$ all1 = went down to Erelo to visit y brother Ben
and his wi$e0 Gery !asually = as4ed hi i$ he had heard anythin%
about 'hile0
ABes1E he said1 ?ust as !asually0 A= read last year that she;d
been arried0 A ba4er1 = believe0E
And be!ause there seeed nothin% ore to say1 neither o$ us
said anythin% at all0
'he train $or 2arsaw le$t Asterda July=+1 19++0 = was
astonished at the nuber o$ students who had been attra!ted by
the $estival0 <undreds o$ youn% en and woen illed about
the station0 For the $irst tie = be%an to believe the e(trava%ant
$i%ures = had read in the a%azine0
6y suit!ase was heavy0 =n it were ?ust a $ew !lothes 5 a
!han%e o$ linen and soe e(tra so!4s0 6ost o$ the ba% was $illed
with sall thirty#one#"a%e boo4lets entitled A'he 2ay o$
Salvation0E =$ the /ounists had attra!ted e to their !ountry
with literature1 = was %oin% to !arry in literature o$ y own0 @arl
6ar( had said1 AFive e twenty#si( lead soldiers and = will
!on8uer the worldDE eanin% o$ !ourse the twenty#si( letters o$
the al"habet0 2ell1 this %ae !ould be "layed both ways> = was
%oin% to Poland with editions o$ this "ower$ul little boo4 in
every Euro"ean lan%ua%e0
And so1 with the suit!ase alost tearin% away $ro its
handle1 and y new !orduroy "ants s8uea4in% at every ste"1 =
!libed aboard the train0 A $ew hours later = was standin% in
2arsaw;s /entral Station1 waitin% $or y hotel assi%nent0 = $elt
very a lone0 = 4new not a sin%le "erson in all o$ Poland1 nor a
sin%le word o$ the lan%ua%e0 Fro all over the world thousands
u"on thousands o$ youn% "eo"le were !onver%in% on 2arsaw $or
"ur"oses o""osite y own0 As we waited1 = $ound ysel$
"rayin%1 and = wondered i$ ine were the only "rayers o$$ered in
this enthusiasti!1 lau%hin% !on$ident thron%0
6y AhotelE turned out to be a s!hool buildin% that had been
!onverted into a doritory es"e!ially $or this o!!asion0 = !he!4ed
in and was assi%ned to a atheati!s !lassroo that held thirty
beds0 As soon as "ossible = le$t the hotel and went out into the
2arsaw streets1 wonderin% what = was su""osed to do ne(t0
.ather ailessly = boarded a "ubli! bus and suddenly1 as we
wove our way throu%h tra$$i!1 = 4new what = was su""osed to do0
= had learned a little Feran durin% the o!!u"ation1 and = 4new
that there was a lar%e Feran#s"ea4in% inority in Poland0 So1
ta4in% a dee" breath1 = said aloud in Feran> A= a a /hristian
$ro <olland0E Everyone near e sto""ed tal4in%0 = $elt horribly
$oolish0 A= want to eet soe Polish /hristians0 /an anyone hel"
Silen!e0 But then1 as she rose to leave the bus1 a $at woan
"ressed her $a!e near ine and whis"ered an address in Feran0
'hen she said the words ABible sho"0E
6y "ulse ra!ed0 A Bible sho"3 =n a /ounist !ountry3 =
$ound the address1 and sure enou%h there it was> a Bible sho"
"lain as day0 'he window was $illed with Bibles1 red#letter
editions1 $orei%n translations1 "o!4et 'estaents0 But the sho"
was barred with a heavy %rill1 and the door was "adlo!4ed0 'here
was a noti!e "asted on the door1 whi!h = !are$ully !o"ied word
$or word and too4 ba!4 to the hotel0
6y %rou" leader siled0 A=t;s a noti!e o$ va!ation1E he said0
A/losed $or holidays0 2ill o"en a%ain July &1st0E So = had to
Our routine $or the three wee4s was established early0 2e
were su""osed to %o on the o$$i!ial si%htseein% tour in the
ornin% and to listen to s"ee!hes in the a$ternoon and evenin%0
= $ollowed the routine $or a $ew days0 =t was !lear that we
were bein% shown a well#s!rubbed $a!e o$ 2arsaw0 )ew
s!hools1 thrivin% $a!tories1 hi%h#rise a"artents1 over$lowin%
sho"s0 =t was all very i"ressive0 But = wondered what = would
see i$ = ana%ed to %et o$$ by ysel$ alone0
One ornin% = de!ided to try ?ust that0 = rose early1 and
be$ore the rest o$ y %rou" !ae down $or brea4$ast1 was out o$
the buildin%0
2hat a day it was0 C" and down the broad avenues o$
2arsaw = wal4ed1 saddened by the si%ns o$ war violen!e
everywhere0 2hole blo!4s were bobed out1 blo!4s the
si%htseein% tours had avoided0 Slu areas abounded1 ean sho"s
with lon% 8ueues1 en and woen with ra%s $or !lothes0 One
s!ene in "arti!ular stands out in y eory0 'here was a
bobed#out se!tion o$ town in whi!h $ailies lived li4e rabbits
in a warren0 'hese "eo"le had du% their way into the baseents
and were a4in% their hoes in the0 = saw a little %irl "layin%
bare$oot in the dust and debris0 = had a Polish boo4let with e1
whi!h = handed to her1 alon% with a sall ban4note0 She loo4ed
at e in sur"rise and ran u" the ound o$ rubble0 =n a oent a
woan;s head a""eared1 sti!4in% u" out o$ the %round0 She
stubled $orward1 holdin% the tra!t and the bill0 Behind her !ae
a an0 'hey were $ilthy1 and they were both drun40
= tried s"ea4in% to the in Feran and in En%lish and even
in 9ut!h1 but they ?ust loo4ed at e blan4ly0 = told the in1
"antoie to read the boo4let1 but $ro the way they held it =
realized at last that they !ould not read0 'hey si"ly 4e"t
sha4in% their heads1 and at last with a sile and a sha4e o$ y
own = le$t the0
Sunday !ae0 'his was a bi% day on the a%enda0 2e were to
ta4e "art in a deonstration at the stadiu0 =nstead = went to
)ews"a"ers in <olland had !arried so any stories about the
house arrest o$ Polish !hur!h leaders and the !losin% o$
seinaries that = had had the i"ression that all reli%ion in
Poland had %one under%round0 Obviously this was not so0 'he
Bible sho" was a""arently still o"eratin%0 = had "assed /atholi!
!hur!hes with the doors wide o"en0 2ere there1 = wondered1
Protestant !hur!hes still $un!tionin% too3
= didn;t want to as4 at the s!hool $or dire!tions to a !hur!h1
sin!e = was su""osed to be at the rally0 So = sli""ed out and
$ound a ta(i!ab0 AFood day1E = said in Polish0 'he driver siled
ba!4 and rattled o$$ a lon% ha""y senten!e0 But A%ood dayE was
all the Polish = had learned1 and when = as4ed hi in Feran to
ta4e e to a !hur!h1 his $a!e $ell0 = tried En%lish and he loo4ed
blan4er still0
= $olded y hands as in "rayer1 and then o"ened the as =$
readin%0 )e(t = !rossed ysel$ and shoo4 y head0 )o1 not a
/atholi! servi!e0 A%ain = "antoied readin% the Bible0 'he
driver was silin% a%ain0 <e started a!ross town1 and sure
enou%h he had understood> we sto""ed at a red bri!4 buildin%
that boasted two s"ires0 'en inutes later = was seated at a
.e$ored /hur!h servi!e behind the =ron /urtain0
= was sur"rised at the size o$ the !on%re%ation7 the !hur!h
was about three#8uarters $ull0 = was sur"rised1 too1 at the nuber
o$ youn% "eo"le0 'he sin%in% was enthusiasti!1 the seron
a""arently S!ri"ture#!entered1 as the "rea!her was !onstantly
re$errin% to his Bible0 2hen the servi!e was over1 = waited in the
rear o$ the san!tuary to see i$ = !ould $ind anyone who s"o4e a
lan%ua%e = s"o4e0 6y !lothes ust have ar4ed e as a
$orei%ner1 $or be$ore lon% = heard the word>
= turned and $ound ysel$ loo4in% into the $a!e o$ the "astor0
A/ould you wait a oent3E be said in En%lish0 A= should li4e to
s"ea4 with you0E And = with hi0
Alter ost o$ the !on%re%ation had le$t1 the "astor and a
hand$ul o$ youn% "eo"le volunteered to answer y 8uestions0
Bes1 they worshi"ed o"enly and with !onsiderable $reedo1 as
lon% as they stayed !lear o$ "oliti!al sub?e!ts0 Bes1 there were
ebers o$ the !hur!h who were also ebers o$ the
/ounist Party0 2ell1 the re%ie had done so u!h $or the
"eo"le that one ?ust !losed an eye to the rest0 A=t is a
!o"roise1 yes1E said the "astor with a shru% o$ his shoulders1
Abut what !an you do3E
A2hat !hur!h do you belon% to at hoe3E one o$ the youn%
en as4ed1 in e(!ellent En%lish0
A2ould you li4e to %o to a Ba"tist servi!e3;
AGery u!h indeed0E
<e %ot out "en!il and "a"er and wrote down an address $or
e0 A'here;s a servi!e toni%ht1E he said0
And that evenin%1 a$ter learnin% $ro the rest o$ the 9ut!h
dele%ation how borin% the day;s endless s"ee!hes had been1 = set
out by ta(i on!e a%ain1 this tie ared with a s"e!i$i! address0
'he servi!e was already in "ro%ress when = arrived0 'here
was a saller turnout here0 'he "eo"le were less well#dressed1
and there were alost no teena%ers0 But an interestin% thin%
ha""ened0 2ord was "assed to the inister that a $orei%ner was
n the !on%re%ation1 and = was iediately as4ed to !oe u" on
the "lat$or and s"ea4 to the0 = was astonished0 9id they have
this aount o$ $reedo3
=s there anyone here who s"ea4s Feran or En%lish3; =
as4ed1 not realizin% that = had dis!overed a te!hni8ue = would use
o$ten in the $uture0 =t ha""ened that there was a woan in the
!on%re%ation that ni%ht who s"o4e Feran0 'hrou%h her =
"rea!hed y $irst seron behind the =ron /urtain0 =t was short
and insi%ni$i!ant e(!e"t $or one ines!a"able $a!t> here = was1 a
/hristian $ro the other side o$ the =ron /urtain1 standin% u" and
"rea!hin% the Fos"el in a /ounist !ountry0
At the end o$ y little tal4 the "astor said the ost
interestin% thin% o$ all0 A2e want to than4 you7E he said1 A$or
bein% here0 Even i$ you had not said a word1 ?ust Seein% you
would have eant so u!h0 2e $eel at ties as i$ we are all
alone in our stru%%le0E
'hat ni%ht1 lyin% on y !ot in the atheati!s !lassroo1 =
%ot to thin4in% about how di$$erent these two !hur!hes had been0
One1 a""arently1 was $ollowin% the route o$ !oo"eration with the
%overnent> it attra!ted lar%e !rowds1 it was a!!e"table to youn%
"eo"le0 'he other1 = $elt1 was0 wal4in% a lonelier "ath0 2hen =
as4ed i$ Party ebers attended their servi!es1 the answer was1
A)ot that we 4now aboutDE = was learnin% so u!h so $ast that =t
was di$$i!ult to assiilate it all0
= had been in Poland nearly a wee4D At last it was the
twenty#$irst o$ July1 the day the Bible sho" reo"ened0 = le$t the
hotel early and wal4ed throu%h the alost e"ty avenues until =
%ot to the address on )ew 2orld Street0
Just be$ore nine o;!lo!4 a an hurried down the street1
sto""ed in $ront o$ the Bible sho"1 bent over1 and inserted a 4ey
in the lo!40
AFood ornin%1E = said in Polish0 # 'he an stood u" and
loo4ed at e0 AFood ornin%1E he said a tri$le distantly0
A9o you s"ea4 either En%lish or Feran3E = as4ed in
AEn%lish0E <e loo4ed u" the street A/oe in0E
'he "ro"rietor swit!hed on li%hts and be%an raisin% shades1
2hile be wor4ed = introdu!ed ysel$0 'he "ro"rietor %runted0
'hen it was his turn0 <e showed e his sho" his any editions
o$ the Bible1 the wide ran%e o$ "ri!es available0 And all the while
he was eli!itin% $ra%ents o$ in$oration $ro e1 tryin% to
establish ?ust who = really was0
A2hy are you in Poland3; be as4ed suddenly0
A=$ one eber su$$ers1 all su$$er to%ether1E = 8uoted $ro
First /orinthians0
'he "ro"rietor loo4ed at e steadily0 A2e have not been
tal4in% about su$$erin%1E he said0 AOn the !ontrary1 = have been
tellin% you how $ree we are to "ublish and distribute Bibles0E
And with1 that he started to tell a story that would illustrate1 he
said1 how well /hristians %ot alon% with the re%ie0 Even Stalin1
be$ore his re!ent death1 had siled on the wor4 o$ the Bible
One day1 he said1 two o$$i!ials !ae into the sho" and
handed hi a written order0 'o !elebrate Stalin;s birthday1 every
sho" was to dis"lay his "i!ture in its window surrounded by a
sele!tion o$ =ts !hoi!est wares0
AO$ !ourse1E the "ro"rietor said1 A= was ea%er to !oo"erate0 =
went sho""in% that very day and $ound ?ust what = wanted> a
very lar%e !olor "i!ture o$ Stalin1 and $olded1 loo4in% downward
with an a$$e!tionate sile on his = "la!ed the "i!ture in y
window0 'hen = !hose y ost e("ensive Bible and o"ened it to
soe words o$ /hrist written in red1 ?ust below the a""rovin%
eyes o$ Stalin0 Everyone seeed to li4e y dis"lay1 $or soon a
!rowd %athered and every $a!e was silin%0 'he Peo"le;s Poli!e
arrived0 L'a4e that downD; they ordered0 LOh no1 sir; = said0 L=
!ould not do that1 $or here are y orders $ro the Fovernent in
bla!4 and white0;E
= was lau%hin% but the "ro"rietor was not0 'here was not
even a twin4le in his eye0 =t was y $irst en!ounter with the dry
double entendre that "lays su!h a "art in the li$e o$ the /hristian
!ounity behind the =ron /urtain0 <astily = arran%ed y
$eatures to at!h the sober e("ression o$ his own0
As we tal4ed several !ustoers !ae in0 = was =nterested to
see how busy the little sho" was0 2hen we were alone a%ain1 =
as4ed the "ro"rietor i$ there were Bible stores in other
/ounist !ountries0 ASoe yes1 soe no1E he said0 <e be%an
dustin% the shelves0 A= understand that in .ussia Bibles are very
s!ar!e indeed0 =n $a!t they tell e $ortunes are bein% ade there0
A an su%%les ten Bibles into .ussia and sells the $or
enou%h to buy a otor!y!le0 <e drives the otor!y!le ba!4 into
Poland or Bu%oslavia or East Ferany and sells it $or a $at
"ro$it1 with whi!h he buys ore Bibles0 'hat;s ?ust hearsay o$
All that ornin% = visited with the Bible sho" owner1 and
when it !ae tie to say %oodbye1 = did it re%ret$ully0 2al4in%
ba!4 to the s!hool1 = tried to a4e sense o$ the visit0 <ere was a
store sellin% Bibles o"enly to anyone who wanted one 5 hardly
an e(a"le o$ the reli%ious "erse!ution we had so o$ten heard
about in <olland0 And yet y $riend was as !ir!us"e!t in his
tal4 as i$ he were !arryin% on an ille%al trade0 'here was an
uneasiness1 a tension in the air that told e all was not as it
As yet = had not atte"ted the "rin!i"al thin% = had !oe to
do0 = wanted to hand out y Atwenty#si( lead soldiersE o"enly on
the Street1 to see what would ha""en0
So $or several days runnin% = stood on !orners1 = went to the
ar4et "la!e 5 bri%ht with $resh suer ve%etables 5 = rode the
trains1 and everywhere = handed out y boo4lets0
= had never seen tras as !rowded as these0 'here were
riders on the "lat$ors1 on the !ou"lin%s1 on the hubs0 =
reeber on!e s8ueezin% onto a rear "lat$or1 holdin% y tra!ts
over y head so they would not be !rushed0 A "easani woan
near e loo4ed u" at the "a"hlets and !rossed hersel$0
AJa0 JaE she said in Feran1 Athis is what we need in
'hat was all0 But = 4new that we had really et1 she the
/atholi! $ro Eastern Euro"e1 = the Protestant $ro the 2est0
'here on the !rowded traway "lat$or we had et as
As the days "assed and no evil !onse8uen!es $ollowed the
distribution o$ y boo4lets in "ubli! $or all to see1 = be%an to $eel
e(hilarated about the "ossibilities in this une("e!ted ission
$ield0 And then one day = dis!overed how dee" y own de$eatist
attitudes still ran0 = believed that = had "assed out /hristian
literature in every !on!eivable settin%0 But one ornin% in the
daily Juiet 'ie that = had observed ever sin!e :ondon days1 =
thou%ht about the ilitary barra!4s ?ust u" the street $ro the
s!hool0 )ot only had it never o!!urred to e to "ass out boo4lets
to the soldiers there1 but the very si%ht o$ their uni$ors ade
e 8ui!4en y ste"s in the other dire!tion0
<ow blind !ould you %etD = o$ all "eo"le ou%ht to have
4nown that the uni$or doesn;t a4e the an0 'he day be$ore
the $estival ended = wal4ed u" to the %rou" o$ si( .ed soldiers
standin% %uard and handed ea!h o$ the a boo4let 'he en
%lan!ed at the boo4lets1 at e1 then at ea!h other0 = told the =
was 9ut!h1 and $ound that one o$ the s"o4e Feran0
A=t ust a4e you very bitter1 the Aeri!an o!!u"ation1E
one o$ the said0
A'he what3;
A'he o!!u"ation o$ <olland by the Aeri!an Air For!e0E
= was in the idst o$ tryin% to e("lain that we were not an
o!!u"ied !ountry1 when the soldiers all suddenly !ae to
attention0 C" wal4ed an o$$i!er1 bar4in% orders in Polish as he
!ae0 'he si( soldiers wheeled sartly and ar!hed away
double tie0 But = noti!ed that they !arried their boo4lets with
A2hat was =t you %ave these en3; said the o$$i!er in
A'his1 sir0E = handed hi one o$ the little boo4s0 <e loo4ed at
it !are$ully0 'wo hours later it was = who bro4e away0 2e were
s!heduled to leave the ne(t day1 and = had a dozen travel $ors
to $ill out As we "arted1 the o$$i!er1 a .ussian Orthodo( by birth1
wished e Fods"eed and a sa$e ?ourney0
'he ne(t ornin% was our last in 2arsaw0 = was u" even
earlier than usual and out on the street at sunu"0 = $ound a ben!h
on one o$ the broad avenues1 wi"ed o$$ the dew1 and sat down
with y "o!4et 'estaent on y 4nee0 = had a s"e!ial "ur"ose
in !oin% out so early0 = wanted to "ray $or ea!h "erson = had
en!ountered on y tri"0 For a lon% tie that ornin% = "i!tured
the "la!es and the "eo"le = had seen0 On three Sundays = had
visited Presbyterian1 Ba"tist1 .oan /atholi! Orthodo(1
.e$ored1 and 6ethodist !hur!hes0 Five ties = had been as4ed
to s"ea4 durin% a servi!e0 = had visited a Bible sho"1 tal4ed with
soldiers and an o$$i!er1 with "eo"le on street !ornea and on
trolley !ars0 = "rayed $or ea!h one0
And as = sat "rayin% = heard the usi!0
=t was !oin% toward e down the avenue0 6artial1 sart1
with a sound o$ voi!es sin%in%0 And then = saw it 5 the "er$e!t
!lia( to the visit> the Parade o$ 'riu"h that ended the $estival0
'his was the other side o$ the "i!ture0 For over a%ainst the
one little Bible sho" and the o!!asional /hristian = had et was
this aoth !ounter$eit> the treendous stren%th o$ the
<ere they !ae now1 the youn% So!ialists1 ar!hin% down
the avenue0 )ot $or a oent did = believe they were there under
!oer!ion0 'hey ar!hed be!ause they believed0 'hey ar!hed
ei%ht abreast> healthy1 vital1 !lean#!ut0 'hey ar!hed sin%in%1
and their voi!es were li4e shouts0 On and on they !ae $or ten
inutes1 $i$teen inutes1 ran4 a$ter ran4 o$ youn% en and
youn% woen0
'he e$$e!t was overwhelin%0 'hese were the evan%elists o$
the twentieth !entury0 'hese were the "eo"le who went about
shoutin% their %ood news0
And "art o$ the news was that the old sha!4les and
su"erstitions o$ reli%ion1 the old inhibitin% ideas about Fod1 no
lon%er held0 6an was his own aster> the $uture was his to ta4e0
2hat should we o$ the 2est do about the1 these thousands
o$ youn% "eo"le still ar!hin% "ast e: !la""in% now with a
terri$yin% rhyth3
@ill the3 'his was the answer the )azis had o$$ered0
:et the win by de$ault3 6u!h as = loved and res"e!ted the
2E/ and its trainin% !olle%e1 it had never on!e sent a an
behind the =ron /urtain0
2hat should we do then3 2hat should = do3
'he Bible in y la" lay o"en1 "a%es ru$$lin% in the ornin%
breeze0 = "ut down y hand to hold the still and $ound that =
was loo4in% at the boo4 o$ .evelations0 6y $in%ers were restin%
on the "a%e alost as thou%h they were "ointin%0 AAwa4e1E said
the verse at y $in%erti"s1 Aand stren%then what reains and is
on the "oint o$ death0 0 0
Suddenly = realized that = was seein% the words throu%h a
blur o$ tears0 /ould it be that Fod was s"ea4in% the to e ri%ht
now1 tellin% e that y li$e wor4 was here behind the =ron
/urtain1 where <is renant /hur!h was stru%%lin% $or its li$e3
2as = to have soe "art in stren%thenin% this "re!ious thin% that
But that was ridi!ulousD <ow !ould =3 As $ar as = 4new1 ba!4
then in 19++1 there was not a sin%le issionary wor4in% in this
lar%est o$ all ission $ields0 2hat !ould =1 one "erson without
$unds or or%anization1 do a%ainst an overwhelin% $or!e li4e the
one "assin% in $ront o$ e now3
/<AP'E. E=F<'
The Cu, of Suffer'n+
Our train "ulled into Asterda ri%ht on s!hedule0 = %ot o$$
with the rest o$ the !rowd1 !orduroy trousers still0 s8uea4in%1 but
!arryin% a suit!ase that was !onsiderably li%hter than it had been
%oin% to 2arsaw0
= did not %o dire!tly to 2itte0 =nstead = went to see the
2hetstras in their new Asterda hoe0
=t was a beauty> a handsoe brown bri!4 house in a "leasant
tree#lined street near the river0 Par4ed in $ront was a shinin% new
Gol4swa%en1 li%ht blue1 whi!h 6r0 2hetstra had also written e
about0 = "ut y suit!ase down on the sidewal4 and tried the little
!ar;s door0
A2ell1 son1 what do you thin4 o$ her3E
= turned around to $ind 6r0 2hetstra silin% at e0 <e too4
e $or a short s"in around the water$ront0
ABut enou%h o$ showin% o$$1E he said0 ABou ust tell us
about your visit to Poland0E
So $or the rest o$ the a$ternoon = told the 2hetstras about y
tri"0 = told the1 too1 about the Bible verse that a""arently had
been %iven e in su!h an un!anny way0
ABut how would = %o about stren%thenin% anythin%3E = said0
L2hat 4ind o$ stren%th do = have3E
6r0 2hetstra shoo4 his head0 <e a%reed with e that one
lone 9ut!han was s!ar!ely an answer to the 4ind o$ need = had
been des!ribin%0 =t was 6rs0 2hetstra who understood0
A)o stren%th at allDE she answered e ?oyously0 AAnd don;t
you 4now that it is ?ust when we are wea4est that Fod !an use us
ost3 Su""ose now that it wasn;t you but the <oly S"irit 2ho
had "lans behind the =ron /urtain3 Bou tal4 about stren%th000
6y return to 2itte was !ou"led with a "leasant sur"rise0
)ei%hbors dro""ed in all evenin% with 8uestions1 the basi!
on!e all o$ us were as4in% in 19++ when travel behind the
/urtain was ?ust be%innin% and the /ounist world was still
!loa4ed in ystery0 But $inally the last %uest !lo"ed a!ross our
little brid%e1 and it was tie $or bed0 = stret!hed1 rea!hed $or y
nearly e"ty suit!ase1 and started to $ollow /ornelius u" the
ladder to the lo$t0
AJust a inute1 Andy1E said Felt?e0
= sto""ed0
A2e have soethin% to show your
= %ot down o$$ the ladder and $ollowed Felt?e into the roo
o$$ the "arlor that had on!e been 6aa;s and Pa"a;s0 Every in!h
o$ it was $illed with eories> Bas;s wasted $or beneath the
blan4et7 6aa durin% the last onths o$ the war 5 too wea4 to
li$t her head $ro that "illow0000
A2ith the new roo $or Pa"a $inished over the shed1 Andy1E
Felt?e was sayin%1 Awe;ve de!ided you should have this $or your
= !ouldn;t $ind y breath0 =n y wildest dreas o$ bliss1 =
had never ia%ined a roo o$ y own0 =n this sall house =
4new at what sa!ri$i!e Arie and Felt?e were a4in% e this
AC)'=: BOC;.E 6A..=E9DE Pa"a booed $ro the
livin% roo0 Pa"a was be%innin% to a4e $re8uent rear4s about
his twenty#seven#year old ba!helor son0 AJCS' C)'=: BOC;.E
= soehow $ound words to say0 A roo o$ y ownD 'hat
ni%ht a$ter the rest o$ the $aily had %one to bed7 = !losed y
own door and went around y roo ?ust $eelin% y $urniture0
A'han4 you $or a !hair1 :ord0 'han4 you $or a bureau000 =
would build a des40 =;d "ut it there1 and =;d s"end hours herein
y roo1 studyin%1 and wor4in% and "lannin%0
= had not been hoe a wee41 be$ore the invitations be%an to
!oe in0 /hur!hes1 !lubs1 !ivi! %rou"s1 s!hools7 everybody
wanted to 4now about li$e behind the =ron /urtain0
= a!!e"ted the all0 =n "art = needed the "ayent they
o$$ered0 But = had an even stron%er reason0 Soehow = $elt sure
that throu%h the s"ee!hes = was %oin% to be shown what = was to
do ne(t0
And that;s what ha""ened0
A !hur!h in <aarle where = was to s"ea4 had "osted
advertiseents all over town statin% that y sub?e!t was to be1
A<ow /hristians :ive Behind the =ron /urtain0E = would never
have "resued to s"ea4 on su!h a to"i! a$ter a three#wee4 visit
to one !ity0 But at least the announ!eents did draw a !rowd 5
the hail was ?aed0 And they drew soethin% else> a %rou" o$
= re!o%nized the ri%ht away 5 soe o$ the had been on
the tri" 5 and = wondered what he!4lin% = i%ht be in $or0 'o y
sur"rise1 however1 they ade no ove either durin% the s"ee!h
or durin% 8uestion "eriod that $ollowed0 But a$terward one o$ the
woen !ae u" to e0 She had been a leader o$ the 9ut!h
dele%ation in 2arsaw0
A= didn;t li4e your tal41E she said0
A=; sorry0 = didn;t thin4 you would0E
ABou told only "art o$ the story:> she said0 AObviously you
haven;t seen enou%h0 Bou need to travel ore1 visit ore
!ountries1 eet ore leaders0E
= said nothin%0 2hat was she leadin% u" to3
A=n other words1 you ou%ht to ta4e another tri"1 and that;s
what =;ve !oe to su%%est0E = held y breath0 A= a in !har%e o$
sele!tin% $i$teen "eo"le $ro <olland to ta4e a tri" to
/ze!hoslova4ia0 'hey;ll be %one $our wee4s0 'here;ll be
students and "ro$essors and "eo"le in !ouni!ations1 and we;d
li4e soeone $ro the !hur!hes0 2ould you !oe3E
2as this Fod;s hand3 2as this the ne(t door o"enin% in <is
"lan $or e3 = de!ided to "ut the 8uestion be$ore <i on!e a%ain
in ters o$ oney0 = 4new = didn;t have $unds $or su!h a tri"0 A=$
Bou want e to %o1 :ord1E = said in a $lash "rayer beneath y
breath1 ABou will have to su""ly the eans0E
A'han4s1E = said aloud1 Abut = !ould never a$$ord su!h a tri"0
=; sorryA> = be%an to "a!4 away the "i!tures o$ 2arsaw = had
brou%ht with e0
= !ould $eel the lady starin% at e0
A2ell1E she said $inally1 Awe !an wor4 that out0E
= loo4ed u"0 A2hat do you ean3E
AAbout the e("enses0 For you1 there will be no !har%e0E
And so be%an y se!ond tri" behind the =ron /urtain1 it was
u!h li4e y visit to Poland e(!e"t that the %rou" was saller
and = had a lot ore trouble %ettin% o$$ by ysel$0 = 4e"t
wonderin% what it was Fod wanted e to learn in
And toward the end o$ the $our wee4s = $ound the answer0
Everywhere we had been told about the reli%ious $reedo that
"eo"le en?oyed under !ounis0 <ere in /ze!hoslova4ia1 our
%uide told us1 there was even a %rou" o$ s!holars1 "aid by the
State1 who had ?ust $inished a new translation o$ the Bible and
were even now wor4in% on a Bible di!tionary0
A= would very u!h li4e to visit these en1E = said0
So that a$ternoon = was ta4en to a lar%e o$$i!e buildin% in the
heart o$ Pra%ue0 =t was the =nter!hur!h /enter 5 the head8uarters
$or all Protestant !hur!hes =n /ze!hoslova4ia0 6y $irst
="ression was astonishent at the size o$ the "hysi!al $a!ilities
that the /hur!h was able to aintain0 = was led =nto a suite o$
o$$i!es where s!holarly loo4in% %entleen in bla!4 !oats sat
behind heavy toes and "iles o$ "a"er0 'hese were the en1 =
was told1 who had wor4ed on the new translation0 = was very
i"ressed0 But %radually soe ausin% $a!ts be%an to eer%e0 =
as4ed i$ = i%ht see a !o"y o$ the new translation1 and was
shown a bul4y1 u!h#$in%ered anus!ri"t0
AOh0 'he translation has not been "ublished yet3; = as4ed0
A2ell1 noE said one o$ the s!holars0 <is $a!e seeed sad0
A2e;ve had it ready sin!e the war1 but000 <e %lan!ed at the tour
dire!tor and let his senten!e dri$t o$$0
A2hat about the Bible di!tionary3 =s that ready yet3;
ABut what %ood will it does to have a di!tionary o$ the Bible
and no Bible3 Are there earlier translations3;
'he s!holar loo4ed a%ain at the tour dire!tor as i$ tryin% to
de!ide how u!h he !ould say0
A)o1E he $inally blurted out0 A)o0 =t;s very di$$i!ult0 Gery
di$$i!ult to $ind Bibles here nowadays0E
'he tour dire!tor !onsidered the interview over0 = was
she"herded out without havin% a !han!e to as4 ore 8uestions0
But the daa%e had been done0 = had %li"sed the subter$u%e0
.ather than a4e a $rontal atta!4 on reli%ion =n this devout
nation1 the new re%ie was "layin% the %ae o$ $rustration0 =t
was s"onsorin% a new translation o$ the Bible 5 a translation that
never 8uite %ot "ublished0 =t was s"onsorin% a new di!tionary o$
the Bible 5 only there were no Bibles to %o to with the
'he ne(t day = as4ed our %uide to ta4e e to the
=nterdenoinational Boo4 Store at Jun%anova )o0 90 = was
deterined to see $or ysel$ how di$$i!ult0 it was to buy a Bible0
'he sho" was well sto!4ed with usi!1 stationery1 "i!tures1
statues1 !rosses1 boo4s that were ore or less related to reli%ion0
=n any siilar sho" in <olland there would be an entire se!tion
o$ the store devoted to di$$erent editions o$ the S!ri"tures0
A6ay = see a red#letter Bible1 "lease3; = as4ed the
saleswoan0 By now = had dis!overed that1 between En%lish and
Feran1 = rarely had any trouble !ouni!atin%0
'he saleswoan shoo4 her head0 A=; sorry1 sir0 'hose are
out o$ sto!4 ri%ht now0E
A2ell1 how about a standard bla!4#and#white edition3E
But these too1 it seeed1 were te"orarily unavailable0
A6a;a1E = said1 A= have !oe all the way $ro <olland to
see how the /hur!h is $arin% in /ze!hoslova4ia0 Are you %oin%
to tell e that = !an wal4 into the lar%est reli%ious boo4store in
the !ountry and not be able to buy a sin%le Bible3E
'he saleswoan e(!used hersel$ and disa""eared into the
ba!4 o$ the store0 'here was a ra"id and soewhat e(!ited
dis!ussion behind the !urtain1 $ollowed by the sound o$ "a"er
rattlin%0 And then the ana%er hisel$ a""eared1 !arryin% a
"ar!el already wra""ed in brown "a"er0
A<ere you are1 sir0E = than4ed hi0 A=t;s that new translation
that a4es Bibles s!ar!e1E the ana%er said0 Cntil that !oes
out1 new Bibles ?ust aren;t bein% "rinted0E
=t was our last day0 Bi% "lans had been ade $or us0 2e were
to %o out o$ Pra%ue on a tour o$ odel !ounities in the
!ountryside0 'hen we were to !oe ba!4 $or dinner1 a "ress
!on$eren!e1 and $inal %oodbyes0
= i%ht "ossibly have su$$ered throu%h this s!hedule $or the
sa4e o$ "oliteness1 e(!e"t $or one thin%> it was Sunday0 =t was
y last !han!e to worshi" with /ze!h believers without havin% a
A%uideE hoverin% nearby0
= had "lanned y es!a"e $or days0 = had noti!ed that the rear
door o$ our tour bus had a $aulty s"rin%> even in A!losedE
"osition there was a %a" over a $oot wide between it and the
door?ab0 By holdin% y breath0000
As the bus "ulled away $ro the hotel that last day1 = was in
the last seat0 At every tra$$i! li%ht = sized u" y !han!es $or
sli""in% out that door unseen0 But too any heads were turnin%1
ta4in% in the si%hts o$ the !ity0 At last !ae a !han!e when every
ne!4 was !raned $orward1 starin% at the heroi! bronze $i%ure o$ a
an on horseba!40 = never learned who it was1 $or as the tour
dire!tor be%an des!ribin% =t1 = su!4ed =n y breath1 s8ueezed
throu%h the; o"enin%0 and ste""ed down into the street0 'he air
bra4es hissed1 and the "ower$ul otor revved u"0 = was alone in
<al$ an hour later = was standin% in the vestibule o$ a !hur!h
= had s"otted on a "revious tour o$ the !ity1 wat!hin% "eo"le
!oin% in0 = was "arti!ularly an(ious to see how a !hur!h !ould
$un!tion without Bibles0 O!!asionally soeone !arried a
hynal1 ore rarely a Bible0 But one thin% that "uzzled e 5
any "eo"le brou%ht loose#lea$ noteboo4s0 2hat were they $or3
'he servi!e be%an0 = too4 a seat in the ba!4 and iediately
had a sur"rise0 Alost everyone seeed $arsi%htedD 'he owners
o$ the hyn boo4s held the out at ar;s len%th1 hi%h =n the air0
'hose with loose#lea$ noteboo4s did the sae0 And then =
realized> the "eo"le with boo4s were sharin% the with those
who had none0 =n the noteboo4s were !o"ied1 note by note and
word by word1 the $avorite hyns o$ the !on%re%ation0
=t was the sae with the Bibles0 2hen the "rea!her
announ!ed the te(t1 every Bible owner in the !on%re%ation $ound
the re$eren!e and held his boo4 hi%h so that $riends nearby !ould
$ollow the readin%0 As = wat!hed those en and woen
stru%%lin% literally to %et !lose to the 2ord1 y hand !losed over
the 9ut!h Bible in y !oat ?a!4et0 <ow u!h $or %ranted = had
always ta4en y ri%ht to own this Boo40 = thou%ht that = would
never rea!h $or it a%ain without reeberin% the old %ranny in
$ront o$ e now1 standin% alost on ti"toe1 s8uintin% as she
strained to see the words in the Bible her son held alo$t0
A$ter the servi!e = introdu!ed ysel$ to the "rea!her0 2hen =
entioned that = had !oe $ro <olland !hie$ly to eet with
/hristians in his !ountry1 he seeed overwheled0
A= had heard1E he said1 Athat /ze!hoslova4ia was %oin% to
be%in o"enin% its borders0 = didn;t believe itD 2e;ve been000E he
loo4ed around1Ealost i"risoned sin!e the war0 Bou ust
!oe and tal4 with e0E
'o%ether we went to his a"artent =t was only later that =
learned how dan%erous a thin% $or hi this was in the
/ze!hoslova4ia o$ 19++0 <e told e that the Fovernent was
tryin% to %et a total %ri" on the /hur!h0 =t was the Fovernent
that sele!ted theolo%i!al students 5 !hoosin% only !andidates
who $avored the re%ie0 =n addition1 every two ouths a
inister had to renew his li!ense0 A $riend had re!ently had his
renewal a""li!ation denied 5 no e("lanation0 Ea!h seron had to
be written out ahead o$ tie and a""roved by the authorities0
Ea!h !hur!h had to list its leaders with the State0 'hat sae
wee4 in Brno $ive brethren were on trial be!ause their !hur!h did
not "erit the nain% o$ leaders0
=t was tie $or the se!ond servi!e at the !hur!h0
L2ould you !oe and s"ea4 to us3E he as4ed suddenly0
A=s that "ossible3 /an = really "rea!h here3E
A)o0 = did not say L"rea!h0; One ust be !are$ul with words0
As a $orei%ner you !an;t "rea!h1 but you !an brin% us L%reetin%s;
$ro <olland0 And1E y $riend siled1 Ai$ you wanted to you
!ould brin% us L%reetin%s; $ro the :ord0E
6y inter"reter was a youn% edi!al student naed Antonin0
First = brou%ht %reetin%s $ro <olland and the 2est0 'hat too4 a
!ou"le o$ inutes0 And then $or hal$ an hour = brou%ht %reetin%s
to the !on%re%ation A$ro Jesus /hrist0E =t wor4ed so well that
Antonin su%%ested we try the devi!e a%ain in another !hur!h0 All
=n all1 that day = "rea!hed $our ties and visited $ive di$$erent
!hur!hes0 Ea!h was eorable in its own way1 but the last one
ost o$ all0 For it was there that = re!eived the /u" o$ Su$$erin%0
=t was seven o;!lo!4 in the evenin%1 already dar4 on that
)oveber day0 = 4new that by now the tour %rou" would be
really an(ious about e0 =t was tie = tried to $ind the0 But
even as = was thin4in% this1 Antonin as4ed e i$ l would visit
Just one ore !hur!h1 Awhere = thin4 they es"e!ially need to
eet soeone $ro Outside0E
So on!e ore we traveled a!ross Pra%ue until we !ae to a
sall out#o$#the#way 6oravian !hur!h0 = was astonished at the
nuber o$ "eo"le there1 es"e!ially youn% "eo"le0 'here ust
have been $orty "ersons between the a%es o$ ei%hteen and
twenty#$ive0 = s"o4e y %reetin%s and then answered 8uestions0
/ould /hristians in <olland %et %ood ?obs3 9id anyone re"ort
you to the %overnent when you went to !hur!h3 /ould you
attend !hur!h and still %et into a %ood university3
ABou see1E Antonin told e1 Ait;s un"atrioti! to be a
/hristian =n /ze!hoslova4ia these days0 Soe o$ these "eo"le
have been bla!4balled at wor40 6any have issed out on
edu!ation0 And thatE 5 he too4 a sall bo( $ro the hands o$ a
youn% an who stood beside hi 5 Ais why they want you to
have this0E
'he youn% an was s"ea4in% to e very earnestly in /ze!h0
A'a4e this to <olland with you1E Antonin translated1 Aand
when "eo"le as4 you about it tell the about us and reind the
that we are "art o$ the Body1 too1 and that we are =n "ain0E
= too4 the bo( and o"ened it0 =nside was a silver la"el
ornaent in the sha"e o$ a tiny !u"0 = had seen several o$ the
youn% "eo"le wearin% the and had wondered what they were0
Antonin was "innin% it to y ?a!4et LA'his is the sybol o$
the /hur!h in /ze!hoslova4ia0 2e !all it the /u" o$ Su$$erin%0E
2hen Antonin had le$t e at the hotel1 = thou%ht a%ain about
those words0 = realized that we =n <olland were as insulated $ro
the real $a!ts o$ odern /hur!h history as were the /hristians in
/ze!hoslova4ia0 'he /u" o$ Su$$erin% was the sybol o$ a
reality that we had to share0
.i%ht now1 however1 = had another reality to $a!e0 2here
would = rendezvous with y %rou"3 'hey were not at the hotel 5
nor did anyone there 4now where the $arewell dinner was to
have been held0 = went to a restaurant where we had eaten
several ties0 A)o1 onsieur1 the %rou" $ro <olland did not eat
here toni%ht0E
A2ell1 is it too late $or e to have a sandwi!h3E
AO$ !ourse not1 onsieur0E
= had ta4en one bite o$ the sandwi!h1 when the door o$ the
restaurant $lew o"en and the tour dire!tor wal4ed in0 She %lan!ed
swi$tly around the roo1 then si%hted e0 <er shoulders
!olla"sed in an involuntary si%h o$ relie$0 But the ne(t instant her
$a!e $lushed with an%er0 She $airly ran to y table1 $lun% a bill at
the waiter1 and indi!ated the door with a ?er4 o$ her head0 =t was
obvious that she did not trust hersel$ to s"ea40
Outside waitin% $or us at the !urb1 was a %overnent !ar 5 a
lon% bla!4 liousine with its en%ine runnin%1 driven by a ost
un"leasant loo4in% an0 <e %ot out as we a""roa!hed1 o"ened
the door1 and then lo!4ed it behind us0 2here were they ta4in%
e3 .eeberin% the <ollywood version o$ su!h s!enes1 = tried
to 4ee" tra!4 o$ where we were %oin%0
And as = did1 the huor o$ the situation !ae to e0 Be!ause
we were %oin% to the hotel0
Just be$ore the !ar sto""ed1 the tour dire!tor s"o4e her $irst
words0 ABou have held the %rou" u" hal$ a day0 2e have !alled
every hos"ital1 every "oli!e station0 2e $inally !alled the
or%ue0 Cn$ortunately1 you were not thereD 2here have you
AOh1E = said1 A= %ot se"arated0 And so = wal4ed around0 =
really a sorry $or the trouble =;ve !aused you0E
A2ell1 = want to tell you o$$i!ially1 sir1 that you are no lon%er
wel!oe here0 Should you atte"t to enter this !ountry a%ain1
you will dis!over as u!h $or yoursel$0E
And so = did0 A year later = a""lied a%ain $or a visa to
/ze!hoslova4ia1 and was turned down0 = tried on!e ore two
yearn a$ter that and a%ain was re$used0 =t was $ive years be$ore =
was allowed ba!4 inside that beauti$ul land0 And eanwhile =
had seen su!h "erse!ution o$ /hristians that /ze!hoslova4ia by
!ontrast seeed a "la!e o$ $reedo and liberty0
/<AP'E. )=)E
The 1oundat'ons 2re La'd3
'he ne(t $ew onths seeed to be "ure $rustration0 'he tri"s
to Poland and /ze!hoslova4ia had !oe about alost without
y thin4in% about the0 But now when = be%an to a4e
in8uiries about return visits to these "la!es and tri"s to other =ron
/urtain !ountries1 = en!ountered onth a$ter onth o$
o$$i!ialdo> 8uestionnaires1 delays1 $ors in tri"li!ate 5 but
never a visa0
Even y own little roo "osed "robles0 =n /ze!hoslova4ia
= had thou%ht so o$ten about that roo waitin% $or e at hoe1
and lon%ed to be ba!4 in it0 )ow = dis!overed a drawba!4 = !ould
never have anti!i"ated0 Perha"s it was the very $a!t that it was so
snu% and !o$ortable7 at any rate the roo itsel$ !ae to
sybolize $or the $a!t that = was very u!h alone0
9ay a$ter day as = sat in that roo dra$tin% letters to
!onsulates1 = would drea o$ a wi$e who would share both the
roo and the vision o$ wor4 behind the /urtain0 On ore lu!id
days = would lau%h at ysel$> =$ issionary wor4 was a "oor li$e
to o$$er a beauti$ul %irl 5 the %irl in y dreas was %or%eous 5
what would she say to this new ission $ield = had %li"sed1
where se"aration and se!re!y and un!ertainty would be the best =
!ould o$$er3 'hese1 as = say1 were ob?e!tions that reason raised7
the %irl hersel$1 bein% a drea %irl1 never entioned the0
6oney was another "roble0 Althou%h neither Felt?e nor
Arie ever entioned the sub?e!t1 = 4new that = should be
"arti!i"atin% in the e("enses o$ the household0 Shortly a$ter = had
!oe ba!4 $ro y tri" to Poland1 the 9ut!h a%azine 4arach'
Ban Omhoo+ had as4ed e to write a series o$ arti!les $or the
about y e("erien!es behind the =ron /urtain0 = was no writer1
and = did nothin% about the invitation0 But now as = sat in y
little roo with y e"ty wallet on the hoeade des4 in $ront
o$ e1 = seeed to hear Fod say1 A2rite those arti!les $or
4arach' Ban Omhoo+3>
= was ysti$ied by the !oand0 Surely it !ould have
nothin% to do with the need $or oney about whi!h = had ?ust
then been "rayin%> the a%azine o$$ered no "ayent0
But that sense o$ insisten!e was there1 and in sheer
obedien!e = sat down and wrote about what = had observed not
only in Poland but also in /ze!hoslova4ia0 = ailed the arti!les
the ne(t day1 alon% with soe "hoto%ra"hs0 'he editor
a!4nowled%ed the with his than4s 5 but without oney as =
e("e!ted 5 and = disissed the whole atter $ro y ind0
And then one ornin% there was another letter $ro 4arach'
Ban Omhoo+3 A stran%e thin% was ha""enin%> althou%h nowhere
in the arti!le had = entioned oney1 or indi!ated that = was
even !onsiderin% another tri" to these "la!es1 $ro all over
<olland readers were sendin% in oney0 =t was never very u!h1
?ust a $ew %uilders at a tie1 .ut the editor wanted to 4now
where he should send the0
And thus be%an the ost aazin% story o$ su""ly0 'he $irst
%i$ts $ro y un4nown $riends were sall be!ause y needs
were sall0 = wanted to hel" Felt?e with the household e("enses7
y old ?a!4et was worn out7 = had "roised Antonin that =
would try to ail hi a !o"y o$ the /ze!h Bible0 And to eet
these sall needs there was a sall in!oe $ro readers o$
4arach' Ban Omhoo+3 :ater as y wor4 e("anded and there
was %reater need1 so too did !ontributions $ro readers in!rease0
=t was only when there was need $or really lar%e sus1 years
later1 that Fod turned elsewhere $or our $unds0
But soethin% $ar ore i"ortant than oney !ae out o$
the $irst !onta!t with 4arach' Ban Omhoo+3 =n the ail one
ornin% !ae a letter $ro the leader o$ a "rayer %rou" in the
villa%e o$ Aer$oort0 'he <oly S"irit1 the letter said1 had
instru!ted the to %et in tou!h with e7 they didn;t 4now why 5
but !ould = "ay a visit to Aer$oort3
= was iediately intri%ued0 =$ the <oly S"irit was dire!tin%
"eo"le;s a!tions so inutely today1 this was the very thin% =
needed to 4now ore aboutK = went to Aer$oort 'he %rou" o$
about a dozen en and woen et in the hoe o$ a an naed
@arl de Fraa$1 a builder o$ di4es0
= had never et a %rou" li4e this1 instead o$ a "lanned
"ro%ra $or the evenin%1 with a leader and a study to"i! as with
the other "rayer %rou"s = had attended1 these "eo"le seeed to
s"end ost o$ their tie listenin%0 'here was an o!!asional
"rayer said aloud 5 in no "arti!ular order around the roo 5 but
these "rayers were ore li4e outbursts o$ love and "raise $or
Fod than thou%ht#!ut "etitions0 =t was as thou%h every individual
in that roo sensed that Fod was very !lose1 and in the deli%ht
o$ <is !o"any wanted nothin%1 needed nothin%1 e(!e"t
o!!asionally to e("ress the ?oy bubblin% u" inside0
O!!asionally1 in the listenin%1 e("e!tant stillness1 one o$ the
%rou" would a""arently hear soethin% e4e> soe instru!tion1
soe "ie!e o$ in$oration1 that !ae $ro outside his own
4nowled%e0 'his too would be s"o4en aloud0 AJoost;s other1 in
Aeri!a1 needs our "rayers toni%htE A2e than4 Bou1 :ord1 that
our "rayer $or Ste"h?e has ?ust now been answered0E = was so
!au%ht u" in this new 4ind o$ "rayer e("erien!e that when the
others %ot u" to %o and 6rs0 de Fraa$ led e to y roo1 =
!ould s!ar!ely believe the !lo!4 on the dresser> it was $our#thirty
in the ornin%0
Several days later = was wor4in% in y roo on a new
arti!le $or 4arach' Ban Omhoo+ when Felt?e 4no!4ed on the
A'here;s soeone to see you1 Andrew0 = don;t 4now hi0E
= went out to the $ront stoo"1 and there was @arl de Fraa$0
A<elloDE = said1 sur"rised0
A<ello1 Andy0 9o you 4now how to drive3
AAn autoobile3E
A)o1E = said1 bewildered0 A)o1 = don;t0E
ABe!ause last ni%ht in our "rayers we had a word $ro the
:ord about you0 =t;s i"ortant $or you to be able to drive0E
A2hatever on earth $or3; = said0 A=;ll never own a !ar1 that;s
$or sure0E
AAndrew1E 6r0 de Fraa$ s"o4e "atiently1 as to a slow#witted
student1 A=; not ar%uin% the lo%i! o$ the !ase0 =; ?ust "assin%
on the essa%e0E And with that1 he was stridin% a!ross the brid%e
to his waitin% !ar0
'he idea o$ learnin% to drive seeed so $ar$et!hed that = did
nothin% about it0 But a wee4 later the di4e builder drove u" to the
door a%ain0
A<ave you been ta4in% your drivin% lessons3E
A2ell 5 not e(a!tly000E
A<aven;t you learned yet how i"ortant obedien!e is3 =
su""ose =; %oin% to have to tea!h you ysel$0 <o" in0E
'hat a$ternoon = sat behind the wheel o$ a otor vehi!le $or
the $irst tie sin!e that disastrous ornin% eleven years earlier
when = had driven the Bren !arrier $ull s"eed down the !o"any
street0 6r0 de Fraa$ returned La%ain and a%ain1 and so s4illed a
tea!her was he that a $ew wee4s later = too4 y drivin% test and
"assed it the $irst tie around 5 a rare thin% in <olland0 = still
!ould see no reason why = 5 who didn;t even own a bi!y!le
anyore 5 should be !arryin% an autoobile driver;s li!ense
around in y "o!4et0 But 6r0 de Fraa$ re$used to s"e!ulate0
A'hat;s the e(!iteent in obedien!e1E he said0 AFindin% out later
what Fod had in ind0E
And then o!!urred the event whi!h $or a while drove
everythin% else $ro our inds0 =n the $all o$ 19+6 !ae the
<un%arian .evolt and with it the $li%ht to the 2est o$ hundreds
o$ thousands o$ terri$ied and disillusioned "eo"le1 not only $ro
<un%ary but $ro Bu%oslavia and East Ferany and every other
/ounist !ountry0 'hese re$u%ees were herded into vast !a"s
near the borders where !onditions were said to be unthin4able0 A
an s"o4e in $ront o$ the bur%oaster;s house in 2itte1 as4in%
$or volunteers to hel" in the !a"s0 = went in the $irst bus to
leave <olland0
'he volunteers o!!u"ied only the $ront o$ the bus7 the rest o$
the bus was $illed with $ood1 !lothin%1 and edi!ine to be
divided e8ually aon% the lar%est re$u%ee !a"s1 lo!ated in
2est Ferany and Austria0
)othin% = had heard "re"ared e $or what we $ound0 'en
$ailies in a roo was !oon"la!e1 soe o$ the tryin% to
"reserve a vanished way o$ "riva!y by han%in% u" their blan4ets
$or walls durin% the daytie0
2e "lun%ed into this sea o$ need li4e swiers on the ed%e
o$ the o!ean1 "assin% out !lothin% and edi!ine1 writin% letters1
tryin% to lo!ate se"arated $ailies1 a4in% visa a""li!ations0
And o$ !ourse1 whenever = !ould1 = held "rayer servi!es0 And it
was here that = ade an astonishin% dis!overy0 6ost o$ these
"eo"le 4new literally nothin% about the Bible0 'hose who had
%rown u" under the old re%ies were lar%ely illiterate0 'he
youn%er ones1 who had been raised under !ounis1 were
better edu!ated but o$ !ourse not in the Bible0
And so = be%an1 wor4in% ostly throu%h inter"reters1
holdin% a $ew sall !lasses in the ost basi! 4ind o$ Bible
edu!ation0 = 4new $ro e("erien!e how "ower$ul this 4nowled%e
!an be1 but = was s!ar!ely "re"ared $or its e$$e!t on lives in
whi!h it was totally new0 Peo"le who had been sun4 in des"air
be!ae "illars o$ stren%th $or a whole barra!4s0 = saw bitterness
!han%e to ho"e1 shae to "ride0
= reeber one old !ou"le1 es!a"ees $ro Bu%oslavia0 'he
wi$e was selly and $at and had !hin hairs an in!h lon%0 She at
least tried to 4ee" the area around their beds "i!4ed u" and tidy1
but her husband1 unsettled by the ove $ro his an!estral $ar1
?ust sat on the ed%e o$ his !ot1 ro!4in% endlessly ba!4 and $orth
day a$ter day0
'hey be%an attendin% the Bible !lass = tau%ht in their
barra!4s0 At $irst they a""eared thunderstru!4 at what they
heard0 'he old an we"t as he listened1 lettin% tears $all
un!he!4ed into his la"0 By about the $ourth !lass = noti!ed that
the woan;s !hin hairs we %one1 and the husband had be%un to
'iny details1 o$ !ourse1 e(!e"t $or what they said about two
"eo"le awa4enin% to a sense o$ theselves as beloved !hildren
o$ Fod0
A=$ only1E said the old an a$ter the !lass one day1 and then
be sto""ed0
A=$ only what3E the inter"reter "rodded0
A=$ only = had 4nown all o$ this years a%o1 ba!4 hoe1 ba!4
'hat too was be!oin% y drea0
'he !lothin% and other su""lies we had brou%ht to the !a"s
had lon% sin!e run out1 and we returned to <olland to try to
!olle!t ore0 2hile = was hoe = went on!e ore to the
Bu%oslavian !onsulate to a""ly1 as = had be$ore1 $or a visa0
On!e a%ain there were $ors in tri"li!ate to $ill out1
"hoto%ra"hs Hwhi!h = now ordered by the s!oreI to a$$i(1 the
un"roisin%> A'his will ta4e soe tie to "ro!ess0E Only on!e
in $illin% out the a""li!ation blan4 did = hesitate1 'here it was1
hal$way down the "a%e1 the $ailiar s"a!e $or Ao!!u"ation0E =
had the $eelin% that ine had wei%hed a%ainst e be$ore in these
a""li!ations0 But what was the "hrase we had been tau%ht in
Flas%ow3 2al4 in the :i%ht1 nothin% hidden1 nothin% !on!ealed1
everythin% o"en and trans"arent $or all to see0 And so1 as = had
be$ore1 = wrote 6=SS=O)A.B in blo!4 letters1 and le$t the
!o"leted $ors on the des40
2hen our bus was $illed a%ain with blan4ets and !lothin%1
"owdered il4 and !o$$ee and !ho!olate1 we set out a%ain $or the
re$u%ee !a"s0 = was wor4in% in 2est Berlin when the tele%ra
!ae about Pa"a0 <e had died in his %arden0
= !au%ht the ne(t train hoe0 'he si"le little $uneral was
held at the %raveside0 As is the !usto in land#hun%ry <olland1
6aa;s %rave was reo"ened and Pa"a;s !as4et lowered to rest
on to" o$ hers0
)ow the old house was e"ty indeed0 <ow = issed the
booin% voi!e that had $illed it $ro $loor to ra$ters0 <ow =
issed the round#shouldered $or bent so "atiently over the
rows o$ lettu!e and !abba%es issed his love $or %rowin% thin%s0
= went ba!4 to Ferany and threw ysel$ harder than ever
into the wor4 with the re$u%ees0 'he <un%arian .evolt had
brou%ht the newest wave o$ es!a"ees1 but a!tually the !a"s in
2est Berlin were old ones1 $or%otten by the world until this
latest event ade headlines0 =n these !a"s had lived $or years
the le$tovers o$ the se!ond world war1 the hoeless1 the
dis"la!ed1 the stateless thousands !reated by the )azi adness0
'o e1 these "eo"le were the saddest o$ all1 es"e!ially the
!hildren0 = et eleven# and twelve#year#olds who had never seen
the inside o$ a real house0 'wo sin%le "ersons re!eived %reater
allotents o$ s"a!e and !lothin% than a arried !ou"le1 so
arria%e was rare1 and ost o$ the !hildren were ille%itiate0
For onths = wor4ed to %et a %rou" o$ these youn%sters into
<olland0 = 4new "lenty o$ $ailies ready to ta4e the 5 Felt?e
and 6aart?e would have ta4en soe 5 but a%ain and a%ain the
!hildren $ailed to "ass the health re8uireents0 =n those !old1
da" barra!4s 'B was endei!0 'he "osters on the walls
o$$erin% entry into Sweden or the Cnited States $or youn% adults
$ree o$ disease were a o!4ery to the si!4 that ade u" ninety
"er!ent o$ every !a"0
=t was while = was in the idst o$ this ho"eless and
heartbrea4in% wor4 that one ornin% durin% the Juiet 'ie that
was now an inte%ral "art o$ every day wherever = was1 = had the
ost rear4able i"ression0 =t was ?ust as thou%h = heard a
voi!e tell e> A'oday you are %oin% to %et the visa $or
= was in!redulous0 = had alost $or%otten about y "endin%
a""li!ations $or travel there and other "la!es1 so wra""ed u" had
= been with the !a"s0 Still1 = $ound ysel$ %lan!in% out the
window o$ the volunteer hostel1 wat!hin% $or the ornin% all0
2hen = saw the !arrier !oin%1 = ran down to eet her0 AA letter
$or you $ro <ollandDE she said and $ished around in her ba%0
= too4 the letter $ro her0 'he address in 2itte was !rossed
out1 and above it1 in Felt?e;s handwritin%1 was the street and
nuber o$ the hostel in Berlin0 =n the le$t#hand !orner o$ the
envelo"e was the seal o$ the Bu%oslavian ebassy at 'he <a%ue0
A'han4 youDE = said1 and ri%ht there on the !orner = ri""ed the
letter o"en and stared un!o"rehendin% at =ts !ontents0 'he
Bu%oslav %overnent re%retted to in$or e that y a""li!ation
$or a visa had been denied0 'hat was all0 )o e("lanation0
2hat did =t ean3 Surely = had re!eived soe 4ind o$
advan!e 4nowled%e about this letter0 But y essa%e had been
that the Lvisa was %ranted0 /ould it be that = was to %o to the
Bu%oslavian !onsulate in Berlin and a4e a new a""li!ation3
= ran u" to y roo1 snat!hed u" a set o$ "hoto%ra"hs1 and
headed $or the traway0 2ithin an hour = was on!e ore $illin%
out those lon% tri"li!ate $ors0 And on!e ore = !ae to the
line> AO!!u"ation0E 'his was the one1 = sus"e!ted that was
!ausin% all the trouble0
A:ord1E = said under y breath1 Awhat shall = "ut here3E
And all at on!e = was re!allin% the words o$ the Freat
/oission> AFo ye1 and tea!h all nations0000 A'hen1 = was a
tea!her1 wasn;t =3 On the a""li!ation $or = wrote 'EA/<E.
and handed the $ors a!ross the des40
A=$ you will have a seat over there1 sir1 = will e(aine your
a""li!ation ri%ht now0E
'he o$$i!ial disa""eared into another roo0 = waited an
an(ious twenty inutes durin% whi!h tie it seeed to e that =
!ould hear the !hatter o$ a tele%ra"h 4ey0 But it ust have been a
ista4e0 Be!ause the !ler4 !ae ba!4 all siles to wish e a
ha""y ?ourney into his !ountry0
= had to tell soeone the %ood news0 6y $ol4s3 2e didn;t
have a tele"hone1 and it was aw4ward %oin% throu%h the
nei%hbors0 'he 2hetstras3 'hat was itD =;d tele"hone the
2hetstras0 = "la!ed a station#to#station !all and %ot 6r0 2hetstra
hisel$ on the line0
A'his is Andrew !allin%0 <ow lu!4y to $ind you hoe in the
iddle o$ the day0E
A= thou%ht you were in Berlin0E
A= a0E
A2e were so sorry to hear about your $ather0E
A'han4 you0 But this !all is %ood news1 6r0 2hetstra0 = Just
had to tell you0 = have in y hand two "ie!es o$ "a"er0 One is a
letter $ro the Bu%oslavian !onsulate in <olland turnin% down
y re8uest $or a visa1 and the other is y "ass"ort sta"ed with
a visa by the Bu%oslav "eo"le here0 =;ve %ot it1 6r0 2hetstra0
=; %oin% behind the /urtain as a issionaryDE
AAndrew1 you;d better !oe hoe $or your 4eys0E
A=; sorry1 6r0 2hetstra1 this is a bad !onne!tion0 = thou%ht
you said 4eys3>
A= did0 'o your Gol4swa%en0 2e;ve tal4ed it all over and
there;s no untal4in% us0 6rs0 2hetstra and = de!ided onths a%o
that i$ you %ot the visa1 you also %ot our autoobile0 /oe hoe
and "i!4 u" the 4eys0E
On!e in Asterda = really did try to tal4 the out o$ =t0
Su!h a bi% %i$t> = ?ust didn;t see how = !ould a!!e"t =t0
A2hat about your business3E = as4ed the0
AOur business3 6r0 2hetstra s"o4e the words s!orn$ully0
AAndrew1 you are on the @in%;s businessD )o1 we;ve "rayed
about it1 and these are our orders0E
And so that sae a$ternoon1 is%ivin%s still stru%%lin% with
deli%ht1 = went with 6r0 2hetstra to %et the "a"ers si%ned over1
and be!ae the still#unbelievin% owner o$ an alost#new1
beauti$ul blue Gol4swa%en0
'he only disa%reeable "art o$ the e("erien!e was drivin% into
= tried to eater town unnoti!ed1 but you !an;t sli" unobserved
into a little 9ut!h town li4e 2itte with a bri%ht blue
Gol4swa%en0 'he entire villa%e iediately %athered around1
wantin% to 4now whose !ar it was1 and 5 as = had %uessed would
ha""en 5 not li4in% it when = told the =t was y own0 2hat
was the son o$ a bla!4sith doin% with an autoobile3
A.eli%ion is a %ood business1 eh Andy3E said one an
rubbin% the aterial o$ his own !oat between his $in%ers0 <e
win4ed broadly0
Everyone lau%hed1 and althou%h = told the a%ain and a%ain
that it was a %i$t $ro the 2hetstras1 = !ould see that they still
didn;t li4e it> the bla!4sith;s son shouldn;t be drivin% a !ar0
'he $ailies o$ 2itte had o$ten %iven e "ennies $ro their
%ro!ery oney $or y wor4 in the re$u%ee !a"s0 'hat oney
sto""ed now0 6y relationshi" with y hoetown was never
8uite the sae a%ain0
But = had wor4 to do0 = s"ent several days "lannin% y
itinerary1 s!ourin% Asterda $or any 4ind o$ /hristian "rinted
aterial in Bu%oslav lan%ua%es1 and %oin% over the !ar $or
"la!es to !on!eal what = $ound0 = s"ent a little tie1 too1
wonderin% how Fod was %oin% to su""ly the oney $or this tri"0
'he end o$ 6ar!h was y tar%et date0 Be$ore then = drove
down to see @arl de Fraa$0 = !ouldn;t wait to see his $a!e when
he saw the !ar 5 the visible "roo$ o$ what he;d 4nown only by
$aith till then0
But 6r0 de Fraa$ showed no sur"rise whatever0 ABes1E he
said1 A= thou%ht you;d have it by now0 Be!ause1E he went on1
drawin% an envelo"e $ro his "o!4et1 AFod has told us that you
will be needin% an additional su o$ oney these ne(t two
onths0 And here it is0E
<e "la!ed the envelo"e in y hand0 = didn;t even o"en it0 By
now = 4new enou%h o$ this rear4able %rou" to be sure that the
envelo"e !ontained "re!isely the aount = would need $or the
tri"0 And so with a heart $ull o$ than4s = said %oodbye to hi1 to
the 2hetstras1 to y $aily and le$t <olland $or Bu%oslavia1
behind the =ron /urtain0
/<AP'E. 'E)
Lanterns 'n the Dark
Just ahead was the Bu%oslav border0 For the $irst tie in y
li$e = was about to enter a /ounist !ountry on y own1
instead o$ in a %rou" invited and s"onsored by the %overnent0 =
sto""ed the little G2 on the outs4irts o$ the tiny Austrian villa%e
and too4 sto!40
'he Bu%oslav %overnent in 19+7 "eritted visitors to
brin% in only arti!les $or their "ersonal use0 Anythin% new or
anythin% in 8uantity was sus"e!t be!ause o$ the bla!4 ar4et
thrivin% all over the !ountry0 Printed aterial es"e!ially was
liable to be !on$is!ated at the border1 no atter how sall the
8uantity1 be!ause !oin% $ro out o$ the !ountry7 it was
re%arded as $orei%n "ro"a%anda0 )ow here = was with !ar and
lu%%a%e literally bul%in% with tra!ts1 Bibles1 and "ortions o$
Bibles0 <ow was = to %et the "ast the border %uard3 And so1 $or
the $irst o$ any ties1 = said the Prayer o$ Fod;s Su%%ler>
A:ord1 in y lu%%a%e = have S!ri"ture that = want to ta4e to
Bour !hildren a!ross this border0 2hen Bou were on earth1 Bou
ade blind eyes see0 )ow1 = "ray1 a4e seein% eyes blind0 9o
not let the %uards see those thin%s Bou do not want the to see0
And so1 ared with this "rayer1 = started the otor and drove
u" to the barrier0 'he two %uards a""eared both startled and
"leased to see e0 = wondered how u!h business !ae their
way0 Fro the way they stared at y "ass"ort =t i%ht have been
the $irst 9ut!h one they had ever seen0
'here were ?ust a $ew $oralities to attend to1 they assured
e in Feran1 and = !ould be on y way0
One o$ the %uards be%an "o4in% around in y !a"in% %ear0
=n the !orners and $olds o$ y slee"in% ba% and tent were bo(es
o$ tra!ts0 A:ord1 a4e those seein% eyes blind0E
A9o you have anythin% to de!lare3E
A2ell = have y oney and a wristwat!h and a !aera0 0 0
'he other %uard was loo4in% inside the G20 <o as4ed e to
ta4e out a suit!ase0 = 4new that there were tra!ts s!attered
throu%h y !lothin%0
AO$ !ourse1 sir1E = said0 = "ulled the $ront seat $orward and
dra%%ed the suit!ase out0 = "la!ed it on the %round and o"ened
the lid0 'he %uard li$ted the shirts that lay on to"0 Beneath the1
and now in "lain si%ht1 was a "ile o$ tra!ts in two di$$erent
Bu%oslavian lan%ua%es0 /roatian and Sloven0 <ow was Fod
%oin% to handle this situation3
A=t sees dry $or this tie o$ year1E = said to the other %uard1
and without loo4in% at the $ellow who was ins"e!tin% the
suit!ase1 = $ell into a !onversation about the weather0 = told hi
about y own hoeland and how it was always wet on the
"olders0 Finally1 when = !ould stand the sus"ense no lon%er1 =
loo4ed behind e0 'he $irst %uard wasn;t even %lan!in% at the
suit!ase0 <e was listenin% to our !onversation0 2hen = turned
around be !au%ht hisel$ and loo4ed u"0
A2ell then1 do you have anythin% else to de!larer3
AOnly Lsall; thin%s1E = said0 'he tra!ts were sall a$ter all0
A2e won;t bother with the1E said the %uard0 <e nodded to
e that = !ould !lose the suit!ase1 and with a little salute handed
e ba!4 y "ass"ort0
6y $irst sto" was Ma%reb0 = had been %iven the nae o$ a
/hristian leader there1 who = shall !all 7am'!3 'he nae had
!oe $ro the 9ut!h Bible So!iety1 whi!h listed hi as a an
who o!!asionally ordered Bibles in 8uantity0 <owever1 they had
not heard $ro hi sin!e 'ito had be!oe "reier in 19-+0 =
hardly dared ho"e that he would still be livin% at the sae
address1 but with no other !hoi!e1 = had written a !are$ully
worded letter statin% that toward the end o$ 6ar!h a 9ut!han
i%ht visit his !ountry0 And now = was drivin% into Ma%reb1
loo4in% $or his address0
'o underline the wonders o$ that $irst /hristian !onta!t in
Bu%oslavia1 = shall have to tell what ha""ened to y letter1 even
thou%h o$ !ourse = did not 4now the whole story until later0 =t had
been delivered to the address all ri%ht1 but Jail had lon% sin!e
oved0 'he new tenant did not 4now his whereabouts and
returned the letter to the "ost o$$i!e0 'here =t was held u" $or two
wee4s while a sear!h was ade $or Jail;s new address0 On the
very day = entered Bu%oslavia it was $inally delivered0 Jail read
it1 "uzzled0 2ho was this ysterious 9ut!han3 2as it sa$e to
try !onta!tin% hi3
2ith nothin% better than a va%ue $eelin% that he should do
soethin%1 Jail boarded a tra and went to his old a"artent
house0 But then what3 Jail stood on the sidewal4 wonderin%
how to "ro!eed0 <ad the 9ut!han already arrived1 and %one
about as4in% $or a !ertain Jail3 9id he dare %o to the new
tenant with the sus"i!ious story that soeday an un4nown
9ut!han i%ht !all as4in% $or hi3 2hat on earth should he
And it was at that oent that = "ulled u" to the !urb and
sto""ed y !ar0 = ste""ed out not ore than two $eet away $ro
Jail1 who o$ !ourse re!o%nized e at on!e $ro y li!ense
"lates0 <e seized y hands1 and we "ut our stories to%ether0
Jail was over?oyed at havin% a $orei%n /hristian in his
!ountry0 <e re"eated the thee = had heard $irst in Poland1 that
y Abein% there1E eant everythin%0 'hey $elt so isolated1 so
alone0 O$ !ourse he would hel" e set u" !onta!ts with the
believers in his !ountry0 <e 4new ?ust the an to translate $or
e0 So a $ew days later1 with a youn% en%ineerin% student naed
)i4ola as y %uide and inter"reter1 = set o$$ in y blue
Gol4swa%en to brin% A%reetin%sE to the Bu%oslavia /hristians0
On this $irst !ar tri" behind the =ron /urtain = dis!overed that
= had ener%y = never dreaed o$0 6y visa was %ood $or $i$ty
days0 For seven strai%ht wee4s = "rea!hed1 tau%ht1 en!oura%ed1
distributed S!ri"ture0 = held ore than ei%hty eetin%s durin%
those $i$ty days 5 s"ea4in% as any as si( ties on a Sunday0 =
"rea!hed in lar%e !ities1 halets1 isolated $ars0 = s"o4e o"enly
in the )orth1 !overtly in the South1 where /ounist in$luen!e
was stron%est
At $irst %li"se it did not see to e that the /hur!h in
Bu%oslavia was under any "arti!ular "erse!ution0 = had to
re%ister with the "oli!e when = oved into a new distri!t1 but =
was $ree to visit believers even in their hoes0 /hur!hes
o"erated o"enly0 A$ter a while = abandoned the "rete(t o$
brin%in% A%reetin%sE and si"ly be%an to "rea!h0 )o one
ob?e!ted0 E(!e"t $or !ertain restri!ted areas1 ostly alon% the
borders1 = was $ree to travel wherever = !hose within the !ountry1
with no %overnent %uides to !he!4 on y a!tivity0 'his
aounted to a real 4ind o$ $reedo1 u!h ore than = had
e("e!ted but bit by bit as = %ot to 4now Bu%oslavia better1 =
be!ae aware o$ the slow wearin%#down "ro!ess the %overnent
was e(ertin% on /hristians0 'he e$$ort seeed to be !entered on
the !hildren0 :eave the old $ol4s alone1 but wean the youn%
"eo"le away $ro the /hur!h0
One o$ the $irst !hur!hes )i4ola and = visited was a .oan
/atholi! one in a sall villa%e not $ar $ro Ma%reb0 = noti!ed that
there was not a sin%le "erson under twenty in the entire
!on%re%ation1 and = as4ed )i4ola about it0 =n answer he
introdu!ed e to a "easant woan who had a ten#year# old son0
A'ell Brother Andrew why Josi$ is not here1E said )i4ola0
A2hy is y Josi$ not with e3E she as4ed0 <er voi!e was
bitter0 ABe!ause = a a "easant woan with no edu!ation0 'he
tea!her tells y son there is no Fod0 'he %overnent tells y
son there is no Fod0 'hey say to y Josi$ L6aybe your 6aa
tells you di$$erently1 but we 4now better1 don;t we3 Bou ust
reeber that 6aa has no edu!ation0 2e will huor her0; So3
6y Josi$ is not with e0 = a bein% huored0E
A $ew days later in another town1 we were visitin% a
/hristian $aily when = saw a little %irl "layin% in the dust
outside the house in the iddle o$ the day0
A2hy isn;t she in s!hool3E = as4ed )i4ola0
Fro the other he learned the story0 6arta was a!!ustoed
to sayin% %ra!e be$ore eals at hoe0 2hen it !ae tie $or the
s!hool lun!h1 6arta had %iven than4s aloud as she always did1
without even thin4in% about it 'he tea!her had been an%ry0 2ho
had su""lied this $ood1 Fod or the "eo"le throu%h their own
%ood %overnent3 A'hat was a wi!4ed thin% to say1 6arta0 Bou
will $ill the other !hildren;s inds with nonsense0E
But the ne(t day1 so dee"ly was the habit in%rained1 that
6arta did it a%ain1 and $or this she had been e("elled0
=t was in 6a!edonia1 however1 that we en!ountered the $irst
si%ns o$ real $ear on the "art o$ !hur!h%oers0 'he "oorest o$
Bu%oslavia;s si( states1 6a!edonia is also the area where the
Party is stron%est0 Our $irst s"ea4in% date in this "art o$ the
!ountry was s!heduled $or ten o;!lo!4 in the ornin%0 2hen we
rea!hed the !hur!h1 however1 not a soul was there0
A= !an;t understand it1E )i4ola said1 %ettin% out the letter we
had re!eived $ro the "astor0 A=; sure this =s the ri%ht "la!e0E
At eleven1 we de!ided it was useless to wait any lon%er0 2e
went outside to where we had "ar4ed the !ar0 Just as we were
%ettin% in1 one o$ the villa%ers strolled "ast "aused lon% enou%h
to sha4e y hand warly1 wish e Fods"eed1 and wander on0 =
was ?ust turnin% a%ain to o"en the door o$ the !ar when another
villa%er abled "ast1 and the s!ene was #re"eated0 For $orty#$ive
inutes that ornin% the entire villa%e ?ust ha""ened to be out
$or a stroll1 and as lu!4 would have it1 they all ha""ened to "ass
the visitin% "rea!her;s autoobile so that they !ould eet hi
and sha4e his hand0
Even )i4ola was "uzzled as to how to inter"ret this0 A $ew
days later we had an evenin% eetin% s!heduled in another town
in 6a!edonia0 'he "astor invited us to dinner be$ore the servi!e
at ei%ht0 At $ive inutes be$ore ei%ht = su%%ested to the "astor
that we start $or the !hur!h0
A)o1E he said1 loo4in% outside0 A=t is not yet tie0E
At ,>1+ = brou%ht the sub?e!t u" a%ain0 L9on;t you thin4
"eo"le will be waitin%3E
A)o1 the tie is not yet0E A%ain = noti!ed he loo4ed outside
be$ore he answered0
At ,>*0 the "astor $inally went to the window1 "eered out1
and nodded0
A)ow we !an %o1E be said0 A'he "eo"le won;t !oe to
!hur!h1 you 4now1 until it %ets dar40 =t isn;t that we are doin%
anythin% ille%al0 But 5 well 5 it "ays to be !autious0E
And then = saw the si%ht = was to be!oe so $ailiar with all
over 6a!edonia0 Fro the dar4ened !ountryside 4erosene la"s
be%an to a""ear0 'he "easants !ae slowly a!ross the $ields1 in
twos and threes1 never ore1 ea!h an !arryin% a la"0 'hen
!ae the towns"eo"le $ro the little ud houses that lined the
only road1 lanterns low so that their $a!es were in shadow0
)o one seeed to ind bein% re!o%nized on!e he was inside
the !hur!h7 a$ter all1 everyone there was ta4in% the sae ris40
'he la"s were hun% on hoo4s alon% the side o$ the roo so
that there was a war and "leasant %low $or the eetin%0 = s"o4e
on )i!odeus1 !oin% late in the ni%ht to a4e in8uiries o$
/hrist <e too1 = said1 had $elt it advisable to see4 the :ord under
!over o$ dar4ness0 =t didn;t atter0 'ie and "la!e would always
di!tate how we ade our $irst ste"s toward Fod0 6ore than two
hundred "ersons had !oe that ni%ht to hear the $orei%ner s"ea40
Ei%hty#$ive o$ the used the o!!asion to !oit their lives anew
to the /hristian way1 even when that way led $or the tie bein%
throu%h dar4ness0
=t was in another villa%e in 6a!edonia that we had our only
serious en!ounter with the "oli!e0
= had told )i4ola that = wanted to visit /hristians in both the
lar%e !ities and the sall towns0 )osa4i was a sall town1 all
ri%ht0 Just %ettin% there was an underta4in%0
2e had "i!4ed u" a se!ond %uide to steer us 6a!edonia 5
whi!h )i4ola 4new s!ar!ely at all 5 a wonder$ul /hristian who
everyone !alled A:ittle Cn!le0E <e now "ointed to two tra!4s
a!ross a $ield and assured us that this was the road to )osa4i0
'he tra!4s %ot $ainter and the ruts dee"er until the under!arria%e
o$ the !ar was s!ra"in% the so$t earth1 and at last we $ound
ourselves drivin% a!ross a $reshly "lou%hed $ield0
ASo u!h $or your road1E = said1 A<ow u!h $arther1
ABut we;re hereDE be said1 "ointin% to a !lu" o$ trees in the
So we %ot out o$ the !ar and tra"ed a!ross the $ield until
we %ot to the little !olle!tion o$ ud huts !alled )osa4i0 'here
was su""osed to be a !hur!h here1 but we saw no tra!e o$ one0
)i4ola ade in8uiries and learned that there was in $a!t a !hur!h
in the villa%e1 but it had only one eber0 She was the widow
Anna1 who had !onverted her hoe into a !hur!h 5 to whi!h no
one !ae0
2e went to visit Anna0 She was aazed that a issionary
had !oe to her little villa%e0
ABut = should not be sur"rised1E she !orre!ted hersel$0 A<ave
= not been "rayin% $or hel"3
Anna showed us her !hur!h0 =t was $orbidden to hold
reli%ious servi!es in a "rivate hoe1 so Anna had si"ly !losed
o$$ one roo and "ut a si%n on it readin% A6olitven 9oE
HAPrayer <ouseEI0 2hen she "ut u" the si%n1 there were raised
eyebrows aon% the villa%e;s $ew Party ebers1 but no one
really ob?e!ted0 A$ter all1 Anna was 8uite alone in this silly
su"erstition o$ hers1 and she was harin% nobody0
)ow1 however1 a "rea!her was here0 2ord $lew $ro !otta%e
to !otta%e0 Alost no one in the villa%e had ever laid eyes on
anyone $ro outside 6a!edonia1 let alone $ro a $orei%n
2hether this was the a""eal or whether there were ore
reli%ious reasons1 = do not 4now0 But that evenin% a$ter dar4 it
was as i$ the $ields were alive with %lowwors weavin% and
blin4in% their way a!ross the $ields to Anna;s house0 2e be%an
by tea!hin% the a hyn1 and then we told the the Fos"el
story1 $or Anna assured us that the youn%er %eneration had never
heard it0 2e were sin%in% a se!ond hyn when suddenly there
was a loud "oundin% on the door0
Everyone sto""ed sin%in%0
Anna o"ened the door1 and there stood two uni$ored
"oli!e0 'hey wal4ed to the $ront o$ the roo0 For a lon% tie
they si"ly stood there1 runnin% their eyes over the
!on%re%ation0 'hen they went to one side o$ the roo to %et a
better loo4 at $a!es0 Finally they too4 out their noteboo4s and
be%an writin% down naes0 2hen they had $inished1 they as4ed
a $ew 8uestions about )i4ola and e1 and then le$t as abru"tly as
they had !oe0
But the eetin% was not the sae a$ter that0 Several villa%ers
went hoe at on!e0 'hose who stayed san% with no enthusias0
2hen the tie !ae $or an altar !all1 = was sur"rised that anyone
would raise his band1 and yet several did0
ABou have seen toni%ht what $ollowin% /hrist i%ht ean1E
= said0 AAre you sure you want to be!oe <is en3E
And still a $ew insisted0 So a little !hur!h was born that
evenin%1 but it never had a !han!e to %row0 )i4ola wrote e a
year later that it had been sta"ed out by the %overnent0 For
hel"in% us1 A:ittle Cn!leE was de"orted $ro the !ountry0 <e is
now livin% in /ali$ornia in the Cnited States0 Anna;s 6olitven
9o was !losed down0
As $or hisel$1 )i4ola wrote1 he had been suoned to
!ourt in Ma%reb to a!!ount $or his "art in the evenin%0 <e had
been re"rianded by the ?ud%e and $ined the e8uivalent o$ $i$ty
dollars1 but nothin% worse0 <e believed the $a!t that he was a
student had saved hi $ro harsher treatent
2hy the %overnent !hose this "arti!ular =solated !hur!h to
atta!4 while it le$t others alone1 neither )i4ola nor = have ever
'he roads in Bu%oslavia were e(traordinarily hard on !ars0
2hen we weren;t !libin% $ier!e ountain trails1 we were
$ordin% streas at the botto o$ stee" valleys0
But the worst threat to the little G2 was the dust0 9ust lay
over the un"aved roads li4e a shroud7 =t si$ted in on us even
throu%h the !losed windows1 and = hated to thin4 what it was
doin% to the en%ine0 Every ornin% in our Juiet 'ie1 )i4ola
and = would in!lude a "rayer $or the !ar0 L:ord1 we don;t have
either tie or the oney $or re"airs on the !ar1 so will Bou
"lease 4ee" it runnin%3E
One o$ the "e!uliarities o$ travel in Bu%oslavia in 19+7 was
the $riendly road#sto""in%;s that too4 "la!e0 /ars1 es"e!ially
$orei%n !ars1 were still su!h a rarity that when two drivers "assed
ea!h other1 they alost always sto""ed to e(!han%e a $ew words
about road !onditions1 2eather1 %asoline su""lies1 brid%es0 One
day we were dustin% alon% a ountain road when u" ahead we
s"otted a sall tru!4 !oin% toward us0 As it "ulled alon%side1
we also sto""ed0
A<ello1E said the driver0 A= believe = 4now who you are0
Bou;re the 9ut!h issionary who is %oin% to "rea!h in 'erna
'hat;s ri%ht0E
AAnd this is the 6ira!le /ar3E
A'he 6ira!le /ar3;
A= ean the !ar that you "ray $or ea!h ornin%0E
= had to lau%h0 = had entioned the "rayer in a "revious
eetin%1 the word had obviously %one on ahead0 ABes1E =
aditted1 Athis is the !ar0E
A6ind i$ = ta4e a loo4 at her3 =; a e!hani!0E
A=;d a""re!iate it0E = had "ut %asoline in that en%ine1 and that
was literally all sin!e = had !rossed the border0 'he e!hani!
went around to the rear and li$ted the hood over the otor0 For a
lon% tie he stood there1 Just starin%0
ABrother Andrew1E he said at last1 A= have ?ust be!oe a
believer0 =t is e!hani!ally i"ossible $or this en%ine to run0
:oo40 'he air $ilter0 'he !arburetor0 'he s"ar4s0 )o1 =; sorry0
'his !ar !annot run0E
AAnd yet it;s ta4en us thousands o$ iles0E
'he e!hani! only shoo4 his head0 ABrother1E he said1
Awould you "erit e to !lean your en%ine $or you and %ive you
a !han%e o$ oil3 =t hurts e to see you abuse a ira!le0E
Frate$ully we $ollowed the an to his villa%e a $ew iles
$ro 'erna0 2e "ulled behind hi into a little !ourtyard $illed
with "i%s and %eese0 'hat ni%ht while we "rea!hed he too4 the
en%ine a"art1 !leaned it "ie!e by "ie!e1 !han%ed the oil1 and by
the tie we were ready to leave the ne(t ornin%1 "resented us
with a %rinnin% new autoobile0 Fod had answered our "rayer0
2e drove into Bel%rade on the $irst o$ 6ay1 19+70 6ay 9ay1
the hi%h holy day o$ !ounis0 'here wasn;t a bed or a seat in
a restaurant to be $ound in the entire !ity0
)i4ola and = would have sle"t in the !ar that ni%ht i$ the
"astor o$ the !hur!h at whi!h we were to s"ea4 had not ta4en us
into his own hoe0 And it was in this !hur!h that we had the
e("erien!e that has sha"ed y inistry down to the "resent
)i4ola and = stood on the "lat$or $a!in% a !rowded roo0 =t
was so $ull that we did not even have roo to "ut u" the
$lannel%ra"h with whi!h = illustrated y stories o$ the Fos"els0
<al$way throu%h the servi!e soeone started haerin%0 'he
ne(t thin% we 4new1 they had ta4en a door ri%ht o$$ its hin%es so
that an over$low !rowd in the !hoir roo !ould hear0 'hese were
not the solen#eyed !ountry "eo"le = had !oe to love1 but a
so"histi!ated1 $airly well#dressed !ity !on%re%ation0
2ell1 a$ter the tal41 )i4ola and = %ave an altar !all0 2e as4ed
that everyone who wanted to !oit his li$e to /hrist1 or who
wanted to rea$$ir a "revious !oitent1 raise his hand0
Every band in the roo went u"0
Surely they hadn;t understoodD = e("lained a%ain how
serious a ste" this was0 = ade the !onditions o$ dis!i"leshi"
under a hostile %overnent "ain$ully !lear0 And then = ade a
se!ond a""eal1 this tie as4in% the "eo"le to stand0
'he entire !on%re%ation stood0 = was astonished0 = had never
seen su!h readiness0 /orrie1 !arrried away by their s"ins1 =
laun!hed into an enthusiasti! des!ri"tion o$ the daily dis!i"lines
o$ "rayer and Bible readin% that turn newborn !hildren in /hrist
into ature soldiers in <is ran4s0
= was outlinin% the "lan $or Bible study that we had been
tau%ht at the 6issionary 'rainin% /olle%e1 when = noti!ed a
!han%e had !oe over the roo0 For the $irst tie "eo"le in this
res"onsive !on%re%ation were not eetin% y eye0 'hey were
loo4in% at their hands1 the "ew ba!4s1 anywhere but at e0
Puzzled1 = turned to the "astor0 <e1 too1 seeed ebarrassed
as he told e throu%h )i4ola1 APrayerK yes1 that we !an do ea!h
day0 = li4e what you have said about this0 But Bible readin%K
Brother Andrew1 ost o$ these "eo"le do not have Bibles0E
= stared at hi in disbelie$0 = had %otten used to the idea in
rural !hur!hes0 But in edu!ated1 !oso"olitan Bel%rade3
= turned to the !on%re%ation0 A<ow any o$ you own
Bibles3E = as4ed0
=n the entire roo seven hands1 in!ludin% the "astor;s1 went
u"0 = was stunned0 = had lon% a%o "assed out the ones = had
brou%ht with e0 )ow what was = to leave with these "eo"le so
ea%er to learn1 so need$ul o$ %uidan!e in the hard wal4 they had
!hosen $or theselves a%ainst the illions ar!hin% the other
2ith the "astor we wor4ed out a syste o$ Bible#sharin%> a
s!hedule o$ %rou" study !obined with individual use1 so any
hours on su!h#and#su!h a day $or ea!h eber0 But that sae
evenin% a resolve was born in e1 a resolve that has burned
bri%hter with ea!h "assin% year0 'hat ni%ht = "roised Fod that
as o$ten as = !ould lay y hands on a Bible1 = would brin% it to
these !hildren o$ <is behind the wall that en had built0 <ow =
would buy the Bibles1 how = would %et the in1 = didn;t 4now0 =
only 4new that = would brin% the 5 here to Bu%oslavia1 and to
/ze!hoslova4ia1 and to every other !ountry where Fod o"ened
the door lon% enou%h $or e to sli" throu%h0
/<AP'E. E:EGE)
The Th'rd Pra)er
9rivin% throu%h the !ountryside o$ 2estern Euro"e on the
way ba!4 to <olland1 = tried to evaluate the tri" = had ?ust
$inished0 = had been %one ore than seven wee4s = had traveled
nearly si( thousand iles1 held nearly a hundred eetin%s1
established s!ores o$ !onta!ts $or $uture wor40
6ost i"ortant were the !onversions1 hundreds o$ the0
)ew /hristians1 en and woen and !hildren who were a!tually
livin% in the @in%do o$ Fod while at the sae tie livin%
under a %overnent that said there was no Fod0 2hat was their
li$e %oin% to be li4e now3 =t was hard1 leavin% these $riends to
$a!e "ressures and sa!ri$i!es that = !ould only %uess at0
As $or y deterination to brin% the Bibles1 in the !lear
li%ht o$ this 6ay ornin% it loo4ed a lot harder than it had in the
$lush o$ !onvi!tion that ni%ht in Bel%rade0 =n 19+7 there was not
a sin%le /ounist border over whi!h you !ould ta4e boo4s o$
any 4ind 5 let alone reli%ious boo4sD <ow was = to %et the in3
And how was = to distribute the on!e inside without
endan%erin% those who hel"ed e3 2hi!h !ountry needed the
ost3 2hi!h should = try $irst3 All these 8uestions boun!ed ba!4
and $orth in y ind as = rolled ile a$ter ile a!ross Euro"e1
ever !loser to hoe0
)o1 = !orre!ted ysel$0 )ot hoe0 'o 2itte1 !ertainly1 but in
one o$ those stran%e $lashes o$ sel$#4nowled%e1 = realized
suddenly that 2itte was no lon%er hoe to e0 'hat was why
=;d been drivin% so slowly1 sto""in% so $re8uently to !he!4 y
a"s1 tal4in% !ro"s with every $arer = et0
2ith a start = realized that ever sin!e = had le$t Bu%oslavia1 =
had been dawdlin%1 stallin% $or tie a%ainst the inevitable
oent when = would be alone a%ain in y ba!helor;s roo0
A$ter Pa"a;s death = had oved out o$ the house and into his
little roo above the tool#shed0 =t had seeed su!h a "ra!ti!al
idea> the roo had a se"arate entran!e1 and = !ould !oe and %o
without disturbin% the household0 But the e$$e!t o$ the ove had
been to e"hasize how very u!h alone = was0
=t was a loneliness1 $urtherore1 that = now 4new was to be a
"eranent "art o$ y li$e0 At a rest ato" in Ferany = %ot out
y Bible and o"ened it to the ba!4 !over where = had re!orded
Fod;s hard answer to a "rayer that = had ade0 = si""ed y
!o$$ee and reebered the ni%ht in Bu%oslavia when = had ade
it0 = had been $eelin% lonely that evenin% too0 A:ord1E = had said1
Ain a year =;ll be thirty0 Bou ade a hel"eet $or an1 and
soehow = have not $ound y own0 :ord1 =; %oin% to as4 Bou
$or soethin%0 = as4 Bou toni%ht $or a wi$e0E
=;d noted the s"e!i$i! "rayer re8uest in y Bible> AA"ril =&1
19+71 )osa4i0 Prayed $or a wi$e0E Beside the notation = had le$t a
"la!e $or an answer
And $ive days later the answer had !oe0 =n y Juiet 'ie
= had suddenly 4nown 5 with 8uite un!anny !ertainty 5 that
=saiah +->1 was Fod;s re"ly to e0 = $li""ed e(!itedly throu%h
the "a%es o$ the Old 'estaent and read1 A'he !hildren o$ the
desolate are ore than the !hildren o$ the arried0E
A%ain and a%ain l read the words1 tryin% to a""ly the to
ysel$1 tryin% to re?oi!e in Fod;s will0 = i%ht $eel desolate1 but
<e was %oin% to %ive e ore A!hildren1E s"iritual !hildren1
than = !ould ever have as a $lesh#and#blood $ather0 = had written
the answer beside the re8uest0
But now as = drained y !o$$ee !u" beside a $ield o$ s"rin%
$lowers1 = 4new that s"iritual !hildren were not at all what = had
in ind0 = wanted real1 live1 noisy1 runnin%#and#?u"in%
!hildren1 with sti!4y $a!es and wooden shoes to end a$ter the
$i%hts0 Above all1 = wanted a wi$e1 a livin%1 lovin% huan bein%
who would a4e y li$e one $abri!1 instead o$ this "at!hwor4
8uilt o$ "la!es and "eo"le based nowhere1 instead o$ this headin%
hoe to no one0
Su""ose = as4ed <i a%ain1 ri%ht now3 Su""ose = ?ust
o"ened y Bible anywhere1 ?ust let y $in%er $all where it
would1 and too4 this new verse $or <is real answer3 = had always
lau%hed at "eo"le who loo4ed $or %uidan!e this way0 But it was a
%lorious s"rin% day when anythin% !ould ha""en1 and so = !losed
y eyes1 o"ened y Bible at rando1 and "lun%ed y $in%er
down on the "a%e0 2hen = loo4ed down1 = !ould hardly believe
y eyes0 6y $in%er was "ointin% to =saiah +->10 A'he !hildren o$
the desolate are ore than the !hildren o$ the arried0E
= told ysel$ = ust have !reased the Bible o"en to that "a%e
$ro readin% it so intently be$ore0 But it was no %ood0
'horou%hly !hastened1 = re!orded in the ba!4 o$ the Bible the
re"eated 8uestion and the reiterated answer0
A= don;t li4e the essa%e1 :ord1 but at least it;s !lear0E
= loaded the "ortable stove ba!4 into the !ar and started u"
the otor0 =t was a lon% way ba!4 to 2itte1 ba!4 to the little
roo and solitary !on$ineent0
'he a!tual hoe!oin% was no better than = had ia%ined0 =
sat u" in the livin% roo until late at ni%ht1 tellin% the $aily
about Bu%oslavia0 'hen when = !ould "ut it o$$ no lon%er1 = ade
y way outside and u" the ladder0 'he little roo seeed da"
and !lay0 'here was ildew on the bed#sheets1 y des4 was
white and !hal4y1 the new wall"a"er was "eelin%0 But then1 it
had always been wet there on the "olders0 =t had never bothered
e be$ore0 2hy should it stri4e e now with su!h distaste3
Over the ne(t si( wee4s = threw ysel$ into s"ea4in%1
writin%1 "rayin% $or the vision o$ y ne(t ste" behind the =ron
/urtain0 = visited the 2hetstras to tell the about the heroi! ?ob
the little G2 had done0 = wrote a new series o$ arti!les $or
4arach' Ban Omhoo+3: = "aid a visit to @arl de Fraa$ and the
"rayer %rou" in Aers$oort0 =n %eneral = 4e"t busy0 So busy1 =
4e"t tellin% ysel$1 that = wouldn;t noti!e how lonely = was
=n July = %ave it u"0
A:ord1E = said one ornin%1 sittin% on the little iron $old#
down bed in y roo over the tool shed1 A=;ve %ot to "ray ?ust
one ore tie about this ba!helor li$e Bou "lan $or e0 )ow =
4now about those !hildren Bou "roise the desolate1 but :ord
Bou also "roise the desolate a hoeDE = 8ui!4ly $ound the
verse in Psal 6,1 as thou%h to re$resh <is eory> ALFod %ives
the desolate a hoe to dwell in0; =t isn;t that = don;t than4 Bou
$or this roo above the tool shed1 :ord0 Just be!ause it;s dar4
and dan4 and ildewy and 5 doesn;t ean =; not %rate$ul0 But1
dear Fod1 it is not a hoe0 )ot really0 A hoe is where there;s a
wi$e and !hildren 5 real ones0
A:ord1 Paul "rayed three ties $or release $ro the thorn in
the $lesh that was botherin% hi0 And Bou re$used hi0 = have
"rayed two ties $or a wi$e0 = a %oin% to "ray on!e ore0
Perha"s Bou will re$use e a third tie1 too1 :ord1 and i$ Bou
do1 = shall never a%ain brin% u" the 8uestion0 =; %oin% to write
it here in y Bible0E = o"ened the Bible to the ba!4 !over and
s!ribbled Prayed000 $or000 wi$e000 'hird tie110 2itte1 July
'hen = !losed the Bible with a sna"0 ASoe "eo"le1 :ord1 are
built $or the lonely wal40 But not e1 "lease0 )ot e0E
=t wasn;t until Se"teber that anythin% ha""ened that = !ould
inter"ret as an answer0 And then one ornin% in the iddle o$
y "rayer tie1 a $a!e suddenly $loated in $ront o$ e0 :on%
blonde hair0 A sile that ade the sun !oe out0 Eyes never
twi!e the sae shade0
/orrie van 9a0
'he thou%ht o$ her had !oe to e so une("e!tedly1 so
!o"letely inde"endently o$ what = was thin4in% at the oent1
that = wondered with a lea" o$ y heart0 i$ the thou%ht was
Fod;s1 i$ <e were showin% e the beyond#wildest#dreas
answer to y "rayers0
But how !ould it be3 Friends and teaates thou%h we had
been1 = had never on!e !onsidered /orrie $air %ae $or datin%0
She had been a !hild0 Still in her teens0
But that was 5 how any years a%o 5 $our years sin!e = had
le$t the $a!tory $or En%land and she $or nursin% s!hool0 2hy1 she
was %rown u"0 She had doubtless $inished s!hool and arried by
now0 Fro bein% a little %irt barely out o$ her "ina$ore1 /orrie
suddenly be!ae $or e a very adult woan who 5 i$ she was
not already arried 5 was !hoosin% this very oent aon% a
!rowd o$ "ushy1 !laorin% suitors0
2ithin the hour = was in Al4aar1 drivin% down the street
where /orrie;s $ol4s lived0 2e had o$ten !oe there a$ter the
youth wee4ends0 And 6rs0 van 9a would serve !o$$ee and
!oo4ies1 while 6r0 van 9a dra"ed the !eilin% with so4e $ro
an enorous eers!hau0
= didn;t 4now e(a!tly what =;d do when = %ot to the house0
Just loo4 at it1 = %uessed0 6a4e sure it was still there0 Or %o to
the door3 A6rs0 van 9arn1 = wonder i$ you would %ive e
/orrie;s address0E
But su""ose it was /orrie hersel$ who o"ened the door0
A<ello1 /orrie1 are you arried3 =t not1 will you arry e3E
= rea!hed the house be$ore =;d settled on a "lan3 And ri%ht
away = saw that = wouldn;t need one0 'he shutters were !losed
over the windows1 the %arden hi%h with weeds0 A lu" %nawin%
at y stoa!h1 = drove on to the $a!tory0
)o1 6r0 .in%ers hadn;t heard where the van 9as had %one0
/orrie3 2hy1 she;d ta4en her trainin% at Saint Elizabeth;s
<os"ital in <aarle0 6i%ht still be there1 $or all he 4new0 )o1 i$
she was arried he hadn;t heard about it0 <is eyes twin4led as
he answered y 8uestions0
A=t;ll be a lu!4y an1 Andy1 who arries that youn%
=t was wonder$ul how u!h ur%ent business = suddenly
dis!overed in <aarle0 Bible stores to visit1 !hur!h invitations =
had ine(!usably ne%le!ted1 "eo"le to see 5 a wonder$ul !ityD
Fro a $illin% station Just outside = tele"honed Saint
Elizabeth;s and held y breath while the re!e"tionist loo4ed u"
/orrie;s $ile0 ABes1E the voi!e !ae ba!41 Ashe;s a $inal#year
student0 6iss van 9a 5 A y si%h o$ relie$ sto""ed her $or a
oent 5 A6iss van 9arn is livin% in a "rivate hoe this year
away $ro the residen!e0E
She %ave e the address1 and told e that the a"artent was
the to" $loor o$ a "rivate house in the ni!est se!tion o$ town the
owner was a wealthy elderly woan1 the lady at the hos"ital
said1 who %ave the a"artent in return $or havin% a nurse in the
house0 A$ter a sear!h1 = $ound the street and 8ui!4ly s"otted
/orrie;s windows hi%h u" under the eaves0 'he whole house was
built li4e a iniature !astle>
/orrie;s roo o"ened onto a bal!ony to""ed with a tiny
"ea4ed turret0 = "ar4ed the !ar down the street and %ave ysel$
u" to daydreas0 She was the 8ueen in the !astle1 and = was a
4ni%ht in aror0 She was Juliet1 and when she a""eared on her
bal!ony1 = would ste" $orward
But she didn;t a""ear1 either on the bal!ony or anywhere
else0 'he a$ternoon "assed0 9ar4ness !ae1 but no li%ht a""eared
in /orrie;s roos0 Abandonin% all "retenses at subtlety0 = went
u" to the door and ran% the bell0 A aid answered0 6iss van
9a3 Bes1 she lived there0 But at the oent she was with her
$aily in Al4aar0
AAl4aar3E All y studied !asualness le$t e0 ABut there;s
no one at the house in Al4aarD 'he windows are all boarded
u"1 and the %arden;s been let %o and 5E
Attra!ted by the sounds o$ distress1 a white#haired lady
a""eared in the hall behind the aid0 Fently she told e that
/orrie;s $ather was seriously ill and that she had %one to ta4e
!are o$ hi 'he $aily had oved $ro their house to an
a"artent in whi!h there would be no stairs to !lib0 She %ave
e the address0
For the ne(t $ew days = su$$ered throu%h y a""ointents in
the tiresoe town o$ <aarle0 <ow %lad = now was that = had
always s"ent a $ew inutes tal4in% with 6r0 van 9a the
evenin%s we were in his hoe0 2hat !ould be ore natural than
$or e to "ay hi a visit3
And so a $ew ni%hts later = was standin% outside the van
9a a"artent in Al4aar1 4no!4in% on the door0 /orrie
o"ened it0
'he li%ht behind her turned her hair to %old0 A=;ve !oe to
as4 about your $ather1E = said $aintly0 'he "rete(t would not have
$ooled a three#year#old !hild0 But /orrie led e %ravely ba!4 to
her $ather;s roo0 6r0 van 9a was very ill 5 = !ould see it even
$ro the doorway0 But he seeed deli%hted to have a visitor0
And so $or an hour = sat in a !hair beside his bed and told hi
about y tri"s behind the =ron /urtain and y ho"es $or the
$uture1 while /orrie !ae and went with bottles and trays0 and =
tried to 4ee" y eyes $ro $ollowin% her0 She was wearin% a
white nurse;s uni$or and seeed to e even ore heavenly
and unattainable than she;d been in y dreas0
And so be%an a !urious1 $ublin% !ourtshi"0 'wi!e a wee4 =
!alled on 6r0 van 9a7 twi!e a wee4 /orrie and = held hushed1
si!4roo !onversations at the $ront door0 O$tener than that1 = $elt1
would be intrudin% on this hoe "reo!!u"ied with its "roble0
Between visits = would o$ten try to ia%ine ysel$
"ro"osin% to /orrie1 and it sounded so aw$ul that = 4new ahead
o$ tie it was no use0 Please arry e0 =;ll be %one u!h o$ the
tie and = won;t be able to %ive you an address where you !an
write to e1 and wee4s will %o by when = !an;t %et letters out to
you1 and thou%h we;ll be in issionary1 wor4 you;ll never be
able to tal4 about the "la!es and "eo"le we;re wor4in% with1 and
i$ one tie = shouldn;t !oe ba!4 you;ll "robably never 4now
what ha""ened0 Add to that no $oreseeable in!oe1 a roo over
a tool shed $or a hoe 5 /orrie was ?ust too sart1 as well as too
"retty1 to settle $or a li$e li4e that0
=t was the twentieth o$ O!tober1 durin% the tie = was
a4in% these sei#wee4ly visits1 that the letter !ae $ro the
<un%arian !onsulate0 6y re8uest $or a visa1 dated a wee4 a$ter
the revolt1 had been a""roved0
And suddenly = 4new how = would %o about as4in% /orrie to
arry e0 = would as4 her then1 that wee41 that very day1 but =
wouldn;t let her answer until = %ot ba!4 $ro <un%ary0 'hat way
5 su""osin% she even !onsidered the "ro"osal 5 she;d have a
!han!e to taste this brand o$ arria%e ahead o$ tie> the
se"aration1 the se!re!y1 the un!ertainty0 Fa!e it1 Andy1 = said to
ysel$1 the "lain wret!hedness o$ it0
But now that = had a "lan1 y heart !ouldn;t hel" lea"in% $or
ho"e0 = ?u"ed into the !ar and !overed the distan!e to Al4aar
in re!ord tie0 = "ounded on the door1 $or%ettin% $or a oent
the si!4 an inside0 'hey were ta4in% an aw$ully lon% tie
answerin%0 = was li$tin% y hand to 4no!4 a%ain when the door
o"ened0 One loo4 at /orrie;s $a!e and = 4new0
ABour $ather 5 3E
She nodded0 A<al$ an hour a%o0E 'al4in% was obviously a
stru%%le0 A'he do!tor;s here now0E
And = drove ba!4 to 2itte with y "ro"osal till burnin%
inside e0 E(!e"t at the $uneral1 = didn;t see /orrie $or three
wee4s0 = s"ent the tie buyin% or be%%in% every <un%arian#
lan%ua%e Bible in <olland 5 whi!h wasn;t any 5 and stowin%
the1 alon% with a su""ly o$ <un%arian tra!ts1 in the !ar0
At last one beauti$ul oonlit ni%ht = as4ed /orrie to !oe
$or a ride with e0 2e s"un alon% a broad di4e until our
headli%hts "i!4ed out a saller road leadin% o$ to the ri%ht0 =
swun% down it and sto""ed0 'he oon %leaed u" at us $ro
the !anal at our $eet0 'he settin% was "er$e!t0
And = said everythin% wron%> A/orrie1E = be%an1 A= want you
to arry e1 but don;t say no until = tell you how hard it will be0
<ard $or e and harder still $or you0E And then = outlined $or her
the wor4 that = believed Fod had %iven e0 = told her the ne(t
onth would be a $air sa"le o$ the li$e ahead $or e 5 and $or
her i$ she !hose it0 ABou;d be !razy to1 /orrie1E = $inished
iserably0 ABut = do so want you toDE
/orrie;s enorous eyes were bi%%er still when = had
$inished0 She o"ened her outh to s"ea41 but = laid y hand on
it0 2hen = le$t her at her a"artent1 = had her "roise that she
would %ive e y answer when = returned $ro <un%ary0
2hat a di$$eren!e in the tri" a!ross Euro"e3 = had thou%ht
this se"aration would tea!h /orrie soethin%7 = had not 4nown
how u!h it would tea!h e0 'he iles that had rolled away so
easily beneath y tires be$ore1 now tu%%ed and !alled to e 5
every one a ile $arther $ro her0
'he border !rossin%1 too1 was harder on e than usual0
2hether it was that $or the $irst tie = wanted des"erately not to
be !au%ht1 not to be detained1 not to let anythin% 4ee" e $ro
that date in Al4aar1 or whether the stories in the re$u%ee !a"s
had ade e "arti!ularly $ear$ul o$ <un%ary1 = do not 4now0
<owever1 on!e a%ain Fod ade Aseein% eyes blind1E and at
last = was rollin% alon% throu%h the <un%arian !ountryside0 'he
road = was $ollowin% wound alon% the 9anube0 =t was beauti$ul1
?ust as the son% said 5 althou%h its !olor instead o$ bein% blue
was a dee" il4#!ho!olate brown0 = be%an to $eel hun%ry and
de!ided to sto" by the river $or lun!h0 So = "ulled o$$ the road1
drove down a sandy lane1 sto""ed in a little !learin% at the
water;s ed%e1 and %ot out the a4in%s o$ y "i!ni!0 Just in order
to %et the stove out1 = a!tually had to ove several bo(es o$
tra!ts that the border %uards had ?ust overloo4ed0
)o sooner had = o"ened a !an o$ "eas#and#!arrots when =
heard a roar0 = loo4ed u"0 A s"eedboat was !uttin% throu%h the
water toward e at $ull throttle1 throwin% a wa4e hi%her than the
boat itsel$0 =n the bow stood a soldier with a drawn a!hine %un0
At the last "ossible instant the boat swerved and !oasted to a neat
landin% at the river;s ed%e0 )ow = saw that there were two other
soldiers in the boat0 'he an in $ront lea"t ashore1 $ollowed by
another one0
A:ord1E = said very so$tly as they a""roa!hed1 Ahel" e
re$use to yield to $ear0E
'he $irst soldier 4e"t the a!hine %un on e while the other
ran to the !ar0 = 4e"t stirrin% the "eas#and#!arrots as = heard the
door o$ the !ar o"en0
= be%an tal4in%1 s"ea4in% 9ut!h1 whi!h = $elt sure these an
would not understand0
A2ell1 sir1E = said1 stirrin%1 Ait !ertainly is ni!e to have you
u" in this way0E
'he soldier stared stonily0
AAs you !an see1E = went on1 A=; "re"arin% to eat0E
Behind e = heard the other door o$ the !ar o"en0 = rea!hed
into y "i!ni! bo( and drew out two e(tra "lates0 A2ould you
!are to ?oin e3E = raised y eyebrows and waved y hand in a
%esture o$ invitation0 'he soldier shoo4 his head brus8uely as i$
to say he wasn;t %oin% to be bribed0 AAt least not $or a ess o$
"eas#and#!arrots1 eh3E = thou%ht0
= !ould hear the other soldier "o4in% around0 Any oent
now he would !ertainly as4 about those bo(es0
A2ell1E = said aloud0 A=$ you don;t ind1 =; %oin% to %o
ahead and eat while the $ood is hot0E = s"ooned the ve%etables
onto y "late and then $a!ed a dilea0 Should = say %ra!e3 =n
the !a"s they had told e that /hristians were "arti!ularly
sus"e!t in <un%ary now1 sin!e any had ta4en leadin% roles in
the revolt0
But no1 here was a !han!e to witness to three en0 =n a
%esture $ar ore deliberate then noral1 = bowed y head1
$olded y hands1 and said a lon% and hearty than4s%ivin% $or the
$ood = was about to eat0
An aazin% thin% ha""ened0 2hile = "rayed there was no
sound $ro the soldier ins"e!tin% y !ar0 Just as soon as = had
$inished1 the door slaed and = heard the sound o$ boots
!oin% ra"idly toward e0 = "i!4ed u" y $or4 and too4 a bite
o$ "eas0 For a oent both soldiers stood over e0 'hen
abru"tly they whirled0 2ithout loo4in% behind the1 they ran
down to their boat1 ?u"ed in1 and roared o$$ in a s"ray o$ white0
Buda"est was the loveliest !ity = had yet seen in y travels>
two an!ient towns1 Buda and Pest1 built on the two shores o$ the
9anube0 But si%ns o$ the revolt were everywhere0 Buildin%s
were "o!4ar4ed with bullet boles1 trees ri""ed u"1 tra rails
= had been %iven the address o$ a Pro$essor B1 a an who
held an e(!ellent "osition in a $aous s!hool in Buda"est0 2hen
= as4ed hi =$ he would a!t as y inter"reter1 = did not
a""re!iate the terrible si%ni$i!an!e o$ his answer0 AO$ !ourse1
Brother1E he said0 A2e are in this to%ether0E 'hat de!ision !ost
y $riend his livelihood0
Pro$essor B was over?oyed with the %i$t o$ Bibles0 <e said
they were alost unattainable0 <e told e that there were s!ores
o$ !hur!hes o"en and $un!tionin% as best they !ould0 = !ould be
?ust as busy as = !hose1 s"ea4in% and distributin% the boo4s1
"rovided = didn;t ind ta4in% a $ew ris4s0
AA $ew ris4s3E = said0
A2ell1 you see1 the revolt is so re!ent0 'he authorities thin4
every !hur!h su""er =s hat!hin% a "lot0E 'hose who had su$$ered
ost1 be said1 were the "astors0 6ost o$ those in Buda"est had
been in serious trouble with the re%ie> about a third had s"ent
tie in "rison1 soe $or as lon% as si( years0 Ea!h "rea!her had
to have his "erit renewed every two onths1 and this was a
re%ulation that 4e"t the in !onstant tension0
Pro$essor B too4 e to visit a $riend o$ his1 a .e$ored
"astor1 who o"ened the door to us !autiously and loo4ed u" and
down the hail be$ore lettin% us in0 <is a"artent was $illed with
la" shadesD Soe were !o"leted1 soe ?ust !overed $raes1
soe in the "ro!ess o$ bein% rather !rudely "ainted with street
s!enes $ro Buda"est0
'his an1 = learned1 had been suarily disissed $ro his
"ul"it 5 no reason %iven0 <e was not even allowed to sit on the
"lat$or durin% servi!es0 A$raid that his very "resen!e would %et
others into trouble1 he and his wi$e had withdrawn $ro the
$ellowshi" alto%ether0 =n order to 4ee" his $aily $ro starvin%1
he was "aintin% la"shades0 <e wor4ed $ro early ornin%
until late at ni%ht to su""ly their ost basi! needs0
A$ter we le$t = as4ed Pro$essor B how ty"i!al this "astor;s
"li%ht was0
AFairly ty"i!al aon% the !hur!hes that do not !o"roise1E
he said0 ABut any !o"roise0 'hey Lad?ust; to the re%ie not
only in "oliti!s but in the basi!s o$ the $aith1 so that they be!oe
little ore than anus o$ the %overnent0E
= as4ed Pro$essor B to ta4e e to su!h a !hur!h1 and he told
e that the "astor o$ one o$ the was o$$i!iatin% at a "ubli!
s!hool $estival that a$ternoon0 Sure enou%h1 the "astor was on the
reviewin% stand0 =n a $ew inutes he !ae over to tal4 with us0
APerha"s a third o$ that %rou"1E he said1 "ointin% to a row o$
youn%sters lined u" on the s!hool lawn1 Abelon% to our !hur!h0E
Ea!h !hild was wearin% a brilliant red s!ar$1 a sybol1 he
e("lained1 o$ %ood !itizenshi"0 One o$ the re8uireents $or the
s!ar$ was a A"ro"er attitudeE toward the reli%ious su"erstitions o$
their "arents0
A2hat su"erstitious3E = as4ed0
AOh 5 ira!les0 And the !reatin% story0 Ori%inal sin0 Fallen
an0 'hat sort o$ thin%0E
A2hat about the $a!t that Jesus was Fod3E
A'hey would "ut that at the to" o$ the list0E
A<ow do you yoursel$ $eel3;
'he "astor lowered his eyes0 A2hat !an you do00 0E he
shru%%ed his shoulders0
'he !hildren were obviously havin% a wonder$ul tie0 On!e
a%ain = heard that awesoe !la""in% that = had heard both in
Poland and in /ze!hoslova4ia0 As be$ore1 it started
s"ontaneously7 but within twenty se!onds it "i!4ed u" a %rou"
rhyth that be!ae a sin%le "oundin%1 drivin% haer on an
unearthly anvil0 /la"0 /la"0 /la"0 All in "er$e!t unison1 all
united1 all one0 'he "rin!i"al o$ the s!hool let the !la""in% %o on
until it %ot to y very bones0 = !ould see it was havin% the sae
e$$e!t on the "astor0 = !ould see hi li$t his hands1 alost
sha4in%1 as i$ he wanted des"erately to "ut his $in%ers in his ears
but dared not00
2hen the s!hool !ereony was over1 the "astor too4 us to
see his !hur!h0 <e was tal4in% about the i"roved heatin% "lant
and the new windows and the enlar%ed "layin% $ield out ba!41
when suddenly he said to e1 ABrother Andrew1 what should =
= didn;t answer ri%ht away0 <ow !ould = %ive advi!e when =
had never stood in his shoes3 =t was easy to say1 ABe stron%0E
But this an 4new that his li!ense1 and there$ore the su""ort o$
his $aily1 de"ended wee4 by wee4 on the whi o$ the
= !ould not %ive advi!e7 but = !ould tell hi the stories o$
/hristians in Poland1 /ze!hoslova4ia1 Bu%oslavia1 $a!in%
"ressures and "robles siilar to his own1 but never $ailin% to
"rea!h /hrist;s redeein% love0 2ith this love in their hearts1 it
seeed to e1 "eo"le !ould be trusted to $ind out $or theselves
the truth o$ these other atters o$ $aith0
Pro$essor B assured e that there were !hur!hes in <un%ary1
too1 that were $indin% ways around their restri!tions0 One o$ the
ost interestin% was $uneral#and#weddin% evan%elis0
Pro$essor B as4ed e one ornin% to ta4e "art in a
<un%arian weddin%0 A'his will be li4e no weddin% you;ve ever
attended1E be "roised0 A)ow listen !are$ully1 be!ause =;
%oin% to as4 you to do a stran%e thin%0 Bou will have a !han!e to
s"ea41 and when you do1 you are to say a 8ui!4 word o$
!on%ratulation to the bride and %roo1 and then you are to
"rea!h the hardest#hittin% blood#and#thunder salvation seron
we !an "ray $or0E
= had to sile0
A9on;t lau%h1E said Pro$essor B0 A'his is the way we "rea!h
to ost "eo"le these days0 Fol4s today are a$raid to enter a
!hur!h e(!e"t $or $unerals and weddin%s0 So we "rea!h to the
then0 A %overnent o$$i!ial said to e last wee41 L=;ll bet every
ni%ht you "ray $or your $riends to die so you !an %et your seron
So = "rea!hed at the weddin%1 and a$terwards = told Pro$essor
B about the other devi!e = had dis!overed> that o$ brin%in%
A%reetin%sE $ro <olland0 <e was entran!ed at the idea0 <e
wanted to start a !a"ai%n ri%ht away0 So he %ot on the
tele"hone and be%an a4in% !alls0 'hat sae ni%ht we held a
thinly dis%uised revival eetin% in one o$ the lar%est !hur!hes in
'he ne(t ni%ht we held another eetin%1 but in a di$$erent
!hur!h0 And so on1 ni%ht a$ter ni%ht0 2e never announ!ed until
the end o$ the eetin% where the ne(t eetin% was %oin% to be0
Even so1 "eo"le were linin% u" on the sidewal4 to hear the
visitin% 9ut!han tal40 'his was attra!tin% too u!h attention1
and we soon devised the te!hni8ue o$ si"ly statin% that there
would be a eetin% the $ollowin% ni%ht without sayin% where it
would be0 'hen all the ne(t day "eo"le would be on the
tele"hone1 "assin% word alon% as to where we were to eet
As we sat on the "lat$or waitin% $or the servi!e to be%in1 =
would see the "astors sear!hin% the $a!es in the !on%re%ation0
A'hey;re loo4in% $or the se!ret "oli!e1E Pro$essor B e("lained0
A2e 4now any o$ the by si%ht0 A$ter the revolt it has been
dan%erous to attra!t lar%e !rowds $or any reason0E
'he nervousness and an(iety were !onta%ious1 so that
hal$way throu%h the !a"ai%n = too be%an to drea at ni%ht o$
trouble with the "oli!e0
And then one evenin% the "oli!e did !oe0 = 4new it $ro
the loo4 on Pro$essor B;s $a!e0
A'hey;re here1E be whis"ered1 and = didn;t need to as4 who
AtheyE were0 <e si%naled that = was to $ollow hi ba!4 into the
vestry0 'wo "lain !lothes en were waitin%0 'hey as4ed e a lot
o$ 8uestions1 and then they issued a suons $or e to a""ear
the $ollowin% ornin%1 alon% with Pro$essor B1 at head8uarters0
A'he last tie this ha""ened1E Pro$essor B told e when
they had %one1 Atwo en were arrested0 'hey were in "rison a
lon% tie0E
A$ter the servi!e all o$ the "astors %athered in the vestry to
de!ide what we should do0 Pro$essor B su%%ested that we %o to
his hoe and "ray0 =t was the $irst tie = had been to his house0 =
had $or%otten what a "roinent "la!e a Pro$essor has in the
so!iety o$ Eastern Euro"e> his hoe was iense and lu(urious0
And this was the "osition he was ris4in%0
Pro$essor B introdu!ed e to his son: Janos0 = instantly li4ed
hi0 <e had re!ently arried and was doin% well as a youn%
attorney1 and yet he too was willin% to "la!e his !areer on the
line by ta4in% "art in these $rowned#u"on eetin%s o$ /hristians0
'here were seven o$ us that ni%ht7 seven /hristians %athered in
u!h the sae way /hristians had %athered sin!e the /hur!h
be%an 5 in se!ret1 in trouble 5 "rayin% to%ether that throu%h the
ira!ulous intervention o$ Fod <isel$ we be s"ared a
!on$rontation with the authorities0
2e "rayed there in the livin% roo o$ Pro$essor B1 all
4neelin% around a low round !o$$ee table in the !enter o$ the
roo0 For an hour we 4e"t u" an earnest inter!ession1 be%%in%
Fod to hel" us in our tie o$ need0 And all at on!e1 the "rayin%
sto""ed0 'o every one o$ us at the sae instant !ae the
ine("li!able !ertainty that Fod had heard1 that our "rayer was
2e %ot u" $ro our 4nees1 blin4in% at ea!h other in sur"rise0
= loo4ed at y wat!h0 =t was =1>*+ in the evenin%0 At that "re!ise
hour we 4new that toorrow everythin% was %oin% to be all
'he ne(t ornin% "ro"tly at nine o;!lo!41 Pro$essor B and
= were at head8uarters0 2hile we were waitin%1 Pro$essor B
whis"ered to e that he 4new the sta$$ well0 'he bead o$ the
de"artent was unrelentin% in his atta!4s on the /hur!h7 his
de"uty was u!h ore li4ely to be lenient0
A2e are s!heduled1E he said behind his hand1 Ato see the
de"artent head0 'oo bad0E
)ine#thirty !ae1 and then ten o;!lo!40 Eleven0 2e were
both used to lon% waits in bureau!rati! !ountries1 but this was a
lon% delay by any standards0 Finally1 ?ust be$ore noon1 a !ler4
A/oe this way1E he said0
Pro$essor B and = wal4ed down a lon% !orridor behind the
!ler40 2e "assed the de"artent head;s o$$i!e and 4e"t %oin%0
Pro$essor B loo4ed at e and raised both eyebrows ho"e$ully0 At
last we sto""ed0 'he head o$ the de"artent1 the !ler4 e("lained1
had $allen ill the ni%ht be$ore3 =n his stead the de"uty would hear
our !ase0
Pro$essor B threw e a 8ui!4 %lan!e0 'wenty inutes later
we were wal4in% out o$ the o$$i!e1 $ree en0 = yearned to as4 the
!ler4 at what hour the de"artent head had $allen ill0 'o this day
= a !ertain his answer would have been> 11>*+ P60
'he en!ounter with the authorities ended $or the tie bein%
the "ossibility o$ $urther eetin%s in Buda"est0 Pro$essor B
arran%ed a ten#day s"ea4in% tour $or e in Eastern <un%ary and
$ound an inter"reter to %o with e0
2hen = returned1 = went to %ive a re"ort on the tri" to Janos
and Pro$essor B0 .i%ht away = sensed that soethin% was wron%0
For one thin%1 both son and $ather were at hoe in the iddle o$
the day0 Bet neither an let on that all was not as it should be0
'hey insisted that = return the ne(t ornin% to have brea4$ast
with the be$ore = started $or hoe0
'he ne(t ornin% = sensed a%ain this uneasy $eelin% o$
disaster0 As we "ushed our !hairs ba!4 $ro the table and stood
u"1 Janos drew a sall "a!4a%e $ro his "o!4et0 =t was only
later1 when = learned what news they were se!retly !arryin%1 that
the $ull i"a!t o$ his words be!ae !lear0
A2e have so little way o$ sayin% than4 you1E said Janos0
ABou ris4 u!h !oin% to our !ountry0 2e want you to ta4e this
to that %irl waitin% ba!4 in <olland0E
= had told the about /orrie0 =nside the bo( was an anti8ue
%old "in1 set with rubies0 'hey all lau%hed at the e("ression on
y $a!e0 Jaos "ut his ar around his youn% wi$e;s shoulder0
A2e;re "rayin% with you1 Andy1 that that answer;s %oin% to be
= was hal$way a!ross Austria on y way hoe1 !a"in% by
the roadside in y little tent1 when = wo4e u" in the iddle o$
the ni%ht with a terri$yin% ni%htare0 = was bein% !hased by a
whole s8uadron o$ "oli!e in red s!arves who were all !la""in%1
!la""in%1 !la""in%0 Soehow = 4new that it had soethin% to do
with Pro$essor B> = was sure that he was in soe 4ind o$ dan%er0
'he ne(t day $ro the very $irst town = !ae to1 = sent hi a
=n <olland = didn;t %o to 2itte but drove strai%ht to
<aarle0 At the hos"ital they told e /orrie was wor4in% the
three#to#eleven ni%ht shi$t0 = was waitin% $or her when she !ae
out the bi% $ront door0 Cnder the street li%ht0 her hair was !o""er
instead o$ %old0
A=; ba!41 /orrie1E = said0 AAnd = love you0 = love you
whether Lthe answer is yes or no0E
/oe loo4ed tired $ro the hours on her $eet0 But when she
lau%hed1 the weariness seeed to dro" away0 AOh AndyE she
said1 A= love you1 too0 9on;t you see that;s ?ust the trouble3 =;
%oin% to worry about you1 and iss you1 and "ray $or you1 no
atter what0 So hadn;t = better be a worried wi$e than ?ust a
!ran4y $riend3E
'o%ether1 the $ollowin% wee41 we went to a ?eweler in
<aarle and bou%ht two weddin% rin%s0 =n <olland the !usto
is to wear the rin% on the le$t hand durin% the en%a%eent and
trans$er it to the ri%ht at the arria%e !ereony0 /orrie and =
!arried the rin%s u" to her little sittin% roo in the to" o$ the
!astle0 'here we o"ened the bo(es and ea!h o$ us "la!ed a rin%
on the other;s hand0
A/orrie1E = be%an1 not 4nowin% that = was sayin% $or the $irst
tie words that were to be!oe a 4ind o$ otto $or us0 A/orrie1
we don;t 4now where the road leads1 do we3E
ABut Andy1E she $inished $or e1 Alet;s %o there to%ether0E
2hen = %ot ba!4 to 2itte1 a letter was waitin% $or e $ro
Pro$essor B0 6e than4ed e on!e a%ain $or !oin% to <un%ary0
'he /hur!h had been %reatly stren%thened1 he said1 by this
tan%ible "roo$ o$ the !on!ern o$ the ebers $or one another0 <e
ho"ed = would !oe a%ain1 and that others would $ollow in y
ABut1E he said1 under"layin% the news in a way that was
ty"i!al1 A= do believe = should share with you soethin% that has
ha""ened0 9o not thin4 it is the result o$ your visit 5 it was
!oin% anyhow0 = have been $or!ed to resi%n $ro the
university0 9o not $eel sad> any have %iven u" $ar ore $or
their Savior0
AEs"e!ially you ust not be sidetra!4ed $ro this ost
="ortant wor4 o$ en!oura%eent0 'hat is your tas41 Andrew1 as
we have ours0 2e "ray daily $or you1 althou%h you wilt not hear
$ro us any ore0 'his is bein% !arried $ro the !ountry by a
$riend0 Our all is !ensored0 2e "ray that your inistry
!ontinue stron%0
AOn!e a%ain1 you ust not be down!ast0 2e "raise the
/<AP'E. '2E:GE
Counterfe't Church
/orrie and = were arried in Al4aar on June &71 19+,0
Freet?e was there and 6r0 .in%ers and any others $ro the
$a!tory1 as well as a whole busload o$ nurses $ro <aarle0
Cn!le $lo""y !ae $ro :ondon with %reetin%s $ro his wi$e1
who was not stron% enou%h $or the tri"0 'here were $riends $ro
2E/ head8uarters1 !o#wor4ers $ro the re$u%ee !a"s1 and o$
!ourse /orrie;s other and y brothers and sisters and their
$ailies0 For e there were issin% $a!es> Antonin the edi!al
student in /ze!hoslova4ia0 Jail and )i4ola in Bu%oslavia0
Janos and Pro$essor B0
=t was dar4 be$ore we !ould tear ourselves away $ro so
any $riends and re!olle!tions0 For the honeyoon1 we had
borrowed @arl de Fraa$;s house trailer0 2e had tal4ed
roanti!ally about drivin% to Fran!e0 But settin% out1 we realized
suddenly how tired we were1 /orrie $ro her $inal e(ainations1
?ust ended1 = $ro the wor4 in the re$u%ee !a"s1 where = had
s"ent ost o$ y tie sin!e our en%a%eent0 A $ew iles $ro
Al4aar we !ae to a restaurant in that rarity in <olland1 a
%rove o$ trees0 2e "ar4ed beneath the and went in $or !o$$ee0
And so !ordial were the owner and his wi$e1 so insistent that the
trailer was no trouble1 that that;s as $ar as we %ot0 2e "ulled the
trailer a little dee"er under the trees and s"ent our honeyoon
ri%ht there0
'he dar4 and dan4 little roo above the shed wasn;t dar4 or
dan4 at all0 <ow !ould = ever have thou%ht so3 2ith /orrie1
sunshine and warth !ae into the "la!e and ade it hoe0
So we didn;t have a 4it!hen0 So there was no "lubin% in
our hoe0 So the roo$ did lea4 a bit here and there1 and never
two ni%hts in the sae "la!e0 2hat did it atter as lon% as we
were to%ether3
'he only "roble o$ any size was the !lothin% bundles0 = had
tal4ed in !hur!hes all over <olland about the need $or !lothes in
the re$u%ee !a"s and su%%ested y address as a "la!e where
thin%s au%ht be sent0 = never dreaed how u!h would !oeD =t
!ae by ail1 by train1 by tru!41 load a$ter load de"osited in the
tiny $ront yard in 2itte0 Ei%ht tons were delivered that $irst year1
and the "roble o$ stora%e was a!ute0 6aart?e was arried now
and livin% with her husband;s $aily1 but Aria and Felt?e had a
se!ond !hild1 and /ornelius and his new wi$e were livin% in the
lo$t0 'here was no "la!e $or the !lothes but our own roo0 /orrie
and = had literally to s!rable over bales o$ !lothin% ea!h tie
we went in or out our door0
'he worst o$ it was that so u!h o$ it !ae unwashed0 2e
would s!rub the dirtiest thin%s in a tub in the ba!4 yard1 and
brush and s"ray the rest1 but our roo was never without $leas0
'rans"ortin% su!h a 8uantity o$ stu$$ was another "roble0 =
"a!4ed the !ar as $ull as = !ould ea!h tie = le$t $or the !a"s1
but $ar all its advanta%es the Gol4swa%en ade an unsatis$a!tory
= was ea%er to %o a%ain1 this tie with /orrie at y side0 =
wanted her to see the !a"s $or hersel$1 not only so that she
!ould eet these "eo"le $or who she was washin% and "a!4in%
so !onstantly1 but be!ause = 4new what a nurse !ould ean in
"la!es li4e those0 And so1 that $all we "iled the ba!4 seat to the
roo$ with sweaters and !oats and shoes1 and set out $or the !a"s
in 2est Berlin0
2e delivered the $irst load to the Fi!hter Bun4er0 'his was
an old !ir!ular ilitary barra!4s used by the )azis durin% the
war and now !onverted into AhoesE $or re$u%ees0 =t was
/orrie;s $irst %li"se o$ the s8ualor o$ the !a"s1 and that ni%ht
she !ould not eat0
= "ur"osely saved the Gol4sarstrasse !a" $or the se!ond
day be!ause it was even worse0 'his old $a!tory buildin% ust
have held $ive thousand "eo"le0 /onditions were so des"erate
that a %irl would sell her body $or CD "$enni% 5 about =+ !ents As
we !arried our bundles o$ !lothin% to the distribution !enter1 a
%rou" o$ youn%sters leaned out o$ a window and du"ed
%arba%e over us0
A9on;t be an%ry at the1E = said to /orrie as = brushed
rottin% lettu!e leaves o$$ her !oat0 A'hey have literally nothin% to
do here but thin4 u" is!hie$0E
But to e the saddest o$ all the !a"s was the <enri 9unant0
/orrie and = went there last0 'his !a"1 naed a$ter the $ounder
o$ the .ed Cross: was where so any "ro$essionals 5 es"e!ially
tea!hers 5 were sent0 'he !a" ade e sad not be!ause it was
"hysi!ally any worse than the rest1 but be!ause the "eo"le in it
tried harder to retain their traditions1 and this ade the inevitable
$ailures ore "oi%nant0
= !ae0 out o$ the dire!tor;s o$$i!e that a$ternoon to $ind
/orrie tal4in% with a %ray#haired East Feran lady who said her
nae was <enrietta0 'here was soethin% in her anner that
reinded e o$ 6iss 6ee4le0 2e $ound a relatively un!rowded
!orner and sat tal4in% $or an hour0 <enrietta told us that she had
been a tea!her o$ thirteen#and $ourteen#year olds in Sa(ony1 and
that this was where the trouble lay0
A=$ = had been tea!hin% si(# or seven#year olds1 = i%ht have
been able to !lose y eyes1E she said0 ABut = had the ri%ht at
the tie o$ the 7u+end .e'he3>
A'he 7u+end .e'he?
ABes0 Bou see1E said <enrietta1 A=; a :utheran0 =n our
!hur!h1 !on$iration is a very bi% thin% in a !hild;s li$e1 "erha"s
the bi%%est sin%le day0 'here are %i$ts and s"ee!hes and
!on%ratulations and new "rivile%es1 li4e lon% "ants $or the boys0
=t;s a reli%ious day1 above all0 Gows are ta4en1 "roises ade0E
And then <enrietta told us about the 7u+end .e'he 9 the
Bouth /onse!ration0 = !ould see ri%ht away that it was an
e(treely !lever atta!4 a%ainst the /hur!h0 'he %overnent
substituted a !ereony o$ its own $or the /hristian !on$iration0
A=n the 7u+end .e'he it is the State rather than Fod to who
vows are ade0E said <enrietta0 AAnd the State a4es a 6er) bi%
thin% o$ the solenity and bindin% 8uality o$ these "roises0
'ea!hers are e("e!ted to s"end a year "re"arin% students to ta4e
"art in it0E
= !ould see what had ha""ened be$ore <enrietta s"o4e0 AAnd
you re$usedE = said0
A= re$used0E
A'hat was a brave thin% to do0E
<enrietta lau%hed0 A)o1E she said0 A= !ertainly a not brave0
= was ?ust a s!hooltea!her about to retire0 =; not a artyr0 But =
?ust !ould not brin% ysel$ to tea!h these wonder$ul youn%
"eo"le that the State was Fod0E
=t was e("e!ted that =00 "er!ent o$ eli%ible students ta4e "art
in the !ounter$eit ritual0 Fro <enrietta;s !lass there were *0
At $irst1 she said1 the "ressure on her to !on$or was low
4eyed0 Party o$$i!ials too4 to "ayin% her $riendly visits about
on!e a wee40 )aturally it was e("e!ted that ea!h tea!her do his
best to brin% all o$ his students to the 7u+end .e'he3 )e(t year1
they were !ertain1 thin%s would be di$$erent0
2ell1 ne(t year1 thin%s weren;t di$$erent0 AAnd then = was
really "ressured1E <enrietta said0 L'he wee4ly visits be!ae
ni%htly visits0 9i$$erent "eo"le ea!h ni%ht $or a wee4 5 wee4
a$ter wee40 .ound and round we went over the sae old sub?e!t0
2here was y loyalty3 9id = realize = !ould be a!!used o$
holdin% ba!4 "ro%ress3 'hat was a serious !rie in the Peo"le;s
)i%ht a$ter ni%ht they stayed in the a"artent until late1
stirrin% her u"1 $ri%htenin% her until she !ould not slee"0
<enrietta;s te"er %rew short <er wor4 su$$ered0 And in the
eantie "ressure was bein% "ut on the !hildren1 too1 so that
they be%an to as4 why they weren;t ready $or the 7u+end .e'he
as everyone else was0
AAnd so you see1E said <enrietta1 and she was !ryin% now1 A=
$led0 = !ouldn;t ta4e it0 = ran away0 And that1E she said1 swee"in%
her ar to in!lude the whole !a" $illed with tea!hers who1 li4e
her1 had tried1 Ais why you ust not thin4 o$ e as brave0 6aybe
we started out to be brave1 but we %ave u"0 Everyone o$ us0E
'al4in% with <enrietta and other re$u%ees1 = was %radually
$orin% a "i!ture o$ the /hur!h as a whole1 as it e(isted under
!ounis0 =n y ind = be%an to thin4 o$ an Outer Peri"hery1
!ountries where a!!ordin% to y own e("erien!e and the re"orts
o$ others there was still soe de%ree o$ reli%ious $reedo>
Poland1 /ze!hoslova4ia1 Bu%oslavia1 <un%ary0 and East
Ferany0 Beyond these1 a!!ordin% to those who had es!a"ed1
was an inner /ir!le1 where the atta!4 a%ainst the /hur!h was
stron% indeed> .uania1 Bul%aria1 Albania and1 .ussia itsel$0 =
had visited all but one o$ the Outer Peri"hery !ountries0 )ow1 =
4new1 = had to visit East Ferany0
<ere in 2est Berlin was the obvious "oint o$ de"arture $or
su!h a visit0 But when = "ro"osed the tri" to /orrie1 she loo4ed at
e with stri!4en eyes0
AOh1 AndyDE she said0 A<ow !an = leave the !a"s3 'here;s
so u!h to do1 and no one to do itD <ow !an = %o3E
= loo4ed at her ore !losely> her !hee4s were $lushed1 her
eyes had an unnatural %laze0 = wondered =$ = had not been wron%
to "lun%e her into su!h need and de"rivation0 =t was hard enou%h
$or e to see the su$$erin%1 but $or a nurse 5 trained to see what
should be done but without $a!ilities to do it 5 it ust be torture
indeed0 She was ovin% $ro !a" to !a" li4e a woan
beside hersel$> settin% u" a !lass $or others here1 a tan4 $or
boiled water there1 at one "la!e si"ly tryin% to %et the dishes o$
those who did not have 'B handled se"arately $ro the dishes o$
those who did0 =n the a$ternoons she held an i"ro"tu !lini!
wherever she was1 "aintin% $everish throats1 !leanin% old sores1
washin% in$e!ted eyes1 even on o!!asion "ullin% teeth0
For her own sa4e = be%an to want to %et her away $ro this
environent0 But she re$used0 ABou %o1E she said when the visas
$or East Ferany !ae throu%h without delay0 A2hat %ood
would = be there3 = !an;t "rea!h0 = !an;t s"ea4 Feran0 = !an;t
even drive a !ar0 But = !an s"ot a toilet !rawlin% with %ers
when = see one0E She "i!4ed u" the 4it o$ disin$e!tant that was
never $ar $ro her side in those days0 A'ell e all about it when
you %et ba!41E she said0
And so o!!urred the $irst se"aration o$ our arried li$e 5 not
be!ause o$ y inistry1 but /orrie ;s0
= !rossed over $ro 2est to East Berlin at a !he!4"oint near
the Brandenbur% 'or0
'he di$$eren!e between the two halves o$ the !ity was
observable even as = drove down the streets0 = had been "re"ared
$or the sli%htly shabby !lothes1 $or the sho"s in whi!h lar%e vases
o$ $lowers $illed the s"a!e where suits should han%1 $or the la% in
re!onstru!tion a$ter the war0
2hat = was not "re"ared $or was the silen!e0 )obody tal4ed
in the streets0 'here was an eerie 8uality about it1 as it the land
were in ournin% or in $ear0 As tie "assed = !ae to $eel this
$ear ysel$0 'here were "oli!e everywhere0 'hey stood at the
brid%es1 at $a!tory entran!es1 at "ubli! buildin%s 5 sto""in%
"eo"le at rando1 sear!hin% brie$!ases1 sho""in% ba%s1
"o!4etboo4s0 And no one !o"lained at this arbitrary treatent0
)o one "rotested0 'he la!4 o$ "rotest was "art o$ the dread$ul
silen!e that hun% over the !ity li4e a "oison#$illed so%0
=n shar" !ontrast to the silen!e o$ the "eo"le was the loud
voi!e o$ the %overnent0 =t was everywhere0 On the radio1 on
louds"ea4ers1 on billboards0 Slo%ans were "ainted on walls1
roo$to"s1 tele"hone "oles7 there were "osters in the 4ios4s1 an
stores1 hotels1 railway stations0 Pro"a%anda everywhere0
= was astonished at the baldness o$ the line0 East Ferany
was ?ust then %oin% throu%h a devastatin% $ood shorta%e0 'he
enter"risin% Feran $arer had not ta4en at all 4indly to the
!olle!tive idea7 he had 8uit the land in su!h lar%e nubers that
that $all there had been no one to harvest the !ro"s0 'he
%overnent had "ressed "rodu!tion on e!hani!al harvesters1
a!!o"anied by a assive "ro"a%anda !a"ai%n0 'here was
%oin% to be "lenty o$ bread be!ause so!ialis was su"erior to the
enter"rise o$ individual $arers0
'here was only one trouble0 'o be harvested by a!hine1 the
wheat had to be dry7 a !ou"le o$ days ore sunshine were
re8uired than $or hand rea"in%0 And o$ !ourse that year it rained0
=t rained every day1 ri%ht at the tie o$ the harvest0
And then suddenly1 all over the !ountry1 "osters a""ealed
!arryin% this little verse>
Ohne Gott und Sonnen sche'n
#o!en .'r D'e Ernte e'n
2ithout Fod and without sun
2e will %et the harvest done
= !ould see that this slo%an Lhad really sha4en the "eo"le0 =t
was a brazen duel between the new re%ie and Fod <isel$0
'he rains !ontinued1 and the harvest did not %et in0 Overni%ht as
suddenly as they had a""eared1 the "osters vanished 5 all e(!e"t
$or the sodden $ew that you !ould still see !lin%in% to la" "osts0
And now what did the %overnent do3 )ew si%ns a""eared1
alon% with announ!eents on the radio and advertiseents in
the news"a"er0 A9on;t let anyone tell you there is a bread
shorta%e0 'here is "lenty o$ bread0 'his is another e(a"le o$ the
vi!tory o$ so!ialis over the $or!es o$ nature0E
Only there was no bread0
= ysel$ went into %ro!ery stores and $ound none0 Even
restaurants didn;t have any0
'he saddest "art o$ the story to e is that no one tal4ed
about the du"li!ity0 'he issin% bread was never entioned0
'he "eo"le were silent0
'he "art o$ East Ferany = was ost interested in !entered
around the southern tiers o$ Sa(ony1 be!ause = had heard $ro
<enrietta and other re$u%ees that there the /hur!h was alive0 =
was not "re"ared $or how alive0 Ferany was a land o$
!ontradi!tions0 On the one hand it was by $ar the hardest !ountry
= had yet "enetrated7 indo!trination and "oli!e !oer!ion were
ran40 And yet1 at the sae tie1 there was ore reli%ious
$reedo in East Ferany than = had $ound in any other
/ounist !ountry0
'he an whose nae = had been %iven in Sa(ony1 2ilhel1
was a $ull#tie youth wor4er $or the :utheran Fellowshi"0 'he
villa%e where he and his wi$e1 6ar lived was in a hilly1 wooded
se!tion o$ the state0 'heir $ront yard !oanded a view to brin%
envy into the heart o$ every lowland 9ut!han0 A sall
otorbi4e stood outside1 a bi4e1 = was to dis!over1 that !arried
2ilhel all over East Ferany in sun1 snow1 and rain0
2ilhel et e at the door and without hesitation invited
e in0 2e sat around 6ar;s "or!elain 4it!hen table drin4in%
!o$$ee while = e("lained y ission behind the /urtain0
A2ell =; %lad you;ve !oe1E said 2ilhel0 <e sto""ed to
!ou%h1 a dee" dry !ou%h that ra!4ed his whole $rae0 A2e need
all the en!oura%eent we !an $ind0E
A9o you need Bibles1 $or instan!e3E = as4ed hi0 A= have
soe Feran Bibles with e0E
AOh1 we have "lenty o$ Bibles0E
= had heard this be$ore1 and waited $or the slow adission
that in $a!t there were very $ew Bibles0 But 6ar too4 e into the
little study1 and = !ould have thou%ht = was hoe0 'here were a
dozen Bibles on the shelves0 = "i!4ed one u" and loo4ed at the
East Feran i"rint0 APrinted in the 9euts!he 9eo4ratis!he
A:et e tell you about soe other $reedos1E said 2ilhel0
A2e have seinaries here that do not turn out "oliti!ians 5 they
turn out /hristians0 2e have evan%eli!al !a"ai%ns that draw
thousands0 2e have a ove within the :utheran /hur!h that is
as $or!e$ul1 = would venture1 as anythin% you !an $ind in
ABut 5 you said you needed en!oura%eent0E
Suddenly 2ilhel;s $ists !len!hed0 = saw the 4nu!4les %o
A2e;re $i%htin% one o$ the ost i"ortant battles in Euro"e0
<ere in Ferany the /ounists are tryin% out a new 4ind o$
L"ersuasion1; in y ind $ar ere dan%erous than outri%ht
"erse!ution0 /ould you !oe with e to today;s eetin% o$ our
synod3 Bou;ll see $or yoursel$ what =; tal4in% about0E
= su%%ested that he !oe with e in y !ar1 and 6ar siled
at e %rate$ully0 A=t;s that aw$ul otorbi4e1E she said0 A'hat;s
what a4es hi !ou%h0 'housands o$ 4iloeters in all 4inds o$
weather0 And the do!tor told hi two years a%o to stay out o$
2ilhel "atted her hand0 A6ar worries1E he told e
a"olo%eti!ally0 ABut i$ you want to rea!h youn% "eo"le all over
the !ountry1 what !an you do3E
=n the !ar1 be went ba!4 to his sub?e!t A=t would be we
Ferans who !au%ht on $irst1E 2ilhel said0 ABou !an;t use
stron%#ar ta!ti!s a%ainst the /hur!h without stren%thenin% =t0
=t;s always been that way0 Cnder "erse!ution a an loo4s at his
$aith to see i$ it;s worth $i%htin% $or1 and this is a s!rutiny
/hristianity !an always withstand0 'he real dan%er !oes with
an indire!t atta!41 where a "erson is lured away $ro the /hur!h
be$ore be has a !han!e to be!oe stron%0 @ee" this in ind
while you listen today0E
'his synod eetin% had been !alled to !onsider the "roble
that they !alled the !ounter$eit !hur!h0 Pastor a$ter "astor %ot u"
and read o$$ statisti!s that at $irst = did not understand0
A2el!oin% Servi!e1 (C "er!ent0 Bouth /onse!ration CC
"er!ent0 6arria%e1 4C "er!ent0 Funeral1 CD "er!ent0E
But as 2ilhel whis"ered the e("lanation o$ these $i%ures1
the enority o$ the "lan be%an to eer%e0 .ealizin% that it was
%ettin% nowhere in its $rontal atta!4 a%ainst the !hur!h1 the
re%ie had ta4en a new dire!tion0 For Fod and the reli%ious
instin!t1 it was atte"tin% to substitute the State1 and the eotion
o$ "atriotis0 Csin% the an!ient wisdo o$ the /hur!h1 it was
o$$erin% state !ereonies in $ran4 iitation o$ /hristian rites0
'here was1 $or e(a"le1 an alternative to Ba"tis that went
under the attra!tive nae o$ 2el!oin% Servi!e0 At the tie that
a baby;s nae was o$$i!ially re%istered1 relatives and $riends
were invited to a !elebration0 'he in$ant was brou%ht $orward by
the "arents to an o$$i!ial o$ the %overnent1 who re!eived hi
with due !ereony as a new eber o$ the state0 And there was
the state 6arria%e Servi!e0 On the !ontinent it =s !ustoary to
have two arria%es1 a le%al one "er$ored by a %overnent
o$$i!ial and a sa!raental one held in a !hur!h0 'he new re%ie
was ta4in% both roles0 A$ter the le%al arria%e the state was
o$$erin% a se!ond servi!e1 $ree o$ !har%e1 to whi!h all were
invited and at whi!h there were $lowers and $ood and a solen
!ereony wel!oin% the !ou"le into the so!ialist so!iety in the
e("e!tation that it would be ha""y and $ruit$ul0
'he sae was true o$ the Funeral Servi!e0 'he state
"er$ored a si"le1 di%ni$ied !ereony $ree o$ !har%e1 and
a%ain the !hur!h servi!e was eulated0 A eulo%y was said1
"raisin% this valiant soldier o$ the Peo"le;s 9eo!ra!y $or his
"art in the war $or huan $reedo0
And o$ !ourse ost blatantly !o"etitive o$ all was the
Bouth /onse!ration1 the 7u+end .e'he: about whi!h1 = had
learned $ro <enrietta0 'his had "roved es"e!ially e$$e!tive
be!ause it was dire!ted at "eo"le at an a%e when a!!e"tan!e was
su"reely i"ortant0 At this sus!e"tible tie in his li$e the
youn%ster was told to a4e u" his ind#whi!h to $ollow> his
!ountry or his !hur!h0 'here was intense "ressure on hi to
$ollow his !lassates u" the aisle and re!eive the blessin% o$ the
On and on the statisti!s went1 <7u+end .e'he: 70 "er!ent0
Burial1 *0 "er!ent0E 'he true si%ni$i!an!e o$ these $i%ures did not
bit ! until 2ilhel e("lained that they re"resented !hur!h
"arishioners1 and that this was the "er!ent who had ta4en the
state rites instead o$ not in addition to1 the reli%ious /ereony0
AAt $irst1E 2ilhel told e1 Athe !hur!hes too4 a non#
!o"roise line a%ainst the state servi!es0 =$ a !hild "arti!i"ated
in the Bouth /onse!ration1 he !ould not re!eive the sa!raent o$
'his o$ !ourse "ut the youn%ster in a terrible "osition1 and =t
was "re!isely this tension that the re%ie loo4ed $or0 'he $irst
year o$ the %overnent;s e("erient there was a dro" o$ -0
"er!ent in !on$irations0 'he ne(t year the $i%ure was CD
"er!ent1 and ea!h year sin!e1 it had %otten worse0 Bit by bit1
any o$ the litur%i!al Protestant !hur!hes were easin% their
stand1 sayin% that one year a$ter "arti!i"atin% in the 7u+end
.e'he a !hild !ould re!eive the /hur!h;s sa!raent0 'he .oan
/atholi!s1 however1 had not yet yielded1 and $or this they had the
adiration o$ the ost ardent Protestants0
A=t;s an o"en $i%ht $or alle%ian!e1E said 2ilhel1 Aand the
!hur!hes are losin%0 =t;s hard to say no when your !lassates are
sayin% yes0E
'he !hur!hes; de$ense a%ainst this !lever atta!4 had been to
retreat and withdraw1 2ilhel told e0 =nstead o$ %oin% out on
the a%%ressive1 they were "ullin% $urther and $urther into an
attitude o$ "rivate "iety and isolation0
A2hi!h is why = a so %lad you have !oe to be with us1E
he said0 ABou !an hel" us reeber that the /hur!h is lar%er
than any one nation or any one "oliti!al s!ene0 2e have
$or%otten that with Fod on our side we shall !on8uer0E
<e was about to leave1 he said1 on his sei#onthly tour o$
youth %rou"s0 <e invited e to ?oin hi0 A=;d li4e your !o"any0
AndE 5 with a sile 5 A6ar will li4e that autoobile0E
And so $or nearly two wee4s = traveled with hi throu%hout
southern East Ferany "rea!hin% with an aazin% $reedo to
!hur!hes that had "lenty o$ Bibles1 "lenty o$ literature1 wide
o"en evan%eli!al eetin%s 5 and that were deoralized beyond
any !hur!hes = had yet et behind the /urtain0
Basi!ally1 durin% those twelve days1 = "rea!hed ?ust one
seron over and over in a hundred di$$erent versions0 = ur%ed the
Feran /hristians to be!oe issionaries7 be!ause it has been
y e("erien!e that a issionary !hur!h is an alive !hur!h0
At the $irst !hur!h where = ade this su%%estion the "astor
stood u" and said heatedly1 ABrother Andrew1 its easy enou%h $or
you to s"ea4 about issionary wor41 be!ause you !an travel
anywhere you want0 But what about us here us East Ferany3
2e !an;t even leave the !ountry0E
A2aitDE = said0 A'hin4 about what you have ?ust said0 = ust
ta4e a lon% and !ostly tri" to %et to East Euro"e0 But you;re
already herD <ow any .ussian soldiers are there in your
!ountry now3 <al$ a illion1 = believe0 'hin4 o$ thatD <ow any
un!onverted $ellow Ferans are there in these hills3 9on;t
!o"lain to yourselves that you !an;t %o to the ission $ieldD
'han4 Fod $or brin%in% the ission $ield to you0E
And then = told the the Bibli!al story o$ a an doin%
"re!isely what = was ur%in% the to do0
= told the about the tie Paul was in "rison in .oe
!hained between two soldiers0 A)ow there were two
"ossibilities1E = said0 AEither he !ould sit there and !o"lain that
he !ould not %et out1 or he !ould a4e use o$ the situation0 2ell1
Paul be%an to than4 Fod that he had a !a"tive audien!e0 <e
be%an to "rea!h the Fos"el0 A$ter a while the %uard was
!han%ed7 two ore soldiers !ae in0 Paul than4ed Fod $or the
two new ones and be%an a%ain0 And the result was that be ade
these en /hristians0 <e $ounded a !hur!h ri%ht there in
/aesar;s household0 And this1 = $eel1 is the in!o"arable ission
o$ /hristians behind the /urtain0E
/<AP'E. '<=.'EE)
To the R'm of the 0nner C'rc!e
Ba!4 in 2est Berlin = hurried $ro !a" to !a"1 lo!4in%
$or /orrie0 2hen = $inally $ound her1 !ondu!tin% li!e ins"e!tion
on the heads o$ a row o$ $ive#and si(#year olds1 = was a""alled at
the !han%e that had !oe over her in less than three wee4s0 She
had lost wei%ht1 her s4in had a stran%e yellowish "allor1 there
were !ir!les under her eyes0
= a!!used ysel$ all over a%ain $or havin% brou%ht her there1
and above all $or havin% le$t her alone0 One o$ the thin%s = had
wanted to try1 $ro Berlin1 was to ta4e a "re!ious !ar%o o$ Bibles
into Bu%oslavia1 to the !hur!h in Bel%rade1 aon% others1 that
had only seven aon% its whole ebershi"0 = 4new $ro y
"revious e("erien!e that their !onsulate in Berlin was the "la!e
to a""ly $or the visa1 rather than 'he <a%ue0
)ow1 as = loo4ed at y youn% wi$e;s lined $a!e and haunted
eyes1 = realized that a tri" to Bu%oslavia would serve a double
"ur"ose0 2hat better "la!e to $or%et the horrors o$ the !a"s
than that beauti$ul land 5 loveliest = had seen0 And so = too4 both
our "ass"orts to the Bu%oslav !onsulate and s"ent the rest o$ the
day buyin% Bibles0
/orrie %ave e an ar%uent a%ain0 'here was so u!h to do
in the !a"s1 she !ould do nothin% in Bu%oslavia 5 the sae
ob?e!tions as be$ore0 But this tie = overruled her on the %rounds
o$ her own health1 and we set out $or the $irst tie to%ether
behind the =ron /urtain0
=$ it hadn;t been $or /orrie;s illness1 whi!h seeed to %et
worse instead o$ better1 that $irst wee4 o$ the tri" would have
been "er$e!t0 'his tie the border %uard s!ar!ely %lan!ed at our
lu%%a%e0 'hey s"otted us $or newlyweds and su%%ested o!ean
resorts to visit and s!eni! routes to ta4e0 For $uture su%%lin%
o"erations = $iled away this new bit o$ 4nowled%e> a an and
woan ade a natural travelin% tea and aroused $ar less
sus"i!ion than a an travelin% alone0
Jail and )i4ola %reeted us with tears o$ ?oy standin% in
their eyes0 2hen we brou%ht the new Bibles out in !hur!h a$ter
!hur!h1 the !on%re%ations !ould s!ar!ely believe their eyes0 And
then everyone had to eet /orrie7 the woen 4issed her1 the
en thu"ed e on the ba!40
For si( days1 thin%s !ouldn;t have %one better0 2ith )i4ola
inter"retin% $or e a%ain 5 in s"ite o$ the $ine and warnin% he
had in!urred $or his earlier hel" 5 = shared with Bu%oslavia
!hur!hes the vision that had !oe to e in East Ferany0 A
vision o$ =ron /urtain !hur!hes not in retreat but on the advan!e0
And then on the evenin% o$ the seventh day1 while we were
eatin% dinner in the house o$ $riends in a town near Sawaweho1
the "oli!e !ae0 =t ha""ened so suddenly that $or a oent =
didn;t realize $or who they had !oe0 2e were seated around
the 4it!hen table eatin% ri!e and lab 5 all e(!e"t /orrie who
didn;t $eel well and had %one to lie down 5 when there was a
4no!4 on the door1 and in wal4ed two %ray#uni$ored "oli!e0
ABou !oe with us1E they said to e0
A/oe3 2here3E
A9o not tal40 9o not $inish your eal0 Just !oe0E
= loo4ed at y $riends who were sittin%1 $or4s raised1 ouths
o"en in $ear0 /orrie a""eared in the doorway1 "ale and
AShe is with you3E
A<er too0E
=t was soon a""arent that the "oli!e 4new all about y
$orer tri" to Bu%oslavia0 'hey were !ourteous enou%h1 but they
in$ored us that we would have to leave the !ountry
iediately0 6y visa had been !an!eled0 'here was no redress0
2ould = "lease hand over y "ass"ort then and there0
.elu!tantly1 be!ause = did not want a hand sta" in y
"ass"ort that other !onsulates would 8uestion1 = turned over y
"a"ers0 'he o$$i!ers loo4ed at the !are$ully1 !ross !he!4ed
the with their own orders1 and then too4 out an enorous red
sta"1 whi!h they in4ed well and slaed down a!ross the $a!e
o$ y visa0 = was "ersona non %rasa in Bu%oslavia0
Already at a low ebb "hysi!ally1 /orrie was sha4en by the
arrest0 AAndy1 = was s!ared sti$$E she 4e"t sayin% as we drove
a!ross Austria toward Ferany0 AAnd those en were bein%
ni!e about it0E
2e intended to sto" in Berlin only lon% enou%h to "i!4 u"
two "assen%ers1 re$u%ees who we were s"onsorin% in <olland0
6y !hie$ thou%ht was to %et /orrie hoe and to a do!tor0
Soethin% was wron%1 soethin% ore than ?ust $ati%ue and
strain0 6ore and ore $re8uently = had to sto" the !ar and let her
%et out to stret!h $ull len%th on the %rass until the ret!hin%
si!4ness "assed0
But when we rea!hed Berlin1 there was a sur"rise waitin% $or
us0 Seein% that the Bu%oslav !onsulate there was ore lenient
than the one in <olland1 = had ade the rounds o$ the Berlin
o$$i!es o$ every other !ountry = wanted to visit And now on our
return = $ound not one but two letters waitin% at the hostel0 Both
Bul%aria and0 .uania had !onsidered y a""li!ation and were
"leased so tell e that = had only to a""ear at their Berlin
head8uarters to have y travel do!uents validated0
Bul%aria and .uania3 A!!ordin% to everythin%1 two o$ the
!ountries where "erse!ution o$ the /hur!h was ost intense0 At
last1 the inner /ir!le3 Surely Fod;s hand was on the door1 ready
to throw it wide0
And ?ust as surely1 /orrie needed her own hoe and her own
bed0 =n addition1 there was the atter o$ that in!riinatin% sta"
in y "ass"ort0 /ertainly the other %overnents would want to
4now why = had been e("elled $ro Bu%oslavia0
So instead o$ %oin% to the !onsulates1 we went hoe to
2itte0 /orrie went to bed alost at on!e1 and = !alled the do!tor0
<e was with her $or a lon% tie while = sat iserably on the
ladder outside0
At last he eer%ed1 lowerin% hisel$ %in%erly run% by run%0
ABour wi$e is $ine1E he told e when be had rea!hed solid
%round0 A=;ve %iven her soe "ills $or the nausea1 and she should
!oe in to see e ne(t onth0E
ABut what;s the atter with her3E = as4ed an(iously0
A6atter3E At last the an "er!eived that = did not
understand0 =n a $oral little %esture he swe"t his hat $ro his
head and held out his hand0 A/on%ratulations0 Bou;re %oin% to be
a $ather0E
ABut $or heaven;s sa4e1E he added1 "uttin% his hat ba!4 on
his head1 Asto" dra%%in% that "oor %irl all over Euro"e and let her
%et soe rest0E
AAnd another thin%1E be said1 "ausin% at the little brid%e1
A%et rid o$ those sta!4s o$ !lothin% u" thereD She;s %oin% to be a
other1 not a ountain !liber0E
=t was )oveber when we returned $ro Berlin and
Bu%oslavia: and the baby was due in June0 By January1 /orrie
was $eelin% so well that = be%an to thin4 seriously a%ain about
that tri" into the =nner /ir!le 5 by ysel$1 o$ !ourse1 under the
!ir!ustan!es1 leavin% /orrie under the wat!h$ul eye o$ Felt?e0
Allowin% three or $our wee4s in ea!h o$ the two !ountries1 =
would be ba!4 in "lenty o$ tie $or the baby;s birth0
But there was still that atter o$ the "ass"ort0 2hat !ould =
do about the bad "a%e3 'ear it out3 'hat was i"ossible1 sin!e
all the "a%es were nubered0 'hrow the whole thin% away1
"retend = had lost it1 and $ile a !lai $or a new one3 But that was
not the .oyal 2ay7 the @in%;s servants didn;t have to stoo"0
= went to 'he <a%ue1 to the o$$i!e o$ "ass"ort !ontrol1 and
showed the reviewin% o$$i!er y "roble0 <e was very
understandin%0 A= sy"athize with you1E be said1 Abut there;s
nothin% we !an do0E
ABou see1E = said1 A=; a issionary0 = want to %o to these
!ountries to !onta!t the /hristians there0E
<e !onsidered this $or a oent 'hen he shoo4 his bead0
A2e !an;t even %ive you hints about how to %et a new "ass"ort
8ui!4ly0 Su!h as1 $or instan!e1 doin% a lot o$ travel to nearby
!ountries and always insistin% that they sta" your "a"ers1 so
that your "ass"ort will $ill u" sooner0 2e !ouldn;t even %ive you
hints li4e that1 don;t you see3 =; very sorry0E
2ithin a $ew wee4s = had a new "ass"ort
/orrie was relu!tant to let e %o0 She still had not %ot over
the sho!4 o$ our arrest in Bu%oslavia0 But when the shi"ent o$
Bul%arian and .uanian Bibles arrived $ro the British and
Forei%n Bible So!iety in :ondon1 she hel"ed e stow the away
in the !ar hersel$0 AA bar%ain;s a bar%ain1E she said0 AA$ter all1 =
si%ned on as the wi$e o$ a issionary0E
2hen the a!tual day o$ de"arture !ae1 neither one o$ us
was $eelin% very brave0 2e were "a!4in% the le$t#over s"a!e in
the Gol4swa%en with !lothes $or the !a"s in Austria = would
visit on the way0 2e had oved the !lothin% de"ot out o$ our
roo1 "er do!tor;s orders1 and into the tiny hallway o$ the ain
house1 where it was a4in% li$e iserable $or everyone0
ABul%aria and .uania1E /orrie said so$tly0 A'hose aren;t
Bu%oslaviaD Bou %et arrested in those !ountries1 and = i%ht
never see you a%ain0 2e want you ba!40 Andrew1 your baby and
And o$ !ourse = tried to reassure her1 but = was $eelin% $ar
$ro !heery ysel$0 = !libed into the heavily loaded !ar and
started the en%ine0
ABou;ve %ot your oney3E /orrie as4ed0
= $elt y wallet0 For on!e = was %oin% with ore than
enou%h0 = !ouldn;t understand why so any %i$ts had !oe $ro
readers o$ 4racht 6an Omhoo+ lately0 =t !ost e very little to
travel1 slee"in% in the tent whenever = !ould1 $i(in% y own
eals0 = had tried to leave the e(tra aount with /orrie1 but as
thou%h with a stran%e $ore4nowled%e1 she had =nsisted that = ta4e
it with e0 Bes1 the oney was all sa$e0
And so with a last 4iss = was o$$0
=t bothered e a little1 as = headed $ro the Austrian !a"
toward Bu%oslavia1 that = was havin% to %o ba!4 into a !ountry
$ro whi!h = had so re!ently been e("elled0 But there was
absolutely no other "ra!ti!al route into Bul%aria0 'he only other
way to %o would be a lon% and !ostly tri" the len%th o$ =taly1 by
boat to Free!e1 and then the lon% drive u" throu%h Free4
6a!edonia0 As = had anti!i"ated1 there had been no trouble
%ettin% a new visa> Bu%oslavian "a"erwor4 was notoriously
ine$$i!ient1 and the $a!t that = was ,ersona non +rata had not yet
been $orwarded to the 2estern !onsulates0 'he only "la!e where
there i%ht be trouble1 = thou%ht1 was at the border itsel$0
<eart "oundin%1 = "ulled u" to the $rontier0 But the %uard
only %lan!ed at y "ass"ort0 2e !hatted a while about road
!onditions1 and within twenty inutes = was a!ross0
By y !al!ulations = had now $our days o$ %ra!e in
Bu%oslavia be$ore the in$oration about y arrival at the border
was !he!4ed a%ainst the unwanted "ersons $ile in Bel%rade0 =
sto""ed $or a brie$ visit with Jail and then "ressed on south and
east1 $ully intendin% to !ross the border into Bul%aria on the
ornin% o$ the $i$th day0 But as always in Bu%oslavia1 there was
so u!h to doD Jail had su""lied e with enou%h naes and
!hur!hes alon% y route to have 4e"t e busy $or a onth0
'here hadn;t been a whis"er o$ trouble $ro the authorities0 =
de!ided to stret!h y lu!4 by twenty#$our hours0
On the $i$th evenin% = !he!4ed into a hotel a$ter idni%ht =
turned in y "ass"ort at the des41 and went u" to y roo0 = had
sle"t $or "erha"s $ive hours when there was an abru"t ra" on the
door0 = o"ened it and $ound two en in ordinary business suits
standin% in the hail0
A9ress and $ollow us1E they said in Feran1 holdin% the
door o"en0 A9o not brin% anythin% with you0E
'hey never too4 their eyes $ro e as = stru%%led into "ants
and a shirt0 2e wal4ed throu%h the lobby1 e"ty at that hour
e(!e"t $or a woan s!rubbin% the ste"s0 Outside1 we wal4ed a
$ew hundred yards to a lar%e stone buildin%0 = was she"herded
down a arble !orridor1 e!hoin% in its e"tiness1 and into an
'he an behind the des4 had y "ass"ort in his hand0
A2hy are you here3E he deanded0 A2hy are you ba!4 in
Bu%oslavia3E <e did not wait $or e to answer but went on1
voi!e risin% as he s"o4e0 A<ow did you %et this "ass"ort
!han%ed3 =s this what <olland does1 a4e it easy $or
!ons"irators and lawbrea4ers3E
<e rea!hed into his des41 and = saw with disay that he had
ta4en out the enorous sta" with the red in40 <e slaed it
down on the Bu%oslav visa three ties be$ore he seeed
ABou will leave the !ountry within twenty#$our hours1E he
said0 ABou will have no $urther !onta!ts with any "erson in
Bu%oslavia0 2e will tele"hone the border %uard in 'rieste when
to e("e!t you0E
'riesteD Surely he wouldn;t insist u"on thatD 'rieste was in
the northwest !orner o$ the !ountry1 ri%ht ba!4 where = had !oe
$ro1 while here we were $i$ty iles $ro the Bul%arian $rontier0
ABut =; on y way to Bul%ariaDE = "leaded0 A/ouldn;t =
leave the !ountry that way3 =t;s so u!h !loserDE
But he was adaant0 'rieste he had said1 and 'rieste it had
to be1 and as 8ui!4ly as "ossible0
And so with a sin4in% heart1 = headed ba!4 north to 'rieste
and the lon% round#about tri" throu%h =taly and Free!e> $i$teen
hundred iles out o$ y way1 when = had been alost in si%ht o$
y %oal0
A de"ression su!h as = had never 4nown be$ore settled over
e as = in!hed y way down the $oot o$ =taly0 'he roads were
addenin%> an endless su!!ession o$ towns strun% one a$ter
another down the !oast 5 tru!4s1 bi!y!les1 horse#drawn !arts 5 =
seldo %ot the Gol4swa%en out o$ se!ond %ear0
6ar!h *1 !ae7 /orrie;s birthday0 = sent her a tele%ra1 but
instead o$ !heerin% e u"1 it only served to reind e how $ar
away she was0 <er $irst birthday sin!e we;d been arried1 and
there = was1 not even out o$ =taly yet1 $arther away $ro y %oal
than ever1 and %ettin% $arther $ro /orrie every inute0 Su""ose
soethin% ha""ened0 Su""ose there was trouble with the "oli!e
in Bul%aria too0 Su""ose = didn;t %et ba!4 $or the birth o$ the
baby0 At least = understood now the reason $or the e(tra oney>
=;d be lu!4y to a4e it there and ba!4 by this route even with all
= had0
'o a4e atters worse1 there was that sus"i!ion#arousin%
sta" on the Bu%oslavia "a%e a%ain0
And then1 ?ust when = thou%ht =;d rea!hed y lowest "oint1
y ba!4 be%an to a!t u"0 For three or $our years =;d been havin%
trouble on and o$$ with a sli""ed dis40 =t seeed to bother e
ost when =;d been drivin% lon% distan!es0 About hal$way
throu%h =taly the trouble be%an a%ain1 worse than =;d ever 4nown
it0 By the tie = rea!hed Brindisi where the boat le$t $or Free!e1
= was literally bent double1 wal4in% with a 4ind o$ stran%e1
!rou!hin% %ait on the balls o$ y $eet0
'here was no tie to sto" and %et treatent7 = ?ust had to let
"eo"le stare0 2hen = too4 the !ar o$$ the boat in Free!e1 = was no
better7 a$ter a !ou"le o$ days on the Free4 roads = was literally
!ryin% aloud with the "ain0 =$ the =talian roads had been !ho4ed
with tra$$i!1 the Free4 ones were all ro!4s and !hu!4 holes0 =
!ould not read the si%ns with their stran%e Free4 !hara!ters and
o$ten1 a$ter twenty s"ine#?arrin% iles1 would dis!over = had
ade a wron% turn and have to %ive u" all that hard#won
And all the while1 that insidious de"ression was wor4in% its
"oison in e0 A2ell1 Andrew1E the inner whis"erin% would
be%in1 Ayou %ot away with it that tie0 'hey were easy on you0
Sent you out o$ the !ountry000 Bou !ould have %one to ?ail0 For
how any years1 Andrew3 Five3 'en3 Bou;ll $ind out in
Bul%aria0 'hey lo!4 "eo"le u" there0 Soeties they never %et
out00 0 0 )ot even a letter0 /orrie will never 4now0
And so it went1 hour a$ter hour1 day a$ter day1 until every
nerve was on ed%e0 Arid then !ae the $inal blow0 At the Free4
town o$ Serrai0 = dis!overed that the border !rossin% toward
whi!h = had been headin% all this tie was o"en to di"loats
only0 For ordinary travelers there was no entry at all into
Bul%aria $ro Free!e0 'he only way was throu%h 'ur4ey1 any
iles and any days $arther on0
'he ornin% a$ter this dis!overy = was %rindin% and
bu"in% alon% a stony tra!4 toward what seeed an horizon o$
endless $rustrations1 when u" ahead = saw a sall blue si%n0 'he
to" letterin% was in Free40 But below it1 in :atin !hara!ters1 =
read the sin%le word>
= sto""ed the !ar with a ?er40 Phili""i3 'he Phili""i in the
Bible3 'he town where Paul and Silas had been in "rison 5
where Fod had sent the earth8ua4e to o"en the door3
O$ !ourseD 'his was the very "la!eD = %ot out o$ the !ar and
stared throu%h a tall lin4 $en!e at a $ield o$ ruins0 'here were the
old streets1 there was what was le$t o$ a te"le0 A row o$ houses1
only the walls standin% now0 2as :ydia;s house 5 where Paul
had stayed 5 one o$ these3
'here was a %ate in the $en!e1 but it was lo!4ed and there
was no one around0 An iense silen!e brooded over the s!ene7
the odern town o$ Phili""i was two iles away to the north and
<ere1 there was not a sound0 Only Paul shoutin% over the
!enturies> A/hristianD 2here =s your $aithDE
Paul had been in "rison in this "la!e1 ?ust as = was in "rison
too> a "rison o$ "ain and dis!oura%eent0 Paul and Silas had
been doin% the sae thin% = was doin%1 "rea!hin% the Fos"el
where it was not allowed0 Fod had "er$ored a ira!le to %et
<is en out o$ "rison then1 and in that instant = 4new that <e
was even now "er$orin% another one to %et e out o$ ine0
'he bonds o$ de"ression that had wra""ed theselves
around e sna""ed as had the !hains on Paul;s wrists0 'he s"irit
o$ heaviness li$ted1 and as it did = realized with a start that = was
standin% ere!t ba!4 tall1 head hi%h0 Joy welled u" in e1 "hysi!al
?oy as well as ental0
= literally ran ba!4 to the !ar1 sto""in% every now and then to
?u" several in!hes o$$ the %round0 = started the en%ine1 shoved
the !ar into $irst1 and with a roar set o$$ on!e ore $or y
a""ointent with the un4nown believers o$ the =nner /ir!leD
/<AP'E. FOC.'EE)
2&raham the G'ant 4'!!er
A$ter all y a""rehension1 the border !rossin% $ro 'ur4ey
into Bul%aria turned out to be a "leasant sur"rise0 'he !ustos
ins"e!tor s!ar!ely %lan!ed into the rear o$ the !ar and did not as4
e to o"en any o$ y !ases0 <e entered the date and "oint o$
entry on y Bul%arian visa but did not turn the other "a%es in the
"ass"ort0 'hen he ade e a little s"ee!h in En%lish wel!oin%
e to the !ountry0
2hat was ore1 a$ter the 'ur4ish roads1 whi!h had been as
a""allin% as the Free4 the Bul%arian hi%hway was newly "aved
and well#en%ineered0 All alon% it = et the sae wel!oe = had
re!eived at the border0 /hildren shouted and ran alon% the ed%e
o$ the road as lon% as they !ould 4ee" the !ar in si%ht0 6en and
woen wor4in% in the $ields strai%htened u" to sile and wave1
a thin% = had not seen anywhere else in Euro"e0
Bul%arian roads were %ood1 that is1 as lon% as = stu!4 to the
ain routes0 'hat $irst evenin% = turned o$$ on a little tra!4 u" a
ountainside in sear!h o$ a !a"in% site0 = $ound a se!luded
s"ot1 and in the ornin% s"ent soe tie un"a!4in% Bibles $ro
the various s"ots where = had stowed the0 'hen = "a!4ed the
.uanian ones away a%ain and drove down the ountain1
sli""in% and slidin% on the dan%erous %ravel road1 =ntendin% to
"i!4 u" the ain "aveent a%ain0
=nstead = soon $ound ysel$ $ollowin% a tra!4 that wound
throu%h the ba!4yards o$ a tiny villa%e0 'he road was %ettin%
uddier every se!ond0 = s"lashed throu%h a little strea and a
$ew $eet $urther on bo%%ed down alto%ether0
'here = sat1 ho"elessly stu!4 in the ud in an out#o$#the#way
ountain villa%e where = had no business bein%1 2hat was =
%oin% to do3 = had no sooner as4ed the 8uestion than = seeed to
hear soe loud and rather brassy sin%in%0 =t was !oin% $ro a
buildin% ?ust on the ed%e o$ the villa%e0 = o"ened the door o$ the
!ar and ?u"ed0 2hen the ud rea!hed y an4les1 = sto""ed
sin4in%0 2ell1 nothin% $or it0 K = slo%%ed heavily throu%h the
u!4 until = rea!hed the door o$ the buildin%0
=t was a "ub1 and althou%h it was only ten in the ornin%1 the
sounds were those o$ en well into their !u"s0 = ste""ed inside1
and instantly the sin%in% sto""ed0
'wenty $a!es stared at e1 obviously astonished at the
a""earan!e o$ a $orei%ner in their villa%e0 'he air was thi!4 with
so4e1 heavier and ore "un%ent than the so4e sell o$
2estern "ubs0
A9oes anyone here s"ea4 En%lish3E = as4ed0 )o one
res"onded0 AFeran3E )o0 A9ut!h3;
A2ell1 hello anyway1E = said1 silin% and tou!hin% y
$orehead in salute0 And then while these round1 brown#eyed
$a!es stared at e1 = 2ent into a "antoie routine0 = ade a
noise that was eant to sound li4e a G2 %ettin% stu!4 in the
ud0 <uuns <uu0 S"lutter1 s"lut1 sto"0
)o one %ave a si%n o$ re!o%nizin% y !harade0
= held y hands out in what = thou%ht loo4ed li4e a an
holdin% a steerin% wheel with both hands0
AAhhD OnDE 'he an behind the hi%h wooden bar nodded
4nowin%ly0 =n a oent he had run $orward with two %lasses o$
beer1 shovin% one in ea!h outstret!hed hand0
A)o1 no1E = said1 lau%hin%0 AAutoobileK /ar0 <uu0
<uu0 Brrr0 Brrr0 Sto"0E = "ut the %lasses down and si%naled
with y ar0 A/oeDE
At last several o$ the en %ot the idea and rose $ro their
tables1 en?oyin% the %ae and shoutin% en!oura%eent to their
!o"anions0 = $elt li4e the Pied Pier leadin% the "arade0 Ba!4 o$
the "ub was the answer to what this was all about1 sittin%
e("e!tantly in the ud> y little blue G20
AAhhDE )oddin% o$ heads1 !la""in% o$ thi%hs0 )ow they
understood0 'hey were %lad to hel"0 'hey were wearin% 4nee#
hi%h boots and without hesitation waded into the ud1 indi!atin%
that = should %et behind the wheel0 = started the otor1 and while
these broad#shouldered en li$ted1 = eased the !ar into %ear and
2ithin oents we were out on the ain road in $ront o$ the
= %ot out o$ the !ar and than4ed the1 a little worried at the
!uriosity they were showin% $or the !ar and its !ontents0 =t would
never do $or a story to %et started about a 9ut!han with a !ar%o
o$ boo4s in his !ar0 Jui!4ly = too4 one aoth1 wor4#
hardened hand a$ter the other1 shoo4 it soundly1 and oved on0
A= really do than4 you1E =said0 A<olland than4s you0 'he
:ord than4s you0 0 0E
And while = was s"ea4in%1 one an si"ly did not let %o o$
y hand0 =nstead he "ulled e with hi into the "ub0 Even
be$ore we rea!hed the bar1 = 4new what was %oin% to ha""en0
'hey were %oin% to buy e a beer whether = wanted one or not0
= hadn;t had a drin4 sin!e that story January ni%ht ore
than nine years a%o when = had turned y will over to Fod0 =n
y li$e1 anyhow1 al!ohol had !learly always been a destru!tive
ABut what should = do now1 :ord3E = as4ed aloud in 9ut!h0
And suddenly = 4new that = had to %o ahead and drin4 that beer1
that to turn it down would be to turn the down1 that their
4indness and hos"itality ran4ed hi%her with Fod than one
observan!e o$ a rule0 'wenty inutes later1 eyes waterin% $ro
the "ower$ul hoe#ade brew1 = on!e a%ain shoo4 twenty hands1
lau%hed1 wished the the s"eediest o$ all "ossible salvations1
and went on y way0 =t too4 $orty inutes o$ hi%h#s"eed travel
down the hi%hway be$ore the ud that had been tra""ed on the
wheels o$ y little !ar sto""ed thu"in% the sides o$ the $enders0
6y $inal ni%ht in Bu%oslavia1 the ni%ht $or whi!h = had been
sent ba!4 a!ross the border1 = had et a an whose !losest
$riend lived in So$ia0
APetro$$ is one o$ the saints o$ the !hur!h1E he had told e0
A2ill you %o to see hi3E
And o$ !ourse = was deli%hted0 = had eorized Petro$$;s
address so as not to have it written down on y "erson in !ase =
%ot into trouble with the authorities0 )ow as = sat on a hillside
loo4in% down over So$ia0 = arveled at how Fod used the very
last "erson = s"o4e to in one !ountry to %ive e the $irst !onta!t =
needed in another0
So$ia was a beauti$ul si%ht1 stret!hed out below e1 the
ountains risin% beyond1 the round does o$ her Orthodo(
!hur!hes s"ar4lin% in the late#a$ternoon sun0 But how in that vast
etro"olis was = to $ind the street where Petro$$ lived3 6y
Bu%oslav $riend had warned e that it !ould be dan%erous $or
hi i$ a $orei%ner were to %o around as4in% $or it0 So when =
!he!4ed into y hotel1 the $irst thin% = did was to as4 $or a "lan
o$ the !ity0
A=; sorry1 sir1 but we;re all out0 Bou i%ht try the
boo4store on the !orner0E But the boo4store was out too0 = went
ba!4 to the hotel and as4ed the !ler4 i$ be was 8uite sure he had
no a"s at all0 <e loo4ed at e sus"i!iously0
A2hat do you want a a" so badly $or03E he as4ed0
AForei%ners shouldn;t %o wanderin% ?ust anywhere0E
AOh1E = said1 A?ust to %et y bearin%s0 = don;t want to %et
lost1 not s"ea4in% Bul%arian0E
'he !ler4 seeed satis$ied0 AAll we have1E he said1 Ais this
little one here0E <e "ointed to a sall hand#"ainted street "lan
under the %lass on his des40 =t would never be o$ any hel" to e>
only the naes o$ the bi%%est boulevards were shown0 But = bent
over the a" to "lease hi1 and as = did = saw an aazin% thin%0
'he !arto%ra"her had indeed "enned in the naes only o$ a?or
avenues1 with one terribly i"ortant e(!e"tion0 'here was a
sin%le1 tiny street ?ust a $ew blo!4s $ro the hotel that had a
nae on it0 And it was the street nae = was loo4in% $orD )ot
one other street o$ siilar size on the entire a" bore a nae0 =
$elt a%ain the ost aazin% sense that this tri" had been "re"ared
lon% be$ore0
Early the ne(t ornin% = le$t the hotel and headed
=ediately $or the street where Petro$$ lived0 = $ound it with no
di$$i!ulty1 ?ust where the a" had indi!ated0 )ow =t was only a
atter o$ $indin% the nuber0
As = wal4ed alon% the sidewal41 a an !ae down the street
$ro the o""osite dire!tion0 2e drew abreast ?ust as = !ae to
the nuber = was loo4in% $or0 =t was a lar%e double# du"le(
a"artent house0 = turned u" the wal4way1 and so did the
As we neared the $ront door1 = %lan!ed $or a $ra!tion o$ a
se!ond into the $a!e o$ the an who had arrived at the "re!ise
oent = did0 And at that instant = e("erien!ed one o$ the
!oon ira!les o$ the /hristian li$e> our s"irits re!o%nized
ea!h other0
2ithout a word we ar!hed side by side u" the stairs0 Other
$ailies lived in the house too> i$ = were a4in% a ista4e1 it
would be very ebarrassin%0 'he stran%er rea!hed his a"artent1
too4 out his 4ey1 and threw o"en the door0 2ithout invitation =
wal4ed into his house0 Just as 8ui!4ly1 be !losed the door behind
hi0 2e stood $a!in% ea!h other in the dar4ness o$ the sin%le
roo that was his hoe0
A= a Andrew $ro <olland1E = said in En%lish AAnd =1E said
Petro$$1 Aa Petro$$0E
Petro$$ and his wi$e lived in this sin%le roo0 'hey were
both over si(ty#$ive1 and their !obined "ensions $ro the state
"aid $or the roo1 $ood1 and an o!!asional "ur!hase o$ !lothin%0
'he three o$ us s"ent our $irst $ew oents to%ether on our
4nees1 than4in% Fod $or havin% brou%ht us to%ether in this
wonder$ul way1 so that there was not a inute o$ tie wasted1 so
that there was a iniu o$ ris4 involved0
'hen we tal4ed0 A=;ve heard1E = said1 Athat both Bul%aria and
.uania are des"erately in need o$ Bibles0 =s that so3E
=n answer1 Petro$$ too4 e over to his des40 On it was an
an!ient ty"ewriter with a sheet o$ "a"er in it1 and ne(t to the
ty"ewriter a Bible1 o"en to E(odus0
A'hree wee4s a%o = was e(treely lu!4y1E said Petro$$0 A=
ana%ed to $ind this Bible0E <e showed e a se!ond volue on
the sall dinin% table0 A= %ot it $or a %ood "ri!e too0 Only a
onth;s "ension0 'he reason it was so !hea" is that the boo4s o$
Fenesis1 E(odus1 and .evelations have been !ut out and 5 A
A2hy3; = interru"ted0
A2ho 4nows3 Perha"s to sell0 Or "erha"s to a4e !i%arettes
with the thin "a"er0
AAt any rate1E Petro$$D went on1 A= was lu!4y enou%h to $ind
it and have the oney to "ur!hase it0 )ow all = have to do is $ill
in the issin% "arts $ro y own Bible 5 and = have another
!o"lete boo4 = ou%ht to be all $inished in another $our wee4s0E
AAnd what will you do with the se!ond Bible then3E
AOh1 %ive it away0E
A'o a little !hur!h in Plovtiv1E said his wi$e1 Awhere there;s
no Bible0E
= wasn;t sure that = understood0 )o Bible in the entire
A/ertainly1E said Petro$$0 AAnd there are any su!h !hur!hes
in this !ountry0 Bou;ll $ind the sae in .uania and in .ussia0
=n the old days only the "riests had the7 ordinary "eo"le
!ouldn;t read0 And sin!e /ounis1 it;s been i"ossible to
buy the0 =t;s not o$ten = have a "ie!e o$ lu!4 li4e this0E
6y sense o$ e(!iteent ounted0 = !ould hardly wait to
show Petro$$D the treasure = had waitin% $or hi in y !ar0
'hat ni%ht = drove u" to the a"artent1 !he!4ed the Street to
a4e sure it was e"ty1 and then too4 inside the $irst o$ any1
any !artons o$ Bibles = was to deliver to this an over the
years0 Petro$$ and his wi$e wat!hed e "ut the bo( on their one
table1 their eyes wide in $ran4 and o"en !uriosity0
A2hat;s that3E PetrolD as4ed0
= li$ted the to" and too4 out a Bible0 = "ut it in the treblin%
hands o$ Petro$$ and another into the hands o$ his wi$e0
AAnd 5 and in the bo(3E Petro$$ as4ed0
A6ore0 And still ore outside0E
Petro$$ !losed his eyes0 <is outh was wor4in% hard to
!ontrol the eotion he was $eelin%0 But two tears rolled slowly
out $ro between his !losed lids and $ell on the volue in his
Petro$$ and = set o$$ =ediately on an e(tended tri" throu%h
Bul%aria1 deliverin% the Bibles to !hur!hes where he 4new the
need was %reatest0 A9o you 4now the o$$i!ial reason the
%overnent %ives $or su""ressin% Bibles here3E Petro$$ as4ed
e as we s"ed throu%h a !ountryside brilliant with roses $or the
"er$ue industry0 A=t;s be!ause Bibles are "rinted in the old
ortho%ra"hy0 'hey hold ba!4 edu!ation1 the %overnent says0
/hain "eo"le to an!ient s"ellin%s and usa%es0E
'he visible /hur!h in Bul%aria1 he went on1 had been "ur%ed
o$ all eleents !ontrary to the new re%ie0 'he Bul%arian
Orthodo( /hur!h 5 state !hur!h o$ the !ountry 5 was now little
ore than an ar o$ the %overnent0 'he "resent "atriar!h
"raised the re%ie in all his o$$i!ial utteran!es> his s"ee!hes had
as u!h to do with the %lories o$ *arodna Re,u&!'ka Bu!+ar')a
as with those o$ the @in%do o$ Fod0
A=n e$$e!t there are two !hur!hes here now1E Petro$$ told e1
Aa Pu""et /hur!h1 whi!h e!hoes the voi!e o$ the state1 and an
Cnder%round /hur!h0 Bou;ll see one o$ these under# %round
!hur!hes toni%ht0E
=t was y $irst servi!e o$ worshi" in Bul%aria0 =t too4 twelve
o$ us ore than an hour that evenin% to asseble $or the
eetin%1 arrivin% at intervals so that at no tie would it a""ear a
%rou" was %atherin%0
At seven#thirty our tie !ae0 2e wal4ed "ast an a"artent
house1 ?ust ha""ened to turn in to%ether1 ?ust ha""ened to sto" at
the third $loor rear1 loo4ed around brie$ly1 and entered the
a"artent without 4no!4in%0 = !ould not hel" but reeber
Sundays in 2itte1 when the whole villa%e turned out to
"roenade to !hur!h0
Ei%ht en and woen were %athered when we arrived1 two
ore !oin% at 7>-+ and 7>++0 'he roo was very dar40 Only
one sall li%ht bulb hun% $ro the !eilin%1 and blan4ets had
been dra"ed over the window to blo!4 out "ryin% eyes0 =
wondered i$ these "eo"le were too "oor to a$$ord shades0 )o one
s"o4e0 Ea!h new worshi"er too4 his "la!e around the !entral
table1 bowed his head1 and "rayed silently $or the sa$ety o$ the
!oin% eetin%0 Pre!isely at ei%ht o;!lo!4 Petro$$ stood u" and
s"o4e in a low voi!e1 translatin% hisel$ $or e as be went0
A2e are blessed toni%ht to have a brother visit us $ro
<olland1E Petro$$ whis"ered0 A= shall as4 hi to share with you a
essa%e $ro the :ord0E
Petro$$ sat down and = waited $or the hyn1 then realized
that o$ !ourse sin%in% was i"ossible in this !hur!h under#
%round0 = s"o4e $or "erha"s twenty inutes1 then nodded to
Petro$$0 <e ?u"ed u" and1 with a $lourish1 unwra""ed the
"a!4a%e he had brou%ht with hi and held u"0 0 0 a BibleD 'here
were e(!laations that threatened to be too loud be$ore those
assebled !au%ht theselves and "ut hands to ouths0 'hen
there were %reat bear hu%s $ro the en1 and war $oreheads#
on#the#shoulder $ro the woen1 be$ore they "assed the Boo4
$ro one hand to another1 tenderly o"enin% it and !losin% it
One o$ the en at the eetin% that ni%ht es"e!ially intri%ued
e0 A$ter we had stayed to%ether $or as lon% as we dared1 we
se"arated as we had !oe1 in ones and twos1 at intervals1 $or
over an hour0 'he last "erson to %et u" $ro his 4nees was a
aoth %rizzly bear o$ a an with a "atriar!hal beard1 a
s8uare brown $a!e1 and the 4indest1 ost %uileless blue eyes =
had ever seen0 'his1 Petro$$ told e1 was Abraha0
Abraha had s"o4en little durin% the eetin%1 but there was
a !hildli4e inno!en!e and "urity about the old an that !ae
throu%h without words0 :i4e Petro$$1 he was over the a(iu
a%e $or holdin% a ?ob0 And so $or several years the two o$ the
had s"ent their tie tryin% to lo!ate !hur!hes that had two
Bibles1 so that they !ould be% or buy one and %ive it to a !hur!h
that had none0
Abraha1 Petro$$ told e1 lived in a tent in the .hodo"e
6ountains0 <e had an in!oe $ro the %overnent o$ $ive
dollars a wee41 and on this Lhe and his wi$e lived0 At one tie he
had owned land but had lost it be!ause o$ his AsubversiveE
ASoe day you ust try to visit hi in his hoe1E Petro$$
said1 Abe!ause it will %ive you a "i!ture o$ what a an will
sa!ri$i!e in the nae o$ his Fod0E 6ost o$ the year1 he said1
Abraha and his wi$e lived on wild berries and $ruit and a little
Petro$$ !alled the old an Abraha the Fiant#@iller1
be!ause he was always settin% out to $ind his AFoliathE 5 soe
hi%h#ran4in% Party o$$i!ial or ary an to who he !ould brin%
his witness0 AAbraha is always see4in% a new Foliath1E Petro$$
said0 A<e $inds hi1 too1 and then there is a $i%ht0 Only Foliath
wins1 and Abraha ends u" in ?ail0 But on any o!!asions
Abraha wins1 and a new soul is added0 to /hrist;s /hur!h0E
Be$ore he le$t1 = went out to y !ar and brou%ht Abraha
the Fiant#@iller the rest o$ the Bul%arian Bibles = had brou%ht
with e0 <e would 4now what to do with the0
Abraha held the Bibles as he i%ht have held a baby0 <e
did not say than4s1 but the words he did say have reained with
e to this day0 <is blue eyes burned into ine as Petro$$D
translated $or hi0
A'he $ront line is lon%1 Brother0 <ere we ust %ive a little1
there we ay advan!e0 'his day1 Andrew $ro <olland1 we have
ade an advan!e0E
'he balan!e o$ that $ist tri" to Bul%aria was s"ent visitin% the
tiny non#re%istered1 under%round !hur!hes0 AStren%then the
thin%s that reain1E be!ae ore than ever a !oand that
haunted y slee"0 <ow !oura%eous they were1 this renant o$
the /hur!h1 how heedless o$ sel$1 how utterly alone0 'hree
inisters es"e!ially stand out in y eory $ro those wee4s 5
/onstantine1 Arinn1 and Basil0
/onstantine had been in "rison $or ei%hteen onths $or
ba"tizin% !onverts who were under twenty#one years o$ a%e0 <e
had ?ust been released0 /onstantine told e that the ni%ht a$ter
his release he had ta4en twenty#seven teena%ers out o$ town and
ba"tized the se!retly in a river in the !ountry0
Arinn 4new there were %overnent observers in his
!on%re%ation at /bristastie1 so he was !are$ul in no way to
trans%ress the law a%ainst evan%elizin% !hildren0 S"ea4 only to
adults0 @ee" away $ro "oliti!s0 But in one un%uarded oent1
Arinn loo4ed down at the !hildren who were seated beneath
the !hur!h;s /hristas tree and as4ed1 A9o you 4now why we
%ive ea!h other "resents at this tie o$ the year3 =t is to
sybolize the %reatest Fi$t o$ all0E For those two senten!es he
was brou%ht to trial and reoved $ro his "ul"it0
Basil was notorious $or wor4in% hand#in#%love with the
se!ret "oli!e0 Petro$$ had ta4en e to his servi!e one Sunday so
that = !ould have a !han!e to see the Pu""et /hur!h in a!tion0
'he !on%re%ation o$ the !hur!h had dwindled steadily sin!e the
war0 Basil was !o"lainin% about this to us be$ore the servi!e
when suddenly1 with no !han%e in his e("ression1 he said to e1
A2ould you li4e to hold a eetin% here this a$ternoon3E
= !ould not be sure that = had heard; ri%ht0 Basil 4new as well
as = that unre%istered "rea!hers were not allowed to Lhold
eetin%s0 2hat had %otten into the an3
A=;ll have to "ray about that1E = told hi0
And "ray = did1 $uriously1 all throu%h the servi!e0 2as this
soe 4ind o$ tra"3 Su""ose he had set this u" with the "oli!e to
%et e out o$ the !ountry3 And yet the answer = seeed to be
%ettin% with %reat !larity was a rin%in% AFo aheadDE
At the !lose o$ the servi!e Basil announ!ed to the hand$ul o$
"eo"le in the !on%re%ation that the brother $ro <olland was
%oin% to hold a s"e!ial eetin% that a$ternoon0 <e invited
everyone to !oe and to brin% a $riend0
2e were all sur"rised1 that a$ternoon1 to see soe two
hundred "eo"le there0 2e had a wonder$ul eetin%0 At the end1
when = issued the altar !all1 dozens !ae $orward0
'hen Basil sur"rised e a%ain by su%%estin% that we hold
another eetin% that ni%ht0 = was ore than willin%1 and so was
Petro$$0 Still1 we !ould not understand what had ha""ened to this
an who had a re"utation as a arionette0
'hat evenin% the !hur!h was "a!4ed0 2e all $elt the "resen!e
o$ the <oly S"irit0 'hat ni%ht s!ores o$ "ersons e("ressed a
willin%ness to $ollow /hrist whatever the !ost0 And on!e a%ain
Basil invited everyone to !oe ba!4 the $ollowin% evenin%
On 6onday ni%ht the !hur!h was so !rowded1 "eo"le were
standin% alon% both sides and any were sittin% in the !enter
aisle0 But this tie Basil s"otted hal$ a dozen o$ his $riends $ro
the se!ret "oli!e in the !on%re%ation0 2e went ahead with the
eetin% but oitted the altar !all0 2e didn;t even dare as4 $or a
show o$ hands1 $or $ear naes would be ta4en down0
A$ter the eetin% was1 over1 Petro$$ and Basil and = sat in
the vestry and wondered what we should do ne(t0 Obviously we
!ould not hold any ore eetin%s0 2hat about Basil hisel$7
would he be in trouble now3 =t was !lear to e that he was
a!tin% in a way he hisel$ did not understand0 2hat was %oin%
to ha""en now3 2hat would the "oli!e do3
And as the days "assed it be!ae !lear why /hrist had
!hosen Basil rather than soe other "astor to tou!h with <is
s"irit0 Be!ause the "oli!e did nothin% at all0 )either to e nor to
Petro$$ nor to Basil0 Basil was one o$ their ost valuable
!ollaborators1 they thou%ht0 Surely what he was doin% ust have
soe orthodo( otive0 <e was too hi%h u" in the )ew Outloo4
o$ the !hur!h to earn sus"i!ion0 Best1 they ust have !on!luded1
to let the $lae die with the de"arture o$ the 9ut!h evan%elist0
But when = de"arted1 the $lae did not die0 'hat little !hur!h
that had had $i$ty#odd "eo"le attendin% s"oradi!ally1 be!ae
instead a live !on%re%ation o$ alost $our hundred0
Eventually the %overnent did try to sto" the $ire0 Basil went
to Switzerland $or a lon%#delayed o"eration that $all7 when he
atte"ted to return to his !ountry1 he was turned ba!4 at the
border0 A new1 Asa$eE "astor was !hosen to ta4e his "la!e1 and0
within three years be had su!!ess$ully 8uen!hed the $laes in
this one buildin%1 $or the attendan!e was ba!4 down to its
ori%inal $i$ty0 But the three#hundred new !onverts le$t Stara
Ma%ora1 $annin% out a!ross the Bal4in Peninsula1 disbursed li4e
the !hur!h in Jerusale1 to build $ires wherever they landed0
)one o$ these develo"ents1 o$ !ourse1 !ould we $oresee at
the tie0 But Petro$$ and = had learned one thin% ri%ht at the
be%innin%0 =t is never sa$e to !all a !hur!h a "u""et 5 no atter
how dead1 no atter how subservient and te"orizin% it ay
a""ear on the sur$a!e0 =t is !alled by Fod;s nae1 it has Fod;s
eye u"on it1 at any oent <e ay swee" the sur$a!e away with
the "uri$yin% wind o$ <is S"irit0
Be$ore = le$t Bul%aria1 Petro$$ and = drove u" into the
.hodo"e 6ountains ho"in% to $ind Abraha0 2e had no idea
how to lo!ate his tent1 only the nae o$ the villa%e nearest to it0
=t was ?ust as well1 $or at the villa%e the road1 whi!h had been
threatenin% to disa""ear $or several iles1 vanished alto%ether
and we %ot out and stood1 unde!ided1 beside the town;s artesian
well0 Above us the $orest stret!hed away as $ar as we !ould see0
2here in all that vast wilderness was the an we were loo4in%
'he line o$ "eo"le at the well were starin% at us !uriously as
they waited to $ill their ?ars0 And then the $irst an in line
$inished drin4in%1 strai%htened u"1 and turned around0 =t was
Abraha hisel$D
<is blue eyes1 when he saw us1 blazed li4e the s4y at
noonday0 'he ne(t thin% = 4new = was drownin% in a aoth
wet ebra!e1 the i!y water on his %reat beard dren!hin% e to
the s4in0 Abraha was even ore astonished than we at this
un"lanned eetin%1 $or he told us he !ae to the villa%e only
every $ourth day1 and ?ust lon% enou%h to buy bread0 <e "i!4ed
u" hal$ a dozen round $lat loaves now $ro the stone wall beside
the well and be%an leadin% us u" the ountainside0
A%ain and a%ain Petro$$ and = had to be% this seventy#$ive#
year#old an to sto" so we !ould !at!h our breaths0 <e had ?ust
returned the wee4 be$ore1 he told us1 $ro %ivin% away the last o$
the Bibles = had brou%ht into the !ountry0 <e des!ribed in %reat
detail how they had been re!eived1 and Petro$$ "antin%ly
"roised he would re"eat it all $or e as soon as we were sittin%
=t was two hours1 in!ludin% the rest sto"s $or us1 be$ore we
rounded a ro!4y led%e1 ste""ed behind a s!reen o$ wind#twisted
"ines1 and were standin% in $ront o$ the %oats4in tent where
Abraha lived0 <e loo4ed ore than ever li4e the Bibli!al
"atriar!h as he wel!oed us to his hoe0 =n a oent his wi$e
had ste""ed outside1 as !o"osed as thou%h visitors were
dro""in% into their ountain hideaway every day0 She was as
tiny as her husband was bi%1 a slender1 ere!t little woan with
s4in li4e wrin4led "ar!hent Only their eyes were ali4e1 blue1
!hildli4e1 trustin%0 = loo4ed at this woan who had on!e had a
house re"lete with ru%s1 !u"boards1 linens 5 servants1 "robably1
$or they had been well#to#do and = thou%ht that = had never seen
a $a!e ore !ontent with what li$e had brou%ht0
She o$$ered us $ruit that loo4ed li4e tiny blue bla!4berries1
and wild honey0 2e ate little1 not 4nowin% how u!h they had1
and we stayed only a short while be!ause we didn;t !are to try
the tri" down the ountain a$ter dar40 'he shortest o$ visits1 no
ore than a %li"se 5 and yet in those oents was $or%ed a
$riendshi" that is one o$ the bulwar4s o$ y li$e0
And so the visit to Bul%aria brou%ht en!oura%eent and
dee" love0 And at the sae tie1 it ended on a note o$ de$eat0
Just as = was leavin% $or .uania1 a %rou" o$ "eo"le who had
attended the eetint in Basil;s !hur!h !ae to as4 e to hold a
siilar !a"ai%n in their town0
A2e;ve been waitin% $or this essa%e $or years1E they
"leaded0 A2e don;t !are about the !onse8uen!es0 2e !are only
about the will o$ Fod0E
And = had to loo4 into these loved and lovin% $a!es and say
no0 = was only one "erson0 = !ould not %o with the and at the
sae tie ove on where = $elt Fod;s s"irit !allin% too0
A= wish = were ten "eo"le1E = told the0 A= wish = !ould s"lit
ysel$ into a dozen "arts and answer every !all that !oes0
Soeday1 =; %oin% to $ind the way to do it0E
/<AP'E. F=F'EE)
The Greenhouse 'n the Garden
=t too4 e $our hours to %et a!ross the .uanian border0
2hen = "ulled u" to the !he!4"oint on the other side o$ the
9anube1 = said to ysel$1 A2ell1 =; in lu!40 Only hal$ a dozen
!ars0 'his will %o swi$tly0E
2hen $orty inutes had "assed and the $irst !ar was still
bein% ins"e!ted1 = thou%ht1 APoor $ellow1 they ust have
soethin% on hi to ta4e so lon%0E
But when that !ar $inally le$t and the ne(t ins"e!tion too4
hal$ an hour too1 = be%an to worry0 :iterally everythin% that
$aily was !arryin% had to be ta4en out and s"read on the
%round0 Every !ar in the line was "ut throu%h the sae routine0
'he $ourth ins"e!tion lasted $or well over an hour0 'he %uards
too4 the driver inside and 4e"t hi there while they reoved
hub !a"s1 too4 his en%ine a"art1 reoved seats0
A9ear :ord1E = said1 as at last there was ?ust one !ar ahead o$
e1 Awhat a = %oin% to do3 Any serious ins"e!tion will show
u" those .uanian Bibles ri%ht away0
A:ord1E = went on1 A= 4now that no aount o$ !leverness on
y "art !an %et e throu%h this border sear!h0 9are = as4 $or a
ira!le3 :et e ta4e soe o$ the Bibles out and leave the in
the o"en where they will be seen0 'hen1 :ord1 = !annot "ossibly
be de"endin% on y own strata%es1 !an =3 = will be de"endin%
utterly u"on BouE
2hile the last !ar was %oin% throu%h its !hillin% ins"e!tion11
= ana%ed to ta4e several Bibles $ro their hidin% "la!es and
"ile the on the seat beside e0
=t was y turn0 = "ut the little G2 in low %ear1 in!hed u" to
the o$$i!er standin% at the le$t side o$ the road1 handed hi y
"a"ers1 and started to %et out0 But his 4nee was a%ainst the door1
holdin% it !losed0 <e loo4ed at y "hoto%ra"h in the "ass"ort1
s!ribbled soethin% down1 shoved the "a"ers ba!4 under y
nose1 and abru"tly waved e on0
Surely thirty se!onds had not "assed0 = started the en%ine and
in!hed $orward0 2as = su""osed to "ull over1 out o$ the way1
where the !ar !ould be ta4en a"art3 2as =0 0 0 surely = wasn;t 0 0 0
= !oasted $orward1 y $oot "oised above the bra4e0 )othin%
ha""ened0 = loo4ed out the rear irror0 'he %uard was wavin%
the ne(t !ar to a sto"1 indi!atin% to the driver that he had so %et
out0 On = drove a $ew ore yards0 'he %uard was havin% the
driver behind e o"en the hood o$ his !ar0 And then = was too
$ar away to doubt that indeed = had ade it throu%h that
in!redible !he!4"oint in the a"a!e o$ thirty se!onds0
6y heart was ra!in%0 )ot with the e(!iteent o$ the
!rossin%1 but with the e(!iteent o$ havin% !au%ht su!h a
s"e!ta!ular %li"se o$ Fod at wor40
Settin% out on this tri"1 = had tended to lu" Bul%aria and
.uania to%ether in y ind0 )ow1 o$ !ourse1 = 4new that they
were two very di$$erent "la!es0 .uania was 4nown aon% =ron
/urtain /hristians theselves as the A%reenhouse o$ atheis0E =t
was still .ussia;s laboratory in whi!h she tried out anti#reli%ious
e("erients0 .i%id !ontrol o$ the /hur!h by the state1 e!onoi!
"ressures a%ainst believers1 sowin% o$ sus"i!ion aon% reli%ious
leaders1 !on$is!ation o$ "ro"erty1 restri!tion o$ worshi" servi!es1
a "rohibition on evan%elis0 'his1 = was told1 was what = !ould
e("e!t to $ind in .uania0
As soon as = was over the border1 = !ould sense a new de%ree
o$ "oli!e !ontrol0 At every villa%e1 it seeed1 there was a "oli!e
!he!4"oint0 O$$i!ers sto""ed every "easant !y!lin% into the
halet0 2here was he %oin%3 2hat was his business3 Even =1
with the relative $reedo o$ a Ahard#!urren!y tourist1E had y
visa sta"ed with the !ities = would visit and dates on whi!h =
ust a""ear at ea!h "oint alon% y itinerary0 = $ound out how
real this !ontrol was when = arrived in a !harin% little town
about $i$ty iles $ro /lu? and de!ided1 sin!e it was already
%ettin% late1 that = would li4e to s"end the ni%ht there0 'he lo!al
authorities were sur"rised that = should even as40
ABut1 sir1E they said1 loo4in% at y tourist !ard1 Ayou are
e("e!ted $or dinner in /lu?0 Bou !an barely a4e it now by
)ot wantin% to %et in trouble on su!h a inor "oint1 = did as
they wished0 = s"ed into /lu?1 arrivin% ?ust as the hotel dinin%
roo was !losin%1 to $ind y table set0 'he hors d;oeuvres out1
and even a little 9ut!h $la% sittin% sna""ily in the !enter o$ the
water %lasses0
=nside the various !ities1 however1 = was $ree to !oe and %o
as = !hose0 =t was Sunday ornin%0 = wo4e very early to a bri%ht
and !heery day1 an(ious to ?oin y $ellow /hristians in this
lovely %arden o$ a land0 'he !ler4 in the hotel eyed e a little
dubiously when = as4ed $or a !hur!h0 A2e don;t have any o$
those1 you 4now1E be said0 ABesides you !ouldn;t understand the
A9idn;t you 4now3E = said1 A/hristians s"ea4 a 4ind o$
universal lan%ua%e0E
AOh0 2hat;s that3E
A=t;s !alled La%a"e0;E
AA%a"e3 = never heard o$ it0E
A'oo bad1 it;s the ost beauti$ul lan%ua%e hi the world0
But anyhow1 how do = %et to !hur!h3E
2hile the !hie$ wea"on a%ainst the /hur!h in Bul%aria was
the re%istration re8uireent1 in .uania the te!hni8ue was
/onsolidation0 /onsolidate denoinations1 !onsolidate "hysi!al
$a!ilities1 !onsolidate the hours o$ worshi"0 2herever there were
!hur!hes with e"ty "ews1 the !on%re%ations were er%ed with
others in nearby villa%es1 and the le$tover $a!ilities !on$is!ated
by the State0 =n theory it sounded reasonable and even
advanta%eous to the /hur!h> one lar%e united !on%re%ation in
"la!e o$ several sall stru%%lin% ones0 =n "ra!ti!e it eant that
any ebers o$ the shut#down !hur!hes si"ly !eased
attendin% anywhere0 6ost o$ the were "easants1 atta!hed to
their old "la!es o$ worshi"1 and travel between villa%es was slow
and di$$i!ult0
'wo !hur!h servi!es were allowed ea!h wee41 one on
Saturday1 another on Sunday0 But Saturday was a $ull wor4day0
in .uania7 the Saturday ni%ht servi!es were "oorly attended1 so
that1 in e$$e!t1 worshi" had been !onsolidated into a sin%le
But what a eetin%D
= arrived at ten o;!lo!4 in the ornin% and the servi!e had
already been underway $or an hour0 = would not have $ound a
"la!e to sit1 e(!e"t that = was re!o%nized as a $orei%ner and
invited to ta4e a seat on the dais0 And so1 with y 4nees
s8ueezed ti%ht a%ainst the or%an1 = s"ent the ne(t three hours
with this %rou" o$ /hristians in the heart o$ !ounis;s =nner
2hen it !ae tie $or the !olle!tion1 = "ut in the "late
a""ro(iately the sae aount 5 in .uanian !urren!y 5 that =
would have at hoe0 As lu!4 would have it1 = was the $irst
"erson to who the "late was "assed> there lay y bill $or all to
see on the botto o$ the als basin0
As the !olle!tion !ontinued1 = realized with %rowin%
ebarrassent that = had "ut in twenty or thirty ties as u!h as
anyone else was %ivin%0 = noti!ed soethin% else0 O$ten one o$
the worshi"ers would "ut a !oin in the basin and bold it while he
ade !han%e0 = had seen this in /atholi! and Orthodo( !hur!hes
where there were "ew $ees1 but never in a Protestant !hur!h0 'he
entire !oin was obviously ore than ost "eo"le !ould %ive0
Probably a bill as lar%e as the one = had "la!ed in the "late
re"resented a onth;s $ree#to#s"end in!oe0 = $elt had about
what ust have !oe a!ross as the ostentation o$ a ri!h $orei%ner
5 and that ade e sile1 reeberin% how we had always
been the "oorest $aily in 2itte0 'o a4e atters worse1 at the
end o$ the o$$ertory0 hyn the head usher1 instead o$ ta4in% the
"late to the altar1 brou%ht it to eD
<e shoved the "late into y hands1 re"eatin% soe words in
.uanian0 Finally = understood0 = was to ta4e y !han%e0 )o
one would "ut so lar%e a note into the o$$erin% without e("e!tin%
soe ba!40 2hat should = do3 A!!e"t the !han%e in the nae o$
%ra!iousness3 Or a!!e"t the !ha%rin and let the !hur!h have the
oney = wanted the to have3
2hile = was debatin%1 with every eye in the roo u"on e1 =
realized with %reat ?oy that this was not y oney at all0 A'hat
was not y %i$t1E = be%an in Feran 5 and $ortunately a an
eer%ed $ro the !on%re%ation to translate0 A'hat was not $ro
e0E = re"eated1 reeberin% the hundreds o$ readers o$ 4racht
6an Omhoo+ whose anonyous %i$ts were re"resented in that
bill0 A=t is $ro the believers in <olland to the believers in
.uania0 =t is a to4en o$ oneness in the Body o$ /hrist0E
= wat!hed the $a!es in the roo as the an translated1 and
on!e a%ain = saw that in!redulous 8uestion1 that dawnin% ho"e>
we are not alone1 then3 2e have brothers in other "la!es3 2e
have $riends we never 4new3
2hen at last that lon% servi!e bro4e1 = a""roa!hed the an
who had s"o4en Feran and said that = would li4e to tal4 with
hi0 =t turned out that he was se!retary $or the entire
denoination in .uania0 But it was !lear that he did not
wel!oe y su%%estion o$ "rivate tal4s0 <e %ave evasive
answers and1 as soon as he !ould1 e(!used hisel$0
Puzzled1 = $ollowed hi out o$ the !hur!h0 <e was stridin%
u" the street as ra"idly as he !ould1 $or he was a heavyset $ellow0
Perha"s it;s tal4in% to e in "ubli! that he;s a$raid o$1
= thou%ht And so = $ollowed hi1 but at a dis!reet distan!e1
until to y deli%ht he turned in at a "rivate house0
2hat a "ie!e o$ lu!43 = thou%ht0 )ow =;ll have a !han!e to
tal4 to hi with no one to see0
= hun% around $or another $i$teen inutes until = was sure the
street was e"ty1 then went u" to the door and 4no!4ed0 = !ould
$eel eyes "eerin% out at e0 'hen the door was thrown o"en
8ui!4ly1 and = was "ulled inside the house0
A2hat do you want3E said the se!retary0
= tried to !over y sur"rise at his brus8ueness with a $riendly
sile0 = ?ust wanted to tal4 with hi soe ore1 = said0 'o as4 i$
there were anythin% = !ould do $or hi0
A2ell1 Bibles1 $or instan!e0 9o you have enou%h .uanian
'he se!retary loo4ed at e shar"ly0 ABou have .uanian
Bibles with you3 Bou brou%ht the a!ross the border3;
A= have Bibles1 yes0E
<e "aused a oent 'hen1 with de!ision> A2e need no
BiblesD And you ust never a%ain under any !ir!ustan!es
!oe to y hoe or to the hoe o$ any believer this way0 = ho"e
you understand that0E
2as = ista4en1 or did = hear a !ry $or hel" throu%h all this
sus"i!ion and brus8ueness3 A2ell1 !ould = see you in your o$$i!e
then3 2ould that be sa$e3;
A=t isn;t a atter o$ sa$e1 = didn;t say that0E And then1 ABut
yes i$ you !oe to our o$$i!e toorrow1 = will see to it that the
"resident is there $or a brie$ tal4 with you0E
'he ne(t day = wal4ed into the head8uarters o$ this
denoination !arryin% si( Bibles in y brie$!ase0 'he se!retary
was there1 loo4in% as un!o$ortable as ever0 Bi% dro"s o$
"ers"iration had $ored on his $orehead0 = !ould not %et over the
i"ression that he was in terror o$ soethin% or soeone0
= was ushered into the o$$i!e o$ the "resident0 L2hat !an = do
$or you3E he as4ed in Feran0
= shoo4 his hand and started to re"ly that "erha"s = i%ht be
able to do soethin% $or hi0 But then = reebered that earlier
!onversation with the se!retary> a""arently to adit a need
bordered on a "oliti!al stateent0 So = si"ly said = was visitin%
his !ountry as a /hristian and wanted to brin% ba!4 to y "eo"le
any word o$ %reetin% he i%ht li4e to e(tend0
'he "resident;s $a!e rela(ed0 'his was sa$e %round0 A word
o$ %reetin% to the e("loited "eo"les o$ <olland $ro the "eo"le
o$ the %reat .e"ubli!a Po"ulars o$ .oinD 'he se!retary siled
and sto""ed o""in% his $orehead0
A2on;t you sit down3; he as4ed1 drawin% u" a !hair0 For a
8uarter o$ an hour the three o$ us tal4ed1 !are$ully avoidin% any
real e(!han%e0 2e tal4ed about .uanian toatoes1 the lar%est =
had ever seen1 and about waterelon1 whi!h = had tasted $or the
$irst tie in this !ountry0 2e tal4ed about the "leasant !liate1
4e"t ild1 the "resident e("lained1 by the Bla!4 Sea0
And while we tal4ed = had a !han!e to %lan!e around the
roo0 = was $as!inated by one observation0 Every !hair1 every
table1 every "i!ture on the wall had a nuber on it0 = wondered i$
they had been inventoried by the %overnent to 4ee" the $ro
bein% diverted to "ersonal use0
A$ter we had e(hausted the weather and the lo!al toatoes1
the !onversation la%%ed0 'a4in% a dee" breath1 = de!ided that the
tie had !oe either to be rebu$$ed a%ain or else to establish a
real !onta!t with these two $ri%htened en0
= o"ened y brie$!ase and drew out one o$ the Bibles0 L2ill
you "erit e 5 no that;s not what = want to say0 2ill you
"erit the 9ut!h "eo"le to "resent the .uanian "eo"le with
these !o"ies o$ the Bible3E
.i%ht away the two en sti$$ened0 =t was aazin% how
8ui!4ly the se!retary be%an to "ers"ire a%ain0 'he "resident too4
the Bible in his hand1 and $or the brie$est oent = !au%ht the
tenderness with whi!h he held it0
But no1 he wasn;t %oin% to yield0 <e shoved the Bible
abru"tly ba!4 into y hands0
A= do not want this1E he said0 A2e;ve s"ent too lon% already0
= have thin%s to do this ornin%KE
And so = wal4ed out o$ that buildin% !arryin% the si( Bibles =
had !oe in with0 'he re!e"tionist1 = noted1 !rossed y nae o$$
a list as = le$t alost1 as i$ she were on %uard in # a ilitary
establishent0 2ho 4nows7 aybe she hersel$ was a eber o$
the se!ret "oli!e0 <ow !ould = !onden the $ear and the
sus"i!ion o$ the "resident and the se!retary when = had never
e("erien!ed the !onditions under whi!h they had to wor43
And still1 this was not the entire story in .uania0 For the
$ollowin% wee4 = et /hristians livin% under the sae
"erse!ution1 who had still 4e"t alive soethin% o$ divine ho"e
and trust0
'he !ir!ustan!es were siilar enou%h to a4e a really
%ood !o"arison0 =n both instan!es = et with the stated leaders
o$ established Protestant denoinations in their o$$i!ial
head8uarters0 =n both instan!es there were two en "resent
beside ysel$1 an i"ortant eleent in the !o"arison1 sin!e
sus"i!ion o$ one;s $ellow /hristians "layed su!h a lar%e $a!tor in
the slow wearin%#down o$ the /hur!h0
'his tie1 too1 = noti!ed the nubers0 On the walls o$ this
o$$i!e were three "i!tures0 'hey showed the "resident o$ the
!ountry1 the se!retary o$ the national /ounist Party1 and the
$aous old artist;s !on!e"tion o$ the Strai%ht And )arrow 2ay0
<ow1 = wondered1 had the %overnent !ler4 des!ribed that
= was worried about the "resident o$ this denoination 5
Fheor%he 5 the oent he ste""ed into the roo0 'his $rail little
an was so winded $ro the e$$ort o$ wal4in% that it was several
inutes be$ore he !ould !at!h his breath0
2hen he did1 we dis!overed a "roble0 )either he nor =ou1
se!retary o$ the %rou"1 s"o4e a word o$ y lan%ua%es1 nor = o$
theirs0 2e sat $a!in% ea!h other a!ross the barren1 ulti#
nubered roo1 8uite unable to !ouni!ate0 'hen = saw
soethin%0 On Fheor%he;s des4 was a well#worn Bible1 the
ed%es o$ the "a%es eaten ba!4 an ei%hth o$ an in!h $ro !onstant
turnin%0 2hat would ha""en1 = wondered1 i$ we were to !onverse
with ea!h other via the S!ri"tures3 = too4 y own 9ut!h Bible
$ro y !oat "o!4et and turned to l /orinthians =6>&00
AAll the brethren %reet you0 Freet ye one another with an
holy 4iss0E
= held the Bible out and "ointed to the nae o$ the boo41
re!o%nizable in any lan%ua%e1 and to the !ha"ter and verse
nuber0 =nstantly their $a!es lit u,3
'hey swi$tly $ound the "la!e in their own Bible1 read it1 and
beaed at e0 'hen Fheor%he was thubin% the "a%es1 loo4in%
$or a re$eren!e1 whi!h he held out $or in!0
Proverbs &+>&+> AAs !old waters to a thirsty soul1 so is %ood
news $ro a $ar !ountry0E
)ow we were all three lau%hin%0 = turned to the e"istle o$
Paul to Phileon0
A= than4 y Fod always when = reeber you in y
"rayers1 be!ause = hear o$ your love and o$ the $aith whi!h you
have toward the :ord0 0 0
=t was =on;s turn1 and he didn;t have to loo4 very $ar0 <is
eyes traveled over the ne(t lines1 and he "ushed the Bible to e
"ointin% with his $in%er>
AFor = have derived u!h ?oy and !o$ort $ro your love1
y brother1 be!ause the hearts o$ the saints have been re$reshed
throu%h you0E
Oh0 we had a wonder$ul hal$ hour1 !onversin% with ea!h
other throu%h the Bible0 2e lau%hed until the tears were in our
eyes0 And when at the end o$ the !onversation = brou%ht out y
.uanian Bibles and shoved the a!ross the des4 and insisted
with %estures and reonstran!e that1 yes they were su""osed to
4ee" the and that1 no Hto the hand in the "o!4et and the raised
eyebrowI1 there was no !har%e1 both en ebra!ed e a%ain
and a%ain0
:ater that day1 when we $inally had an inter"reter and our
!onversation be!ae ore undane1 = ade arran%eents with
=on to ta4e all the Bibles = had brou%ht with e0 <e would 4now
better than = where to "la!e the in this hard !ountry1 and he
assured e that it was better to have ?ust one !onta!t than
'hat ni%ht1 ba!4 in y hotel1 the !ler4 !alled to e0
ASay1E he said1 A= loo4ed u" that a%a"e in the di!tionary0
'here;s no lan%ua%e by that nae0 'hat;s ?ust a Free4 word $or
A'hat;s it1E = said0 A= was s"ea4in% in it all a$ternoon0E
'he !ouni!ations da had been !ra!4ed at last0 Over the
ne(t wee4 and a hal$ = traveled throu%hout .uania with an
e(!ellent inter"reter1 $ollowin% leads %iven e by Fheor%he and
= et every shade o$ attitude1 $ro the e(tree o$ de$eat to
the e(tree o$ !oura%e0 =t was easy to sy"athize with the
de$eated ones0 A2hat !an we do3E was su!h a natural rea!tion0
So any had only one abition> to ?et out o$ .uania
Oddly thou%h1 the ore devoted a /hristian1 the ore li4ely
he was to stay "ut0 =n 'ransylvania we visited su!h a $aily0
'hese /hristians had a "oultry $ar whi!h was still at least
"artially their own "ro"erty0 <owever1 the state had %iven the a
"rodu!tion 8uota that was beyond their !a"a!ity to eet0 2hen
they $ailed to rea!h it1 they had to buy enou%h e%%s on the o"en
ar4et to a4e u" the di$$eren!e0 Bear a$ter year this had
ha""ened1 and the e!onoi! su$$erin% was %reat0
A2hy do you stay then3 So that you !an 4ee" your $ar3E =
'he $arer and his wi$e both loo4ed sho!4ed0 AO$ !ourse
not1E he said0 A=n $a!t1 we !ertainly will lose the $ar0 2e stay
be!ause 5 A he let his eyes travel a!ross the valley 5 Abe!ause i$
we %o1 who will be le$t to "ray3;
But = also et /hristians who were less sure0 = learned o$
one little !hur!h $ar o$$ the beaten "ath that was wor4in% with #
%y"sies0 Even as we drove u"1 = !ould tell it was in trouble0 'he
%rass was hi%h in the !hur!hyard1 several windows in the
san!tuary were bro4en1 the beehives out ba!4 were to""lin%
over0 6y inter"reter and = went around behind the !hur!h1 where
the "astor;s livin% 8uarters were1 and 4no!4ed0 'he "astor was
not at hoe but his wi$e %reeted us1 and shortly we were eatin%
sau!ers#$ull o$ honey1 so sweet it hurt y teeth0
'he "astor;s wi$e told us that her husband had %one to
Bu!harest to "lead their !ase with the !entral %overnent0 'he
lo!al Party !hie$ was deandin% the !hur!h buildin%1 sayin% it
was needed $or a !lubhouse0
She and her husband1 she said1 had wor4ed aon% the
%y"sies $or alost thirty years0 = had seen any o$ the on the
road !oin% in1 little %rou"s1 sittin% by their wa%ons1 always
a!!o"anied by a ea%er horse and soe s8uaw4in% %eese0
.e!ently1 she went on1 the %overnent had at last de!ided to do
soethin% $or the by o$$erin% the better#"ayin% ?obs0 She and
her husband had been deli%hted o$ !ourse7 they had been ur%in%
this $or any years0 But there was a !ondition7 no %y"sy who
attended the !hur!h !ould a""ly $or one o$ the new ?obs0
AAnd so1E said the "astor;s wi$e1 Awe are in this !ross $ire0
Our ebers are leavin% us1 and as our !on%re%ation dwindles1
the Party has ore and ore o$ an ar%uent $or ta4in% away our
buildin%0 = don;t thin4 we will be here ne(t year0E
And all at on!e she be%an to !ry1 soundless1 inwardly1 only
her shoulders betrayin% her0 = su%%ested that "erha"s the three o$
us !ould "ray about the thin%s she had told us0 And so we bowed
our heads1 and = "rayed $or her and $or her husband1 $or the
%y"sies1 $or the whole des"erate situation in that little halet0
2hen $inally we raised our heads1 her eyes were oist a%ain as
she said1 ABou 4now1 years a%o1 = 4new that "eo"le in the 2est
were "rayin% $or us1 but now $or any years we have not heard
$ro the0 2e;ve never been able to write letters1 and it;s
thirteen years sin!e we;ve re!eived one0 =t has !oe to us that
we are $or%otten1 that nobody is thin4in% o$ us1 nobody 4nows
our need1 nobody "rays0E
= at least was able to assure her $ro the de"th o$ y heart
that as soon as = %ot ba!41 enou%h "eo"le would 4now about
the that they need never a%ain $eel that they were !arryin% their
burden alone0
On!e a%ain the tie was a""roa!hin% when = should have to
leave0 6y visa had alost e("ired0 6ost i"ortant1 = 4new that
/orrie;s tie was alost here0
6y last hours in .uania were s"ent with Fheor%be and
=on0 = arran%ed to leave on a 6onday so = !ould attend the
Sunday servi!e with the0 =t was a eetin% to reeber0 By
now = was used to servi!es lastin% $ro nine to one1 but this one
lasted $ro nine in the ornin% until $ive in the a$ternoon1
brea4in% then $or an enorous eaD
Fheor%he was the s"ea4er $or the last seron o$ the day0 =t
was a very "ersonal one0 <e tal4ed about the shortness o$ breath
that had "la%ued hi $or years0 ABut do you 4now1E he said1
Awhen we had that wonder$ul !onversation with our Bibles1
soethin% ha""ened not only to y s"irit but to y body as
well0 =;ve been breathin% better ever sin!e0E
And then Fheor%he o"ened his Bible0 A= have a $inal
s!ri"ture that = should li4e to share with you1 Andrew1E he told
e throu%h the inter"reter0 A2ill you o"en your Boo4 to A!ts
= $ound the "la!e0
A'his1E said Fheor%he1 Ais the "assa%e that says %oodbye the
way = should li4e to0 And when we had s"o4en thus1 be 4nelt
down and "rayed with the all0 And they all we"t and ebra!ed
Paul and 4issed hi1 sorrowin% ost o$ all be!ause o$ the words
he had s"o4en1 that they should see his $a!e no ore0 And they
brou%ht hi to the shi"0;E
= had to lau%h at hi a""lyin% words about Paul to e0
'hat;s %oin% $ro the hi%hest to the lowest1E = said0
But althou%h we i%ht be sall in $aith ne(t to those $irst#
!entury /hristians1 at least we !ould $ollow their e(a"le0 And
so a$ter dinner = did 4neel down and "ray on!e ore with the
all0 And then these /hristians in the !enter o$ the !ounist
world we"t1 and ebra!ed e1 and a!!o"anied e to y little
blue shi"0
/<AP'E. S=O'EE)
The .ork Be+'ns to E5,and
2hen $inally = !rossed the 9ut!h border a%ain1 = had been
away $ro hoe ore than two onths1 !onsiderably lon%er
than = had e("e!ted be!ause o$ the len%thy detour both %oin% and
!oin%0 = "ulled into 2itte late at ni%ht1 e(hausted1 yet
e(hilarated0 = ra!ed u" the ladder shoutin%1 A/orrie0 /orrie1 =;
/orrie stubled to the door1 blin4in%1 ha""y1 over$lowin%
with wonder$ul sall tal4 that !ould hold to the sub?e!t $or no
lon%er than thirty se!onds0
ABes1 everythin% is ?ust $ine0 'he lea4 in the roo$ is worse0
'he $aily is all well0 Early June is what the do!tor says now1
but with $irst babies it;s soeties di$$i!ult to tell1 are you sure
you don;t want ore !o$$ee3;
Jo""le arrived on the $ourth o$ June1 19+90 <e was born at
hoe1 as = had been1 and = was with /orrie the whole tie1 ?ust
as Pa"a had seen all o$ us into the world0
And with his arrival it was !learer than ever that /orrie and =
needed a hoe o$ our own0 Felt?e;s third !hild was on its way1
and /ornelius and his wi$e were e("e!tin% their $irst> even by
9ut!h standards the little house was burstin% at the seas0
'he "roble was where to %o0 'hou%h this was 19+91 the
e$$e!ts o$ the war were still bein% $elt everywhere in <olland0
<ousin% in our sall !ountry had never been "lenti$ul1 and sin!e
19-+ every available bri!4 had %one to rebuildin% hoes
bobed or $looded durin% the war Althou%h 2itte;s "o"ulation
was ushrooin%1 there hadn;t been a new buildin% there sin!e
the nineteen#thirties0
2hen = went to see the bur%oaster about house#rentals1 he
shoo4 his head0
A=;ll have to add your nae to the end o$ the list1 Andrew1E
he said1 Aand = ay as well tell you now 5 that list hasn;t oved
by a sin%le nae in alost three years0E
A2ell1 sir1 we have to start soewhere0 Put us down0E
A=$ you !ould $ind a house to buy1 that would be di$$erent1 o$
!ourse0 'he waitin% list a""lies only to rentals0E
A'han4 you $or the !o"lient1 sir0 2here on earth would =
$ind enou%h oney to buy a houseDE
'he bur%oaster nodded0 A)ot only that1E he said0 AAs $ar as
= 4now there are no houses $or sale anyhow0E
As the suer dra%%ed on and the !lothes that "eo"le
!ontinued to send a%ain swa"ed the little roo over the shed1
we be%an $or the $irst tie to a4e a serious "rayer !a"ai%n o$
our need0 Every ni%ht $or a wee4 we laid our situation be$ore
Fod1 trustin%ly and e("e!tantly0
And on the ornin% o$ the ei%hth day = had an idea0 = was
settin% out $or the "ost o$$i!e1 but = had barely !rossed the !anal
in $ront o$ our house when = reebered soethin%0 'he
s!hooltea!her who was ovin% to <aarle 5 wasn;t he rentin%
old 2i;s house in town3 'hat house was available thenD
But what %ood did that do us7 we were the last nae on a
lon% list o$ a""li!ants0 Still1 = was i"ressed with the way the
idea had !oe to e> sudden and soverei%n in a anner = had
!oe to re!o%nize0 Su""ose1 a%ain1 it were Fod;s idea3 Su""ose
2i were willin% to sell the house3 <e hadn;t lived in it hisel$
$or any years0 For the tie bein% = wasn;t even %oin% to thin4
about the &01000 %uilders it would !ost0 =;d ?ust ta4e a ste"
$orward and see what ha""ened0
For%ettin% all about y errand1 = stru!4 out a!ross the
"olders to 2i;s $ar0 = $ound hi il4in%0
A<ello1 2i;E
A<ello1 AndrewDE 2i said1 twistin% his head around
a%ainst the !ow;s $lan40 A<ear you;re travelin% a %ood bit0
:ord;s wor43E
ABes1 sir0E
A2hat !an = do $or your
A2ell1 = hear your "la!e in town is %oin% to be e"ty0 <ave
you ever thou%ht o$ sellin% it3E
Old 2in;s ?aw literally dro""ed o"en0 A<owever did you
4nowDE be said0 A= ade u" y ind to sell ?ust last ni%ht 5 but =
hadn;t told a soul about it yetDE
= drew a dee" breath and too4 the "lun%e0 A'hen would you
!onsider sellin% it to e3E
2i loo4ed at e $or a lon% tie1 sayin% nothin%0 A<ouse
has been in the $aily a %ood any %enerations1E be said at last0
A=;d li4e nothin% better than $or it to be used $or the :ord;s wor41
now that there are no ore o$ us0E
Only then1 with heart ra!in%1 did = as4 2i the "ri!e0
A2ell1E he said1 A!ould you ana%e ten thousand3E
'his tie = was the sur"rised one0 'hat was hal$ what =
thou%ht he i%ht be as4in%0 AAll ri%ht1 2i0 2e have an
understandin%0 = will buy your house1E said =1 who still did not
have a "enny to y nae1 A$or ten thousand %uilders0E
Be$ore %oin% hoe = tele"honed Phili" 2hetstra0 )ever
be$ore in y li$e had = borrowed oney1 but it seeed to e
now that this was ri%ht0 6r0 2hetstra told e that i$ = !ae to
his o$$i!e the $ollowin% day = !ould have the oney then and
So by the tie = returned to our roo above the shed1 /orrie
and = were the virtual "ossessors o$ a house0 2e went to loo4 at
it ri%ht away0 Cntil that oent = don;t thin4 = ever realized
what it eant to /orrie1 livin% in borrowed s"a!e in soeone
else;s hoe0 She ran $ro roo to roo1 tou!hin%1 "lannin%1
seein% in the ne%le!ted house the hoe that was to be0 AJo""a in
here1 Andy0 And loo41 a whole roo $or the !lothes1 with the
laundry tub ri%ht thereD 9id you see the roo u"stairs where
your des4 will ?ust $it3E On she went1 $a!e $lushed1 eyes a%low1
and = 4new that at last she and = had !oe hoe0
'he ne(t day = went down to Asterda and "i!4ed u" the
oney0 6r0 2hetstra handed it to e in bills0 2e si%ned no
"a"ers1 ade no arran%eents about "ayin% it ba!40 )or did =
ention the loan to anyone else0 And yet over the ne(t three
years1 enou%h oney !ae in above and beyond the needs o$ the
wor41 that we were able to "ay the loan in that short "eriod o$
tie0 =ediately1 ysteriously1 as soon as the house was "aid
$or1 the $low o$ e(!ess $unds sto""ed 5 and it reained dried u"
until there was need $or it a%ain0 =n the years o$ livin% this li$e o$
$aith1 = have never 4nown Fod;s !are to $ail0
2e have a 9ut!h "hrase to des!ribe the !onditions o$ old
2i;s house when /orrie and = oved in0 2e !all su!h a "la!e
Alived out0E 'he $loors were sa%%in%1 the "laster "eelin%1 the roo$
rottin% away> all the ills native to the "older land0 But /orrie and
= loved it all the ore0 As we ended and rebuilt1 the house
be!ae uni8uely ours0
'he only roo dry enou%h to slee" in at $irst was the "arlor0
So there we lived while we s!ra"ed walls and "ainted and
re"la!ed rotten boards 5 and o$ !ourse started a %arden0 2e did
all the wor4 ourselves1 so it was a slow "ro!ess0 =t was $ive years
be$ore the hoe that /orrie had seen on that $irst visit was
visible in its entirety to other eyes as well0
And eanwhile the wor4 %rew ever lar%er0 'hat $irst year
a$ter Jo""a;s birth = revisited every !ountry = !ould %et ba!4 into
5 several o$ the ore than on!e0 And as the wor4 %rew1 so did
the "robles0 /orres"onden!e was nuber one0 Ea!h tie = %ot
hoe1 instead o$ rea!hin% $irst $or y haer and "aint brush1 =
would %o u" to y little study 5 /orrie had been ri%ht1 the des4
did ?ust $it 5 and s"end iserable days "e!4in% out answers1 with
two $in%ers on an an!ient "ortable1 to a ountain o$ ail0 = never
rea!hed the botto o$ the "ile1 be$ore it was tie to set out
Anonyity was be!oin% a "roble too0 =$ = 4e"t usin% y
real nae when = s"o4e1 wouldn;t = ?eo"ardize y $reedo to
!oe and %o a!ross borders3 = $inally rea!hed a wor4in% solution
that still is only "artially satis$a!tory0 = sto""ed usin% y $ull
nae1 and be%an instead to use the nae by whi!h = was 4nown
behind the /urtain1 where last naes have alost !eased to e(ist
aon% /hristians> ABrother Andrew0E For an address1 = too4 out
a "ost#o$$i!e bo( nuber in y brother Ben;s hoe town that
served $or in8uiries about the wor40
=t was a !o"roise> = 4new that anyone who wanted to
!ould learn who = was0
But o$ all the di$$i!ulties "osed by the e("andin% wor41 the
one that seeed to o$$er least solution was the atter o$ the ever#
in!reasin% tie away $ro hoe0 'ravel was one thin% $or a
ba!helor1 8uite another $or a arried an with a !hild0 Out o$
Jo""a;s $irst twelve onths1 = issed ei%ht0 'he $irst tooth1 the
$irst word1 the $irst ste" 5 = heard about the rather than saw
the0 Shortly a$ter Jo""a was born1 6r0 .in%ers reinded e o$
his standin% o$$er o$ a ?ob at the $a!tory 5 at a salary that to us
sounded 4in%ly0 :ater that year = was o$$ered the "astorate o$ a
!hur!h in 'he <a%ue0 = was truly te"ted1 both ties0
But = was never te"ted $or lon%0 Just as the "ressures
be!ae stron%est to stay hoe1 a letter would arrive0 =t would
bear no return address1 it would o$ten have been ailed wee4s
earlier1 and soeties show si%ns o$ havin% been o"ened0 =t
would be $ro soe believer in Bul%aria or <un%ary or Poland
or elsewhere tellin% e o$ new troubles they were $a!in%1 new
needs that had develo"ed0 2hatever the essa%e1 these letters
always seeed to arrive ?ust at the tie = needed the ost1 to
a4e e "a!4 y ba%s on!e a%ain and see4 a visa $or travel to
soe land in the world o$ the /ounists0
=t was on one o$ these tri"s that year that the !oura%eous
little !ar en%ine breathed its last0
=t ha""ened in 2est Ferany0 = was on y way hoe $ro
a tri" to East Ferany and Poland0 2ith e in the !ar were two
9ut!h boys = had "i!4ed u" in Berlin1 students who had s"ent
their Easter va!ation wor4in% in the re$u%ee !a"s0 At $ive
o;!lo!4 one a$ternoon we were s"innin% alon%1 when suddenly
there was a !ra!4lin% sound in the rear o$ the !ar and the en%ine
2e !oasted to a sto" and o"ened the little door in the rear1
but nothin% we !ould do would a4e it start a%ain0
'hen = strai%htened u" and saw that beside the road1 at the
s"ot where the !ar;s own oentu had de"osited us1 was an
eer%en!y tele"hone bo(0 = "i!4ed u" the re!eiver and as4ed $or
a tow tru!40 2ithin twenty inutes we were all bendin% over the
en%ine with the ana%er o$ the servi!e %ara%e0
<e ins"e!ted the various "arts in silen!e $or soe inutes1
then wal4ed $orward and loo4ed at the odoeter0
A)inety#seven1 thousand 4iloeters1E he read aloud0 <is
"uzzled $rown had not le$t hi0 A=t;s a %ood ilea%e1 o$ !ourse1
and yet unless you;ve been over unusually rou%h terrain0000E
)ow = saw what was botherin% hi0 A little shae$a!edly =
aditted that the odoeter had lon% sin!e rea!hed its a(iu
readin% o$ 991999 and $li""ed over the zero ar4 a%ain> this was
the se!ond tie it had re%istered ninety#seven thousand0 #
A'hen = should say1E said the ana%er1 wi"in% the oil $ro
his hands1 Athat you;ve %ot your oney;s worth0 'hat en%ine ?ust
hasn;t any ore to %ive0E
A<ow lon% would it ta4e to "ut in a new one3E
<e sto""ed to !onsider0 A6y !rew leaves in ten inutes0
'hey !ould have a new en%ine in $or you in an hour1 but you;d
have to "ay the a %ood ti" $or stayin% overtie0E
A<ow u!h would the whole thin% !ost1 in!ludin% the ti"3E
AFive hundred ar4s0E
2ithout hesitation = said1 AFo ahead0 =;ll %o %et soe ore
oney !han%ed at the train station0E
=t was on board the street!ar %oin% to the station that =
!ounted y oney and realized that all = had with e would not
a4e $ive hundred ar4s0 'here;d be no hel" $ro the two
students ba!4 at the %ara%e> they were ridin% with e in the $irst
"la!e be!ause they were $lat bro4e0
Should = %o ba!4 and !an!el the wor4 order3 )o0 = !ould see
Fod;s hand too !learly in all o$ this0 Sto""in% "re!isely at the
eer%en!y tele"hone1 havin% the en%ine wear out here in
Ferany where it !ae $ro1 rather than in soe distant and
hostile s"ot where re"la!eent would have been i"ossible and
8uestions aw4ward0 = was $ar too $ailiar with the way /hrist
loo4s a$ter the "ra!ti!al side o$ the inistry to iss these si%ns0
'his was all <is tiin%1 and the 8uestion o$ the oney was also
in <is hands0 = was not worried1 ?ust $as!inated to see how <e
was %oin% to wor4 it all out0
2hen = had !han%ed every last %uilder1 it !ae 5 with the
Feran oney in y "o!4et 5 to -70 ar4s0 Fi$ty shy o$ the
aount = needed to "ay the bill and buy %asoline on the way
A2elt1E = said to ysel$1 Asoethin% will ha""en on the
street!ar %oin% ba!40E
But nothin% did0 = %ot to the %ara%e to $ind the wor4en ?ust
$inishin% u" and y two "assen%ers nowhere to be seen0 'hey;d
%one $or a wal41 one o$ the en said1 "a!4in% away his tools0
'he others were !leanin% u" too0 = !ould delay the oent o$
re!4onin% no lon%er0
And at that instant1 the two youn% 9ut!hen ra!ed throu%h
the door1 one o$ the wavin% soethin% in his hand0 AAndyDE he
shouted0 A/raziest thin% ever ha""ened to et 2e were ?ust
wal4in% alon% the street when this lady !ae u" to us and as4ed
i$ we were 9ut!hen0 2hen = said yes1 she %ave e this billD
She said Fod wanted us to have it0E
'he bill was $or $i$ty ar4s0
And yet in s"ite o$ this e("erien!e 5 and others li4e it
o!!urrin% alost daily 5 = was still a novi!e in this whole
business o$ Fod;s bounti$ul !are0 = still de"ended on the isolated
ira!le1 the eer%en!y dis"ensation to %et e out o$ one s"ot or
another1 instead o$ leanin% ba!4 in the ars o$ a Father 2ho had
ore than enou%h and to s"are0
Ba!4 hoe there were several new e("enses1 the bi%%est o$
whi!h was the arrival o$ a se!ond baby0 Just a year a$ter Jo""a
was born1 6ar4 Peter !ae to ?oin our household0 2e started
buyin% a little less eat in the ar4et1 de"endin% a little ore on
the ve%etables $ro our %arden0
'his was no hardshi"1 $or we loved ve%etables0 2hat we did
not realize1 thou%h1 was that =t was "art o$ a whole ental set1 an
Aattitude o$ la!41E into whi!h we had sli""ed0
'he error !ae to y attention throu%h the words o$ a lady =
have never et0
One day we re!eived1 throu%h our bo( nuber in Erelo1 a
rather lar%e %i$t1 the e8uivalent o$ about $orty dollars0 Atta!hed
to the !he!4 was a note $ro the donor sayin%1 A9ear Brother
Andrew> 'his is to be used $or your own "ersonal needs0 =t is not
to %o into the wor4D Cse it in /hrist;s love0E
= was tou!hed by this thou%ht 2e had re!eived "ersonal %i$ts
$ro tie to tie $ro 6ends1 but this was the $irst tie a total
stran%er had ever ade su!h a sti"ulation0 =nstead o$ "uttin% her
note at the botto o$ the "ile o$ unanswered ail 5 three onths
hi%h it ust have been at that "oint 5 = sat down and "e!4ed out
a than4#you that very day0 = told her we es"e!ially a""re!iated
the note1 be!ause this was soethin% we were very s!ru"ulous
about> all donations went into the wor4 unless they were
s"e!i$i!ally ar4ed otherwise0 Even our !lothin%1 = told her1
!ae out o$ the re$u%ee bins to save oney0
2ell1 = have wished o$ten that = had saved the letter that this
%ood lady shot ba!40 She be%an by reindin% e o$ the
s!ri"tural in?un!tion that the o( %rindin% the !orn ust not be
4e"t $ro en?oyin% the %rain0 9id = thin4 Fod $elt less about <is
huan wor4ers3 <adn;t = better e(aine ysel$ to be sure = was
not nursin% a Sa!ri$i!ial S"irit3 2asn;t = !laiin% to de"end
u"on Fod1 but livin% as i$ y needs would be et by y own
s!ri"in%3 = reeber her !lose0 AFod will send you what your
$aily needs and what your wor4 needs too0 Bou are a ature
/hristian1 Brother Andrew0 A!t li4e one0E
= %ave that letter a lon% and "rayer$ul readin%0 /ould she be
ri%ht3 2as = really livin% in an atos"here o$ want that was ost
About this tie1 /orrie and = were invited out to dinner0 'he
tie !ae to leave1 and /orrie had not a""eared0 = went u" to
our roo and $ound her still in her bathrobe0
A= have nothin% to wear1E she said in a very sall voi!e0
= started to lau%h> wasn;t this what woen always said3
And then = saw the tears in her eyes0 Silently = be%an to loo4
over her wardrobe ysel$0 2ar dresses0 Servi!eable ones 5 at
least with /orrie;s eti!ulous endin% they;d been ade
servi!eable0 But soehow the !lothes she had salva%ed $ro the
re$u%ee roo had not ana%ed to in!lude anythin% "retty0
)othin% $einine and %ay0
And suddenly = saw that this was "art o$ a whole "attern o$
"overty into whi!h we had $allen1 a dar41 broodin%1 "in!hed
attitude that hardly went with the /hrist o$ the o"en heart that we
were "rea!hin% to others0
So we deterined to !han%e0 2e still live $ru%ally1 and
always shall1 "artly be!ause both o$ us were raised that way and
wouldn;t 4now how else1 to a!t0 But at the sae tie we are
learnin% to ta4e ?oy in the "hysi!al thin%s that Fod "rovides0
/orrie bou%ht soe dresses0 2e went ahead with the tearin%
down o$ a wall so that she !ould wal4 dire!tly $ro the house to
her 4it!hen0
And when our third baby1 Paul 9eals1 arrived 5 a%ain ?ust
one year a$ter the se!ond 5 we a!tually went out and bou%ht hi
soe !lothes0 And = !an;t say that he turned out any the worse
$or havin% "assed his $irst days in !lothes that still had the store
labels in the0
Funny how lon% it too4 us to learn the si"le $a!t that Fod
really is a Father1 as dis"leased with a !ra"ed1 ni%%ardly
attitude o$ la!4 as with its o""osite $ailin% o$ a!8uisitiveness0
Fundaentally1 this was a lesson in abundan!e0 And havin%
learned the lesson in our "ersonal lives1 = was able in tie to
a""ly it to the wor40
For years = had been wor4in% alone0 =t eant travelin% over
,01000 4iloeters a year7 bein% away $ro hoe two#thirds o$
the tie0 = was "re"ared to do this as lon% as =t seeed to be
what Fod wanted0 But how any ties1 lately1 the wor4 itsel$
had su$$ered si"ly be!ause = !ould not be in two "la!es at on!eD
= had never $or%otten those "eo"le in Bul%aria who had as4ed e
to !oe to their town ?ust as = was leavin% the !ountry0 By the
tie = %ot ba!4 to Bul%aria1 nearly a year later1 u!h had
!han%ed0 'he eetin%s they had believed would be so li$e#
!han%in% were no lon%er "ossible0
But su""ose 5 ?ust su""ose = had had a "artner travelin% with
eD Su""ose there were two o$ usK three o$ usK tenD Soeone
to be where another !ould not1 to s"ell ea!h other with the travel1
the s"ea4in%1 even the letter#writin%D
'he "ossibility be%an to haunt e day and ni%ht0 =t would
have to be an unusual $ellowshi"1 an or%anis1 really1 rather than
an or%anization0 'he less $orally we were or%anized the better1
$or i$ we were arrested we would not involve ea!h other0 2e
would be a sall band o$ en 5 woen1 too1 why not3 5
!a"tured by the sae vision o$ brin%in% ho"e to the /hur!h in its
need0 Ea!h o$ us would be a "ioneer1 "robably not even sharin%
"ro!edures and te!hni8ues1 be!ause then we would $all into a
"attern that would be too easily re!o%nized and too easily
2hen = shared y drea with /orrie1 she "ra!ti!ally
shouted with ?oy0
A=;ll be $ran40 Andrew 5 y rea!tion is alto%ether sel$ish 9o
you realize that the $our o$ us would be able to see you on!e in a
=ediately she was sorry she had said it0 But = wasn;t0 O$
/ourse y lon% absen!es were hard on us all0 = !ould a!tually
see Jo""a and 6ar4 Peter and Paul 9enis %row between the tie
= too4 o$$ and the tie = !ae hoe a%ain0 Surely i$ = had hel"1
these lon%1 lon% tri"s would not be ne!essary0
But how to %o about $indin% the "eo"le3 =t wasn;t that others
hadn;t o$$ered $ro tie to tie0 =n $a!t $airly o$ten1 at the !lose
o$ a tal41 =;d $ind three or $our ea%er youn% en standin% around
the rostru0 ABrother Andrew1 !an = ?oin you in your wor4
behind the =ron /urtain3 Fod has told e1 too1 to "rea!h the
Fos"el there0E Others were "robably a little ore honest0 A=t
sounds so e(!itin%E they would say1 A=;d li4e to !oe ?ust to
!arry your suit!asesDE
But = had never $elt $ree to !ontinue these !onversations0 =t
wasn;t as thou%h = had a tri!4 or syste $or %ettin% a!ross these
borders a%ain and a%ain1 whi!h = !ould "ass on to others to
insure their sa$ety too0 =t was no !leverness or e("erien!e o$
ine that had "revented disaster so $ar1 only the $a!t that every
ornin% o$ every tri" = !ons!iously "la!ed ysel$ in Fod;s
hands and tried1 in so $ar as "ossible1 not to ta4e a ste" outside
<is will0 But these are not a!tions that one "erson !an ta4e $or
another0 And so = would usually say1 A2ell1 i$ = eet you behind
the =ron /urtain1 their by all eans let;s tal4 soe ore0E
And that would be the last = would hear o$ the0
AStill1E = said to /orrie one ni%ht1 Ai$ Fod wants us to e("and
the wor41 li$e !ertainly has "re"ared the "eo"le0 <ow do = $ind
A'ry "rayer0E
= lau%hed0 'hat was y /orrie0 'he one thin% = had not yet
done was to as4 Fod $or dire!t %uidan!e to the ri%ht "erson0 So
we did "ray1 then and there0 And =ediately a nae !ae to
y ind0
<ans Fruber
= had et <ans in Austria1 wor4in% at a re$u%ee !a"0 <e
was a 9ut!han1 a %iant in size1 si(#$eet seven1 heavy even $or
that hei%ht1 and aw4ward beyond belie$0 <e seeed to have si(
elbows1 ten thubs1 and a dozen 4nees0 And he s"o4e the ost
atro!ious Feran = had ever heard0
Everythin% about <ans1 ta4en individually1 was wron%0 But
"ut to%ether into one stu"endous whole1 he was the ost totally
ri%ht "ersonality = had ever et0 <e !ould stand u" in the !a"
re!reation area and hold $ive hundred "eo"le s"ellbound hour
a$ter hour1 si"ly with words0 = had seen it be%in to rain while
<ans s"o4e1 in that indes!ribable Feran1 without a sin%le one
o$ his listeners %lan!in% at the s4y0 Even in the or"haned boys;
!o"ound be was aster0 'his %rou" o$ &-0 bored1 restless 4ids
was the terror o$ every other s"ea4er who visited the !a"0 For
<ans they sat li4e statues and then $ollowed hi around the
!a" a$terwards li4e "et shee"0
'hat very evenin% = wrote <ans as4in% hi i$ he had ever
$elt led to brin% this "rea!hin% inistry behind the =ron /urtain0 =
4new1 = wrote hi1 where y ne(t tri" would be0 )ews"a"ers $or
wee4s had been $ull o$ the new rela(ation o$ travel restri!tions in
.ussia0 =t was now "ossible $or $orei%ners to travel in the Soviet
on their own1 without an =ntourist %uide0 =t was the news = had
been waitin% $or1 $or so lon%0 'he tie had !oe to a4e y
lon%#dreaed#o$ "enetration into the heartland o$ !ounis0
By return ail <ans;s answer !ae ba!40 <e was e!stati!0
6y su%%estion was $or hi the $ul$illent o$ an old "ro"he!y0
2hen he was in the si(th %rade 5 the last year o$ s!hool he had
attended 5 he had had a stran%e sensation every tie he loo4ed at
the a" o$ .ussia0 =t was as thou%h a voi!e 4e"t tellin% hi1
ASoeday you will wor4 $or 6e in that land0E
AAnd ever sin!e then1E he wrote1 A=;ve studied .ussian to be
ready when the tie !ae0 6y .ussian is very %ood now 5
alost as %ood as y Feran0 2hen do we %o3E
2ith <ans;s letter !ae a a?or new ste" in y inistry1
the ta4in% on o$ a "artner1 the doublin% o$ the wor4 /hrist was
doin% throu%h this !hannel0
'here were a $ew rather ="ortant details to %et behind us
be$ore we !ould %et o$$0 For one thin%1 we needed a new !ar0
Even with the re"la!eent en%ine1 the G2 no lon%er o$$ered
the se!urity we needed0 As $or <ans $oldin% his %reat bul4 into
that $ront seat 5 it was a !lear i"ossibility0 And so we
"ur!hased a new O"el station wa%on0 2e !ould slee" in it1 and
we !ould !arry a %ood any ore Bibles0
A "roble o$ a ore ba$$lin% nature turned out to be <ans;s
A=;ll never learn1E be oaned as = showed hi $or the
thousandth tie the !oordinated otion o$ !lut!h and %ear shi$t0
One o$ the %reat side bene$its in havin% a teaate1 = had
thou%ht1 would be0 soeone to share the drivin%0 = 4new <ans
!ould not drive but = had assued it would be a si"le atter to
tea!h hi0 Si( hours later = aditted to ysel$ that it i%ht ta4e
a little lon%er than = had thou%ht0
'he day o$ our de"arture !ae1 and still he had no li!ense0
<owever in ost o$ 2estern Euro"e it =s "erissible $or a
learner to drive without one1 "rovided he is seated ne(t to a
8uali$ied driver and "rovided there is a bra4e between the two o$
the0 2e "lanned to ta4e o$$ on s!hedule0
And so we stowed our %ear aboard1 = hu%%ed the boys one by
one1 4issed /orrie a%ain1 and we were o$$0 'he O"el handled
well in s"ite o$ its load0 =n addition to the Bibles1 any ore
than = had ever !arried be$ore1 there was all the !a"in% and
!oo4in% e8ui"ent $or two "eo"le0 'he e(tra wei%ht did a4e
the !ar weave sli%htly1 and = thou%ht = ou%ht to let <ans %et used
to the new a!tion be$ore !rossin% the 2est#East border0 So in
Ferany = turned the wheel over to hi0 'hree iles later = too4
the wheel ba!4 a%ain0 Behind us was a line o$ !ars and tru!4s
several iles lon%0
A2ell1 that was $ine1 <ans0 Bou;re a!tually handlin% the !ar
a little slowly $or this hi%hway1 but never ind0 'he $eel o$ it
will !oe in tie0E
A=; never %oin% to %et it0 = 4now it0E
A)onsense0 Bou ou%ht to have seen e when = $irst started
drivin%0E And to a4e hi $eel better = told hi about y
e("erien!e in the ary drivin% the Bren !arrier0 And so we
lau%hed our way into Berlin0
=$ <ans was slow at learnin% e!hani!al s4ills1 he was iles
ahead o$ e in other ways0 One o$ the was darin%0 'he $riends
with who we stayed in Berlin were enthralled at the idea o$
ta4in% Bibles to the Soviet Cnion0
AOur !hur!h has soe .ussian Bibles1 AndrewD /ouldn;t
you ta4e the alon%3E
= wasn;t so sure0 Already our %ear was 4nobby to the "oint o$
loo4in% sus"i!ious0
AO$ !ourse we;ll ta4e the1E said <ans0 And then be turned
to e0 A=$ we;re %oin% to be arrested $or !arryin% in Bibles1 we
i%ht as well be arrested $or !arryin% in a lot o$ the0E
So we s8ueezed the e(tra boo4s in0 'hen ?ust as we were
leavin%1 soe other $riends arrived with a whole !arton o$
C4rainian Bibles0 = loo4ed at <ans "leadin%ly1 but = 4new
already that that bo( was %oin% with us0 'his tie there was
si"ly no stora%e "la!e le$t0
A2ell1E said <ans1 Ayou told e you always leave a $ew
Bibles in "lain si%ht1 so Fod !an do the ?ob and not you0 =;ll ?ust
!arry these on y la"0E
Our transit visa allowed us seventy#two hours in Poland0
'here were any !han%es in 2arsaw sin!e y $irst visit to that
!ity si( years earlier0 2e "assed the s!hool where y hotel had
been1 and the barra!4s where = had tal4ed to the .ed soldiers0
But the libble hea" where = had seen the little %irl was !leared
away: and a "ar4 was on the site0
= introdu!ed <ans to $riends both in 2arsaw and other towns
a!ross the !ountry1 as we ade the ost o$ our three days0 And
then1 not thirty iles $ro the .ussian border1 = realized = had
ade a serious ista4e in !han%in% oney1 way ba!4 in
A9o you 4now what =;ve doneDE = said to <ans0 A= e(!han%ed
too any %uilders into zlotyDE
A/an;t you !han%e the ba!4 a%ain at the border3E
A)o1 2arsaw;s the only "la!e where you !an %et $orei%n
!urren!y0 And i$ we %o ba!4 there now1 our visa will run out0E
2e were $ar out in the !ountry1 and <ans was at the wheel0
<e had a%reed to drive only i$ there was no other !ar in si%ht and
there were any su!h ties in Poland1 even in 19610 = sat in the
"assen%er;s seat beside hi1 tryin% to $i%ure out ?ust how u!h
oney we were out and how = !ould have been su!h an idiot1
when suddenly u" ahead = saw that we were !oin% to a tri!4y
bit o$ drivin%0 A brid%e#was out1 and the by"ass road "lun%ed
stee"ly down $ro the hi%hway1 !rossed the strea on a $lisy
te"orary brid%e1 and rose strai%ht u" the eban4ent on the
other side0 A Polish 2arszawa was even now ahead o$ us down
in the %ully1 in!hin% its way a!ross the little brid%e0
= %lan!ed at <ans to see how he was ta4in% the situation0
Pers"iration was standin% out on his li" as he %ri""ed the wheel1
but there was a deterination in his eyes0 FoodD = thou%ht> a $ew
tou%h aneuvers li4e this one1 and he;ll %ain !on$iden!e0
<ans turned o$$ the "aveent and started down the slo"e0 'o
y deli%ht he seeed to have the !ar in "er$e!t !ontrol0 2e went
neither $aster nor slower than be$ore0 At his "er"etual $i$teen
iles an hour he !re"t down the slo"e and onto the brid%e0 )ow
we were a!ross0 But now also the other !ar was dire!tly ahead o$
us1 toilin% u" the o""osite side0
'oo late = realized that <ans was not %oin% to sto"0 :i4e a
ovie in slow otion1 he %round relentlessly into the rear o$ the
'he driver !ae s"lutterin% ba!40 <is broad Slavi! $a!e was
red1 his $ists !len!hed0
ABou "ray while = try to tal4 with hi1E = said to <ans0
AFood ornin%1 $riend0 Beauti$ul day0E = said in Feran0
'o%ether we ste""ed to the rear o$ his !ar and ins"e!ted the
daa%e0 'han4s to <ans;s snail;s "a!e1 it was not %reat> the
tailli%ht and one rear $ender were daa%ed0 Our bu"er and a
$ront $ender were dented0
APoli!e1E said the an0 APoli!e0 Poli!e0E 'hat Feran word
he 4new well0
But that was the one thin% that ustn;t ha""enD <ere we
were loaded down with Bibles in a /ounist !ountry1 and here
was <ans with no driver;s li!ense at the wheel0
And then = reebered y wallet1 stu$$ed with zloty0 2as
this why Fod had allowed e to a4e that $oolish over#
e(!han%e3 A2ell now1E = said0 A<ow u!h do you thin4 it will
'he Pole;s $a!e did not !han%e0 APoli!e1 "oli!e1E he said0 =
"ut a "ie!e o$ %lass ba!4 u" a%ainst the tailli%ht and shru%%ed1
ho"in% to indi!ate that = didn;t#thin4 the daa%e was too %reat0
ASi( thousand zloty3E
'he an understood that all ri%ht <is $ists un!len!hed1 but
he re"eated a%ain the sin%le word APoli!e0E
AEi%ht thousand zloty3 )ine thousand3 Surely the re"airs
wouldn;t !ost ore than nine thousand0E 2ith a draati!
%esture1 = rea!hed into y wallet and drew out one ore
thousand#zloty note0 A'en thousand1 and that;s a $air aount1E =
said1 holdin% the oney out0
<e too4 it0 As he ra!ed ba!4 to his !ar1 he shouted over his
shoulder1 A)o "oli!e0E <e started u" the 2arszawa and le$t us in
a rin% o$ dust0
A/an = breathe now3E said <ans0
ABou !an breathe0E
And there in the dusty by"ass we than4ed the :ord $or
havin% allowed us to a4e one ista4e in order to %et us out o$
2e ade the border !rossin% at Brest0 <ans !ould hardly
!ontain his e(!iteent as the barrier %ate swun% o"en0 <e
insisted on usin% his .ussian with the !ustos o$$i!ials0 = doubt
i$ they !ould understand one word in ten but they were
treendously !o"liented that he was a4in% the e$$ort0
2e ust have been aon% the very $irst !ars to enter
without an =ntourist %uide0 'he %uards were interested in their
novel ?ob o$ ins"e!tin% our "a"ers and e$$e!ts theselves1 and
they were deli%hted when we "resented the with Aeri!an
dollars $or e(!han%e0
A.ussia and Cnited States a4e insults1E one o$ the %uards
said in En%lish with a win40 ABut $or these1 we $or%ive0E <e too4
the dollar bills0 AOne ruble $or one dollar0 'hat a4es it easy0E
At last !ae tie $or the ins"e!tion o$ the !ar itsel$0 <ans
and = had a%reed ahead o$ tie on the te!hni8ue that we used
ever a$terwards whenever two "eo"le were !rossin% a
border to%ether0 Only one o$ us would be tal4in% at a tie7
the other would be !onstantly in "rayer> "rayer that Fod;s will
be done in ea!h detail o$ the ins"e!tion1 "rayer $or the !ountry
we were enterin% 5 be%innin% with these e"loyees at the
=n this !ase the %uard as4ed us to o"en a !ou"le o$ suit!ases1
but he hardly ore than %lan!ed inside0 2hat he wanted to see
was the O"el otor0 <e as4ed e soe te!hni!al 8uestions1 then
a""arently $elt ebarrassed at havin% shown uno$$i!ial !uriosity1
and slaed the hood shut0 <e wal4ed ba!4 with us throu%h the
little %arden in $ront o$ the !ustos shed1 sta"ed our "a"ers and
wished us $arewell0
2e were a!ross0
Russ'a at 1'rst G!ance
0t was <ans;s $irst tri" into .ussia1 but not ine0 'he year
6ar4 Peter was born = had a!!o"anied a %rou" o$ youn%
"eo"le $ro <olland1 Ferany1 and 9enar4 to a Bouth
/on%ress in 6os!ow1 u!h li4e the one in 2arsaw years be$ore0
2e were %one only two wee4s1 travelin% by train and o$ !ourse
$ollowin% an o$$i!ial s!hedule0 )evertheless1 as a s!outin% tri" it
had been o$ enorous value0 Several s!enes es"e!ially had
i"ressed e0
'hey !ae ba!4 to e now as <ans and = drove a!ross the
vast .ussian lands!a"e0 'he drive $ro Brest to 6os!ow was
700 iles0 = "assed the tie re!allin% $or <an those eories o$
y earlier tri"0
The hote! "here 0 had &een ass'+ned: 'n rea!'t) a mammoth
&arracks: "as 'n a 6'!!a+e e'+ht m'!es outs'de of Mosco"3 On our
f'rst free e6en'n+ 0 "a!ked 'nto the 6'!!a+e 'n search of the
0t "as a Russ'an Orthodo5 on'onEdome structure: "h'ch had
o&6'ous!) once &een the heart of the 6'!!a+e: stand'n+ 'n front of
the to"ns on!) "e!!3 0t "as 'n com,!ete deca)3 .eeds +re"
"here once feet had ke,t the "a!k ,acked and c!ear3 The
"'ndo"s "ere &oarded u,3 Pack'n+ cases "ere stacked outs'de
as 'f the &u'!d'n+ "ere no" &e'n+ used as a "arehouse3
0 "a!ked around the ent're structure !ook'n+ for the cross:
&ut 't "as +one3 2nd then as 0 rounded the church for the second
t'me: 0 sa" the !'tt!e s'+ht that 0 ne6er for+ot3 1or there: tucked
'nto the !ock on the front door of the church "as a !'tt!e &ouFuet
of fresh )e!!o" f!o"ers=
Ste,,'n+ c!oser: 0 sa" that hundreds of "'thered $lowers !a)
on the +round: as 'f these &ouFuets "ere chan+ed re+u!ar!)3 0n
m) m'nds e)e 0 cou!d see a ,easant "oman: dressed 'n &!ack:
s!',,'n+ u, to the church !ate at n'+ht "'th her act of !o6e and
That Sunda) 0 had made m) "a) to the on!) Protestant
church 'n a!! of Mosco" that "as st'!! o,en3 1rom "hat 0 had
read 'n the Dutch ,ress 0 "as e5,ect'n+ a sma!! and demora!'8ed
2t f'rst 0 "asnt sure 0 had the r'+ht address3 .h) "as that
!on+ !'ne of ,eo,!e "a't'n+ outs'de? 0 took m) ,!ace uncerta'n!)
at the end of 't: "hen sudden!) a man came u, and s,oke to me
'n German3
<ou6e come to church?> he asked3
<Th's 's a church then?>
<Of course3 Come "'th me3 Theres a s,ec'a! &a!con)
reser6ed for fore'+n 6's'tors3>
So "e "ent throu+h a sma!! door: do"n a ha!!: u, a f!'+ht of
stee! sta'rs: and out onto the &a!con)3 2nd there 0 sa" for the
f'rst t'me the s'+ht "'th "h'ch 0 "as to &ecome so fam'!'ar 'n
future )ears; the Mosco" Protestant Church at "orsh',3 The
ha!! "as rectan+u!ar 'n sha,e: narro" and !on+ "'th t"o sets of
&a!con'es on each s'de: a ,!atform seat'n+ t"e!6e 'n the front: a
f'ne or+an: and a sta'ned +!ass "'ndo" fac'n+ east and &ear'n+
"ords that m) fr'end trans!ated as;
<God 's Lo6e3> The seat'n+ ca,ac't) of the church "as
a&out one thousand: and there "ere c!oser to t"o thousand there
that morn'n+3
0 had ne6er 'n a!! of m) tra6e!s seen so man) ,eo,!e
cro"ded 'nto one &u'!d'n+3 E6er) seat "as taken3 The a's!es
"ere ,acked "'th standees: do"n the center and do"n &oth
s'des3 The &a!con'es "ere o6erf!o"'n+3
Then the s'n+'n+ &e+an3 T"o thousand dee, S!a6'c 6o'ces 'n
,erfect un'son3 The) dro"ned out the or+an3 R'ch: throat): fu!!:
!ust): mascu!'ne3 0 c!osed m) e)es: and 't "as eas) to 'ma+'ne
that 0 "as hear'n+ hea6en!) cho'rs3 On and on the) san+ unt'!
there "ere tears 'n m) e)es3
.hen the t'me came for the co!!ect'on: there "as no "a) for
the ushers to ,ass amon+ so man): and so the &anknotes "ere
,assed a!on+ handEo6erEhead to the front3 2s soon as the
co!!ect'on "as taken: the sermons &e+an3 es sermons3 There
"ere t"o of them: each standard !en+th: one fo!!o"'n+ the other3
.h'!e the Sermons "ere &e'n+ de!'6ered: 't seemed to me
that some of the con+re+at'on "as act'n+ 6er) stran+e!)3
The) "ere mak'n+ ,a,er a'r,!anes and sa'!'n+ them for"ard
from the rear of the church and do"n from the &a!con'es o6er
the heads of the con+re+at'on &e!o": *o one seemed a &'t
d'stur&ed &) th's &'8arre &eha6'or3 The ,!anes "ere ca,tured
and ,assed for"ard unt'! f'na!!) the) "ere co!!ected &) one of
the men on the ,!atform3
2t !ast m) cur'os't) cou!d stand 't no !on+er: and 0 turned to
the man "ho had !ed me u, the sta'rs3
<Those are the ,ra)er reFuests:> he e5,!a'ned3 <The ,astor
's ,utt'n+ them 'nto t"o +rou,s3 One 's for 'nd'6'dua! ,et't'ons
and the other 's for 6's'tors from a!! o6er the Un'on "ho "ant
th's con+re+at'on to ,ra) for the'r home churches3 ou!! see
"hen the t'me comes3>
Sure enou+h: as soon as the second s,eaker had sat do"n:
the ,astor stood u, and he!d the f'rst of the ,'!es h'+h3 Then he
read off the names of the 6's't'n+ churches and sa'd: 0 !earned
throu+h m) 'nter,reter: <2re "e +!ad to ha6e these 6's'tors?>
<2nd do "e ho!d them u, 'n our ,ra)ers?>
<2nd these reFuests> 9 he read t"o or three of the
'nd'6'dua! notes 9 <Do "e ,ra) for these needs?>
<Then !et us ,ra)3>
2nd "'th no further ,re!'m'nar'es that ent're con+re+at'on
of t"o thousand &e+an to ,ra) a!oud s'mu!taneous!)3 1rom t'me
to t'me a s'n+!e )oke "ou!d r'se a&o6e the &a&&!e of sound: c!ear
and ,!ead'n+: "h'!e the other 6o'ces faded to a &ack+round hum3
Then the t'de of sound "ou!d s"e!! a+a'n: unt'! a+a'n an
'nd'6'dua! rose to e5,ress the thou+hts of a!!3 0t "as an
e5,er'ence that st'rred me to the de,ths of m) s,'r't3
2fter the ser6'ce 't "as announced that the ,astors "ou!d &e
+!ad to +reet an) 6's'tors to the outh Con+ress 'n the 6est'&u!e
do"nsta'rs and to ans"er the'r Fuest'ons3 Perha,s a do8en of us
acce,ted the 'n6'tat'on3 Guest'ons "ere f'red 'n Fu'ck
success'on3 <.here 's the ne5t c!osest Protestant church?>
<Oh: there are man) Protestant churches 'n Russ'a3 There
are others 6er) near3>
<But ho" near?>
<One hundred and e'+ht) k'!ometers3>
<0s there re!'+'ous freedom 'n Russ'a?>
<.e ha6e com,!ete re!'+'ous freedom here: )es3>
<#o" a&out ,astors "ho ha6e &een @a'!ed?>
<.e kno" of no ,astors "ho are 'n @a'!: e5ce,t: ,erha,s:
,o!'t'ca! su&6ers'6es3>
2nd then 0 asked m) Fuest'on3 <#o" a&out B'&!es 9 do )ou
have enou+h B'&!es?>
<There are ,!ent) of B'&!es: )es3> 0n ,roof the) ,assed a
co,) around the room3 <Th's e5ce!!ent ne" ed't'on has @ust &een
,r'nted here 'n Russ'a3> That "as ne"s to me33
<#o" man) co,'es?>
<Oh: !ots3 Man) co,'es3>
On and on 't "ent: the Fuest'on'n+ and the smooth ans"ers
that sa'd noth'n+3 The ne5t da): on the off chance that 0 m'+ht &e
a&!e to see one of the ,astors a!one: 0 made m) "a) &ack to the
church3 0t "as Monda) morn'n+: )et e6en at that da) and hour 0t
"as a &us) ,!ace3 Then 0 !earned that the church &u'!d'n+ a!so
ser6ed as the centra! off'ce of the Ba,t'st Un'on for a!! of the
<0 "onder 'f= can he!, )ou?> a 6o'ce asked3 0 turned and
reco+n'8ed the face; $t "as one of the men "ho had &een on the
,!atform the ,re6'ous morn'n+ and after"ards had ans"ered
Fuest'ons3 #e 'ntroduced h'mse!f as 06anhoff and 'n6'ted me to
@o'n h'm 'n h's ,r'6ate off'ce3 0 "ondered @ust ho" 0 "as +o'n+ to
+o a&out cha!!en+'n+ h's statements of the da) &efore3 Perha,s
the &est "a) "ou!d &e to sa) r'+ht a"a) that 0 had &rou+ht
B'&!es "'th me and to see "hat h's react'on "ou!d &e3
<06e &rou+ht someth'n+ from the Ba,t'sts of #o!!and to the
Ba,t'sts of Russ'a:> 0 &e+an: ,!ac'n+ a ,acka+e t'ed 'n &ro"n
,a,er on h's ta&!e3
<.hat do )ou ha6e there?>
<Russ'an B'&!es?>
<1rom the Br't'sh and 1ore'+n B'&!e Soc'et)3 0 ha6e taken
the !'&ert) of tear'n+ out the 'm,r'nt ,a+e:> 't seemed to me that
he "as ma'nta'n'n+ h's com,osure "'th d'ff'cu!t) as he sa'd:
<Ma) 0 ,!ease see them?>
So 0 unt'ed the str'n+ and sho"ed h'm the ,'t'fu! !'tt!e ,'!e of
three B'&!es that 0 had &een a&!e to &r'n+ "'th me on the tra'n3
The ,ro&!em: as "'th so man) East Euro,ean B'&!es: "as the
s'8e of each 6o!ume3 Russ'an 9 !'ke Ser&'an and Ukra'n'an and
Macedon'an 9 0s "r'tten 'n C)r'!!'c scr',t: "h'ch ,roduces
&u!k'er &ooks than Lat'n scr',t3 0n the same 5 amount of s,ace 0
cou!d ha6e &rou+ht ten or t"e!6e Dutch or En+!'sh B'&!es3 But
"hat 'nterested me "as the ,astors react'on to th's t'n)
offer'n+3 C!ear!) he "as restra'n'n+ h's ea+erness "'th +reat
<D'd )ou sa) these "ere a +'ft?>
<es3> 2nd then 0 cou!dnt res'st teas'n+ h'm a !'tt!e3 <But
)ou sa) there 's a ne" So6'et ed't'on3 Perha,s there 's no need to
ha6e &rou+ht B'&!es3>
<.e!!3 0 0E the ,astor remem&ered h's ta!k of the da) &efore3
<2s a matter of fact: that ed't'on "as !ar+e!) sh',,ed out of the
countr)3 To the Brusse!s 1a'r: and around: )ou kno"3>
<0 see3>
Then: !ean'n+ for"ard: he asked another Fuest'on3 <Te!! me:
m) fr'end: "h) d'd )ou rea!!) come to Russ'a?>
On the t'+htro,e that he "as "a!k'n+ 't seemed to me that
,erha,s a scr',tura! ans"er "ou!d &e most tactfu!3 0 cast a&out
for a moment and then came u, "'th one3
<Do )ou remem&er 'n the B'&!e "hen 7ose,h "as "ander'n%
amon+ the Shechem'tes? One of the3 Shechem'tes sa" h'm and
asked h'm a Fuest'on3 Do )ou remem&er "hat 't "as?>
The ,astor thou+ht3 <#e asked: H.hom are )ou seek'n+?>
<2nd 7ose,hs ans"er?>
<#e sa'd: H0 seek m) &rethren3>
<.e!! that:> 0 sa'd: <Thats m) ans"er to )our Fuest'on
/<AP'E. E=F<'EE)
1or Russ'a .'th Lo6e
<ans had listened with %reat interest to these re!olle!tions1
interru"tin% o!!asionally with 8uestions0 2hen = !ae to the end
o$ the1 he o$$ered one o$ his blunt and $aith#$illed "rayers that
we be led to =vanho$$ a%ain1 sin!e the !onta!t was now ade and
a relationshi" be%un0
A= thin4 it;s tie $or a brea41 Andy1E he added0 A=;d li4e a
!u" o$ !o$$ee0E
ASo would =0E
C" ahead was a brea4 in a tall hed%e row1 throu%h whi!h we
"lun%ed1 s!ar!ely noti!in% that there was already an autoobile
"ar4ed o$$ the road there1 its o!!u"ants en?oyin% a "i!ni! lun!h0
2e "ulled to a sto" and be%an to %et out our %ear0 =t seeed
to e that the .ussians in the other !ar were behavin% in a ost
un$riendly way0 'hey 4e"t %larin% in our dire!tion and
utterin%0 'he an threw hal$ a !u" o$ tea on the %round1
!o"lainin%1 while the two woen be%an to "ile "lates1 $ruit1
hal$#eaten loaves o$ bread1 into a straw bas4et0
2e were still wonderin% what this was all about when all at
on!e there was a s!ree!hin% o$ bra4es $ro the other side o$ the
hed%e0 /ar doors slaed0 And suddenly we were !on$ronted
by two uni$ored "oli!e0 'hey stood in the o"enin% in the
hed%e1 hands on hi"s1 %lan!in% 8ui!4ly over both "arties0 'hen
one o$$i!er !ae toward us while the other went over to the
.ussian !ar0
A<ow do you do3E said <ans1 silin% bri%htly at this
o""ortunity to use his .ussian1
'he o$$i!er did not re"ly1 and <ans;s $a!e $ell0 A<e ?ust
doesn;t want to be so!iable1E said <ans1 returnin% "ointedly to
his !o$$ee0 @nowin% <ans1 however1 = 4new that he was "rayin%
hard0 'his an ust not be%in "o4in% around inside our
autoobile0 Even as we "rayed1 the o$$i!er abru"tly le$t us and
wal4ed over to ?oin his !o"anion at the other !ar0 'here was an
e(!han%e o$ heated words1 a shru%1 and then the .ussians be%an
to unload their autoobile0
2e wat!hed $or twenty inutes while those "oor "eo"le
too4 everythin% that !ould be reoved out o$ their !ar and
s"read it on the %round0 'hen the o$$i!ers loo4ed inside the
otor1 inside the trun41 underneath the !ar0 2e 4new that
soehow we were res"onsible $or the dis!o$ort they were
bein% "ut to1 but we did not 4now what to do about it0 So we ?ust
stirred our !o$$ee until it was !old0
A$ter hal$ an hour1 when the o$$i!ers still bad not so u!h as
%lan!ed in our dire!tion1 we de!ided it was tie to try leavin%0
So we dran4 the aw$ul !o$$ee1 stowed the little stove away1 and
ade as u!h noise as we !ould !losin% doors and $inally
startin% the en%ine0 Still the o$$i!ers "aid no attention to us0 2e
!re"t throu%h the hed%e and nosed ba!4 onto the hi%hway around
the "oli!e !ar0
A2hat was that all about3E said <ans as we were under way0
A= don;t 4now1 unless they thou%ht we were su%%lers
a4in% an e(!han%e there beside the road0 <ans1 we;ve %ot to
"ray $or that $aily1 that they don;t %et into trouble throu%h our
!lusiness0 And it;s soethin% to reeber1 when it !oes
tie $or us to %et rid o$ our !ar%o0E
'he avenues o$ 6os!ow were enorous wide enou%h to
!arry ten !ars abreast1 and they were ore heavily traveled than =
reebered0 2e "assed the hu%e FC6 store1 drove throu%h
vast .ed S8uare1 "assed the 6ausoleu1 and eventually ade
our way to the !a"site that had been assi%ned to us0 .i%ht away
we "it!hed our i%loo#sha"ed tent and "re"ared to ta4e out at least
a $ew o$ our Bibles0
A9on;t loo4 now1E <ans said1 Abut we;ve %ot "ryin% eyes0E
2ithout loo4in% u"1 = tossed a road a" on to" o$ the two
Bibles = had ta4en out. 'hen !asually = %lan!ed around and saw
the an0 <e was wearin% a %reen $ati%ue uni$or and stood a
$ew $eet away $ro the !ar wat!hin% us0 = %ot out our !o$$ee "ot1
and <ans and = started "re"arin% a rather unwanted !u" o$
!o$$ee0 As soon as we had sto""ed un"a!4in% the Bibles1 the
"ryin% eyes wal4ed away0
A2hat do you a4e o$ it3E = as4ed <ans0
A= don;t li4e it0 = wish we !ould %et rid o$ this !ar%o0E
2e too4 ?ust one o$ the Bibles1 lo!4ed the !ar1 and le$t the
!a"site0 =t was 'hursday ni%ht> the ni%ht o$ the idwee4
servi!e at the Ba"tist !hur!h that we had been headin% $or0
'here were about twelve hundred "eo"le attendin% the
'hursday ni%ht "rayer eetin%D 'he $or o$ the servi!e was
u!h the sae as the one = had attended two years earlier1 but =
did not see =vanho$$ either on the "lat$or or in the "art o$ the
!on%re%ation = !ould see0
2hen the eetin% was over1 <ans and = wal4ed out to the
vestibule and be%an illin% about in the !rowd0 'he ain
"ur"ose o$ the evenin% $or us was to a4e !onta!ts to who we
!ould deliver our su""ly o$ Bibles0 = ed%ed y way around the
bi% entran!e hail1 %lan!in% into $a!e a$ter $a!e1 as4in% Fod to
%ive in! as <e had so o$ten be$ore1 that oent o$ re!o%nition
that1 $or /hristians1 !an do the wor4 o$ any years o$
a!8uaintan!e and %rowin% !on$iden!e0
And be$ore lon% = saw hi> a thin1 baldin% an in his iddle
$orties standin% a%ainst a wall and starin% into the !rowd0 = had
su!h a !lear dire!tive to s"ea4 to hi that = alost $or%ot about
<ans0 But in a real /hristian "artnershi"1 one eber;s
%uidan!e is always subitted to the other;s $or !orre!tion and
!on$iration0 So = waited until <ans had in!hed his %reat bul4
over to y side0
A=;ve s"otted our anDE he said be$ore = !ould s"ea40 And
out o$ the hundreds o$ "eo"le in that vestibule1 he nodded to the
an = too had !hosen0 <earts hi%h1 we "ushed our way to hi0
<4ak 6' ,o 8h' 6a)ete:> <ans be%an0
<4ak vi ,o 8h' 6a)ete:> the an answered1 instantly alert0
As <ans laun!hed into a des!ri"tion o$ who we were and
where we were $ro1 however1 the an;s $a!e %rew ore and
ore "er"le(ed0 But when <ans !ae to the word A9ut!h1E he
burst out lau%hin%0 <e told us that he hisel$ was Feran7 be
was a se!ond#%eneration ii%rant livin% in Siberia1 and his
$aily still s"o4e Feran in the hoe0
=ediately the three o$ us $ell into !onversation0 And as we
tal4ed1 <ans and = %rew ore and ore in!redulous1 For this
an was $ro a little !hur!h in Siberia1 two thousand iles
away1 where there were 1+0 !ouni!ants but not a sin%le
Bible0 One day be had been told in a drea to %o to 6os!ow
where he would $ind a Bible $or his !hur!h0 <e resisted the idea
at $irst1 he said1 $or he 4new as well as anyone that there were
"re!ious $ew Bibles in 6os!ow0
And that was the end o$ his story0
<ans and = loo4ed at ea!h other in disbelie$0 = %ave <ans a
nod1 and it was his turn to share with our Siberian $riend the
%ood news0
ABou were told to !oe eastward $or two thousand iles to
%et a Bible1 and we were told to %o westward two thousand iles
!arryin% Bibles to !hur!hes in .ussia0 And here we are toni%ht
re!o%nizin% ea!h other the instant we eetE
And with this1 <ans held out the bi% .ussian Bible we had
brou%ht alon% with us0 'he Siberian was without words0 <e held
the Bible at ar;s len%th and stared at it1 and then at the two o$
us1 and then at the Bible a%ain0 All o$ a sudden the da burst1
and a $low o$ than4 you;s and bear hu%s $ollowed until we had
drawn a %rou" o$ onloo4ers0 = was sorry $or that> = hadn;t wanted
to attra!t attention0 =n a whis"er = told the $ellow the rest o$ the
news1 that we had ore Bibles1 and that i$ he would eet us
there a%ain at ten o;!lo!4 the ne(t ornin% we would let hi
have hal$ a dozen to ta4e hoe0
'he Siberian %rew suddenly sus"i!ious0 A'hey are $ree o$
AO$ !ourse1E we answered0 A'his =s si"ly one ar o$ the
/hur!h loo4in% a$ter the needs o$ another0E
'he ne(t ornin% at nine o;!lo!4 <ans "osted %uard while =
a%ain tried to %et the Bibles out o$ their hidin% "la!e in the !ar0 =
was no ore than hal$way throu%h when <ans whistled the
9ut!h national anthe1 and = 4new that our $riend in the %reen
uni$or was ba!40 2ith a si%h = went to wor4 a4in% !o$$ee0
A/o$$ee;s readyDE = shouted to <ans0
<e !ae over and too4 an i!e !old !u" o$ li8uid $ro y
hands0 A<e;s ba!43; = as4ed0
AJust as nosey as yesterday0 <e;s sus"i!ious about
soethin%0 <ow any did you %et out3E
A2ell1 that;ll have to do0 Sli" the in the $li%ht ba%s and
let;s %o0E Ownin% a Bible $or your own "ersonal use was no
!rie7 but !oer!e in su%%led Bibles was ille%al1 and =t was
dan%erous to loo4 as i$ you i%ht be dealin% in !ontraband0 So
we "ut ?ust $our Bibles into our @:6 ba%s and strolled down the
lane to the bus sto"0 At "re!isely ten o;!lo!4 we wal4ed into the
!hur!h and sat down on a ben!h near the door0 At 10>*0 we were
$eelin% an(ious and very !ons"i!uous0 And then1 at =0>-+1 a
voi!e s"o4e at y elbow0 A<ello1 brother0E
= whirled around0 =t was not the an $ro Siberia0 =t was
=vanho$$1 the "astor = had et on y "revious visit to 6os!ow0
AAre you waitin% $or soeone3E as4ed =vanho$$0
A= 5 we 5 yes0 Soeone we et here last ni%ht0E
=vanho$$ was silent $or a oent0 'hen1 ABes1E be said
so$tly0 L'hat;s what 0 was a$raid o$0 Bour Siberian $riend /annot
A2hat do you ean1 !annot !oe3E
=vanho$$ loo4ed around0 A6y $riends1E be said1 Aat ea!h
servi!e there ar! se!ret "oli!e0 2e !ount on it0 'hey saw you and
this an tal4in%1 and so he !annot !oe0 <e has been Ls"o4en;
to0 But you have brou%ht soethin% $or hi3E
= loo4ed at <ans0 /ould =vauho$$ be trusted3 <ans %ave a
shru% and then a barely "er!e"tible nod0
ABes1E = said brie$ty0 AFour Bibles0 =n these ba%s0E
A:eave the with e7 = will see that he %ets the0E
A%ain <ans and = e(!han%ed %lan!es0 But we ended by
ta4in% the Bibles 5 wra""ed in news"a"er 5 out o$ the ba%s and
handin% the over0 'hen1 as4in% Fod $or "rote!tion1 = too4 a
"lun%e> 'here seeed to be no other way0
A=s there a soewhere we !an tal43 = as4ed0
A2ell1 $ran4ly1 these aren;t the only Bibles we have0E
=vanho$$ !au%ht his breath0 A2hat do you ean3 Just 4ee"
your voi!e low0 <ow any Bibles do you have3E
AOver a hundred0E
ABou are ?o4in%0E
A'hey;re in our !ar at the !a"0E
=vanho$$ thou%ht $or a oent0 'hen without a word he led
us down a lon% !orridor0 2hen it turned a !orner he sto""ed
suddenly1 laid the Bibles on the $loor1 and held out his hands1
"als down0
A9o you see those nails3; he said0 2e stared at $in%ernails
rid%ed and thi!4ened the way nails be!oe when they have been
daa%ed dee" in their roots0 A= have s"ent y tie in "rison $or
the $aith1E =vanho$$ said0 And this was the an who had told the
visitin% youth dele%ation that there was no reli%ious "erse!ution
in .ussiaD A= will be $ran4 with you0 = !annot %o throu%h =t a%ain0
= !annot hel" you with those Bibles0E
= $elt y heart %o out to this an0 A= 4now1E = said0 A2e do
not blae you0 Perha"s1 thou%h1 you 4now o$ soeone else who
i%ht be willin%3E
A6ar4ov1E said =vanho$$0 A= will arran%e with hi to rent an
autoobile0 <e will eet you in $ront o$ the FC6 store at
"re!isely one o;!lo!40E And then as an a$terthou%ht1 ABut be
<ans "ointed to the little sta!4 o$ Bibles on the $loor0 A2hat
about these3 9on;t you ris4 soethin% ta4in% these3E
=vanho$$ siled1 but his eyes reained sad as ever0 AFour
Bibles1E he said0 A'hat;s not a very serious e!onoi! !rie0
'hey;re worth $our hundred rubles0 <ow lon% do you %o to ?ail
$or $our hundred rubles3 Four onths at the ost3 But a hundred
Bibles0 'hat;s worth ten thousand rubles here in 6os!ow1 ore
in the "rovin!es0 'en thousand rubles worth o$ "orno%ra"hi!
literatureD 2hy1 a an !ould 5 A
APorno%ra"hy3E said both <ans and = to%ether0 L2hat does
that have to do with us3E
A)othin%1E said =vanho$$0 AE(!e"t that i$ you are !au%ht1
that;s what they;ll a!!use you o$ sellin%0E And then as i$
re!eivin% soe sort o$ si%nal1 he whirled on his heels1 snat!hed
the boo4s $ro the $loor1 and wal4ed ra"idly away1 his shoes
!li!4in% down the e"ty !orridor as he disa""eared $ro si%ht0
'hat a$ternoon at one o;!lo!4 we "ulled u" in $ront o$ the
FC6 store0 A an eer%ed $ro a !ar "ar4ed a hundred yards
away and strolled by1 loo4in% at us !autiously throu%h the
window0 'hen he strolled ba!4 a%ain0
ABrother Andrew3E
ABou;re 6ar4ov1E = said0 AFreetin%s in the )ae o$ the
A2e;re %oin% to do soethin% very bold1E said 6ar4ov1
tal4in% ra"idly0 A2e;re %oin% to e(!han%e the Bibles within two
inutes o$ .ed S8uare0 )o one will ever sus"e!t us in su!h a
lo!ation0 =t;s a stro4e o$ %enius0E
/learly1 this brother was ore o$ a %enius than =0 = didn;t
li4e the sound o$ it0 <e led us to a street that was1 sure enou%h1
less than two inutes $ro .ed S8uare0 'here was a lar%e blind
wall runnin% alon% one side o$ the street1 but houses lined the
other0 At any window there !ould be a "air o$ !urious eyes0
ABou;d better "ray1E = said to <ans as = "ar4ed behind
6ar4ov;s !ar0
<ans did "ray1 aloud1 as = %ot at the Bibles and stowed the
arload at a tie into !artons and sa!4s0 6ar4ov o"ened the rear
door to his !ar1 and we ade the trans$er ri%ht out in the o"en1
tri" a$ter tri" on the busy sidewal40 2hen we were $inished1
6ar4ov allowed hisel$ tie only $or a 8ui!4 handsha4e a"ie!e
be$ore he was ba!4 in his !ar startin% the en%ine0
ABy ne(t wee41E he said1 Athese Bibles will be in the hands
o$ "astors all over .ussia0E
As 6ar4ov drove o$$1 = loo4ed at <ans0 <e was still "rayin%1
but he was %rinnin% too0 'his "art o$ our ission was
a!!o"lished0 E(!e"t $or that one !arton o$ C4rainian Bibles1
our %reen#uni$ored $riend !ould "eer as hard as he li4ed0 'he
!ar was e"ty0
2e went hoe by way o$ the C4raine1 deliverin% the last
Bibles to !hur!hes ourselves0 And it was at one o$ these sto"s
that a drea !au%ht hold o$ e that $or the ne(t three years
would not let %o For it was there in the C4raine 5 when we had
?ust two Bibles le$t 5 that one o$ the "arishioners brou%ht
soethin% $or us to see1 a treasure o$ his $aily;s> a "o!4et#sized
C4rainian Bible0
= held the little volue in y hand1 unbelievin%0 Bes1 the
an assured e1 it was a !o"lete Bible0 But it was one#8uarter
the size o$ the Bibles we had brou%htD = turned the =ndia#"a"er
"a%es1 arvelin% at the tiny ty"e1 so sall and yet so shar"0 Ea!h
word was !lear and well#s"a!ed0 = bobarded the an with
8uestions 5 where had this been "rinted1 who "ublished it1 where
had they bou%ht it 5 but he 4new the answers to none o$ the0
= !ouldn;t lay the little boo4 down0 = he$ted it in y hand0 =
sli""ed it into y "o!4et0 = brou%ht it out and held it u" beside
one o$ the standard Bibles0 2hy1 we !ould brin% in three and
$our ties as any1 every tri"1 i$ they were this sizeD And on!e
inside1 they;d be so u!h easier to trans$er and !on!eal0 And i$ it
!ould be done $or C4rainian1 .ussian !ould be "rinted in this
$orat too1 and the other East Euro"ean lan%ua%es0000
Seein% how the Bible intri%ued e1 the owner ade a
su%%estion0 =$ he !ould have the two new ones we had brou%ht1
would we li4e to 4ee" this one3 'he !hur!h would still be one
Bible ahead0
'o y deli%ht1 the inister and the rest o$ the !on%re%ation
a%reed1 and = le$t that town with the drea in y "o!4et0 = !ould
hardly wait to show it to our Bible so!ieties in the 2est0
Our last Sunday in .ussia we attended a Ba"tist !hur!h in a
C4rainian villa%e not $ar $ro the <un%arian border0 'he sin%in%
was stirrin%1 the "rayers $ervent0 But when it !ae tie $or the
seron1 the "astor did a stran%e thin%0 <e wal4ed o$$ the
"lat$or1 borrowed a boo4 $ro one o$ the !on%re%ation1 and
too4 it ba!4 to the "ul"it0 =t was the BibleD 2e had heard that
there were inisters in .ussia who did not have Bibles o$ their
own0 But this was the $irst tie we had seen it with our own
A$ter the servi!e the "astor invited us to ?oin hi and his
elders in his study $or a brie$ visit0 'he visit be%an1 as it so o$ten
did in .ussia1 with an atta!40 2e had learned that this was a
sa$ety devi!e1 sin!e all "astors 4new that their a!tions were
observed0 On this o!!asion the atta!4 was a%ainst y
A'ell e1E the "astor said throu%h a Feran#s"ea4in%
"arishioner1 Awhi!h industrial !o"le( are you the head o$3E
ABut =; not with any !o"any0E
Our inter"reter translated1 but the "astor did not let the
sub?e!t dro"0 A= 4now you;re not tellin% the truth1E he said1 A$or
you have an autoobile "ar4ed ?ust outside0 Only !a"italists own
autoobiles7 laborin% "eo"le wal40E
2hat !ould = do3 =t was i"ossible to !onvin!e hi that =
was a $orer $a!tory wor4er1 the son o$ a villa%e bla!4sith1
with a %ood deal less %uarantee o$ an in!oe than he hisel$
had0 <e ?ust !ould not %ras" these $a!ts and le$t the sub?e!t only
out o$ "oliteness 5 or "erha"s be!ause he $elt that he had sa$ely
established his anti"athy $or idle and onied !lassesD
At any rate we %ot to tal4in% about the Se!ond /oin% o$
/hrist 5 by $ar the ost "o"ular theolo%i!al to"i! in .ussia 5 and
the tone o$ our !onversation iediately !han%ed0 = drew y
own 9ut!h Bible out o$ y "o!4et to $ollow the re$eren!es he
was a4in% and when he was throu%h1 laid it on the des40
= noti!ed alost at on!e that he had lost interest in the
!onversation0 <is ind was ta4en u" with the BibleD <e "i!4ed it
u" and wei%hed it in his hand1 unzi""ed it1 stared at the 9ut!h
words he !ould not read1 zi""ed it u" a%ain0
'hen he "ut it ba!4 on the des40 )ot as = had "ut it down1 but
with %reat "re!ision0 <e set it down on the !orner and slowly ran
his $in%er alon% the ed%e so that it was ali%ned with the des40
And then 5 his voi!e distant1 tal4in% ore to hisel$ than to us 5
he said1 ABou 4now1 Brother1 = have no Bible0E
6y heart bro4e0 <ere was this i"ortant an1 the s"iritual
leader o$ a thousand souls1 who did not own a !o"y o$ the Bible0
All o$ the ones we had brou%ht with us were %one 5 and then
= reebered0 'he little C4rainian "o!4et BibleD A2aitDE =
shouted0 = ?u"ed u" $ro y !hair0 'he Bible so!ieties would
?ust have to ta4e y word $or it0 tra!ed outside to y !ar1 threw
o"en the door1 %ot the little Bible $ro under the seat1 and ran
ba!4 to the study0
A<ere0E = shoved the Bible into the "astor;s hand0 A'his is
$or you0 'o 4ee"0E
'he translator re"eated the words1 but still the "astor did not
A2hose is it3E he said0
A=t;s yoursD 'o 4ee"1 to own0E
2hen <ans and = le$t that day1 our !hests a!hed $ro the
ebra!es o$ that %rou" o$ elders0 For now their "astor had a
Bible o$ his very own0 A Bible he did not have to return at the
end o$ the servi!e0 A Bible to "i!4 u" whenever he wanted0 A
Bible to read and to love0
And as we le$t .ussia = 4new there was a tas4 ahead o$
bi%%er than any = had yet atte"ted behind the =ron /urtain0 =
had to tal4 soe or%anization into "rintin% Slavi!#lan%ua%e
Bibles in "o!4et#sized editions0 And = had to brin% these boo4s
into .ussia not by the hundreds1 but by the thousands0
/<AP'E. )=)E'EE)
B'&!es to the Russ'an Pastors
'he one thin% on y ind now was the need $or a .ussian
"o!4et Bible0 =t be!ae an obsession with e0 = ade the rounds
o$ the Bible so!ieties1 but even when a so!iety a%reed that su!h
an edition was "ossible in theory1 there were "ra!ti!al "robles0
'he Aeri!an Bible So!iety1 whi!h had been su""lyin% e with
.ussian Bibles $ree o$ !har%e1 althou%h sy"atheti!1 !ould not
see their way !lear to "rintin% a s"e!ial edition ?ust $or this
o"eration0 'he British and Forei%n Bible So!iety was in the sae
"osition1 the 9ut!h Bible So!iety was !oitted to wor4 in
A$ri!a and =ndonesia and did not handle Eastern Euro"e
A2hy don;t you "rint your own "o!4et Bible3E said Phili"
2hetstra one evenin% when = was tal4in% over y "roble with
AGery $unny0E
A=; serious0 Bou 4now e(a!tly what it =s you want0 Print =t
ABou ust be dreain% 6r0 2hetstra0 'hat would !ost at
least Q+10000 2herever would = %et Q+10003>
6r0 2hetstra loo4ed at e sadly0 AA$ter all this tie1 you
as4 that3E he said0
O$ !ourse he was ri%ht =t would not be = who su""lied the
$unds $or su!h a "ro?e!t1 it would be the :ord0 Be$ore = le$t the
2hetstras; that ni%ht1 = 4new that = was laun!hed onto another
%rand e("erient> the %randest yet0 'his tie1 thou%h1 =t too4
lon%er than usual $or the drea to un$old0
And in the eanwhile there was the usual wor4 to be done0
havin% <ans as "art o$ this wor4 was evea better than = had
ia%ined0 2e $ored a tea1 one stron% where the other was
wea40 =t was while we were in Bul%aria one hot ni%ht in 196&
that <ans suddenly said1 AAndrew1 it is tie we "rayed $or a new
tea eber0E
= was sittin% u" in bed with the "ers"iration dryin% on e1
tryin% to write a letter hoe0 ABu"0 'hat;s ri%ht1E = said absently0
ABou reeber when the visa $inally !ae throu%h to %o to
/ze!hoslova4ia1 only you were in East Ferany and = was in
.ussia3 =$ there were ore o$ us1 we wouldn;t have to a4e
these !hoi!es0E
ABu"0 'hat;s ri%ht0E
ABou;re not listenin%0E
= "ut the note#"a"er down0 =t stu!4 to the heel o$ y hand0
AO$ !ourse =; listenin%0E = tried to reeber what he had said0
A2e have ore o""ortunity than we !an satis$y0 'hat;s true1
<ans0 But you 4now how =t is i$ you e("and too ra"idly 5 A
<ans interru"ted0 A=;d hardly !all one new eber in seven
years e("andin% too ra"idly1 let us "ray0E
= loo4ed at <ans !losely0 <e had run the Alet#us#"rayE onto
the end o$ his senten!e so !losely1 = wasn;t sure = had heard
!orre!tly0 But he was well into the "rayer0 = bowed y head too1
and as <ans s"o4e = be%an to %et his sense o$ ur%en!y about
$indin% another an who would %ive hisel$ with us 5 $ull tie1
without salary1 without reservation0
Alost siultaneously1 <ans and = thou%ht o$ the sae
"erson0 A2hat about .oll3; we said to%ether1 and then lau%hed0
A=t !ould be %uidan!e1E <ans said0
L=t !ould indeed0E
.oll was a youn% 9ut!h seinary student $inishin% his "ost#
%raduate wor4 in systeati! theolo%y0 A brilliant theolo%ian1
.oll was still a an o$ a!tion0 'hat sae ni%ht = !o"osed a
letter as4in% hi =$ he would !onsider ?oinin% us0 And sure
enou%h1 on our return to <olland there was a re"ly waitin% $or
us0 <e had read y letter with annoyan!e1 .ol wrote0 Be!oin%
a sti!4y#voi!ed1 Bible#wavin% issionary was the last thin% on
earth he wanted to do0 2hat did = thin4 he had %one to s!hool all
these years $or1 i$ all he needed to 4now was AOnward /hristian
But sin!e y letter had !oe1 he went on1 he hadn;t had a
ni%hts slee"0 Fod had thrust =t under his nose ni%ht and day1
eatin% or wor4in% sittin% or wal4in%1 until at last he;d %iven in1
and when !ould he start3
And so1 4i!4in% and "rotestin%1 a third eber !ae to ?oin
us0 <ans too4 hi ri%ht away on an orientation tri" into
.uania0 'hey had a $antasti! tie there1 seein% a real brea4 in
the reserve o$ the /hur!h in that beauti$ul land0 'hey were s"ied
u"on by two en who hardly ever le$t their si%ht1 but in s"ite o$
this ana%ed to %et rid o$ their Bibles and even to do soe
"rea!hin% in "rivate hoes0
.ol$ !ae ba!4 o"en#outhed and utterly !onvin!ed0
2e shared with .ol$ our lon%in% $or a saill $orat .ussian
Bible0 <ardly had we $inished our tale o$ di$$i!ulties be$ore .oll
e!hoed Phili" 2hetstras; thou%ht that we should "rint the Bibles
A<ow u!h "ou!d it !ost to "rint $ive thousand Bibles3;
.oll as4ed0
And = had to adit thatD had never as4ed $or a bid0 .oll
would not let e %et away with that0 'o%ether1 he and =
!onta!ted "rintin% houses in <olland1 Ferany1 and En%land0
'he best 8uotation we %ot was $ro an En%lish "rinter who said
that with a "ress run o$ $ive thousand he would "rint the Bibles
$or Q* ea!h0
ABou see3E = said to .oll1 <ans1 and /orrie the day we
re!eived this bid in the ail0 A2hy that !oes to $i$teen
thousand dollarsDE
.ol$ and <ans were aused at e0 ABou sit there
iobilized by su!h a little atter as oneyDE
And o$ !ourse a%ain they were ri%ht0 = had learned to !ount
on the :ord $or tooth"aste and shavin% !rea0 But when it !ae
to su!h a sta%%erin% su as Q=+10001 = had trouble believin% that
the sae "rin!i"le held0
'hat ni%ht = sat down at the 4it!hen table with a ban4boo4
o"en in $ront o$ e0 =t was labeled A.ussian Bibles0E 'he entries1
startin% in =96= ?ust a$ter our return $ro .ussia1 were now well
into 196*0 2ith all our hoardin%1 the total still !ae to less than
/orrie sat down0 A2hat are you thin4in%1 Andy3E
= shoved the a!!ount boo4 toward her0 A=n two years that;s
all the oney we;ve saved0E = too4 a dee" breath1 batin% to say
what = had to ne(t0 A<ow u!h do you thin4 our house is
/orrie did not answer e0 She ?ust stared0
A2e %ot it at a bar%ain1 and with the wor4 we;ve "ut into it1
it;s %one u" in value any ties0 2hat do you thin4 it;s worth3
'en thousand dollars3 'welve thousand3 2e need that u!h0E
AOur house: Andy3 .i%ht when we;re e("e!tin% a new
A2e need to do soethin% to %et us o$$ dead !enter0E
/orrie;s $a!e had %one white0 A6aybe Fod doesn;t want you
to have those "o!4et Bibles1E she said in a sall voi!e0 A6aybe
the very slowness is %uidan!e0E
A= 4now1E = said0 A= 4now0E
'hat was all we said that ni%ht about sellin% the house0 But
/orrie told e the ne(t wee4 that she had be%un to "ray that she
!ould thin4 o$ the house not as our own but as belon%in% to Fod0
A=t should be Bours to do with as Bou will1E we started
"rayin% to%ether every evenin%0 AAnd yet we 4now we really
don;t $eel this way1 :ord0 =$ Bou want us to sell the house $or the
Bibles1 Bou will have to wor4 a sall ira!le in our hearts to
a4e us willin%0E
'he new baby !ae> the !hild we had been waitin% $or so
lon%1 a little %irl0 2e naed her Ste"hanie0 Every !ash "resent
that !ae in $or her went into the Bible $und0 But twenty years o$
this 4ind o$ savin% would never be enou%h0 2e sto""ed as4in%
$or willin%ness and ?ust as4ed Fod to a4e us willin% to be
willin% to sell the house0
And at last <e answered our "rayer0 One ornin% /orrie and
= suddenly 4new that we didn;t need that house or anythin% else
on earth to a4e us ha""y0
A= don;t 4now ?ust where we;ll live1E /orrie be%an1 and then
she lau%hed0 A.eeber1 Andy3 L2e don;t 4now where we;re
%oin% 5 A
And = su""lied the end o$ the senten!e we had s"o4en so
o$ten1 AL 5 but we;re %oin% there to%ether0;
'hat very day we %ot an a""raisal on the house and land0
'he total1 !ou"led with our savin%s a!!ount1 !ae to ?ust over
=t was the !on$iration we needed0 2e "ut the house on the
ar4et1 and = wrote to the "rinter in En%land as4in% hi to start
a4in% the "lates as we had dis!ussed the0 'hat ni%ht /orrie
and = sle"t in a ha""ier1 ore "ositive $rae o$ ind than we had
en?oyed $or onths0
<ow $aith$ul Fod is1 how utterly trustworthy1 how %ood
beyond ia%inin%D <e as4s $or so little in order to %ive us so
u!h0 For althou%h the housin% shorta%e in 2itte was still a!ute1
not a sin%le "erson !ae to loo4 at our house all that wee40 And
on Friday1 /orrie !alled1 A'ele"hone1 AndyDE
2ith <ans and .ol$ travelin% so u!h o$ the tie1 we had
been $or!ed to install a "hone in the house0 = o$ten resented the
interru"tions it !aused0 But not this day0 For it was $ro the
9ut!h Bible So!iety1 as4in% e i$ = !ould see the that sae
2ithin a $ew hours = was seated a!ross the table $ro the
board o$ dire!tors0 'hey were !oitted1 they e("lained a%ain1
to their own wor40 But they had not been able to %et y need out
o$ their inds0 =$ = !ould a4e arran%eents to have the "rintin%
done soewhere else0
= had3 =n En%land3 2ell1 here was what they "ro"osed0 'hey
would "ay hal$ the !ost0 =$ the Bibles !ost Q* ea!h to "rint1 =
!ould "ur!hase the $or Q10+00 And althou%h the So!iety would
"ay $or the entire "rintin% as soon as it was ready1 = would need
to "ay $or y su""lies only as = used the0 =$ this was
satis$a!tory 5
=$ it was satis$a!toryD = !ould s!ar!ely believe what = had
heard0 = would be able to buy over si( hundred Bibles 5 all we
!ould !arry at one tie 5 ri%ht away out o$ our A.ussian BibleE
$und0 And we wouldn;t have to leave our hoe1 and /orrie !ould
%o on sewin% the "in4 !urtains $or Ste"hanie;s roo1 and = !ould
set out y lettu!e $lats and 5 = !ould hardly wait to tell /orrie
what Fod had done with the thible$ul o$ willin%ness we had
o$$ered <i0
'he "o!4et Bibles were a reality at last0 As = le$t the o$$i!es
o$ the 9ut!h Bible So!iety1 = 4new that within si( onths by
early 196-1 we would be able to be%in su""lyin% .ussian "astors
with the Bibles they so des"erately needed0
.ol$ was %ettin% arried0
/orrie and = had duti$ully re!ited to hi the disadvanta%es
and se"arations that went with this ty"e o$ wor40 But1 as .oll
"ointed out1 our own ha""iness was the world;s best ar%uent
a%ainst ba!helorhood0 Elena !ould %o with hi on his tri"s0 She
would be ?ust as e$$e!tive a tea eber as the en0
So we stood u" $or the at their weddin% and %ave the a
honeyoon assi%nent dear to our hearts0 'he $irst "rint order
o$ Bibles was ready0 .ol$ and Elena were to %o "i!4 the u" in
2e had a se!ond vehi!le now1 a van es"e!ially built $or lon%
distan!e travel1 it had a windowless rear se!tion and !ould !arry
ore than the O"el0 .ol$ and his bride $erried the van1 a!ross to
En%land and "i!4ed u" our $irst order o$ "o!4et Bibles0 2hat a
red#letter day it was when .oll$ and Elena burst into the house
!arryin% one o$ the new Bibles1 our own editionD = held it in y
le$t hand1 and in y ri%ht hand a standard !o"y0 2hat a
di$$eren!eD = 4new that we ust be on our way as 8ui!4ly as
'he 16th o$ 6ay1 196-1 was our de"arture date0 = 4new =
would need all the "artnershi" su""ort = !ould %et $or this
venture1 and <ans was in <un%ary7 so newlywed .ol$ was
=t was Sunday ornin% in 6os!ow1 tie to %o downtown to
!hur!h0 .ol$ and = le$t the van with !onsiderable uneasiness0
<ow u!h was our unde!lared er!handise worth3 A Bible
!ould buy a !ow now1 in the !ountry distri!ts0 Si( hundred and
$i$ty !ows 5 this !ar%o re"resented a sizable su%%lin% o"eration
in !ash value alone0 2e were "lannin% to %ive the Bibles away1
but that would a4e no di$$eren!e i$ we were !au%ht with the
in our "ossession0 A an was on trial ri%ht now $or an
Ae!onoi! !rieE a%ainst the "eo"le;s State0 A an !onvi!ted o$
the sae !har%e had re!ently been e(e!uted by $irin% s8uad0 =$
we were !au%ht0 0 0 well this was not the tie to thin4 o$ that0
=vanho$$ "as on the "lat$or at !hur!h that ornin%0 As be
%lan!ed at the visitors; bal!ony1 = was sure he re!o%nized e1
althou%h he %ave no si%n0 A $ew inutes later he %ot u" and le$t
the san!tuary0 <e did not return1 nor was he in the vestibule a$ter
the servi!e0 But suddenly a hearty voi!e behind e said1
A2el!oe to .ussia3E
=t was 6ar4ov0 = introdu!ed hi to .ol$0 A2e brou%ht %i$ts1E
= said0
A2onder$ul3E be !ried0 A'hat;s %rand newsDE <is voi!e was
louder than ne!essary1 and = 4new it was a de$ense0 )o one
would bother to listen i$ we were s"ea4in% o"enly0
A= wonder where we i%ht %o to visit a s"ell0E
A<ow about the sae "la!e as be$ore3E
'he sae "la!eD 'wo inutes $ro .ed S8uareD 6ar4ov
i%ht have nerves o$ steel1 but = did not0
A=;d rather see soe new s!enery0E
For the $irst tie 6ar4ov lowered his voi!e0 AOn the road to
Solens4 there is a lar%e blue si%n sayin% L6os!ow0;
.endezvous there at $ive o;!lo!41 = will lead you to another
"la!e0 <ave the %i$ts un"a!4ed so we !an ove $ast0E
'his sounded better1 but .oll and = were still $a!ed with the
"roble o$ where to un"a!4 those Bibles0 =t would ta4e at least
hal$ an hour o$ uninterru"ted "riva!y to do the ?ob0
Ba!4 at !a" = had an idea0 A:et;s %o $or a ride1E = said0
ABou ?ust 4ee" si%htseein%1 and =;ll !rawl into the ba!4 and
be%in un"a!4in%0 2hatever you do1 4ee" ovin%0E
But = had barely be%un when the van ?er4ed to a halt0 = !re"t
$orward and "eered over the seats0 A "oli!e o$$i!er was !oin%
toward the !ar0
APraylE .oll hissed1 and then stu!4 his bead out the window0
A2hat is it1 o$$i!er3E he as4ed in 9ut!h0
'he "oli!ean rattled o$$ a lon% an%ry senten!e in .ussian1
then "rodu!ed a $ew words in En%lish0 A)O turnD )o turnD Si%n
A2as there soethin% wron% with that turn1 o$$i!er3E said
.ol$ still in 9ut!h0 A=; terribly sorry0 =; not used to drivin% in
su!h a vast and handsoe !ity as 6os!ow0E
'he "oli!ean was ra%in% in .ussian a%ain0 = $lattened y
ba!4 a%ainst the side o$ the van1 "rayin% that the o$$i!er would
not loo4 inside0 At the end o$ a li$etie = heard hi say
soethin% else in .ussian1 ore !ally0 A'he sae to you1
o$$i!er1E .ol$ answered in 9ut!h0 AAnd = do wish you and your
"eo"le the very best o$ Fod;s love0E
.ol$ "ut the van into %ear and oved slowly out into tra$$i!0
)ot until several blo!4s $urther did = let out y breath0
A:et;s not try that any ore0 =t;s too u!h $or eDE
2e s"ent the rest o$ the a$ternoon loo4in% $or a "la!e to
$inish our wor40 Finally at $our o;!lo!4 we 4new that1 ready or
not1 we had to head $or the rendezvous0 So with hearts that did
not at!h the sunny s4y overhead1 we drove out the Solens4
A2hy are we worriedDE .ol$ said suddenly0 A'his is Fod;s
wor4D <e;ll a4e a way $or us0E And as i$ to "rove his
!onvi!tion1 he started to sin%0
Oddly1 as the ood inside the van bri%htened1 the s4y
overhead dar4ened0 First an over!ast hid the sun1 then a heavy
buildu" o$ !louds s"read swi$tly a!ross the s4y1 dar4 and
threatenin%0 :i%htnin% $lashed in the distan!e0 'hunder
answered0 And still .ol$ and = drove on1 sin%in%0
'hen the rain be%an0
=n all y travels = had never seen a rain li4e this one0 =t was
as i$ a !elestial reservoir had burst1 lettin% a solid sheet o$ water
$all to earth0 2e had no !hoi!e but to "ull to the side o$ the
"aveent0 Other !ars too had to abandon the road0 'he windows
steaed u"0 2e !ould hardly a4e out our own stru%%lin%
windshield wi"ersK
ASay 5 A
A= 4now 5 A
AFod has ade us invisibleDE said .ol$0
Praisin% <i1 we !rawled ba!4 into the van1 unhurriedly
dislod%ed the rest o$ the Bibles1 and "a!4ed the into !artons0
2e settled ba!4 in our seats !o$ortably ?ust as the rain li$ted
and the s4ies li%htened on!e a%ain0
At "re!isely $ive o;!lo!4 we drove "ast the 6os!ow si%n0
6ar4ov "assed us1 his headli%hts still on a$ter the stor0 <e
blin4ed the on!e0 At ten inutes "ast $ive we sto""ed in $ront
o$ a sort o$ sho""in% !enter where "eo"le all around us were
unloadin% bo(es or "ilin% the into tru!4s0 =t too4 $ive inutes
to a4e the e(!han%e0 A$ter three years the $irst "ayent had
been ade on a "roise to soe "astors0
/<AP'E. '2E)'B
The 2"aken'n+ Dra+on
Below y "lane lay the %reat ro!4 !alled <on% @on%1 !a"ital
o$ the British !rown !olony that sits li4e a $ra%ile butter$ly on the
tail o$ the not#so#slee"y dra%on that is /ounist /hina0
Beyond it was the /hina ainland stret!hin% o$$ as $ar as eyes
!ould see0
For a $ra!tion o$ a se!ond = was startled not to see a hi%h
wall runnin% around it0 'hat was how .ed /hina loo4ed in y
ind> shut o$$1 !losed1 unassailable0 Even when = was learnin% to
distin%uish between Outer /ir!le and inner /ir!le !ountries in
/ounist Euro"e1 = had never even atte"ted to %ive /hina a
ran40 'o e it was in a sealed world by itsel$ ore ina!!essible
to a /hristian outrea!h than the ost totalitarian Euro"ean
And then one day in 6os!ow = too4 a seat in a bus ne(t to a
/hinese an0 'here were hundreds o$ /hinese in 6os!ow in
those days1 but this an wore a !ross in his la"el0 2e %ot to
tal4in%1 in En%lish1 and he told e that he was the se!retary o$
the Shan%hai B6/A0 = was astonished0 'he ABE still o"en in
Shan%hai3 Bes1 he assured e1 o"en and busy> he %ave e his
!ard and invited e to visit hi0
And $ro that day on1 a ho"e#beyond#ho"e be%an to %row
within e> o$ soeday inisterin% to the isolated /hristians o$
But there were so any 8uestions to answer be$ore we !ould
be%in0 <ow any /hristians were there in /hina anyhow3 =
4new that the vast a?ority o$ the "o"ulation never had been
/hristian0 On the other hand1 /hina had "robably been the s!ene
o$ ore issionary e$$ort than y other !ountry0 2hat had
be!oe o$ the devotion o$ so any en and woen3 2ere the
!on%re%ations they had $ounded still $un!tionin%3 2ere they
su$$erin% "erse!ution3 2ere they eetin% in se!ret3 =$ they still
e(isted1 were they as hun%ry $or Bibles as the !hur!hes in
Eastern Euro"e3
'hese were the 8uestions we needed answers to0 And so
when1 in 196+1 a s"ea4in% tour too4 e to /ali$ornia1 = de!ided
?ust to 4ee" %oin%> to visit 'aiwan to tal4 with "eo"le who 4new
/hina1 and then to try to %et onto the ainland itsel$0 = was
!ountin% on y 9ut!h "ass"ort> 9ut!hen under soe
!ir!ustan!es were still "eritted to travel be# bind that
stron%er#than#=ron !urtain0
But now1 even on the "lane to <on% @on%1 = dis!overed that
= had started out all wron%0 'he an ne(t to e1 a <on% @on%
ban4er1 loo4ed at e oddly when = told hi = was bound $or
/hina0 A9idn;t you %et abroad at 'aiwan3E he said0
ABes1 = s"ent ten days there0E
A:et e see your "ass"ort0E <e $li""ed throu%h the "a%es
loo4in% $or the 'aiwan sta"1 but sto""ed short at the Aeri!an
visa0 ACnited StatesDE he said0
<Bes3 =;ve ?ust !oe $ro there0E
A6an1 you;ll never %et into .ed /hina with that "ass"ort0
)ow usually = en?oy it when "eo"le tell e a issionary
adventure is i"ossible1 be!ause this allows e to e("erien!e
Fod;s way o$ dealin% with i"ossibilities0 But no sooner had =
!he!4ed in at the <on% @on% ABE than = be%an to hear ore
dis!oura%in% $a!ts0 All o$ <on% @on%1 it seeed1 was $illed with
issionaries who had tried and $ailed to %et into ainland /hina0
'hey in!luded do!tors and tea!hers with lon% re!ords o$ servi!e
to the "eo"le0 'oday none o$ it !ounted> the $a!t that they had
been a!!redited under the "re /ounist re%ie autoati!ally
barred the $ro the !ountry
2hen =;d heard these thin%s $or the one hundredth tie1 y
!on$iden!e wavered0 6aybe = !ould %et a new "ass"ort0 with
none o$ y earlier tri"s sta"ed in it0
= too4 the $erry $ro @owloon1 where the <on% @on% ABE is
lo!ated1 a!ross to the ain "art o$ the !ity on its ro!4 island and
went to the 9ut!h !onsulate = $ound the !onsul behind a s!reen
o$ thi!4 "un%ent so4e1 "u$$in% at a lon%#steed !lay "i"e1
whi!h ade e a!he $or <olland0 2hen = told hi = wanted to
%o to the /hina ainland1 he too4 the 5 "i"e $ro his outh and
be%an to sile 2hen = went on to e("lain that = was a
issionary1 his sile broadened0 2hen = told hi $ran4ly that =
wanted to loo4 $or /hristians there and e("lore the "ossibilities
o$ %ettin% Bibles to the1 he a!tually be%an to lau%h0
A6ay = see your "ass"ort3; be said1 <e ru$$led throu%h the
"a%es1 sha4in% his head0 A="ossible1E he said1 stabbin% the
daa%in% visas with the ste o$ the "i"e0
ASir1E = said1 Athat;s why =; here0 = want a new "ass"ort0E
A="ossible1E be said a%ain0 'he !onsulate in <on% @on%
had no authority to issue "ass"orts0 =t he were to send y re8uest
to =ndonesia1 he;d have to show le%al !ause1 and there was none0
<e sent a !loud o$ so4e s"iralin% to the !eilin%0 And = 4new the
interview was over0
At $irst = was disa""ointed with the $ailure o$ y strata%e7
then suddenly = 4new = was %lad0 )ow there was no "ossibility
o$ y %ettin% into /hina by y own !leverness0 = believed that
the desire to %o to /hina had !oe $ro Fod>
= would leave the eans to <i too0 'he ne(t ornin% =
would si"ly %o to the /hinese !onsulate and a""ly $or a visa1
4nowin% that i$ Fod really wanted e to %o1 the ne!essary
"a"ers would be $orth!oin%0
First1 thou%h1 = had soe hoewor4 to do0 = thou%ht o$
Joshua "re"arin% to invade the land o$ the /anaanites and how
he had sent s"ies ahead to s!out out the land0 Perha"s this =s
what = ust do> s"y out the land o$ /hinese o$$i!ialdo0 =t was
dar4 now 5 stores and o$$i!es were shut 5 but = set out in sear!h
o$ the /hinese Atravel a%en!y1E as the touris de"artent o$ that
%overnent was !alled0
As = had e("e!ted1 it was !losed0 On a lar%e "illar outside the
door1 a si%n announ!ed in En%lish> A/hinese 'ravel Servi!e0E On
the dar4 sidewal4 in $ront o$ the barred door1 = be%an to "ray the
Prayer o$ Gi!tory1 bindin% any $or!e that !ould "revent e $ro
%oin% where Fod willed1 "ro!laiin% the $a!t that /hrist had
been vi!torious on!e $or all over any "ower o""osed to the rule
o$ Fod0 Ba!4 and $orth in $ront o$ the buildin% = wal4ed0 = "rayed
$or two hours there in the dar40
'he ne(t ornin% = was ba!4 a%ain0 'his tie the door was
o"en0 At the to" o$ a $li%ht o$ stairs sat a /hinese soldier0 Behind
hi was a lar%e roo ?aed with "eo"le0 = !hose a line and
while waitin%1 = "rayed $or the o$$i!ials and !ler4s on the other
side o$ the !ounter1 "rayin% that Fod was o"enin% !hannels with
whi!h to rea!h these !itizens o$ /hina0
And then it was y turn0 = ste""ed $orward1 and the an in
the "ale blue A"eo"le;s uni$orE loo4ed u" at e in8uirin%ly0
ASir1E = said in En%lish1 A= want to a4e a""li!ation $or a
visa to /hina0E
'he an too4 his eyes o$$ ine and be%an sta"in% "a"ers0
A<ave you ever been to the Cnited States or to 'aiwan3E he
ABes1 sir0 =;ve ?ust !oe $ro 'aiwan1 and be$ore that = was
in /ali$ornia0E
'hen1 he said with a sile1 Ayou !annot "ossibly %o to /hina
be!ause these !ountries are our eneies0E
ABut1E = said1 silin% ba!4 at hi1 Athey are not y eneies1
$or = have no eneies0 2ill you %ive e the $ors3E
2e held ea!h other;s eye0 = do not 4now what the other an
was doin%1 but = was "rayin%0 <e loo4ed at e steadily1 without
e("ression1 $or a lon% tie0 'hen at last his %aze bro4e0 A=t will
a!hieve nothin%1E he said with a shru%0 But be handed e the
a""li!ation $ors0
2hen = had $iled the out1 he told e that = !ould not have
y answer be$ore three days0 'he a""li!ation1 with the
in!riinatin% "ass"ort1 would have to travel u" to /anton0
'hat ni%ht = had dinner with an old /hina issionary0 A'hey
said = i%ht hear a$ter three daysDE = told hi ?ubilantly0
6y host threw ba!4 his bead and roared0 A'hat ?ust shows
how little you 4now the oriental indDE he said0 A'hey always
tell you Lthree days0; 'hree days is /hinese $or never0E
.esolutely = !losed y eats to his errient0 For those three
days = $asted and "rayed alost !ontinually0 = did ore than this0
= went to the lo!al Bible sho" and "ur!hased su""lies o$ /hinese
S!ri"ture to ta4e with e behind the Baboo /urtain0 = ade
arran%eents to store soe o$ y !lothes1 sin!e = would have so
little roo in a suit!ase $iled ostly with Bibles0 And = waited0
On the third day l returned to y roo at the ABE to $ind a
note tellin% e to tele"hone the /hinese travel a%en!y0 =nstead
o$ returnin% the !all1 = went dire!tly to the o$$i!e0 = tried to read
the $a!e o$ the /hinese o$$i!ial as he loo4ed u" and saw e0 But
he was as ins!rutable as his !ountryen;s re"utation0 At last =
rea!hed the !ounter0 2ithout a word1 he handed e y "ass"ort7
atta!hed to =t was a "ie!e o$ "a"er1 sta"ed with the all#
i"ortant visa $or travel in his !ountry0
At ei%ht o;!lo!4 ne(t ornin% = was aboard a train "ullin%
out o$ 'si Sha 'sui station0 'o %et to the border re8uired a two#
hour train tri" a!ross the British /rown /olony to the little town
o$ :o 2u0 'here1 over a railroad brid%e a!ross a sall strea1
was the entran!e to the land o$ the awa4enin% dra%on0
On the British side were only a sall restaurant and the
station#and#!ustos o$$i!e0 = %rew tired o$ wailin% and strolled
outside where a British soldier was an duty at the brid%e0 A
$rei%ht train was rattlin% a!ross1 bound $or <on% @on%1 !arryin%
live "i%s and !hi!4ens and "rodu!e $or the illions in the British
!ity0 'he soldier told e that the "la!e was 4nown lo!ally as the
Brid%e o$ 2ee"in%0 Ea!h day =t was ne!essary to round u"
re$u%ees who had snea4ed a!ross this strea and herd the ba!4
over the brid%e0 <e told e how they we"t and "leaded and
!lun% to the su"erstru!ture o$ the brid%e1 not wantin% to return0
A:ord1E = "rayed silently1 Asoe day let there be no ore
brid%es o$ wee"in%0 Brin% the day soon when all an4ind will
belon% to the one 4in%do o$ Bour love0E
6y ?ob now was to do soe s!outin% $or that 4in%do0 A
lon% last the British !ustos o$$i!er told us we !ould !ross the
brid%e0 2e went sin%le $ile1 ste""in% !autiously on the !ross ties0
'here were hal$ a dozen o$ us Euro"eans in the %rou" the others
were ostly businessen $ro En%land1 Fran!e and /anada0 At
the hal$way "oint the shade o$ %reen in whi!h the %irders were
"ainted !han%ed0 2e were in /ounist /hina0
On this side o$ the border was a u!h lar%er !o"le( o$
buildin%s1 neat and dull1 the onotony bro4en by a "ro$usion o$
%eranius "lanted everywhere0 'he !ustos ins"e!tor was a %irl1
very youn%1 very tri0 2ith the sae "olite sile the o$$i!ial in
the travel a%en!y had %iven e1 she said1 A2ill you "lease o"en
your valise3;
6y heart beat $aster0 =nside1 without any e$$ort to hide the1
= had "ut the su""ly o$ /hinese Bibles with whi!h = would test
/hina;s rea!tion to the "resen!e o$ a issionary <ow was this
youn% o$$i!ial %oin% to rea!t3
= raised the lid to y suit!ase1 revealin% the sta!4s o$ Bibles0
And as = did1 = had y $irst "uzzlin% e("erien!e with the /hinese
/ounists0 'he !ustos o$$i!er did not tou!h a thin% in y
suit!ase0 She loo4ed at the Bibles $or a oent1 then raised her
eyes> A'han4 you1 sir1E she said1 with the ever#"resent sile0
AAre you !arryin% a wat!h3 9o you have a !aera3E
)o rea!tion at all to what she had seen in the suit!ase0 She
was twenty1 "erha"s twenty#$ive years old0 2as it "ossible that
she had never seen a Bible3 'hat she had no idea what it was0 0
'he train $or /anton was waitin% $or us0 'he an!ient
"assen%er !ar was s"otlessly !lean1 $resh $lowers $illed little
vases between the seats1 a stewardess served us hot tea0 As the
train started = %lan!ed at y wat!h> we were on s!hedule to the
inute0 'he stewardess1 a$ter sear!hin% a oent $or the
En%lish words1 beaed at e0
<Our train on tieE she said0
=t was y $irst en!ounter with the AourE o$ odern /hina0
Everywhere = heard about AourE train1 AourE revolution1 AourE
$irst /hinese#ade autoobile0 And in the railroad station in
/anton = %ot a %li"se o$ how su!h national sentient is !reated
and aintained0 Everywhere were ra!4s o$ readin% atter1
beauti$ully "rinted and illustrated and $ree0 =t was the sae at the
hotel where = stayed> sta!4 u"on sta!4 o$ literature awaited e in
the lobby1 the dinin%#roo1 every stair landin%0 'hose in the
hotel were in Euro"ean lan%ua%es 5 Feran1 En%lish1 Fren!h 5
and obviously dire!ted at the traveler0 But elsewhere the
literature was $or hoe !onsu"tion0 Every a%azine1
news"a"er1 ovie1 and "lay !arried a two#$old essa%e0 Be
%rate$ul $or the .evolution0 <ate Aeri!a0
One ni%ht = went to a theater where a trou"e o$ !hild
a!robats was "er$orin%0 'he !oedian was a Pu!4#li4e little
boy who was always tryin% to li%ht a $ire!ra!4er0 Ea!h tie1 ?ust
as the $use was about to i%nite the "owder1 the hero o$ the "lay
would "ut it out0 2ith ea!h e"isode the $ire!ra!4er %ot lar%er
until it had be!ae an atoi! bob1 dra"ed with a hu%e
Aeri!an $la%0 A%ain at the last oent the hero saved the day
and destroyed the bob0 At this1 the audien!e went wild1 lea"in%
$ro their seats in a $renzy o$ %lee and "atriotis0
'he other thee o$ all "ro"a%anda 5 enthusias $or the
revolution 5 was e8ually relentless and1 in its own way1 ?ust as
deadenin%0 9urin% y stay in /anton = visited an old "eo"le;s
hoe0 By Euro"ean standards it was e(treely "riitive1 but the
en and woen there seeed !ontent enou%h> soe weavin%1
soe !leanin% u" the !o"ound1 all en%a%ed in soe $or o$
"rodu!tive wor40
'he leader o$ the !ounity1 an old woan in her ei%hties1
%reeted e throu%h an inter"reter and ade a little s"ee!h0 'he
thee seeed to be how ha""y and use$ul old "eo"le $elt sin!e
the revolution0 ABe$ore liberation1E she said1 old "eo"le were le$t
to die in the $ields0 AA$ter liberationE thou%h1 thin%s had been
'he rest o$ the old $ol4s s!ar!ely %lan!ed u" as their leader
tal4ed0 Every tie she s"o4e the words Aa$ter liberation1E
however1 =t was as i$ a button had been "ushed0 Ea!h a%ed $a!e
be!ae aniated0 Ea!h "air o$ hands be%an to !la"0 And then as
the leader !ontinued1 they settled ba!4 a%ain to the reveries o$
old a%e0
But i$ the enthusias o$ the elderly seeed less than
s"ontaneous1 it was not so with youn% "eo"le0 6y youth$ul
inter"reter in Shan%hai a wee4 later !learly had an evan%elist;s
$ervor3 ABe$ore1E Shan%hai had been noted $or =ts "rostitution7
Aa$ter1E the "rostitutes were ta4en to trainin% !a"s where they
had learned use$ul s4ills0 ABe$ore1E /hina had had one o$ the
lowest litera!y rates in the world7 Aa$ter1E it had a!hieved one o$
the hi%hest0 On and on it went0
'his 4ind o$ !onversation ade e all the ore ea%er to
visit a !oune0 A$ter all1 %uides were %overnent e"loyees1
s!reened and indo!trinated $or their ?obs0 Surely the avera%e
wor4ers was not so starry#eyed about the wonder$ul world o$
=n all1 durin% y stay in /hina0 = was able to visit si(
!ounes0 'he $irst nubered ore than ten thousand "eo"le0
And it was here that = had y $irst !han!e to visit in$orally in a
/hinese hoe0
= !hose the hoe ysel$ 5 a sall1 that!h#roo$ed house on a
side street 5 and was allowed to dro" in unannoun!ed0 An old
an answered our 4no!40 <e and his wi$e showed us around
with !ra!4lin% lau%hs and ever#"resent siles0 Pride was
obvious0 'hey "ointed several ties to their %rain store1 a
!ylindri!al bin ade o$ baboo and $illed with wheat0 = as4ed
throu%h the inter"reter i$ i!e were not a "roble0 'he old an
A2e have i!e1E he said1 Abut now we do not ind be!ause
there is enou%h $or us and the too1 =t wasn;t li4e that Be$ore0E
Be$ore0 6y %reat disadvanta%e1 o$ !ourse1 was that = had no
ental "i!ture o$ Be$ore0 = was a ran4 new!oer to this !o"le(
land1 with no real "oints o$ !o"arison0 At another !oune1
$or e(a"le1 = was shown throu%h a hos"ital that1 had it been in
<olland1 would have been the last "la!e in the !ountry we would
have shown to visitors0 'he o"eratin% roo had neither overhead
li%htin% nor sterilizin% "an1 the "hara!y was a row o$ e"ty
shelves1 and in soe o$ the wards the beds not only la!4ed sheets
but attresses as well0 And yet on a tour !learly intended to
i"ress e1 = was bein% shown this "la!e1 as thou%h in their own
inds it re"resented an advan!e0
9id this %ive e a %li"se o$ Be$ore3
6y !hie$ ob?e!tive in Shan%hai was to $ind a%ain the B6/A
se!retary with who = had ridden the bus in 6os!ow0 On
in8uirin% at the hotel1 = learned to y deli%ht that the ABE was
still o"en0 2hen = %ot to the buildin%0 thou%h1 y deli%ht $aded>
inside = saw ostly old ladies "layin% board %aes0 'his !enter
was neither $or the Boun%0 nor $or 6en1 nor did it see very
/hristian0 About all that was le$t o$ this B6/A was an
'hrou%h y inter"reter = as4ed $or y $riend0 'o y
sur"rise1 no one had heard o$ hi0 A2ould you ind !he!4in%3E
= said0 'he re!e"tionist disa""eared $or a while and !ae ba!4
with the news that no one was $ailiar with the nae0 A<ow !an
that betE = insisted0 A'his an was your se!retary here0 Surely
soeone will re!o%nize his nae0 2ould you ind as4in% ?ust
on!e ore3E
'his tie the re!e"tionist stayed away $or a lon% while0
2hen she !ae ba!4 she was silin%0 A=; sorry1E she said1 and
then she used a "hrase = was to hear o$ten in /hina when = was
loo4in% $or a "arti!ular "erson0 ABour $riend is not here0 <e is
out o$ town0E
And that was all = !ould dis!over0 = was le$t to ia%ine why
this /hristian leader had si"ly vanished0 APeranentlyE Out o$
town was y %uess0 <ow any /hristians in /hina today were
"eranently out o$ town3E
Ba!4 in 6os!ow the se!retary had told e that there was a
Bible sho" still o"en in Shan%hai0 Sure enou%h = $ound it> a sall
store on an out#o$#the#way street1 but o"en $or business and well
sta!4ed with all sizes o$ Bibles0 Anyone in Shan%hai !ould buy
the boo4s 5 boo4s that had to be su%%led into so u!h o$
Eastern Euro"eD
= was wel!oed in En%lish by the ana%er1 who showed e
around the store with "ride0 On the wait hun% a "rint o$ /hrist
surrounded by little !hildren 5 blond and blue#eyed1 every one o$
= "i!4ed u" a Bible $ro a table0 'o y sur"rise1 = read in
En%lish that the boo4 had been "rinted in Shan%hai0
APrinted here3E = said0 A)ot in <on% @on%3E
'he ana%er drew hisel$ u" "roudly0 A=n /hina1E he said1
Awe a4e everythin% ourselves0E
Only when = as4ed hi how u!h business he did1 did his
$a!e $all a little0 = had been in the store an hour1 and not a sin%le
other "erson had been in0
A)ot any !ustoer1E be said sadly00
<ow any Bibles did he sell in a onth3
A)ot any0E
)ot any Bibles0 )ot any !ustoers0 'he %overnent
allowed this $unny little sho" to sell its anti8ues be!ause it
re"resented no dan%er0 )o one !ared0
= thou%ht ba!4 over y e("erien!es tryin% to hand out Bibles
in /hina0 = had o$$ered the $irst one to y inter"reter in /anton0
She handed it ba!4> she had no tie $or readin%0 'hin4in%
"erha"s it was dan%erous to be seen a!!e"tin% a Bible1 = had tried
ne(t leavin% several behind e Aa!!identallyE in hotel roos as =
!he!4ed out0 = never su!!eeded0 Always be$ore = %ot o$$ the
$loor1 the !haberaid would run a$ter e1 Bible in hand1
APlease1 belon% to you3E
=n des"eration = had tried %ivin% Bibles away on the street0
6y %uides ade no ob?e!tion0 'hey seeed in $a!t to $eel sorry
$or e when "erson a$ter "erson sto""ed to see what = was
o$$erin%1 then handed the boo4 ba!4 to e0
And now this store0 A)ot any !ustoer0E Stran%ely enou%h
= le$t that wide o"en1 well#sto!4ed Bible sho" ore dis!oura%ed
than at any tie sin!e = had been in /hina0 Perse!ution is an
eney the /hur!h has et and astered any ties0
=ndi$$eren!e !ould "rove to be a $ar ore dan%erous $oe0
= still had one ho"e0 Everywhere "eo"le assured e that
theolo%i!al seinaries were still o"en0 At $irst this seeed
unbelievably %ood news0 But a$ter visitin% one = was not so sure0
'he s!hool = visited was ?ust outside )an4in%0 = s"ent soe
tie with the "resident and one o$ the "ro$essors in an ideal
situation> both s"o4e En%lish0 <ere1 = thou%ht1 was a !han!e to
visit /hristians $ree $ro the !riti!al eye o$ an inter"reter0
<owever1 on!e we were alone we sat in ebarrassed
Silen!e1 bro4en only by the noisy si""in% o$ tea0 2hen we had
rea!hed the botto o$ our !u"s and still no one had s"o4en1 =
de!ided to be%in by e("lainin% that = was a issionary0 But at
the word AissionaryE both en loo4ed as sho!4ed as i$ = had
said a dirty word within those sa!red wails0
A'he issionaries we 4new1E said the "resident1 Awere
<e turned to the "ro$essor and said soethin% to hi in
/hinese0 'he "ro$essor le$t the roo and s!urried ba!4 a inute
later !arryin% a hu%e boo41 o"ened to a well#ar4ed "a%e o$
!orres"onden!e between a issionary and soe %overnent
o$$i!ials re%ardin% natural resour!es1 $ood su""lies1 "o"ular
Over the ne(t 8uarter#hour this little "ro$essor in his blue
uni$or hustled ba!4 and $orth $ro the library1 ea!h tie
brin%in% a new volue always o"ened to an underlined "assa%e0
All the boo4s were $ro well#4nown 2estern "ublishin% houses0
And it did a""ear1 indeed1 that soe issionaries had re%ularly
su""lied their ebassies with#in$oration0 2e in the 2est had
never seen a !on$li!t between loyalty to /hrist and loyalty to
hoeland0 <ad we le$t a !on$used witness behind us $or that
2hatever the truth1 y visit to the )an4in% seinary was to
be a "urely "oliti!al a$$air0 'he "resident was a eber o$ the
lo!al "arliaent and dee"ly involved in the =nternational
/ounist oveent0 Anti#Aeri!an "osters were "lastered on
walls 5 with the inevitable /hinese !hasin% the inevitable
Aeri!an who was !arryin% the inevitable atoi! bob0
About the /hristianity tau%ht in this seinary1 = learned
nothin%0 2hatever $or it ta4es1 one thin% is sure> it is dressed in
the ilitary anti#2estern %arb that all edu!ation in /hina wears
<ow u!h !an you learn about a !ountry in a sin%le
su"er$i!ial visit ha"ered by a lan%ua%e barrier and by
inter"reters who1 you 4now1 want you to see only the best3
="ressions1 "erha"s1 are all you ta4e away0 6any o$ the
i"ressions were "ositive0 'he !leanliness0 'he absen!e o$
be%%ars and ri!4shaw "ullers0 'he honesty0 Soe o$ the
i"ressions were sad0 'he enorous $ully sta$$ed dinin% roos
where = would be the only !ustoer0 'he e"ty streets where
y ta(i would be the only otor vehi!le in si%ht and the tra$$i!
"oli!e would hold u" "edestrians blo!4s ahead in "re"aration $or
the rare a""roa!h o$ an autoobile0
And soe were terri$yin%0 = reeber the ornin% when =
was leavin% )an4in% on the early $li%ht0 = was dressin% in y
hotel roo when = heard shouts $ro the street = ran to the
window0 =n the s8uare below1 hundreds o$ en1 woen1 and
!hildren were e(e!utin% a ti%ht#ran4 ilitary drill0 At this hour1
be$ore $a!tories and s!hools o"ened1 the entire "o"ulation turned
out to ar!h1 to shout1 to lun%e1 and to "er$or a whole series o$
hi%h#"re!ision aneuvers0
6y ta(i drove e throu%h the idst o$ the e(er!ises0 As we
rea!hed the !orner a !oand was %iven to AFreezeDE 5 a
aneuver in whi!h ea!h "erson $roze in the "osition he had
ha""ened to be in1 le%s in id#stride1 ars outstret!hed0 All
those ars seeed stret!hed at e1 the $in%ers "ointin%1 the eyes
=n the air"lane = tried to sha4e o$$ the i"ression0 But the
eyes had $ollowed e0 2as = %uilty1 alon% with y $ellows o$
the 2est1 $or the a!!usin% loo4s3 2hat 4ind o$ re"resentatives o$
/hrist had we been3 =$ our treatent o$ the /hinese had ade
the anti#2estern1 that was tra%i! 5 but =$ =t had ade the
anti#Fod1 that was the everlastin% loss0 = 4e"t reeberin% the
words o$ a !oune leader when = as4ed i$ = i%ht see their
A=n the !ounes1 sir1E he had said "roudly1 Ayou will $ind
no !hur!hes0 Bou see1 reli%ion is $or the hel"less0 <ere in /hina
we are not hel"less any ore0E
=t was ei%ht o;!lo!4 on a Sunday ornin%1 and = sat on the
bed in y hotel roo in Pe4in%1 waitin%0 An hour earlier = had
told the %uide1 A'oday = would li4e to %o to !hur!h0E
A/hur!hDE the %uide said0 <e "roised to try1 but he assured
e there were very $ew !hur!hes 5 es"e!ially Protestant
!hur!hes 5 still o"en in Pe4in%0 <al$ an hour went by0 =$ he did
not !oe soon1 the tie $or the ornin% servi!e 5 nine o;!lo!4 5
would have "assed0 But ?ust be$ore nine he returned1 his usually
solen $a!e a%low1
ASirDE he said1 as i$ he had dis!overed soethin% e(treely
8uaint and rare $or e0 A= have $ound your !hur!h0 /oe with
'he little !hur!h was un4e"t and uninvitin%1 and it did not
sur"rise e that y %uide re$used to %o inside0 So = wal4ed
alone throu%h the rusted iron %ate and $ound ysel$ in a lar%e
bare roo as dull to the eye as the outside had been0 =n the whole
roo there were only two tou!hes o$ !olor> one woan wore a
red !ardi%an1 and beside the "ul"it stood a red /hinese $la%0
= sat down in the ba!4 ?ust as a %ranny tottered over to a
little1 out#o$#tune "iano and started to "lay0 'he elody was a
nineteenth#!entury En%lish hyn1 whose ood and essa%e
were in no way a""ro"riate $or /hina0 = !ounted $i$ty#si( o$ us in
the !on%re%ation 5 and = believe = was the only one under the a%e
o$ si(ty0 An an!ient an with a thin beard and va%ue1 watery
eyes stood u" and be%an to "rea!h0 6ost o$ his !on%re%ation
went to slee"0
6y heart went out to these "oor old en and woen1
holdin% onto the sli thread o$ the $aith that had been brou%ht to
the by issionaries so lon% a%o0 But what !han!e did the
Fos"el have when it was believed only by the old3 2hat !han!e
did it have when it was asso!iated at every turn with yesterday;s
e"ires0 = was %lad y %uide had stayed outside0 = had been
tryin% to !onvin!e hi that /hristianity was a %reat adventure0
But this3 As = ?oined hi outdoors a$ter the servi!e1 = $ound
ysel$ thin4in% that i$ this were a $air e(a"le o$ /hinese
/hristianity1 then the %overnent would have an easy ?ob o$
snu$$in% it out0 All it needed was one little "oo$0
So = le$t /hina dee"ly distressed0 = $ound one ray o$ ho"e in
the very disre%ard with whi!h the %overnent held the
S!ri"tures0 'hey a""arently ade no e$$ort to "revent the $ro
bein% brou%ht into the !ountry1 sold1 and even "rinted there0
/learly they underestiated the Bible1 and this i%ht be Fod;s
o""ortunity0 = 4new $ro "ersonal e("erien!e how "ower$ul a
tool the Bible !ould be in the hands o$ the <oly S"irit0 <adn;t =
ysel$ been !onverted si"ly readin% this boo43
But in addition1 the <oly S"irit needed en in /hina0
9edi!ated1 i"assioned1 visionary en0 And even a su"er$i!ial
visit had told e that these en1 in the se!ond hal$ o$ the
twentieth !entury1 !ould not be 2esterners0 'o inister to the
/hinese today1 Fod needed /hinese hands and voi!es0
And so1 ba!4 in <olland1 a new "rayer was added to the ones
that /orrie and <ans and .oll and Elena and = said daily $or our
wor4 that $ro soewhere /hinese /hristians would !oe to
?oin us1 to do in their $atherland the wor4 o$ en!oura%eent and
!arin% that history had !losed to us0
/<AP'E. '2E)'B#O)E
T"e!6e 2,ost!es of #o,e
)ot only $or /hina but also $or everywhere it was !lear that
we needed ore tea ebers0 =t would do little %ood to a""ear
in a !ountry with "rotestations o$ love and !on!ern and never be
heard $ro a%ain0 =t was our ai to revisit ea!h /oounist
land at least on!e a year1 and ideally $ar ore o$ten0 =deally1 too1
we would %o in "airs1 havin% $ound that this was so u!h better
than a sin%le inistry0 But where were we to $ind enou%h
"artners to a4e this s!hedule "ossible3
=t wasn;t that we !ouldn;t $ind volunteers 5 alost every
tie one o$ us s"o4e soeone o$$ered hisel$ $or our wor40 'he
"roble was to 4now whether or not these were the "eo"le Fod
was sendin% us0 =n an e$$ort to weed out the novelty#see4ers and
the erely !urious = o$ten said1 Aas soon as your own inistry o$
en!oura%eent is started behind the /urtain1 %et in tou!h with us
and let;s see i$ we !an wor4 to%ether0E
And on!e this a!tually ha""ened0 One day = re!eived a letter
$ro a youn% 9ut!han naed 6ar!us0 A= wonder i$ you
reeber the s"ee!h you %ave to Swansea Bible /olle%e in
2ales1E he wrote0 ABou said1 L2hen you start wor4in% behind
the =ron /urtain1 we !an tal4 about wor4in% to%ether0; 2ell here
= a0 So lets have that tal40E 'he letter was "ostar4ed
A:oo4 at thisDE = said to /orrie0 She read the letter too0 /ould
it be that this an was su""osed to ?oin us3 =$ he %ot in tou!h
with us a%ain1 we de!ided1 we should ta4e his su%%estion
And several onths later we did hear $ro 6ar!us a%ain0 <e
was ba!4 in Bu%oslavia on a se!ond tri"0 2hen he wrote a third
tie $ro Bu%oslavia1 he said that be had $ul$illed the
!onditions0 )ow he wanted to see us0
One day Jo""a ran into the study where = was stru%%lin%
with the "er"etual "roble o$ !orres"onden!e0
A6ar!us is here1 Pa"a0E
= lea"ed u" $ro y des4 and ran downstairs0 = li4ed 6ar!us
the oent = saw hi0 Over !o$$ee1 he told us about his
e("erien!es in Bu%oslavia0 <e had %one in with a su""ly o$
literature1 whi!h he had "ut on store !ounters or on "ar4 ben!hes0
'hen he stood nearby while "eo"le !ae u" and hel"ed
theselves0 =t was "retty tae evan%elis1 he aditted1 but he
was learnin%0
A= thin4 =;ll let you ta4e a tri" with .ol$1E = said0 A<e;ll
introdu!e you to soe "astors and !hur!h ebers0 Fet the to
tal4in%1 6ar!us0 'hen !oe ba!4 and tell e whether you still
want to wor4 with us0E
For three wee4s .ol$ and 6ar!us traveled around
Bu%oslavia and Bul%aria0 2hen they returned1 = did not need to
as4 6ar!us whether or not he wanted to be "art o$ this inistry0
= !ould see the answer in his $a!e0
A= had no idea1E was all he said0
And so 6ar!us ?oined our little band0
But with his arrival1 it seeed as thou%h the wor4 alost
e("loded1 so $ast was it e("andin%1 and soon all o$ us were 5
travelin% ore than ever0
'wo onths a$ter 6ar!us ?oined us1 <ans and = le$t Euro"e
to visit the only /ounist !ountry in the )ew 2orld0 2e were
wor4in% in /ze!hoslova4ia when the visas $or /uba !ae
throu%h1 and we $lew dire!tly $ro there0 =t was <ans;s $irst tri"
to Aeri!a1 and e(!e"t $ot the brie$ s"ea4in% tour o$ the Cnited
States1 ine too0 2hat a !ontrast to !old %ray; Pra%ueD =n
<avana the war sun shone $ro white buildin%s and s"ar4led
on the waves below the 6ale!on0 'he "eo"le were %ay and well
dressed0 On tb! bus tri" $ro the air"ort total stran%ers were
sin%in% to%ether a$ter hal$ a dozen blo!4s0
<ans went dire!tly to Oriente Provin!e in the east o$ the
island while = stayed in and around the !a"ital0 6y hotel was the
<avana :ibre1 the $orer <ilton0 = was not sur"rised when the
usual order !ae to re"ort to "oli!e head8uarters0 )or was =
sur"rised at the lon% wait in an outer o$$i!e> bureau!rati!
!ountries are the sae in the sun and out o$ it0
'he "oli!e o$$i!er who $inally saw e $airly bristled with
sus"i!ion0 A<ow are you here3E lie as4ed in very haltin% En%lish0
A=;ve !oe to "rea!h the Fos"el1E = said0 <e was holdin% y
"ass"ort showin% y visits to .ussia1 the Cnited States1 and
other nations0 /learly he sus"e!ted a ore !o"li!ated otive0
<e as4ed e a lot ore 8uestions1 too4 any notes and $inally
let e return to the hotel0 'here were $our other days o$
interro%ation1 but eanwhile1 as = had told hi1 = be%an to
"rea!h0 'he !hur!h where = held y eetin%s was a relatively
lar%e one1 an attra!tive buildin% with an or%an1 a "astor1 and
e(a!tly two ebers in its o$$i!ial !on%re%ation0 On!e it had
had a lar%e ebershi"1 but that was be$ore the anti#reli%ious
!a"ai%n be%an> the obs outside1 the shoutin% and blarin% o$
louds"ea4ers durin% servi!es1 the tearin% u" o$ the street
"aveent1 the in$iltratin% "oli!e0
Bet1 thirty#$ive /ubans !ae to the !hur!h to hear e the
$irst ni%ht0 On the se!ond ni%ht1 the thirty#$ive returned7 on the
third and $ourth ni%hts si(ty !ae1 and then over a hundred0
Cndoubtedly soe o$ these AbelieversE were "oli!een1 but =
was %lad to have the hear e0 = was !are$ul to !on!entrate on
the Fos"el and stay away $ro "oliti!s0 But within these liits1
whi!h are the sae $or any "oli!e state1 = was stru!4 with the
$reedos 5 o$ assebly1 o$ travel1 o$ sel$#e("ression# 5 that e(ist
in /uba as !o"ared with the older /ounist !ountries0
9urin% the $ollowin% wee4s = traveled in the area
=ediately surroundin% <avana1 s"ea4in% in various !hur!hes
any ties a day to ever in!reasin% nubers o$ "eo"le 5
soeties as any as si( hundred to%ether0 = s"o4e in En%lish
$or whi!h = never had trouble $indin% an inter"reter0 <ans and =
4e"t in tou!h re%ularly by tele"hone7 be re"orted that "oli!e
!ontrol was ti%hter1 "eo"le ore $ear$ul in Onrente1 where the
Cnited States ilitary base is1 than in0 <avana0
Both <ans and = learned to announ!e $irst thin% that we were
9ut!h0 L'his ade a di$$eren!e0 'he hate#C0S0 !a"ai%n is a
total o$$ensive in /uba1 and eotions1 even in0 the !hur!hes1 are
!on$used0 'he %overnent has ade u!h o$ the $a!t that ost
Protestant !hur!hes in0 /uba were ori%inally C0S0 issions0
<owever1 all !hur!hes1 /atholi! as well as Protestant1 have
su$$ered ali4e under the new re%ie1 and the %rou" that has
su$$ered ost is the !ler%y0 Priests and inisters are !lassed as
non#"rodu!tive ebers o$ so!iety0 'hey are %iven no $ood or
!lothin% !ou"ons and are $re8uently $or!ed into labor battalions
ade u" o$ en deeed unsuitable $or servi!e in the ary0 9ru%
addi!ts1 hoose(uals1 !onvi!ts1 and !leri!s are all lu"ed
to%ether and sent into the $ields to !ut su%ar !ane0
And yet ost o$ these brave en stay on at their "osts1 'he
!hur!hes reain o"en7 s"iritual hun%er is enorous0 2herever
<ans or = s"o4e1 word would !ir!ulate and "eo"le would %ather1
o$ten "o4in% their heads in at windows and doors to listen1 at
$irst $ro outside0 Soeties it seeed wise not to use a !hur!h
buildin% at all0 = reeber sittin% one a$ternoon on a !li$$ hi%h
over an o!ean bay tal4in% with a %rou" o$ about $i$ty university
students1 while a ?ee" $illed with ared soldiers drove ba!4 and
$orth on the road behind us0
2herever we went1 "eo"le as4ed 8uestions about arrests and
i"risonent in the /ounist !ountries we had visited0 'hey
as4ed 8uestions1 too1 that aazed us be!ause o$ the 4nowled%e
they showed o$ the !urrent world o$ reli%ion>
2hat about 9ave 2il4erson;s 'een /enter in )ew Bor43
2here was Billy Fraha now3 2hat was this adness about the
Adeath o$ FodE3 'hat was how we learned that reli%ious
"ubli!ations 5 even $ro the Cnited States 5 were still !oin%
into the !ountry throu%h noral "ostal !hannels0
Several onths be$ore our arrival1 /astro announ!ed his "lan
to "erit "eo"le to leave the !ountry0 <undreds o$ thousands o$
"eo"le "ut their naes on the list0 <owever1 only two "lanes
$lew out o$ /uba ea!h day0 =t would ta4e ten years be$ore even
the 9001000 "eo"le on the ori%inal list !ould be $lown out0
6eanwhile1 those who waited lost their ?obs1 their houses1 and
"ro"erty0 Bet 190 a day did leave1 and others believed $irly that
their turn would soon be !oin%0 =t was aon% these "eo"le who
wanted to leave /uba that we $elt our tri" had the %reatest e$$e!t0
As we had in Eastern Euro"e1 we ur%ed our listeners to
re!onsider the role o$ a /hristian when his !ountry is in trouble0
=s it to run1 or is it to stand0 li$e in /uba in 196+ was not easy0
But "erha"s Fod had had <is reasons $or "uttin% the in this
"la!e at this tie0 Perha"s they were to be <is ars and le%s and
<is healin% hands in this situation1 without who <e would
have no re"resentative in this land0
One evenin% when = had said soethin% li4e this1 a stout1
well#dressed an with a heavy bla!4 ousta!he stood u" in the
!on%re%ation0 A= a a 6ethodist inister1E he told the %rou"0
AFor the last two years = have wor4ed as a barber0 But Fod has
s"o4en to e this evenin%0 = a %oin% to return to the inistry0 =
a a she"herd who has le$t his shee"1 but = a %oin% ba!4 to
'here was "andeoniu0 Everyone in the !hur!h had to
sha4e his band0 = heard shouts o$ ?oy1 !rieso$ <+rac'as: ,astor=
2e saw any su!h de!isions0 One !ou"le had their lon%
awaited airline ti!4ets $or two wee4s $ro the ni%ht we et
the0 'hey de!ided to turn the ba!40 AFro now on1E they told
us1 A/uba is our ission $ield0E
And as we boarded our return "lane in <avana1 <ans and =
4new that /uba was ours as well0 <ere was a !ountry wide o"en
to Bibles1 to reli%ious boo4s1 and literature o$ all 4ind1 and to
visitors $ro all but a $ew !ountries0 A !ountry where the least
s"ar4 o$ en!oura%eent dro""ed into the %enerous and
eotional :atin heart lit bon$ires o$ love and !onse!ration and
sel$#sa!ri$i!e in res"onse0
=t was as well the /uban tri" !ae when =t did1 $or the
$ollowin% year we entered at last the ost ti%htly !ontrolled
/ounist !ountry o$ the all0 =t was so di$$i!ult to %et into1
and to a!hieve anythin% on!e in1 that we needed every bit o$
o"tiis we !ould uster not to %ive it u" alto%ether0 =;
s"ea4in% o$ !ourse o$ tiny Albania0
= was $ar away in Siberia when our %rou" at last %ot its
!han!e to enter this !ountry0 A Fren!h tourist a%en!y s!ored a
history#a4in% $irst by arran%in% a two#wee4 Albanian tour0
.ol$ and 6ar!us ?oined the tour as Atea!hersE $ro <olland0
'hey !arried no Bibles with the1 $or we had dis!overed
years be$ore that no Albanian Bible e(isted0 2orse1 there was no
Albanian lan%ua%e in whi!h to "rint a Bible0 =n this little !ountry
o$ one and one#hal$ illion souls1 at least three utually
in!o"rehensible diale!ts were s"o4en> S4!hi"1 Fhe%1 and 'os40
'he only Bibles in the !ountry were in :atin1 in .oan /atholi!
!hur!hes1 and in Free41 in Orthodo( !hur!hes0 'he rest o$ the
!ountry was 6osle0
'he Aeri!an Bible So!iety wrote that they had a )ew
'estaent in S4!hi"1 translated in 1,&-1 in their library1 but that
no other !o"y seeed to e(ist0 it was only sin!e the revolution
that any "ro%ress had been ade toward develo"in% a uni$ied
Albanian lan%ua%e1 and we !ould hardly ho"e this in!luded a
new Bible0
<owever1 .ol$ and 6ar!us did !arry tra!ts and "ortions o$
S!ri"ture with the in all three Albanian lan%ua%es0 And when
the !ustos o$$i!ials at the air"ort did not even o"en their
suit!ases1 they $elt that they had been e(treely lu!4y0 'here
was a stri!t law in Albania $orbiddin% the i"ortation o$ any
"rinted atter whatsoever1 no atter how brie$ and how non#
"oliti!al1 on the %rounds that it !onstituted A"ro"a%anda0E
6ar!us and .oll had "a!4ed their literature out o$ habit as u!h
as anythin%1 $ully e("e!tin% to see it !on$is!ated at the border0
And so when they !he!4ed into their hotel in 'hana with all o$ it
untou!hed1 they $elt very en!oura%ed0
'hey had re!4oned without the well#trained and obedient
Albanians0 For the entire two#wee4 tri" they tried to %ive away
those "ortions o$ S!ri"tures0 'he universal rea!tion o$ the "eo"le
was to !las" both hands behind their ba!4s0 )ot only would they
not a!!e"t the tra!ts1 they wouldn;t even tou!h the0 Even a
/atholi! bisho"1 to who .ol$ tried to %ive a St0 John;s Fos"el
in Fhe%1 turned and stal4ed away down the aisle o$ his !athedral
as thou%h he;d been o$$ered "oison0
At last in des"eration they le$t a "ile o$ tra!ts on a window
sill in a Street o$ o$$i!es1 thin4in% "erha"s "assersby would "i!4
the u" when no one was loo4in%0 'o their horror1 a $ull day
later and ninety 4iloeters $urther alon% on their tour1 two
"oli!een arrived where the %rou" was havin% lun!h and
deanded to 4now who had le$t those tra!ts on that street0 'he
dete!tive wor4 did not see 8uite so un!anny when they realized
that theirs was the only %rou" o$ $orei%ners anywhere in the
!ountry0 'o "revent the whole tour;s # bein% e("elled1 6ar!us
and .ol$ had to !on$ess what they had done and swear to sto" all
su!h A"oliti!alE a!tivity0 )ot one o$ the tra!ts they had le$t on the
street had been ta4en0
And so1 $ro the stand"oint o$ any $uture literature wor4 in
Albania1 the tri" was e(treely dis!oura%in%0 As to other as"e!ts
o$ the !ountry1 the two !ae ba!4 with a i(ture o$ eotions0
'he Albanians theselves were aon% the warest1 ost
a$$e!tionate "eo"le they had ever observed 5 as $ar as their
relationshi"s with one another went0 'he sae a$$e!tion was
lavished on the !ountry;s leader1 Enver <ods!ha0 For <oda!ha
was a!!o"lishin% thin%s1 there was no doubt about that0 'his
sall nation1 $ro tie ieorial the battle%round o$ other
!ountries; 8uarrels1 doinated now by 'ur4ey1 now by =taly1 had
5 "robably $or the $irst tie in its history 5 a %overnent
!on!erned with Albania;s own interests
But i$ the lan%ua%e o$ the land had been /hinese1 .ol$ and
6ar!us !ould not have $elt ore $rustrated in their atte"t to
establish any 4ind o$ real !onta!t with the "eo"le0 6ar!us s"o4e
a little =talian and had ho"ed1 o!!asionally1 to have a !hat with an
=talian#s"ea4in% Albanian1 $ree o$ the ever#"resent $ilter o$ the
%overnent translator0 But even when the situation a""eared to
be ideal1 there was an alost total $reeze#out o$ !ouni!ation0
=t was a land where nobody 4new anybody1 nobody had any
$a!ts1 nobody reebered0
ASay1 $riendDE 6ar!us would %reet a $a!tory wor4er in a
deserted !orridor0 <Bou been wor4in% here lon%3E
A sile and a shru%0 A=t;s hard to say1 si%nore0E
A2hat 4ind o$ hours do you wor43E
AAhD =t variesD 9i$$erent every day0E
A2ell1 ah 5 how any "eo"le wor4 at the $a!tory here3E
'he sile broadens1 the shru% is enorous0 A2ho !an say3
2ho has !ounted3E
6ar!us and .ol$ $elt there was a 4ind o$ voluntary
obtuseness about it1 a sort o$ !ensorshi" by utual !onsent o$ all
that !on!erned Albania a%ainst all in8uisitiveness by $orei%ners0
'he only tie when the barrier went down a little was in
!onversation with a $ew !ler%yen0 And even here
!ouni!ation was a atter o$ deli!ate wordin%1 when what
was not said be!ae ore i"ortant than what was0 One youn%
/atholi! "riest in "arti!ular1 they $elt1 was %enuinely %lad to see
the1 ea%er to hear about the 2est and to tell the about his
own situation0 <is !hur!h had been .oan /atholi! until the
6ao hard#line $or!ed it to brea4 all ties outside the !ountry0 )ow
it !alled itsel$ the )ational /atholi! /hur!h0
AAnd within the !ountry3E 6ar!us as4ed0 A9oes the
%overnent leave you "retty u!h alone3E
A'he %overnent do!s not o$$i!ially inter$ere with reli%ion0E
ABou have reli%ious $reedo then3;
ABy law1 we do0E
A/an you say what you li4e $ro your "ul"it1 $or e(a"le3E
A'he "ro"er answer is yes0E
And so it went1 the lon%1 tedious !ir!ulo!ution that
a""arently said nothin% and in $a!t told everythin%0 =t was $ro
this youn% "riest that they had heard news they !ould s!ar!ely
believes in one o$ the Free4 Orthodo( !hur!he there was said to
be a Bible in the new Albanian lan%ua%eD
6ar!us and .ol$ iediately re8uested a visit to this
!hur!h0 'he Orthodo( "riest %reeted the and their %uide
%ra!iously0 Bes1 there was a brand new translation o$ the Fos"els
on the hi%h altar o$ the !hur!h0 'hey would li4e to see it3 But o$
<e led the way down the nave o$ the an!ient basili!a0 Even
$ro a distan!e they !ould see the Boo4 on the altar1 an
enorous volue studded with ?ewels0 'hen all at on!e1 $our
yards $ro the altar1 the "riest sto""ed 5 so abru"tly that .ol$
bu"ed a%ainst hi0 For several oents the $our stood in
silen!e1 %azin% at the treasure be$ore the0 2hen the "riest
turned to %o1 .ol$ burst0 out1 ABut 5 = want to %o !loserD /an;t =
loo4 at itE = ean o"en it0 See the "a%es0;
As the %uide translated1 the "riest;s eyes widened in horror0
/loserD But no unordained "erson ever stood !loser than $our
yards to the <oly S!ri"turesD
'hen1 $altered .oll1 what was the sense o$ the new
translation3 Sin!e the "riests read Free41 what was this Bible
used $or3
2hy1 to be !arried in solen "ro!ession0 'o re!eive the
hoa%e and adulation o$ the "eo"le0 2hat else would a Bible be
used $or3 And thin4 what sola!e the $aith$ul ust %ain $ro
4nowin% that Fod <isel$ had s"o4en in the new lan%ua%e o$
the %reat "eo"le o$ Albania0
And so 6ar!us and .ol$ returned hoe havin% seen only the
outside o$ a boo47 with the $eelin% indeed that they had seen only
the outside o$ a "eo"le and a nation0
6eanwhile our wor4 in the rest o$ Euro"e was %ainin%
oentu> ea!h onth we were a4in% ore tri"s than the
onth be$ore0 2ith the new $re8uen!y1 o$ !ourse1 the dan%er o$
bein% re!o%nized also in!reased0 2e tried never to send the sae
two "artners to the sae !ountry on !onse!utive tri"s0 =$ two
en had %one the $irst tie1 the ne(t tri" we tried to send a an
and a woan0
And it was .oll and Elena1 on a tri" to .ussia in 19661 who
had our !losest !all yet0 2ith in!reased travel into .ussia1
su%%lin% o$ all sorts was also on the in!rease1 and the %uard at
the border had been trebled0 'he "a"ers were $ull o$ stories o$
arrests1 $ines1 i"risonents0 'his tie .ol$ and Elena were
!arryin% a "arti!ularly lar%e !ar%o o$ Bibles in the O"el station
wa%on0 /orrie and = "rayed with the all ni%ht lon% be$ore they
A.eeber1E = said1 Athat these "eo"le %ettin% !au%ht are
de"endin% on their own !leverness0 'heir otives are "robably
another disadvanta%e0 <atred and %reed are heavy loads0 Bour
otive1 on the other hand1 = is love0 And instead o$ "ridin%
yourselves on your !unnin%1 you re!o%nize how wea4 you are 000
so wea4 that you ust de"end totally u"on the S"irit o$ FodK
2s .ol$ re!ounted it to us later1 our "reonitions o$ trouble
were !orre!t0 As they neared the border they saw not one but si(
se!urity o$$i!ers waitin% $or the0 <e told Elena to 5 start
"rayin% that Fod would !on$use these en;s thin4in%0
AAnd don;t sto" until they;re throu%h1 Elena0E
'hey "ulled u" to the sto" line0 HDah zvi dahn)a'> said .oll
heartily0 <e ?u"ed out o$ the !ar and went around to hold the
door $or Elena0
=n his hand one o$ the o$$i!ers held a "ie!e o$ "a"er0 .oll and
Elena were !hattin% !asually about what an unusual honeyoon
they were havin%1 visitin% a nuber o$ East Euro"ean !ountries0
A'his is not the $irst tie either1E said the o$$i!er holdin% the
"a"er0 And then he read o$$ one by one the !ities .ol$ and = had
visited on our last tri" to .ussia0
'his really shoo4 .ol$0
'he =ns"e!tion seeed to last $or hours0 'wo o$$i!ers "o4ed
into every !orner o$ the station wa%on on the inside1 while three
others s"ent their tie on the outsideK the otor1 the tires1 the
hub!a"s0 'hey rolled windows u" and down to see =$ they stu!4
Lhal$way0 'hey thu"ed the "anelin%0
A/on$use their thin4in%0000E
And all the while1 one o$$i!er too4 no "art in the =ns"e!tion
but s"ent his entire tie s!rutinizin% the $a!es o$ .ol$ and Elena0
=t was a aster$ul %ae o$ "sy!holo%i!al war0 'he o$$i!er was
de"endin% on that too !asual lau%h1 that dartin%% %lan!e1 that
bead o$ "ers"iration1 to tell hi what he needed to 4now0
A:et e %ive you a hand1E said .oll to one o$ the en as be
was stru%%lin% to ta4e the !a"in% tent out o$ the wa%on0 <e
volunteered to o"en %love !o"artents1 ta4e out s"are tires1 li$t
the to"s o$$ air and oil $ilters0 And all the while Elena was
At the end o$ an interinable tie the =ns"e!tion sto""ed $or
la!4 o$ anywhere else to loo40 'he an who had held the "ie!e
o$ "a"er wal4ed u" to .ol$1 ABou were in .ussia ?ust a $ew
wee4s a%o0 'ell e1 why is it that you ta4e these $re8uent tri"s
into our !ountry3;
.oll was leanin% into the rear o$ the wa%on1 $oldin% u" the
tent0 <e %ave the !anvas a resoundin% sla"0 A2ell1E he said1 Ay
$riend and = had su!h a wonder$ul tie in your !ountry that =
de!ided to brin% y bride here too0 But there;s another reason0
2e have a love $or the .ussian "eo"le0 A s"e!ial :ove0E
'he o$$i!er stared at .Ol$ as thou%h be would li4e to !lib
inside his ind0 But they had $ound nothin% in the !ar0 So he
%ave .oll ba!4 his "a"ers and with obvious relu!tan!e Si%naled
the barrier bar o"en0
.ol$ and Elena !ould hardly believe what Lhad ha""ened0 As
they drove away $ro the border1 they were lau%hin% and !ryin%
both at on!e0 For sa$e and se!ure in their wa%on were hundreds
o$ Bibles0 'he o$$i!ers had been within illieters o$ the0
/ertainly they were hidden no better than even an aateur
adventurer !ould !ontrive0 2hat was the di$$eren!e3
.ol$ and Elena 4new0
One year a$ter he ?oined us1 6ar!us too %ot arried0 So now
we were seven> /orrie and =1 .ol$ and Elena1 6ar!us and Paula1
and ba!helor <ans0 'hen @laas and Eduard and their wives !ae
to be "art o$ our wor40
@laas and Eduard were tea!hers in a "ubli! s!hool in the
south o$ <olland7 @laas tau%ht0 Fren!h1 and Eduard
atheati!s0 'hey !ae with their wives to the house1 one day1
a$ter hearin% a tal4 about the wor41 and as4ed any 8uestions0
'hey did not tell us that they wanted to ?oin us0 'hey 4e"t their
otive a se!ret1 wantin% to %ive the :ord a !han!e to o"en the
door $or the in an unista4able way0
And at "re!isely the sae tie = was %oin% throu%h the sae
thou%ht "attern0 Just as soon as = et these $our1 = L4newE that
they belon%ed with us0 Bet how !ould = as4 the to leave their
%ood "ositions to ta4e u" wor4 that had no salary1 that was
dan%erous1 that eant lon% se"arations1 unless = was absolutely
!ertain the :ord <isel$ had !aused our "aths to !ross3 So = too
entioned y ho"e to no one but /orrie0
'here we all were1 then1 "rayin% $or e(a!tly the sae thin%
yet not sharin% our desires lest one in$luen!e the other0
Fod;s answer !ae1 several onths later1 in su!h an
une("e!ted way that at $irst we alost issed the %uidan!e0 One
day @laas and Eduard ea!h dis!overed a re%istered letter in his
all at s!hool0 'he dire!tors o$ the s!hool in$ored the that
unless they sto""ed usin% their Fren!h and 6ath !lasses $or
evan%elization o$ students1 and unless they a%reed to sto"
holdin% "rayer eetin%s $or students in their hoes in the
evenin%s1 they would be as4ed to leave at the end o$ the !urrent
At $irst @laas and Eduard were u"set and so was nearly
every "arent in the !ounity1 $or their re"utation was e(!ellent
aon% "u"ils and "arents ali4e0 2hen they wrote us the news =
was u"set too and was wonderin% how /hristians i%ht $i%ht
su!h a de!ision> their Aevan%elizationE durin% s!hool hours had
!onsisted only o$ entionin% the evenin% eetin%s to be held
away $ro s!hool "ro"erty0 And then suddenly1 = %ot itD
A/orrieDE = !alled1 A/orrie1 loo4 at this %reat "ie!e o$ newsDE
/orrie !ae runnin% $ro the 4it!hen0 A2hat =s it3E
A@iass and Ed ay lose their ?obsDE
/orrie loo4ed at e as i$ = were ?o4in%0 And then she %ot it
too0 O$ !ourtsD /ouldn;t this be Fod;s way o$ sayin% that @laas
and Ed were intended to ?oin us3 'hat sae wee4 we drove
down to the s!hool and shared with the two !ou"les our lon%
"rayers that they i%ht be "art o$ our tea0
@laas and Ed loo4ed at ea!h other and be%an to lau%h0 'hen
they told us that $or onths they had been as4in% Fod to show
the whether or not they were intended to leave s!hool to ?oin
our teas0 'hen1 $or e1 !ae the best news o$ all0
A'here is ?ust one thin% = would li4e to as4 you1E said
A2hat;s that1 Ed3E
A2hat = should li4e ost to do =s hel" with the
!orres"onden!e and adinistration0E And then1 tal4in% ra"idly as
i$ to "ersuade e> A= a "re!ise and a!!urate and it;s the 4ind o$
wor4 = love to do0 9o you thin4 there is any !han!e that = i%ht
be able to hel" you in the o$$i!e3E
= loo4ed at /orrie0 She was havin% a hard tie 4ee"in% a
strai%ht $a!e0 'he letters even at that oent were sta!4ed so
hi%h that one o$ her !o$$ee !u"s had been issin% beneath the
$or wee4s0 And here1 handed to us without our even as4in% $or it1
was Fod;s solution0
A2hy1 Eduard1E = said1 A= thin4 "erha"s that !ould be
'he twel$th eber o$ our tea is a stran%e $ellow> he =s
ade u" o$ any di$$erent se%ents0 As we %ave tal4s to various
%rou"s in Euro"e and Aeri!a1 we were !onstantly bein% as4ed1
A/ould = %o with you $or ?ust one tri"3E
2e be%an to "ray about these re8uests 2as there soe way1
we wondered1 to in!or"orate "art#tiers into our teas3
As an e("erient we be%an o!!asionally to say yes1 and
dis!overed one o$ the ost dynai! and $ar#rea!hin%
a""li!ations o$ our wor4 so $ar0 'he syste %ives us a !han!e to
s"end !on!entrated tie with one individual1 tea!hin% hi what
we have learned about the li$e o$ $aith0 =t %ives us a new "rayer
"artner1 a$ter the a!tual "hysi!al !onne!tion is bro4en0 But the
%reatest and ost une("e!ted bene$it has been the s"awnin% o$
%rou"s siilar to our own in other !ountries0
2e believe that our "arti!ular %rou" has %rown as lar%e as it
ou%ht to0 2e have sto""ed short o$ bein% an or%anization7 we are
an or%anis instead1 a livin% and s"ontaneous asso!iation o$
individuals who 4now one another intiately1 !are $or ea!h other
dee"ly1 and $eel the 4ind o$ res"e!t one $or another that a4es
rules and bylaws unne!essary0 A %rou" is the ri%ht size1 = would
%uess1 when ea!h eber !an "ray every day $or every other
eber1 individually and by nae1 inter!edin% $or his "ersonal
needs as well as $or the su!!ess o$ a "arti!ular ission0 But what
is to "revent twenty1 $i$ty1 one hundred su!h %rou"s $ro
s"rin%in% u" wherever the !all is heard 5 ea!h obedient to its
own "arti!ular %enius1 ea!h wor4in% in its di$$erent way $or the
!oin% o$ the one @in%do0
And this is a role the "art#tiers "lay0 A$ter an
indo!trination tri" the "art#tiers %o hoe !onvin!ed that su!h
wor4 is "ossible0 A= tal4ed o$ nothin% else $or two onths a$ter =
%ot ba!4 to s!hool1E one student $ro the Bible 'rainin% =nstitute
$ounded by 9wi%ht :0 6oody in S!otland wrote us a$ter a tri"
with us behind the =ron /urtain0 A'hree other students are
interested1 and we;re "lannin% a tri" to Bu%oslavia this suer0E
'his is the tea!hin% as"e!t o$ our wor41 the trainin% o$ other
issionaries0 2e insist on only two thin%s $ro the en and
woen we a!!e"t as "art#tiers0 2e insist that ea!h have a
"ersonal e("erien!e with /hrist1 and learn to wor4 in the $ull
"ower o$ <is S"irit0 And we stress the i"ortan!e o$ a "ositive
inistry aon% the /ounists0 =$ a an sees to be harborin%
"ersonal resentents a%ainst a !ertain %overnent1 or i$ he has
ore to say about the evils o$ !ounis than the %oodness o$
Fod1 then we sus"e!t that he is a soldier "oorly ared $or the
battle be$ore us0
And so the wor4 oves on1 always !han%in%1 always new0
'oday Bibles ay be brou%ht into Bu%oslavia le%ally0 2e
no lon%er su%%le the into that !ountry1 be!ause the Bible
Sho" is o"en a%ain and doin% a thrivin% business0 =nstead1 last
year1 we %ave Jail a thousand dollars with whi!h to "ur!hase
these le%al Bibles $or !hur!hes that have no oney0 =t;s hard to
believe that =;ve 4nown Jail $or ten years0
=n Bul%aria1 Abraha is still see4in% his Foliath0 Only now
he has ro!4s $or his slin%> "o!4et Bibles that we are brin%in% in
by the hundreds0 Our %oal in the ne(t two years =s a "o!4et#sized
edition o$ the Bible $or every !ountry we enter 5 in!ludin% one in
the new Albanian lan%ua%e0 On!e we have the Bible1 we believe
Fod will show us how to %et it into the hands <e is !hoosin%0
=n East Ferany we are now able to hold ass evan%eli!al
eetin%s alost without hindran!e0 = ysel$ have "rea!hed to as
any as $our thousand "eo"le at one tie there> two thousand
seated in a lar%e !on$eren!e hail1 with two thousand ore either
standin% at the rear or listenin% to louds"ea4ers outside0
2ith the arrival o$ @laas and Eduard and their wives1 we are
a!hievin% our %oal o$ visitin% ea!h !ountry at least on!e every
year0 = ade a return tri" to /uba this s"rin%1 and with Fod;s
hel" will be in two new !ountries be$ore the end o$ 1967> )orth
@orea and )orth Gietna0 Soe !ountries o$ !ourse we !an visit
ore $re8uently1 a $ew as o$ten as a dozen ties within a sin%le
year0 2henever one tea be!oes too well 4nown1 another
ta4es its "la!e0
As Fod a4es it "ossible to us1 we are startin% to eet a
new need behind the /urtain> autoobiles $or the lo!al !ler%y0 A
!ar is a set o$ win%s to a !ler%yan1 ta4in% hi to villa%es and
towns where there ay not have been a reli%ious servi!e in
years1 hel"in% hi 4nit to%ether /hristian !ounities that
didn;t even 4now about one another0
'he $irst su!h !ar went to 2ilhel and 6ar1 in southern East
Ferany0 2hen = !ae ba!4 $ro visitin% 2ilhel and
entioned in a tal4 that this an with the ra!4in% !ou%h was
travelin% thousands o$ iles ea!h year on a otorbi4e1 several
9ut!hen %ot to%ether and "resented e with a lar%e !he!4 5
the lar%est = had yet re!eived at one tie0
AAndy1E they said1 Athis oney is $or a very s"e!i$i!
"ur"ose0 2e believe that 2ilhel should have an autoobile0
2ill you "ur!hase one $or hi1 and %ive it to hi $ro us3E
2ilhel !ould hardly believe it when = drove u" to his house
in the lovely Sa(ony bills and handed hi the 4eys to his new
autoobile0 6ar writes us now that the !ou%h has alost
entirely disa""eared0 2ilhel has used u" his $irst autoobile1
and has been %iven a se!ond by the sae 9ut!h $riends0 2ith it
he be%an a tea issionary wor4 o$ his own1 travelin% into
Poland and /ze!hoslova4ia to hold youth eetin%s with
ebers o$ his East Feran %rou"s0
And this1 to e1 =s the ost e(!itin% new develo"ent o$ all>
the eer%en!e o$ a inistry to the /hristians o$ one =ron /urtain
!ountry by the /hristians o$ another0 Surely this is what Fod has
had in ind all alon%1 that the brave renant o$ <is !hur!h
s!attered throu%h any lands %ain stren%th throu%h !oin%
to%ether1 and lose their own $ears in rea!hin% out to hel" one
another0 'hese behind#the#/urtain issionaries la!4 oney $or
travel1 and this we !an hel" to su""ly1 but the rest o$ their tas4 5
$reedo o$ travel within the /ounist blo! and $reedo to
hold eetin%s and e(!han%e letters 5 =s in$initely easier than $or
us !oin% in $ro outside0 One !hur!h with whi!h we have
wor4ed1 in /ze!hoslova4ia1 has sent issionaries as $ar as Brazil
and @orea1 where they are wor4in% side by side with
issionaries $ro the 2estD
And so the tide o$ !han%e oves on0 )ot all o$ the !han%e is
%ood0 2here there =s a loosenin% o$ restri!tions here1 there is
usually a ti%htenin% there0 At about the sae tie that the Bible
sho" was o"enin% a%ain in Bel%rade1 there was a $resh !a"ai%n
o$ re"ression a%ainst /hristians in <un%ary0 9urin% the last $ew
onths in /hina1 hundreds o$ thousands o$ Bibles and
hynboo4s have been burned aid %reat re?oi!in% by the .ed
Fuard0 2hether this ar4s the end o$ the "eriod o$ rather
!onte"tuous laissez#$aire by the /hinese %overnent and the
start o$ a new tie o$ "erse!ution $or /hinese /hristians reains
to be seen0
But Fod is never de$eated0 'hou%h <e ay be o""osed1
atta!4ed1 resisted1 still the ultiate out!oe !an never be in
doubt0 Every day we see $resh "roo$ that indeed all thin%s 5 even
evil ones 5 wor4 to%ether $or those who are !alled by <is nae0
'here is a .oan /atholi! "riest in .uania who we have
been hel"in% to buy Bibles and other su""lies $or years0 On his
last tri" hoe $ro Gienna1 his !ar loaded with Bibles1 he was
sto""ed at his own border and his !ar%o dis!overed0
'he "riest was in an%uish0 <e had already been in ?ail on!e
on a tru"ed#u" !har%e o$ hoardin%1 but here was a truly serious
e!onoi! !rie1 and he was really %uilty0 A Bible !osts a
onth;s wa%es in .uania1 and he was !arryin% nearly two
Just at this oent another !ar "ulled u" to the border0 Out
ste""ed a businessan who was well 4nown at the station7 he
wal4ed breezily into the ins"e!tion shed %reetin% ea!h o$ the
%uards by nae0 At the si%ht o$ the !ounter ten#dee" in Bibles he
sto""ed short0 ABibles3E he said0 A= don;t su""ose you would be
willin% to sell the to e3 'hey are !on$is!ated1 ri%ht3E
ABes1 they are !on$is!ated1 but we !ould not "ossibly sell
the to you0E
'he businessan win4ed0 A)ot even1E he said1 A$or0 0 0E and
be leaned over and whis"ered a $i%ure into the ear o$ the !ustos
an0 'he o$$i!ial;s eyes %rew lar%e0
AAre they really worth that u!h3E
A6ore0 = shall a4e a "ro$it0E
'he o$$i!ial thou%ht $or a oent A:et e tal4 with y
!orades0E 'he three %uards huddled to%ether1 and when they
eer%ed $ro their little rin%1 they had a""arently de!ided that
the "ri!e was hi%h enou%h to be worth the sa!ri$i!e o$ "rin!i"le0
So the businessan "aid the in !ash1 %ot the "riest;s hel" in
loadin% his !ar with his own Bibles1 and drove on to .uania0
=n the shed there was an aw4ward silen!e0 AA = still
!har%ed with su%%lin% Bibles3E the "riest as4ed at last0
ABibles3E said the !ustos o$$i!ial0 A2hat Bibles3 'here are
no Bibles here0 Bou;d better ove alon% while the %ate;s o"en0E
Brother Andrew has reained $aith$ul all these years0 Bou
!an $ind out what he is doin% today by %oin% to this website>
Brother Andrew's Prophetic Plea:
Stop Murdering Terrorists
Su""ort the su$$erin% !hur!h1 O"en 9oors $ounder says0
=nterview by 'iothy /0 6or%anR 6ar!h 1,1 &01*
=a%e> /ourtesy o$ O"en 9oors
2ith the "ubli!ation o$ the best#seller1 FodSs Su%%ler1 in 19671
Brother Andrew a""eared abru"tly on the sta%e o$ %lobal
/hristianity0 Soe 10 illion !o"ies o$ FodSs Su%%ler1 whi!h
!hroni!les his adventures su%%lin% Bibles behind the =ron
/urtain and into other !losed nations1 have been "rinted in *+
A$ter the $all o$ the Soviet Cnion1 Andrew turned his attention to
the 6iddle East and 6usli#a?ority nations1 su!h as Pa4istan0
<e is still travelin% the world at a%e ,+0 Andrew is now in his
si(th de!ade o$ a!tive inistry and advo!a!y $or the "erse!uted
!hur!h0 <e $ounded O"en 9oors1 one o$ the lar%est inistries
$o!used on assistin% /hristians and !hur!hes at ris4 worldwide0
<e s"o4e re!ently with /' Senior Editor o$ Flobal Journalis
'iothy /0 6or%an0
All over the 6iddle East1 /hristians and their !hur!hes are
e("osed to dis!riination and violen!e0 2hat o"tions are le$t
other than ii%ration3
'he /hristians there !an do nothin% unless we start doin%
soethin%0 'hey de"end on us0 2e are one body in /hrist0 2e
are not rea!hin% out to the Arab /hristians or to the Palestinians1
nor barely to the 6essiani! Jews1 and we are !ertainly not
rea!hin% out to the other Jews with the %os"el be!ause they are
already FodSs "eo"le1 and they have no !hoi!e and we donSt %ive
the a !hoi!e0 T6iddle East /hristiansU have $ew resour!es in
their own !ountry1 and we in the 2est have all the litur%y and all
the wealth and all the insi%ht and 4nowled%e0 'his is our eternal
shae0 2e ou%ht to do soethin%0
=n Fod there is only one nation0 2e ust rea!h out0 So when =
$ail to see that ha""en then = a very "essiisti!0 =n Bethlehe
and in Faza1 the situation is deterioratin%0
2hat is the bi%%est obsta!le to $urther en%a%eent by the %lobal
/hristian !ounity on behal$ o$ the su$$erin% !hur!h3
=t is i%noran!e0 =tSs so u!h easier to live in i%noran!e0 Bou donSt
have to a!!e"t your res"onsibility0 6y "eo"le "erished be!ause
o$ la!4 o$ 4nowled%e1 the "ro"het !o"lains1 and thatSs y
!o"laint all the day1 too0 = a""ly it to ysel$0 2eSre all %uilty0
6e1 too0
2e are under the rule o$ Jesus /hrist0 2e live in his 4in%do0
2e wor4 a!!ordin% to his rules0 2e ust su""ort what Jesus
!ae to do withPa new 4in%do1 new set o$ dis!i"les and
buildin% the new Jerusale1 and buildin% it on ri%hteousness and
"ea!e and ?oy o$ the <oly S"irit0 2e need assive hel" to "ut
"ressure on the %overnents involved Tin "erse!utionU0 2e ust
!oe u" $or huan ri%hts0 .i%hteousness built on "ea!e1 but a
"ea!e on the "rin!i"les o$ the Prin!e o$ Pea!e0
'he su$$erin% !hur!h is a %rowin% se%ent o$ the !hur!h o$
/hrist in the world0 'hereSs a treendous dan%er0 =S a!tually
very "essiisti! about this whole situation0 =t !an e("lode any
tie and we are still aslee"0
So youSre really en!oura%in% /hristians at the %rassroots to ste"
u" to the !hallen%e1 be!oe in$ored1 and then to live a li$e o$
dee"er devotion to the %os"el !ause3
Absolutely0 =$ = !ould live y li$e over a%ain1 = would be a lot
ore radi!al0
=Sve been too u!h on the !o"roisin% side0 A "astor
!ae into y o$$i!e0 <e said1 VAndrew1 those 6uslis
now they have brou%ht another e"ty !hur!h and they are
%oin% to !onvert it into a os8ue0 =snSt that terrible3V = said1
V)o1 that is not terrible0V <e said1 V2hy not3V = said1 VBou
4now whatSs terrible##that your !hur!h was e"ty0 'hat is
terrible0 =$ your !hur!h were $ull there would not be a
os8ue1 would not be a "la!e nor a deand $or a os8ue0V