254. How will you take over as Master? (Capt. Saggi & Capt P.Kumar)
1. Firstly go to company for briefing as per SMS.
2. I witI introduce myself to the outgoing Master with "letter of introduction" from
3. 1 wilt proceed as per "company checktist"of handing over/taking over of the
4. I will check all statutory certificates for their validity & ;refer to the quarterly
listing for surveys coming up.
5. I will check & take over fonowing crew concerning documents: i) Articles of
Agreement. ii) Official Log Book iii) Deck Log Book iv) C.D.Cs ,
Passport,Certificates of Competency & Health BookS.v) Report of officers and
crew (confidential report).
(i. I will clleck &. take oyer "cash & provision" concerning decuments.i) cash on
board ii) cash iii) radio accounts iv) list of bonded stores v) list of
provision on board.
7. I \','111 chl::ck & take over foilowing "cargo concerning documents" i) charter
party including special intTIlctions if any. til notice of ,any H0k c;
protest. iii) Bili of Lading (Master's co;:>y) iv) Stowage plan v) Cargo
&!or shipper's declar::.ticm vi) Stabiliw infomlation booklet v) (DOA) Gmili
Authorization document (if applicable) vii) Chain Register.
S. I will check & take oVer following "trading certiticates aiso :- i) Certificate of
RegistlY i i) Last port ctear:!ncc/!nwardJOutward clearance iii) light house
dues iv) Medicine chest inspection v) Deratt;ng or defatting exemption
9. Next, I will meet & check & foHowing from chief engineer :- i) Bunker R.O.B.
ii) Any requirements for the voyage iii) Oil record book (machinery space) iv)
Condition of engine room & peculiarities if any.
i O.I \'lilt meet & check following with chief officer :- i) FVI R.O.B. ii) Any
· "..... ll1·-·"n' ,,,I.' L,.... +\'" .. :.:\ ,"\:1 .. " ___ 4 b}ol r 'J:. rp"caL1r> l' e "If ta L .
ll:' It-'1<-> L'_' <11'-' ···\..'J<'6'- lII; VII IC\.,V1U I r,. ,I1 a
,1 • . nr-.Ci
> 150 GRT) iV:l Gondition af cargo,cargo gear & general rnaintenance v)
stability of vessel.
11.1 will meet & check following ',,,",rh second off'i.cer:- i:; charts & status of their
update notice v) mariner'.:> c-r· board) ii) Nautical Publications & their
updating status iii) Medicine Che$l & hospital iv) Navigation equipments &
their maintenance status v) Maneuvering booklet vi) Any requirements for
12. I will meet & checkJ9110wing with third officer:-i) condition ofLSA & FFA ii)
. Updated muster lists iii) Anv requirement!' for vo)'age.

rnithilesh vistnvakarma .
13. I will meet & check following with chief steward/chief cook :- i) condition of
galley , meat room ii) provisions & bonded stores on board iii) Any
requirements for voyage.
14.I will take a round with outgoing Master on deck and in accommodation as well
as in engine room checking the condition , maintenance , cleanness of various
IS.As per MSA 208, I will make an entry in O.L.B. of all certificates taken over &
same signed by both Master.
16.1 will make an entry in O.L.R & deck log book stating that vessel lies safely
afloat at time of handing over/taking over at mentioned place with R.O.B.­
cash,FO,FW & draft F & A .This entry also to IJe signed by both Masters.
17.As per MSA 37, I will go with Article of Agreement (if any crew change) and
certificate of registry to Principal officer IvfMD o ~ Indian consular officer & get
my name entered in certificate of registry.
lS.Finally on taking over, I will infonn owner of same.
255. Purpose of lAMSAR. RCC center in India and hierarchy (family) of SMC.
Which is main body who runs SAR operations? it is administration. (Capt.
Saggi & Capt. J.B. Singh)
!jurpose of IAMSAR :­
• Assist states in SAR.
o Assist in the obligations accepted under SOLAS , lACO , SAR.
• Have a common aviation and maritime approach fc)r SAR.
• Develop and imi=,::::wt SAR ser.·ices.
6 Co ~ opcrate neighboring states.
o SAR services to be part of Global system.
RCC in India
• 1vlumbai
<II Calcutta
e Cochin
• Chennai
Family of SMC
co MCC ........ RCC......... SMC. ....... OSC
256. Latest in MARPOL, certificate required for anncx 6 (2 cert.) applied in
which ship - sax emlss;I.):1 limitation. (Capt. Saggi & Capt. J.B. Sin)2:h )
, .
{ ~
n1ilhilcsh v;slnvnkanna

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